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August 25 – 31, 2011 • Volume 31, Issue 34
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                                                             31 Stonewall Road                              43 Smokewood Drive                             2070 Owensville Road

                                                        • 3B/2b; 1607 fin. sq. ft.                     • 4B/2.5b; 2,734 fin. sq. ft.                    • 4B/4.5b; 4174 fin. sq. ft.
                                                        • 2-Car gar; fenced yard                       • Lots of hardwood floors                        • 2 fp; 2-car gar.
                                                        • Walk to Beach 1                              • 2 decks; fin. full basement                    • Superb Location!
                                                       MLS #491428       $204,900                      MLS #490085          $204,250                   MLS #483227         $399,500
                                                        Call Adele 434-962-1928                          Call Adele 434-962-1928                          Call Iris 434-981-9956
                                                               215 Carter Lane
                                                                                                                           lake Monticello lots
     Real estate &                                                                                      Amethyst Road .......................................... $49,900
 PRoPeRty ManageMent                                                                                    Bunker Boulevard ...................................... $69,500
  264 Turkeysag Trail - Unit D                                                                          Merry Oaks ..............................$90,000 – $100,000
        Lake Monticello
       (0) 434-589-3958
       (F) 434-589-1427                                                                                            Check out our nice Rentals                            • 4B/2.5b; 2438 fin. sq. ft.
                                                        • 2-car gar; 3A                                                 $950 – $1,500 per month
    Certified HUD Broker:                               • 45 sec to I64 & Rt. 250
       Adele Schaefer
                                                       MLS #474223        $274,900                                   Call Jo Ann Sears 434-960-5121
                                                         Call Adele 434-962-1928
   Manage or Rent Property:                       Adele Schaefer GRI, SRS                       Jo Ann Sears                        Iris Helfrich                       Delila Stone
                                                       owner/broker                          associate broker                          realtor                           bookkeeper
         JoAnn Sears
                                                       434-962-1928                             434-960-5121                       434-981-9956                        434-589-3958

2 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |   3
                                                                                                        Letters to the editor
    NOw OPeN uNtil 6:30 ON tuesdAYs                                                                     concern about FSPcA contract
                                                                                                           I am writing a letter to the editor to express my concern regarding the contract
   Pick                                                                                                 between Fluvanna County and Fluvanna SPCA. Almost every family has a pet and
 Your Own                                                                                               they are like family. I have been volunteering at FSPCA since I moved to Virginia.

                                                                                                        I’ve seen many managers, board of directors, directors who came and went and the
                                                                                                        struggle to manage this facility.
                                                                                                           Now they can call it a no-kill shelter. I am extremely proud. It was my under-
    Stop by on the
                                                                                                        standing that under this contract, the county would keep bringing animals to the
      way to the                                                               Bring the
   Farmer’s Market                                                            whole family
                                                                                                           My concern is if the two parties cannot reach an agreement, favorable to all, the
  Apples, Peaches,                             “Like us” on                                             animals, the shelter, and the county, it will be very bad for the animals. As repre-
  tomatoes, Plus                                 Facebook                                               sentatives of the people of Fluvanna County, you should consider how bad it will
  Other Fresh Vegetables,                On Rt. 53, 2.8 miles                                           be having to send these lovely animals to others counties or to build your own
  Apple Butter, Jelly and Jams West of Rt. 15 in Palmyra                                                pound.
                                                                                                           Please, do not euthanize our pets for no reason. It would be even more expen-
  Open 5 days a week: Tue. 10am-6:30pm • Wed.-Fri. 10am-5pm
      Sat., 9am-5pm • Closed Sun. & Mon. • 434-981-9029                                                 sive to do so. Help us to work with the county, come up with creative ways we •                                               can accomplish this. According to Gracie Robertson’s presentation at the Board of
                                                                                                        Supervisors meeting on Aug. 3, what FSPCA is asking is not much
                                                                                                           Please, agree with the FSPCA proposal and be proud to have a no-kill shelter.
                                                                                                                                                                             Helena Arouca

                                                                                                           On my way to Sunday Brunch at the Ashlawn Grill this past Sunday, I had the un-
                                                                                                        fortunate experience of seeing, for the first time, the pile of scrap lumber entitled
                                                                                                        “Miniature Golf.” For those of you who haven’t seen this eye-sore, if you must, see
                                                                                                        it at the basketball courts directly opposite the Lake Monticello Owners’ Associa-
                                                                                                        tion club house.
                                                                                                           I can’t help wondering whose idea it was to approve this scheme. It certainly
                                                                                                        can’t be the Beautiful Corp., they are too professional. You will notice that the op-
                                                                                                        erator of this monstrosity didn’t bother to paint the siding of the so-called “driving
                                                                                                        range”. It still has the unpainted dry-lumber look which really adds class to this
                                                                                                        charming beast.
                                                                                                           Could the profit picture to LMOA be strong motivation to approve this plan for a
    Providing Full Service Veterinary Care for Cats and Dogs!                                           Mini-Golf link plus it’s location.
                                                                                                           I hope this plan doesn’t portend a trend for the future. We may end up with the
                            (540) 832 - 1751                                                            house-hold waste bucket sitting next to the driving range,
                                                                                                                                                                                    Hy Badler

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    Dr. Davis is the kin                                                    re about their clients
                                                   h she and her staff ca                                 new locations, including the city of Charlottesville. Besides several new
    top notch Doctor,   it is obvious how muc                                   be over charged,
                                                         re and you will not                              spots in Fluvanna County, the 77 pick-up locations also include two near the
                               pet will get the best ca                           e your pets and
    (pets & owners.) Your                                  ures. If you really lov                        University of Virginia hospital, three on the downtown pedestrian mall, one at
                             cessa ry services or proced                                                  the main post office on Rt. 29 and two on Pantops. More pick-up locations will
     or charged for unne                      st. Highest praises!
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                                                                                           ey care
                                                                    most importantly, th
                               astic:) Friendly, helpful, and                              dly and
      These guys are fant                                            ofessional and frien                 comments from and Facebook
                               d not the ca  sh:) Their Staff is pr
      about the critters an                                                      I can say is it will
                                                          miles away, and all
                               mily. I am moving 40                                    take care of       On a Nov. 17, 2010 story about Fluvanna’s African-American high
      they treat you like Fa                                   guys and have them
                              e extra  distance to see these                                               school: Some of my Tucke/Dance/Morris/and Lewis ancestors are from that
       be worth coming th                                                 sorry. -Chris
                                                 ur pets WILL NOT be                                       area. Does anyone know if there is a list of student or family names associ-
       my critters. Visit them, you and yo
                                                                                                           ated with the schools?— Ess-ay4

                                                                                                          On an Aug. 18 story about a Pink Lady’s 5K run: We are So excited about
       Wellness exams, puppy/kitten visits, spay/neuter,                                                   the race!!.The adult, and the kids dash will be a blast, great course, great
                                                                                                           neighbors, great friends running with us, it’s gonna be a great time. And we
   microchipping, surgery, dental cleanings & dental surgery                                               hope to raise a fair amount for the 911 Memorial , while having fun.. Come
        In House Lab-blood results while you wait                                                          on and sigh up, Runners & Walkers !! :)—xoxo SRG T
                Digital X-Ray • Dental X-Ray                                                              On an Aug. 21 teaser about Fluvanna’s music scene: Bluegrass scene is
                                                                                                           in good form as well. Including the Grass & Eclectic Co that deliver Dynamic
                   Located at Zion Crossroads                                                              Powered Acoustic Music! Find them at
                                                                                                           clectic – Grassandeclectic
                   across the street (Rt.15) from
                                            Clean, modern, new facility                                   clarification
                                                                                                            In a Aug. 18 article spotlighting Calvary Chapel, Pastor Steve Feden said the
                                     M-F: 7:30-7pm • Sat: 8 am-2 pm
                                                                                                          church does not “play down the human element in the church.”
                                          65 Jefferson Court                                                “It is not that we downplay the importance of people, or the love of people,
                                             Gordonsville, Va. 22942                Exit #136             or the community of people. Rather, we aim to elevate Jesus and direct the
                                                                                     OFF I64              primary attention of people onto Him and pleasing Him,” Feden said.

4 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
  Featured Properties AUTO ACCIDENTS
                                                                                         “I’ve helped thousands.
                                                                                             Call Kendall First.”

                                                                                            Across from Albemarle High School
Handyman Special, or Tear Down!     Ample Road Frontage!                                    259 Hydraulic Ridge Rd, Suite 103
• Louisa County                     • Cuckoo, Louisa
• $48,000 #468761                   • $42,900 #486178
• 1 acre, near Town of Louisa       • Open, vacant, mxd timber        David B. Kendall
• Lucy Watkins 434-962-5829         • Tom Woolfolk 434-242-1991

Parade Home Winner by JT            Beautiful 9.99 Acres with Pond
• Lake Monticello, Fluvanna         • Louisa-Hadensville area
• $179,900 #491105                  • $179,900 #491358
• Hdwds, tile, maple cabs, vaults   • Cedar Brook Farms/Residential
• Betsy Gunnels, 434-996-9797       • Andrea Henshaw, 540-894-3661

Country Home, Open Floor            BEAUTIFUL Hardwoods
• Columbia, Cumberland Co.          • Kents Store, Fluvanna
• $165,000 #489889                  • $75,000 #491636
• 3BR, 2.5BA, 7 open acres          • 12+ Acs with family division
• Virginia DeHart 434-581-3073      • Sharon Duke, 434-981-3115

                                    434-589-0777 • 434-589-1882

                                                                                            august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |   5
                                                                    Fluvanna news briefs
  Earthquake hits Fluvanna                                                                   Collision on Lake Monticello Road sends five to hospital
    An earthquake - being called the largest in Virginia in over a century – struck
  Central Virginia, including Fluvanna County, at about 2 p.m. Tuesday (Aug. 9)
    The quake shook the ground and buildings for at least 10 seconds. Witnesses
  reported feeling the earthquake in Charlottesville and as far away as Farmville
  and Richmond. One office work in Richmond said the quake knocked books
  off her desk.
    A small aftershock – a short rumble – was felt in parts of Fluvanna about an
  hour after the main earthquake struck.
    The earthquake was reported to be 5.8 on the Richter scale and was 3.7 miles
  deep and was felt up much of the East Coast. The epicenter was reported to abe
  about eight miles from the town of Mineral in Louisa County. Dominion Virginia
  Power said it manually shut down its two nuclear units and no damage was
  apparent, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.
    No injuries or major damage was reported in Fluvanna as of late Tuesday
  afternoon. Fluvanna County Public Schools said on its website that “all students
  and staff are safe after this afternoon’s earthquake and aftershocks. No injuries
  or major damages have been reported at this time. If you experienced any
  difficulties getting through to our schools, we apologize for any problems you
  may have had. As always, the safety of our students and staff remains our utmost
  concern.” After-school activities were canceled Tuesday. Authorities said that
  school buildings would be inspected for damage.
    The next highest earthquake was a magnitude 5.8 which struck on June 6,                    A two-vehicle collision at Lake Monticello Road (Rt. 618) and Chippewa Lane
  1897 in Giles County. – Carlos Santos                                                      Sunday afternoon (Aug. 21) sent five people the hospital.wreck
                                                                                               Three ambulances were dispatched to a Charlottesville hospital to carry the
  Severe storm topples tree onto Lake Monticello house                                       injured for treatment. The accident, which involved a sedan and a mini-van,
     A severe lightning                                                                      happened around 5:45 p.m. More details to come. - David Stemple
  storm      that     struck
  Fluvanna          County                                                                   Woman will continue probation on animal cruelty charges
  Sunday (Aug. 21) lit the                                                                     The case of the Bremo Bluff woman who was charged with violating the
  skies as its high winds                                                                    terms of her probation for her conviction of multiple counts of animal neglect
  and rain knocked down                                                                      and animal cruelty has been resolved.
  trees and branches.                                                                          On Aug. 11, Fluvanna County Circuit Judge John G. Berry permitted Jennifer
     On tree fell onto a                                                                     Brooks to continue the sentence of probation imposed on April 14. Brooks’
  house in the 500 block                                                                     attorney David L. Heilberg submitted a report from Dr. Jeffry Fracher, a forensic
  of Jefferson Drive in Lake                                                                 psychologist and testimony from three people including Brooks.
  Monticello, striking its                                                                     Brooks advised Judge Berry that she now fully understood the terms of
  roof. Lightning was also                                                                   her original sentence and never intentionally violated its terms. In addition
  reported to have struck a                                                                  to continuing the one year period of probation Brooks will be required to
  house on Spoon Terrace                                                                     undergo counseling, may not possess any companion animal and in addition
  in Lake Monticello but                                                                     to making restitution, may not contact current caretakers of the animals she
  firefighters      instead                                                                  relinquished.
  found that a tree in front                                                                   Brooks was originally convicted of four counts of failing to provide adequate
  of the house had been                                                                      care for a companion animal and one count of cruelty to animals. After the
  hit. One witness said                                                                      convictions, Brooks was permitted to retain possession of three specific
  the powerful storm was a “bad one. You could see lightning every five seconds.”            animals. The alleged probation violation was discovered when animal control
  – David Stemple                                                                            officers discovered that an additional dog was living on the premises. Brooks
                                                                                             maintained that the dog belonged to another person living at the premises
  Bottle bomb turns out to be fake                                                           which was the case. The matter will be reviewed by the court in October to
     A Lake Monticello, Cherokee neighborhood resident found what he thought
                                                                                             determine compliance with the terms of probation. – Joe Ronan
  to be a bottle bomb in his mailbox on Friday (Aug. 12.)
     “I found the one today in the lower mailbox, the one for papers,” said the
  resident. “It was about 1/3 full of a clear liquid and had balls of tin foil floating in   9/11 Memorial to be dedicated on Sept. 11
  it,” said the man, who wished to remain anonymous. “If you find something like               Fluvanna’s Community 9/11 memorial is nearing completion.
  this, call 911 and let the police and fire departments handle it. This may have              Members of the Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue have been working for the
  just been an isolated prank, or it may be the start of a string of them.”                  past month to erect the memorial honoring the firefighters, police officers,
     A bottle bomb is usually a two-liter plastic bottle filled with bleach and balls        emergency medical technicians and civilians who were killed on September 11,
  of tin foil. When disturbed, a chemical reaction can occur, causing the bottle to          2001 at the Twin Towers complex in New York, the Pentagon in Washington D.C.
  explode.                                                                                   and Shanksville, Pennsylvania.
     The resident said he called 911 and the fire department tried to “disturb                 They will also be honoring two members of Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue
  the bottle” enough to detonate it. The bottle was not a bomb and the resident              who were killed in 1989 while in the performance of their duty.
  believes there was probably just dish soap inside.                                           A five-foot piece of steel taken from the World Trade Center complex was
     Lake Monticello Chief of Police Thomas Boisvert did not return a phone call             acquired from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey - the owners of
  seeking comment. – Kristin Sancken                                                         the World Trade Center site - and will be the centerpiece of the memorial which
                                                                                             will also include several granite monuments. Donations and contributions for
  Algae warning issued for Tufton Lake                                                       materials and services have been received from several area businesses and
    Watch out for that algae – maybe. According to the Lake Monticello Owners’               organizations which are helping to defray the costs of the memorial. Monetary
  Association website, on Saturday (Aug. 20) an algae bloom was found in Tufton              donations are still needed to help make this Community 9/11 Memorial a reality.
  Lake that has raised some concerns.                                                        Donations can be made to the Lake Monticello Fire Department and Rescue
    A sample of the algae is being evaluated to determine if it could be harmful.            Squad Inc., 9/11 memorial.
    There is no swimming at Tufton Lake and officials are advising pet owners to               The memorial will be dedicated on Sunday, September 11 with a ceremony
  prevent their animals from using the lake as well. Fishermen should not to eat             beginning at 1:00 p.m. at the Fire and Rescue Building, 10 Slice Road, Palmyra.
  their catch from Tufton until confirmation that the algae is not harmful.
                                                                       Reported first on
6 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
Sheridan, Rittenhouse vie for Commissioner seat
By CaRlos santos

  Mel Sheridan said Wednesday (Aug. 17) that he will
run for re-election to the office of Commissioner of the
Revenue for Fluvanna County.
  “I have been very privileged to work for the citizens
of Fluvanna County over the last eight years as their
commissioner. I have the support of an excellent staff
and together, we have introduced and streamlined
several programs that have provided many additional
services for the citizens of Fluvanna County,” he said in          Mel sheridan             Deborah Rittenhouse
an email to the Fluvanna Review.
  Deborah Rittenhouse, who lives in Fluvanna County’s
                                                            chairman. He is a retired Army colonel, and a native of
Cunningham District, said in an email to the Fluvanna
                                                            Fluvanna County. He and his wife Donna, who taught
Review that she has also decided to run for the
                                                            school in Fluvanna for 17 years, reside in Kents Store.
Commissioner of Revenue seat in Fluvanna County. She
                                                            Mel also serves as a volunteer with the Kents Store Fire
said she will run as an Independent.
                                                            Department and the Kents Store Rescue Squad.
  Sheridan cited some of his accomplishments to
                                                               Rittenhouse, 52, is a Fluvanna native. She and her
include “the enhancement of a GIS county mapping                                                               
                                                            husband Charles, a self-employed contractor, have three
system available on line; an expansion of the tax                                                                        1430 Rolkin Ct Suite 102
                                                            grown children and one grandchild. She is the office         Pantops
relief program for the elderly; refinement of the data-                                                                  Charlottesville, VA 22911
                                                            manager in the accounting firm of Thomas Hancher &
based management system for the real estate, personal                                                                    Office 434-295-1271
                                                            Co., in Charlottesville.
property and land use programs; continued digitizing of
                                                               Rittenouse was on the Fluvanna County Planning
all land record archives, and the aggressive management
                                                            Commission for almost 10 years and chairman for the
of the VAMAnet land records database that is also
                                                            last three years. “My background and experience in the
maintained on line.
                                                            workings of the county, land use, and the accounting
  Before serving as commissioner, Sheridan served on
                                                            field make me the ideal candidate,” she said.
the Fluvanna Board of Supervisors for 10 years, three as

                                                                                                                  august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |      7
                                                  nnA bAnd s cene?
 A FluvA

                                                                                                               Grndin’ Gear
                                     Zen Daddy

          so...                                                                                        Nikki Chamb
                                                                                                                   le                    ss

By Ruthann CaRR                          and booking live                          how to play an instrument has             could put them to music. That’s why
                                         music for the Scottsville Farmers         caused them all to try something          Melissa is learning the keyboard.
                                         Market each Saturday.                     new at a time most teenagers                Fifteen-year-old Corey Allen has
                                            When Chambliss lived in Fluvanna,      want desperately to feel adept at         been writing songs since he was 10.
   Is there a band scene in Fluvanna
                                         she often ate at the Dogwood, never       something.                                He uses music software to put his
County? Well, yes. Dig deep
                                         knowing there was a stage on the             Reasons for this are varied.           words to music. His goal is to be a
enough and you can find Fluvanna-
                                         other side of the restaurant. About          “I got a guitar for my birthday.”      music producer. He’s taking keyboard
connected bands such as Borderline,
                                         Fluvanna’s music scene?                      “I always wanted to play but never     in Scruggs’ class to help that dream
Julius Hangman and Zen Daddy.
                                            “I didn’t know there was one,”         did until a friend got me interested.”    come true.
   But mostly, bands come from
                                         Chambliss said. “In Charlottesville          “I wanted to learn when I was in         So yes, there is a nascent band
outside the county to play at the
                                         it’s a whole other ball game. But it is   9th grade and thought I was too old.      scene at the high school.
Dogwood restaurant – about the
                                         much harder to break into.”               Then a guidance counselor told me           But there are those who are already
only local venue for rip-roaring,
                                            So maybe the problem is one of         about this class.”                        in a band and often do it just for the
electrified music.
                                         promotion? It doesn’t seem to be             And they all have different goals.     pure joy of it.
   Being so close to a vibrant music
                                         lack of interest.                            One wants to learn to read music.        As Tom Donovan of Zen Daddy
hub such as Charlottesville is perhaps
                                            Ask any musician and you’ll hear       Another wants to learn the keyboard       said, “I’ll never live long enough to
a double-edged sword. Live music is
                                         that the love of music and desire to      so she can play with her brothers         get all the money back I’ve spent.
everywhere in the city. On any given
                                         be in a band started in school.           and mother who play guitars and           But (playing in a band) is very
night music lovers can drive a few
                                            One stop at Horace Scruggs’            drums.                                    therapeutic. If I have a bad day and
miles and see big name acts as well
                                         beginning keyboard and guitar class          One even wants to become an            I’m all stressed out, I can unwind
as those just starting.
                                         at Fluvanna High School bears that        organist so she can take her dad’s        and let out all my frustration on the
   Vocalist Nikki Chambless, moved
                                         out.                                      place as the church organist when         guitar. And it’s fun - connecting with
to Central Virginia three years ago,
                                            Teenagers work through scales          he retires.                               the crowd.”
first living in Lake Monticello then
                                         to the beat of a metronome and               Melissa Ludwig, 16, is already in a      Yes, there is a band scene in
moving with her husband and two
                                         Scruggs’ snapping fingers. Most of        band. Sort of. She and her sister and a   Fluvanna – if you just look hard
children to Scottsville. She threw
                                         the 25 students have never touched        friend call themselves “Nothing Yet.”     enough for it.
herself into her new town by running
                                         an instrument. Yet a desire to learn      They’ve written songs but no one
the music side of the Bateau Festival                                                                                                      See Bands, page 10
8 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
Fluvanna’s Only                                                                                         OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
                                      Next to the Main Gate
                                      #1 Firm in
 Residential                                                                                                             Become a
  Brokerage                            Fluvanna                                                                          monticellocountryrealtors
                                      Since 1984

                                                     434-589-3539 • 800-825-LAKE
             OPEN HOUSE
 Sunday 8-28-11 from 2-4 pm.                                                       NEW TO THE MARKET

  Come see this immaculate home with 4 bedrooms & 2.5
   baths. Numerous upgrades including hardwood floors
entire first level. Spacious master suite, attached bath with           7 RIVERSIDE DRIVE - $162,900             550 JEFFERSON DRIVE - $168,000
   whirlpool tub. Formal dining & living rooms + a 2 car                Nice ranch with 3 bedrooms, 2 full      Spacious ranch with over 1600 fin. sq. ft.
      garage. Level, fenced in back yard with large deck.             baths, large eat in kitchen, living room, on one level. Large formal dining room,
Directions: Enter into the Riverside Section of Lake Monticello      an attached garage & fenced in back yard        hardwood floors, family room
 off South Boston Road; right on Riverside to home on right.                                                            w/fireplace & skylights

        "Monticello Country
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   exactly what we needed."

        "We would recommend
       anyone to go straight to
           Monticello Country
        Robert & Molly Munsey

 Vicki Wilson        Cyndi Mylynne          Bill Lansing          Don & Lorraine      Joan White        Shirley Saum   Lorraine Frisina   JoAnn Nordlund      Craig McCormick
Owner/Broker           Realtor,GRI,            Realtor               Wheeler       Associate Broker,       Realtor       Realtor, GRI     Associate Broker,   Owner/Realtor
(434)960-7044          ABR, e-PRO         (434)996-7245              Realtors        GRI, CCREC        (434)964-7063   (434)981-3997       GRI, CRS, CRB      (434)996-5113
                     (434)981-4629                                (434)962-7868     (434)981-4081                                          (434)962-6384

                                                                                                                                  august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |           9
The Last Call Band will perform at the Dogwood Restaurant at
10 Centre Court, Palmyra on Friday, Aug. 26 at 10 p.m.

Borderline will perform at the Dogwood on
Saturday, Aug. 27 at 10 p.m.

                                                                                                                 Last Call

Bands from page 8
Borderline                                Julius Hangman                              Willis plays bass and sings,            is somewhat of a guitar prodigy. He
  So named because they are                 Three of the four members hail from     Woolford plays drums and Vegas            started playing when his father gave
borderline country and borderline         Lake Monticello – Eric Hendrickson,       plays guitar.                             him a guitar when he was 3. “Within
rock, said Karl and Renee Sprouse         singer, guitar, melodica; Daniel             When Willis first started, he quit     a week, I was playing “Let it Be” by
who live in Lake Monticello. She’s        McCarthy, guitar, singer; and Garret      his job and moved in with his cous-       the Beatles,” he said. “I’ve even got a
the lead vocalist and he plays guitar,    Barfield, bass, singer. Only drummer      in to write songs. While there, they      video of it, which is good, because I
harmonica and sings. They are             Eric Smith lives just outside Fluvanna    grew organic produce and sold it at       barely remember it.” Steeltone plays
joined by Mike Coleman, singer,                                                     area farmers markets. When it was         rock, alternative and original music.
                                          in Scottsville. They describe their
electric guitar and keyboard; Quinter                                               time to come up with a band name,         After hearing Nikki Chambless of
                                          music as traditional folk/americana
Garrison, singer and drums; and                                                     Seedz seemed appropriate, he said.        Scottsville sing, Misner thought she
Pat Batten, bass and backup vocals.       with hard rock, blues and jazz
                                          influences. While Barfield and              Seedz describes its style as “extreme   had an “amazing voice” and asked
Together they play traditional and
                                          Hendrickson are largely self-taught       alternative southern metal.”              her to open for the band, which she
new country, old rock and roll and
                                          musicians, Smith studied music at           They began with covers of favorites     does often. Chambless, who said her
a little bit of blues, Renee Sprouse
said.                                     James Madison and Shenandoah              and now play mostly original music.       voice has been compared to Natalie
  They’ve been playing together for       universities and McCarthy went to         More information can be found at          Merchant’s, sings and plays guitar.
nine years. They play locally at the      James Madison University as an            their website at     Her sets includes country, some
Moose Lodge and the Dogwood; also         undergraduate and did graduate              The Seedz next pubic show will be       pop and oldies such as Gerswhin’s
private events.                           work in music at Appalachian State.       at The Horseshoe Bend Brewhaus in         “Summertime.” You can hear
                                          They can be found on Facebook.            Scottsville Aug. 26                       Chambless and Steeltone at the
Zen Daddy                                                                                                                     Dogwood on Sept. 30. Chambless
  Tom Donovan, guitar/sings; John         Grndin’ Gears                             Southern Crossroads                       is on Facebook and you can find
Vaughan, guitar; Mike Galvez,               Together since 2006, and named            This country and southern rock          Steeltone at
drummer; Adrean Felts, lead vocals;       because they play “high-energy            group has been together for six           steeltone.
Jerry Vaughan, bass; Steve Boggs,         rock,” this band out of Gordonsville      years, said Jason Serrett, bass player,
sound have been together since 2005.      also plays at the Dogwood. The band       manager and sound man. Mike               The Last Call Band
They play rock and roll covers. “We try   of friends loves creating music and       Lanford sings lead; James Serrett           You can probably figure out how
to keep it danceable,” said Donovan,      the high they get from playing in front   plays lead guitar; Frankie Beverly,       this band got its name. Marc Ellis
who played in a band while attending
                                          of people, said guitar player Danny       drums; Steve Fretwell; rhythm             said they didn’t have a name when
Fluvanna High School. Donovan said
                                          Carpenter. Rounding out the band is       guitar. Jason Serrett they got their      they played their first gig. Audience
he got back into playing after his kids
                                          singer Brad Seay; lead guitarist Joe      name because “we all came from            members shouted out suggestions,
grew up. Playing mostly in clubs,
                                          Ventura; bass player Larry Dunaway;       different points and met at the           until the bar owner shouted “last
the band has also played Rhythm on
                                          drummer James Powers and sound            crossroads.” Visit their website at       call,” and the rest is history. Ellis, a
the River and the Que and Cruise in
                                          man John Skinner. The group has 
Louisa. They’ll be at the Dogwood                                                                                             Charlottesville firefighter sings lead
Sept. 23. You can find out more about     some original music they plan on
                                                                                                                              and plays rhythm guitar, Eugene
                                          recording. You can find Grndin’ Gears
them on Facebook.
                                          on Facebook.
                                                                                    Steeltone                                 Offield plays lead guitar and peddle
  They came up with their name                                                        This band from Ebony, Va. came          steel guitar, Chuck Floyd plays bass
when their drummer thought a                                                        together when solo singer/guitarist       and Tyrone Black, drums. Together
suggestion of Swamp Daddy, was            Seedz                                     Josh Misner kept being asked
                                            Based in Scottsville and most often                                               for three years, they play classic and
too ethnic. The bass player looked                                                  to form a band, he said. Misner
at an MP3 player Donovan owned by         seen at 330 Valley Street restaurant                                                modern country with a little rock and
                                                                                    added Sam Johnson on drums and            roll. Learn more at http://www.last-
Creative Zen and said, “Why not Zen       and bar, the band consists of Chad
                                          Willis, Kris Woolford and Joey Vegas.     Thomas Peterson on bass. Misner 
10 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
                                                                                        -T h e D o g w o o d P r e s e n t s -

                                                                                                                       The LasT
                                                                                                                      CaLL band
                                                                                                                      August 26th 10 pm
                                                                                                                        $5 Cash Cover at the Door
                                                                                                                        ID REQUIRED FOR ENTRY

                         ssro                      ads
            Southern Cro
          For information on upcoming
                                                                                       August 27th • 10 pm
                 bands at the Dogwood,                                                    $5 Cash Cover at the Door

   visit                                                        ID REQUIRED FOR ENTRY

   Of course no story about music in            The pair played with several others                                
Fluvanna can be told without men-            in a band for about a year, before de-
tioning Chris Daughtry. The 1998             ciding to form separate bands. They                                      WiFi
Fluvanna County High School gradu-           remained friends, however, because                                                      10 Centre Court
ate became famous when he tried              both bands continued to practice in                                        South Boston Road (Rt. 600)
out for the fifth season of American         Nesbit’s family’s garage.                                          Near Lake Monticello Fire Dept.& CVS
Idol and made it all the way to fourth          Nesbit left the area and when he
spot. His first album, “Daughtry” sold       got back, Daughtry had met his wife-
more than a million copies five weeks        to-be and moved to North Carolina
after its release making it the fastest      where he was born.
selling debut rock album in history.            Daughtry always had a good voice,
    But like everyone, Daughtry had to       Nesbit said, but he worked hard at it
start somewhere.                             and became the talent he is today.
   Rob Nesbit sat next to Daughtry in           “He figured out how to be a singer,
their high school math class Nesbit’s        how to start writing music, how to
senior year. Nesbit just moved to Flu-       create mood in the music,” he said.
vanna and it was his first year at the       “He didn’t just learn how to be a sing-
                                             er, but a writer then a composer. You
high school. Daughtry was a junior.
                                             could feel it. There was a show aspect
Nesbit said their teacher offered ex-
                                             to his singing. He was charismatic.
tra credit to anyone who came up
                                             He was just always getting better.”
with something math related – like a
                                                Nesbit and Daughtry remained
poem or something.
                                             friends. Nesbit went to Daughtry’s
   “I turned to Chris and said maybe
                                             wedding and visited him in North
we could play a math song,” Nesbit
said. “I said I could play the guitar.”         Daughtry had gained somewhat of
   So the pair went to Daughtry’s            a following in Charlottesville, Nesbit
house and wrote a song, which they           said, but when he moved to North
performed for their math class.              Carolina, he had to start all over
   It was a hit.                             again.
   “They asked us to perform it for             “He had to start from scratch,” Nes-
other math classes,” Nesbit said.            bit said. “In Charlottesville he had 30
   Nesbit had been in bands before he        people, then 60 then 100 come lis-
moved to Fluvanna and asked Daugh-           ten to him play. In North Carolina, I
try if he’d like to form one with him.       can remember being one of the only
   “He was involved in the theatre           people standing on the floor listening
group at the high school, but he was         to him sing. But he always stuck with
still kind of shy,” Nesbit said. “I had to   it and made the sacrifices he had to
kind of talk him into it. “                  make.”
   Nesbit said he taught Daughtry
how to play guitar.                            If we’ve missed anyone, please let us
   “I taught him some chords and how         know. Email Carlos@FluvannaReview.
to put songs together,” he said.             com.
                                                                                                                 august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |   11
                                                                                                                 Supervisors take sobering look at budget
 Hairs To You! Mobile Hair Service
                                                                  Sheriff’s Office                               By Ruthann CaRR                            in additional revenue, the county will
                                                               Weekly activity report                            Correspondent                              be underwater.
                                                                                                                                                               County Administrator Jay Scudder
       Hair Care in the Convenience                                       Aug. 14 – 20                              Not much has changed.                   said some members of the public
           of Your Own Home.                                                                                                                                suggested that the outlook may not
                                                              Investigations division                               The Fluvanna County Board of
   Serving Lake Monticello & Vicinity                         6    New Investigations Generated                  Supervisors spent Wednesday (Aug.          be that bad, if you take into account a
       Wet            Personal Attention                                                                         17) afternoon and into the evening         growing population and inflation.
                                                                   within the Division
 CUTS                 Affordale • Saves Time                                                                     in a work session discussing the              Another unknown is the amount
                                                                   Types of Investigations
  $22                 Great for Non-Driver                                                                       budget.                                    of savings the county will realize by
                      Less Anxiety with Kids Cuts                  1     Suspicious Fire
 KIDS                                                                                                               They also dug deeply into the           becoming self-insured, Scudder said.
                      Late Hours Available                         3     Possession of Marijuana
  $15                 Clean-up after ALL Services                                                                Robinson, Farmer and Cox fiscal,              “It could save us 4 to 6 percent a
     12 &                                                          (School)                                                                                 year,” he said.
    Under             30+ years experience                                                                       five-year outlook presented to them
                                                                   2     Distribution                                                                          Kenney, who has argued for the
         Hours: Mon-Fri •9 a.m.-9 p.m.                                                                           in March.
Call                                                          2    Investigations Transferred from
                                                                                                                    And, nothing much has changed.          county to set a “sustainable” tax rate,
 Pat Tatum - 434-589-2210                                          Patrol Division                                                                          still believes that has to be part of the
                                                                                                                    The debt service for the new
                                                                   Types of Investigations                       high school looms large. State and         answer.
                                                                   2     Grand Larceny                           federal officials continue to pass laws       “I believe there was a consensus
                                         Your                 0    Warrants/Arrests                              requiring local governments to do          that there must be a three-pronged
                                        Vision,               16 Follow-ups
                                                                   10 General Investigations
                                                                                                                 things but don’t give them the money
                                                                                                                 to do it. They also cut revenues to
                                                                                                                                                            approach to the problem,” he said.
                                                                                                                                                            “Yes, we have to cut spending, and
                                         our                       5     School Resource Officers                localities. And on top of all that,        we will have to have some form of

             Construction Division
                                       expertise                   1     Drug Investigations                     property values continue to fall.          tax increase.”
                                                                                                                                                               Kenney said it makes sense to,
                                                                                                                    “I’d say we had a sober analysis
Residential & Commercial      Licensed and                    Judicial affairs division                          of the budget,” said Shawn Kenney          along with cuts and finding additional
    New Construction         insured Class A                  Civil Process                                                                                 forms of revenue, set a sustainable
 Additions/Renovations          contractor                                                                       (Columbia.)
    Decks/Sunrooms             with 20 years                  66 Papers Received                                    Several members of the public sat       tax rate – for example 75 cents for
    Porches/Gazebos           experience to                   584 Papers Served                                  in on the work session, including          three years. That much may not be
  Maintenance/Repairs          meet all your                       84 Jury Summons Served                                                                   needed in the first year, but collected
  Garages/Sheds/Barns          construction
                                                                                                                 many of those involved with the
   Handyman Services              needs.                           500 Other Served                              Fluvanna Taxpayers Association.            over the three years, could forestall
             No job too big or small                          Court Security                                        In the end, if the board doesn’t find   a rate of $1.20 five years from now                                           4     Court Days                              some way to either cut $2.2 million        predicted by Robinson, Farmer and
        804-457-2227                                               5     Prisoner Transports                     out of the budget or raise $2.2 million    Cox’s analysis.
        License number: VA BLD 2705 133148A

                                                              Patrol division
                                                              11   Traffic Stops
                                                                                                                 Man gets jail for DUI and eluding police
                                                              4    Summons Issued
                                                              1    Traffic Crash
                                                                                                                 By Joe Ronan                               postponements of sentencing. The
               SUPERMARKET                                    4    Criminal Warrant Service                      Correspondent                              appeal was unsuccessful.
          13027 James Madison Hwy.                                 Attempts                                                                                    Judge Berry imposed a 90 day
         in Palmyra at Rt. 15 & Rt. 53
                                                              7    Arrests Made - 0 Felony /                        A    Charlottesville   man     was      incarceration which is the mandatory
   Open Mon. - Sat. 6:30 am - 7 pm                                 7 Misdemeanor                                 sentenced Aug. 12 in Fluvanna              minimum sentence for the driving
                                                                                                                 County Circuit Court to an active          while intoxicated offense in Fluvanna.
   Friday Tailgating                                          0    Mental Health Cases
                                                              13 Civil Paper Service Attempts                    one year jail sentence on convictions      He also ordered Dodge to serve an
      Made Easy! or Away
                                                                   - 11 Served                                   for a third driving while intoxicated      active nine month sentence for the
                                                              2    Case Follow-ups Completed                     offense, a felony and for failing to       eluding charge. In addition to two
   Bring in Ad and                                            8    Reports Taken
                                                                                                                 pull over when directed by a state         years of supervised probation and
  Receive $2.00 OFF                                                Types of Incidents
                                                                                                                 trooper.                                   five years of good behavior, he must
                                                                                                                                                            abstain from alcoholic beverages. At
                                                                                                                    Peter Gardner Dodge was operating
 Tailgate Dinners or Sub Platters                                  1     FR-300 Crash Report
                                                                                                                 a motor vehicle in an erratic manner       the sentencing hearing, Judge Berry
  Coupon good every Fluvanna football game:                        1     Disorderly Conduct
 Varsity & J.V. this season from 3:00pm-6:30pm                                                                   on Rt. 15 in Fluvanna County on the        heard testimony from the probation
                                                                   1     Suspicious Circumstances                morning of January 28, 2008. When          officer and the defendant. Dodge
   Call Ahead and We’ll have                                       3     Domestic Disturbance                                                               has complied with all terms of his
   Your Meal Waiting for You.                                                                                    a Virginia State trooper ordered him
                                                                   1     Larceny                                 to pull over Dodge continued driving       pre-sentencing probation, including
    Family Fried Chicken                                           1     Violate a Protective Order              and struck a motor vehicle with four       abstaining from alcohol.
      Dinner $14.95                                                                                              occupants, causing personal injuries.         Judge Berry ruled that Dodge
                                                              Communications division                               Dodge entered a guilty plea to          was eligible for home electronic
       8 pcs., 2 sides & rolls
                                                              Information Not Available                          driving while intoxicated and felony       incarceration which would enable
   Pork Barbecue Dinner                                                                                          eluding on October 10, 2008. At the        Dodge to continue to run his
                           $14.95                             Services division                                  sentencing hearing Gravin W. Craig,        consulting business which employs
       Rolls, Potato Wedges & Cole Slaw                       0    New Items Taken into Evidence                 the attorney representing Dodge,           95 people. It was claimed that the
        Fluco Sub Platter for                                                                                    advised Fluvanna County Circuit Judge      absence of Dodge from the business
                                                              The statistical information provided in this       John G. Berry that an appeal had been      could jeopardize the business, causing
            Six $24.95                                        document reflects a variety of calls for ser-
       Baked Ham, Roast Turkey & Roast                                                                           filed by Dodge seeking to overturn         the loss of 95 jobs. The department
       Beef. On Freshly Baked Subs with                       vice between the Sheriff’s Office, other agen-
          Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato &                                                                              an Albemarle County conviction             of corrections will decide the home
                                                              cies in Fluvanna County and the general pub-
                 Condiments.                                                                                     for driving while intoxicated.             electronic incarceration issue after
                                                              lic. Due to the various ways data is compiled
                                                              for statistical analysis, this document will       Because a successful appeal of the         Dodge serves the 90 day sentence
               VIRGINIA                                                                                          prior conviction would change the          on the driving while intoxicated
               LOTTERY                                        not reflect the specific data for every call for
                                     M-F 9 am-12 pm; 1-5 pm   service.                                           severity of the Fluvanna county            conviction.
        ere!      Public Schools
 Play H                                 Sat. 9 am-12 pm                                                          offense, Judge Berry granted multiple

12 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
Fluvanna, Louisa get $100,000 grant for schoolkids                                                                                      CountrySide
ContRiButed aRtiCle                        vide educational resources and mate-
                                           rials to parents, and to increase public
                                                                                          Tracy White, Virginia Cooperative
                                                                                       Extension agent and co-chair of the
   Smart Beginnings Fluvanna Louisa,       awareness about the importance of           Smart Beginnings Fluvanna Louisa                       Home & Marine
an initiative launched in 2009 to en-      school readiness.                           initiative, added, “The Smart Begin-
hance school readiness among the              “We are working closely with the         nings grant from the VECF will provide
area’s youngest citizens, has received a   Fluvanna and Louisa county school           a great boost for children to succeed
$100,000 grant from the Virginia Early     systems, along with Jefferson Area          in school. Our partnership with the
Childhood Foundation (VECF).               CHIP, Head Start, social services agen-     Chamber of Commerce, schools and
   This represents the second phase of     cies and child care centers to help fam-    others will give us a tremendous op-
funding for the Smart Beginnings ini-      ilies improve school readiness skills for   portunity to support young children
tiative, following the startup phase to    their children,” said Booker. “We are       and their families in Louisa County.”
conduct a community needs assess-          also developing new partnerships in            Miriam Rushfinn, program officer for                      Carroll Morse
ment, to establish a leadership coun-      order to identify young children who        the Virginia Early Childhood Founda-                434-589-4106
cil and to create a long-range strategic   would benefit from extra help in their      tion, praised Smart Beginnings Fluvan-                 .O.
                                                                                                                                             P Box 8, Rt. 603
plan for early childhood development       preschool years, so they’ll be ready to     na Louisa and the community partners                 Kents Store, VA 23084
in the two counties. United Way-Thom-      succeed in a kindergarten classroom.”       for their enthusiastic commitment to
as Jefferson Area serves as fiscal agent      “The VECF grant is vital for our re-     invest in early childhood development
                                           gion and for Smart Beginnings Flu-          efforts that will benefit both counties.
to manage the grant.
   The new grant, which extends from
                                           vanna Louisa,” said Chris Fairchild,
                                           CEO of National Filter Service, as well
                                                                                       “Providing our youngest citizens with
                                                                                                                                                      Custom Fram
July 1 through June 30, 2013, will en-
                                           as a member of the Fluvanna County
                                                                                       quality early learning experiences in                  er

able Smart Beginnings Fluvanna Lou-                                                    the first five years will build the foun-

                                                                                                                                                                               C o.
                                           Board of Supervisors and the leader-        dation for a smarter workforce and
isa to implement the Ages and Stages
                                           ship council for Smart Beginnings Flu-      impact future economic prosperity in
developmental screening program, a
                                           vanna Louisa. “Economic development         Virginia,” she said.
nationally recognized tool to identify
                                           reports indicate that workforce readi-
children with developmental delays                                                        About Smart Beginnings Fluvanna                                       Art Supplies
                                           ness is the single most important fac-
that would hinder their ability to start                                               Louisa: Smart Beginnings Fluvanna                                       & Scrapbooking
                                           tor when businesses are considering a
school healthy and ready to learn.                                                     Louisa is a collaborative partnership
   Mozell Booker, a member of the lead-
                                           relocation. Having owned a business
                                                                                       of public and private agencies, busi-                                  Best Prices
ership council for Smart Beginnings
                                           in Fluvanna for twenty years, I know
                                           that a skilled workforce is essential for
                                                                                       nesses, and individuals serving Flu-                                    Around!
Fluvanna Louisa, as well as a mem-                                                     vanna and Louisa counties, working
                                           our growth and success. When young                                                             We Have F luvanna High School
ber of the Fluvanna County Board of                                                    to enhance the quality of services for
                                           children have a Smart Beginning in                                                             Scrapbooking Paper and Books
Supervisors, noted that other uses for                                                 young children. For more information,
                                           the preschool years, they are better                                                      Mon,Thu, Fri & Sat, 9am -1pm • Tue, 5-8pm
the VECF’s grant funds will be to hire a                                               contact the United Way-Thomas Jeffer-
                                           prepared to embrace the American                                                          739 C Lake Monticello Road Across from Orme Fitness
Smart Beginnings coordinator, to pro-                                                  son Area at 434-972-1701.                                     434-591-0918

                                      Our Agents gO the extrA Mile fOr the results YOu Deserve

                                                                         • 434-842-3955 • 434-245-2289
    2212 huMMingBirD lAne                        450 free tOWn lAne                    11561 s COnstitutiOn hWY                    519 rOugeMOnt Avenue

           484570 • $162,900                          474012 • $169,900                       474916 • $149,900                             489551 • $110,250
   • Albemarle County short sale             • Crozet remodeled farmhouse              • 3 Bdrm/2 Bath/2 Acres                     • short sale in Charlottesville
   • hickory flooring/3½ Baths               • new kitchen/Well/Paint                  • 1456 sq ft/hardwood floors                • 979 sq ft/3 Bdrms/1 Bath
   • 4 Bdrm/near ngiC/Basement               • new hvAC/Carpet/Windows                 • Built in 2008/new appliances              • fenced yard/Price reduced

      9 shOrtWOOD CirCle                             29 xeBeC rOAD                             186 Mill lAne                           4109 venABle rOAD

           489632 • $114,900                         490288 • $146,900                         482712 • $194,900                            484962 • $329,900
   • recently remodeled/984 sq ft            • screened porch/vaulted ceilings         • 4 Bdrms/2 Baths/3 Acres                   • granite tops/stone fireplace
   • 2 Bdrms/2 Baths/shed                    • 1164 sq ft/3 Bdrms/2 Baths              • 10 Minutes to Charlottesville             • 3 Bdrms/2 Baths/ 2 Acres
   • lake Monticello short sale              • hardwood floors/Oak cabinets            • 2032 sq ft/hardwood floors                • 2081 sq ft/sunroom/hardwood

                                                                                                                            august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |                      13
School lunches: It’s a long road from pizza to broccoli
By KRistin sancKen                        2010, this fall, the federal reimburse-
Correspondent                             ment rate for school lunches will go
                                          up six cents if school districts can
   Last school year, on a Lake Mon-       prove that their lunches meet new
ticello parents’ online messaging         nutrition criteria established by the
board, e-mails flew discussing the        Secretary of Agriculture and the
quality of Fluvanna school lunches.       United States Department of Agricul-
No one was pleased.                       ture (USDA). But despite parents and
   “I don’t care for the school menu      federal lawmakers speaking out, the
at all, that is why my son packs his      road to improvement for Fluvanna
lunch every day,” said Fluvanna           schools will not be easy.
County schools parent Stephanie             “[We’re] trying to provide more
Rhoades in an online message. “I do       fresh and healthy options on the tray
often wish there was a healthy alter-     lunch that may have been in the past
native for my son that wasn’t chalked     just on the a la carte lines,” said Tom
full of preservatives but I am too at     Patrick, director of operations for
a loss. If you could come up with a       Fluvanna county schools.
solution for that I’m all ears – and        “The Department of Education and
hands.”                                   the USDA have changed the way we
                                          do things all together,” said Robin
Fresh fruits?                             Russell, Fluvanna high school caf-
  It seems that Rhoades and par-          eteria manager. “The big thing we’re
ents like her are right. Arriving at      focusing on is portion control and
the Fluvanna high school cafeteria        healthier recipes. We just have to see
about 30 minutes before lunch, out        what our students are going to like
and available for students to buy are     to see what we incorporate into our
potato chips, Rice Krispie Treats, pea-   lunches.”
nut butter and jelly sandwiches, ce-
real, milk, juice and muffins. Except     No more 2%
for the jar of pickles on the counter,      A concrete change that happened
noticeably absent are fresh fruits and    even within the first few days of the
vegetables.                               new school year is that no two-per-
  But Fluvanna schools will soon          cent milk is available anymore for
be changing its tune. Thanks to the       students to drink, only skim and one-
Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of          percent. Also, chef salads and yogurt

                                                                                    plates will be available, as well as      how food service as a department
                                                                                    more meals that offer a protein, grain    within Fluvanna schools is already
                                                                                    and fruit or vegetable combined in        struggling to stay afloat. Right now,
                                                                                    one entrée. Some school lunch fa-         to stay in the black they pool their
                                                                                    vorites, like taco salad, will stay the   resources with the extended day pro-
                                                                                    same except for their proportions.        gram. Thus, parents who are paying
                                                                                       “We used to have taco salads and       to have their kids stay in childcare
                                                                                    students could load up their little       after school are actually keeping the
                                                                                    boat with all the meat, cheese and        school cafeterias alive.
                                                                                    chips that they wanted, but those            It’s estimated that reimbursement
                                                                                    portions will now be measured out,”       rates would have to go up by an addi-
                                                                                    said Russell.                             tional 18 cents, not just the six cents
                                                                                       Part of the problem schools across     the USDA is offering, in order to ac-
                                                                                    the country are facing with providing     tually meet the price of these new,
                                                                                    healthier lunches is that the lunches     healthier meals.
                                                                                    have to be affordable. Currently, a          Grants like the USDA’s Fresh Fruit
                                                                                    Fluvanna County public school hot         and Vegetable Program (FFVP) help
                                                                                    lunch costs $2.30. Where else can         provide underprivileged school dis-
                                                                                    you find a hot lunch for under $3?        tricts with money to pay for produce.
                                                                                       The United States Department of        But unfortunately, Fluvanna doesn’t
                                                                                    Agriculture reimburses school dis-        qualify for these grants because they
                                                                                    tricts $2.68 for each free meal served,   can only be given to schools with
                                                                                    $2.28 for each reduced price meal         more than 50% of students on free
                                                                                    served (students pay no more than         and reduced lunch. Other programs,
                                                                                    40 cents), and 25 cents for each full     like Farm to School – which benefit
                                                                                    priced lunch served. That amount          not only school lunch quality but
                                                                                    per student pays for labor, equip-        also the local economy by buying
                                                                                    ment repairs, and food.                   produce directly from local farmers
                                                                                                                              – require more funds and time on the
                                                                                      Staying afloat                          part of the food service director.
                                                                                      At the last Fluvanna County School         “With Farm to School it starts with
                                                                                    Board meeting discussing budget           a food service director or sometimes
                                                     Photos by Kristin sancken      struggles, the board talked about         it starts more with parents express-
                                                                                                                              ing interest and contacting the food
14 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
services director,” said Andrea Early,      we need to serve to maintain our            Fluvanna County elementary schools’ breakfast menu
School Nutrition Program Director for       participation levels. We’re participa-                            August 2011
Virginia’s Farms to Schools initiative.     tion driven. So we try to change little
“While it can be cheaper to buy the         things, like a whole-wheat crust with
raw products, you need more people          a low-fat cheese. But if you change
because it takes so much more time to       it too much, and they’re not buying
do it that way. Labor costs a lot more      lunch, then that has a negative finan-
than buying the food premade. With          cial impact and then we can’t make
a budget that we have, that can be a        things better.”
challenge. Doing everything from               While this year the focus will be on
scratch at this point with the amount       portion control and integrating fruits
of money and staff we have would be         and vegetables, Russell says that next
pretty challenging. But we’re trying        year there may be a push from the
to integrate little by little.”             Department of Education for lower
  While school directs like Harrison-       sodium content and getting snack
burg are able to get up to 10% of their     machines out of schools. And since
food from local sources, Fluvanna           salt is the cheapest preservative, they
Schools have yet to make any local          might be able to address some of the
food connections.                           concerns of parents like Rhoades in
                                            coming years. Russell anticipates
Fresh produce coming                        that each subsequent year will fo-
  “We’re going to take a look at some       cus on another aspect of nutrition
local folks for some fresh produce in       – slowly getting school lunches to
season, particularly fruits if we can,”     where they need to be.
said Patrick.                                  “It’s so hard to turn [school lunch-
  Then there is always the problem          es] around. It’s like driving a big            Fluvanna County elementary schools’ lunch menu
of buy-in. After all, anyone who has        yacht. You can’t turn it around on a                              August 2011
children knows the struggles of try-        dime,” said Early. “You have to turn
ing to get them to eat something that       it around slowly, and incrementally
isn’t beige in color. Cheese pizza and      make changes to make school lunch-
chicken nuggets? Sure. Salad and            es better.”
broccoli? Not so much.
  “Unfortunately, you have a custom-
er base that has been geared to like             A link to school menus
that kind of food,” said Early. “A lot of       will soon be available on
our students are coming to us eating   
chicken nuggets and pizza – things

                                                                                       Fluvanna County middle and high schools’ lunch menu
                                                                                                              August 2011

                                                                                                               august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |   15
  Lake Monticello Fire & Rescue                                              Art club leaders exhibit in Fork Union

  Every y!
 Thursd                           $1000 J ackpot
                                   Progressive Game
                            *Now $1,700    • As of date 08-25-11
                                    Doors Open at 5:30 p.m.
                                      Early Bird 6:45 p.m.
                              10 Slice Rd. Palmyra (Off Rt. 600, near CVS)
                                      Questions? Call 434-591-1018

   Here is your ad proof. Please let me know                                        Page gifford and deborah nixon display their art. Photo by windy Payne.
   if you want changes or not. (591-1000).
                                                                             By Page H. giFFoRd                             Nixon had a similar feeling.
                                      Thanks!                                Correspondent                               Observers were floored by the
                                 Fluvanna Review 08-25-11 Issue                                                          amount of work she produced.
                                                                               Showing      through      September          “I literally had to clean out my
                Advertisements designed by the Fluvanna Review may not be    are two artists who have not had            house,” said Nixon smiling. Her
                      reproduced without permission by the Fluvanna Review   an exhibit at Fork Union but have           work ranges from her bold colorful
                                                                             participated in the spring show and         impressionistic paintings to abstracts.
                                                                             the juried show held in November.           The abstracts of lighthouses and
                                                                             Deborah Nixon, who has won ribbons          sailboats were bold and graphic with
                                                                             for her work in past juried shows, has      clean, simple lines. These were a new
                                                                             the bulk of the work that lines the         exploration for Nixon who prefers
                                                                             walls of the Fork Union Community           the freeing looseness of oil or acrylic
                                                                             Center. Sharing the lime light, is this     on a canvas, sweeps of bold color
                                                                             writer with a first ever exhibit with a     depicting a boat in tumultuous seas
                                                                             few pieces.                                 or still life with a chair by the window.
                                                                               Nixon was excited regarding the           It was her flowers in vases that were
                                                                             turn-out on Saturday (August 13)            the most appealing especially to two
                                                                             for the bi-monthly reception. This
                                                                             gives supporters and art lovers and
                                                                                                                            Like all artists there should be an
                                                                             opportunity to discuss the work with
                                                                                                                         underlying feeling, usually conveyed
                                                                             the artists. Many artists like to talk
                                                                                                                         by the brush strokes themselves and
                                                                             about the journey they have taken
                                                                             and get valuable feedback from              not always easy to achieve. Nixon’s
                                                                             observers.                                  sweeping technique gives her
                                                                               For this writer, there were not           paintings a warm feeling of solitude.
                                                                             many paintings since art takes time         Every observer has a different eye
                                                                             and patience. But there were a couple       view and opinion about an artist and
                                                                             of theatrical costume sketches, a few       that is what makes it appealing to the
                                                                             pen and inks and watercolors. It was        artist, challenging them and helping
                                                                             a valuable experience.                      them to grow.

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                                          Gliders• Garden Sets & much more                                  Shed
  Every type of Building for all                                             Sheds, Workshops, Barns, Garages,          Concrete Pottery
           Outdoor Needs!                                                     Pool Houses, Gazebos, Car Ports,

               Over 500 Buildings on Display
                                                                             Animal Shelters, Kids Play Systems,
                                                                                  Stables, Lawn & Garden
                                                                                                                        BUY ONE GET
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                                                                                                                               *equal or lesser value
                                                                                                                         Present Coupon-valid thru 09-01-11
   Orange - 12505 James Madison Highway, Orange, VA 22960 • 540-661-5050
   Ashland - 11501 Washington Highway, Ashland, VA 23005 • 804-798-3616
   Thornburg - 6329 Jeff Davis Highway, Spotsylvania, VA 22551 • 540-582-5111
                                                                                     Rent to Own
16 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |   17
    You Can Afford the Convenience                                                       Fluvanna Farmers Market at Pleasant Grove
     of Clean & Healthy Air with a
        Central Vacuum System.                                                           By Phyllis Montellese

            lug a heavy dirty                                   n!
       er                           vacuu
                                            m clean er a g
                                                           ai        How many tomatoes can you eat?

                             on new installation & service
  featuring                     for existing customers
                           -Ask about Our Free Life Time Warranty!

    e-mail: •
                   BDF Systems                         The Greener
                    of Virginia
                                                                       One thing you will see at the             – but during the rest of the year they
                                                         Way to      market in August is a lot of tomatoes!      are flavorless.
                                                          Clean!     Ask the farmers who will gladly               Here are some answers: Some folks
                   Over 25 Years in Central Virginia                 share information about the variety         can them, make sauces and salsas
                                                                     and traits of each. We love to share        but if that is not for you especially
                                                                     information and even tastes of what         to sit by the stove on a hot day – the
                                                                     we have to offer.                           simple answer is freeze them. After
  New Aerobics schedule                                                There isn’t just Heirloom but             you rinse and dry the tomato, put
                                                                     multiple varieties – each with a distinct   them in a cake pan in the freezer.
    Body Flow Classes,                                               wonderful flavor. There are the plum        After they are frozen you can then
                                                                     tomatoes – also with differences as         put them in a freezer bag to get that
   Wednesdays at 6 a.m.                                              well as other meaty tomatoes for            wonderful flavor all year long. And to
                                                                     sauces. Cherry tomatoes are bursting        make it even easier – you don’t have
  One FREE personal training session with                            with flavor but the varieties differ as     to skin them. When they thaw the
  any new 90 day contract. Any new one                               much as the size and shapes. And            skins come off easily.
    year contract gets 4 FREE sessions.                              don’t forget the yellow ones.                 So stock up – this winter you will be
                                                                       Okay, so, how many tomatoes can           thrilled at the flavor only a summer,
                                                                     you eat? That is frequently a limiting      local, fresh tomato has.
    New salsa H2O class                                              factor in deciding how many to buy
   starting in september!
                                                                     The Fluvanna Farmers Market is open Tuesdays, April through October from
    • New Prices                                                     2 p.m.-6 p.m. at Pleasant Grove on Rt. 53, approximately two miles east of Rt. 15.
    • No Initiation Fee
    • Top of the Line Body Master
                                            Blood Driveth
                                                  mber 7
                                            Wed., septe
      & Free Motion Machines
    • Pool & Swim Lessons
                                                                         We TWo Can Do More for You!
    • Land & Water Aerobics                                              B u yi n g • S e l l i n g • R e n t i n g • C a l l u S
    • Personal Trainers
    • Tanning
    • Massage Therapy
                                                                         Lorraine                                                   Don
    • Free Child Care
                                                                         Wheeler                                                  Wheeler
  We have Pool Parties for All Ages           Fluvanna’s Premier       434-989-0708                                             434-962-7868
      Book your pool party today!                Fitness Facility                                                                   The Wheelers                 See
      Find us on109   Crofton Place, Palmyra              NEW                                  MontiCello CountRy RealtoRS      advertisemen
      Facebook           434-589-6100                    WEBsitE                             o n Pa g e 9
18 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
                   Ask the Nature Lady                                                                                             A Dog LoveR’s DReAm
                   A look at the wildlife of Central Virginia
                   By MaRlene a. Condon

Daddy Longlegs
   One September day I stepped out
my kitchen door onto the carport and
noticed a daddy longlegs standing
over a Giant Hornet (also known as a                                                                                               3800 Richmond Road
European Hornet). A Giant Hornet is                                                                                                Bright & cozy Cape Cod on
typically about 1¼ inches long and                                                                                                 a private 4 acre lot. First
much more massive than a daddy                                                                                                     floor master bedroom with
longlegs, so I didn’t think the smaller                                                                                            attached bath and whirlpool
daddy longlegs could have managed                                                                                                  tub. Bright sunroom over-
to subdue the larger insect. I figured                                                                                             looking a large rear deck. Full
that “daddy” must have found the                                                                                                   finished walkout basement.
hornet after it had died on the car-                                                                                               Over an acre fenced yard with
port.                                                                                                                              mature trees and landscap-
   However, I was surprised that an                                                                                                ing. Spacious 18’ x 25’ kennel/
arachnid would eat a dead animal,                                                                                                  workshop with utilities and
because arachnids (spiders, mites                                                                                                  fenced dog run. Short drive to
and ticks, scorpions, and daddy long-                                                                                              shopping at Zion Cross Roads
legs) are carnivorous and usually kill                                                                                             and within 15 minutes of
their prey themselves. Time to do                                                                                                  Charlottesville. MLS 487103.
some research!                                                                                                                     Asking $325,000.
   A daddy longlegs is a relative of spi-
ders, but its head, thorax (the middle
                                                    the day the author noticed this daddy longlegs feeding on a dead
part of the body to which the legs are                                                                                                           Land Company
                                                     european hornet was the day she discovered this arachnid is as                                  reaLtors
attached), and abdomen (the third                        much a scavenger as a predator. Photo by Marlene a. Condon.
section of the body in which most                                                                                                              Call Harold Payne
body functions occur) are fused into          Brown Daddy Longlegs can be                In northern Europe daddy longlegs                          434-981-0071
a single structure. A spider’s body,
                                            found practically anywhere on land.        were quite numerous around harvest
on the other hand, normally consists
                                            They become more noticeable as             time so people in England were call-
of two body parts. Additionally, spi-
                                            summer progresses because they be-         ing them “harvest spiders” or “har-
ders have eight eyes; daddy longlegs
have only two.
                                            come larger—and thus more visible          vestmen” by the early 19th century.             If you see news
   Daddy longlegs are also different
                                            to human eyes—as they age.
                                              When I first became aware of these
                                                                                       The English also referred to them as
                                                                                       “father longlegs”, but that name was
                                                                                                                                     happening, contact us
from spiders in that they are om-
                                            arachnids as a child, I always heard       given to crane flies as well (crane flies
nivorous. They do, indeed, eat dead
animals (such as the Giant Hornet)          them called daddy longlegs. But            resemble over-sized mosquitoes). In
as well as live ones, and even fungus       these interesting animals are often        America this designation evolved
and plant material.                         referred to as “harvestmen” so that        into “daddy longlegs”, or in the West,
   There are more than 200 species          may be the name you know them
                                                                                       “granddaddy longlegs”.                             434-207-0224 or
of daddy longlegs in North America,                                                                                       
but the one we see most commonly
in our area is the Brown Daddy Long-        Naturalist Marlene A. Condon is the author/photographer of The Nature-friendly
                                                                                                                                    or go to
legs. Its brown body is normally one        Garden: Creating a Backyard Haven for Plants, Wildlife, and People (Stackpole Books           and click contact
eighth to one quarter inch long and         visit If you’re curious about plants or animals, or if you
its very long legs make it quite easy       are wondering how to garden in a nature-friendly manner, send a question to Ask-
                                                                                                                                      For daily news alerts,
to recognize.                      and watch for an answer in this paper.
                                                                                                                                     “LIKE” us on Facebook

                     LM Karate Academy                                                   Henry Chandler &
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 Join                                HOME OF TEAM INTENSE
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 Shotokan Karate • Aerobic Kickboxing • Lil Dragons Program                             Over 30 Years Serving Lake Monticello & Central Virginia
 6337 Thomas Jefferson Hwy • • 434-589-5282                              434-842-5300 • Cell 434-996-8889
                                                                                                                            august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |   19
Fluvanna happenings
Meals on Wheels yard sale
   Fluvanna Meals on Wheels will col-
lect items for a yard sale on Aug. 24
and 25 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30
p.m. The yard sale will be held at the
Fork Union Community Center on Rt.
15 on Friday, Aug. 26 from 8:30 a.m.
- 4:30 p.m. and on Saturday, Aug. 27
from 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. 434-589-1685,

Five loaves two fish
  Antioch Baptist Church will hold its
monthly Five Loaves Two Fish meal
and food distribution on Saturday,
Aug. 27 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. 4422
Antioch Road. 434-286-6315.

Explore butterflies and moths
  Nel Stofberg, Fluvanna nature-lover,

                                             LM Pinks plan Spray Da 5k to benefit 9/11 Memorial
will hold a session exploring the lives
of butterflies and moths on Saturday,
Aug. 27, at the Fluvanna Public Li-            The LM Pinks - the Lake Monticello Satellite of the             A “Splash and Dash” for kids under 11 will start at 7 a.m.
brary from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. The         Charlottesville Women’s 4 Miler Training Program – will         and the adult coed 5k will start at 7:30 a.m. at the Bunker
program should prove entertaining and        hold a 5k race on Saturday (Sept. 17) to raise money for        Ball Field at Lake Monticello. Registration for kids under
informative to children and adults alike     the Lake Monticello Fire and Rescue’s new Community and         11 is $10 and $20 for adults. Check their Face-book page
and is provided free of charge by the        9/11 Memorial.                                                  (LM Pinks Present Spray Da 5k) to register or for more
Fluvanna Garden Club in celebration of         The LM Pinks are asking neighbors to support the runners      information. Registration forms can be found online at
the club’s 85th anniversary.                 and fire and rescue by “spraying” the runners as they pass Make checks payable to LMFR and indicate
                                             by.                                                             Spray Day 5k on the memo line. Registrations can be mailed
                                                                                                             to Spray Da 5k, 10 Slice Road, Palmyra, Va., 22963.
Kents Store ARC dance
  The Ronnie Johnson Band will play at
the Kents Store ARC, on Saturday, Aug.     Homecoming/Revival at                      Naturalist conference                        Wine tasting
27 from 8-11 p.m. The dance is open to     Centenary UMC                                The Virginia Master Naturalist               FSPCA will hold a wine tasting at Kes-
the public, and is $10 per person. 111       Centenary       United      Methodist    statewide conference will be held in         wick Vineyards on Saturday, Sept. 10,
Kents Store Way next to the new fire-      Church in Scottsville, will hold their     at Camp Friendship in Palmyra from           from 1- 4 p.m. Keswick Vineyards will
                                           Homecoming on Sunday, Sept. 4, at 11       Sept. 23-25. The Rivanna Master              also donate a portion of all wine sales
house. 434 589-1545 or see Facebook
                                           a.m. with their new minister, the Rev.     Naturalist Chapter is hosting the event      at this event to the FSPCA. Tickets may
under Kents Store ARC.
                                           Brant Hays, delivering the message.        which is being organized by Michelle         be purchased at the FSPCA or online at
                                                                                                                         $15 in advance, $18 at
Evergreen homecoming                       Lunch will follow the service. Revival
                                           will be held Sept. 5-8 at 7:30 p.m. with
                                                                                      Prysby, the state coordinator. www.
                                                                                                                                   the door.
  The Evergreen Baptist Church will
                                           guest pastors and music each night.
have their annual homecoming service       Wanda Dorrier, 434-286-3379.               Browning golf tournament                     Lunch against breast cancer
on Sunday Aug. 28 with Pastor Justin                                                                                                  The Stand up to Breast Cancer Lun-
                                                                                        The 2011 Phil Browning Memorial
D. House presiding at the 11:30 a.m.       Author to speak                            Golf tournament will be held Sunday,
                                                                                                                                   cheon will be held Friday, Oct. 14,
                                                                                                                                   at noon at Lake Monticello’s Ashlawn
service. Lunch will be served following      The Friends of the Fluvanna County       Sept. 25 at the Rivanna Resort and Golf
this service. The evening service will                                                                                             Grille with the breast cancer programs
                                           Library will meet Wednesday, Sept.         Club. The event is a four person team,
                                                                                                                                   of Martha Jefferson and the University
convene at 2 p.m. with the Reverend        7 at, 10 a.m., at the Fluvanna County      captain’s choice format. $270 team           of Virginia hospitals benefiting. Mon-
William D. House III and the Ebenezer      Library. Jean Cooper, author of History    fee includes greens fee, cart, range         ticello Madcaps Red Hatters of Lake
Baptist Church family from Mineral         and Guide of Charlottesville and           balls and post tournament dinner.            Monticello will host this three course
                                           Albemarle County, will be the guest        The tournament is sponsored by the
accompanying him.                                                                                                                  lunch with a choice of three entrees,
                                           speaker. Attendance is free. 434-589-      Fluvanna County High School Athletics        homemade desserts, coffee and tea.
                                           1400.                                      and Booster Club. Proceeds will              Vernal Branch from the Virginia Breast
                                                                                      support the Phil Browning Memorial           Cancer Foundation will be the keynote
                                                                                      Scholarships and the FCHS athletic           speaker. Mary Beth Revak, a soloist
                                                                                      department.                                  with Acme Swing Manufacturing Com-
                                                                                                                                   pany, a popular local swing band will
                                                                                      Old Farm Day                                 perform. Call 591-0910 to purchase a
                                                                                         The Fluvanna Historical Society’s         ticket for $25.
                                                                                      Old Farm Day event will be held Sat-
                                                                                      urday, Oct. 1 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at       Crafters needed
                                                                                      Pleasant Grove on Rt. 53. Admission is         Zion United Methodist Church will
                                                                                      $5 and children 12 and under are ad-         host its third Annual Harvest Bazaar on
                                                                                      mitted free with a paying adult.             Saturday Oct. 22 from 9 a.m.-2 p.m. at
                                                                                         The deadline for space reservations       1674 Zion Road in Troy Tables for craft-
                                                                                      for artists, businesses, crafters, church-   ers/vendors are $25. Contact the church
                                                                                      es and community groups is Sept. 1.          office 434-589-1665 or email at zion-
                                                                                                                          or contact
                                                                                      Space is limited. For a space reserva-
                                                                                                                                   Kim Fawcett 434-591-0848 by Sept. 1.
                                                                                      tion form, visit or
                                                                                      call 434-589-9405 and leave a name             Send your Fluvanna happenings to
                                                                                      and address for forms to be mailed.
20 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
Spotlight on Fluvanna’s churches                                                         Solutions                                                           Landscape
                                                                                                                                                            and General

                                                                                      Landscaping                                                           Contracting

                                                                                               You have no problems when you have Solutions!
                                                                                                Landscape & Hardscape Design and Installation

                                                                                                             Patios                            Lawn Installation,
                                                                                        Retaining Walls & Walkways                             Re-seeding & Fertilization
                                                                                                                                               Pruning, Trimming, Edging,
                                                                                            Slate & Rock Driveways                             Planting & Mulch beds
                                                                                         Decks, Docks & Bulkheads                              Leaf & Brush Removal
                                                                                       Home, Remodeling & Repairs                              Drainage & Gutters Cleaning

                                                                                                 Call for a Free Estimate • Work Guarantee                                     Local
                                                                                                 434-989-5261 • 434-989-1084
                                                                                                                                                       Take a

                                                                                      Make more Moneyney

                                                                                                                                                                 er look!
                                                                                      by Advertising with
                                                                                           Fluvanna Review
                         Lyle’s Baptist Church
                                                                                               We Own Local News
Address: 92 Lyle’s Church Lane, Kent’s Store
                                                                                        Breaking news on the web at
Pastor’s name: The Rev. Warren C. Tillman
Membership: 84
                                                                               In-depth news,
Hours of services: Sundays, 11 a.m.,                                                    features and columns in print every
  Tuesdays 7 p.m.                                                                       week in the Fluvanna Review.
Additional activities: Children’s church,
Sunday School, pray and Bible study groups,
                                                                                                   Our Readers
Boy Scouts Troop #54, missions meetings,                                                Most readers go through our news-
family nights with movies and refreshments,                                             paper page by page, front to back. A
fellowship meals, annual homecoming cele-                                               total of 76% “frequently” purchase
bration every second Sunday in July, Summer                                             products or services from ads seen
Vacation Bible School, Easter Egg Hunt, Early                                           in Fluvanna Review.*
Summer Cookout, Fall Festival                        the Rev. warren C. tillman                        *2010 Ciculation Verification Council
                                                                                                        circulation & readership study data
History: Founded in 1774, Lyle’s Baptist Church is the oldest Baptist church in
Fluvanna County and considered to be the “mother” of several other churches
in the area. In fact, the Baptist General Association of Virginia recognized Lyle’s             Flexible Advertising
                                                                                        Big ads provide impact and

as a pioneer church. Today they are a small church with a membership of 84,
with an average Sunday attendance of 40. “We believe in growing closer to               dominance. High frequency, smaller
Jesus through studying His word and applying it to our lives, because of this           ads keeps your business in front of
we can ‘Serve the Lord with Gladness,’” said Tillman. “We invite any who are            your customers. Web ads connect
searching for a church home, or just want to ‘get back to basics,’ to come and          you to thousands of FluvannaReview.
visit. Our main emphasis is on God’s word!” – Compiled by Kristin Sancken.              com visitors who looked at 25,000
Church photo by David Stemple                                                           web pages last month alone.

                                                                                         Our Advertising Fits Your Budget
                                                                                        Regardless of the size of your budget,
       SAVE ENERGY AND FUEL COSTS                                                       a print or web ad can be tailored to
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  • FUEL INJECTION                          • SHOCKS & STRUTS
  • A/C CERTIFIED SERVICE                   • HOSES & BELTS                                     Advertising Strategy
  • TRANSMISSION FLUID EXCHANGER            • BRAKES & BATTERIES                        Your print or web ads can be
  • VA. STATE INSPECTION                    • LUBE & OIL CHANGE                         scheduled to run at strategic inter-
       Since 1978                                                                       vals for optimum impact. A small
                                                                                        business with a 13-time contract
                                                                                        will receive a free marketing consul-
              Hours: M-F 8:00 - 4:30 • Most Major Credit Cards accepted
                                                                                        tation and an advertising plan.
Home of
 All Star         434-589-1405               434-589-8652                             It’s easy to advertise. Call 434-591-1000 ext. 22
Auto Parts           Lake Monticello          Zion Crossroads
                    107 Crofton Place      9654 Three Notch Road                             or email

                                                                                                                             august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |                                21
    r th
          e Sound
He a o f S u m m e r !
                      s                       Girl Scout talks about trip to Sweden
                                              By Page H. giFFoRd
           Rivanna Hearing                    Correspondent
              Aid Center                         “I was happy and excited, I couldn’t
                  On Pantops                  wait to start packing,” said fourteen
    We service all                            year old Kiersten Parkinson about
   makes & models                             her recent trip to Sweden to the
                                              World Scout Jamboree held every
        FREE Hearing tests
FREE in-house repairs on most models          four years.
                                                 “This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime
         434-244-3277                         opportunity,” said mother, Heather.
    Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m-5 p.m.                 “They simply apply through Boy
182 Spotnap Rd. A-2 • C’ville, VA.22911       Scouts of America (BSA) and are
                                              chosen based upon merit, rank
                                              and leadership achieved through

 Old                   Saturday,              Scouting, and space availability.”
                                                 Kiersten has been a Venturer for a
                       October 1              little over a year, starting as soon as

 Farm                     Pleasant Grove
                       Rt. 53 • Palmyra, VA
                                              she completed 8th grade. Venturing
                                              is a co-ed program within Boy Scouts

                        9:00 - 4:00           for ages 13-21 (upon completion of
                         Adults $5            eighth grade). For her home crew,
                        Children 12 &         Kiersten is the secretary and has been
                        under FREE            the vice president of administration,
        Now Accepting                         completing her ILSC (Introduction
      Space Reservations!                     to Leadership Skills for Crews)
                                              training which is a prerequisite for
      DEADLINE SEPT. 1                        the NYLT (National Youth Leadership
     Forms at:             Training). She will also be attending
                                              and staffing the NYLT being held
           Phone: 434-589-9405
                                              at Camp Shenandoah over two
                                              weekends in August with another
                                              Boy Scout from Fluvanna.
                                                 Kiersten was the crew historian,
                                                                                                                 girl Scout Kiersten Parkinson
                                              responsible for preserving a multitude
                                              of memorabilia, including crew
                                                                                        with the Swedes themselves. We did       liked the team-building activities
                                              photographs, news stories, trophies,
                                                                                        eat a meal with some of the Swedish      and the ceremonies. I learned a lot
                                              flags, scrapbooks, awards, and other
                                                                                        contingent, though, and everybody        of different things but not what I
                                              items. Kiersten kept busy with her
                                                                                        was very nice, very friendly. The        expected to learn. One of the biggest
                                              assignment by taking care of crew
                                                                                        Swedes were very welcoming also,”        things I learned was how fortunate I
                                              trophies and keepsakes, keeping a
                                                                                        said Kiersten.                           am to be an American. The modules
  264 Turkeysag Trial # A, Palmyra            logbook about the crew’s meetings
                                                                                          In addition to all the scheduled       we did every day were about world
  Daily Hours: 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.           and activities, keep a scrapbook
          (434) 589-5538                                                                activities, meetings and interactions    or culture-specific problems, very
                                              of newspaper clippings and other
                                                                                        with other troops, the kids did a        few of which we have here in the
 FRIDAY IS CHICKEN DAY!                       items about the crew’s activities,
                                                                                        lot of trading. They typically trade     U.S.”
 SAVE $1.00                                   collecting digital photographs from
                                                                                        uniforms rather than patches, but           Mother Heather aded, “ She did a
 when you purchase                            other crew members to make a
                                                                                        Kiersten has traded for a patch from     lot of physical work over the past
 one Hot Rotisserie-                          digital photo album (CD/DVD) of
                                                                                        Portugal, a bracelet from Ecuador,       year to raise funds to make this trip.
 Style Chicken with                           the crew’s activities. And as always
 your MVP Card.                                                                         and a neckerchief (uniform piece)        She also collected pennies from
                                              scouts are required to wear the
                                                                                        from Ireland and Henna tattoos from      friends in penny bottles she made.”
                                              uniform correctly, live the Venturing
                                                                                        the India troop. She took with her          Has this experience whetted
                                              Oath and Code, and acquire the
 THURSDAY IS CAKE DAY!                        Venturing Attitude.
                                                                                        geocaching coins to trade that can       Keirsten’s appetite for travel or to
 SAVE $2.00                                      Kiersten along with her crew of
                                                                                        then be tracked as they are cached       learn about other cultures around
 when you purchase/                                                                     around the world and also pins           the world?
                                              Dcouts, interacted daily with Scouts
 order a full sheet,                                                                    representative of the United State,         “I would like to go to Sweden again.
 1/2 sheet or 1/4
                                              from 150 countries around the
                                                                                        her crew, the WSJ and Sweden             As I said, we did didn’t get to travel
 sheet cake on                                world, learning about all kinds of
                                                                                          There was also a United Nations        and I would like to see the northern
 Thursday.                                    different cultures, traditions, and
                                                                                        simulation where the scouts              part of Sweden. I would also like to
                                              global problems, hoping to come
                                                                                        discussed the environment. The           go to France and Ireland. I want to
 PARTY PLEASER PLATTER                        up with some solutions to some of
                                                                                        scouts also participated in a program    learn more about Japan because I
 For convenience and                          those problems.
 quality, no one can                                                                    called Messengers of Peace, and took     want to attend the next Jamboree
                                                 “Even though we were in Sweden,
 beat Food Lion                                                                         a course called Safe From Harm.          as an IST member.” It sounds like
                                              we didn’t get to travel the country.
 Party Platters. And                                                                      “I liked meeting new people            Kiersten will be out filling up her
                                              We were in a huge field on an Air
 the freshness is                                                                       from around the world,” said             homemade penny jars again for the
 guaranteed!                                  Force base with nearly 150 countries
                                                                                        Kiersten. “As far as activities, I       next trip to Japan in four years.
                                              so we didn’t get to spend a lot of time
22 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
One text could be your last
   On the road, behind the wheel, and     ask them to pull over,” said freshman       however, is significantly harsher than          Whether the focus is on safety
thumbing away – it happens all the        Abby Neifert. Senior Kaersten Aylor         any sanction an adult driver would           or just retaining one’s driving privi-
time. Although the action of texting      was much more dramatic: “I’d throw          face. According to the Virginia DMV,         leges, most FCHS students agreed
while driving is severely dangerous,      the phone out of the window!” she           texting while driving convictions are        that the temptation to text, or even
it’s a danger that is constantly ig-      said.                                       assessed three demerit points. DMV           to glance at an incoming message,
nored. Studies by the Virginia Tech         Driving laws are codified in the          publications further explain that a          is still strong. But in response, Eng-
Driving Institute show that a person      Virginia Code of laws. Code section         driver under age 20 who receives a           lish teacher Blair Steele asked, “Why
who chooses to text and drive is 23       46.2-1078.1 states that when a driver       demerit point conviction such as             would you text and drive just to see
times more likely to have an acci-        in Virginia is caught texting, e-mail-      texting while driving must attend a          the words ‘okay’ or ‘lol’?”
dent. Yet people do it all the time.      ing, or even just reading a text while      driver improvement clinic.                      Driving is dangerous in and of it-
   Sherry Doane, an FCHS math teach-      driving, the offense will cost the driv-       Upon a second conviction, the             self, especially on Fluvanna County’s
er, remembers a former student from       er $20 the first time. The fine will be     court may suspend the teen driver’s          winding roads. Add text messaging,
Orange County who died while tex-         raised to $50 for subsequent offens-        license for up to six months. In ad-         and the result can be catastrophic.
ting and driving home from work on        es. Even so, the offense is secondary,                                                   According to the Virginia DMV, mo-
                                                                                      dition, if the teen driver is under age
Rt. 29. So with so many lives at risk,    which means a person cannot be                                                           tor vehicle accidents are the leading
                                                                                      18 and receives a second conviction,
an important question arises: What        pulled over solely for this purpose.                                                     cause of death for people ages 15-
                                                                                      the DMV will automatically suspend
would it take for people to speak up      They must be caught doing some-                                                          20. Sure, it is easy to ignore statistics
                                                                                      driving privileges for 90 days. Upon a
about the dangers of texting and driv-    thing like speeding, as well.                                                            and think “that will never be me,”
                                                                                      third conviction, the DMV will revoke
ing here in Fluvanna?                       As a result, some people believe                                                       but people are not invincible. So put
   When FCHS students were asked          that the law is not harsh enough. For       the teen’s permit or license for one         down the phone.
what they would do if they found          example, last year, Roanoke County          year, or until he or she reaches age         That one text could
themselves in a car with a texting        issued a mere six citations for texting     18, whichever is longer.                     be your last.
driver at the wheel, they had a few       while driving.
solutions. “I would text for them,”         The punishment for a teenager                                                     By HeatHeR HicKS,
said freshman Tezah Booker. “I would      convicted of texting while driving,                         Fluvanna County HigH sCHool journalism student

Congressional elections, 4-H style
   When you hear the word                                                                                                          role in government and to participate
“Congress” you tend to think of the                                                                                                in electing officials.
famous legislature of the federal                                                                                                     Three FCHS students—Besecker,
government of America. However,                                                                                                    Kimberly Buonomo, and McKenzie
several Fluvanna 4H-ers would                                                                                                      Haislip—were inducted this summer
think of the four days they spent at                                                                                               into 4-H All Stars, the highest honor
Virginia 4-H Congress this summer.                                                                                                 in 4-H. Being “tapped” into the All
4-H Congress was held June 20-23                                                                                                   Stars, an Honor/Service organization,
on the Virginia Tech campus for 4H-                                                                                                involves an elaborate application
ers ages 14 and up. This event gives                                                                                               process and participation in a unique
teens an opportunity to meet with                                                                                                  ceremony held on Tuesday evening.
other 4H-ers throughout the state                                                                                                  “Staying at Virginia Tech is always the
and to participate in many different                                                                                               highlight, but this year was special
activities, such as dances, workshops,                                                                                             because I became a 4-H All Star,”
service projects and various areas of                                                                                              Buonomo said. Besecker received
state level competitions.                                                                                                          an additional honor at Congress
   This past summer, the Fluvanna                                                                                                  when he was chosen as the Northern
County 4-H had the privilege of                                                                                                    District Ambassador.
taking seven FCHS students to
                                                                                                                                      4-H Congress has left a lasting
Congress:   Tyler Besecker, Stephanie
                                                                                                                                   impression on these 4H-ers, who
Bossong, Jake Buonomo, Kimberly
                                                                                                                                   still fondly refer to their memories
Buonomo, Alyce Brotherton, Von Hill,
                                                                                                                                   of their week spent on campus. “It
Jr., and McKenzie Haislip. “I met a lot
of great people and it was a really                                                                                                was an exciting and very educational
                                                              Front: Stephanie Bossong, Kim Buonomo,                               experience not only for those in 4-H,
cool way to become familiar with the                        back: tyler Besecker, Jake Buonomo, von Hill, Jr.
college,” said Jake Buonomo.                                                                                                       but in all organizations,” Besecker said.
   Although 4-H Congress is not           Candidates must also prepare a              qualifications, and my goals if I were       “Congress gives you opportunities
exactly like the U.S. Congress,           speech, as well as actively campaign        to be elected. Then, I gave my district      that would not normally be available
they do share several similarities.       throughout the week for the election        speech, smiling the entire time.”            and is a great way to spend four days,”
Mock government-style meetings            during Congress.                              The goal of the election process is        Bossong added. These students made
are held daily at 4-H Congress, as          Jake Buonomo ran for Northern             for cabinet officers to be installed into    Fluvanna proud,
well as elections for the State 4-H       District Ambassador using buttons,          the 4-H cabinet at the conclusion of         and they can’t
Cabinet. Candidates wishing to be         lollipops, t-shirts, and flyers to          the week. These activities give 4H-ers       wait to do even
part of the State Cabinet or become       campaign. Tyler Besecker, another           a taste of what it is like to play a vital   better next year.
an ambassador for their district          candidate, said, “I went to every
must prepare a video beforehand to        county’s     representatives    and                                             By McKenzie HaiSliP,
show to other 4H-ers in the district.     told them who I was, all of my                             Fluvanna County HigH sCHool journalism student
                                                                                                                            august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |         23
                                                                                                     By Jake Bachman and cristian Franco,
                                                                                                             Fluvanna County HigH SCHool
                                                                                                                  JournaliSm Program

                                                                                                     Jake and Cristian compiled this information with
                                                                                                     oversight journalism teacher Elizabeth Pellicane.

                                                                                                             Fluco sports in review
                                                                                                                                to inclement weather. Despite the
                                                                                                                                short game, anyone in attendance
                                                                                                                                could notice a change in the Fluco
                                                                                                                                program. “The team looked sharp.
                                                                                 Varsity football                               They were faster and stronger than
                                                                                    Under the bright lights, the freshly        in past years,” said student Jordan
                                                                                 painted grass and the large crowds,            Thacker.
                                                                                 it’s finally football season. After a            The rain delay affected the Flucos
                                                                                 long summer of grueling workouts,              and their preparation for the regular
                                                                                 the Fluco football team is more fo-            season. However, they were able to
                                                                                 cused than ever, and for the first time        move one step closer to solidifying
                                                                                 in four years there is continuity at the       starting positions. “The game helped
                                                                                 head coaching position.                        us get things fine-tuned. It also
                                                                                    “It’s a good feeling to look on the         served as a message to players, about
                                                                                 sidelines and see that man standing            who’s going to step up and grab a
                                                                                 there. Barnett is bringing new life            spot,” said Assistant Coach Mitchell
                                                                                 to this program,” said wide receiver           Pace.
                                                                                 Yaya Anderson.                                   The Flucos then turned their at-
                                                                                    On August 13, the Flucos kicked             tention to a benefit game on August
                                                                                 off the preseason against long time-           20, facing Spotswood. Speaking be-
                                                                                 foe Fort Defiance. Unfortunately, the          fore the game, Anderson said “We all
    antonia wilson is tossed in the air by fellow cheerleaders at a team event                                                  know what this game means, but we
       held at crofton Plaza on Friday (aug. 26). Photo by david Stemple.        Flucos’ scrimmage was cut short due
                                                                                                                                are all heading in to Saturday with

24 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
an intensity that hasn’t been seen
around here in a long time.” The Flu-
cos dominated late in the game and
won 24-14. The game did not count
toward any records, but consisted of
four quarters and live game situa-

Junior varsity football
  The JV Fluco football team, coached
by Justin Stauffer, AJ Smart, and Devin
Watkins, also played Fort Defiance on
August 13. The team easily handled
Fork Union, beating them 21-7 on
August 19.

  The Fluco volleyball programs
were out of action last week prepar-
ing for their first game against Madi-
son County.

Cross country
  The Fluco cross country team
could be found out on the trails last
week running hard and preparing to
compete in the heavily-contested Jef-
ferson District. The Flucos will start
racing in early September.                       Fluco football players include Blake Hills, taylor lintecum, Jalen Harrison, yaya anderson and tre’vonne Bradley.
                                                                                               Photo by david Stemple
Golf                                      bottom of the table, the team mem-           The Flucos are looking forward to         these older guys,” said sophomore
  Young but experienced, the Fluco
                                          bers agreed that they are rapidly im-      continuing district play, hoping to         Dylon Garrett.
golf team was hard at work last week
                                          proving.                                   prove to everyone that they are able          On August 18, Garrett, Coleman
playing in numerous matches. The
                                            “We can’t let the losses get us down.    to compete against the older schools.       and the Flucos took another swing at
team competed in a district match on                                                 “We have no seniors on the team,            the Jefferson District competition in
                                          The wins will come soon enough,”
August 16. Despite finishing near the                                                but we still feel like we can take it to    Western Albemarle.
                                          said sophomore Troy Coleman.

                                                                                                                          august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |        25
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                    Old Fluvanna
                    By Sally BRowning

Railroad brings the
world to Fluvanna
    In the early 1900s, a bit of sophis-      Troy blows through
tication  came  to  Fluvanna  County.           But the C&O didn’t get to be one of 
The  glamorous-sounding  Virginia             the  largest  railroads  in  the  country 
Airline  Railway,  headed  by  a  hype        for  nothing.  Wanting  to  avoid  union 
man called “Captain,” connected the           wages and bureaucratic red tape, the 
county to such exotic places as Chi-          company  set  up  a  shell  company 
cago, New York and Charlottesville.           called  the  Virginia  Airline  Railway. 
                                              They  brought  Captain  T.O.  Troy  to 
Towpath becomes railroad                      the county to make sure things were 
   Before  the  railroads,  Fluvanna  re-     done to its liking.
lied  on  the  county’s  two  canals  for       Partly  due  to  the  public  relations 
transportation.  After  Union  troops         efforts of Troy, county officials were 
trashed the canals in 1865, the Rich-         not  aware  of  his  relationship  with 
mond  &  Allegheny  (R&A)  Railroad           the C&O and the agreement that the 
purchased the James River canal and           C&O would impose freight tariffs on 
converted its towpath to a rail bed. As       the line.
part of the purchase, the R&A agreed            The C&O used the Fluvanna branch 
to  upkeep  the  Rivanna  canal.  When        to  connect  two  of  its  larger  lines.  It 
the behemoth C&O Railroad gobbled             connected  the  line  along  the  James 
up the R&A, this changed.                     that  took  freight  and  passengers  as 
   The C&O started to neglect the little      far as the Western states with a north-
Rivanna canal. Fortunately, Fluvanna          ern line that ran all the way to New 
had a very clever legislator. Delegate        England. As a perk, it would carry lo-
A.J.  Taylor  made  sure  that  if  naviga-   cal freight and passengers. It was the           for  having  more  power  than  a  Cat-    School  boarded  the  train  and  rode 
tion on the Rivanna was ever discon-          best  of  both  worlds.  You  could  ride        erpillar  tractor.  One  mule,  “Scott”    it  to  Wildwood.  They  had  to  walk 
tinued, the C&O must make up for it           from  Bremo  to  Boston,  Palmyra  to            even made local appearances as the         back  to  school.  Since  there  was  no 
by  building  a  railroad  branch  in  the    Wildwood.                                        “kickin’est mule in seven counties!”       turnaround in the county, the engine 
county.  Fluvanna  officials  dragged           The  railway  was  built  in  sections           The  line  was  completed  in  1908.     had to back all the way to its starting 
the  C&O  before  the  State  Corpora-        using  mules  and  wagon.  Mules  fur-           The 30-mile stretch began near Bre-        point in Louisa.
tion Board (SCC) and won. The C&O             nished  power  for  everything.  As              mo and stopped in Albemarle County.           By  the  end  of  1908  the  C&O  pur-
was going to be held up to its part of        many as six were hitched to a plow.              The first train ran May 1, 1908. On its    chased all of Virginia Airline Railway’s 
the deal.                                     They were known around the county                maiden  run,  students  from  Palmyra      stock.  Troy  was  then  named  presi-
                                                                                                                                          dent of the railway’s operations. The 
                                                                                                                                          C&O,  who  now  technically  owned 
                                                                                                                                          the railroad, kept a low profile since 
                                                                                                                                          the federal government has not offi-
                                                                                                                                          cially allowed the Airline to become 
                                                                                                                                          part of its larger railroad system.

                                                                                                                                          Monopoly troubles
                                                                                                                                             The  C&O  began  using  more  and 
                                                                                                                                          more  of  the  railroad  and  starting 
                                                                                                                                          forcing off local freight by raising the 
                                                                                                                                          rate. The Fluvanna Farmers Associa-
                                                                                                                                          tion dragged the C&O in front of the 
                                                                                                                                          SCC  and  alleged  that  the  C&O  was 
                                                                                                                                          now  operating  the  Airline  as  a  part 
                                                                                                                                          of its regular system. The SCC ruled 
                                                                                                                                          in  the  farmer’s  favor  and  forced  the 
                                                                                                                                          railroad to lower its rates.
                                                                                                                                             In 1912, the C&O made it official. It 
                                                                                                                                          legally acquired the Railway’s tracks, 
                                                                                                                                          land and equipment.

                                                                                                                                          Early 20th Century rail
                                                                                                                                            The  railroad  became  a  daily  part 
                                                                                                                                          of Fluvanna life. Railroad stations lit-
                                                                                                                                          tered  the  countryside.  Riders  could 
                                              Fork union Depot. Photo by Sally Browning.                                                  also  catch  the  train  at  “flag  stops,” 

28 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
                                                                                                             Roads improved                  Most read publication in the county!

                                                                                                               In  1932,  three  major 
                                                                                                             roads in Fluvanna were 
                                                                                                             hard-surfaced  and  rail                               REVIEW
                                                                                                             travel began to decline. 
                                                                                                             By  the  1950s,  passen-               Circulation: 6,000
                                                                                                             ger  travel  was  reduced       We have Fluvanna’s
                                                                                                             to one car tacked to the        News Covered, with             NEW
                                                                                                             end of the freight train.       77 pick-up locations
                                                                                                             By the late ‘60s, freight         Delivered to 3,500 homes in
                                                                                                             traffic had dwindled to           Lake Monticello, the largest
                                                                                                             an  average  of  two  cars       Community in Fluvanna County
                                                                                                             per week                             Distribution Locations
                                                                                                               In 1971 the C&O an-             1. Fluvanna Review Office
                                                                                                                                               2. Century 21 Monticello Properties
                                                                                                             nounced  it  was  aban-           3. Monticello Country Realtors
                                                                                                             doning the Airline alto-          4. Spectrum Therapy
                                                                                                             gether. After four years          5. Fluvanna Do It Best Hardware
                                                                                                                                               6. Vivus Building
                                                                                                             of  legal  wrangling,  the        7. Health Nutz
                                                                                                             Interstate  Commerce              8. Orme Fitness Center
                                                                                                                                               9. Crofton Citgo
                                                                                                             Commission  gave  its            10. Meals on Wheels
                                                                                                             blessing  to  officially         11. Shell/Dunkin' Donuts
                                                                                                                                              12. Fluvanna Family Practice
                                                                                                             shut  down  the  line.  In       13. Tucker Griffin Barnes
                                                                                                             1977  workers  began             14. Mailbox Express
                                                                                                             to dismantle the tracks          15. Mailboxes at Jefferson Center
                                                                                                                                              16. Good Neighbor Pharmacy
                                                                                                             and the last of track was        17. Video by the Lake
                                                                                                             removed Aug. 25, 1978.           18. Orme Fitness Center
                      old caboose at the Fork union depot. Photo by Sally Browning.                          Honeysuckle,  thickets 
                                                                                                                                              19. Food Lion (inside)
                                                                                                                                              20. Food Lion (outside)
                                                                                                             and  cedar  trees  now           21. Salon DeShano
where  passengers  could  display  a             lithia spring. Passengers would                             obscure the track.               22. Fluvanna Public Library
                                                                                                                                              23. Two J's Smokehouse
flag in order to catch the train. Many           disembark and bring back gallons                                                             24. E.W. Thomas (inside)
students  in  the  southern  half  of  the       of water to the train.                       Now a walking trail                             25. E.W. Thomas (outside)
                                                                                                                                              26. Strong Team Realtors
county  used  flag  stops  to  catch  the      • Troy started out being called                  Thanks  to  a  Fluvanna  grassroots           27. I Love Movies
train to the high school at Palmyra.             Clarksland and had a small stop              organization, part of the old Virginia          28. Rivahsyde Restaurant
   Mr.  Claude  Petit  made  the  most           with a modest shed. When a                                                                   29. Martha Jefferson Healthcare
                                                                                              Airline  Railway  bed  is  now  a  walk-        30. Lake Centre Mailboxes
dramatic use of a flag stop. On dark             grander and more official-looking 
                                                                                              ing trail. The Fluvanna Heritage Trail          31. Palmyra Country Store
winter mornings, he would roll up a              railroad station was built, Captain                                                          32. Dogwood Restaurant
                                                                                              Foundation  purchased  a  section               33. Kidd's Store
newspaper,  set  it  ablaze  and  wave  it       Troy was on hand for the ground-
                                                                                              of  the  right  of  way  in  Palmyra  and       34. Bremo Post Office
at the accommodating engineer who                breaking. He brazenly cut down                                                               35. Family Dollar
would recognize his unusual flag and             a persimmon tree–Fluvanna’s of-              volunteers  converted  it  to  a  trail  in 
                                                                                                                                              36. Fork Union Medical Center
bring the train to a stop.                       ficial symbol–and announced that             2004.                                           37. Raceway
                                                                                                You can access it by parking at the           38. Envoy at the Village
   The  train  moved  Fluvanna  live-            “the keystone of the community’s                                                             39. Town & Country Great Value
stock,  sorghum  molasses,  tobacco,             future prosperity would thereafter           small  lot  directly  across  from  the         40. Sal's Italian Restaurant
corn,  pulpwood,  firewood,  turkeys,            bear his own name.”                          new  courthouse  in  the  Palmyra  vil-         41. Fork Union Pharmacy
                                                                                              lage. Hikers are cautioned to stay on           42. Village Restaurant
chickens  and  rabbits.  One  could                                                                                                           43. Fork Union Motor Lodge
catch the train to Charlottesville, get        Fond memories                                  the old bed while hiking and to avoid           44. Fork Union Post Office
a  haircut  and  be  home  in  time  for                                                      the steep cliffs on the riverside. The          45. Fluvanna Community Center
                                                  Many  long-time  residents  still  re-                                                      46. Columbia Store
dinner.                                        member  the  Virginia  Railway.  Pal-          walk is easy, however; be on the look-          47. Columbia Post Office
                                               myra  folks  would  pause  to  listen  to      out for a few small tree stumps and             48. Fluvanna Middle School
                                                                                                                                              49. Fluvanna High School
Fluvanna stations                              the  clatter  of  the  heavy  coal  trains     an uneven trail in some places. There 
                                                                                                                                              50. Cuppa Joe
   Like  the  canals  before  it,  business    chugging  up  the  hill  just  before  the     are winter views of the Rivanna.                51. Chamber of Commerce
thrived around the stations. Here’s a                                                           There  are  benches  along  the  trail        52. BB&T Palmyra
                                               village. During World War II, the mili-                                                        53. School Board Office
list of some of the busier stops in the        tary  sent  special  trains  over  the  Air-   and picnic facilities soon to come.             54. Rivanna Golf Club
county.                                        line  carrying  freight  and  men.  Fork         Ultimately  this  trail  will  be  con-       55. Campbell Tire
• Cohasset served the Fork Union                                                              nected  to  the  Palmyra  Mills  site  and      56. Troy Market
                                               Union residents remember waving to                                                             57. Troy Post Office
   area. FUMA cadets would depart                                                             to the Heritage Trail at Pleasant Grove         58. Crossroads Auto Repair
                                               the  soldiers  as  they  passed  through 
   and arrive there. There was also a                                                         by a new Rt. 15 replacement bridge.             59. VA Community Bank
                                               town.                                                                                          60. Real Estate III
   cannery, hotel and oil business.                                                             It is approximately two-thirds of a           61. IHOP
                                                  It  was  a  special  treat  to  eye  the 
• Carysbrook became a thriving                                                                mile long.                                      62. Best Western Visitors Center
                                               sleek  “Southern  Crescent.”  Some-                                                            63. Burger King/Exxon
   business center. There was an 
                                               times  Pullman  cars  came  through,                                                           64. Zions Crossroads Laundry
   impressive store with an elevator,                                                           The information in this article was           65. Zions Crossroads Store
   school and post office located be-          each  window  lit  by  a  small  shaded 
                                                                                              taken from Noel Harrison’s article,             66. Ferncliff Exxon
   hind what is now the Carysbrook             lamp.  These  trains  were  known  for                                                         67. Kent's Store
                                               their  distinct  and  beautiful  whistles,     “Years with the Airline,” published in          68. Kent's Store Post Office
   complex.                                                                                                                                   69. Ferncliff Market, Rt. 250
                                               so different from the local train.             the Fluvanna County Historical Soci-
• Palmyra flourished during the                                                                                                               70. Express Pancake House
                                                  If  any  work  needed  to  be  done,        ety’s Bulletin, No. 37, April 1984. You         71. Rivanna Gear & Apparel-Pantops
   height of the railroad. Residents 
                                               the  railroad  would  bring  in  a  work       may find it in the county library at            72. Cville Downtown Mall (east)
   built sidewalks, new homes, a                                                                                                              73. Cville Downtown Mall (central)
                                               train, or “shanty train.” These camp           Carysbrook.
   church and two hotels.                                                                                                                     74. Cville Downtown Mall (west)
• Wildwood had two blacksmiths,                cars served as living quarters for the                                                         75. UVa Hospital (JPA)
                                                                                                Sally Browning was editor of the              76. UVa Hospital (The Corner)
   two livestock yards, a wood yard            workers, a motley crew of characters.                                                          77. Cville Main Post Office (Rt. 29)
   and general store. This stop                They were described by one Fluvan-             Fluvanna Review from 2003 to 2008.
   became known for its delicious              na resident as “almost as exciting as          This story first ran in the Fluvanna           To Advertise Call: 434-207-0229
   drinking water flowing from a               the coming of the gypsies.”                    Review in Jan. 6, 2005.                
                                                                                                                                     august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |         29
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Dianna Campagna. Need home deco-             Custom Buildings for details. 804-363-        tax benefits! Good credit, and a buy-         mens XL), books, and much more.
rating & remodeling ideas? Dianna can        2536.                                         er’s agent, can make this a reality. Jay
help you create a space to enjoy on any                                                    Hurdle, Associate Broker, Re/MAX As-          YARD SALE 37 Hardwood Road, Lake
budget. 15 years of experience. Call         MODULAR HOMES: why pay more?                  sured Properties, 434-906-3100. toll          Monticello on saturday August 27, 9
Blue Ridge Building supply & Home            we will beat any modular pricing! Deal        Free 866-548-7353, HURDLe1HoU@                a.m. Household and baby items, an-
Center at 434-589-2877.                      direct with the owner. Phone 434-392-                                      tique trunks, sewing machine, fabric,
                                             2211 or web www.haleyshomesinc.                                                             piano and lots of other stuff.
FREE DUMP: Local Reduce Reuse Re-                                                          THE VILLAGES AT NAHOR: Luxurious
cycle service, 11 miles from turkeysag                                                     Patio Home, open floor plan, sunroom,         YARD SALE: saturday, August 27th,
Gate. open 6 days, daylight hours.                                                         maintenance free living, 55+ communi-         8:00 a.m. until ? Intersection 659 &
Free acceptance of many items work-          NORDICTRACK TREADMILL: CoM-                                                                 601 across from kents store Post of-
                                                                                           ty, amenities. Pets considered. $ 1,500/
ing or otherwise: metal/ reusable items,     MeRCIAL 1500 treadmill, used only 7 or                                                      fice. Household furniture, Nordic Track,
                                                                                           month + deposit. Call keith smith 434-
appliances, electronics, building mate-      8 times and is just like new. I do have       531-0795 if interested. Lease option/         books and miscellaneous items. All pro-
rials, lawn equipment, bikes, furniture.     treadmill manual, and I also believe it       Purchase available. owners/Agents,            ceeds benefit American Cancer Soci-              folds up. $375.00. Call 434-591-0884.         Century21 Monticello Properties.              ety.
30 | Fluvanna Review | august 25, 2011
ABSOLUTE REAL ESTATE AUCTION                                                                                                            ESTATE SALE
      Wed. Sept. 14 at 6 pm                                                     FLUVANNA                                             August 27th 9:00 – 3:00
                                                                                                                                     August 28th 1:00 – 3:00
         James Madison Highway                                                OF
                                                                                   A& C
                                                                                 D Tap N Jazz E                                               2 Finch Ct
                Fluvanna County                                              -Royal Academy of Dance trained,                       (Intersection of Wildwood Dr & Finch Ct)

              Palmyra, VA 22963                                            Diana Freeman is offering tap lessons:
                                                                              Fridays starting September 9.
                                                                                                                                    Furniture, including Duncan Phyfe table,
                                                                                                                                    twin bed frame and headboards, queen
By order of the Harris Living Trust: 10, 8.7 & 5.8 Acres                             -Studio is located:
                                                                                    Orme Family Fitness Gym,
                                                                                                                                    mattress set, 3-pc. entertainment center;
                                                                                                                                    Karastan carpet; collectables, including
       Tracts of A-1 Zoned Land w/Perk Sites.                                      727 Lake Monticello Rd. Palmyra                  Christopher Radko and Boehm; artwork;
                                                                                                                                    jewelry; men’s and women’s clothing
                                                                                     Call: 434-591-0990 or
                            - Near 12329 James Madison Hwy.                       Cell: 703-303-2247
                                                                                                                                    and accessories; small appliances; kitch-
                                                                                                                                    enware and so much more.
                            - 3 Tracts: 10 acres, 8.75 acres, 5.887 acres                                   Present ad for entry at Lake Monticello gate

                            - Zones A-1 w/ Rt. 15 road frontage
                            - Perk sites w/paperwork on all parcels               This Week’s PeT
                            - 10 acre and 8 acre sites are contiguous
                                                                                                     Miss Clara, a pretty tortoiseshell
                            - Offered individually and as a whole                                     girl, is extremely affectionate
                                                                   Here is your ad proof. Please let me know
                                                                                                      and demands attention. She
                            - Only $10,000 suggested opening if you want changes or not. (591-1000). bit of a princess attitude -
                                                                                                       has a
                                                                                                       she can be temperamental and
                                                                                                       cranky. When she wants atten-
                                                                                                                   tion Issue
                                                                                               Fluvanna Review 08-25-11 she wants it, but when she
                               Call 540.226.1279                                                                                 does not, she wants to be left
                                                                                                                       alone! She
                                                                          Advertisements designed by the Fluvanna Review may not be enjoys playing with
                                                                                                                     toys and is
                                                                                reproduced without permission by the Fluvanna Review about two years old.
                                                                                                                           Fluvanna SPCA, 5239 Union Mills
                                                                            Miss Clara                                    Road Troy, VA (434) 591-0123.
                                                      VAAF 729             S ponSored                    by      F ork U nion A nimAl C liniC

                                                                                                                                    Fluvanna Correctional
                                                                                                                                      Center for Women
                                                                                                                                              Troy, Virginia
                                                                                                                                               Is HIrIng

                                                                             Saturday, August 27, 2011,
          Shuttle Bus Drivers (Temporary)                                         9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.                                     offICers
                                                                              Line forms at condo at 9 a.m.;
Shuttle Bus Drivers (Temporary). Monticello seeks shuttle                     Sale opens at 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.                            Starting Salary:
                                                                            Sunday, August 28, 1-4 p.m.
bus drivers. This is a great opportunity for those who enjoy                     Monday Bargains!                                      $27,485 – $31,812
working outdoors, interacting with the public, and who value                       9 a.m.-1 p.m.
                                                                                                                                    State Benefits Include:
the rich tradition of Thomas Jefferson’s historic home. A safe                Marina Point, Unit B-4
                                                                             Lake Montcello, VA 2290                                   Health Insurance
driving record is required and a proven record of delivering                Take newspaper ad for entry at Main Gate.
                                                                                                                                         Paid Vacation
excellent customer service is necessary. Candidates must have              Directions: 64E to right at Keswick Exit 129
                                                                           for 6 mi.; right on Rt. 600; right on Rt. 618 to               Sick Leave
or be able to obtain a CDL. The work schedule is weekends                  left to Main Gate; left on Jefferson for short dis-
                                                                           tance; right into Marina Point. Some visitor                   Retirement
only through the end of October. Availability on weekdays                  parking on right of parking lot; other parking
during the training period may be required. Deadline to apply              on Jefferson.                                                 Free Training
is August 31st. To apply please send a cover letter and resume             Something for everyone! Rattan patio/sun-                     Apply on-line at:
                                                                           room furniture; small copper-lined dry sink-
OR application to (preferred), by                   style chest, work bench, tools, bookcases,     
                                                                           computer desk/chair, John Barber & Ken                            by 9/2/2011
fax to 434.984.4846, or by mail to Thomas Jefferson Founda-                Saye prints, sofa, sled, lamps, rugs, side sad-
tion, Inc., ATTN: Beth Lazen, P.O. Box 316, Charlottesville,               dle, trunk, child’s Adirondack chair, end
                                                                           tables, books, vintage glider, oak 3-Pc. desk,              Equal Opportunity Employer
VA 22902. To see a complete list of open positions at the                  computer, torchiere, golf clubs, collectibles &
                                                                           more!2 electric lift chairs, hosp. bed, col-
Foundation, or to download an application visit our website:               lectibles & much more!
                                                                                                                                     Virginia Department
                                                                                                                                        of Corrections                                    Beverly Smith • 434-960-4865
                                                                                              434-984-3700 Ext. 4010
                                                                                                                          august 25, 2011 | Fluvanna Review |             31
 Century 21 Agents

 smArter. Bolder. FAster.                                                  43 Riverside Drive        103 Deerwood Drive            843 Jefferson Drive
 Reason # 21 To put the power
 of Century 21 behind you: Our
 agents are provided with extensive
 online training and continuing
                                                                            New Listing                 New Price                    New Listing
 education from Century 21 online.                                       Four bedrooms, fenced    One level living, convenient        Great patio and
                                                                          level yard, two decks   to Charlottesville and NGIC      private fenced yard,
                                                                               $148,800                   $254,900                   large living room
                                                                         Call The Queen of Sold   Call Sandy 434-960-3048               $175,000
                                                                              434-962-2095                                       Call Tom 434-962-1625
                                                                          331 Ellis Burris Lane       51 Turkeysag Trail            47 Maplevale Drive

  Tom Morace         Kyle Miller     Larry A. Miller    Yonna Smith
 434-962-1625      434-981-0799      434-960-9479      434-531-0817
   Morace@        Kyle.MillerC21@    LarryAMiller@     Yonna.Smith@         New Listing                  New Price                    New Price     Two acres, minutes to    Open floor plan, hardwood      Five bedrooms, country
                                                                          Zions Crossroads,        flooring, large level lot        porch, Jacuzzi tub
                                                                           vaulted ceilings               $158,500                      $250,000
                                                                               $74,900              Call Jen 434-989-9246        Call The Queen of Sold
                                                                         Call Lisa 434-531-0064                                       434-962-2095
                                                                            7 Arapaho Trail          10 Vine Ridge Drive           40 Englewood Drive

  Keith Smith       Jen Sample      Annette Goodson     Diane Miller
 434-531-0795     434-989-9246       434-987-4426      434-960-5856
 Keith.Smith@      JenSample@       AnnetteGoodson@    DianeMiller@     $3,000 Carpet Allowance
                                                                            Two car garage,         Huge private corner lot,     Over 3,000 sq ft of living
                                                                            over 2,000 sq ft,        multi level decking,        space, open floor plan,
                                                                         1 year home warranty         large storage shed            first floor master
                                                                               $149,000                   $279,700                      $236,500
                                                                        Call Sandy 434-960-3048    Call Diane 434-960-5856       Call Keith 434-531-0795
                                                                            4 Mesquite Place           23 Fairway Drive             317 Avalon Place

 Queen of Sold      Mike Rogers       Lisa Rogers       Sandra Hiza
 434-962-2095      434-981-8764      434-531-0064      434-960-3048
 queenofsold@     Mikerogers69@     Lisarogers86@      HizaSandy@ 
                                                                           Walk to the beach,        Overlooking the 11th          Ten wooded acres,
Wondering where all the open houses                                          fenced yard,
                                                                            paved driveway
                                                                                                   fairway, large private lot,
                                                                                                       bright terrace level
                                                                                                                                   screened in porch,
                                                                                                                                    bright level yard
are this weekend at lake monticello?                                           $150,000
                                                                         Call Kyle 434-981-0799
                                                                                                    Call Tom 434-962-1625
                                                                                                                                 Call Mike 434-981-8764                                        1 Rosewood Manor Road       141 Scarborough Place        18 Old Homestead Circle

   monticello Properties   1-800-765-3570
the Website for your real estate needs                                    Vaulted great room,       Completely remodeled              Waterviews,                                     hardwood flooring,       top to bottom, minutes to         patio and deck,
                                                                            two car garage          Charlottesville and UVA          two story foyer
                                                                               $229,000                   $179,000                      $213,000
                    Call for Mortgage Rates & Updates                   Call Larry 434-960-9479     Call Kyle 434-981-0799       Call Jen 434-989-9246
                    Carl Heimlich • 434-989-2274                         When the Market is sloW you need •                             the PoWer of Century 21

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