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					                                  The Hub Board
                               23rd September 2009

                                  Agenda Item 05

                                 Diploma Planning


This paper reviews the Tower Hamlets experience of Diploma delivery in 08/09. Only
one programme has completed with 77% achievement. Recruitment for 09/10 is
ongoing but 298 Diploma learners have been recruited with 6 post-16 programmes
still to report.

The paper proposes that the partnership does not seek approval for any further
Diploma lines but consolidates and improves delivery for the current Diploma or for
any future specification that combines applied learning and generic skills within an
industry-related context. The paper makes recommendations for future collaborative
development programmes drawing on external and internal evaluation.


The Board are recommended to
    revise Diploma Entitlement plan and adopt new Diploma planning wheel
    agree not to seek approval for further lines through Gateway 4
    focus on quality assurance and improvement
    clarify roles by adopting a Diploma Partnership Agreement setting out the
      and responsibilities of the Hub team and lead Diploma providers
    continue collaborative planning through regular meetings of Diploma Groups
    continue joint planning with neighbouring boroughs and ensure that this
      results in practical benefit improving access or progression for Tower Hamlets
    approve the inclusion of Mulberry School in the plan to deliver the Higher
      Diploma in Retail Business and Public Services


   1. In 2006, the partnership made its first submissions to the Diploma Gateway.
      There was a shared view that the broad character of the new qualification –
      focused on a particular business sector and delivered through work-based
      tasks – could engage some young people who were under-achieving through
      the pure academic route.

   2. It was also agreed that there were some concerns about the initial Diploma
      specifications which were not as practical and experiential as had been
      hoped. We agreed that local delivery would plan to address some of the
      limitations of national design.

   3. Each Tower Hamlets Gateway submission, from 2006 on, aimed to offer a
      choice of levels at KS4 and post-16. Within this, we proposed relatively small
      numbers for the first year of each line.

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  4. Tower Hamlets has been very successful through the Diploma Gateway.
     Bids to deliver a further four Diploma lines through Gateway 3 were
     successful. Construction and the Built Environment, Retail and Public
     Services will be offered from September 2010, with Sport and Active Leisure
     planned from September 2011. We now have approval for 11 of the 14 lines
     currently on offer.

  5. 14 of 15 mainstream schools have been identified as principal learning
     delivery partners for at least one Diploma line. Two special schools are
     providing feeder provision against specified lines. Work-based partners are
     offering elements of principal learning for three planned lines and contributing
     specialist learning. Tower Hamlets College is offering 6 lines post-16 and
     may offer one at KS4 in future.

  6. The partnership agreed a plan to 2013 entitlement and the strength of this
     local planning was recognised through Gateways 2 and 3.

  7. The 14-19 Qualification Strategy and the Next Steps national 14-19
     Implementation Plan has confirmed the place of Diplomas as one of the four
     learning routes to which all learners must have access.

  8. The partnership has chosen to consider this more broadly as an applied
     learning route. However, we recognise that there will be a review of
     continued public funding for other applied qualifications beyond 2013 and
     partners planning new applied provision are recommended to give serious
     consideration to Diploma programmes.

08/09 Outcomes

  9. The Diploma in IT was the first Diploma to be delivered in Tower Hamlets with
     a total of 60 learners recruited to the programme. Tower Hamlets College
     and Bow School delivered at level 1, Swanlea at level 2 and Sir John Cass
     level 3. In each case all Diploma learners were also on roll at the delivery

  10. Bow School transferred most of their Principal Learning delivery to Tower
      Hamlets College in January 2009 and withdrew the programme entirely in
      March 2009. It had become evident that a number of these learners would
      not succeed on the Foundation Diploma and that level 1 Functional Skills
      would be a barrier for several.

  11. Tower Hamlets College recruited 15 young people to their one year Diploma
      programme retained 13. 77% of those retained achieved the full Diploma.
      69% progressed to level 2 or equivalent programmes at the College.

  12. 14 young people in year 10 were enrolled at Swanlea School. One learner
      had to return to his country of origin, but 13 remain on programme. This is a
      two year programme but all 13 have already passed one unit and 12 have
      passed the unit 1 and are one their way to passing the unit 2. Learners are
      being entered for Functional Skills when they are ready in line with the
      student centred nature of the programme.

  13. Sir John Cass recruited 11 learners and retained 10 at the end of the first
      year of delivery. The level 3 consists of 8 units including the project, learners

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        participated in 4 units including the external exam this academic year, and
        feedback from their teachers indicates they are on course to achieve.

   14. While learners have not travelled between lead delivery partners for elements
       of their Principal Learning, the cohort has attended several collaborative
       events delivered in partnership with endorsing employers. The most recent, at
       Allen and Overy, introduced the organisation’s business interests and give an
       overview of the varied employment opportunities within IT. Learners felt the
       event not only highlighted the need to work effectively within a team but also
       gave them a direct insight into working and succeeding in a large corporate

   15. Employer engagement has been a significant strength of the first Diploma
       year. Allen and Overy, RBS, City of London Corporation Waitrose, Tesco and
       Morgan Stanley have all contributed regularly, with additional input from
       Reebok and Merrill Lynch as well as a range of SMEs.

   16. The Diploma Group has continued to meet fortnightly throughout the year to
       plan delivery, peer review assessment and share resources.

   17. Learner feedback has generally been extremely positive with particular
       appreciation of the employer links, relevance to work as well as challenge of a
       more coherent programme and elements such as the Project.

09/10 Recruitment Summary

   18. The table below indicates confirmed take up at KS4 and current post-16
       recruitment. A more detailed breakdown by institution is included in Annexe 2:

Line                                    KS4                    16+
                                        L1         L2          L1         L2        L3
Business Administration and Finance                     15                     28        16
Creative and Media                                      15           14
Hospitality                                   19         9            8
Information Technology                                  25           40        7         10
Society Health and Development                          31           17      10          34
Total                                           114                        184

   19. Five of the planned seven Diploma lines will be offered in 09-10. The Hair
       and Beauty and Environment and Land Based Studies diplomas did not
       recruit sufficiently to run in the current academic year. It is intended that both
       programmes will be offered in 2010-11, following a range of taster,
       information and guidance events delivered by lead partners.

   20. While local Diploma recruitment is disappointing on some lines, first
       indications are that this is in line with the London-wide and national picture.
       The Tower Hamlets shortfall between planned and actual 09/10 recruitment
       was slightly less than the national shortfall and it is expected that this will

   21. Partners who will be delivering the Diploma in 09/10 are

                Cambridge Heath Sixth Form
                Central Foundation Girls

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              George Green’s
              Mulberry Girls
              Sir John Cass
              Tower Hamlets College

   22. Bishop Challoner and Stepney Green had originally planned Diploma
       provision but have not recruited. Bow School have decided not to make a
       Diploma offer in the foreseeable future. St Paul’s Way are working with Capel
       Manor College to offer the Environment and Land Based Diploma in 10/11.

   23. Cross-border partnerships were a new feature of the Diploma planning for
       2010/11 and we received approval to deliver Hospitality, Environment and
       Land-Based Studies and Public Services diplomas with LB Hackney. This is
       an area that will need continued to effort to ensure practical benefits for either
       learners or providers.

Progress towards 2013 Entitlement

   24. From 2013, 14-16 year olds will have an entitlement to study one of 14
      Diploma lines and one of 17 lines for 16-18 year olds. The LA will be under a
      duty to secure all young people’s access to these lines, and maintained
      schools will have a duty to secure their KS4 students’ access to the first 14

   25. The DCSF require each LA to submit a strategic Diploma plan showing how
       access to all the Diploma lines will be made available in all parts of their area.
       These plans will need to show
         which lines will be delivered by which institutions and in which years up to
          2013, including expansion of the lines already approved
         the projected numbers of places provided in each year up to 2013
         how all learners will be able to access the Diploma
         details of cross-boundary provision.

   26. Our plan to deliver the 2013 Diploma Entitlement. is summarised through the
       Diploma wheel included in our Plan to 2012

   27. Tower Hamlets is already relatively well positioned to meet these
       requirements with 11 lines offered in borough and the three remaining lines
       available in adjacent boroughs.

   28. It has never been our intention to offer all Diploma lines in borough or to offer
       every level of those lines that we do provide. Given the low Diploma take up,
       it is recommended that we do not propose additional lines for 2011/12.

   29. This means that we defer a decision about the Diploma in Engineering. Our
       Diploma capital funding bid for a Built Environment Study Centre at Stepney
       Green School would have built capacity to offer Engineering in addition to
       Construction and the Built Environment. The bid went into the final round but
       was not one of the two proposals agreed for London. We will continue to
       seek funding for such a facility. In the meanwhile, Tower Hamlets learners
       can access the Diploma offer in neighbouring boroughs.

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   30. It also means that we do not proceed with plans for a Diploma in offer in
       Manufacturing and Product Design or in Travel and Tourism. Each of these
       lines is also available in neighbouring boroughs and we plan to strengthen our
       links with these providers.

   31. There is interest in the new post-16 Diplomas in Science and Humanities.
       Oaklands are interested in leading on Science and George Greens are
       looking at the relationship between the Diploma in Humanities and the IB. It
       is recommended that our plan to 2013 is revised to reflect this but that
       planned delivery is deferred to 2012/13.

   32. Mulberry School have recently expressed an interest in participating in the
       delivery of the Higher Diploma in Retail Business and Public Services.
       Bethnal Green Technology College have decided not to proceed with the
       Diploma in Retail Business and no school is currently planning to participate
       in the Diploma in Public Services.

Clarifying Roles and Responsbilities

   33. Our immediate focus will be on quality assurance and improvement of the
       offer. This requires clarity about the contribution to be made by all partners.
       It also requires a clear focus on standardisation and sharing of good practice
       through assessment.

   34. Clarity around roles and responsibilities is essential.        The attached
       Partnership Agreement specifies the commitments made by delivery partners
       and the support provided by the Hub team. It is proposed that this agreement
       is adopted for all Diploma programmes.

   35. A well-structured assessment process will critical to ensuring high, shared
       standards. We are required to appoint a lead borough assessor and domain
       assessors to cover each line. We have agreed a Diploma Assessment policy.
       In addition, it is proposed that we
          recruit and train curriculum specialists as Domain Assessors from within
           the consortium (draft Job Description annex 4)
          use £10,000 of Diploma grant to fund a dedicated Lead Assessor
           employed with 7 partner boroughs (advert annex 4)
          map and calendar an approach to joint assessment opportunities linked
           to agreed Quality Assurance systems and procedures

External evaluation of Diploma progress

   36. Ofsted conducted an inspection of the partnership in March 2009 to examine
       the progress being made towards implementing 14-19 reforms. Ofsted looked
       specifically at Diplomas and Functional Skills and also focused on quality of
       teaching and learning, provision of information, advice and guidance and the
       effectiveness of a range of delivery strategies.

   37. The Diploma Support Programme was invited to undertake healthchecks of
       specific Diploma lines. The recommendations broadly match to those made
       by Ofsted although some of the line specific advice was particularly helpful.

   38. External evaluation is summarised in appendix 3 and the improvement
       actions have been incorporated into the Hub workplan for 09/10.

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Internal evaluation of Diploma progress

   39. The internal evaluation of Diploma progress confirms many of the Ofsted and
       health check recommendations. In particular, the need to strengthen
       collaborative planning and delivery, access and admission processes,
       learning and teaching to meet new Diploma demands and quality assurance
       and improvement.

   40. Those Diploma Groups who have explored leading practice elsewhere have
       found this particularly rewarding and this should be a stronger element of
       future development work

   41. There continues to be a range of practice around the Additional and Specialist
       Learning component of the Diploma. An in principle decision to offer an
       employability qualification as Diploma ASL has been implemented by several
       but not all lead partners. This focus in year one has inevitably been on
       principal learning and Functional Skills but needs to attend more closely to
       ASL, PLTS and project learning in future.

   42. In addition, partners have raised issues about the design and structure of
       Diplomas and proposed ways in which these could be improved. Two areas
       of improvement have been consistently highlighted:
           the need to develop the practical and experiential element of the Diploma.
           concern to revise the size of the Higher Diploma to reduce the option
            commitment at KS4 and the one-year delivery pressures at 16-19

   43. Each of these improvement suggestions will be fed back to the national
       evaluation of the Diploma in its current format and to any future specification.

   44. We believe there continues to be a need for a 14-19 qualification that
      combines applied learning and generic skills within an industry-related context
      and that such a qualification can provide new routes to success for those who
      fail to reach their potential through the current offer. The key features of the
      Diploma – collaborative delivery, employer engagement and a coherent skills-
      based programme that integrates English, maths and personal skills – remain
      critical to the success of such a qualification.

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Annex 1
Tower Hamlets Diploma Partnership Agreement

This agreement is between The Hub and Diploma Principal Learning Delivery
Partners for the duration of the Diploma programme.

Collaborative Planning and Development

The Hub team will
 lead and manage borough planning to deliver the Diploma entitlement
 co-ordinate and manage Gateway applications
 engage, liaise and negotiate provision with partner boroughs and their providers
 convene and service Diploma Groups to support collaborative planning and
   delivery and share good practice
 secure progression opportunities for Diploma learners through negotiation with
   HEIs and specialist FE providers
 manage a partnership process for the approval of new Principal Learning
   Delivery Partners

Partners will
    commit sufficient staff time to oversee and deliver high quality Diploma
       learning and to meet agreed consortium plans and deadlines
    appoint an SLT Diploma Champion
    ensure equitable contributions to Diploma planning and development
    ensure regular attendance at
           o agreed meetings of the Diploma Group
           o planning and evaluation events
           o national and local Diploma CPD
    observe agreed partnership processes for the approval of new Principal
       Learning Delivery Partners
    ensure that partners have at least a term’s notice of any intention to withdraw
       from Diploma delivery and can make effective arrangements, as necessary,
       for continued Diploma learning
    ensure timely responses to communications and/or requests by and on behalf
       of consortium partners
    encourage contributions to collaborative planning by employer, HE and other
       supporting organisations
    ensure collaborative planning and development is informed by learner choice
       and evaluation

Curriculum Development

The Hub team will
 ensure Diploma practitioners can access a full programme of training,
   development and support
 ensure that Diploma practitioners receive appropriate Functional Skills and PLTS
   information and support
 administer collaborative planning and resource budgets
 secure endorsing employers for every Diploma line
 promote the Diploma to employers
 broker a range of employer support to Diploma learning
 liaise with HEIs to secure contributions to Diploma learning
 liaise with work-based providers to increase breadth of ASL offer
 manage the FLT network to promote progression into Diploma programmes

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Partners will
    share expertise and experience
    contribute to the development, evaluation and updating of curriculum plans,
       schemes of work and assessments
    use and develop curriculum plans and resources for the benefit of all learners
       and providers within the consortium
    Nominate a member of staff to liaise with the Education Business Partnership
       and co-ordinate all activities related to the work experience offer
    Work with partner HEIs to ensure appropriate stretch and challenge and
       support progression
    Ensure access to range of ASL options appropriate to learners’ choices,
       aspirations and achievement.

Resources and Facilities

The Hub team will
 work with the elearning team to develop interactive materials
 develop the VLE to support collaborative planning and delivery
 manage Diploma support funding and Diploma specific grants as agreed through
   the partnership
 lead borough-wide applications for additional resources to support Diploma

Partners will
 Share teaching and learning resources
 Contribute to the development of online teaching and learning resources through
 Collaborate teaching and learning resources available to consortium partners and
   students using borough wide MIS systems
 Provide the requisite equipment and materials for the safe and successful
   delivery of the Diploma programme

Promotion, Information and Guidance

The Hub team will
 lead and manage borough–wide Diploma promotion
 ensure that information and guidance services are fully informed about the local
 liaise with parent support teams to raise awareness of Diploma options
 support governor services to raise awareness of the Diploma
 support learners and parents/carers to understand Diploma learning, its
   requirements and benefits
 deliver a programme of curriculum careers events linked to Diploma lines
 Provide an online career, learning and personal development planning tool

Partners will
 Contribute to the production of information, guidance and promotional materials
   specific to the Diploma line
 Update and maintain full information about their offer on the Choice website
 Ensure a presence at post 14 and post 16 option choice events to raise the
   profile of the Diploma line and provide information, guidance and support to
   learners, parents and carers
 Deliver Diploma tasters, events and activities

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   encourage participation in personal, learning and career development activities
    supported by the online planning tool
   disseminate information and guidance materials to colleagues/teams supporting
    learners to make choices

Recruitment, Induction and Progress Reporting

The Hub team will
 co-ordinate a borough-wide admissions process
 support and, as necessary, lead borough-wide taster events
 support and, as necessary, lead borough-wide induction events
 support partners to develop and make effective use of individual learning plans
 provide an online attendance and progress reporting and communication tool
 Liaise with Attendance and Welfare Service and provide training in use of online

Partners will
 Provide an interview and a taster day for learners and a cross provider induction
   process which outlines the content and requirements of the programme
 Observe agreed entry criteria during selection process
 welcome applications from partner institutions
 undertake all necessary risk assessments relating to the the presence of learners
   on roll elsewhere
 report daily attendance, identify issues or concerns and report progress using the
   the online attendance and progress reporting and communication tool
 provide learners, parents/carers/home institution* with progress reports
 ensure every Diploma learner has an individual learning plan

Assessment and Accreditation

The Hub team will
 provide a lead assessor and domain assessors for each Diploma line
 support, as necessary, institutional assessment and review processes
 support cross-borough assignment planning and standardisation and moderation
   within each line
 liaise with awarding bodies to provide training and support
 liaise with the National Assessment Agency

Partners will

   Liaise with exams officers in learners’ home institutions
   Liaise with the awarding body and make all necessary arrangements to enable
    learners to secure planned accreditation
   Ensure moderation and quality assurance processes are robust and comply with
    external requirements and adhere to quality assurance requirements and
    protocols agreed with the Hub
   Ensure programme evaluation supports the continuous improvement of
    collaborative learning across the borough

Quality Assurance and Improvement

The Hub team will
 lead and manage the Diploma quality policy agreed through the partnership

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   manage the development and review of partnership protocols including
    timetabling agreements
   co-ordinate an annual borough-wide evaluation of Diploma delivery, reporting to
    the Hub Board

Partners will
 Undertake, update and monitor risk assessments appropriate to activity
 Fulfil Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement policy responsibilities and
 Register and monitor attendance, track progress and attainment
 Report incidents, attendance, behavioural and attainment issues to home
 Provide termly reports and on learner attainment and progress to home
   institution*/parents/carers and LA Hub team
 Engage learners in regular programme evaluation
 Observe partnership protocols including timetabling agreements
 Adhere to Hub partnership data sharing protocols
 Host peer learning visits from Hub partners
 Undertake learning visits to Hub partner providers
 Liaise regularly with Generic, ASL and Project component leads
 Provide appropriate support for learners in preparation for, during and following
   Diploma work placements
 Commit to ongoing professional development and take full advantage of national
   and local Diploma workforce development activities/programmes
 Support colleagues to manage change

* Where this differs from the Principal Learning Provider

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Annex 2

The table below gives an indication of recruitment to Diploma programmes to date,
by provider, level and line of learning (KS 4 recruitment is highlighted). Where a
(post-16) group is planned but numbers are as yet unconfirmed this appears as

                           Diploma Delivery Snapshot

Line: Society Health and Development
Awarding Body: Edexcel - Level 2 , OCR - Level 3

Centre                                Level                    Group       09/10
Mulberry School                       Level 3 (Advanced)       Post 16       34
Central Foundation Girls School       Level 2 (Higher)         KS4           18
Oaklands                              Level 2 (Higher)         KS4           10
Cambridge Heath 6th Form              Level 2 (Higher)         Post 16       10
Sir John Cass                         Level 2 (Higher)         Post 16      TBC
Tower Hamlets College                 Level 1 (Foundation)     Post 16       17
St Pauls Way                          Level 2 (Higher)         KS4
Not providing - attending
Oaklands                                                                          3

Line: Business Administration and Finance
Awarding Body: Edexcel
Centre                             Level                       Group
Sir John Cass                      Level 3 (Advanced)          Post 16        16
Tower Hamlets College              Level 3 (Advanced)          Post 16         0
George Greens                      Level 2 (Higher)            Post 16        15
George Greens                      Level 2 (Higher)            KS4            15
Cambridge Heath 6th Form           Level 2 (Higher)            Post 16        13

Line: Information Technology
Awarding Body: Edexcel
Centre                                Level                    Group
Sir John Cass                         Level 3 (Advanced)       Post 16       TBC
Cambridge Heath 6th Form              Level 3 (Advanced)       Post 16        10
Cambridge Heath 6th Form              Level 2 (Higher)         Post 16         7
Swanlea School                        Level 2 (Higher)
                                                               KS4            25
Tower Hamlets College                 Level 1 (Foundation)     Post 16

Line: Hair and Beauty
Awarding Body: AQA
Centre                                Level                    Group

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Central Training Group                 Level 2 (Higher)        Post-16            0
Central Training Group                 Level 1 (Foundation)    Post-16            0
Tower Hamlets College                  Level 2 (Higher)        KS4                0
Tower Hamlets College                  Level 1 (Foundation)    KS4                0

Line: Hospitality
Awarding Body: AQA
Centre                                 Level                   Group
Mulberry School for Girls              Level 2 (Higher)        Post -16      TBC
Mulberry School for Girls              Level 2 (Higher)        KS4             9
George Green's School                  Level 1 (Foundation)    Post - 16       8
George Green's School                  Level 1 (Foundation)    KS4             7
Central Foundation Girls School        Level 1 (Foundation)    KS4            12
Tower Hamlets College                  Level 1 (Foundation)    Post - 16     TBC

Line: Creative and Media
Awarding Body: Edexcel
Centre                                 Level                   Group
Cambridge Heath 6th Form               Level 3 (Advanced)      Post 16       TBC
Cambridge Heath 6th Form               Level 2 (Higher)        Post 16       TBC
Central Foundation Girls School        Level 2 (Higher)        KS4            15
Tower Hamlets College                  Level 1 (Foundation)    Post 16        14

Line: Environment and Land-based Studies
Awarding Body:
Centre                           Level                         Group
St Paul's Way                    level 1                       KS4                0
Capel Manor                      level 2                       Post 16            0

KS4 = 114 (AS AT 11/09/09)
16+ = 184 (AS AT 11/09/09)

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Annex 3

External Evaluation of Tower hamlets Diploma Progress

Ofsted Survey Inspection

As a result of the Ofsted survey inspection the partnership were provided with
specific recommendations relating to Diplomas:

Participation and Achievement
 Increase participation of female students
 Ensure Diploma students at all levels make at least satisfactory progress
 Improve retention of students at Level 1

Teaching and Learning
 Ensure students are actively involved in lessons and that learning is regularly
 Ensure individual needs are being met

IAG and Support
 Strengthen advice and guidance for Foundation Diploma students to ensure
   that appropriate choices are made
 Ensure all young people are aware of their entitlement

Leadership and Management
 Continue to develop consistent use of effective quality assurance
 Strengthen the sharing of good practice of teaching and learning across
 Increasing collaboration across providers to ensure improved outcomes for

Diploma Support Programme Healthchecks

The national Diploma Support Programme includes an optional health check to
enable consortia to assess their readiness to deliver a particular Diploma line by
September 09. We chose to take up this offer for all Diploma lines, four of which
are now complete.

Through the Diploma Groups, providers worked intensively with a consultant to
review the curriculum model, delivery of each component and effectiveness of
resources. The consultant also looked at evidence generation and incorporation
(integration on PLTS and functional skills into Diploma learning). At the end of the
process the consultant produced an evaluation report which highlighted strengths
and also indicated possible areas for improvement.

Diploma health check reports have highlighted:

   Borough Good Practice and Procedures
    The decision to use the Fronter learning platform to share information and
      resources across the partnership
    Good employer links including the system of endorsement of the Diploma
      by employers whereby the latter commit to working with teachers and
      supporting specific units of the principal learning.
    Wide range of workforce development opportunities

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    A clear understanding about the 50% Applied Learning requirement
    Some collaborative activity between delivery partners and learners

 Line Specific Good Practice
  Strong work experience and work based learning opportunities
  Good examples of unit delivery planning and mapping
  Schemes of Work, learning materials and assessment opportunities show
     clear evidence of Applied Learning
  Clear protocols for collaborative assessment and administration

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Annex 4

14-19 Diploma Inter-Borough Lead Assessor

Secondment/consultancy opportunity for 20 months
Salary up to equivalent of Soulbury pt 27 with existing employer terms and conditions

In this new and key strategic role, you will contribute to an improvement in the quality
of Diploma provision and outcomes across the central London region.

Your focus will be on the management and leadership of all aspects of internal
assessment of Diploma programmes offered by the central London boroughs,
including supporting a team of Diploma Domain Assessors.

You will be involved in the development and review of appropriate assessment
policies and procedures, as well as the review and evaluation of quality and
effectiveness. In addition, you will act as the channel of communication between the
Diploma teams and the boroughs’ 14-19 leads, as well as the lead contact between
Diploma consortia and awarding bodies.

With a degree or other relevant qualification and qualified teacher status, you will be
an excellent communicator with the confidence and skills to work effectively with
senior leaders. You will also have the ability to design and implement effective
systems, including Quality Assurance and improvement processes, together with up-
to-date knowledge of developments affecting 14-19 Diploma provision. The ability to
work collaboratively with a range of providers and local authority leads across Central
London will be important.

For further information, please contact Howard Feasey, Head of 14-19 Strategy, via

Closing date: 9 October 2009.

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JOB TITLE: Domain Assessor

POST HOLDER: 72 hours per year


Key Objective:
To take the lead on overseeing all aspects of the quality assurance of the internal
assessment carried out on the principal learning and project components for one
Diploma cluster

Job description:
Ensure there is coherence and standardisation across all the internally assessed
components in the cluster lines of learning at one or more levels across the

Ensure internal assessment and standardisation (for each unit) has taken place
according to the awarding body’s requirements as stated in the specifications

Provide lead assessor with regular updates on the conduct of internal assessment
and standardisation carried out within the cluster lines of learning.

Provide an assessment timetable for the forthcoming term to be included in the
students induction pack

Develop staff understanding of the requirements of the Diploma and the consortium’s
assessment policies and procedures

Ensure each learner has clear guidance and a clear qualitative assessment
framework in order to achieve their Diploma

Be aware of the timetable in relation to internal verification of learner’s portfolios by
providers, the awarding body and dates for internal and external verification and
external moderation.

Ensure that all learners’ portfolios and digital files (for C&M) are prepared and ready
for external moderation

Liaise with exams officers in all relevant providers and be aware of arrangements for
the registration and assessment for all components of the Diploma including principal
learning, functional skills, extended project, additional and specialist learning

Ensure all learners have access to online facilities appropriate to completing
assessment in the relevant lines of learning

Support the EBP in disseminating best practice protocols in Diploma work experience
and employer engagement.

Attend national and regional awarding body and DCSF events and disseminate
information and good practice

Assist the Development Manager in coordinating information during the Diploma
application process

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Contribute recommendations on the use of discretionary/pooled Diploma funding for
the cluster lines of learning

Work directly with consortium management to ensure a successful delivery of all
Diploma lines of learning

Person Specification

Significant experience of teaching on a course or courses similar in nature and
content to the cluster lines of learning

A proven track record in good practice and student achievement

Excellent communication skills, efficiency in communication and a proven ability to
inspire others to plan exciting programmes.

Experienced in the planning and assessment of high quality applied learning

Knowledgeable about Diploma structure and assessment and enthusiastic about the
possibilities for collaborative working.

Willingness to undertake training deemed necessary on general assessment
requirements and in specifications for principal learning and project components

Flexibility to work across all levels and more than one line of learning

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