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									Strategies for Entering the Biosimilars Market

Report Summary

The challenges and opportunities presented by the evolving biosimilars market in the
regulated markets of the EU, US, and Japan, and the emerging markets of Brazil, Russia,
India, China, and Korea are examined. Strategies employed by a diverse range of
companies to enter the biosimilars market enable conclusions to be drawn on key factors for
success in this sector.

Features and benefits

* Appreciate the regulatory, clinical, and commercial expertise required to participate in the
biosimilars market segment.
* Identify the main competitors in the biosimilars industry and gain insight into their
differing biosimilar strategies.
* Assess the benefits of partnerships and alliances in gaining market entry.
* Identify key market and product opportunities, and evaluate regulatory hurdles.
* Gain an insight into the main drivers of future market development.

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Sandoz, Teva, and Hospira have taken an early lead in the biosimilar market through a
combination of in-house product development, acquisitions, and alliances. Their dominance
in developed markets will progressively be challenged by regional generic players that forge
partnerships with companies to compete on equal terms.

South Korea’s growing biotech industry is in the vanguard of emerging markets poised to
capture a share of the global market, with adoption of the EU regulatory model and strong
government support. Rituximab is likely to become the first mAb biosimilar battleground,
with emerging markets witnessing the first of many potential competitors.

Experience with the first wave of biosimilars in Europe indicates that penetration of
developed markets will be gradual, especially without the benefit of interchangeability with
reference products. Biosimilars for acute short-term treatment will more readily acquire a
greater share of the innovator’s sales than will those for long-term use.

Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:

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Overview of the biosimilars market
Strategic considerations for biosimilar market entry

Generics industry biosimilar strategies

Research-based industry biosimilar strategies

Role of contract service providers

Identifying biosimilar opportunities

Best practices for biosimilar market entry


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Biosimilars Market

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Published: December 2011
No.OF Pages: 115
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