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					                                                                                                            J U N E 2 0 1 0

                                        A P u b l i c a t i o n o f H o l y Tr i n i t y E v a n g e l i c a l L u t h e r a n C h u r c h

HTLC 50th Anniversary                   Pastor’s Page
Pictorial Directory                         June brings with it its own kind of excitement. Graduations have occurred
For those who have not yet received     or are happening. The anticipation of summer fun and gentle days with warm
the beautiful pictorial directories,    weather invites us into a kind of holy hospitality. The Spirit that we celebrated
they are available in the library       with fervor in May seems to come to us in a bit more playful arenas in June.
after worship services during the       One of the rhythms of life at Holy Trinity is that each year in June your newly
month of June.                          elected church Council share a one-day retreat together. The goal is to gather
                                        in the newer members, recollecting and renewing our vision for leadership at
Celebrating our                         Holy Trinity, focusing our sights on the goals we have set as a congregation and
50th anniversary                        listening for the ongoing guidance of the Spirit of the Living God. Please keep
through outreach                        the Council Members in your prayers as they strive to serve in ways that reflect
Interfaith Refugee and                  God’s goodness and vision.
Immigration Service (IRIS)                  Our summer worship will be a musically sprite liturgy called Morning
and Community Outreach &                Praise which we have used many times in summers past. It is a simple and
Advocacy Ministry committee                                                                       “Pastor’s Page” continued on page 5

of HTLC plan to help resettle a
family in the local community.          Music
Read how you can help on page 4             Even though the Marasco Family has now moved to Tennessee, Music 4 Meals
“Celebrating our 50th anniversary...”   is still going strong. Before Chris Marasco moved, he got together with two of his
                                        friends and made a DVD of their impromptu concert they performed. Chris then
                                        had the idea to make the DVD available for $20 with the proceeds going to Holy
                                        Trinity Music 4 Meals. So far, the funds raised are $600. The DVD has many songs
                                        on it. If you are interested in purchasing a DVD for this worthy cause, please
                                        contact me. — Sheri Groenveld
F a t h e r ’ s D a y
J   u   n   e   2   0                                                                    w w w . h t l c t o . o r g
                                                              Manna item for June: BAKING MIXES. Place
                                                              donations of any non-perishable food item in the
                                                              Manna basket located in the narthex. Thank you for
  Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church                    your continued support.

       Serving Christ in our neighbor                         Future Tempo Newsletter deadlines:
         Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church             Thursday/noon . . Publish month
               1 West Avenida de los Arboles                       May 20 . . . . . . . . . . . .June
               Thousand Oaks CA 91360-2939
                                                                   June 17 . . . . . . . . . . . .July
          805 492-1234 office  805 493-5390 fax
                     website                      July 15 . . . . . . . . . . . .August
                      e-mail             August 19 . . . . . . . . .September
                                                                   September 16 . . . . . .October
                                                                   October 21 . . . . . . . . .November
                         Staff Members
                         Pastor   Frank Nausin                     November 18 . . . . . .December
                         Pastor   Janet Hansted Meadors            December 16 . . . . . . .January
                Youth Minister    Shannon Savage-Howie,
                                                              Send articles and information to Lynn Youngren,
                                  Associate in Ministry, MA
     Informal Worship Leader      Katie Bode                  youngrenpro@, or call
             Church Secretary     Frankie Hale                805 990-3006, 7 am - 7 pm, daily.
      Secretary of Publications   Lynn Youngren
                   Bookkeeper     Jim Lieberknecht            THEA Women’s Circle meets Tuesday, June
                      Organist    Virginia Walters            1, at 7:30 pm, at the home of Rheni Pasricha. Reading
         Senior Choir Director    George Swanson
            Handbell Director                                 is Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Stout. Contact Dixie
                    Custodian     Kimberly Young              Hanson for more information.
         Audio/PA Technician      Scott Youngren
Director of Children’s Ministries Rose Egertson               Ruth Circle to meet Monday, June 7, at
         Nursery Coordinator      RoxAnn Lewis                Mimi’s Cafe at 6:00 pm, for the annual end
                 Nursery Staff    Jill Jensen
                                                              of the year dinner. Contact Dixie Hanson for more
                  Parish Nurse    Rose Egertson
               Village Sunday School Leaders
                Co-Directors   Michelle Goetsch               Pastor Frank is on sabbatical May through
                               Amy Shafer
                                                              August 1, 2010. This is a time of renewal, rest, and
            Honey Tree Early Childhood Center
           805 492-1232 office            study. Pastor Janet will cover many of Pastor Frank’s
                     Director  Calla Chevalier                duties during this time.
                    Secretary  RoxAnn Lewis
                            v v v                             Bible studies take a break on Monday evenings
           In case of Pastoral emergency contact:             and Tuesday mornings until September while Pastor
                     805 492-1234, press 1.
                                                              Frank is on sabbatical.
                            v v v
         Change of mailing address, phone number              Save the date! September 24-26, 2010,
            e-mail address or other information:              Lutheran Men’s Advance at El Camino Pines.
               Notify church office 805 492-1234
                e-mail                Fellowship, spirituality and growth in an awesome
                            v v v                             mountain setting for men of all ages. Contact Fred
         TEMPO Newsletter is a monthly publication.           Lindberg for details.
       Submit articles to:
       Questions? Contact Lynn Youngren 805 990-3006
    The Evangelism Ministry members had a very busy            journey. It was awesome and we only wish everyone
first Sunday in May. As usual it was “Name Tag Sunday”         could have witnessed those special moments. Perhaps
and “kisses” were flying! We have come to believe              we will be able to reenact it or at least put most of it to
everyone likes that reminder as no one complains and we        paper to share right here in our Tempo Newsletter. In the
find many are already sporting their name tag when they        meanwhile, we have one of our ministry members, Karis
get to our table – could it be working?                        Lawson Boot, who is sharing her journey with us below.
    In addition to Name Tag Sunday, we welcomed three          If you recall, Katie Powers shared her journey with us just
new members to the congregation: Marty and Michael             a month or so ago. We hope we will be able to continue
McCambridge, joining at the 11 o’clock service and             this sharing of journeys without limit. In this challenged
Marcus Green, joining at the 9:45 am service. Mr. Green        world it can be healing and beneficial to self and to
was probably one of most enthusiastic new members ever,        others. — Marylu Single
by sharing with the congregation his personal spiritual

                                               A Spiritual Journey
                                                   by Karis Lawson Booth
In the Evangelism Committee they have asked each               impact my journey. My faith in God is strengthened by
of us to share and reflect on our personal spiritual           the community of believers I connect with every Sunday.
journey. Growing up in a pastoral family church and the        My faith in God is strengthened by the powerful and
“business of faith” comes as natural as breathing. Family      insightful sermons our pastors share with us. My faith
activities circle around the church – Luther League, camp,     in God is fueled by the memories of my wonderful father
Sunday school, VBS, confirmation classes. My own               – who passionately and very personally laid a foundation
family incorporated a very personal active faith as well,      of a living, loving and ALIVE God who has given His all
praying together nightly, singing hymns, saying grace          in all for me – and for all of us. I am charged with laying
before meals (even when we were out to dinner, which           the same foundation for our son – setting him on his
as a teenager mortified me). I am blessed to have a solid      own spiritual journey so he can find a place and a pace
foundation laid out for me by my parents. But that is not      that works for him. As a mother I can connect with the
to say that journeys don’t have ups and downs. I recall        unconditional love that I have for my child and it gives
times in High School and College when I purposively            me a better understanding of the love God has for us all.
went a different direction than my parents – testing out       I am so thankful for my family – my mom and dad – who
my own path. Through that whole time, however, I know          devoted their lives to the church and laid foundations
that these paths were leading me full circle. I would          for my journey. I am so thankful that I actively took up
have to say that it has been as a mother that my spiritual     a walk of faith and that I am now working on laying a
journey has really come back to its roots. Moving back         foundation for my family. The Evangelism Committee
to my childhood home, walking the CLU campus with              would like to encourage each of you to tell someone else
our son, hiking up to the cross, joining Holy Trinity          about your own spiritual journey!
(which is such a personal part of my family’s past) heavily
                                                            Celebrating our
                           Calling all artists,             50th anniversary
                           instrumentalists,                through outreach
                           vocalists, thespians                 On May 16, at the Spiritual Growth Forum, Debbie
                           and volunteers of                Decker spoke to our congregation. Debbie is from the
                                                            Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Service (IRIS) who
                           all ages
                                                            works to provide a gracious welcome and tangible
     In October, the Stewardship Committee will host        tools for self sufficiency to refugees newly relocated
three pot luck suppers.                                     to the United States. IRIS is a local affiliate of the
       an art gallery evening                               Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services located in
            a musical review night, and                     Los Angeles.
                a dinner theater!                               Four short years ago, IRIS served just 110 arrivals,
     Members and friends of all ages, stripes and talents   but increased the next year to over 500. Between 2007
will be involved and celebrated at each supper. In          and the present the numbers have steadily increased.
addition to our main events, each program will include an   In 2009, approximately 1,300 were resettled. Our help
opportunity for you to turn-in your 2011 financial pledge   is needed as the numbers continue to grow.
to sustain our life-giving ministries and to affirm your        As a way to celebrate our 50th anniversary,
desire to share your God-given time and talents with your   the Community Outreach & Advocacy Ministry
Holy Trinity family.                                        committee thought that helping resettle a family
     If you would like to get involved in any way—          would be a wonderful way to celebrate our
perform, create, sing or volunteer—at our Stewardship       commitment to the global and local communities.
suppers in October, please contact Anne King.               We can help by choosing rooms for a family and
     So get excited and spread the word about our           furnishing the items needed for each room. Many of
fabulous Stewardship suppers! — Anne King                   the items could be from our own homes and give us a
                                                            chance to do some spring cleaning.
                                                                Examples of items for the kitchen are: dining
                                                            table/chairs, kitchen utensils, mugs, drinking glasses,
                                                            silverware, pots, pans, dish towels, coffee pot,
THANK YOU!                                                  measuring cups/spoons, can opener, mixing bowls and
Silent auction and dinner at Chuy’s                         cutting board.
and electronic recycling                                        Bedroom items - new sheets, new pillows,
The high school youth would like to thank all of you who    blankets, chest of drawers, hangers, nightstand, alarm
supported our fund raisers on May 18th and 22nd!            clock, waste basket and a lamp.
The dinner and auction was a wonderful night of                 Bathroom items - Towels, toothpaste,
fellowship and food, and your support for the electronics   toothbrushes, shampoo, waste basket, bath rug,
recycling not only helps us as a fund raiser, but is        shower curtain, toilet brush, bathroom cleaners, soap,
important as we seek to be good stewards of the earth.      bucket and a mop.
This will help us make our way to El Salvador.                  Please look for additional information coming to
We have 21 youth and adults who will be traveling           you in a future Tempo Newsletter and bulletin articles.
together July 23-30. This trip would not be possible for    If you are interested in helping with this project,
many of the participants without your continued love and    please let our committee or Pastor Janet know. Thank
support. Thank you! — Shannon Savage-Howie                  you. — Dixie Hanson and Sheri Groenveld

                  HELP WANTED                                  HELP WANTED
                  Two volunteer positions                      Director of Children’s Ministry
                  Available at 9:45 am worship                     Applications are currently being accepted for the
                              The Informal Worship             Director of Children’s Ministries position. The person in
                          Service Projection Team is           this position is the primary coordinator of ministries that
                          looking for another member to        involve children ages birth – 6th grade, including our
                          help with the 9:45 am service. If    Village Sunday School, 4-6th grade ministries, and special
you know Microsoft PowerPoint or would like to learn it,       events focused on elementary age children. This person
and can attend the Informal Service about once a month,        will work cooperatively with Pastor Janet and Shannon
we would like to have you on our team. Generally, the          Savage-Howie to develop and implement our overall
position requires 2-4 hours of preparation time the week       family ministry goals and activities. The position is part-
you are responsible for projecting the service information.    time, approximately 10-12 hours per week, 10 months of
    If you can’t join the PowerPoint team at this time but     the year. Rose Egertson has chosen to step down as she is
are willing to be a ‘button pusher’ when one of our team       currently working full-time outside the home.
can create the presentation but can’t be at the 9:45 am            Job descriptions and applications are available
service, please let us know. A ‘button pusher’ loads the       from Frankie in the church office. Interested members
presentation into the computer and then presses the            may contact Pastor Janet or Rose Egertson if you have
down arrow when it is time to advance to the next slide.       questions or would like to discuss the position in more
    Training and support are available for both positions.     detail. Application deadline is Sunday, June 6th.
Please contact Dona Pugh or Krister Swanson if

“Pastor’s Page” continued from cover page
gentle style of worship – fitting for helping us to relish     that mean the most to us, the gift of meaningful work,
in the gifts of summer. The summer weeks go by                 the promise of forgiveness that never lets go of us,
quickly, yet they provide a wonderful opportunity to           the taste of lemonade, the amazing joy of creation—
introduce some new adventure in your family’s spiritual        especially water!
journey—things like: Make a new family tradition •                 The gospel of John quotes Jesus as saying, “I have
learn a new bible verse each week together • try out a         told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy
new ritual that is unique to what your family enjoys.          may be complete.”
What do you love about summer? • Create a two-word                 We are loved, we have a permanent place in the
gratitude prayer that you use every time you enjoy your        family of God, we have a purpose as workers with God
favorite foods, books, hikes, slip & slides, or cannon balls   in building God’s realm. What makes our lives complete
into the pool…the possibilities are endless! • Commit to       has all been provided. May all this give you deep and
summer evening walks as your devotions or offer some           abiding joy, as you begin the summer season!
summer volunteering – just because you can • bedtime               Gone Fishing, (just kidding!) J
conversations that help you name all the ways you saw              God’s peaceful Spirit breathe refreshment into your
God at work during that day. • Remember your baptism           days, Pastor Janet
as you splash in the pool or wade into the ocean!
    Summer can be a grand Sabbath for breathing deep
and reflecting on the richness of life, the relationships

                    all who
      Than k you to
               blood on
      donated atch in
       May 16. wsletter
       Tempo   Ne
                day bulle r
       and Sun           fo
        announc lood drive.
        the next
                                                  Rose Egertson, RN

                                            Water, Water Everywhere…
    Many people carry water with them wherever they            water established by the United States Pharmacopoeia
go, some pre-bottled and some bottled at home. What do         (USP). The two largest waters brands, Aquafina and
you know about the different bottled waters? The U.S.          Dasani, are such waters.
Food and Drug Administration regulates bottled water as            Sparkling Bottled Water: Water must, after treatment
a food product, so companies must adhere to FDA quality        and possible replacement of carbon dioxide, contain
standards, labeling regulations and manufacturing              the same amount of carbon dioxide that it had when it
practices. The FDA also requires beverage companies            came from its source. One important note: soda water,
to label bottled water to specifically indicate where the      seltzer water and tonic water are not considered sparking
water came from and state whether it has been purified or      bottled waters. Defined as soft drinks, they are regulated
carbonated.                                                    separately and may contain sugar and calories.
    Read those labels carefully. Here’s what the most              Spring Water: Spring water derives from an
common terms mean:                                             underground formation from which water flows naturally
    Drinking Water: Drinking water, another name for           to the surface. Spring water may be collected only at the
bottled water, is sold for human consumption in sanitary       spring or through a borehole tapping the underground
containers. It contains no added sweeteners or chemical        flow. Popular brands of spring water are Poland Spring
additives except safe and suitable disinfectants. It must be   and Arrowhead.
calorie-free and sugar-free. Flavors, extracts, or essences        Tap Water: Many municipal water supplies, such
may be added to drinking water, but they must comprise         as New York City, provide water that is as pure as the
less than one percent by weight of the final product, or       most expensive bottled varieties. By law, municipal
the product will be considered a soft drink.                   water authorities must supply customers with a chemical
    Mineral Water: Bottled water containing not less           analysis of their water composition. You can research the
than 250 parts per million total dissolved solids may be       quality of your local water supply at the EPA website.
labeled as mineral water. Unlike other types of bottled            Filtering your own water at home allows you to
water, mineral water can not contain any additives:            save money and cuts down on excess waste generated
all minerals and trace elements must be present at the         by discarded plastic water bottles—check your local
water’s source. Also, mineral water must come from a           supermarket for reusable stainless steel or BPA-free
geologically and physically protected underground water        plastic bottles. In addition to saving some cash, this is
source. Many of the imported water brands, including           an easy area in which to be environmentally conscious:
Evian and Apollinaris are examples.                            it takes some plastic water bottles up to 100 years to
    Purified Water: Water must be purified by                  decompose in a landfill.
distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis or other                  Reprint from article at
suitable processes that meet the definition of purified
                                                                              Holy Trinity Helps
Sunday mornings
                                                                              Habitat for Humanity
9:45 am, Fireside Room
                                                               Something exciting is going on right now in
 6 No forum, Family Faith Worship in the sanctuary         Thousand Oaks. Habitat is building a new home for
13 Report from the delegates to the Synod Assembly         a deserving family that is located at Houston and
20 No forum                                                Hillcrest. If you’re driving down Hillcrest look for
27 Reception in the library for Joyce Geeting where she    the new construction. The second story of the house
    will talk about her recently published book Janos      is already underway! A way that Habitat needed our
    Starker: King of Cellists                              help is that our church will be providing lunch to the
                                                           volunteers on the 2nd Saturday of the month through
                                                           the rest of the summer and fall. We provided our first
                                                           lunch on May 8th and it was a great success. We had a
                                                           nice lunch of sandwiches, salads, fruit, chips and soda/
              Southwest Synod
                                                           waters. Thank you to the following people:
             Women of the ELCA
                                                           Stacey Wise for bringing all of the lunch meat and
             Biennial Convention                           cheese.
        Crowne Plaza, Ventura, California                  Janet Nokelby for bring all of the bread.
             October 8 – 10, 2010                          Ronn Farland for his Southwestern salad and making
    Calling all women – young and young at heart! The      the sandwiches.
theme of our fall convention is “Carried by Him.”          Sally and Larry Johnson for their delicious pasta salad
    Our Keynote speaker is Sharon Heck, Churchwide         and making sandwiches.
Board, Women of the ELCA. Early bird registration          Cindy Powers for supplying all of the chips.
is $100. All youth ages 12-19 are $60.00. Registration     June Slattum for bringing the soda and waters.
includes convention packet, lunch and banquet dinner.      Page Syverson for bring waters.
Join with women of all ages, gathering from across the     Laurel Engstrom for bringing grapes.
Southwest California Synod for a weekend of soul-filling   Dixie Hanson for bring watermelon, making
workshops, Bible studies, music, prayer and worship.       sandwiches and all of the transportation of the food
Please pick-up a flyer in the narthex or church office.    and serving.
                                                               I am so amazed at how this congregation answers a
                                                           request for help with a whole hearted “yes!”
                                                               I am now looking for lunch fixings and helpers
                                                           for the June 12th lunch. If you can help, please call
                                                           or e-mail me. Thanks be to God! — Sheri Groenveld,
                                                           Community Outreach & Advocacy Ministry

             Even when you’re on vacation
                                                     Milestone Ministry
                                                     Graduation Hall of Fame - June 6
                                                     On June 6th at all 3 services, 8:15, 9:45, and 11:00 am, we celebrate
                                                     our Holy Trinity Graduates. Hopefully, you had a chance to stop by
                                                     the patio on Sunday mornings and sign their posters with prayers,
                                                     memories or best wishes. We will bless our graduates and present
                                                     them with their posters on June 6th. — Miriam Nakayama

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES                                           Emily Carr – B.A. in Advertising from San Diego State
Emily Arndt – Thousand Oaks High School                            University
  Going to UC San Diego, majoring in International              Kevin Holt – B.A. in Communication/minor in Religion
  Relations/Economics                                              from California Lutheran University
Matthew Bague – Westlake High School                            Laura Leahy – B.S. in Business Administration, minor in
  Going to Cal Poly, SLO, majoring in Computer                     music from University of Oregon
  Engineering                                                   Liz Mersing – B.A. in Psychology from UC Santa Cruz
Egan Escudero – Thousand Oaks High School                       Michelle Morrow – B.S. in Kinesiology, Pre-Physical
  Going to Pepperdine University                                   Therapy from Humboldt State University. Planning
Todd Johnson Egertson – Thousand Oaks High School                  to go to Chapman University for Doctor of Physical
  Working at El Camino Pines                                       Therapy
Kevin Lister – Thousand Oaks High School                        Katie Nakayama – B.A. in International Studies/minor in
  Going to Moorpark Community College                              Business from Washington College, Chestertown, MD
Samantha Macaluso – Thousand Oaks High School                   Edward Nanyaro – B.A. in Economics and B.S. in
  Going to California Lutheran University, majoring in             Computer Science from California Lutheran University
  Political Science                                             Daniel Pohlman – B.S. in Chemical Engineering from
Amanda Robone – Thousand Oaks High School                          University of Notre Dame
  Going to Moorpark Community College                           Nicole Ruth – B.S. in Business-Global Supply Chain
Cameron Schneider – Thousand Oaks High School                      Management from CSU San Marcos
  Going to UC Santa Barbara                                     Annie Slattum – B.A. Double major in English and Social
Cayley Smalling – Westlake High School                             Science from Westmont College
  Going to University of San Diego                              Amy Williams – B.A. in Education from California
COLLEGE GRADUATES                                                  Lutheran University
John Paul Abraham – B.A. in English from CSU Channel            POST GRADUATES
  Islands, going for his teaching credential.                   Shannon Savage-Howie – M.A. in Children, Youth and
Dawn Brunsell – B.A in Psychology from University of               Family Ministry from Luther Seminary
  San Diego. Going to CSU Northridge for a masters in           Tracy Abraham – M.A. in Reading Curriculum from
  school psychology                                                California Lutheran University
Bryant Johnson – B.A. in Economics from California              Krister Swanson – Ph.D. in History from University of
  Lutheran University                                              California, Santa Barbara

YOUTH NEWS      Middle School Events:
                      No Confirmation
                      Faith Family Worship/Family and Mentor Picnic
                      Middle School/High School Event
                20:   Father’s Day - no middle school event
                23:   Pool Party

                Confirmation will break for the summer following the BBQ on June 6th. The 6th-8th grade students
                will have pool parties on Thursday nights during the summer. Check emails and future Tempo
                Newsletters for dates. Pool Parties for the middle school youth will be held from 6:00 - 8:00 pm every
                other Thursday night.

                High School Events:
                1:    Youth Group
                2:    El Salvador Pre-Trip Meeting
                6:    Faith Family Worship
                8:    Youth Group
                13:   Summer Kick-Off at the Beach
                16:   Middle School/High School Event
                20:   Father’s Day – no high school event
                27:   Pool Party

                High School events are open to all students in 9th-12th grade. On Sunday morning we meet in the
                Hut at 11am for an education hour. On Tuesday nights we meet in the Hut from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
                for a time of fellowship, worship, and faithful conversation. Please check your email for additional
                information regarding events for the month.
                During the summer we meet on Sunday nights
                from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at someone’s home for a pool party
                with pizza and Bible study.
                After June 8th we will stop our regular Tuesday night
                meetings until September.

                For information contact Shannon Savage-Howie                805 492-1234

 Confirmation Summer Trip                El Salvador participant                     High School Summer Trip
 Beach Camp                              information meeting                         El Salvador
 June 27 - July 3, 2010                  June 2, 2010, at 7:00 pm                    July 23-30, 2010
                                                                                 ’s Ministri
                                                                       Ch ildr en            es
                       Honey Tree Early
                       Childhood Center
                       Calla Chevalier, Director
                                                                  Partnering with families in teaching children to love,
                                                                            live, and learn the Word of God.
       June brings the close of our 37th school year! The                       Rose Egertson, Director
children and families will participate in our Closing                 Along with summer vacations and longer days,
Singing Programs and Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, June            June also brings us to the close of the Sunday School
8 or Wednesday, June 9. Our Kindergarten Graduation               year. Our Village Sunday School is only possible
Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 9.                    through the time and talent volunteered by many
       At the end of a school year we reflect on the children’s   people here at HTLC.
growth and development: it has unfolded so naturally              Our thanks and appreciation go to: Pre-K - Marlene
and by God’s design! We look back on the learning that            Hernandez, Mindy Vanderlip, Julie Marasco, Miriam
has taken place and the fun we as teachers have been              Nakayama. K/1st grade - Karis Booth, Karen Egertson,
privileged to share with our classes.                             Caitlin Jensen, Wayne Barber. 2nd/3rd grades - Rhondi
   We Will Remember:                                              Ewing, June Slattum, Marylu Single. 4th/5th grades
   With affection, the sounds of children playing, singing,       - Sheri Groenveld, Laurel Engstrom, Anne King, Kathy
         and laughing                                             Jensen, Kerri Levine, Kathy Lindgren. 6th grade - Rob
   The school events of Open House, Halloween Parades,            and Colleen Hill; Jody Rehder, Sherrie and Gary Bague.
         Christmas Singing Programs, Honey Tree Sunday            Sunday School Co-Directors - Amy Shafer and Michelle
         and Chapel Times with Pastor Frank, Pastor Janet         Goetsch. Nursery - RoxAnn Lewis, Jill Jensen. Aisle
         and Mrs. Chevalier.                                      Cruisers Director - Steve Johnson-Egertson. Milestones
   Special times shared by parents and children at                Ministry - Miriam Nakayama. And thank you to the
         Creativity Night and Mother’s Day Celebrations           congregation for other contributions of time, talent,
   Community Helper visits from the dentist, doctor, and          goodies, support, and prayer!
         firefighters with their fire truck, the police officer       Sign up now for Vacation Bible School Day Camp
         and his K-9 companion dog                                on August 2-6 for children entering K - 6th grade,
   Kindergarten field trip on the train to Santa Barbara          9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, and
         Zoo and Parent/2s Class field trips to the pumpkin       9:00 am - 12 noon on Friday. Join in the fun as we study
         patch and Thousand Oaks Library.                         the Bible, sing, play, make crafts, eat snacks, and spend
   The children have learned their colors, shapes,                time with friends. Camp counselors from El Camino
         numbers and letters but more importantly, they           Pines lead all the activities. Fee for the week is $100.
         have learned to share and care, to listen and laugh,     Registration forms are available in the church office.
         to create, explore and discover.                             As you are relaxing and refreshing your mind and
                                                                  soul over this summer, please consider volunteering
                                                                  your presence in our Sunday School. Our model will
                                                                  change a little as we welcome some of the youth into
                                                                  our classrooms to assist in getting the message of Jesus
                                                                  across to our children. Look for more information. We
                June 8 & June 9                                   welcome you and whatever time and talents you would
                                                                  like to share with us!
       Closing programs at Honey Tree
 10
Conejo Valley Meals                                              The latest news for the library is our sponsorship
                                                             of Joyce Geeting, author of her new book titled, Janos
served this past May
                                                             Starker: King of Cellist. Joyce is a recent member to
    Thank you to all of the wonderful volunteers who         our church who performs on the cello frequently
made and helped serve the delicious dinner on May 17th.      during worship services. She is a professor of music at
Main dishes were provided by: Nancy Truex, Velvet            California Lutheran University.
Rowe, Sabrina Erickson, Janet Nokelby, Nancy Doyle and           The event is Sunday, June 27, at 9:45 am, in the
Jennifer Brown                                               library. Joyce is looking forward “to talking about my
Fruit: Laurel Engstrom                                       favorite subject, Janos Starker”.
Rolls and drinks: Cory Syverson                                  According to Fred Tonsing’s quote in The Ventura
Dessert: Jeanne Balsley, Mike Sadowski and Sarah             County Star Newspaper, “Dr. Geeting’s analysis of
Morton                                                       Starker’s teaching methods, as well as insights into
We also had lots of people helping out and serving - Kori    his virtuosity make reading this book a must not only
and Luke Groenveld, Sabrina Erickson and family, Cory        for musicians ...but for anyone who is interested in the
Syverson, Mike Shafer and Jennifer Brown with her            formation of human character and the quality of the
family.                                                      human endeavor.”
Thank you also to our hosts in May: Dixie Hanson, Joan           No registration to attend is necessary, just enjoy our
Cressman, Juanita Stephenson and Sue Corey.                  punch and cookies and hear the author in person on
    If you are interested in bringing food for the June      Sunday, June 27th. — Elda Soderquist, Library Chair
meal on 6/21, please let me know. Thanks Be to God!
— Sheri Groenveld

"Every word of the New Testament suggests to us that it is
of supreme importance that we live our lives in a state of
continuous expansion, expansion of heart and expansion
of Spirit, growing in love and becoming more firmly
rooted in God." – Moment of Christ by John Main
    Do you need to feel closer to God in these troubled
times? Meditation group meets on Thursday afternoons
from 4:30 to 5:30 PM, in the narthex lounge. Please join
us. Contact Miriam Nakayama if you have questions.

                                                                                                                     11 
A mo ng O u r se l ve s                                       ��������������������������������������������������
To all our friends in the HTLC family,
       Thank you so very much for the on-going prayers,
cards, dinners, and the kind words of sympathy during
the decline and after the death of my mother, Mary
Kendrick. We thought we were ready, as she was, for
her to go where God’s face shines brightest, but when
it is all said and done, losing my mother was hard for
everyone in our family. Your love and support is helping
us through this time.
                        Jean and Steve Kammerer
                                                              ����� �������������������������������������������
                               Jill Jensen has been helping
                               in the nursery at HTLC
                               during her years as a
                               CLU student. She recently
                               received her teaching
                               certificate in a ceremony
                               this month at CLU.

As an extension of
the Tuesday morning
Bible study, Adrian
Popa expanded on our                                           ���������������
view of the changing                                                                   ����������������������
universe as it relates to                                      � ������������������������������������������
Christianity. He also                                           �����������������������������������������������������������

helped the Scandinavian                                                                 � ���������������������������
Center honor the 50th                                              � �����������������������������������
anniversary of the laser in a Brown-Bag presentation
there, including reference to the early role of a Swedish      ������������������������������������������������
scientist. — Richard Londgren, photographer                    ���������������������������������
 12
                                               Worship Leaders
Deacons           8:15                                  9:45                            11:00
6                 Jerry Miller                                                          Michelle Goetsch
                  Robert Heninger                                                       Mike Sadowski
20                Jean Kammerer                                                         Kapp Johnson
                  Clarence Single                                                       Rhondi Ewing
Readers           8:15                                  9:45                            11:00
6                 Julie Ruth                                                            Ruthanne Dudik
13                Christa Lyneis                                                        Dev Leahy
20                Julie Ruth                                                            Bonnie Johnson
27                Kevin Berlin                                                          Marlene Rosselli
Ushers            8:15                                  9:45                            11:00
6                 Paul Hanson                           Pauline Curson                  Frank Schaible
                  Gary Gitch                                                            Joyce Schaible
13                Bill Hurley                           Dale Adrion                     Dennis Dilworth
                  Mary Hurley                                                           Bonnie Dilworth
20                Bruce Mason                           Mark Braaten                    Ron Kragthorpe
                  Ed Dziedzic                                                           Steve Levine
27                Don Morrow                            Jim Marshall                    Tom Ferry
                  Laurie Morrow                         Shauna Marshall                 Sherry Ferry
Acolytes          8:15                                  9:45                            11:00
6                 Ally Sadowski                                                         Savannah Macaluso
                  Parker Wismar                                                         Alexis Lammawin                        JU
13                Lauren Dziedzic                                                       Alex Wenker
                  John Arndt
20                Carl Engstrom                                                         James Arndt                            A
                                                                                        Karston Wise
27                Jahna Lindgren                                                        David Dugan                            2

                  Rebecca Llewellyn                                                     Kori Groenveld                         29
Greeters          8:15                                  9:45                            11:00
6                 Georgia Bandy                                                         Christa Lyneis
13                Kevin Berlin                                                          Suzanne & Dennis Hardy
20                Jeron Bezemer                                                         Pam Pfeiffer
27                Grace & Bob Brunsell                                                  Carole Scott
P. A. Tech        8:15                                  9:45                            11:00
                  Logan Anderson                        Garrett Korpinen                Espen Slattum
Nursery           8:15                                  9:45                            11:00
                  RoxAnn Lewis                          RoxAnn Lewis                    RoxAnn Lewis

     Thank you for your gift of service during worship. If you are unable to fulfill your assigned day, please notify the
             church office at 805 492-1234 as soon as possible with the name of your replacement. Thank you.

                                                                                                                        13 
                                                            9:00 AM    Women’s Bible Study FS
                                                            9:00 AM    Southwest Synod Assembly OS

                                                            8:00 AM    Altar Guild SANC
                                                            10:15 AM MTAC - Private Teacher Recitals SANC

                                                            8:15 AM    Worship Service SANC
                                                            8:15 AM    Milestone Ministry - Graduation SANC
6/1/2010                                                    9:45 AM    Informal Worship Service SANC
Honey Tree Closed Today                                     9:45 AM    Spiritual Growth Adult Forum FS
8:45 AM    ELS CL 1, 2                                      9:45 AM    Sunday School CL 1,2,3
10:30 AM Holy Eucharist Ministers LIB                       11:00 AM Communion Worship Service SANC
2:00 PM    Library Committee LIB                            01:30 PM MTAC - Private Teacher Recitals SANC
6:00 PM    Girl Scout Leaders End of Year Meeting FS        5:00 PM    BBQ - Confirmation Students and Family PAT
6:30 PM    Venture Crew CL 1                                5:30 PM    Narcotics Anonymous FS
6:30 PM    Executive Committee LIB
7:00 PM    Treble Voices “Faire is Heaven” rehearsal SANC   6/7/2010
7:00 PM    Boy Scout Troop #761 FH                          8:30 AM    Honey Tree Preschool HT
7:30 PM    Alanon CL 3                                      8:45 AM    ELS CL 1, 2
7:30 PM    THEA meeting OH                                  5:30 PM    Meals Program FH
                                                            6:00 PM    Ruth Circle at Mimi’s Cafe OS
6/2/2010                                                    7:00 PM    Property Committee CL 3
8:30 AM    Honey Tree Preschool HT
8:45 AM    ELS CL 1, 2                                      6/8/2010
9:15 AM    Staff Meeting LIB                                6:00 AM    Poling Place - Gubernatorial Primary Election FH
10:30 AM Honey Tree Gymnastics FH                           8:00 AM    Honey Tree Closing Program SANC
3:45 PM    Aisle Cruisers rehearsal MR                      8:00 AM    Honey Tree Reception Following Program PAT
4:00 PM    Finance Committee LIB                            8:45 AM    ELS CL 1, 2
6:00 PM    ACA CL 2                                         2:00 PM    Library Committee LIB
6:30 PM    Worship & Music Committee LIB                    6:30 PM    Venture Crew CL 1
7:00 PM    Sr. High Worship HUT                             7:00 PM    Sr High Bible Study HUT
                                                            7:00 PM    Treble Voices “Faire is Heaven” rehearsal SANC
6/3/2010                                                    7:00 PM    Boy Scout Troop #761 OS
6:45 AM    Early Birds at Eggs ’n Things OS                 7:30 PM    Alanon CL 3
8:30 AM    MTAC FS
8:30 AM    Honey Tree Preschool HT                          6/9/2010
8:45 AM    ELS CL 1, 2                                      8:00 AM    Honey Tree Closing Program SANC
10:00 AM Southwest Synod Assembly OS                        8:00 AM    Honey Tree Reception Following Program PAT
4:30 PM    Meditation NX                                    8:45 AM    ELS CL 1, 2
7:30 PM    Senior Choir rehearsal SANC                      9:15 AM    Staff Meeting LIB
                                                            3:45 PM    Aisle Cruisers rehearsal MR
6/4/2010                                                    6:00 PM    Spiritual Growth Committee LIB
8:30 AM    Honey Tree Preschool HT                          6:00 PM    ACA CL 2
8:45 AM    ELS CL 1, 2                                      7:00 PM    Church Council FS
 14
6/10/2010                                                    6/17/2010
8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2                                      6:45 AM     Early Birds at Eggs ’n Things OS
9:30 AM     Mary/Martha Circle FS                            8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2
4:30 PM     Meditation NX                                    12:00 PM TEMPO Article Deadline
7:30 PM     Senior Choir rehearsal SANC                      4:30 PM     Meditation NX
                                                             7:30 PM     Senior Choir rehearsal SANC
8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2                                      6/18/2010
9:00 AM     Women’s Bible Study FS                           8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2                                       T
                                                             7:00 PM     Cub Scout Pack 3761 FH                            a
6/12/2010                                                                                                                  g
8:00 AM     Altar Guild SANC                                 6/19/2010                                                     l
8:00 AM     Men’s Group FS                                   8:00 AM     Altar Guild SANC                                  d
10:15 AM MTAC - Private Teacher Recitals SANC                9:00 AM     Church Council Retreat CLU                        9
6/13/2010                                                    6/20/2010
8:15 AM, Communion Worship Service SANC                      8:15 AM     Worship Service SANC
9:45 AM     Informal Worship Service SANC                    9:45 AM     Informal Worship Service SANC
9:45 AM     Jr. High HUT                                     9:45 AM     Jr. High HUT
9:45 AM     Spiritual Growth Adult Forum FS                  9:45 AM     Spiritual Growth Adult Forum FS                   W
9:45 AM     Sunday School CL 1,2,3                           11:00 AM Communion Worship Service SANC
10:50 AM “Get Dirty - Have Fun” task force meeting PAT       11:00 AM Sr. High HUT
11:00 AM Communion Worship Service SANC                      5:30 PM     Narcotics Anonymous FS
11:00 AM Sr. High HUT
01:30 PM MTAC - Private Teacher Recitals SANC                6/21/2010
5:30 PM     Narcotics Anonymous FS                           8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2
                                                             5:30 PM     Meals Program FH
8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2                                      6/22/2010
5:30 PM     Meals Program FH                                 8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2
                                                             2:00 PM     Library Committee LIB
6/15/2010                                                    6:30 PM     Venture Crew CL 1
8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2                                      7:00 PM     Sr. High Bible Study HUT
2:00 PM     Library Committee LIB                            7:00 PM     Treble Voices “Faire is Heaven” rehearsal SANC
6:30 PM     Venture Crew CL 1                                7:00 PM     Boy Scout Troop #761 FH
7:00 PM     Sr High Bible Study HUT                          7:30 PM     Alanon CL 3
7:00 PM     Treble Voices “Faire is Heaven” rehearsal SANC
7:00 PM     Boy Scout Troop #761 FH                          6/23/2010
7:30 PM     Alanon CL 3                                      8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2
                                                             9:15 AM     Staff Meeting LIB
6/16/2010                                                    3:45 PM     Aisle Cruisers rehearsal MR
8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2                                      6:00 PM     ACA CL 2
9:00 AM     Staff Meeting LIB
9:00 AM     Dorcas Circle FS                                 6/24/2010
3:45 PM     Aisle Cruisers rehearsal MR                      8:45 AM     ELS CL 1, 2
6:00 PM     ACA CL 2                                         9:30 AM     TEMPO MAILING Office
                                                                                                                    15 
                  Holy Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church                                                     Nonprofit Organization
                  1 West Avenida de los Arboles                                                                    U.S. Postage
                  Thousand Oaks CA 91360-2939                                                                          PAID
                  (805) 492-1234 office                                               Thousand Oaks CA
                  (805) 493-5390 fax                                                        PERMIT NO. 73

                  Return Service Requested
                                                                                                                 Dated Material
                                                                                                                 Please Deliver
Sunday Worship                                                                                                   IMMEDIATELY
8:15 AM Traditional
9:45 AM Informal
11:00 AM Traditional
Education Hour
9:45 AM Children, Jr. High Youth, Adults
11:00 AM Sr. High Youth
Holy Communion Celebrated in Worship
2nd & 4th Sundays at 8:15
1st & 3rd Sundays at 9:45 AM
Every Sunday at 11 AM

Nursery Care Available

4:30 PM      Meditation NX                                           6/29/2010
                                                                     8:45 AM, ELS CL 1, 2
6/25/2010                                                            2:00 PM     Library Committee LIB
8:45 AM      ELS CL 1, 2                                             6:30 PM     Venture Crew CL 1
                                                                     7:00 PM     Sr. High Bible Study HUT
6/26/2010                                                            7:00 PM     Treble Voices “Faire is Heaven” rehearsal SANC
8:00 AM      Altar Guild SANC                                        7:00 PM     Boy Scout Troop #761 FH
                                                                     7:30 PM     Alanon CL 3
8:15 AM      Communion Worship Service SANC                          6/30/2010                       ROOM LOCATION KEY
                                                                                                     CL   = Classroom number
9:45 AM      Informal Worship Service SANC                           8:45 AM     ELS CL 1
                                                                                                     CLU = California Lutheran
9:45 AM      Jr. High HUT                                            8:45 AM     ELS CL 2                   University Campus
9:45 AM      Spiritual Growth Adult Forum FS                         9:15 AM     Staff Meeting       FH   = Fellowship Hall
                                                                                                     FS   = Fireside Room
11:00 AM Communion Worship Service SANC                                          LIB                 HT = Honey Tree Rooms
11:00 AM Sr. High HUT                                                3:45 PM     Aisle Cruisers      HUT = Youth Hut
                                                                                                     LIB = Library
5:30 PM      Narcotics Anonymous FS                                              rehearsal MR
                                                                                                     LL   = Logos Lounge
                                                                     6:00 PM     ACA CL 2            MR = Music Room
6/28/2010                                                                                            NX = Narthex Lounge
                                                                                                     OH = Outside Home
8:45 AM      ELS CL 1, 2                                                                             OS   = Off Site
5:30 PM      Meals Program FH                                                                        PAT = Patio Area
                                                                                                     PL   = Parking Lot
7:30 PM      THEA OH
                                                                                                     RR   = Resource Room
                                                                                                     SANC = Sanctuary

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