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									                                      Car Safety
         Because cars are such a huge factor in
the American way of life, car safety is one area
where we can all stand to make improvements.
There are tens and tens of millions of cars on the
road, and that number gets bigger every day. It’s
inevitable that there will be some accidents and
fatalities, but the problem is much bigger than it
should be. There’s no reason that we can’t
greatly reduce the number of car accidents in
this country. Every year over 40,000 people are
killed in car accidents in this country and over 3
million are injured, many of them seriously.
Much of the problem is due to drinking and
driving. In fact, USA Today recently featured a
front page story about the movement to increase
car safety by passing a law that requires all
news cars sold in this country to be equipped
with breathalyzers – devices that test the driver
for alcohol before being started, and preventing
ignition if alcohol is detected. Some experts say
it would greatly reduce the number of car
accidents, while others say it’s overkill and
wouldn’t do that much good.

        Either way, the fact that this is even being considered says a lot about just how big the
problem of car safety is. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to greatly reduce you
chances of being in a car wreck, and we’ll discuss them in detail. You may not be able to change
the world, but you can make your own time spent in cars much safer and better protect your
family by following some simple guidelines. But collisions aren’t the only thing to worry about
when it comes to car safety. Cars are dangerous in more ways than one, and not only when
traveling down the highway at high rates of speed.

         We’ll discuss many things you can do to increase safety that have nothing to do with car
wrecks. Cars can be dangerous even when they’re not moving, they’re broken down, or they're
parked on the street. And it’s not just other drivers you have to worry about when it comes to car
safety – weather and road conditions are big hazards, too. We’ll talk about them and tell you how
to handle them. So let’s jump right in, and we’ll show you how you can be safer when it comes
to cars.

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