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                                                            editorial                                                                                                                                                 JANUARY 20 2011

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Tunisia stands up for itself

                                                                                                                                                                                      News Editor: Brent Constantin 403-220-4318

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                                                                                                                                                                                                          News Assistant: Colin Minor

       or supporters of change in          Protests continued into January,        This is a modern revolution.        less helpful than it appears because                                       
       Africa, January has been a       when Ben Ali’s attempts to resolve     It’s plausible, although difficult      dictators use it effectively as well.                       Entertainment: Andrew Williams 403-220-4376
       good month. Last week we         the problems — promising jobs          to quantify, the role the whistle-      Nevertheless, the information that                                

wrote about the Sudan referen-          and closing schools and universi-      blower website WikiLeaks played         stoked the fire of Tunisian dis-                                              Entertainment Assistant: Vacant

dum, a vote to decide whether or        ties indefinitely — were too much      in motivating the protests. Before      content came in large part from                                      Sports: Rhiannon Kirkland 403-220-2298
not South Sudan will succeed from       like his old tactics to be accepted    the leak of thousands of Ameri-         websites. The force of totalitarian
                                                                                                                                                                                              Opinions: Eric Mathison 403-220-2298
the north. It had been planned          by the protesters. Tunisians ac-       can diplomatic cables, Tunisians        state media is diluted by access to                                        
since 2005 and occurred with            quiesced to Ben Ali’s leadership       had less assurance that Ben Ali         foreign news. A revolution of this                                          Features: Emily Ask 403-220-4376
only sporadic violence. The result      for over two decades and while         was committing as much fraud as         type wasn’t possible 15 years ago,                                         

speaks for itself — estimates put the   change is certain, it remains to be    he was. (American cables men-           because access to media (social                                 Photography: Sydney Stokoe 403-220-4376
number who voted for separation                                                                                        and traditional) was limited.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Production: Isaac Azuelos 403-220-2298
at 95 per cent. The long run up to                                                                                        A much larger question also                                         
Sudan’s election demonstrates that                                                                                     looms: will the Tunisian revolu-                                     Illustrations: Remi Watts 403-220-2298
even countries like Sudan can put                                                                                      tion spread to other Arab coun-                                         

past violence behind them and fol-                                                                                     tries? The only other successful                    Academic Probation: Brent Constantin 403-220-4318
low through with the democratic                                                                                        Arab revolution since the colonial
                                                                                                                                                                                Escapes & Pursuits: Nicole Dionne 403-220-2298
process.                                                                                                               era was Lebanon’s in 2005, but                                          
   Sometimes change occurs much                                                                                        other countries are witnessing                                   Three Lines Free: Ellen Lloyd 403-220-2298
quicker. On January 14, Zine El                                                                                        signs of change. Protests in Jordan                                            

Abidine Ben Ali, the President of                                                                                      have occurred recently because of                           Business Manager: Evelyn Cone 403-220-7380
Tunisia, declared a state of emer-                                                                                     high food prices. In Egypt, pro-
                                                                                                                                                                             Advertising Manager: John Harbidge 403-220-7751
gency, dissolved the government                                                                                        testers demonstrated outside the                                       
and fled the country. He had been                                                                                      Tunisian embassy calling for more                                   Graphic Artist: Ken Clarke 403-220-7755
in power for 23 years. Before De-                                                                                      political freedom. While some are
cember, Ben Ali was an autocratic                                                                                      comparing Tunisia’s neighbour                                                         Network Manager: Ben Li

ruler who allowed little political                                                                                     Algeria had protests in December                                                         Contributors
                                                                                                                                                                          Susan Anderson • Sarah Dorchak • Nathaneal Darrell
freedom.                                                                                                               and January over the lack of hous-          Kurt Genest • Raman Grewal • Lars Hedlund • Courtney Ho
   While Tunisia is wealthier than                                                                                     ing. Tunisia to Iran two years ago,       Albert Hofmann • Jocelyn Hunt • Douglas Long • Marc Lynch
                                                                                                                                                                 Dominik Matusik • Josh Rose • Erin Shumlich • Andrew Stahl
neighbouring countries, state                                                                                          the greatest difference is that Tuni-                                Tristan Taylor • Andrew Varsanyi

services, including subsidies for                                                                                      sia’s government was less autocrat-                                                    Golden Spatula
                                                                                                                                                               Courtney Ho produced a great story. Josh Rose did an illustration
staple foods, have recently faced                                                                                      ic and less willing to use extreme                          and a story when asked at the last minute.
cuts. Many citizens, especially                                                                                        violence.                                                                                   Furor Arma Ministrat
young people, have been unable          seen what goals the revolution         tioned Tunisia because America             History has repeatedly shown                                         Room 319, MacEwan Students’ Centre
                                                                                                                                                                                                               University of Calgary
to find work. The rising cost of        has. Many have called for more         and other western countries were        that dictatorships that appear                                                     2500 University Drive NW
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
goods, political oppression and         political freedoms and an increase     sympathetic to Ben Ali for taking a     powerful are actually rotting from                                           General inquiries: 403-220-7750
unemployment were a powder              of the secularization that Tunisia’s   stance against Islamists.)              the inside. Few predicted the fall of                                         

keg which exploded in mid-De-           first president, Habib Bourguiba,         Social networking websites such      the Soviet Union even months be-        The Gauntlet is the official student newspaper of the University of
                                                                                                                                                               Calgary, published most Thursdays throughout the year by the Gauntlet
cember when a young man named           promoted before Ben Ali took           as Facebook and Twitter have also       fore it happened. Tunisia is such a     Publications Society, an autonomous, incorporated body. Membership
                                                                                                                                                               in the society is open to undergraduate students at the U of C, but all
Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on         power. In such a fragile state there   played a role. Like the Iran protests   case. No doubt there are others in      members of the university community are encouraged to contribute.
                                                                                                                                                               Opinions contained herein are those of the individual writers, and
fire after his fruit and vegetable      are dangers that Islamists will take   of 2009, the significance of these      the Arab world, making the ques-        do not necessarily represent the views of the entire Gauntlet staff.
                                                                                                                                                               Editorials are chosen by the majority of the editorial board. The
cart was confiscated by police.         control using violence of the type     websites is often overstated. In his    tion not if they will fall, but when,   Gauntlet is a forum open to all U of C students but may refuse any
                                                                                                                                                               submission judged to be racist, sexist, homophobic, libelous, or
Similarly, a protester electrocuted     seen when a member of al-Qaida         book The Net Delusion: The Dark         and what will take their place.         containing attacks of a strictly personal nature. We reserve the right
                                                                                                                                                               to edit for brevity. Grievances regarding the Gauntlet follow a three-
himself because of “hunger and          blew up the oldest synagogue           Side of Internet Freedom, Evgeny                                                step process which requires written decisions from the Editor, the GPS
                                                                                                                                                               Board of Directors, and the Ombudsboard. The complete Grievance
joblessness” on December 22.            in north Africa in 2002.               Morozov argues that the internet is            . . Gauntlet Editorial Board     Policy is online at: The Gauntlet is printed on
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                                  The U of C partners with the Tsuu T’ina First Nation to protect its
                                                                                                                                                                                                         by email to

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                                  dying language, page 4.

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 chestra, Billy Bishop Goes              ed, gay rights are up-                 hand gets lost to a blend-              Anthony Parker heads
 to War and a defense of                 held and Michael Ig-                   er and humans blow                      to Shrine Game and
 Ricky Gervais, page 14.                 natieff is taken to task,              things up to get revenge,               why snowshoeing is
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Editor: Brent Constantin—                                                                                                                                                news
U of C partners to preserve Tsuu T’ina language
Courtney Ho
Gauntlet News                                                                                                                                                                 English                Tsuu T’ina

T                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tłìk’azá
         he Tsuu T’ina Gunaha In-
         stitute, in cooperation with
         the University of Calgary,
announced plans to work together                                                                                                                                                  Two                       Ákíyi
to preserve the Tsuu T’ina language
Jan. 7. The aboriginal language is                                                                                                                                               Three                     Táyk’í
on the verge of going extinct. With
2,000 band members at the reserve,
only about 50 people are able to                                                                                                                                                  Man                       Dìná
speak the language fluently — most
of them elders.                                                                                                                                                                Woman                       Ts’ìká
   The Tsuu T’ina Gunaha Institute
was officially established October
                                                                                                                                                                                  Dog                      Tłítc’á
2008, though members of the band
have been teaching the Tsuu T’ina
language since 1972. The new col-                                                                                                                                               Water                          Tú
laboration with the university was
created by the faculty of education                                                                                                                                              White                     Dììgúc
through a program that engages the
university to become more involved
with community groups.                                                                                                                                                          Yellow                    Díítsuw
   The U of C is providing courses
for people to learn Tsuu T’ina. The                                                                                                                                              Black                    Dícgòc
goal is to train people to become
teachers of the Tsuu T’ina language
                                                                                                                                                                                   Eat                     Yísno
so that they will be able to reach out
to future generations and pass on
the language.                                                                                                                                                                     Sing                      Idjín
   Tsuu T’ina Gunaha Institute co-
ordinator Emil Starlight explained                                                                                                                                               Leave                      Xàya
that the aim of the program is to
record native speakers and pass on
the language by teaching English               The Tsuu T’ina perform in their traditional dress at the Calgary Stampede Parade.
speakers through linguistic princi-
ples: phonology, tone, morphemes               learn the language and that’s what I      guage is the most endangered na-       around us, so I think it is impera-         There are 23 students enrolled in
and verb semantics.                            handle,” said Flynn. “The other two       tive language in Alberta, along with   tive that languages are preserved,”       the program. Initially there were
   “When they see how it is going              courses will be handled by Shelley-       another aboriginal language called     said Cunningham.                          only 20 spots available, but inter-
about the language, it will pique              ann Scott who specializes in effec-       Beaver. Flynn also mentioned there        First-year open studies student        est in the course was higher than
interest,” said Starlight. “The use            tive teaching methodology — what          are many native languages such as      Rosanna Bigplume said she spoke           anticipated.
of linguistics in the Tsuu T’ina               works well in the classroom.”             Cree, Chilcotin and Blackfoot that     the Tsuu T’ina language when she            “Originally we didn’t think there
language is what got me interested                “From her, they learn from try-        still remain healthy because many      was younger, but stopped because          would be so many. But as soon as
in learning and wanting to learn               ing to have more effective language       children in the communities con-       of the dispute between the dialects.      word got out into the reserve, peo-
more.”                                         revitalization programs in the class-     tinue to speak the tongue.             She is definitely interested in learn-    ple were excited to get involved,”
   U of C linguistics professor Da-            room. My focus is on them trying             Native Centre director Shawna       ing the language in the program           said Starlight.
rin Flynn specializes in linguis-              to learn the language without hav-        Cunningham thought the initiative      that is offered now.                        The Tsuu T’ina Gunaha Institute
tics revitalization and is involved            ing a classroom environment. I pre-       to revitalize and instruct the Tsuu       “I really think it is about time be-   welcomes anyone and everyone
in teaching the courses alongside              fer if they just talked to their elders   T’ina language is a very positive      cause we have such a close connec-        to participate in learning the Tsuu
Shelleyann Scott from the faculty of           in naturalistic environments to pick      movement for both the U of C and       tion to the city itself. And there are    T’ina language.
education.                                     up the language outside of the class-     the Tsuu T’ina community.              a lot of Tsuu T’ina members who
   “It’s a four-course program that            rooms,” Flynn continued.                     “How we think and the language      would gain from this. It is definitely    For more information about the Tsuu T’ina language,
focuses on people who really want to              Flynn claimed the Tsuu T’ina lan-      that we think in defines the world     positive,” said Bigplume.                           visit

Do you think it is important to preserve aboriginal languages?                                                                                          campus quips
                               “I think it’s espe-                               “They are kind of                                 “Canada is all about                                    “Lots of languages
                               cially important                                  going through a                                   cultural diversity                                      have words that can-
                               because a lot of                                  culture vacuum, so                                and we need to help                                     not translate; pre-
                               culture is passed                                 language is impor-                                preserve cultures                                       serving language is
                               down through story                                tant to hold on to.”                              and ways of life.”                                      preserving culture.”
                               telling.”                                         – Geoff Patterson,                                – Sarah Dambesger,                                      – Andrew Jansen,
                               – Ryann Braaten,                                  third-year Zoology                                second-year                                             second-year
                               fourth-year INTR                                                                                    Communications                                          Biology
                                                                                                                                                                          Interviews: Courtney Ho, Photographs: Erin Shumlich
                                                                                                                                                              GAUNTLET NEWS JANUARY 20.11 5

Profs should cater to student spirituality
Sarah Dorchak                              engaging in the community and               According to Groen, interest in         Verhoef said that while many             us to deal with problems that
Gauntlet News                              charity work; and having a world-        the relationship of spirituality and    people would like to see their              don’t affect our deepest held be-
                                           view past considering themselves.        coursework has increased in re-         spiritual passion and education             liefs, that don’t affect our politics

          ccording to a University of         Researchers found developing          cent years.                             connected, spirituality isn’t al-           or religion, all it’s doing then is
          California in Los Angeles        student spiritual qualities through         “This study shows that students      ways welcomed in the classroom.             becoming a four-year job train-
          study, spirituality is “essen-   experiences like studying abroad,        are asking for a space for discus-         “There are people who pursue             ing program rather than some-
tial” to students’ academic careers.       interdisciplinary courses and com-       sion in education and they’re not       what they pursue because it’s spiri-        thing for producing enlightened,
Due to the findings, researchers           munity work, student academic            necessarily getting it,” she said.      tually meaningful to them and it            intelligent citizens,” Keller said.
are advocating for professors in           progress improved. The findings             The discussion students want,        helps them answer the big ques-                Keller said professors are fac-
higher education to play a part in         led researchers to advocate profes-      Groen said, is to understand their      tions of life,” said Verhoef. “Life is      ing a difficult problem in try-
student spiritual development.             sors to encourage critical thinking      meaning and purpose with help           meant to be whole and complete, to          ing to teach “cognitive tools” in
   The report, Spirituality in High-       about meaning and purpose in             from the education system.              go everywhere as your whole self.”          students, something fellow Free-
er Education, used an extensive            student lives.                              Reverend Paul Verhoef of the            According to Chaplain Centre             thinkers club executive Patrick
long-term study of over 14,000                “There’s a real call for a more       Multi-faith Chaplain Centre was         Imam Fayaz Tilly, Muslim students           King also acknowledged.
students across 136 colleges. The          holistic way of knowing and be-          not surprised about students            have achieved that integration of              “I think that in Canadian so-
researchers divided spirituality           ing,” said University of Calgary         wanting a course load integrated        education and faith.                        ciety, we don’t like to push and
into five aspects: finding meaning         education professor Janet Groen.         with such critical thinking.               “We feel that a person who’s             prod at each other’s beliefs very
and calmness in times of stress;              Groen’s doctorate research cen-          “There’s this question now           spiritual, he is pursuing his educa-        much you don’t want to be get-
searching and questioning life’s big       tred on spirituality in the workplace,   whether spirituality is private or      tion in a manner that also serves           ting into proselytizing.”
mysteries and assumptions; caring          but she has since focused on spiritu-    public,” Verhoef said. “Spirituality    the higher purpose,” Tilly said.               Groen recognized this diffi-
and compassion towards others;             ality as a teaching and research tool.   isn’t private though, it’s personal.”   “They are serving the call of God           culty in her research of spiritual-
                                                                                                                            by educating themselves.”                   ity as a teaching focus. She said
Club me ’til I’m week                                                                                                          Tilly said that in an age where
                                                                                                                            academic stress causes high sui-
                                                                                                                                                                        the key is having an open space
                                                                                                                                                                        where students and professors
                                                                                                                            cide rates in parts of the world,           alike can discuss open-ended
                                                                                                                            having a strong support founda-             questions and taking knowledge
                                                                                                                            tion could help students manage             out of the “third-person narra-
                                                                                                                            their workload and keep them                tive.”
                                                                                                                            grounded. The Canadian Mental                  “There’s such a fear of bringing
                                                                                                                            Health Association lists suicide as         spirituality into the discourse be-
                                                                                                                            the second leading cause of death           cause it’s supposed to be straight
                                                                                                                            for those aged 10 to 24.                    secular,” said Groen. “If you’re
                                                                                                                               But, according to the U of C             a first- or second-year student,
                                                                                                                            Freethinkers club, the study’s as-          you’re not going to ask those
                                                                                                                            pects of spirituality are not only          questions unless there’s space,
                                                                                                                            relevant to those with religious            but that doesn’t mean you don’t
                                                                                                                            backgrounds.                                have those questions.”
                                                                                                                               The club is a social group where            Verhoef and Tilly agreed de-
                                                                                                                            students can gather to discuss life’s       veloping spirituality is based on
                                                                                                                            big questions. While many members           student engagement and involve-
                                                                                                                            consider themselves materialists or         ment.
 Sydney Stokoe/the Gauntlet
                                                                                                                            atheists, they still agree that universi-      “If professors could find ways
 Mike Rohs from the University of Calgary Outdoor Adventurers club staffs a booth this past week                            ties should develop critical thinking       to articulate the ‘whys’ behind
at the Students’ Union campus club week. U of C Vegan and Vegetarian Club president Anneke                                  about meaning and purpose.                  what they do in an open way, that
Hobson said she appreciates the chance to interact with students.                                                              “I can’t imagine someone be-             would be an invitation for oth-
                                                                                                                            ing considered mentally well-               ers,” said Verhoef. “If professors
 “It’s going really well, we’ve got like 15 people signed up through it,” said Hobson. “I think it
                                                                                                                            balanced who didn’t have those              can bring their whole self to a
seems like the key time is lunch time and then, apart from that, there’s not really a lot of people                         qualities,” said Freethinkers club          classroom, they’ll open the path
around.”                                                                                                                    executive Ben Keller.                       for students to bring their whole
 Hobson said with so many clubs, it’s tough to get noticed when you’re not on a main walkway.                                  “If university is only teaching          self to the classroom.”

Elemental chart updated after 150 years
                                                                                         Wieser explained atomic weight       ent way of presenting these atomic        some people might need to know
                                                                                      is the connection between the           weights,” he said.                        very precisely the atomic weight.”
                                                                                      mass of the chemical element and           The data will impact research            Wieser said one of the goals
                                                                                      the average amount of each iso-         depending on the level of accuracy        from updating the data has been to
                                                                                      tope present. If researchers want       needed in calculations. Research-         encourage interest from students
                                                                                      to calculate how much energy            ers looking to be very precise can’t      in the sciences.
                                                                                      might be delivered in a cubic vol-      rely on a single value for atomic           “When people are sitting in
                                                                                      ume of gas or how much protein          weight, they’ll have to measure the       the classroom, sort of stunned
                                                                                      is in food, they need to know the       atomic weight of the particular ele-      by what the prof is saying and
                                                                                      atomic weight of carbon or nitro-       ment sample they’re working with.         they’re looking into space at the
                                                                                      gen or other elements.                     “For many people, having an            table, maybe they start to wonder
                                                                                         The original elemental atomic        atomic weight to three or four deci-      why some of these elements have
                                                                                      weights were measured decades           mal places is sufficient and they don’t   these intervals and that might get
                                                       Pete ReMartinez/the Gauntlet
                                                                                      ago and seen as a constant.             need to know it to any better preci-      people interested to learn more,”
Wieser said the updates to the table should be made this year.                           “But we know that the atomic         sion than that,” said Wieser. “But        said Wieser.
                                                                                      weights for many elements, and
Brent Constantin
News Editor
                                        weights based on where they are
                                        found geographically.
                                                                                      the 10 that we’re changing now, do
                                                                                      vary in nature,” said Wieser.           Project Next requests feedback
                                           U of C associate professor Mi-                Wieser said science has actually

        he periodic table, the bane     chael Wieser, who also serves as              known about the changes for some        Brent Constantin                          other stakeholders looking at rea-
        of every first-year chemis-     secretary of the International Union          time. Lead, for instance, was found     News Editor                               sons people choose to enroll at and
        try students’ existence, is     of Pure and Applied Chemistry’s               to vary in atomic weight depend-                                                  work at the U of C and how the
facing its first update in 150 years.   Commission on Isotopic Abun-                  ing on where it was discovered as          A new University of Calgary ini-       school can be made a more desir-
   Several University of Calgary        dances and Atomic Weights, said               far back as the 1930s. Despite this,    tiative is hoping to get student and      able place.
researchers worked with a team          he’s been fascinated with how much            the changes weren’t approved until      staff feedback to push the school up          “I’m really excited about the
of international scientists to bring    attention the story has received.             recently.                               a notch.                                  workshops and the engagement
forward evidence changing the              “I think a lot of that is because             The International Union of Pure         Project Next will develop a strat-     through that,” said Dewald. “We’ve
table of elements.                      even if you didn’t go into science            and Applied Chemistry is the gov-       egy and major direction for the uni-      run a bunch of pilot ones and peo-
   The research, released in early      as a career, you still remember               erning body for atomic weights          versity that Haskayne professor Jim       ple get very excited, engaged and
December, reflects the atomic           that dusty table at the front of              and where publishers get their in-      Dewald called “totally an effective       don’t really want to leave the room.
weight of several elements more         the class with all these letters and          formation from. The next step is        way to get people engaged in their        They leave lots of comments, lots of
accurately than previous charts.        numbers,” said Wieser.                        to have the updated information         organization.”                            thoughts.”
The new table will list ten ele-           These charts in textbooks and              added to reference material, some-         The project is an attempt by the           Dewald said driving forces to
ments — hydrogen, lithium, bo-          classrooms will hopefully be                  thing that Wieser is waiting to see.    U of C to create a vision and goals       take on the project include fis-
ron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen,          updated this year with the new                   “It’s going to be very interesting   for the future, specifically for the      cal pressures, changing technolo-
silicon, sulfur, chlorine and thal-     atomic weights, replacing older               to see how the publishers actually      school’s upcoming 50th anniver-           gies and emerging skills and fields
lium — as having different atomic       charts now decades old.                       use it, because it is a very differ-    sary in 2016.                             taught to students.
                                                                                                                                 “The core of Project Next is a             Students’ Union president Lau-
                                                                                                                              very active and inclusive partici-        ren Webber sits on the steering
                                                                                                                              pation program for all the campus         committee and said the project will
                                                                                                                              community,” said Dewald, who              pave the way for new U of C presi-
                                                                                                                              helped create the workshops used          dent Elizabeth Cannon’s legacy
                                                                                                                              to garner feedback.                       over the next five to 10 years.
                                                                                                                                 The two-and-a-half-hour ses-               “It’s really great to actually be in-
                                                                                                                              sions will see students, staff and        volved,” said Webber. “I think that
                                                                                                                                                                        it’s cool that students get to take
                                                                                                                                                                        part and really give their feedback.”
                                                                                                                                                                            Once the information is collect-
                                                                                                                                                                        ed, it will be compiled by a steering
                                                                                                                                                                        committee, which includes under-
                                                                                                                                                                        graduate and graduate students, to
                                                                                                                                                                        create a strategy statement for the
                                                                                                                                                                        U of C. Dewald describes the state-
                                                                                                                                                                        ment as one that sets a direction for
                                                                                                                                                                        the university going forward.
                                                                                                                                                                            “Why do people really choose to
                                                                                                                                                                        come here and what can we do to
                                                                                                                                                                        make it more appealing and more
                                                                                                                                                                        attractive?” said Dewald. “I’d like
                                                                                                                                                                        to encourage everybody to partici-
                                                                                                                                                                        pate, be a part of it. If we’re oversub-
                                                                                                                                                                        scribed then we’ll add some more
                                                                                                                                                                        workshops but we want to hear
                                                                                                                                                                        from everybody on campus.”

                                                                                                                                                                           Workshops begin Jan. 21 and run until Feb. 28.
                                                                                                                                                                        Students can go online to for
                                                                                                                                                                         more information and to register. The school is also
                                                                                                                                                                         looking for feedback through social media sites like
                                                                                                                                                                                        Twitter and Facebook.
                                                                                                                                                                     GAUNTLET NEWS JANUARY 20.11 7

Blogger tries to get students off KD
Susan Anderson                              very often don’t really realize how                                                                                                   The Calgary Co-op has made a
Gauntlet News                               easy it is,” said Clapson.                                                                                                          donation to the campaign along
                                              Clapson said he was inspired to                                                                                                   with hosting all the cooking in

         o you know someone                 teach after he was in the super-                                                                                                    the community room of their
         who only eats pre-packed           market one day and saw two uni-                                                                                                     midtown market location.
         meals or Kraft Dinner?             versity aged shoppers with a cart                                                                                                     “We like the thought of teach-
A Calgary food blogger might                full of pre-packaged meals. He                                                                                                      ing students to eat how to eat
be able to help. Dan Clapson has            hopes to ween students off pack-                                                                                                    healthy, and it doesn’t have to
created a free, 10-week program             aged food with preservatives and                                                                                                    be difficult to do,” said Calgary
to teach 15 students how to cook.           teach them how to cook meals                                                                                                        Co-op communications manager
Applications for the program are            from scratch.                                                                                                                       Karen Allan. “We would like to
due Jan. 21 at 5 p.m. and Univer-             “There will be an emphasis on                                                                                                     gain more awareness with the
sity of Calgary students can ap-            quick and easy, ideally meals that                                                                                                  student population on better eat-
ply online. So far, Clapson has             take under 45 minutes to prepare                                                                                                    ing habits.”
received about 50 applications.             and eat,” said Clapson. “We’re go-                                                                                                    Thanks to the help of spon-
   “We go through all the applica-          ing to try to have meals that you                                                                                                   sors the program is free to stu-
tions and pick the 15 kids in most          can have for supper, and the next                                                                                                   dents. Steam Whistle, Pilsner and
dire need of culinary assistance,”          day, they can be your lunch.”                                                                                             , an online restaurant re-
said Clapson.                                 “I think it’s a really great pro-                                                                                                 view site, have also come onboard
   The applications ask students            gram,” said Students’ Union vice-                                                                                                   to support Clapson’s initiative.
questions about their cooking ex-           president student life Jennifer                                                                                                       “Yelp is going to be compiling
perience, the amount they spend             Abbott. “[The] Students’ Union                                                                                                      a list of student-friendly restau-
on food each week, their favourite          partnered with Kick the KD, so                                                                                                      rants that are relatively inex-
restaurants and their least pre-            we provided him with the table                                                                                                      pensive or maybe have deals on
ferred food.                                in MacHall and have helped pro-                                                                                                     certain days of the week,” said
                                                                                                                                                   Sydney Stokoe/the Gauntlet
   Clapson said many students               mote the event.”                                                                                                                    Clapson.
leaving home for the first time               “This is something we can’t pro-       Clapson hopes the program will help students eat healthier.                                  Clapson is in the middle of
eat badly because they are intimi-          vide at the university because we                                                                                                   writing a cookbook and writes
dated by the idea of cooking their          don’t have open kitchens,” Abbott        ent themes each week for cooking                  “We’ll be cooking with beer              for the Canadian Food Network.
own meals.                                  continued.                               styles and types of diets like veg-            and wine, just to show people               He also creates recipes which he
   “Some people who don’t cook                The program will offer differ-         etarian, vegan and gluten-free.                you can do that kind of thing               posts on his blog.
                                                                                                                                    and it’s not hard,” said Clapson,             Classes start Feb. 10, and run on

Cab increase a no-go in Calgary                                                                                                     “I think we’re going to do a beer-
                                                                                                                                    can chicken with roasted pota-
                                                                                                                                    toes and stuffing on the side.”
                                                                                                                                                                                Thursday nights from 6:30–8 p.m..

                                                                                                                                                                                      To apply visit

Amy Badry
News Assistant

   Unlike their Edmonton counter-
parts, Calgarians will not have to dig
into their pocket for late-night taxi
   The Calgary Cab Drivers’ Asso-
ciation proposed a $3 surcharge for
late-night riders in a letter to the city
in early December. If this proposal
passed, taxi passengers would have
faced an additional charge during
peak hours — approximately be-
tween 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Thursday
                                                                                                               gauntlet file photo
to Saturday. The City of Calgary
looked at the proposal, but because         Calgarians won’t have to worry about a new $3 late night fee.
of strong opposition decided not to
move ahead with the surcharge at            it would not be good for the pub-        Herald article, Kapil believes the in-
this time.                                  lic, passengers or the industry,” said   crease would give incentive to driv-
   Associated Cabs president Roger          Richard.                                 ers to work the less desirable late
Richard disagreed with the sur-                Richard noted that not only bar       night shifts. He also believes the sur-
charge.                                     patrons take night taxis, but also       charge would remedy the problem
   “Nobody wants it,” said Richard.         shift workers, seniors, airport pas-     of lengthy wait times for passengers.
“It is not going to happen.”                sengers and other patrons.                  Second-year U of C biology stu-
   He added that an extra cost would           Representative for the Calgary        dent Angeline Cauab said the late
discourage people from using their          Cab Drivers’ Association Rajiv Kap-      night surcharge would deter her
service.                                    il, who put forward the surcharge        from using taxis.
   Edmonton adopted a similar sur-          proposal, thinks the increase in fare       “It is dangerous for those who
charge in 2008, but no drop in ser-         will allow for better taxi service in    need to take a cab and can’t afford it,”
vice has been reported.                     the city.                                said Cauab. “I would say it is a bad
   “There is a huge implication and            According to a Jan. 4 Calgary         idea.”

Group questions birth control side-effects
Erin Shumlich                           sored studies show Yaz and Yasmin       heart attack, pulmonary embolism        know that there is no significant        old Calgarian, switched to Yaz six
Gauntlet News                           puts users at a higher risk of deep     and deep vein thrombosis. The           difference in the risk of Yaz or Yas-    months ago.
                                        vein thrombosis than other leading      “Take Your Body Back” campaign          min compared with any other oral            “My doctor recommended the

        class action lawsuit has        birth control pills.                    launched on Facebook last October.      contraceptive.”                          switch,” Fedoruk said. “When I
        been filed against Bayer           The studies are being refuted by        “It has been so successful,” said       A medical statement released          first started I experienced weird
        Pharmaceuticals regarding       the manufacturer and the Society        Baer. “It reaches out to our target     by Bayer on Mar. 25 claimed no           side effects that I hadn’t with my
risks surrounding Yasmin and Yaz        of Obstetricians and Gynecologists      audience — young woman who              significant difference in the risk       previous birth control. I still get
birth control. The drugs were ap-       of Canada who say the research is       take oral contraceptives are likely     for deep vein thrombosis amongst         odd cramps, but it has helped my
proved by Heath Canada in 2003          flawed.                                 to be involved in social networking.    contraceptives. An increased risk        acne a lot.”
and 2008, respectively, for the pre-       “Our studies show that there is an   Within 45 days of the launch, more      of thrombosis is acknowledged in            Chourdhri said there is a tenden-
vention of pregnancy. Last March,       increased health risk for women,”       than 1,000 women joined and [it]        all oral contraceptives, not just Yaz    cy for anyone to question the safety
Siskinds LLP filed a suit, represent-   said Baer. “A progesterone used in      now has over 2,000 members. We          and Yasmin.                              of any new drug on the market.
ing three women with safety con-        the Bayer products called drospire-     hope that this will involve more in-       “Women will always worry about           Fedoruk, who was not aware of the
cerns regarding their birth con-        none is not used in any other birth     dividuals in the proceeding.”           their safety,” said Choudhri. “But       campaign, said she wished her doctor
trol. According to the Statement of     control. It’s causing women harm;          Although any oral contraceptives     the risks are much higher of blood       had been more informative.
Claim, Bayer failed to adequately       many young healthy woman have           are accompanied by health risks,        clots with pregnancy than birth             “My health is definitely not some-
warn health professionals and pa-       had to have their gall bladder re-      Baer said the risk is higher in Bayer   control. The Siskinds studies have       thing I want to mess with.”
tients of increased health risks as-    moved.”                                 products than other contraceptives.     significant flaws. There is a clear         Baer said it is a long process to
sociated with both Yaz and Yasmin          With the help of tbk Creative,          Bayer Pharmaceutical denies          guide given to women about the           pass the certification hearing, part-
compared to other oral contracep-       Siskinds law firm turned to social      these claims.                           risks involved with taking contra-       ly due to Bayer’s head office hailing
tives.                                  media to create awareness about            “Yasmin is very well studied,        ceptives; they are very well commu-      in Germany.
   Although the case is still pending   potential side effects of the oral      more than any other contracep-          nicated.”                                   “It has been difficult, we have
and has no official status in court,    contraceptives. According to the        tive,” said vice-president and head        Yasmin is one of the most popu-       had to translate everything,” said
lead lawyer Matthew Baer hopes          campaign these include, but are         of medical and scientific affairs for   lar birth control pills on the market.   Baer. “But once the certification
Siskinds’ efforts will help launch      not limited to, an increased risk       Bayer Inc. Dr. Shurjeel Choudhri.          “The higher use of the product        test is passed, Siskinds will rep-
action against Bayer. Siskinds spon-    of stroke, gall bladder disease,        “With so many studies done we           means more women will come               resent all women who have expe-
                                                                                                                        forward with concerns,” said             rienced adverse side effects with
                                                                                                                        Choudhri.                                these particular contraceptives
                                                                                                                           Yaz and Yasmin appeal to many         instead of dealing with each case
                                                                                                                        young women because of its re-           individually.”
                                                                                                                        duced side effects and acne-fight-          The SOGC recommends talking
                                                                                                                        ing abilities.                           with a doctor before discontinuing
                                                                                                                           Carmen Fedoruk, a 21-year-            use of birth control.
opinions                                                                                                                                                     GAUNTLET JANUARY 20.11 9
                                                                                                                                                               Editor: Eric Mathison—

Religious rights shouldn’t trump equality
Saskatchewan court made the right decision on gay marriage
                                       against a minority constitute “re-      public employees have the right
                                       ligious freedom.” Regardless of         to freedom of conscience insofar
 Dominik Matusik                       the religious beliefs of commis-        as they are private citizens. When
 The Final Stanzas of                  sioners, the rights of others must      they act as public employees they
 the Internationale
                                       be protected to minimize harm-          represent the public understand-
                                       ful bigotry. Would any reason-          ing that free and equal people

        he adoption of the Cana-       able person claim that a marriage       consent to. This is not only a mat-
        dian Charter of Rights and     commissioner has the right to be        ter of principle, but also one of
        Freedoms was a mixed           exempt from marrying interracial        practicality. There are many ac-
blessing for legislators. On the       couples because of their religious      tions people on the public pay-
one hand, they no longer have          beliefs? Such a justification would     roll have to execute that could be
to make major moral decisions          have been quite reasonable in cer-      morally objected to — this does
on issues such as abortion and         tain places less than half a century    not give them the right to do so.
capital punishment. On the other,      ago, but now interracial couples           In no way does this ruling im-
they are now forced to consider        enjoy exactly the same rights as        pede on private religious or po-
the judgment calls made by the         any other couple. Incidentally,         litical opinions. Religious officials
courts binding. Typically, they        that is precisely the legal status of   can use the criteria of their choos-
have made sound rulings, as was        gay couples in Canada — allowing        ing to accept or refuse to perform
the case when a Saskatchewan           civil servants to reject that clearly   marriages and there is nothing
court ruled last week that it is un-   defined status involves a rejection     stopping them from not marrying
constitutional for marriage com-       of the equality between homosex-        same-sex couples.
missioners to opt out of perform-      ual and heterosexual couples.              Homosexuals suffer enough
ing same-sex marriages.                   Even if we could construe the        discrimination from religious
   The court was absolutely cor-       charter right of religious free-        institutions as is without this be-
rect in ruling against the dis-        dom in such an obscene way so           ing validated in the public sector.
crimination of gay couples. What       as to allow discrimination based        Marriage commissioners provide
was irritating about the case was      on sexual orientation, there is no      a secular alternative to religious
its presentation as a struggle be-     reason that freedom should ap-          ceremonies. Allowing them, on           not, gay marriage is legal.           ready weakly guarded (the reten-
tween two conflicting rights:          ply to public employees acting          behalf of the government, to dis-         Simply because we slap the          tion of public funding to religious
equality rights for gay couples        in the capacity of their work. It       criminate against gays and com-         term “religious freedom” on an        schools, for instance) it becomes
versus religious freedom for the       is decisively anti-secular to allow     plicate the process of getting mar-     act of crude bigotry, many view       an absolute necessity to protect
marriage commissioners. This is        religious rights to permeate the        ried blocks the freedoms Canada         the issue as one group’s freedom      public institutions from religious
absurd. In no way does the right       delicate barrier between the pri-       provides where, whether certain         versus another group’s rights. In     dogma. On this, at least, the
of a public official to discriminate   vate and public sphere. Of course       marriage commissioners like it or       a country where secularism is al-     courts can be trusted.

Education must replace the censorship of music
                                       faggots.” It was not intended to be     one simple question: are there not      Maybe he’ll bring me to a little      opportunities, that a bad word in
                                       anti-gay and it was not intended        dials on the radio? If a song (or       family in central Calgary where       a song or a breast on TV are im-
 Andrew Varsanyi                       to somehow subtly erode our             TV show or anything else for that       he’ll show me a little boy yelling    portant chances to open dialogue
 Peanut Gallery                        pluralistic democracy. It’s a song      matter) offends you, can’t you just     the word “faggot” at a school-        with kids and maybe, just maybe,
                                       that’s meant to be ironic. It’s mak-    make the choice not to watch or         mate. Maybe he’ll say “Now you        let them know that they can talk
                                       ing fun of gay-bashing, not par-        listen or read it? I will tell that     see what this kind of art does?       to us about difficult issues.

   That’s it, I’m seriously done.      ticipating in it.                                                                                   That little boy      More than likely at that point
This political correctness thing          Yet, in a way         Sanitizing culture will not make us more                                   is who censor-    the ghost will drench me in ecto-
has gone too far.                      that is so very                                                                                     ship protects.”   plasm and begin censoring all the
   I know it’s not very Canadian of    Canadian, af-       tolerant or more accepting. It only makes it                                    You hear that     books on my shelf, but at least I
me. I know we’re the Superman of
toleration, the Mecca of diversity
                                       ter a complaint
                                       by a St. John’s,
                                                           more difficult to have the important conversa-                                   all the time.
                                                                                                                                           Violent video
                                                                                                                                                             would’ve got my point across.
                                                                                                                                                                Sanitizing culture will not make
and respect and all that. But after    Newfoundland        tions that make those things possible.                                          games, sex on     us more tolerant or more accept-
last week’s Canadian Broadcast         resident, it is                                                                                     TV, words on      ing. It only makes it more difficult
Standards Council ruling that the      now prohibited (in its original         phantasm that that’s what really        the radio, everything — we cen-       to have the important conversa-
Dire Straits classic “Money for        form) on Canadian airwaves. I           offends me: the idea that I can’t,      sor it to protect the children. I’m   tions that make those things pos-
Nothing” has to be edited or can-      know that supporting something          as a citizen of this country, make      not completely immune to that         sible. The word “faggot” was ac-
not be played on Canadian radio,       that offends anyone is un-Cana-         my voice heard on my own. The           argument and there’s no ques-         ceptable in 1985. It isn’t now. Let’s
I’m giving up.                         dian. And I know that tonight           idea that I can’t choose not to lis-    tion that there are some things       talk about how that happened,
   The song makes reference to         when I go to sleep I’ll likely be       ten to something because I find         (pornography, graphic violence,       let’s talk about how important gay
“that little faggot” in its second     haunted by the ghost of cultural-       it offensive while simultaneously       Miley Cyrus and the cast of Jersey    rights are. Heck, let’s talk about
verse. It was written by Mark          mosaic-past.                            respecting the fact that others         Shore, to name a few) that I think    the words that are acceptable now
Knopfler as an ironic statement           As that Trudeauvian spectre          might want to listen to it.             we should keep from our chil-         and shouldn’t be. You see what art
based upon his own interac-            appears over me tonight, calling           Perhaps the ghost of cultural-       dren. But I would tell that spooky    can do? It starts conversations. It
tions with a furniture mover who       me “inconsiderate” and “bigoted”        mosaic-past will take me on a trip      spokesman for government over-        enables progress. For crying out
called the singers on MTV “little      or even “American,” I will ask him      to show me the error of my ways.        reach that those are also learning    loud Canada, let it.

The Liberal Party needs a real plan
                                          off with Harper if Ignatieff is the     increased by nine percent and no        make up the void
                                          alternative.                            one wants to pay more to live. But      created by Harper.
 Jocelyn Hunt                                Stephen Harper has had a mi-         the campaign report limits its sta-     Ignatieff promises
 Hunting for Reason                       nority government in parliament         tistics to those which make Harper      to ensure “spending
                                          since January 23, 2006 and, until       look bad without considering the        restraint by find-
                                          recently, a minority in the senate.     13 years of Liberal power preced-       ing targeted, sus-

         ampaigning has started for       Of the 13 years preceding Harper’s      ing Harper. I fear this is indicative   tainable savings in
         our next federal election        leadership, the Liberals enjoyed        of how Ignatieff may act if elected.    partnership       with
         and Liberal Party leader         a majority in both houses for 12.          Consider the Consumer Price          public service and
Michael Ignatieff is showing us           This means that our current prime       Index released by the Bank of           proposing new pro-
his true colours. This spring, the        minister has had significantly less     Canada and easily accessible to         grams in the Lib-
opposition will probably send us          power to change the course of our       the public. It is a broad measure       eral platform only if
to the polls by not supporting the        country than the Liberal party of       of the cost of living in Canada,        they can be financed
budget being released in March            the ’90s. Aware of Harper’s limi-       considering the prices of over          without         adding
by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.         tations, Ignatieff includes in the      600 goods in housing, transpor-         to the deficit.” Of
Currently, Prime Minister Stephen         report a small excerpt about Les-       tation, food, furniture, recreation     course all of the
Harper has a seven point lead over        ter B. Pearson’s time as leader of      and clothing. The Bank of Can-          spending done by
Ignatieff in the latest EKOS poll. In     a minority government and the           ada began tracking the CPI over         the Harper govern-
an attempt to make up this deficit,       wonderful things he was able to         15 years ago under former Prime         ment was to ensure
Ignatieff has released a 12-page          accomplish. Like America after the      Minister Jean Chrètien. In Janu-        our national deficit
campaign report appealing to the          recent mid-term elections, any leg-     ary 1995, the CPI was at 86.6 and       would grow and
non-partisan voting population.           islation passed must have support       rose annually anywhere from 0.5         not a cent was spent
Harper, however, has nothing to           outside of the governing party. So      to 4.4 ending at 108.2 in January       responding to that
fear if “Five Years of Harper: Is         any blame placed by other parties       2006 when Harper came to power.         silly little economic
Canada Better Off ?” is a represen-       for bad policies must include why       That means the cost of living has       downturn we call a
tation of the Liberals in the next        they voted for it anyway. If do you     risen annually at varying levels un-    global recession. If
election.                                 not support the recent legislation      der other prime ministers. From         Ignatieff ’s proposed
   Learning from his time spent           then it is likely you do not agree      January 2001 to January 2006 the        means of running a
living in the United States, Igna-        with Harper’s policies in general.      CPI rose by 11.9 per cent. So in the    government is not
tieff is recycling Ronald Reagan’s        But “Five Years of Harper” lays a       five years preceding Harper the CPI     the basis of all government spend-     tion for the Liberal Party.
strategy against Jimmy Carter in          lot of blame directly on our Prime      rose more than the nine per cent        ing, our country and probably the         The attacks made by Ignatieff to
the 1980 American presidential            Minister — Ignatieff isn’t going to     which Ignatieff emphasized to at-       entire western world would be in       turn potential voters away from
election by asking Canadians if           convince voters that he is a better     tack the current government. That       a lot more trouble. After 10 pages     Harper and to the Liberal Party
they are better off after five years      choice by ignoring Liberal acqui-       11.9 per cent increase was under a      of constant attacks on the Harper      have legitimate foundations. Yet
of Prime Minister Harper. This is         escence in Harper’s policies.           Liberal government. For a politi-       government, I expected a thor-         the Liberals will only get results
a completely legitimate question             Ignatieff proceeds to appeal to      cian who demands transparency           ough explanation outlining how         if the Canadians reading his cam-
and this tactic helped Reagan win         the average, middle-class Cana-         in the government, Ignatieff is not     Ignatieff will improve Canada.         paign do not look beyond the
in 1980. Unfortunately for Igna-          dian by reminding voters that “the      living up to his own expectations.      Instead broad and uninnovative         numbers and simplistic picture he
tieff, the first glimpse we have in-      overall cost of living has risen nine      Above all the most humorous          solutions are proposed. So the first   has provided. All the facts are true
cludes an inaccurate portrayal of         per cent since the Conservatives        section of Ignatieff ’s campaign re-    view we have of Ignatieff ’s cam-      but they incorrectly lay blame on
the Harper government and a lack          came to power.” This is a sound         port is an explanation of how the       paign includes issues inaccurately     Harper’s government. Yes, we are
of definite direction. We are better      strategy because salaries have not      future Liberal government will          blaming Harper and no real direc-      better off with Harper.

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                                                                                                                                                    GAUNTLET OPINIONS JANUARY 20.11 11

Letter: Unions still have a purpose
Unions are still necessary to protect the needs of workers
  Jocelyn Hunt, columnist for the      expired. In addition to working         try wage standards and benefits,              the mistakes of the free market.       economic recovery by taking away
Gauntlet at the University of Cal-     to ensure wages keep up with the        which in turn raise wages for those              Perhaps there has never been        the purchasing power of millions.
gary, argues in her Jan.13 column      rising cost of living in Canada —       who work non-union as well, de-               a time where unions serve more            Our       76,000-member-strong
that unions in Canada have lost        something not done through the          spite Hunt’s claim unions only en-            purpose in Canadian society than       union — including more than
their purpose. I disagree.             good will of business or govern-        sure good wages for unionized em-             now. The first thing many em-          4,400 members working hard at
  Hunt correctly states that unions    ment — unions have and continue         ployees. Organized labour is also             ployers push for in an economic        the University of Calgary — is the
introduced wage minimums, im-          to be behind many social move-          credited with helping lift many               climate such as ours is to make        largest union in the province. I’m
proved working conditions and          ments that push for increased           Canadians out of poverty and giv-             cutbacks to staff and wages. We        proud to say the wages and bene-
won the battle to give employ-         equality, universal health care,        ing them the means to consume. It             are seeing it now at the bargain-      fits our members receive for doing
ees (union or not I must add) the      public services, social justice,        is this purchasing power that keeps           ing table. Unions like AUPE fight to   the work that make this province
40-hour work week. While these         workplace safety, pay equity, hu-       the economy running.                          protect jobs, wages and benefits so    and your university run are well
are all true examples of why unions    man rights, the environment, po-           Hunt’s mention that unions                 our members can contribute eco-        deserved. AUPE will continue to
served a purpose, she failed to        litical action and pensions, among      negatively affect the economy is              nomically and provide essential        stand up for economic and social
mention a few other gains orga-        others. In fact, the Alberta Union      simply not true. The reality is the           services to the people of Alberta.     justice in Canada where unions are
nized labour has achieved, includ-     of Provincial Employees proudly         problems most employers are fac-              This is purposeful. Unions have        still absolutely purposeful, despite
ing the two-day weekend, which         boasts several committees that do       ing are the result of the collapse of         not expired.                           Hunt’s claims.
has not even been around for a         this work every single day on be-       global financial markets caused by               Without unions, it’s reasonable
century, and child labour laws.        half of all Albertans regardless of     big finance and greed-driven lend-            to believe wage levels would be                                        Guy Smith
  Unions in Canada still serve         union affiliation or not.               ing practices, not by employees.              lower and benefit plans less exten-          President, Alberta Union of Provincial
important purposes and have not           Unions also help set indus-          The employee should not suffer for            sive, which would harm Canada’s                                        Employees

Letter: The bright side of unions
   As I read with fascination          unions are useless. A California        the value of a union to ensure de-
and amusement Jocelyn Hunt’s,          prison guard makes a six-figure         livery of service as part of a collec-
“Unions have lost their purpose,”      salary (well earned, no doubt),         tively bargained agreement. There
[Jan. 13] a few thoughts crossed my    only because they are in a union,       are many essential positions in
mind.                                  therefore the State is in financial     our economy which rely on union
   First, her arguments pick and       peril. I would hate to hear her         members to deliver quality work as
choose various situations which        breakdown of how the United Auto        part of this equation. Teachers, fire-
help her cause, but are only rep-      Workers Union caused the crisis         fighters, police officers and nurses
resentative of those specific inci-    in the American economy because         are all members of our society who
dences. To wit: the Toronto gar-       of greed and sloth, rather than the     benefit from being part of a union.
bage strike was a horrible episode     gross mismanagement on the part         A union that protects them from
in the city’s history, therefore the   of big American Banks, et al.           the arbitrary measures of manage-
union involved was at fault and           Second, she fails to recognize       ment while, at the same time, en-
                                                                               suring we receive delivery of the

Letter: Hunt’s argument a union                                                services we rightly deserve.

                                                                                                            Greg Porter
of pro and con                                                                                  Political Science, BA, ‘91

   I was pleased to see Jocelyn        the public sector isn’t agile to
Hunt take on unions [“Unions           changing markets.
have lost their purpose,” Jan. 13].       Still, unions do have a pur-
While she makes good points,           pose. Perhaps not in Alberta or
Hunt fails to present a clear alter-   even Canada, but around the
native to many of the problems         world. Workers are taken advan-
unions still solve in society.         tage of every day. They are forced
   The near-collapse of the major      to accept low pay and poor con-
automotive companies in North          ditions — without unions they
America is a good example. The         won’t be able to rise above their
autoworker unions increased            conditions.
their demands year after year             Further, our choices matter.
and when it came time for re-          Programs like Make Trade Fair
structuring their actions nearly       allow consumers to make a dif-
left them with no jobs, rather         ference in the lives of workers
than the pension cuts they would       around the world. The only way
have faced.                            such efforts are possible is when
   Hunt identifies these concerns.     a group bands together to claim,
Unions prevent the market from         with one voice, that change is
quickly adjusting to necessary         necessary.
reforms. Countries around the
world are currently experiencing                            Heather Babin
the problems that occur when                               Financial Manager
12 JANUARY 20.11
Editor: Brent Constantin—                                                      academic probation
Twitter allows socially inept to shape frightening and
indifferent world into his own image
Brent Constantin                                lowers, as well as all users follow-   succinct, 140 character messages.      blazer dad #mydadisanidiot.”          not as a desperate attempt to ele-
Why are there no locking, single stalls here?   ing the hashtag #suburbanirony.           “@palcoholic yeah, I asked him        Most twitter users agreed that      vate his own perversely low sense
                                                   “Yes, please refill our #oliveg-    if the pasta was a house recipe,”      the scathing commentary was all       of self-worth by ruthlessly batter-

        hree minutes into a Sunday              arden bread basket for the third       Willis recounted, to a fellow twit-    the more poignant due to the vast     ing down hapless victims around
        Olive Garden family din-                time,” Willis typed into his           ter user he has never met or seen      majority of diners not only being     him regardless of age, sex, cir-
        ner, third-year U of C Eng-             iPhone, oblivious to the major-        yet feels more pressure to please      completely unaware they were          cumstance or disability.
lish major Jeffrey Willis subver-               ity of activity occurring above        than his own family members, af-       being viciously lampooned by a           Meanwhile, the remaining
sively turned the event on its head             the table top.  “I want to see the     ter receiving his plate of Lasagna     comedy genius, but ignorant lud-      members of the Willis family
by posting topical and well-placed              capacity of my dad’s sweatpants        Classico.                              dites in regards to Twitter itself,   have continued their use of the
barbs on the popular social media               elastic.”                                 After a brief moment when           a form of communication that          outmoded verbal message for-
site Twitter.                                      The 21-year-old witticist went      Willis raised his eyes to respond      many middle-class, well-educat-       mat known as a discussion, a
   Willis, under the pseudonym                  on to reply to several retweets of     monosyllabically to a question         ed 17 to 26-year-old westerners       back and forth communication
@bigJ_Will, began offering his                  his original post, garnering even      from his brother Peter about his       confirm will never go away or         style without the benefit of spell-
dry wit on a range of topics in-                more popularity for the young          plans following post-secondary,        stop being incredibly, incredibly     check, character limitations or
cluding the decorum of patrons                  man who possesses no mental            the young man returned to his          important.                            tinyURLs.
around him, the quality of his                  handicaps, but can usually be          principal domain of pixels.              “Guy at the next table, the 5 sec      As of press time they have yet
meal and his parents’ social skills             found isolated at all social en-          “Wow,” Willis continued, tap-       rule doesn’t apply to a full rare     to notice that the digital wizard
to the bemusement of his 254 fol-               counters typing observations in        ping his suede Clarks desert boots     steak, especially when it was on      sitting across from them, whose
                                                                                       in frustration with his father, the    the carpet for closer to 30 #face-    only real skills are unemployable
                                                                                       Twitter-user’s sole source of mon-     palm,” Willis quipped, no doubt       in the backwards job market of
                                                                                       etary support and broadband ac-        pointing out the foibles of oth-      the day, is not aware of their fre-
                                                                                       cess. “I didn’t know you could still   ers only as playful, good-spirited    quent and consistent taunts and
                                                                                       do a comb over if you only had         jabs in the hopes of drawing out      personal attacks which have gone
                                                                                       hair on you back, you’re a trail-      the ability to laugh at oneself and   on to amuse themselves, other
Editor: Andy Williams—                                                                        entertainment

                                                                                                                                                                                              courtesy Ricardo Hubbs

Though they eschew any reference to Harper Lee, Victoria band are mega eclectic

                                                     “   After having just a
Andy Williams                                                                                        you have this time frame and you have to            That thought aside, even their frequent
Entertainment Editor                                                                                 adhere to it, and so you better get this stuff   collaborator and producer Zak Cohen has
                                                     backpack, your buddies,                         down otherwise it’s not going to get fin-        questioned how radio-friendly the band is,

     t’s a quintessential problem for bands                                                          ished.”                                          but in their nonchalant way, the band takes
     that evolve around their energetic live         and your instruments                               The band is known for its eclectic sound.     it in stride.
     performances. How do you translate
that energy into a finished album? It’s not as
                                                     for four months, and you                        Genre labels can only provide a hint of
                                                                                                     their unique musical styling as the band’s
                                                                                                                                                         “Zak thought we were folk music be-
                                                                                                                                                      cause we wrote songs that were, in some
simple as just recording a live performance          manage to live off mak-                         diversity is the result of the many different    cases, way too long for the radio,” says
at a festival, or going into a studio and re-                                                        backgrounds that members can boast.              Griffiths. “Pop music is great. But that’s
cording a jam session. There’s a myriad of           ing music on the street ev-                        “We all come from different musical           not at all what we do. It’s almost inten-
issues to contend with — tracking, master-                                                           backgrounds, from Jazz School, to studying       tional that there isn’t wide pop appeal. If
ing, mixing and arranging the album all re-
                                                     erywhere, you can pretty                        Flamenco for two years in Spain, to play-        we wanted to be a radio band, we’d come
quire careful thought and attention.                 much do anything.                               ing in African hand-drumming groups to           about our song writing in a completely dif-
   These are some of the issues that Victo-                                                          playing in reggae bands and punk bands,”         ferent fashion. We’d write a hook, and write
ria’s The Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra
recently dealt with. The band has struc-
                                                                –Kurt Loewen                         says Griffiths. “I was in a screaming punk-
                                                                                                     metal band when I was in high school, yell-
                                                                                                                                                      a three-minute catchy tune and then get it
                                                                                                                                                      on the radio. Not to say that we could just
tured itself around a grassy-rootsy folk that        of a record), and it’s been an opportunity to   ing vocals with my shirt off and blue hair.”     do it that easily — but it’s just not part of
sees them singing songs in Spanish about             further improve their studio craft. They’ve        That being said, an eclectic style like Te-   focus.”
the victim hood of Mexican drug cul-                 implemented a new technique where two           quila Mockingbird’s can be a barrier for            That focus was solidified when the band
ture or their homes on Vancouver Island.             or three instruments will play the song at      potential listeners. It’s not easy to charac-    spent four months touring together in Eu-
Though they recognize their first album              once and they’ll track the other instru-        terize and it generally requires attracting a    rope in 2008. Despite lacking solid plans or
(The Double EP) had a raw “live off the              ments as needed.                                certain crowd who are more open to mu-           any guaranteed method of transportation,
floor” feel, they’ve recently been working              “That way, you capture the live the sound    sic outside the narrow confines of what is       the trip was a great success.
to hone their presence in the studio.                when you have the three of us or the four of    considered mainstream. But the band em-             “After having just a backpack, your
   “The Blanche Album was the first time             us,” says percussionist Paul Wolda. “That’s     braces their diversity, arguing that instead     buddies, and your instruments for four
that we really experimented with record-             the benefit of recording live off the floor —   of limiting their audience, it serves to ex-     months, and you manage to live off making
ing as a medium for creation,” says Ian              you capture that energy. That’s one thing       pand it.                                         music on the street everywhere, you can
Griffiths, lead vocalist and accordion               that we wanted to do with this last record-        “We play for everyone, we play for two-       pretty much do anything,” says Loewen.
player. “For songs like ‘Breathe In, Breathe         ing and all our recordings. The last record-    week-olds and 90-year-olds,” says Loewen.           The band is firmly back on the continent
Out,’ which is a song on the second album,           ing has really captured the energy of our       “Paul’s grandmother came to a show on the        now. Though over Christmas their focus
we tracked everything on that song, which            live performance, which is something that       island and she’s 93 years old. She enjoyed       was firmly set on mastering the studio, the
was the first time we’d done that. We in-            is really tough to achieve.”                    our music and I don’t think it’s just because    band is in the midst of touring the dense
vented parts in the studio, we wrote stuff              “It’s definitely true,” adds vocalist and    she loves Paul. It’s super, super wide ap-       forests of interior B.C., before singing west,
in the studio, instead of having it all pre-         guitarist Kurt Loewen. “This last experi-       peal as far as demographics are concerned.       through the Rockies to the wide open
written, which was new.”                             ence, for me anyway, was the first time I       There are lots of people our age, mid- to        spaces of rural Alberta.
   The band has been sequestered in the              felt fully comfortable being in a perfor-       late-twenties, who are totally grooving on
snowy B.C. interior recording a yet-to-be-           mance mind set inside of a studio. It’s more    it. If we’re aiming for people like us, then     Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra are playing Broken City on Jan. 28.
named double (two songs, one on each side            a pressure cooker situation, where it’s like,   we’ve accomplished that as well.”                         You can find more information at
                                                                                                                                      GAUNTLET ENTERTAINMENT JANUARY 20.11 15

Despite glossing over details, Bhutto is riveting
Andy Williams                            poverty rates and high number of       matic politician — friends, biog-
Entertainment Editor                     deaths from terrorist attacks.         raphers, politicians and family
                                            The movie tackles Pakistan’s        members all provide insight and

         ntil 10 years ago, Paki-        modern history and does it well. It    information.
         stan was doomed to be           discusses the rise and subsequent         One unfortunate flaw of the
         largely ignored by the          fall of Benazir’s father, Zulfikar     movie is its handling of the larg-
West, that is, until Sept. 11. And       Ali Bhutto. It deals with the mili-    est criticism leveled at Benazir
then, as it had before, Pakistan         tary coup that replaced him and        and her husband Asif Ali Zard-
became an indispensable ally to          the country’s social and economic      ari — the frequent allegations of
the United States in the war in the      problems, most specifically the        corruption. Though nothing has
Middle East during operations in         dialectical relationship between       been proven officially, there are
neighbouring Afghanistan and in          social progress and religious law.     a myriad of reports from sources
the larger arena of Middle-East-            That being said, the focus of the   about the Bhutto family’s corrup-
ern geopolitics. Though things           movie lies squarely on Benazir         tion and it seems plausible if not
have changed slightly, knowledge         Bhutto. It traces the course of her    likely that some member of the
about Pakistan’s troubles and            life from birth, through her two       Bhutto family was at some point
sources of instability have not          terms as Prime Minister and her        involved in dubious or corrupt
become common knowledge in               death. It paints a compelling por-     government practices.
these Western countries. Snip-           trait of Benazir, as a martyr who         The movie glosses over this is-
pets of information about drone          gave her life for progression and      sue and it’s particularly problem-
strikes and sporadic information         liberty in Pakistan. Largely pro-      atic because it would have been
about devastating flooding trickle       western in ideology, she believed      easy to deal with. Corruption in
                                                                                                                                                                                      courtesy Duane Baughman
into the media, but the discourse        in women’s suffrage and equal          developing nations is not uncom-
is hardly complete.                      rights. Despite coming from a          mon or unusual and it would have        Bhutto paints a picture of a family entangled in Pakistan’s instability.
   That’s where Bhutto, Duane            wealthy land-owning family, she        been easy to make the case that if
Baughman’s film, comes in. The           recognized the struggle of the         the Bhutto’s or Zardari were in-        has gone into the presentation of    hopefully drive discussions about
documentary opens with scenes            peasants and stated her firm belief    volved in corruption, the net re-       numbers and statistics and slick     Western policy toward Pakistan,
of Benazir Bhutto’s exciting, but        that in order to change Pakistan,      sult of their influence in Pakistan     visual aids and animations are       Pakistan’s future and the Bhutto
ultimately tragic, return to Paki-       she needed the help of every-          has overwhelmingly been posi-           provided throughout to provide       legacy, at a time when these dis-
stan in 2007. It then slides into a      one. She was remarkably popu-          tive.                                   clarity and reinforce points.        cussions are more vital than ever.
series of worrying statistics about      lar and had many supporters.              Regardless, the movie is well-         The movie provides a fairly ac-
Pakistan. Highlighted are the            A myriad of commentators and           paced, both musically and stylisti-     curate picture of Pakistan in an     Bhutto is playing at 6 p.m. on Jan. 26 in That Emtpy
countries low literacy rates, high       experts weigh in on the charis-        cally. A lot of thought and effort      easily digestible package and will   Space as part of NUTV’s Movies that Matter series.

Billy Bishop Goes to War for more than thirty years
Erin Shumlich                            opposite of these qualities.           half hour satirical musical featuring   ing days of Canadian theatre.”       cause she didn’t want to miss the
Gauntlet Entertainment                     Though he was kicked out of the      strong nationalistic undertones.          The Soul Company Theatre           show.
                                         Royal Military College of Canada          The play, written by Eric Peterson   presents the High Performance           January marks the 25th anni-
   Think about what it means to be       for cheating, William Avery Bishop     and John Gray, premiered in 1978        Rodeo and Theatre Calgary pro-       versary of the annual High Per-
a stereotypical Canadian: humble,        became famous after making his         at the Vancouver East Cultural          duction which has Peterson and       formance Rodeo, which has over
peaceful, polite and deferential.        way into the Royal Canadian Air        Centre and has been performed           Gray back together on stage. The     the years been transformed into
We are renowned internationally          Force during the First World War       many times throughout Canada            pair, directed by Ted Dykstra,       a month-long cultural celebra-
not for our ability to wage war, but     and he had 72 air victiories. Only     and around the world.                   put on a show hailed as one of       tion that Rodeo manager Brad
our prowess as global peace keep-        10 years after the Wright Brothers        “The play has been around for        the top 10 performances of Ca-       Walker says shows how Calgary
ers.                                     documented their first flight, Bish-   more than 30 years,” says Donna         nadian theatre by the Globe and      has grown. Walker is excited that
   Billy Bishop Goes to War is a slice   op’s achievements were to become       Coates, English professor at the        Mail. Despite having to bear the     Billy Bishop Goes to War has been
of real-life comedy based on the         an astounding part of Canadian         University of Calgary. “It was one of   cold for 10 more days, Coates        added to the festival.
life of a man who embodies the           history captured in the two-and-a-     the first popular plays in the emerg-   delaying a trip to Australia be-               see Billy Bishop, page 16

                                          A defense of Gervais
                                          Oh, and the Golden Globes were good too
                                          Andy Williams                                                                         rewarded for the excellent sound
                                          Entertainment Editor                                                                  track they provided for the film.
                                                                                                                                Inception was shut out and Black

                                                    British comedian famous                                                     Swan only accrued Best Actress in
                                                    for his off-colour and awk-                                                 Drama for Natalie Portman’s per-
                                                    ward humour has, for the                                                    formance, despite considerable
                                          last two years, been reinvigorating                                                   buzz surrounding both films.
                                          a dusty and damaged franchise.                                                           The rest of the awards show was
                                             Awards shows have been on a                                                        fairly unsurprising. The fantasti-
                                          decline ever since the infamous                                                       cally produced Boardwalk Empire
                                          writer’s strike. And yet, under                                                       usurped Mad Men as best televi-
                                          Gervais’ stewardship, the trend is                                                    sion drama. Glee faired well, as it
                                          starting to reverse — the number                                                      usally does, picking up the award
                                          of viewers has increased for the                                                      for Best Television Series - Com-
                                          first time in years.                                                                  edy or Musical. The Kids Are Al-
                                             The bitingly funny Brit, most                                                      right scooped up the award for
                                          famous for co-creating The Office                                                     Best Motion Picture - Comedy or
                                          with Stephen Merchant, took to                              Remi Watts/the Gauntlet   Muscial in what was a mediocre
                                          the stage to emcee the 2011 Gold-            And yet, if anyone remembers,            category.
                                          en Globes on the heels of his suc-        last year saw Gervais embrace a                Viewership was up for this year’s
                                          cessful performance in the same           similar caustic style. Although he          Globes. With incessant stories of
                                          role last year.                           was more self-effacing in 2010, he          special treatment and indulgence
                                             His monologue was filled with          still made digs at writers and ac-          spreading across the media and
                                          digs, barbs and jibes at Hollywood        tors, and took very specific shots          the Internet, people delight in wit-
                                          royalty. He appeared on Conan a           at Steve Carell and Mel Gibson,             nessing celebrities being cut down
                                          few days before the show, explain-        among others. He ruled with the             to size and Gervais seems to be
                                          ing that a gag involving a Nazi           same kind of off-the-cuff humour            extraordinarily good at it. Come-
                                          uniform had been shot down. His           that could have been scripted but           dians have long found celebrities
                                          performance was incredibly caus-          also made up on the spot. His               to be easy targets, but Gervais has
                                          tic and irreverent. But at the same       style was even present in the 2009          flipped the situation on its head
                                          time, in Gervais’ unique way, the         Golden Globes, where he took the            by unflinchingly delivering jokes
                                          show was hilarious and absolutely         time during an award presenta-              about celebrities to celebrities. It’s
                                          entertaining.                             tion to make a Holocaust joke (al-          like a surprise roast with unwill-
                                             The show’s wake has been filled        beit a tame one).                           ing participants.
                                          with clamoring about some of his             Gervais aside, the rest of the              Despite the persistent rumours
                                          edgier material. Hollywood Reporter       show was good, too. There was               that Gervais will never host an
                                          has stated that it will “undoubtedly      the surprise of The Social Network          award show again, it’s becoming
                                          be his last hosting gig for the Hol-      grabbing Best Drama — which                 obvious that people do like him
                                          lywood Foreign Press Association          isn’t all that surprising in hind-          and his style of comedy. It may be
                                          (and, who knows, maybe any State-         sight as the win comes on the               offensive to those celebrities that
                                          side awards).” The New York Times         heels of Mark Zuckerberg claim-             utterly lack a sense of humour, but
                                          echoed these sentiments in their          ing Time’s Person of the Year, not          they’ve got to realize, with great
                                          review of the show. Rumours circu-        to mention the excellent cast and           power comes great responsibility
                                          lated on Twitter during Gervais’ ex-      crew. To that end, Aaron Sorkin             — the responsibility to take it like
                                          tended disappearance — he was out         won best screenplay, David Finch-           a champ when someone pokes
                                          of sight for about an hour — that he      er won Best Director and Trent              fun at your ridiculous antics. I’m
                                          was being reeled in or even fired.        Reznor and Atticus Ross were                looking at you Charlie Sheen.

                                          Billy Bishop, cont’d from page 5
                                             “It gives the festival a real ele-     the age of the two actors.                  nadian theatre,” says Coates. “It was
                                          ment of the past,” he says. “Peter-         “It had to be tweaked a bit to make       when we really started to look at
                                          son and Gray combined play 17             this more evident. They [were]              ourselves as Canadians and play-
                                          roles and, after 30 years, it is ex-      older, even then, than any soldier          wrights. Canadians really identify
                                          ceptional how well the two work           would have been at that time.”              with the small town boy. It gets so
                                          together. Reviving the play is giv-         Billy Bishop Goes to War has al-          much across, it’s a tour de force of
                                          ing everyone a chance to see a            ways been heralded as a mainstay            acting. It questions what it means to
                                          Canadian classic in its true form         of modern Canadian theatre. It              be a Canadian hero and keeps his-
                                          performed by the guys who know            ushered in an era of similar perfor-        tory alive.”
                                          it best. It’s a real treat for theatre-   mances with a decidely Canadian               Also, if you like the popular sit-
                                          goers.”                                   focus. It has had a remarkably suc-         com Corner Gas, Eric Peterson will
                                             Though the play has always             cesful run, appearing Off-Broadway          be a familiar face.
                                          focused on the past, Coates says          and even winning the 1981 Los An-
                                          that the script has changed slight-       geles Drama Critic’s Award.                   Billy Bishop Goes to War is playing through to
                                          ly over the years to incorporate            “It was the turning point of Ca-                 Jan. 22. Get more info at
                                                                                                                                         GAUNTLET ENTERTAINMENT JANUARY 20.11 17

                                                                                                      you’re invited to 2219
                                                                                                             What do an axe murderer, a
                                                                                                             science major, an emotional
                                                                                                             filmmaker and a workaholic
                                                                                                             salesman have in common?
                                                                                                                  Probably nothing.

                                                                                                                                                                                    photo courtesy of Tina Vidack

Emily Ask                                 Gauntlet news editor Brent Con-           Since everyone was volunteer-             “It was hard to complete shots     it into the show they would like
Features Editor                           stantin and local professional ac-      ing their time, it was often hard to     ’cause we were laughing so much,”     to use in new comedy sketches.
                                          tors like Asia Walker and Stage         synchronize the cast and crew’s          Lutley recalls. “Even between         And while future projects might

           fter years of tossing around   West’s Bryan Smith.                     schedules. If someone didn’t show        shots the tech guys would start       not be related to 2219, they admit
           ideas for a television show,       There was no external fund-         up, the planning they both did the       joking around and we were all         that the show’s storyline could
           Aaron Kerr and Scott Lut-      ing for the production of 2219.         day before would often be in vain.       in stitches and it’d be hard to get   still continue past the 10 filmed
ley, both 23 and recent University of     The cast and crew members were          Kerr and Lutley would have to shoot      things done, but it didn’t matter     episodes.
Calgary graduates, finally put their      all volunteers and provided most        completely different scenes or just      because we were all having such a        “There wasn’t a fire in the end
ideas into production last summer.        of their own sound, lighting and        simply write the character out for       good time.”                           that kills everyone,” Lutley states.
Using mainly their own money,             camera equipment. Kerr’s uncle          that day’s filming.                         What’s in the future for 2219?        “Yeah, we wrote that out,” adds
equipment and circle of friends, the      was able to provide them with a           That is not to say that filming 2219   Lutley and Kerr aren’t sure.          Kerr. “We didn’t know how to do
webseries 2219 was born.                  steadicam and green screen. All         was nothing but planning, schedul-       They’ve been making videos since      the fire.”
   The series follows the life, love      other expenses, such as props, cos-     ing and stress. Shooting a comedy        grade nine and aren’t about to
and drama of four very different          tumes and renting a house for four      show with a bunch of friends during      stop yet. They also have charac-       You can find 2219 episodes online by searching
male roommates struggling to co-          months, came directly out of Kerr       the summer had a lot of perks too.       ters and jokes that didn’t make                     2219 on Facebook.
habitate with each other: Leo, the        and Lutley’s pockets.
emotionally volatile aspiring film-           “We thought if we had a finished
maker; Ace, the science major; Jere-      project, we might be able to screen
miah, the workaholic salesman; and        it,” says Lutley. “We did have con-
Nestor, the architecture student, sex     tracts with people. It was kind of
fiend and axe murderer.                   based on, ‘If we make money, ev-
   “It’s just four guys trying to make    eryone will make a bit of money.’”
it in the world,” Lutley grins. He            “We’ve lost a lot of money,” adds
looks at Kerr, ”I don’t know, do you      Kerr.
have anything to add to that?”                “We pitched the scripts to The
   “No. That was perfect,” Kerr           Comedy Network — they didn’t
laughs.                                   want us,” Lutley continues. “That’s
   The first episode of the show was      as far as we got. We might try the
written four years ago and looked         Banff Film and Television Festival.”
very different from what it is today.         “The price to go is like, 500
   “The [scripts] sat for a long time,    bucks,” Kerr reminds him.
though. They sat for years,” Lutley           “Oh,” says Lutley. “Well, what-
explains. “Every now and then we’d        ever.”
write just a partial script or what-          Three episodes of 2219 were
ever, but we were busy with school.       screened in December at SAIT’s
We just weren’t in a place where we       bar the Gateway. Currently they
were ready to do it quite yet. And        have edited four of the 10 episodes
then we just decided, ‘Alright, we’re     they shot in the summer, a pro-
gonna do this or we’re just gonna         cess which often consumes many
dream about it.’ Every weekend, or        hours of the night. All around,
weeknight, we were still living to-       they agree producing 2219 is a lot
gether so we would sit down and           of fun, but also very exhausting.
hammer out as much as we could.”          Looking back, the two filmmakers
   Two months before starting             explained some of the challenges
production, in May 2010, Kerr             they faced and what they would
and Lutley spent their spare time         have done differently.
finding actors, crew members,                 “I think that it’s important not
equipment and a set house. Kerr           to wear too many hats when we
knew most of the crew members             do our next project,” Kerr says.
from his classes at SAIT, while           “Scott and I were trying to do too
the cast members were a mix of            much, I think, and we could have
high school friends like Robin            had someone else do it or divide
McIntyre, friends of friends like         the roles up more clearly.”
spun                         ALBUM REVIEWS

Vampire Weekend                                              Jay Crocker                                                   The Liptonians
iTunes Sessions                                              Co-Stars                                                      Let’s All March Into the Sea
(XL)                                                         (Saved by Radio)                                              (Head in the Sand)

Though Contra didn’t quite live up to the standard set       Jay Crocker is not just a multi-instrumentalist. On his       From the depths of a Winnipeg basement come the
by Vampire Weekend’s breakout self-titled debut, it was      latest release, Co-Stars, he has expanded his credits to      Liptonians and their new album Let’s All March Back
remarkably successful in its own right. Riding this wave     include production. The 10-track album is avant-garde,        Into The Sea. Tagged as ‘pop-rock’ back in 2008, their
of success, the band has now released a series of live       to say the least. From the opening track “Super Dis-          live show paved the way for several cross-country tours.
recordings under an iTunes Sessions label.                   ease,” we get to hear his invigorating experimentation
                                                             at its best. Reminiscent of the Turtles with distortion,      Now with a new album out, they remain true to their
The iTunes Sessions are composed of both tweaked             the song boldy declares that what follows will not be         roots while improving their songwriting, arrangement
versions of Vampire Weekend staples, as well as some         Top 40 hits.                                                  and production ability. Very reminiscent of U2, The
high-profile covers the band has been fine tuning over                                                                     Liptonians incorporate many instruments from guitars
the last year of touring. The band find success with their   Produced in a fully analogue studio, this album               and pianos to multiple organs and trombones.
tweaking. With its sharp guitar and driving percussion,      proves that not every song needs auto-tune. It is clear
“A-Punk” progresses with more impetus than ever.             from beginning to end that Co-Stars was an idea born          “Perfect Summers” is the album’s strongest song. It
“Holiday” sounds like an entirely different song, slowed     in a place close to Crocker’s heart. It sounds as if it       boasts simple guitar and an effective rhyme scheme
down, stretched out and with an entirely new horn sec-       was more fun to make then it is to listen to. Crocker         which are both bolstered half-way through with the
tion thrown in. “Cousins” sounds very similar to the         woos his audience with multiple harmonies, and a              addition of maracas. “Roller Coaster” is another strong
album version, but “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” benefits         post-rock style that will impress even the most hard-         song, and it’s easy to see why the song did so well in
from the stripped-down-to-the-basics production.             ened critic.                                                  Winnipeg Free Press’ My City, My Song contest.

The strongest song on the album is their cover of Bruce      At times, his music is similar to that of Battles and other   Alternatively, “Growing Old in the City” is reminiscent of
Springsteen’s “I’m Going Down.” Critics level that vo-       post-rock bands. At other times his music descends            an old broadway theatre showing of Oliver Twist where
calist Ezra Koenig isn’t the vocal heavy-hitter that The     from a more technical plateau to become reminiscent           every orphan in the 19th century English workhouse is
Boss is, but the song is masterfully arranged and Koe-       of childhood memories, especially on tracks like “Della       singing in a monotonous depressed voice, and not in a
nig manages to sound both endearing and persistent,          Be Della.”                                                    good way.
matching the song’s tone perfectly. The collection is not
necessarily a must-have, but if you like Vampire Week-       Jay Crocker is evidence the Calgary music scene is not        Ultimately, the band is musically talented and are sure
end, you’ll like the iTunes Sessions.                        dead.                                                         to garner acclaim with their latest release.

Andy Williams                                                Tristan Taylor                                                Josh Rose
escapes & pursuits                                                                                                                                                   GAUNTLET JANUARY 20.11 19
                                                                                                                                                                         Editor: Nicole Dionne—

                                                                                                                                                                        THINGS TO DO
           THEATRE                       of musical collaborations between
                                         Alberta and British Columbia. The
                                                                                   classes on Jan. 20 or 21 and find
                                                                                   something remotely interesting so            School has started but it isn’t quite in full swing
Nickel and Dime Theatre presents         event takes place in the Rozsa Cen-       you can finally say good bye to your          yet. Here are some tips to maximize your
Wood! Stop by on your lunch break        tre, but telemedia will enable the        crushing loneliness.                         relaxation to before things get hectic.
for an hour of solid entertainment.      participation of artists from around                                                   1. Sleep. This will be in short supply come
Wood is a warm and quirky play fol-      the world. Tickets are $15 and fes-       PopSex! wraps up this weekend,                   midterms. Stock up now while you can.
lowing a couple to hell and back.        tival passes are $50 for students.        finishing on Jan. 22. You can still
                                                                                                                                2. Build a box fort. Remind yourself of the care-
Check it out between Jan. 24 and 28      Both are available at the door. For       catch a peek of this amazing explo-
                                                                                                                                    free times you once had. Then realize they’re
at 12 p.m. in the Reeve Secondary        a complete festival schedule visit        ration of sex in pop culture at the
Theatre. Tickets are only $2 at the                    Illingworth Kerr Gallery located on
                                                                                                                                    over now and promptly recycle.
                                                                                                                                3. Watch old Saturday morning cartoons. The
                                                     SPORTS                        the ACAD campus. As part of the
                                                                                   experience, a film series showcas-                classics of your childhood. Grumble about the
Kloetzel&co. presents The Alice Od-      The Dino’s have a lot of games this       ing iconic films from Weimar and                  crap kids watch these days.
yssey. The three-part saga explores      weekend, at home and away. Here           post-WWII Germany will be shown
both the humour and the darkness         are the home games this week. Be          here in Science Theatre 141 on           til 6 p.m. Tattoo and piercing profes-   and Patrick Feng, both instructors at
of childhood fantasies. It will be       sure to cheer them on!                    Jan. 20 and 21. The screenings start     sionals will be available to answer      the University of Calgary. They will
performed at Dancers’ Studio West                                                  at 6 p.m. both evenings. Admission       any of your of questions and discuss     be discussing how social media is
Jan. 20–22. Shows start at 8 p.m.        The women’s and men’s basketball          to the gallery and related events        your ideas. Piercing services will be    changing business, politics and so-
Tickets are $18 and available at the     teams will be taking on the Trinity       are free for students. For more in-      provided for free all day if you buy     ciety. Participating in the discussion
door.                                    Western Spartans on Jan. 21 and 22.       formation about the films, visit          the required jewelry.                    and live tweeting is encouraged. The
                                         Head to the Jack Simpson Gym to                                                           event is free.
Get ready for an unsinkable operatic     cheer them on. The women’s games                                                   The 28th annual Banff Mountain
experience! If you haven’t seen Ti-      start at 6 p.m. and the men are on        Looking for a marathon but are too       Film Festival World Tour runs until      Cinemania presents the cinematic
tanic: The Musical, it’s not too late!   at 8 p.m.                                 lazy to do any running? We’ve got        Jan. 23 at the Rozsa Centre. Shows       masterpieces Fubar and Fubar 2
The show runs until Jan. 21. in the                                                just the thing for you! The Plaza        start every evening at 7:30 p.m.         Jan. 24 in That Empty Space starting
University Theatre. Shows start at       The women’s hockey team have              Theatre presents the Millennium          with additional 2 p.m. matinees on       at 6 p.m. As always, entrance is free
7 p.m. and tickets are $15 at the        two games this weekend against the        Trilogy Triple Feature on Jan. 22. It    Saturday and Sunday. For ticket          and endless popcorn is a tasty $2.
door.                                    Alberta Pandas at the Olympic Oval.       starts at 2 p.m. and won’t be done       and screening information, visit

         CONCERTS                        The first is on Jan. 21 at 7:30 p.m.
                                         and the second is Jan. 22 at 7 p.m.
                                                                                   until nearly 9 p.m. so make yourself
                                                                                                                                        As part of the Movies that Matter Se-
                                                                                                                                                                     ries, the Tri-Media Alliance presents
The University of Calgary is host-
ing the Happening Festival of New
                                                       MISC.                       Immaculate Concept is hosting
                                                                                                                            Obsessed with Twitter and Face-
                                                                                                                            book? Check out Science Cafe on
                                                                                                                                                                     Bhutto on Jan. 26 at 6 p.m. in That
                                                                                                                                                                     Empty Space. The documentary
Music and Media, Jan. 26–29. This        If you don’t have any friends yet, this   their second annual open house on        Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at the Iron-        chronicles the life of the first woman
year’s concerts, lectures and dem-       is your last hope. Clubs week. Se-        Jan. 23. Things get started at 12 p.m.   wood Stage and Grill. This month’s       in history to lead Pakistan. Atten-
onstrations will focus on the theme      riously. Head to Mac Hall between         with food, drinks and giveaways un-      guest speakers are Marc Boivine          dance is free for students.
Editor: Rhiannon Kirkland—                                                                                                                                 sports
Parker to play in Shrine Game
Walter, Coehoorn and Parker remain on list of top CFL draft prospects
Rhiannon Kirkland                                 top player on the list from a Cana-                                                                                       moved forward. A gentleman
Sports Editor                                     dian university at number three —                                                                                         named Ken Smith has been the
                                                  behind two players from Ameri-                                                                                            individual who really pushed for

         he last month proved to be               can schools. Wide receiver Nathan                                                                                         the Canadian kids to be part of
         very good for several Dinos              Coehoorn sits at number seven                                                                                             that game. It’s to the point now
         football players. With the               and running back Matt Walter is                                                                                           where there’s one nominee out of
season wrapped up, it might seem                  number 14 on the list.                                                                                                    the east and the west every year
that all would be quiet, but this was                “They deserve to be on that                                                                                            and it’s quite an event.”
not so. Four players found them-                  and they’re going to be high draft                                                                                           Parker is the tenth Dino to be in-
selves receiving good news and                    picks when the draft occurs,” said                                                                                        vited to the game. Defensive line-
special honours.                                  Nill. “They’ve had a lot of success                                                                                       man Dan Federkell was the last to
                       Three Dinos                through their entire careers and                                                                                          be invited in 2006. Parker will play
                    players featured              they’re quality athletes.”                                                                                                for the west team under coach-
                    on a list of top                 The top three remained the                                                                                             ing legend Wade Phillips, who
                    CFL draft pros-               same with Baylor centre Philip                                                                                            coached several NFL teams includ-
                    pects released in             Blake, originally from Toronto,                                                                                           ing Dallas, New Orleans and Den-
                    September have                at number one and Scott Mitchell                                                                                          ver between 1985 and 2010.
                    remained on the               from Rice at number two.                                                                                                     “It’s an opportunity for Anthony
Parker              list. The new list               Two new players made their                                                                                             to further showcase his skills and
                    published in De-              way onto the list — offensive line-                                                                                       he’s lucky that he gets to play in
cember by the Canadian Football                   man Anthony Barrette of Con-                                                                                              front of a lot of pro people, not
League’s scouting bureau ranks the                cordia was ranked 13 and receiv-                                                                                          only in the CFL, but in the NFL,”
top 15 prospects of players eligible              er Jade Etienne of Saskatchewan                                                                                           said Nill. “It’s quite an honour and
for the 2011 CFL Draft.                           squeezed in as number 15.                                                                                                 something that he’s deserving of.”
   “That list, I wouldn’t say it’s                   Two more lists of the top 15                                                                                              Running back Steven Lumbala
written in stone,” said Dinos foot-               prospects will be released before                                                                                         will play in the second annual In-
ball head coach Blake Nill. “That’s               the 2011 draft. One after the CFL                                                                                         ternational Federation of Ameri-
                                                                                                                                                       Gauntlet file photo
the opinion of different people.                  evaluation camp and another                                                                                               can Football USA vs. the World
Those three guys are top candi-                   in April, just before the draft.       Nathan Coehoorn was seventh on the list of top CFL draft picks.                    game. Forty players from eight
dates to play professionally and                  The CFL evaluation camp for the                                                                                           countries selected by the IFAF will
are amongst the best in the CIS                   class of 2011 takes place from         O’Donnell are the only two Cana-       year since former Dino Tom Spol-            play against the U.S. under 19 na-
and consequently they’re gonna                    Mar. 4–6 in Toronto and the draft      dians invited to the game.             tetini was invited in 1985.                 tional team selected by USA Foot-
remain on that list. It doesn’t real-             takes place at the end of April or        The Shrine game began in 1925          “The Shrine game is for the top          ball in Austin Texas on Feb. 2. The
ly matter where they’re at because                in early May.                          to raise funds for Shriners Hos-       senior class football players in            world team will be coached by
each team has its own opinion.”                      Parker heads to the East West       pitals for Children. Over 80 top       the U.S. and around the early ’80s          Canadian Greg Marshall. Seven
   All three players maintained                   Shrine Game in Orlando, Florida        NCAA all-star football players par-    they started inviting a Canadian            players, including Lumbala, will be
their original positions on the list.             on Jan. 22. Parker and Queen’s         ticipate. Players from Canadian        every now and then to partici-              returning to the world team from
Slotback Anthony Parker was the                   offensive     lineman      Matthew     schools have been invited every        pate in the game,” said Nill. “It’s         the 2010 game.

Goyette named January woman of vision
Rhiannon Kirkland                                 each month we feature a woman          with men’s hockey,” she said.          we just want to play hockey,’ ” said
Sports Editor                                     in both the Calgary Herald in print       Goyette’s leadership role as        Goyette. “That’s not the person I
                                                  and broadcast as well,” said YWCA      a trainer and mentor to Dinos          am. If we lose because we didn’t
   The Dinos women’s ice hockey                   Calgary communications associate       athletes also led to her selection     work hard or because we’re not
team has been making headlines                    director Silvana Saccomani.            said Saccomani.                        prepared, then I have a problem
all season with the dramatic addi-                   The woman of vision program            “It’s part of what I’ve done in     with that. I think that’s what I’m
tion of Hailey Wickenheiser and                   highlights women who have over-        women’s hockey and how involved        trying to change with this team is
the team’s move from underdogs                    come barriers in their respective      I am right now with women’s hock-      wanting to win, to be okay with
to fierce contenders. In the midst                fields and have worked to lessen the   ey,” said Goyette. “I’m developing     winning.”
of all of the promising chaos, the                gaps that do exist said Saccomani.     some of the next future leaders in       Goyette played for the national
woman behind the bench women’s                       These women helped improve          our society. I love women’s hockey     women’s hockey team for 16 years
hockey head coach Danielle Goy-                   the situation of women in their        and I love the game.”                  before retiring to become a coach.
ette has attracted some attention.                field. The selection committee was        Goyette has been the Dinos head     She attended three Olympics, win-
   Goyette was named Global Cal-                  particularly impressed by the work     coach for four years, during which     ning gold medals in 2002 and 2006
gary’s January 2011 Woman of Vi-                  that Goyette did to advance wom-       time she built the team and moved      and a silver medal in 1998. She
                                                                                                                                                                                                  courtesy David Moll
sion. The program runs as a part-                 en’s hockey as an athlete and as a     them from the Alberta college          competed in nine world champi-
nership between Global Calgary                    coach said Saccomani.                  league to CIS, where they are cur-     onships and won eight. Goyette              on the national team you play with
and the Calgary YWCA to recognize                    “She’s really been part of mov-     rently ranked seventh overall.         was the flag bearer at the opening          so many great players on so many
the accomplishments of outstand-                  ing women’s hockey from the               “When I took over the team they     ceremonies at the 2006 Olympic              great teams,” said Goyette. “I’ve
ing local women.                                  backburner or not being on any         kind of had a losing mentality, like   Winter Games in Turin, Italy.               been so lucky that I was part of that
   “There’s an advisory board and                 burner to putting it right up there    it was okay to lose. ‘No big deal,       “When you play so many years              team for so long.”
                                                                                                                                                      GAUNTLET SPORTS JANUARY 20.11 21

Adventures in snowshoeing
Sydney Stokoe                           ing allows you to enjoy the moun-             It is a good idea to get some sort    boards and they can be rented
Photo Editor                            tains and still get a full night’s sleep,   of training in avalanche safety if      from a few places around town
                                        a concept that seemed somewhat              you intend to go off trail or into      including Mountain Equipment

          s a skier, I have always      foreign to someone used to starting         more exposed mountain areas.            Co-Op, The University of Calgary
          viewed snowshoeing as the     day trips somewhere between five            For the most part, however, snow-       Outdoor Centre and Spirit West.
          lame half-brother of cross-   and six in the morning. Leaving the         shoeing is more a passive walk in          Snowshoeing offers a way to
country skiing. It seemed slow, sort    city in the brilliant sunlight of mid-      the woods than a serious trek into      enjoy the things around you at a
of boring and you look kind of silly    morning is a wonderful feeling.             the wild. This is not to say that you   slower pace, but this doesn’t make
with those big things on your feet.        Kananaskis country is gorgeous.          can’t access some potentially dan-      it boring, instead it allows for a
That was until I went out snowshoe-     The trail we followed up to Lake            gerous areas, just be sure to check     greater opportunity to enjoy the
ing over the winter break.              Rawson was overlooked by Mount              the avalanche danger in the area,       people you are with. It’s a good op-
    We were supposed to be going        Sarrail, an impressive rock wall            as well as the forecasted weather.      portunity to start snowball fights,
out to bow summit to muck around        whose features were accentuated               For people with limited out-          run around like fools, jump off
in the backcountry on skis, but ad-     by the ribbons of snow clinging to          door gear, snowshoeing is prob-         things and barrel roll down hills.
vice from a friend told us that the     it. It isn’t a difficult trail, around      ably one of the least expensive         Snow is one of those things that
summit was really tracked out and       six kilometres of travel all togeth-        pursuits to get into. All you really    can turn adults back into five-year-
hadn’t seen any new snow in ages.       er with two kilometres of switch            need is a good set of boots and         old children. From the moment
So instead of destroying our skis       backing uphill to get to the lake. It       warm clothing and, considering          the snowshoes were strapped on,
in search of some non-existent          is possible to navigate around the          the climate we live in, most of         the goal of the day turned towards
powder, we tagged onto some             lake, but our party opted for run-          you out there already have these.       finding things to jump off. Logs,
friends planning to snowshoe to         ning up and down the slope adja-            Rental snowshoes are much less          rocks, hills, you name it, became a
Rawson Lake in Peter Lougheed           cent to the water instead.                  expensive than skis or snow-            trophy of good ole’ fashioned fun.          Sydney Stokoe/the Gauntlet

Provincial Park.
    Kananaskis is an often over-
looked area as far as mountain
adventures go, but it’s right in
Calgary’s backyard and offers ev-
erything from easy days walking
around lakes to more rigorous full
day adventures ice climbing, ski-
ing, snowshoeing and scrambling.
It’s close enough that most pursuits
can be completed in a day.
    Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
is a popular camping area in the
summer with many well-devel-
oped trails for hiking and moun-
tain biking. These trails translate
well into skiing and snowshoeing
tracks in the winter.
    The great thing about a chill day
in the mountains as opposed to the
activities I usually do is that there
is some opportunity to, gasp, sleep
in. That’s right friends, snowshoe-

                                   Sports briefs

                                                                                              Nathaneal Darrell/the Gauntlet

                                   The women’s volleyball team split a weekend series with UBC,
                                   losing 2–3 on Jan. 14 and winning 3–2 on Jan. 15.

                                   UBC beat basketballsaurs
                                   Josh Rose                              early fouls and an injury, but still
                                   Gauntlet Sports                        led the team with nine boards and
                                                                          13 points. Guard Philip Labongo

                                       t was a tough weekend in the       and forward Matt Letkeman came
                                       world of Dinos basketball as       off the bench to chip in 11 and 10.
                                       both the men’s and women’s           Saturday was no better for the
                                   teams fell to the UBC Thunderbirds.    Dinos. Finishing with a 66–42 loss,
                                     The women suffered a disap-          the women’s team struggled to stay
                                   pointing 68–57 loss on Friday          in the game. They were led by for-
                                   night due in large part to foul        ward Ashley Hill with nine points.
                                   trouble and turnovers. Guard           The men’s game ended 91–82 and
                                   Tamara Jarrett and forward Alex        the Dinos, yet again, were domi-
                                   Cole led the team in scoring with      nated. Guard Trevor Debolt led the
                                   12 points a piece.                     Dinos with 18 points while Fidler
                                     The boys in red fared no better      chipped in 17 and Letkeman an
                                   than their female counterparts as      additional 14 and 11 rebounds.
                                   Friday’s game produced a 74–63
                                                                          The women’s basketball team face Trinity Western
                                   loss. Dinos’ guard Tyler Fidler        at 6 p.m. on Jan. 21 and 22. The men’s basketball
                                   played only five minutes due to         team also play TWU on Jan. 21 and 22 at 8 p.m.

                                   Men’s volleyball extend streak to ten
                                   Douglas Long                           percentage, assists and kills.
                                   Gauntlet Sports                          One of the top performers of the
                                                                          year has been fourth-year Graham
                                      There has been a lot to talk        Vigrass, who is third place in CW
                                   about this year when it comes          with 180 points. Vigrass was most
                                   to men’s volleyball, as defending      recently named the top performer
                                   CIS Champions, the Dinos, have         against UBC, in both games, re-
                                   gone undefeated thus far in regu-      cording a total of 43 kills. Vigrass
                                   lar season play. This past week-       was also named Dinos Athlete of
                                   end the Dinos played a two game        the week for his valuable play.
                                   home stand versus the 4–8 UBC            The Dinos are now preparing
                                   Thunderbirds, defeating them in        to face a tough Trinity Western
                                   both games and extending the           Spartan team on Friday and Sat-
                                   undefeated streak to 10 games.         urday. The Spartans are currently
                                      So far this season the Dinos have   in fourth place. The last time
                                   dominated CW in almost every           these met was at the Trinity West-
                                   statistic. The men’s volleyballsaurs   ern Tournament Final earlier this
                                   are currently leading CW in hitting    month, where TWU won.
Society of Coyotes. Remi Watts                                         Autosomna. Lars Hedlund & Marc Lynch
                                                                                                                                                                               23 JANUARY 20.11 GAUNTLET
                                                                                                              Editor: Remi “$12,000 Suit” Watts—

 Stercum Accidit. Kurt Genest    Charles in College. Tristyn Taylor

                                                                      Network. Admin.

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