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					                                                                Military Education Institute
                                                                   DEGREE ROADMAP
MOS: 92Y Unit Supply Specialist
Associate in Science in Industrial Management
Academic Residency – Students must complete a minimum of 60                                                           Marcia Gross, Project Coordinator
semester hours and at least 25% (15 semester hours) of the credit                                                     Military Education Programs
hours required for the degree with Florida State College through on site                                              E-mail:
or distance learning classes.                                                                                         Phone: (904) 632-5057, Fax: (904) 632-5073

                                                                                                                       CLEP/           Florida State College
                       Degree Requirements
                                                                           E1-E4   E5  E6     E7      E8      E9      DANTES           COURSE DELIVERY
                                                                                     MOS or training-related credit
General Education – 36 semester hours                                                     Semester Hours
ENC1101 English Composition I (3)                                                                                         X              Online/CDROM
DEP2004 Human Growth and Development (3)                                                                                  X                  Online
MAT1033 Intermediate Algebra (3)                                                                                          X                  Online
HUM2450 Humanities in the Americas (3)                                                                                    X                  Online
BSC1005 Life in Its Biological Environment (3)                                                                            X                  Online
MAN2021 Principles of Management (3)                                               3     3      3      3       3          X                  Online
MAN2300 Human Resources Management (3)                                                                                    X                  Online
GEB1011 Introduction to Business (3)                                                                                      X                  Online
ECO2013 Principles of Economics I (3)                                                                                     X                  Online
BUL2131 Business Law I — The Legal Environment of Business (3)                                                            X                  Online
CGS1060 Introductory Computer Concepts (3)                                                                                X                  Online
CGS1570 Microcomputer Applications (3)                                                  3      3      3        3                             Online
                                                                                     MOS or training-related credit
Electives – 24 semester hours                                                             Semester Hours
Elective Credit for Recruit Training                                         4     4    4      4      4        4
MAN2590 Materials Management                                                 3     3    3      3      3        3                              Online
OST1355 Introduction to Records & Information Management                     3     3    3      3      3        3                              Online
OST2402 Administrative Support Systems & Procedures                                     3      3      3        3                              Online
ACG Elect                                                                               2      3      3        3
OST2771 Word Processing I                                                                                                                     Online
OST1581 Professional Development in the Work Environment                                                                                      Online
OST1100 Keyboarding/Introduction to Word Processing                                                                                           Online
      Total Hours Awarded toward completion of General Education
                       and Professional Courses                                          10        13     21      22   22   22
     Credit hours may exceed the required 60 semester hours depending on
    Total Semester Hours Required for degree completion: 60*                             60        60     60      60   60   60
    Total Semester Hours Needed to Complete Degree Program                               50        47     39      38   38   38
Credit not earned for general education requirements or professional electives via Army National Guard MOS or Training can be earned with Florida State College
courses (in class or via CLEP/DANTES exams) in a specific area. Consult your Florida State College military advisor for options.

* Total transferred credit hours may exceed 60 credits. Students must earn all required credits to earn degree.

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