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									Importance of Prenatal Care in Pregnancy
Prenatal care in Newark is critical because it helps identify existing and
potential problems, so that they can be treated to ensure a healthy and
safe pregnancy. Most pregnant women think about prenatal care
during their first trimester, but doctors recommend starting prenatal
care at least three months before you plan to conceive. This will help
you prepare your body for the pregnancy and also make sure that you
have a healthy baby.

What does prenatal care involve?

During prenatal care in Newark, there are monthly visits to the doctor
for the first twenty eight weeks of pregnancy. From week 28 to 36, the
visits are every two weeks. Then until the baby is born, there are
weekly visits. Prenatal care continues for a few weeks after the baby is

In the first trimester, prenatal visits include a complete physical
examination including the measurement of your heart rate, blood
pressure and weight gain. Blood and urine samples are collected for
medical tests.
These are:

     Blood work to check blood type, anemia, Rh factor and immunity
      to diseases
     Urine tests to check for sugar and protein to detect diabetes,
      kidney changes
     Pap tests to identify changes in the cervix to detect cancer

You also receive advice regarding a healthy lifestyle, good eating habits,
exercise and supplementary vitamins, folic acid and calcium. The doctor
will inquire about your family health history, prior pregnancies, current
treatments, and existing medical conditions. You will know when your
baby is due and get answers to all your questions about your

During the follow up visits there are urine tests along with the
measurement of blood pressure and weight to ensure there is proper
weight gain. About twelve weeks into the pregnancy, the fetal
heartbeat is checked, along with the size and position of the uterus and

The benefits of prenatal care

Prenatal care goes beyond keeping track of the mother's weight and
diet. The baby's health is also monitored inside the womb. There are
many benefits when you receive the right prenatal care. These are:

     Problems that develop from pregnancy such as gestational
      diabetes, inadequate weight gain, and high blood pressure can be
      harmful to your baby. During prenatal visits, these can be
      diagnosed and treated in time.
     Prenatal care allows the doctor to track the baby's health through
      its heart beat, size and positioning and check for birth defects.
     Conditions identified during prenatal visits can be treated before
      the baby is born.

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