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					       De Montfort University, United Kingdom          Niels Brock, Copenhagen Business College, Denmark

                              BA (Hons) Business Administration

                              Finance
                              Marketing
                              Strategy & Management

                                  Internationally recognised
                                  BA (Honours) programmes

       The BA (Honours) Business Administration programme offers three specialised streams as
                        1 year full-time or 2 year part-time top-up courses:

                                          Finance
                                          Marketing
                                          Strategy & Management

       In partnership with Niels Brock the prestigious De Montfort University, United Kingdom, offers top-
       up BA (Hons) in Business Administration degree programmes to Business Diploma holders in

       This BA programme is primarily designed for holders of a 2-year Danish AP Degree/Business
       Diploma, e.g. AP Degree in Financial Management, AP Degree in Marketing Management, a 4-year
       Export Technician Diploma, etc. Students are eligible for admission if they have successfully
       completed one of these Degree/Diploma courses with good results. Danish and international students
       with proof of equivalent qualifications and experience may also be admitted to the course.

       All courses carry full-time status of 120 UK CATS credits, equivalent to 60 ECTS credits and
       qualify for progression to Masters programmes.

Ver. 01.01.07
 Finance Stream:
Code          Module                                                                UK Credits           ECTS Credits
CORP 3501     Strategic Management                                                     30                    15
CORP 3502     Contemporary Business Issues                                             30                    15
ACFI 3203     Business Finance                                                         30                    15
ACFI 3215     International Accounting                                                 30                    15
Total Credits                                                                         120                    60
The Finance Stream goes beyond basic accounting skills by offering wider international perspectives on accounting and

 Marketing Stream:
Code          Module                                                                UK Credits           ECTS Credits
CORP 3501     Strategic Management                                                     30                    15
CORP 3502     Contemporary Business Issues                                             30                    15
MARK 3008 Marketing Project                                                            30                    15
MARK 3012 Global Marketing Strategies                                                  15                   7.5
MARK 3014 Customer Management                                                          15                   7.5
Total Credits                                                                         120                    60
The Marketing Stream is particularly aimed at students who wish to work in the marketing departments of large
international companies.

 Strategy & Management Stream:
Code          Module                                                                UK Credits           ECTS Credits
CORP 3501     Strategic Management                                                     30                    15
CORP 3502     Contemporary Business Issues                                             30                    15
CORP 3014     Work-based Portfolio Project                                             15                   7.5
CORP 3364     Crisis & Business Continuity Management                                  15                   7.5
CORP 3500     E-Business                                                               15                   7.5
CORP 3600     Greening Business                                                        15                   7.5
Total Credits                                                                         120                    60
This Stream is of special relevance to Innovation, Entrepreneur or similar business management students who wish to
start or work in small or medium-sized companies close to the decision-makers. The Portfolio Project requires good
business contacts.

       Benefit to you and your company
All streams are designed for business students and Danish and international company staff who share the ambition of
developing their career to meet the requirements of the global market.

The course will provide you with key qualifications for financial/marketing and business management posts at home
and abroad. Through studies of academic theory and management models matched with cases of business practice, you
will acquire qualifications that are vital to the business manager of tomorrow.

      Work and Study
The programme is based on 2 core modules and 2-4 specialisation modules. Each module has 30– 60 class sessions with
lectures, cases and tutorials. Directed individual and group study will bring the total time required for the entire course
to 1500-1600 hours.

In order to provide students with the opportunity to work part-time or full-time while studying the BA programme,
lessons will predominantly be held after ordinary office hours, i.e. from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Students and companies are
advised to consider the total workload and to provide scope for combining work and study.
      Advanced Learning
All modules are informed by a process of directed reading which is elaborated upon through lectures and reinforced by
the use of practical assignments. Seminars, tutorials, projects, case studies and visiting speakers are also employed.

The teaching and learning methods create a learning environment where the participants are encouraged to adopt an
analytical and pro-active approach to develop their own ability to learn and enhance their communication skills.

De Montfort University and Niels Brock Online electronic learning facilities are offered. They are virtual classrooms
where key information and module assignments can be exchanged and debated, irrespective of time and place.

 Admission
The admission policy is strict.
Standard entry candidates must as a minimum hold one of the following entry qualifications:

    For the Finance Stream:
    - AP Degree in Financial Management / Financial Economist Diploma
    - AP Degree in Marketing Management / Market Economist Diploma, with specialisation in

    For the Marketing Stream:
    - AP Degree in Marketing Management / Market Economist Diploma
    - Export Technician Diploma

    For the Strategy & Management Stream:
    - As above, but of special relevance to Degree/Diploma holders with Innovation/Entrepreneurship specialisation
    or business experience.

Admission is based on evaluation of academic achievement, professional experience/CV, English proficiency test and
interview(s). Students who wish to progress directly from a Danish degree/diploma course must hold a grade average of
8+ on the Danish 00-13 scale.

 Provision for Non-Standard Entry
Holders of qualifications deemed equivalent to those listed above may also be admitted. Such candidates are required to
demonstrate evidence that they have successfully completed a course of similar content and academic standard.
International students must document high English proficiency standards, e.g. IELTS 6.5+, TOEFL 600+, etc.

Admission may be conditional upon the applicant undertaking studies in areas specified by the Programme leader at
Niels Brock before starting on the course.

The following deadlines are for the 2007-2008 course: March 15, May 15 (international students), July 1, August 15
(students residing in Denmark).
As interest is high, early registration is recommended. Response is given before the following deadline.
Application form can be downloaded from (English > Study Programmes > BA > Admission)

 Status
Students register, enrol and graduate as De Montfort University students. BA graduates will become members of the De
Montfort University Alumni Society linking nearly 100,000 former students all over the world.

 Academic Year
The academic year starts in September and ends in July the following year. The programme is completed with a formal
British university graduation ceremony held in Copenhagen in August.

Lectures, workshops and exams are held at Niels Brock in Copenhagen. Some tutorials may be provided via electronic
learning facilities. Study facilities and support are offered at the Niels Brock sites and electronic access is given to the
extensive collections and databases at De Montfort University Library.
 Tuition Fee
When studying for an international degree the participant is required to pay full tuition. The tuition fee is very
favourable compared to similar professional training and degree programmes on commercial terms.

The tuition fees for 2007-08 are
 EU-students, etc: DKK 70,000/EUR 9,500
This applies to:
- students from the 25 EU member states
- students from Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
- students from non-EU countries who have lived/studied in Denmark for at least 2 years
- students from Niels Brock international partnership programmes, e.g. in China
 Other international students: DKK 75,000/EUR 10,000
-   highly qualified international students may be entitled to part or full scholarship

Add to this approx. DKK 5,000 for mandatory books.

 BA and beyond
On successful completion of the programme you will graduate with the internationally approved Bachelor´s Degree
awarded by De Montfort University. With its main focus on international marketing/finance or corporate management
the degree will provide enhanced commercial competence and lay the foundation for an international career. Graduates
are well equipped for a career path, which can take them to the higher levels of corporate decision-making.The
programme not only leads to a degree qualification in its own right, but also provides the option of direct access to
international Masters´ programmes worldwide.

     De Montfort University (
      De Montfort University is a pioneering and innovative institution and one of Britain´s largest universities
      with around 25,000 students enjoying a high rank in the university sector (*). De Montfort values the
      importance of research and scholarship as evidence that teaching programmes are based on up-to-date
      academic and business-related knowledge. The university is based at two main centres in England - Leicester
      and Bedford - and has a significant and growing international dimension to its activities.

      International links include more than 60 universities and colleges in 40 countries. Partnership agreements
      allow De Montfort University programmes to be delivered internationally under a strict regime of quality
      control, so as to ensure consistency of academic standards. These arrangements exist in countries such as
      Holland, Germany, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Denmark.

      *) 94 % of De Montfort University graduates were in full time employment or further study six
          months after graduation. Signposts to Employability Survey, The Guardian 2001
      *) No. 1 ranking Business School for `Value Added´. Signposts to Employability Survey,
         The Guardian 2001
      *) Employers have rated De Montfort University in the top 5 universities in terms of quality of
          graduates in business and information technology. HEFCE Performance Indicators, 2000
      *) De Montfort University is the top post-1992 university for Research. Government Research
          Assessment 2000

     Niels Brock (
      Niels Brock is the largest business college in Denmark. Established in 1881 its name commemorates the
      merchant Niels Brock, one of the founders of business education in Denmark. Throughout its history many
      famous and successful people have undertaken their training at the College, thus contributing to the excellent
      reputation it enjoys today. All departments have close links with business and industry to meet the
      educational needs of Danish and international companies. Specialist, interdepartmental and cross-curricular
      groups develop solutions to problems requiring customised courses and training schemes in Denmark and

      Now in its eigth year at Niels Brock, the BA programme has proven its strength:
        96% of students enrolled completed their course successfully
        98% of graduates landed better jobs or were admitted to Master´s level studies

                                            For further information, please go to:
                                            (English > Study Programmes > BA)
       De Montfort University, United Kingdom               Niels Brock, Copenhagen Business College, Denmark

BA (Hons) Business Administration
Academic Year 2007-2008


Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning the BA programme offered in
Copenhagen by De Montfort University and Niels Brock:

1. When is the start of the next course?                   The next course begins in September 2007.
                                                           An induction meeting is scheduled for Sept. 10 and the
                                                           first lectures will be held Sept. 24.
2. What is the admission procedure?                        Application form and further documents should be handed
                                                           in by one of the following deadlines: March 15, May 15,
                                                           July 1, or Aug. 15, 2007 at the very latest.
                                                           Applicants are interviewed/tested before admission
3. How much does it cost?                                  For the 2007-2008 course, fees total DKK 70,000-75,000
                                                           (EUR 9,500 – 10,000). Details are found at
                                                           Obligatory books cost approx. DKK 5,000.
4. When are classes held?                                  Lectures and workshops are mainly held Mondays and
                                                           Tuesdays 17:00 – 20:30 (Evening classes) or
                                                           Wednesday/Thursday afternoons (Day classes).
                                                           Written assignments are provided in the form of essays,
                                                           electronic tutorials and tests.
5. Who are the teachers?                                   Teachers are English-speaking Faculty of Higher
                                                           Education lecturers and instructors from Danish industry,
                                                           all approved by De Montfort University. Staff list is found
6. How is the instruction organised?                       Instruction is based on a combination of lectures,
                                                           workshops and cases reflecting academic models and
                                                           international business practice. An electronic classroom is
                                                           offered for the exchange of course information.
7. Is attendance obligatory?                               Attendance is not obligatory but highly recommended. In
                                                           case of absence contact is maintained via study groups and
                                                           e-mail facilities/the electronic classroom.
8. How many exams are held?                                Each module has a final exam. Student performance is
                                                           assessed on a combination of module coursework and end-
                                                           of-module exams. Most exams consist of a 2-3 hour
                                                           closed-book written test.
9. Where and when is graduation ?                          August 2008 in Copenhagen. A formal British university
                                                           ceremony will be held by leading representatives of De
                                                           Montfort University. Photos from last year´s ceremony can
                                                           be seen at
10. What further opportunities does the BA degree offer?   The course provides key qualifications for marketing/
                                                           finance and managerial posts in international business as
                                                           well as a range of international Master´s degree
Updated 01.01.07
  BA Newsletter, February 2006

  International Bachelor Programme
  De Montfort University and Niels Brock

Statements from BA students and graduates:

“ The last year has been an eye-opener of dimensions. Not only have I been challenged academically,
but I have also been forced to learn to work together with people from different cultures, which has
opened my eyes to new global aspects in a positive and developing way. It has been a very hard and
demanding year – but nevertheless a year that has given me more opportunities and dreams for the
future, than I had ever hoped for.”

Clara Mai Kunstmann, BA 2005, Strategy & Management Stream, Editor-in-Chief, Bazar Magazine,
Aller Press A/S.

“ Now I am back in business. I have been given great tasks to solve within the fields of product and
service management. I am creating business strategies for two different product lines, one of which is
quite new in the market. I was also assigned to create a business plan for a brand new call
center/customer service center in the company. Initially I got scared by such assignments, but now I am
quite confident in facing the challenge. I am very glad that I can make use of the modules I was taught
last year, already in my first professional experience after completing my BA.”

Vanda Kristensen, BA 2005, Marketing Stream, Intern, Menu A/S

“ I must say you (NN) are the most amazing teacher I have met. You always encourage me to do things
in my own way which definitely gives me a lot of confidence. The most benefit obtained is from your
lectures on how to apply theories in real markets, and how my knowledge and experience can bring
profit to the company. I got my Master´s offer from Århus Business School yesterday, but I still think
work is my optimal choice.”

Caike Wang, BA 2005, Marketing Stream.

“ Thank you for your great service/guidance. It has been an excellent year with entirely good
experiences and I am looking very much forward to studying my final Finance Stream year.”

Jan Carlsen, part-time student 2004-06, Finance Stream, Nykredit A/S.

“ You (MM) are so engaged – socially and professionally. You truly have a passion for your role – it is
wonderful to experience. It has been great to be a student on this programme. There have been a few
hiccups on the way, of course, but they do not tarnish my experience of this rather brilliant programme.
Well done!!!”

Florence Christensen, BA 2005, Marketing Stream.

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