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					A debate speech
Motion: That pop singers and artists of Hong Kong are unsuitable role models for
Hong Kong youth.                                             6A Ko Chung Yan Joanne

Opposition side

Ladies and Gentlemen,
The motion that pop singers and artists of Hong Kong are unsuitable role models for
Hong Kong youth must not stand.

First of all, I would like to define the motion. A role model is someone who sends a
positive message to people locally or internationally and is worthy of learning by the
general public. However, an unsuitable role model does not necessarily carry the
direct opposite meaning of a role model. An unsuitable role model is somebody who
does not learn from mistakes, having no intention to correct themselves and
continuously sends people a negative image.

There are generally two types of role models. One type of them is people who
continuously send home a positive and decent message. Take Leo Ku as an example.
Ku was declared one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Persons” because his hard work
on music, film career and excellence in commitment to the community was
recognized. Apparently, he is a suitable role model for Hong Kong youth. Another
type of role model is people who do not send a suitable message all the time but they
do stand in front of the spotlight to apologize for their indecent behaviour. Michael
Tse Tin-wa and Angela Tong Ying-ying are perfect examples representing this type of
role model. They were accused of committing drink-driving but then they admitted
their wrong doings and promised not to repeat the blunder again. Despite their
indecent behaviour, teens could still learn a lesson that admitting their mistakes is far
better than sitting idly and remaining indifferent to the judges’ decision.

The affirmative side argued that saying sorry is useless and having committed no
crimes is the best. But I would like to ask the following questions – what can one do
then after making mistakes? Does a single blunder make a person an unsuitable role
model? Definitely not! It is also unfair for us to cross out the good deeds of those pop
singers and artists by regarding them as unsuitable role models. If what the
affirmative said is true, then, no one in the entire world can be a role model because
we are all sinners. Anyone who confesses to God will be forgiven and so do those
‘seemingly’ unsuitable role models. Those artists and singers braved the cold faces of

the public and decided to apologize. They possess a precious quality that most of the
Hong Kong youth lack – courage. Therefore, the brave and confident acts embraced
by these artists and singers still make appreciable role models for Hong Kong

Furthermore, our dear opponents have stated that the artists and singers are saying
sorry for their faces. And behind the camera, they are enjoying their ‘glamorous’
private lives, ignoring their promises to the public. It is definitely unsound to make
this statement. I think our opponents have drawn an invalid conclusion that pop
singers are artists behave like complete monsters behind spotlight. How do we know
that? It is from the rumours played up by the media – magazines, newspaper – and the
paparazzi is the culprit responsible for reporting or sometimes making up news. Most
often, we give comment on these pop singers and artists simply based on the
newspaper reports. We do not actually know them. As a consequence, it is
inappropriate to conclude that artists and singers are unsuitable role models behind the
camera. Unless we know these celebrities, we are qualified to judge whether they
have a good personality.

As what my teammates have mentioned, the worrying deeds done by the specific
people are just the tip of the iceberg. However, my dear opponents think otherwise
that ‘a single tip of the iceberg’ can cause disastrous damage to teens’ mental health. I
did point out that the stars’ willingness to admit and learn from mistakes is worthy of
learning, despite the fact that once they were undesirable role models. But then, living
in such a complex city, it is, us, the youth, who are responsible for picking up the right
message and choosing whether to judge the right or wrongs of the celebrities. We
ought to have a critical thinking. To a certain extent, the pop singers; and artist’
apologies in front of the camera have told us not to repeat the mistakes committed by
them. Given this clear indication about their wrong doings, the effects on teenagers
should be minimized.

Overall speaking, the majority of pop singers and artists have a good and decent
image. I would like to name a few persons to verify my point of view – Kelly Chen,
Andy Lau and Leo Ku. Who are they? Ladies and gentlemen, they are famous for
their great contribution to the society and are the role models for Hong Kong youth.
The extreme behaviour of a couple of pop stars’ are just the tip of the iceberg. Yes,
they may not be lovely persons when they break the law. However, when they decide
to compensate for their mistakes by taking apologizing and making promises as their
first step, why not let them start all over again? We should not make an assertive

decision that they are unsuitable role models since they committed one single blunder,
be it big or small. Ladies and gentlemen, that pop singers pop singers and artists of
Hong Kong are unsuitable role models for Hong Kong youth must not stand.


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