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									Performing Arts
Welcome to PeNDletoN
Sixth Form ceNtre
The	Performing	Arts	Department	at	Pendleton	Sixth	Form	Centre	has	an	undisputed	reputation	
for	excellent	teaching	and	for	ensuring	that	students	are	given	the	support	and	encouragement	
they	need	to	pursue	their	dreams.

We	aim	to	offer	guidance	and	support	to	enable	all	of	our	students	to	make	a	confident	and	
informed	decision	about	the	next	stage	of	their	career	–	whether	it	is	a	place	at	drama	school,	
university	or	full-time	employment.	Your	time	at	Pendleton	will	be	full	of	challenges	with	plenty	
of	rewards	on	offer	in	an	environment	that	is	both	fun	and	hard	working,	and	with	a	schedule	
that	is	guaranteed	to	stretch	you	beyond	your	wildest	dreams.

why	yOu	shOuld	chOOse
pendletOn	sixth	fOrm	centre

•	 We	are	part	of	a	Beacon	Status	       Our	facilities	are
	 college                                second-to-none
•	 The	Performing	Arts	Department	
	 has	achieved	a	prestigious	
                                         •	 260	seat	Eccleston	Theatre	
	 Beacon	Award	for	its	practical	
                                         	 equipped	with	the	latest	industry	
	 teaching	and	learning
                                         	 standard	sound	and	lighting
•	 We	have	committed	and	
                                         •	 100	seat	Ben	Kingsley	Theatre	
	 experienced	staff
                                         •	 Four	dance	studios	with	sprung	
•	 We	have	an	outstanding		         	
                                         	 floors,	mirrors	and	ballet	barres
	 reputation	throughout	the		       	
                                         •	 Six	performance	studios
	 North	West
                                         •	 Music	suite
•	 The	department	staff	have	all		
                                         •	 Outdoor	performance	space
	 worked	extensively	in	the	industry		
                                         •	 Rehearsal	rooms
	 and	between	them	have	an		        	
                                         •	 Theory	room	with	interactive	
	 inordinate	amount	of	skills	and	
	 experience	to	pass	on	to	our		 	
•	Over	the	past	five	years	the
	 department’s	courses	have
	 achieved	a	100%	pass	rate
For the lateSt NeWS aND
eveNtS viSit our WebSite

Our	students	win	plAces	At	leAding	drAmA,	music	And	dAnce	schOOls	

Every	 year	 more	 and	 more	 of	 our	    •	 Laban	Contemporary	Dance		 	               drama	schools	audition	on	site
students	are	successful	in	applying	to	   	 Conservatoire                               Due	 to	 the	 high	 number	 of	 our	
drama	and	dance	schools	such	as:          •	 Laine	Theatre	Arts                         students	 who	 win	 places	 at	 top	
                                          •	 Leeds	College	Of	Music                     drama	 schools	 and	 the	 high	 quality	
•	 Academy	of	Live	and	Recorded			        •	 Liverpool	Institute	of	Performing	Arts		   of	their	work,	we	are	now	able	to	offer	
	 Arts	(ALRA)                             	 (LIPA)                                      auditions	for	some	drama	schools	on	
•	 American	Academy	of	Dramatic		         •	 London	Academy	of	Music	and			             site	 at	 Pendleton	 Sixth	 Form	 Centre	
	 Arts                                    	 Dramatic	Art	(LAMDA)                        including:
•	 American	Musical	And	Dramatic		        •	 London	Centre	Of	Contemporary		
	 Academy                                 	 Music                                       •	 Guildford	School	of	Acting		       	
•	 Arden	School	of	Theatre                •	 London	Studio	Centre                       	 Conservatoire
	 Arts	Educational                        •	 Mountview	Academy	of	Theatre	Arts          •	 LIPA
•	 Birmingham	School	of	Acting            •	 New	York	Film	Academy                      •	 Arts	Educational
•	 Bristol	Old	Vic	Theatre	School         •	 Northern	Ballet	School
•	 Central	School	of	Speech	and		 	       •	 Northern	School	of	Contemporary		
                                                                                        the	Kerrigan	Awards
	 Drama                                   	 Dance
                                                                                        To	help	students	to	take	the	next	step	
•	 Doreen	Bird	College                    •	 Rose	Bruford	College
                                                                                        to	 drama	 school,	 the	 Kerrigan	Award	
•	 East	15                                •	 Royal	Academy	of	Dramatic	Arts		
                                                                                        is	 presented	 to	 the	 two	 students	 who	
•	 Guildford	School	of	Acting		     	     	 (RADA)
                                                                                        have	 consistently	 proved	 their	 ability	
	 Conservatoire                           •	 Urdang	Academy
                                                                                        and	 commitment.	 Each	 student	
•	 Guildhall	School	of	Music	and		 	
                                                                                        receives	the	trophy	and	£250	towards	
                                                                                        the	cost	of	drama	school.
•	 Hammond	Ballet	School
•	 Italia	Conti	Academy	of	Theatre	Arts
AdAm	BennettA
School:	George	Tomlinson’s

Studying:	Vocational	and	A-Level	

Enrichment:	Dr	Faustus	season	
show,	trips	to	Lowry	Theatre

Dream job:	Dancer	or	

“The college has really good
the	next	step

Application	form                                During	 the	 day,	 you	 will	 perform	 an	
To	 begin	 the	 admissions	 process,	 fill	     individual	audition	and	also	take	part	
in	 an	 application	 form	 at	 the	 back	       in	 a	 range	 of	 classes	 and	 activities.	
of	 the	 main	 course	 guide	 or	 call	         For	 your	 individual	 audition,	 you	 will	
Admissions	on	0161	631	5001.                    need	to	prepare	a	two	minute	piece	
                                                of	 work.	 What	 you	 prepare	 depends	        JAde	rOBinsOn
interview                                       on	 the	 course(s)	 that	 you	 are	
You	will	then	be	invited	to	attend	an	          applying	for	and	you	will	get	detailed	        School:	ICCHS
interview	 with	 a	 school	 liaison	 officer	   information	 about	 this	 when	 your	
or	college	tutor.                               audition	date	is	booked.                       Studying:	Vocational	Performing	
                                                                                               Arts	-	Acting
All	 of	 our	 students	 must	 pass	 an	                                                        Favourite project:	TV	and	film	
audition	to	gain	a	place	in	our	award-                                                         acting
winning	 department;	 however,	 this	 is	
nothing	to	be	alarmed	about.	We	aim	                                                           Dream job:	Working	in	the	theatre
to	 make	 our	 audition	 days	 fun	 and	
exciting	–	bringing	out	the	best	in	you	                                                       “Great teachers and a
and	 helping	 you	 to	 determine	 what	                                                        friendly environment.”
course	will	suit	you	best.
the PeNDletoN
SeaSoN 2010/2011

Every	year,	we	stage	several	major	shows	with	full	set	and	costumes,	all	produced	to	the	highest	standard.	This	gives	our	
students	the	opportunity	to	see	what	it	is	like	to	take	part	in	a	show	with	professional	scenery,	custom-made	costumes	
and	full	technical	support	and	production.	Students	audition	for	a	part	in	the	show,	just	as	you	would	in	the	industry.	The	
shows	are	marketed	both	in	college	and	in	the	local	area	to	schools,	businesses	and	residents.	We	aim	to	produce	a	wide	
variety	of	shows	including	comedy,	drama,	musical	theatre	and	dance	to	provide	students	with	experience	of	all	types	of	
performance	and	to	enable	you	to	try	out	different	genres	and	explore	your	own	individual	talents.	Previous	shows	include	
Les	Misérables,	Grease,	Twelfth	Night,	Witches	of	Eastwick,	Fame,	Much	Ado	About	Nothing,	West	Side	Story	and	The	Demon	
Barber	of	Fleet	Street.

fOOtlOOse                                 the	threepenny	OperA                      the	three	musKeteers

10	&	13	November	2010	                    19	&	22	January	2011	                     11	&	14	May	2011
Eccleston	Theatre                         Eccleston	Theatre                         Eccleston	Theatre	

the	BAcchAe                               tAles	frOm	the	fireside                   cArOusel

24	&	27	November	2010                     9	&	12	February	2011                      15	&	18	May	2011
Ben	Kingsley	Theatre                      Ben	Kingsley	Theatre                      Eccleston	Theatre	

christmAs	cOncert                         nOsferAtu	dAnce	shOw

7	December	2010	                          30	March	&	2	April	2011
St	Phillip’s	                             Eccleston	Theatre

cinderellA                                chOir	cOncert	

14	December	2010                          16	May	2011
The	Willows	Variety	Centre                St	Augustine’s	Church
liz	KAy
School:	Harper	Green

Studying:	Vocational	and	A-Level	

Enrichment:	Dr	Faustus	and	
Yours	Sincerely	season	shows,	
fundraising	events

Hobbies:	Street	dance

“I have improved my dance
technique and met new
enrichment                                     tOuring	cOmpAnies

Taking	 part	 in	 enrichment	 activities	      Why	not	join	one	of	our	extra	groups	        The	 pieces	 are	 arranged	 specially	
will	not	only	help	you	with	your	studies	      and	experience	life	on	tour	as	part	of	      for	 the	 choir	 and	 are	 tailored	 to	 suit	
but	 also	 offers	 you	 new	 experiences	      a	successful	company?                        specific	 singers.	 Most	 of	 the	 singers	
and	 a	 chance	 to	 learn	 more	 about	                                                     have	 a	 musical	 theatre	 background	
the	 arts	 and	 entertainment	 industry.	      chamber	choir                                and	 can	 easily	 adapt	 to	 the	 many	
It	 is	 an	 important	 part	 of	 your	 time	   The	 Chamber	 Choir	 was	 founded	           different	 vocal	 styles	 that	 the	 choir	
with	us	and	these	are	just	some	of	the	        in	 2005	 and	 is	 made	 up	 of	 over	 30	   performs.	They	have	performed	many	
things	we	can	offer:                           singers.	 The	 choir	 meets	 every	 week	    genres	of	music	including	jazz,	gospel,	
                                               during	term	time	to	rehearse	the	very	       pop,	rock,	metal	and	classical.
•	 Fight	club                                  best	 music	 from	 the	 Renaissance	 to	
                                               the	 present	 day	 -	 both	 a	 cappella	     dance	company
•	 Audition	classes                            and	with	an	orchestra.                       Pendleton	 Dance	 Company	 is	 a	
                                                                                            young	 and	 vibrant	 group	 charged	
•	 Tap	classes                                 The	 choir	 has	 performed	 major	           with	 energy	 and	 style.	 Consisting	
                                               choral	 concerts	 in	 Salford	 Cathedral,	   of	 outstanding	 young	 performers	
•	 Play	reading                                Manchester	 Cathedral,	 St.	 Ann’s	          working	 alongside	 a	 team	 of	
                                               Church,	 and	 at	 Clare	 and	 Girton	        professional	 dance	 artists,	 their	
•	 Vocal	coaching                              Colleges	 in	 Cambridge.	 The	 choir	        performances	 are	 always	 exciting,	
                                               has	also	toured	Romania	and	France.	         dynamic,	 entertaining	 and	 ground	
•	 Boys’	dance                                 Students	 taking	 part	 have	 received	      breaking.
                                               master	 classes	 from	 Tim	 Brown	
•	 Rock	School                                 (Head	 of	 Music	 at	 Clare	 College,	       The	 company	 offers	 a	 diverse	 and	
                                               Cambridge)	 and	 Mike	 Brewer	 OBE	          electrifying	 programme	 of	 cutting-
•	 Contemporary	fringe	company                 (Head	of	The	National	Youth	Choirs	of	       edge	 contemporary	 dance.	The	 tour	
                                               Great	Britain	and	Laudibus).                 is	 a	 journey	 into	 the	 very	 heart	 of	
                                                                                            movement	and	dance	with	innovative,	
                                               contemporary	choir                           fresh	and	original	work	performed	by	
                                               The	 Contemporary	 Choir	 was	               some	 of	 the	 finest	 young	 dancers	 in	
                                               founded	 in	 2006	 and	 is	 made	 up	 of	    collaboration	 with	 a	 team	 of	 hand-
                                               over	 30	 singers.	 The	 choir	 performs	    picked	dance	artists.
                                               pieces	from	the	20th	and	21st	century,	
                                               specialising	in	gospel	and	pop	music.	       The	 company	 have	 toured	 to	 China	
                                               Past	concerts	have	included	St.	Ann’s	       as	 well	 as	 local	 venues	 such	 as	 the	
                                               Church,	 Manchester	 Cathedral	 and	         Halifax	 Playhouse	 and	 Royal	 Albert	

                                               Clare	College	in	Cambridge.                  Hall.

                 What the Pendleton Chamber Choir has achieved is remarkable; they are

                 one of the freshest, most vibrantly musical groups of young people I have
                 ever heard. They are sure to go far.
                 Dr John Bentley, Composer and Writer for the Guardian
tOuring	cOmpAnies

shakespeare	company                           company	red
The	 Shakespeare	 Company	 is	                Company	Red	is	a	hip	hop/street	style	
an	 ensemble	 group	 committed	               dance	 group	 which	 formed	 officially	
to	 de-mystifying	 and	 performing	           in	 March	 2010.	They	 were	 created	 in	
Shakespeare	 (and	 other	 classical	          association	with	the	Salford	City	Reds	
plays)	 and	 taking	 them	 to	 schools	       Rugby	League	Club	to	offer	pre-match	
and	colleges	around	the	region.	              and	 half-time	 dance	 entertainment	
                                              at	 the	 games.	They	 have	 made	 four	
The	       Shakespeare	       Company	        appearances	 to	 date	 at	 the	 Willows,	
established	itself	with	a	successful	‘Bits	   the	 Salford	 City	 Reds	 Rugby	 Club,	
of	the	Bard’	fundraising	event		and	an	       and	 their	 recent	 performance	 in	 the	
outdoor	 performance	 of	 Romeo	 and	         Eccleston	Theatre	was	a	sell-out.	
Juliet	in	advance	of	performances	of	
Much	 Ado	 About	 Nothing,	 Merchant	         Students	 from	 across	 the	 college	
of	Venice	and	Tom	Stoppard’s	Hamlet.          must	 pass	 a	 rigorous	 street	 dance	
The	company	is	arranging	residential	         audition	to	earn	a	place	in	the	group,	
visits	 to	 London’s	 Globe	 Theatre	         which	currently	comprises	of	first	and	
and	 Stratford’s	 Royal	 Shakespeare	         second	 year	 students,	 drawn	 from	
Company,	 as	 well	 as	 a	 tour	 of	          across	 a	 number	 of	 performing	 arts	    nAthAniel	scOtt
local	 schools	 with	 workshops	              courses.		
and	 performances,	 alongside	 the	                                                       School:	The	Swinton	High	School

Pendleton	Dance	Company.	
                                                                                          Studying:	Vocational	Technical	

        It was great to see young people take such                                        Favourite project:	Assistant	stage	
        a disciplined approach to Shakespeare. They                                       manager	for	West	Side	Story

        worked hard and produced some powerful and                                        Dream job:	West	End	lighting	
        touching performances.                                                            designer

        Liam McCormick, Education                                                         “It’s the best college for
        Officer at the Royal Exchange Theatre                                             performing arts.”
A-leVel	cOurses

Dance                                      Drama                                             music
This	 course	 adopts	 a	 practical	        Drama	is	an	exciting	and	challenging	             This	 course	 is	 ideal	 for	 students	 who	
approach	 to	 dance	 technique,	           course,	 which	 is	 ideal	 for	 students	         have	an	interest	in	classical	music	and	
physiology,	 history,	 performance	 and	   with	 a	 keen	 enthusiasm	 for	 theatre	 -	       musicals	 and	 who	 enjoy	 composing	
choreography	 with	 the	 emphasis	 on	     performing,	analysing	plays,	devising	            their	 own	 music	 in	 their	 own	 style.	
applying	 choreographic	 principles	       performances,	 and	 studying	 theatre	            You	will	be	keen	to	improve	your	own	
to	 performance.	 Students	 have	 the	     texts.	 In	 the	 first	 year	 of	 the	 course,	   composing	and	instrumental	playing	
opportunity	 to	 showcase	 both	 their	    students	 will	 study	 two	 set	 texts.	          (as	 a	 soloist	 and	 in	 groups).	You	 will	
choreographic	 and	 performance	           Through	 practical	 sessions,	 students	          study	 other	 composers’	 work	 and	
work	 in	 productions	 staged	 for	 the	   will	 explore	 characterisation,	 and	            learn	in	detail	how	compositions	are	
general	 public	 and	 can	 expect	 to	     develop	 their	 own	 performance	                 put	 together	 to	 help	 you	 write	 your	
attend	 a	 number	 of	 professional	       pieces	 based	 on	 the	 text.	Alongside	          own.	
dance	performances	throughout	the	         this,	there	is	also	a	written	coursework	
course.                                    component.	                                       You	 will	 listen,	 perform,	 study	 and	
                                                                                             analyse	 three	 set	 works,	 and	 learn	
Units	studied	include:                     In	 the	 second	 year	 students	 are	             about	 the	 world	 of	 the	 musicals.	You	
                                           given	the	freedom	to	devise	their	own	            will	 compose	 your	 own	 music	 and	
•	 Solo	choreography	and	                  pieces	of	theatre,	and	perform	these	             perform	 it	 with	 others	 and	 on	 your	
	 performance                              in	 front	 of	 an	 audience.	 Alongside	          own,	 as	 well	 as	 use	 Cubase	 SX3	 to	
•	 Performance	as	part	of	a	duo/trio       this,	students	will	study	a	Shakespeare	          compose	computer-generated	music	
•	 The	significance	of	dances              text,	as	well	as	a	classical	theatre	text.        on	the	latest	up-to-date	systems.
•	 Group	choreography
•	 Advanced	solo	performance
•	 Dance	content	and	context
VOcAtiOnAl	cOurses

Dance                                           music perFormance                              perForming arTs -
(BTec naTional Diploma)                         (BTec naTional Diploma)                        acTing (BTec naTional
This	 course	 will	 appeal	 to	 students	       This	 course	 is	 for	 those	 who	 want	 to	   Diploma)
who	 have	 a	 genuine	 interest	 in	 all	       make	music	and	have	a	passionate	feel	         In	 this	 course	 students	 will	 gain	 an	
aspects	of	dance,	who	enjoy	watching	           for	all	kinds	of	music.	It	allows	students	    understanding	 of	 drama	 and	 the	
and	 performing	 dance	 and	 would	             to	 explore,	 understand	 and	 create	         medium	 of	 theatre,	 as	 well	 as	 create,	
like	 to	 pursue	 a	 professional	 career	      different	styles	of	music,	preparing	you	      explore	 and	 discover	 advanced	
in	 dance.	 Emphasis	 is	 placed	 on	 the	      for	 either	 university	 or	 music	 school	    skills	 and	 techniques	 in	 specialist	
physical	 practice,	 choreography	 and	         and	a	career	in	the	music	industry.            areas.	Though	 this	 is	 a	 predominantly	
performance	 of	 dance	 supported	 by	                                                         practical	 course,	 students	 are	
physiology,	 history	 and	 the	 context	 of	    Units	studied	include:                         expected	 to	 regularly	 read	 plays,	 and	
dance	performance.	                                                                            complete	written	research	tasks.
                                                •		The	music	industry
Units	studied	include:                          •		Songwriting                                 In	the	first	year	of	the	course,	students	
                                                •		Music	and	society                           will	 study	 the	 key	 components	 of	
•	Dance	rehearsal                               •		World	music                                 performing	 arts,	 through	 practical	
•	Dance	performance                             •		Improvisation                               classes	 and	 further	 study.	 Preparation	
•	Choreography                                  •		Performance	skills                          for	 audition	 technique,	 understanding	
•	Dance	technique                                                                              and	 using	 the	 voice	 on	 stage,	 and	
•	Improvisation                                 Your	interest	in	music	will	probably	lead	     creating	 exciting	 site-specific	 work	 are	
•	Dance	appreciation                            you	 to	 join	 with	 the	 college	 drama	      all	 covered.	 The	 second	 year	 of	 the	
                                                and	music	productions,	as	well	as	help	        course	 is	 more	 project-based,	 with	
Dance                                           other	student	musicians	to	record	their	       students	participating	in	the	rehearsal	
                                                work.                                          and	 production	 planning	 of	 major	
(BTec FirsT Diploma)
This	 course	 is	 ideal	 for	 students	 that	                                                  performance	 work	 in	 front	 of	 a	 public	
love	 dance	 and	 wish	 to	 study	 it	 at	      musical TheaTre                                audience.
intermediate	 level	 (in	 preparation	          (BTec naTional Diploma)
for	 progression	 to	 the	 BTEC	 National	      This	 course	 will	 appeal	 to	 the	 many	
Diploma).                                       students	 who	 wish	 to	 study	 this	 very	
                                                popular	 art	 form.	 The	 course	 really	
The	course	is	highly	practical.	Units	          prepares	 students	 for	 either	 university	
studied	could	include:                          or	 drama	 school	 and	 a	 career	 in	 the	
                                                entertainment	industry.	
•	Performing	dance
•	Jazz	dance                                    Units	studied	could	include:
•	Contemporary	dance
•	The	performing	arts	business                  •	Solo	singing
•	Musical	theatre                               •	Contemporary	dance
•	Production	project                            •	Jazz	dance
•	Body	workshop                                 •	Audition	preparation
                                                •	Ensemble	singing
Students	 will	 watch	 performances	            •	Acting
by	 major	 dance	 companies	 and	               •	Tap
can	 extend	 their	 own	 performances	          •	Voice
through	enrichment.                             •	Physical	theatre
reBeccA	lythgOe
School:	St	Antony’s

Studying:	A-Level	Drama,	Law	

Favourite project:	Practical	
drama	project

Dream job:	Criminal	psychologist

“The college has good
results and a good
sArAh	mOOre
School:	Flixton

Studying:	A-Level	Drama,	Music,	
Film	Studies,	Media

Favourite project:	The	
performances	in	drama

Next step: University

“It’s a great college!”
VOcAtiOnAl	cOurses                             fOrmer	pendletOn	students

perForming arTs -                              Coronation	 Street	 star,	 michelle	                  chris	 Johnson	 is	 a	 morning	 presenter	
                                               Keegan,	 won	 Best	 Newcomer	 at	 the	                on	CBBC.
acTing (BTec FirsT                             Soap	 Awards	 and	 TV	 Choice	 Awards	
Diploma)                                       in	 2008	 and	 was	 nominated	 for	 Best	             chris	 mann	 is	 currently	 playing	 Neil	
In	this	course	students	will	gain	a	good	      Actress	 at	 the	 Soap	 Awards	 in	 2010.	            in	 the	 West	 End	 production	 of	 Dirty	
foundation	 in	 all	 the	 basic	 principles	   She	 has	 also	 had	 a	 small	 cameo	                 Dancing.
of	 acting	 and	 stagecraft.	 There	 is	       appearance	 in	 Red	 Dwarf:	 Back	 to	                	
some	 written	 work	 involved,	 but	 this	     Earth.                                                tom	gill	has	starred	in	British	horror	film	
is	 a	 predominantly	 practical	 course.	                                                            Eden	Lake.
Students	 will	 have	 the	 opportunity	 to	    Joe	 evans	 starred	 as	 Jean	 Prouvaire	             	
attend	 numerous	 theatre	 visits,	 create	    in	 the	 West	 End	 production	 of	 Les	              dave	Atkins	has	appeared	in	The	Street	
their	 own	 performance	 piece	 to	 tour	      Miserables.	 He	 also	 appeared	 in	 a	               and	Shameless.
to	 schools,	 and	 be	 given	 their	 own	      tour	of	Beauty	and	The	Beast,	Pirates	of	             	
dedicated	 performance	 evening	 in	           Penzance	at	Mountview	Academy	and	                    nicola	 potts	 has	 appeared	 in	
one	of	the	college’s	theatres.                 Witches	of	Eastwick	at	Albany	Theatre                 Shameless.
Students	 study	 musical	 performance,	        paul	 ryan	 carberry	 is	 currently	                  craig	 morris	 is	 now	 a	 choreographer	
stage	 crewing,	 acting,	 devising	 and	       rehearsing	 for	 the	 title	 role	 in	 Billy	 Liar	   for	the	UK	tour	of	Glee.
performing	scripted	plays.                     at	 the	West	Yorkshire	 Playhouse.	 Other	            	
                                               credits	 include	 A	 Christmas	 Carol,	               scott	 Bruton	 was	 a	 finalist	 in	 X	 Factor	
The	 majority	 of	 students	 who	 have	        Everybody	 Loves	 a	Winner	 and	All	 the	             and	has	appeared	in	the	UK	tour	and	
taken	 this	 course	 have	 progressed	 on	     Fun	of	the	Fair.                                      West	 End	 production	 of	 Dreamboats	
to	one	of	the	National	Diploma	courses	                                                              and	Petticoats.
within	the	department.                         michael	        peavoy	     has	  recently	
                                               graduated	 from	 RADA,	 having	 won	                  faye	 Brookes	 is	 currently	 playing	
Technical TheaTre                              Sondheim	 Singer	 of	 the	 Year,	 and	 is	            Frenchy	in	the	West	End	production	of	
                                               now	performing	at	the	National	Theatre	               Grease.
(BTec naTional Diploma)                        in	Hamlet.
The	 course	 is	 ideally	 suited	 to	
                                               	                                                     hayley	 ellenbrook	 has	 recently	 acted	
students	 who	 wish	 to	 pursue	 a	 career	
                                               Adam	Barlow	has	just	finished	playing	                in	 a	 BBC	 Radio	 4	 drama	 and	 will	
in	 the	 performing	 art	 industries	 as	
                                               Billy	 in	 Kes	 at	 the	 Oldham	 Coliseum,	           be	 playing	 the	 lead	 in	 The	 Lion,	 the	
a	 technician	 and	 is	 an	 excellent	
                                               and	begins	work	in	January	on	a	new	                  Witch	and	the	Wardrobe	at	Royal	and	
introduction	to	basic	stagecraft,	theatre	
                                               sitcom	for	the	BBC	starring	Russ	Abbot	               Derngate	Theatre	in	Northampton.
lighting	and	sound.
                                               and	Bradley	Walsh.
                                                                                                     mollie	 melia-redgrave	 won	 the	 lead	
Units	studied	could	include:
                                               charlotte	harwood	is	currently	playing	               role	 of	 Miss	 Adelaide	 in	 the	 musical	
                                               Gloria	in	the	new	West	End	production		               Guys	and	Dolls	showing	at	the	Palace	

•	 The	performing	arts	business
                                               of	Flashdance.                                        Theatre.
•	 Production	planning
•	 Stage	management

•	 Lighting	design	and	operation
•	 Sound	design	and	operation                         It’s a huge honour for myself and my family to be associated
•	 Scenic	construction                                with the college. I’m inspired by the passion, commitment and
•	 Arts	in	the	community                              talent of the students and staff - Salford’s finest.
•	 Technical	theatre	operations
•	 Live	sound                                         Christopher Eccleston, Actor
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