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					                                             Introduction to Google Apps

Google Apps is a collection of web-based programs and file storage that run in a web browser.
The applications include communication tools (Gmail, Google Talk, and Google Calendar),
productivity tools (Google Docs: text files, spreadsheets, and presentations), a customizable
start page (iGoogle), and Google Sites (to develop web pages). Google stores all of the files and
content centrally and keeps a record of the different versions of a file. With Google Apps,
sharing content is as simple as granting someone access.

Getting Started: Setting up an account

1. Sign up for a free account. Go to and click Sign In.

2. Click Create an account now, and fill in the appropriate information.

3. Once you have you account sign in to your Google Account.
Selecting from the Google Programs
   1. Once logged in, your username will appear in the Google menu bar, and you have
      access to all of Google’s features.

   2. To see the full list select more and then
            select even more.

   3. This is a partial listing of the Google products available at this time. Selecting some make
      the tool immediately available, such as Scholar. Others require more of a download and
      set up. Help, targeted specifically to a product, is available from within the product’s open

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Using iGoogle

iGoogle is a portal feature that makes it easy to organize all of your GoogleApps on one screen.
It can be set up as a home page or as a link (bookmark) to your GoogleApps.

   1. Select iGoogle from the list of Google Products.

   2. Set up your iGoogle portal page, then select See your page.

   3. Once on your iGoogle page you will see that all of the GoogleApps that you have
      selected appear on the page. You can also click the Add Stuff to add some of the other
      Gadgets and Themes that are available.

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   4. There are hundreds of Gadgets available that can do everything from provide an esoteric
      Quote of the Day on your iGoogle page to adding games or icons.

   5. You can also select from a vast array of Themes to personalize your iGoogle page.

   6. Google is constantly adding features. Once you have an account, just look around and
      keep abreast of what’s new.

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