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Downloading eBooks to a Kindle or Kindle App


September 28, 2011, Amazon held a press conference, the release tablet kindle fire, while also launched 3 books, the lowest $ 79. All three books are the two functions with the touch of Kindle Touch and a physical key that contains ultra-thin Kindle. One version of Kindle Touch 3G $ 149, $ 99 non-3G version, ultra-thin models Kindle $ 79.

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									                                        Downloading eBooks to a
                                        Kindle or Kindle App

1. From a computer or Kindle Fire (not your Kindle, Kindle Touch, or other mobile
device), navigate to the library‟s OverDrive page ( At the
top of the screen are recently added eBooks. To see the complete list, click on
„complete list…‟ on the right. You can also search by genre (left-hand side) or
use the search box to search by author.

2. Find a title and click on „Add to My Cart. (Note: if instead of „Add…‟ it says,
“Place a Hold,” that means the title is checked out, but you can request to be
notified when it‟s available for download.)

3. On the next two pages select „proceed to checkout,‟ then, „confirm
checkout‟. You will also be asked to enter your library card number.

OverDrive Checkout out period: choice of 7, 14 or 21 days
Checkout limit: 5 titles at once

4. Click

5. You will then be directed to Amazon‟s website. Choose which Kindle or
Kindle app you want the book delivered to and Click “Get library book”.

6. Your book will download the next time your kindle connects to Wi-Fi or you
can follow the instructions on the Amazon site to transfer the book via USB
cable. Note: Public library books require an active Wi-Fi connection for wireless
delivery to a Kindle device. Library books will not be delivered via your Kindle's
3G connection. Also, note that you may have to refresh you Kindle by choosing
“Sync & Check for Items” from the menu while on the home page.

7. To return a title before the expiration date: Sign into your account at Look for the Manage Your Kindle button. Search for the
eBook you wish to return. Click the Action… button and select Return this

       Updated November 2011- JLH


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