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									                                                                               Spring/Summer 2011
                                                                               VOLUME 33
                                                                               NUMBER 3

                                                                               Olympic medalist
                                                                               Shannon Bahrke          A Brief Personal
                                                                               gives 50-year
                                                                               member Gene             History
                                                                               Palmer a hug
                                                                               following her           By Homer Semons
                                                                               opening-day lecture
                                                                               during the
                                                                               Intermountain Spring    A brief personal history of
                                                                               Clinic at Snowbird.     my teaching career.
                                                                Brian Oakden

                                                                                                       It all started in a one-room shack — just
                                                                                                            Skyline Ski Area, sometimes called
                                                                                                       the “rock” or “cliff off into the parking
                                             who attended the division’s nationally                    lot,” located on Mt. Bonneville, 12 miles
Spring Clinic Hype                           advertised celebration. Intermoun-                        SE of Pocatello, Idaho, was opened in
                                             tain’s 60th Spring Clinic and LCC’s                       1949, It attracted about 200 skiers. It had
Living up to hype is unusual in today’s      record snowfall attracted almost 300 of                   two rope tows, an octagon shaped lodge
over-marketed world, but that’s exactly      its own members and nearly 60 partici-                    and a genuine his and hers wooden
what PSIA/AASI Intermountain’s 60th          pants from other divisions.                               outhouse-no plumbing. The area’s
anniversary Spring Clinic did April 28 –          Snowbird accommodated Inter-                         name was later changed to Pebble Creek.
May 3 at Snowbird, Utah.                     mountain with great room deals, great                          I started skiing two years later, using
    Olympic medalist Shannon Bahrke’s        lunch service, and, for those seeking a                   a pair of wooden 215s with no metal
inspirational Thursday-night recap of her    two-resort experience, even a shuttle                     edges. A friend and ski pal of mine
competitive career was followed by soft      ride to Alta – which opened for the week-                 opened a ski shop in the basement of his
snow on Friday and a snow-delayed Little     end and extended special pricing to                       printing shop. He told me about a new
Cottonwood Canyon road opening               Spring Clinic attendees. Even Snowbird                    idea – steel edges. He took a router to my
Saturday. The skiing, riding, and enter-     owner Dick Bass attended Saturday’s                       skis and put on the steel edges — big
tainment got even better on Sunday.          banquet to welcome participants and                       time — and oh, yes, I had to have ”ala
    Sliding through knee-deep powder         share his unique outlook on his resort.                   Sun Valley” in-the-boot Bogner ski
on May 1 may not be the best way to say           It was an event packed with snow,                    pants, The boots were leather and the
good-bye to winter for some people,          guest coaches, lecturers, box lunches                     binders were death traps.
but you would be hard-pressed to tell        and good times. Photos of the event can
that to the nearly 350 skiers and riders     be found inside. Hope you were there. ■                   continued on 10

                     Lifers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4                           Visions of Spring. . . . . . . . . . . 8
                     Recognizing people in skiing.                                        Photos from the 60th Spring Clinic.

                     Changing Directions . . . . . . . . 6                                Awards and Recognition . . . . . 13
                     The force is in the snow.                                            Names in the news.

                                                                                     PSIA-I              ◆     AASI-I

                                                                                     The Instructors EDGE
                       President’s Message                                           The Instructors EDGE, official publication of
                                                                                     the Professional Ski Instructors of America
                                                                                     Intermountain Division and the American
                       By Christine Katzenberger, PSIA-I/AASI-I President            Association of Snowboard Instructors
                                                                                     Intermountain Division, is scheduled to be
                                                                                     published three times a year at a
                        The Year to Date total as I write this column May 24,
                                                                                     nonmember subscription rate of $15.
                        2011 is 760 inches for Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort.
                        Holy cow!                                                    Opinions presented in the EDGE are those
                            Hopefully you were able to attend the 60th Anniver-      of the individual authors and do not
                                                                                     necessarily represent the opinions or
 sary Spring Clinic at Snowbird, but if not, you still can have some great skiing.
                                                                                     policies of the Professional Ski Instructors
 I believe they’ll be open for a while. Thanks to all who attended and those that    of America, Intermountain or the American
 worked this great event. We were able to entice 51 out of state participants        Association of Snowboard Instructors,
 and hold a banquet with 300. Shannon Bahrke gave a great lecture as did Rob         Intermountain. Submission of articles and
                                                                                     photos is encouraged. Contact the editor.
 Sogard, Lane Clegg and Scotty McGee on the Interski event along with a lec-
 ture from Florian Jagodic on race technique. The storm hit us Saturday but          Editorial/Advertising Office
 cleared beautifully for Sunday, allowing from some great photos of everyone         Rodger Renstrom, Editor
 in attendance. Check out Brian Oakden’s photo’s on the Intermountain site.          770 Pinewood Dr, Sandy, UT
                                                                                     (v) 801 566-9727
     This was a time to acknowledge those that have lead the way and still con-
                                                                                     (e) editor@agegroupsports.com
 tinue to serve this Division. Twenty, Thirty, Forty and even Fifty year pins
 were awarded to instructors around the Division. Yes, even Fifty. Those             PSIA-I Division, AASI-I Division Office
 receiving 50 year pins were Woody Anderson, Bill Ashley, Junior Bounous,            Susan Oakden, Division Administrator
                                                                                     7105 Highland Dr., Suite 201
 Maxine Bounous, Bill Briggs, Stein Erickson, Lex Kunau, Keith Lange, Bill
                                                                                     Salt Lake City, UT 84121
 Lash, Eddy Morris, Gene Palmer, Dean Roberts and Dave Thurgood. We also             (v) 801 942-2066, (f) 801 942-7837
 acknowledged Gene Palmer and Max Lundberg for their service and Keith               (e) admin@psia-i.org
 Lange and Clark Parkinson awarded them with plaques for the Intermoun-
                                                                                     PSIA-I, AASI-I Officers and Chairs
 tain Ski Hall of Fame. Please go see the Hall of Fame at the Olympic Sports
                                                                                     President: Christine Katzenberger
 Park if you haven’t before.                                                         Administrative V. P.: Joe Waggoner
     The first ever Intermountain Division Lifetime Achievement Awards were          Communications V.P.: Nancy Kronthaler
 presented to Junior Bounous and Keith Lange. This award honors and recog-           PSIA Board Representative: Carl Boyer
                                                                                     Programs Administrator: Open
 nizes these two individuals as charter members for their years of service,
                                                                                     Alpine Cert. Manager: Franklin Williams
 dedication and contributions to the Intermountain Division, the sport of ski-       Alpine Education Manager:
 ing and the ski teaching profession. I’d like to thank Clark Parkinson for mak-                            Stephen Helfhenbein
 ing this a special moment. Past Presidents were also acknowledged and               Alpine DECL Logistics Manager:
                                                                                                            Dustin Cooper
 thanked for their leadership in the division.
                                                                                     Snowboard Manager: Open
    Please welcome some new Board members and meet the whole staff so                Nordic Manager: Mike Shimp
 you can know who to turn to with questions or comments. Elected this year           Adaptive Manager: Kristen Caldwell
 were Sandy Sandusky from the Pebble Creek area, Mary Flinn Ware from Park           Children’s Manager: Mark Nakada
                                                                                     Ski School Management Committee:
 City Mountain Resort and Emma Franzeim from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
                                                                                                            Brian Maguire
 Stepping down this year were Max Lundberg from Pinecreek, Wyoming, Scott
 Rockwood from Pebble Creek and Donna McAleer from Deer Valley. Others               Current Board Members
 who have stepped down for various reasons are Danny Edwards of Brian                2009-2012: George Ator (for Jess King),
                                                                                                Nancy Kronthaler, Rich
 Head, Jess King from Canyons and Kathleen Roe from Jackson. These indi-
                                                                                                McLaughlin, JasonPellegrini,
 viduals have been an asset to the Board and we hope that they will stay                        Leslie Blank (for Kathleen Roe)
 involved and run again if their time permits. Some new faces stepping in to fill    2010-2013: Shannon Highlander, Dave
 these terms are Dave Butler from Brian Head, Leslie Blank of Brighton and                      Butler (for Danny Edwards),
                                                                                                Anita Oliveri, Tony Fantis, Chris
 George Ator of Solitude. Remaining to continue their terms are Rich
 McLaughlin of Jackson, Wyoming, Shannon Highlander of Canyons,                      2011-2014: Carl Boyer, Emma Franzeim,
                                                                                                Sandy Sandusky, Joe
 continued on 16                                                                                Waggoner, Mary Flinn Ware


                          PSIA/AASI Intermountain Extends its Thanks to
             Our Spring Clinic Silent Auction Donors
A & A Frame                        Goode                            Robin & Beverly Beasley
Alpentech                          Grand Targhee                    Scott USA
Alta Ski Area                      Head USA                         Shallow Shaft Restaurant
Brianhead                          It’s F’n Hot                     Silver Bean Coffee Co
Brighton                           Jackson Hole Mountain Resort     Ski Utah
Canyon Sports Therapy              Legacy Sports                    Skiers Edge
Chauner Promotions                 Lift House                       Snowbasin
Chris Miles Art                    Marina Collins                   Snowbird Mountain School
Christy sports Snowbird            Marker LTD                       Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort
Cliff Sports                       Mary Flinn Ware                  Solitude Mountain Resort
Cole Sport                         Nona Weatherbee                  Sundance
Conte                              Park City Mountain Resort        Sunflake Artworks Superior Ski
Deep Powder House                  Porcupine Pub & Grill            Surefoot
Deer Valley Resort                 Powder Shots                     Swany America
Descente North America             PSIA-I                           Tom & Nancy Kronthaler
Dodo Sugarhouse                    Ramp Sports                      The Sport Loft
Nick Vigos                         Randy MacDonald                  Wendy Heinrich Jewelry
                                   Red Cliffs Lodge

                                                                  INSTRUCTORS EDGE SPRING/SUMMER 2011

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Four Honored for Teaching Involvement
                                              Four longtime members of PSIA Intermountain were honored at the PSIA/AASI
   Junior Bounous                             Intermountain Spring Clinic for their dedication to ski instruction and the ski in-
                                              dustry. Junior Bounous and Keith Lange received the first PSIA/AASI Intermoun-
                                              tain lifetime achievement awards and Max Lundberg and Gene Palmer received
                                              recognition for their induction into the PSIA Intermountain Hall of Fame. Short
                                              biographies for these four ski instruction pioneers are included in this Edge.

                                                                                              Brian Oakden
                                              Clark Parkinson congratulates Keith Lange                      Clark Parkinson and Keith Lange (right)
                                              and Junior Bounous for lifetime achievements.                  with Gene Palmer and Max Lundberg.

                                                                         Communication Corner
    unior Bounous taught his first ski
    lesson in 1946 for the city of Provo at                              By Nancy Kronthaler, PSIA-I/AASI-I Communications VP
the Timp Haven ski area (Now                                                 Dear Members, our 60th Spring Clinic celebration at
Sundance). He also taught for Brigham                                    Snowbird was a memorable time for all that attended.
Young University and the Timp Haven                                      The six day event, which included two race clinics, four
ski school. Junior joined the fledgling                                  lecture series, three days of actual spring clinic, a demo
National Amateur Ski Association in                                      day, a silent auction and banquet, and many people from
1946 and obtained the National Forest                                    other divisions, was a huge success. A surprise snow-
Service Ski Instructor Certification in         storm on April 30th brought Little Cottonwood Canyon to a record high of 711
1948. He passed his ISIA (Intermountain         total inches of snowfall for the season. All participants got to ski the greatest
Ski Instructors Association) certification      snow on earth, a powder day they will never forget! The BIGGEST THANKS to
exam in 1949.                                   all that participated and contributed to this memorable event. Looking ahead
     Junior began teaching for Sverre           to next April, Grand Targhee will host our next Spring Clinic and the fall Edge
and Alf Engen at Alta, Utah in the fall of      will have more details; please plan to join us.
1949. In 1958, he became the ski school              As spring finally unfolds, the executive committee and discipline managers
director at Sugar Bowl, California. He          are in the process of creating next year’s educational and certification schedule.
returned to Utah in 1967 to become              More learn to race clinics and GS-SL camps will be available during the season,
part owner and director of the Timp             plus a boot alignment clinic with an afternoon on-snow option may also be
Haven Ski School. He became the first           available. We are discussing the possibility of combining teaching and skiing in a
ski school director at Snowbird in 1970         multi-day alpine exam for L2 and L3, which would give both candidates and
and in 1991 he became director of ski-          examiners more opportunity for success. The three-day prep clinic for Alpine L3
ing, a position he still holds.                 held in Jackson this season was very successful. We plan to have more of these
    He was present at the organization          clinics available for all levels next season. Hopefully, the summer will give you a
of the ISIA in 1950 and served in many          chance to make plans for future goals and next season we can help you achieve
capacities including board member,              these through our educational and certification pathway.
vice president and president. Junior                 We are indebted to our part-time office staff, Susan, Vicki and Phil, who do a
was a founding member of PSIA. He               full-time job with constant interruptions! None of us can thank them enough for
served as a PSIA board member, on the           their dedication to our needs and the welfare of the division.
first certification committee and was                As always, your input is greatly appreciated. Never hesitate to contact me
                                                through our divisional office.                                                    ■
continued on 11


                                                                                       LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT
                                                                                              Keith Lange
                      By Carl Boyer

                        We are bringing to a close a seminal season: we partici-
                        pated in Interski at St. Anton, Austria with teams from
                        all disciplines; celebrated the Fifty year anniversary of
                        our national association at Snowmass and Aspen with
                        over 700 participants; and the very successful Sixtieth
anniversary of the Intermountain Division. All this during a record snow year
– over 750” and counting with 15” of base remaining as I write this article!
    This will be my last article as your National Board Representative; Inter-
mountain’s board voted to end my term. It has been my greatest privilege and
honor to represent our members’ interests these last two years on the ASEA
board during this pivotal time.
    There have been, and will continue to be, significant challenges as we move
forward with changes to database and association management software unit-
ing all the divisions and the national association; development of a Strategic
Education Plan building toward unifying across all nine divisions; attending to
leadership development within paid and volunteer staffs. All of these endeavors             eith Lange joined the Alf Engen Ski
are focused on improving the value and benefit of membership for you.                       School in 1951 as its youngest
    One of the most effective ways for you to speed the benefit to you of these and    member. He certified with the
upcoming changes is to log on to the national website at www.thesnowpros.org           Intermountain        Ski       Instructors
and update your profile – including your snowsports school affiliation, if any.        Association (ISIA) the same year and also
Then you can join The Community and participate with members sharing com-              helped organize the ISIA. He served for
mon interests, e.g. the Interski community where you can view presentations            over 20 years on the ISIA Board and was
and peruse the many links to see what the various attending countries were shar-       president, vice president certification
ing. You can also create a community if you see an unfulfilled need.                   examiner, clinic leader, demonstration
    To quote from a message to the ASEA board from Eric Sheckleton, Chair-             team member and coach.
man of the Board of ASEA: As we look forward, we have some exciting and dif-               Keith helped organize the Beaver
ficult challenges ahead. We continue to expect more high quality products              Mountain ski school and taught there on
and services for our members, yet our staff size remains largely unchanged.            weekends. He was co-director of the Mt.
We want more face-to-face contact with divisions and committees, but need              Empire (Solitude) ski school until the
to define the specific outcomes for these meetings. We have a new vision for           area closed. He returned to Alta, where
our teams, which may challenge old ways of doing things with the team selec-           he has taught skiing for over 50 years.
tion coming up next year. These goals and activities are important and need                Keith helped organize PSIA and
careful consideration as we move forward. However there are two more proj-             designed the first pin and logo for PSIA
ects that have the potential to greatly impact our collective future.                  and served as president, vice president
    The Strategic Education Plan will greatly improve the relevance and integ-         and Board member. He helped develop
rity of our education and certification system to members and will improve             the Official American Ski Technique
support for divisions. This will result in a more meaningful process for our           and helped write various versions of
members and a system that is understood and respected by resort manage-                the The Official American Ski Tech-
ment and the rest of the world. Even as this plan is being implemented, the            nique teaching manual (White Book).
PSIA-AASI Board of Directors, along with division presidents, had the vision           He was a member of the first American
and courage to charge the staff to begin the process of developing a more              Ski Technique demonstration team at
detailed division affiliation agreement. This agreement will cover a broad array       White Fish, Montana.
of concerns aimed at creating a consistent standard of service for our members             Keith coached the Intermountain
and member schools. Together, these goals will lead to a more unified organi-          Junior National Team, the Deaf Olympic
zation, well positioned to take us to new heights in the next 50 years.           ■
                                                                                       continued on 11

                                                                                      INSTRUCTORS EDGE SPRING/SUMMER 2011
                                                                                                          Tech Talk

     H AL L O F F AM E                     Changing Directions
     Max Lundberg                          What really makes a ski turn? It’s not just pointing your feet.
                                                                                         they would continue to slide sideways
                                           By Rodger Renstrom                            straight down the hill; they would not
                                                                                         change direction of travel. That is
                                           One of the questions I occasionally ask       because there is no surface to create a
                                           instructors is “What makes a ski (or          force to act upon the bottoms of the
                                           snowboard) change its direction of            skis and redirect their path.
                                           travel?” That question usually elicits a          What is needed to change the direc-
                                           lot of blank stares, although every so of-    tion of travel of a ski sliding down a hill
                                           ten someone answers it correctly.             is the surface of the snow pushing back
                                               The most common responses to              at the bottom of the ski to “deflect” it in
                                           that question include things like: “You       a new direction. Steering, sidecut and
                                           turn the ski with your feet and legs.”        edges are all important pieces to redi-
                                           Well, yes, but that doesn’t necessarily       recting the ski in a sophisticated man-
                                           change the direction in which the ski is      ner, but even a curved barrel stave (or a
                                           going. Or, people respond, “You edge          fully rockered fat ski) would change
                                                                                         direction if the snow was soft enough
        ax Lundberg began his teaching     Changing the direction of travel of a         and it was tipped up on its side.
        career at Alta, Utah for the Alf                                                     The following definition of “deflec-
Engen Ski School in 1961 and was           ski is the most fundamental aspect of         tion” comes from PSIA’s 1980 ATM
certified by the Intermountain Ski         skiing. So why is the correct answer          Teaching Methods manual: “Deflec-
Instructors Association (ISIA) in 1962.                                                  tion – a change of direction resulting
In 1964, Max became Ski School             to that question not automatic?               from the interaction between the skis
Manager for Alta Ski Lift Company and                                                    and the snow. It is a change of direction
remained in that position until 1986       the skis” or they say “sidecut.” Yes,         caused by external forces. For all prac-
when he became director of the PSIA        again. But when pressed as to how “edg-       tical purposes, we can only speak of a
Education Foundation . In 1995 he          ing” or “sidecut” help a ski change its di-   ‘deflection’ when the skis are in contact
became director of development and         rection of travel, people start to get        with the snow. Edging, pressure con-
operations at White Pine Ski Area in       confused. Yet, changing the direction of      trol, the side-cut of the skis and the
Pinedale, Wyoming.                         travel of a ski is the most fundamental       density of the snow will determine the
    Max was a member of the ISIA           aspect of skiing. So why is the correct       outcome of such interaction.”
Board of Directors from 1965 to 1974       answer to that question not automatic?            So, the process by which a ski
and held positions of president, educa-         A little clarification helps people      changes direction of travel goes some-
tion vice president and was PSIA and       understand the correct answer to that         thing like this: 1. The ski is tipped to an
ISIA certification vice president. He      question and why it is important.             angle to allow the snow to have a sur-
was selected as a member of the PSIA       Instructors usually confuse where a ski       face to push against. (There doesn’t
Demonstration Team and was Chief           is pointing with the direction in which       have to be a lot of angle to the ski in
Demonstrator for the USA at the Inter-     it is traveling. Those directions may be      order for it to be deflected by the snow.
national Congress of Ski Instructors       the same, but not necessarily so.             And, the skier may decide to “steer” the
(INTERSKI) held in 1968 in Aspen,               For example, if you put your skis on     ski – more, or less – to achieve different
Colorado. In 1971, in Garmish, Ger-        the hardest, smoothest hill you could         outcomes.) 2. The ski must have some
many, Max was Captain of the USA           imagine (one made of polished tita-           weight, or pressure, on it in order to be
INTERSKI Demonstration Team. He            nium or glass would work—ice would            deflected. The pressure felt is really the
was coach of the PSIA National Dem-        be too soft) and then aimed your skis         force of the snow pushing back at the
onstration Team from 1973 to 1978.         perpendicular to that hill, they would        bottom of the ski. 3. As the ski travels
   He served as PSIA Director of Edu-      slide sideways straight down the hill.        forward through the snow, the wide
                                           No matter how much you edged the              shovel of the ski plows into the upcom-
continued on 16                            skis or how much sidecut they had,            ing snow and is deflected into the curve

   Tech Talk
of the turn. 4. Because the ski has side-        and take advantage of its sidecut.
cut and is flexible, the force of the snow       Again, what happens when a skier is                HALL OF FAME
bends the whole ski into a curve, assist-        confronted with challenging condi-
ing in its smooth redirection. 5. The ski        tions? They move back and uphill, tak-             Gene Palmer
will continue to curve into the turn             ing pressure off of the outside ski,
until the angle of the ski is eliminated         which reduces the deflective force act-
or pressure on the ski is removed.               ing upon the bottom of the ski and
    Understanding how the snow actu-             causing it to lose its curved shape.
ally makes the ski change its direction          Once again, the result is a bigger turn
of travel is critical to understanding the       radius and more speed.
importance of the following basic ski-              So, the essence of controlled skiing
ing concepts.                                    is really about developing the skill to
    First, you need to be able to manage         manage the interaction of the ever-
the angle of the ski on the snow. A little bit   changing surface, slope, and texture of
of angle and the ski will be deflected           the snow with ski design. It takes time
gradually with lots of friction to help slow     to master the skills necessary to make
the skier down. In this situation, steering      that happen with touch, power and
the skis with the feet and legs will help the    grace, but the concept is really quite
skis maintain a helpful “angle of attack”        simple. Understanding the keys to
with the snow as they skid through a turn.       what makes a ski work needs to
A lot of angle with the skis to the snow will
cause them to be deflected very aggres-          Skiing is really about developing the              ene Palmer began his ski-teaching
sively and make it harder to control.                                                               career at Kelly Canyon ski area in
Aggressively steering (or pivoting) the ski      skill to manage the interaction of the       Idaho. He obtained his Intermountain
in this situation would be difficult and not     ever-changing surface, slope, and            Ski Instructors Association (ISIA)
necessarily desirable.                                                                        Associate certification in 1961. He taught
    Second, a skier must manage bal-             texture of the snow with ski design.         part time for four years at Lake Eldora,
ance along the whole ski. Most skiers                                                         Colorado while attending Colorado
rarely engage the front of the ski. They         be at the foundation of ski teaching.        University at Boulder. He obtained his
think they bend the ski from “the mid-               Too often, instructors just teach        Full Certification in 1968.
dle” when, in reality, they are on the tail      “things.” They teach “angulation,” they          Gene was involved with the early
of the ski. Consequently, the “tip” of the       teach people to go “up;” they teach          development of Grand Targhee Resort.
ski does not plow into the snow and help         people not to go “up;” they teach peo-       He helped obtain seed money and a
redirect the ski into a curved path. That is     ple to “pressure the tongues of their        government loan for the initial build-
why people who are afraid lose even              boots;” they teach “down unweight-           ing of two chair lifts, a rope tow, day
more control of their skis. Starting from a      ing” (whatever that is); they teach a lot    lodge and a 16-room hotel. He served
stance that is back to begin with, they          of “stuff.” Unfortunately, they don’t        on the company Board of Directors for
move even further back when con-                 always relate those “things” to how          three years prior to the area’s Christ-
fronted with challenging conditions.             they may help the ski interact with the      mas Day opening in 1969.
This causes the shovel of the ski to disen-      snow. But even the teaching of that              He resigned from the board and
gage from the snow even more and quit            simple concept poses great risks for         became Ski School Director shortly after
leading the ski into the turn, resulting in      both the instructor and the learner.         the opening and remained in that posi-
a bigger turn radius and more speed.                 Just like every simple concept,          tion for 26 years until retiring in 1995.
    Third, the skier must direct their           teaching someone how to use a ski can        He also served as Mountain Manager
balance to the outside ski to achieve            be made very confusing if instructors        for the ski area for a short period of time.
the maximum benefit of the interac-              don’t fully understand the concept               Gene served on the Board of Direc-
tion of the ski’s sidecut and flexibility in     themselves. What does it feel like to        tors of ISIA and PSIA-I from 1973 to
the snow. This is a very important con-          really engage the front of the ski? What     1994. He was president, technical
cept. A skier standing evenly on both            does it feel like to bend and unbend         director, education vice president, co-
skis throughout the whole turn divides           your legs to manage how much force           education vice president delegate to
the force of the snow between two skis                                                        the PSIA national Board of Directors
so the outside ski can never fully bend          continued on 15                              and was a PSIA-I Examiner.                ■

                                                                                             INSTRUCTORS EDGE SPRING/SUMMER 2011
Jay Dash                              Jay Dash


           Sp r ing Clinic 201 1
                  April 28 – May 3
                       Brian Oakden
                                                         Brian Oakden

                            Brian Oakden

Photos by Brian Oakden and Jay Dash/Powdershots
   Additional photos at psia-i.org and powdershots.com
                            Jay Dash
HISTORY continued from 1

The ski school was privately operated by                               Alpine Education
three or four very good skiers. Later, the
area changed ownership and the politics                                By Stephen Helfenbein, PSIA-I Education Manager
between owner and ski school went
south. The owner took the framed pic-                                    Feedback—How to Get It!
ture of the ski instructors from the lodge                                  I recently completed a review of the feedback (Yes,
and hung it in the outhouse.                                             somebody reads those things!) that you, the PSIA-I
    That’s when the new owner asked                                      member provide to the Intermountain DECL staff. In
me to teach private lessons on a one-                                    addition to “free beer and/or lunch,” one of the fre-
on-one basis. There were no groups or           quent requests you make is for more individual feedback from the clinic
classes at that time. I did that for a cou-     leader. Your ski school directors echoed this concern (for feedback, not beer)
ple of seasons. Later, the Glen Evans ski       during their spring meeting. They hear you coming back to work wishing you
school was formed. Glen died in 1973.           had received a better idea of how you stack up against our standards for certi-
                                                fication. I also am hearing you loud and clear.
The owner took the framed picture                    Feedback is super important! I believe that a DECL’s feedback had better
                                                be excellent! It must be accurate, honest and helpful. It is the product for
of the ski instructors from the lodge           which you have paid your hard earned money!
and hung it in the outhouse.                         If you think about it one way, feedback is the one tangible product that we,
                                                the DECL, produce. From a clinic, it is the piece of advice that springs you for-
    l started attending spring clinics          ward on your development. Written feedback from an assessment is what
about 55 years ago, having missed on]y          helps you adjust and go forward in your certification process. Because feed-
three or four. The clinics and teaching         back is arguably the only tangible thing we produce, it had better be good!
methods then were the Arlberg (rota-                 Anticipating the importance of feedback in the education process the
tion) stem and turn technique. There            DECL staff has been focused heavily on this topic during their two previous
were excellent clinics via Paul Volaar,         fall training sessions on how to provide more effective feedback. We have
Stein Ericksen, Pepi Steigler, Roger            practiced using a specific model of feedback called R.A.P.
Staub and the list goes on. They taught              R.A.P. is an acronym that reminds us of three fundamental elements for effec-
new methods, ushering in a new era.             tive feedback. It stands for Report, Analysis and Prescription. When you receive
    The changes, both in equipment              feedback from a DECL you should expect to hear about what you did (Report),
and teaching methods, have been pro-            how what you did effected your performance (Analysis) and at least one step that
found. Certification was a rewarding            will help change what you did or repeat what you did (Prescription).
experience. After level III the amount of            My previous two articles have focused on the concept of how you can take
skills that can be learned is endless.          ownership for your own learning. The feedback process offers a significant oppor-
    My wife, Barbara, and I operated the        tunity for you to take increased ownership for your learning. No matter how skilled
ski school for several years under three        a DECL is at providing feedback, the feedback process is not complete without
separate owners during the late ’70s and        your participation. Feedback is a loop that requires your active participation.
early ’80s. Barbara operated the school              Here is what you are responsible for:
weekdays and I took it weekends, teach-              Hear the feedback that you have been offered. I often think that there is a
ing and training instructors. We were           difference between listening and hearing. For example, I am listening to a
able to certify a number of candidates,         song right now and it sounds like noise with a beat and someone mumbling. I
having eight (level II and Ill) certified the   stopped for a couple of minutes to hear the song. This revealed an intricate
last year we had the school.                    blend of rhythm, harmony and a message from intelligent lyrics. Hearing the
    My wife and I have a passion for ski-       song had a far greater impact on me (I think I will be tracking it down to buy it
ing. We are a skiing family. Our three          when I get done with this article)!
children and their children and wives                If you heard your feedback, confirm that you understand what you have
are all skiers, 19 in all. I still teach part   heard. Let us know we are on the same page!
time and at 85 I am looking forward to              In the event that you have heard your feedback and it doesn’t make sense,
more of the same.                               it creates some questions or you have not received enough feedback, seek
    I am often asked, and have asked            clarification. This is a bold step and it demands that you are a little bit brave to
others, why do you still teach skiing?

                                                                                                                 JUNIOR continued from 4
  speak up. However, we are expecting you do this. If you do not take this step
  we assume that everything is copasetic.                                                                         the first member of the US Demonstra-
       Lastly, if you have heard your feedback and received clarification and it                                 tion Team committee. He helped de-
  still does not resonate with you have two options.                                                             velop the Official American Ski
       First, be patient. Do not expect all feedback to be helpful or clear right away. It                       Technique and helped write various
  may take time for it sink in, or for you to REALLY hear what was said to you (In                               editions of The Official American Ski
  some cases it has taken me years to really hear what someone was trying to tell me!).                          Technique (White Book). Junior re-
       Secondly, you might try thinking of feedback as a gift. Some gifts are awe-                               ceived PSIA’s Distinguished Service
  some and we like them even more than something we would have chosen for                                        Award in 1989. He is an Honorary Life-
  ourselves. Some are practical and useful, but probably not something we                                        time member of both the National and
  would go out and get for ourselves. Then there are those gifts that we can in no                               Intermountain Division (PSIA/PSIA-I).
  way imagine what the person was thinking! We don’t always like the gifts we                                        His many honors and awards
  receive, but we have to believe that the gift was well intended and meant to                                   include induction into the United
  better our lives in some way.                                                                                  States Ski Hall of Fame (1996), Inter-
       The Intermountain DECL team will continue to try and improve the quality                                  mountain Ski Hall of Fame (2002),
  and quantity of feedback given to you. However, consider this a formal request                                 PSIA-I Hall of Fame (1991), Alta Hall of
  that you do your part as well: hear your feedback, confirm your understanding                                  Fame (1993) and the S .J. Quinney
  or seek clarification, be patient and consider feedback as a gift.                                             award. Since 1991 he has judged the
       Thanks to all of you that participated in Intermountain Educational                                       International World Championship of
  events this past season and took the time to provide us with valuable feed-                                    Powder skiing held annually in British
  back. See you next winter and have a great summer!                                   ■                         Columbia, Canada.                ■

There are many reasons given: extra                                                                              KEITH continued from 5
money, self improvement, or looking
for that silver bullet or golden grail of                                                                        Team and was guest coach of the
the total skier.                                                                                                 women’s alpine Olympic Team in
     Looking back over the years, I                                                                              Squaw Valley. He supervised teaching
remember a class of college students in                                                                          the US Army Mountain Troops at
a 12-week credited course giving me a                                                                            Camp Hale, Colorado, ran the Cotton-
magnum of fine champagne for a                                                                                   wood Club ski program for over 25
champagne lesson, or the postcards                                                                               years at Alta, and won the professional
and letters from students (some out of                                                                           division of the first National Gelande
state) who felt good about their lesson,                                                                         Championship at Alta in 1965.
or a father’s heartfelt thanks for teach-                                                                            Keith is a lifetime member of both
ing his teenage daughter, who was par-                                                                           PSIA and PSIA-I and a charter member
tially paralyzed from the waist down, to                                                                         of the U of U J. Willard Marriott Library
ski parallel in one two-hour lesson.                                                                             Ski Archives advisory Board. Keith is a
     I now realize the silver bullet or the                                                                      member of the PSIA Hall of Fame,
golden grail is, and always has been,                                                                            Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame, and
inside of us. It is called ”giving.” Bond                                                                        the Alf Engen Hall of Fame. In 1975,
with your students and give them the                                                                             Keith made arrangements for the PSIA
best that you have. The satisfaction of                                                                          Demonstration Team to visit President
helping others along the way during                                                                              Gerald Ford in the White House. He
                                                                                                  Brian Oakden

the chapter called Skiing Career                                                                                 awarded the President an honorary
becomes a part of your eternal legacy.                                                                           membership in PSIA.                    ■
     P.S. Pebble Creek now has three tri-
ple chair lifts, a two-story lodge with                                                                             Visit www.psia-i.org or
                                               Steve Bagley, Superior Ski at Snowbird,
inside outhouses, a modern cafeteria
and fantastic skiing,—Homer Semons is
                                               lectures on boot fitting and balance April 29 at                   www.aasi-i.org for up-to-date
a 40-Year PSIA-I Level III Member
                                               the PSIA/AASI Intermountain Spring Clinic.                                 information.

                                                                                                    INSTRUCTORS EDGE SPRING/SUMMER 2011

Adaptive Report                                                     Children’s Corner
By Kristen Caldwell                                                 By Mark Nakada, PSIA-I/AASI-I Children’s Manager

I am pleased to report that the adaptive                            Aloha! I hope you had a great ski season.
discipline had one of its best certifica-                               On a recent business trip, while I was waiting for my
tion seasons ever! We certified 15 peo-                             flight, the following USA TODAY headline caught my
ple as follows:                                                     attention – “Nearly 1 in 7 kids have a learning disability.”
                                                                        The article (from Monday, May 23, 2011) stated,
   Adaptive Level 1 - 4                       “The number of children with developmental disabilities has increased by
   Adaptive Level 2 - 3                       17% in 12 years, driven largely by big jumps in diagnoses for autism and atten-
   Adaptive Level 3 – 3                       tion deficit hyperactivity disorder, research shows. More than 15% of school-
   Adaptive Snowboard Level 1 - 3             age kids – about 10 million children – had a developmental disability in
   Adaptive Snowboard Level 2 - 2             2006-08, according to a study released Monday in the journal, Pediatrics.
                                              That’s up from 12.8% in 1997-99.”
    Congrats to those of you who                  As a teaching professional, do you have the tools to effectively manage
received certification this year and          “tough kids” and “tough parents” in your lessons?
thank you for investing your time and             As part of our curriculum for next season, we will be offering several lec-
money into the process. I certainly           tures and clinics geared towards increasing your knowledge base in this
hope the process was worthwhile and           evolving environment. Stay tuned.
rewarding for you. If not, please feel            In regards to the Children’s Specialist (CS) Program, on behalf of the CS
free to send me some feedback.                team, I want to thank you for your support of the new curriculum. Although
    After meeting with the Adaptive           the National Children’s Task Force is meeting throughout the summer to
Committee this spring, we discussed           evaluate and enhance the program, we do not anticipate significant changes
continued improvements to the certifi-        for next season.
cation and training process:
                                                 To clarify a few questions about the CS Program:
1. In the fall, we plan to post to the           ◆ What do I do, if I already have my Accredited Children’s Educator (ACE)
   web a summary of the candidate                   I and/or II certificate? Your ACE – now Children’s Specialist - 1 and 2
   expectations at each level of cer-               credentials are nationally recognized across all nine divisions. For
   tification. This will hopefully                  those professionals that have their ACE 3 certificate, that certificate
   make it very clear what is                       will still be recognized within Intermountain division.
   expected of you, in each disci-               ◆ Do I need a “new” CS certificate, if I have an ACE certificate? No, the
   pline, and will also make for a                  ACE certificate is still valid.
   good study guide.                             ◆ What do I do, if I have an international children’s certificate/accredita-
                                                    tion? Please contact the PSIA-I/AASI-I Office for more details.
2. We hope to offer two Functional               ◆
   Skiing Prep clinics and two Teach-             As the season approaches, please visit www.psia-i.org for calendar and cur-
   ing Prep clinics. We strongly              riculum updates. In addition, the new PSIA/AASI Children’s Manual and Chil-
   encourage that you attend one of           dren’s Alpine Teaching Handbook are available for purchase from the Office.
   each if you intend to pursue                   Thanks for your support. I hope you have a wonderful summer.             ■

3. Level 2 and Level 3 candidates              Exam at each level prior to the             come in the fall.
   will now be tested on three out             teaching exam.                              As always, feel free to email me with
   of the six disciplines, in a two                                                     any     comments/questions          kris-
   day teaching exam. The examin-           4. National is improving the Adap-          tenc@discovernac.org.—kristen Cald-
   ers will choose the disciplines.            tive Snowboard certification             well is PSIA/AASI Intermountain Adap-
   You will still be required to do a          process, so we will be following         tive Manager.
   one day, Functional Skiing                  their guidelines next year. More to


                Achievements and Awards: Certification
Alpine Certification                 Brenda Hall          Deer Valley    Alyssa Rettke           Canyons    Robert Maris            Jackson
                                     Alex Halstead           Canyons     Tyler Ricks        Kelly Canyon    Alan Mecham          Snowbasin
                                     Thomas Hansen          Park City    Kenny Riker III         Canyons    Alex Meiners            Jackson
Level 1                              Clinton Hayes           Jackson     Sofia Rocca          Eagle Point   Megan O’Brien          Canyons
Reiko Afshar        Powder Mtn.      Brian Healy          Deer Valley    Aaron Rotchadl       Deer Valley   Kristine Olsen      Deer Valley
Jessica Ahmed           Park City    Hilmmar Herrera      Eagle Point    Gabriel Saltzman        Jackson    Caroline Olson              Alta
Sophie Allen             Jackson     Brenda Hess        Kelly Canyon     Andrew Sanders         Park City   Shawna Pendleton-Fairchild Park
Florencia Alonso         Canyons     Lily Hickam             Brighton    Chelsea Shapard        Park City   City
Margaret Anderson        Jackson     Sophie Hill        Kelly Canyon     Steve Sherman              NAC     Ryan Ravinsky           Jackson
Kathy Anderson      Pebble Creek     Morgan Hill        Kelly Canyon     Brooke Shinaberry      Park City   Brenton Reagan          Jackson
Kyle Bauerly          Deer Valley    Douglas Hillen               NA     Andrew Silverman            Alta   Christopher Robinson Park City
Matthew Beal             Targhee     Spencer Hirst           Jackson     Heather Smith        Deer Valley   Peter Saunders          Jackson
William Bissell          Jackson     Marc Hoffman           Park City    Wendy Speaker        Deer Valley   Deborah Seaver      Deer Valley
Katheriine Black      Deer Valley    Sara Holland       Pebble Creek     Julia Spencer           Targhee    Lukas Sigmund       Deer Valley
Scott Blackwood          Jackson     Daniel Hopkins          Canyons     Aaron Spicer                Alta   Ted Valerio          Snowbasin
Chelsea Blair       Pebble Creek     Reed Howard             Jackson     Mark Standing         Wolf Mtn.    Kathleen Waller        Park City
Kali Brennick            Canyons     Jeffrey Hulinsky        Solitude    Thomas Stevens       Deer Valley   Shannon White           Jackson
Zach Breslauer        Deer Valley    Mark Hutter            Park City    Benjamin Storrs         Jackson    Dallon Williams        Canyons
Raymond Brideau         Snowbird     Sheila Jackson         Park City    Annie Studer                NA
Herbert Brooks           Jackson     Jon Jahp                     Alta   Elizabeth Swaney       Park City   Level 3
Theodore Bryson          Targhee     Nathan Jarvis           Canyons     Joe Terranova               Alta
                                                                                                            Philippe Astie          Park City
Sara Buchanan            Canyons     Marci Johansen       Deer Valley    Lisa Thompson         Wolf Mtn.
                                                                                                            Brian Buerger                Alta
J.P. Bullen              Targhee     Shane Johnson      Kelly Canyon     Kimberly Thuman         Canyons
                                                                                                            Brett Chamberlain       Park City
Megan Bush               Targhee     Eric Joslyn        Pebble Creek     Adam Torfin          Deer Valley
                                                                                                            Emma Franzeim            Jackson
kasey Butcher       Kelly Canyon     Russell Kalkstein       Canyons     Taylor Upton            Jackson
                                                                                                            Hayley Giles            Canyons
Luke Byrnes             Snowbird     Andrew Kilkenny         Canyons     Nyk Vail           Kelly Canyon
                                                                                                            James Ledyard                Alta
Andrew Byron             Jackson     Julie Kling             Jackson     Matthew Valentine       Jackson
                                                                                                            Glenn Ray                Jackson
Michael Calderone        Canyons     Glenn Kuntz             Canyons     Alison Vallejo         Park City
                                                                                                            Ann Schorling            Jackson
Joel Chandler       Pebble Creek     Leigh Latham            Targhee     Patrick Veillette      Park City
Julie Child         Powder Mtn.      Adam Lewis             Park City    Kajsa Vlasic                Alta
Christian Cholhan     Deer Valley    Richard Lintermans Beaver Mtn.      Marie Wake           Deer Valley   Snowboard Certification
Aaron Christensen   Kelly Canyon     Davis Little            Canyons     Bradford Walsh          Jackson
Rob Christie          Deer Valley    Matthew Lloyd           Targhee     Diana Wetherell      Eagle Point   Level 1
Elizabeth Cogburn        Targhee     Dana Lyubner            Canyons     Libby Wilkins       Beaver Mtn.
                                                                                                            Tara Anderson         Brian Head
Joel Cohen            Deer Valley    Emma Lyubner            Canyons     Christie Willaims       Jackson
                                                                                                            Lauren Broomall         Park City
Barbara Colvin                NA     Jim Mack                Canyons     Jeffrey Wilson        Sundance
                                                                                                            Heather Brownlee       Sundance
Peyton Copp              Jackson     Anastasia Mallios      Park City    Kathryn Witter       Deer Valley
                                                                                                            Sara Buchanan            Canyons
Thomas Cranston          Jackson     Francis Marino       Deer Valley    Tasha Woolley               Alta
                                                                                                            Chris Cazavilan         Snowbird
Lisa D’Agostino       Deer Valley    Casey Marshall          Canyons     Daniel Ybarra         Sundance
                                                                                                            Tommy Costello           Jackson
Sean Dahmen           Deer Valley    Clint Mason          Deer Valley    Mohana Yethiraj        Snowbird
                                                                                                            Ben Farnsworth           Solitude
Shae Dana                Targhee     Neil Matthews-Pennan Park City      Dean Zenoni       Wasatch Adapt
                                                                                                            Alex Feher               Jackson
Michele DeRossi          Jackson     Valerie May             Jackson     Wesley Zufelt         Sundance
                                                                                                            Payne Filip             Park City
Mark Diel                     NA     Keith McCauley          Canyons     A.A. Zvegintzov         Jackson
                                                                                                            Matthew Galvin          Park City
Michael Dowda            Jackson     Blaker                   Meyer
                                                                                                            Martin Gassner          Snowbird
Benjamin Duke            Jackson     Deer Valley                         Level 2                            Mykah Hansen            Park City
Craig Dymock          Deer Valley    Pat Milligan            Jackson
                                                                         Grant Bishop            Jackson    Michael Hardman       Brian Head
August Eaker            Snowbird     Melissa Minshall        Jackson
                                                                         Meagan Cahill           Jackson    Matthew Harrison         Canyons
Camila Esposito      Beaver Mtn.     Nathan Mintz            Jackson
                                                                         Brooks Carter          Brighton    Ian Harward           Brian Head
Paul Evans              Snowbird     Joey Moss               Canyons
                                                                         Fabian Cerda         Deer Valley   David Hively        Kelly Canyon
Alisa Evans              Brighton    Susanne Muecke         Snowbird
                                                                         John Corlito                Alta   Evan Huggins             Jackson
Elizabeth Ewaskio             Alta   Erika Nash            Sundance
                                                                         Christopher Decker     Canyons     David Johnson            Jackson
Matthew Fagan            Jackson     Francine Northcutt      Canyons
                                                                         Lacey Dodge            Park City   Greg King              Sundance
Cornelia Farmer          Jackson     Paulette Nyman        Wolf Mtn.
                                                                         Brian Ehrich         Deer Valley   Audrey Knutson          Park City
Monica Fedrigo           Jackson     Matthew Olsen        Deer Valley
                                                                         Stephen Ellis        Deer Valley   Elizabeth Koutrelakos    Jackson
Mike Filipone                NAC     katherine Orr           Jackson
                                                                         Ashley Eppler           Jackson    Dustin Lamoreaux      Brian Head
Michael Flaherty        Park City    Erin O’Shea          Deer Valley
                                                                         Randi Figueredo      Snowbasin     Justin Lindenberg        Jackson
Nate Flint               Solitude    Andrea Parker           Jackson
                                                                         Javier Fuentes       Deer Valley   Simone Margulies        Park City
Denise Fox               Canyons     Joseph Peterson         Jackson
                                                                         Michael Gross        Snowbasin     Jessica Marinaro        Park City
Craig Gawreluk      Another Way      Hanna Pingry            Jackson
                                                                         Bill Krause            Park City   Michael McCarrick       Park City
Will Gibbs            Deer Valley     Elliott Piper          Jackson
                                                                         Danielle Lehle         Park City   Robert McGuire         Sundance
Erin Grieve           Deer Valley    Particia Pond        Deer Valley
                                                                         Roe’e Levy           Deer Valley   Judy McKie              Park City

                                                                                              INSTRUCTORS EDGE SPRING/SUMMER 2011

  Acheivements and Awards: Certification and Accreditation
Jake Meisner             Brian Head    Michele Fletcher         Jackson    Elizabeth Ewaskio            Alta    James Ledyard              Alta
Angie Meyers                Solitude   Gregory Hatch           Brighton    Susan Garlow             Jackson     Cami Lee              Sundance
Megan Miller               Park City   Lance Helberg           Park City   Scott Hoover          Beaver Mtn.    Saxon Spillman     Pebble Creek
Crystal Nelson           Brian Head    Katherine Kelly          Targhee    Derek Hutton             Targhee     Scott Van Fossen           Alta
Chris Proctor              Park City   Michael McLaughlin       Jackson    Jon Jahp              Deer Valley
Greg Rust                   Targhee    Madeleine Pavillard     Brighton    Richard Lintermans    Beaver Mtn.    Adaptive Certification
Kenneth Rutz                Jackson    Daniel Ybarra          Sundance     Broc Neagle           Beaver Mtn.
Jim Sadauckas               Targhee                                        Dave Robinson         Beaver Mtn.
Glen Sampson                Canyons                                        Sara Schaefer         Beaver Mtn.    Level 1
                                       Level 3
Saxon Spillman         Pebble Creek                                        Erica Seamons         Beaver Mtn.    Davis Anna                NAC
                                       Jeremy Brown            Park City
Katie Tomai                Park City                                       Christopherq Stoner   Deer Valley    Kevin Brehm               NAC
                                       Jon Clark             Snowbasin
Kevin Turchin            Eagle Point                                       Kathleen Waller         Park City    Steve Merserea Wasatch Adaptive
                                       David Keenan            Park City
Raman Voorhis              Park City                                       Libby Wilkins         Beaver Mtn.    Adena Miller              NAC
                                       Jesse Mead               Jackson
Treyton Walker            Sundance
                                       Taft Owen               Canyons
Tyson Walker              Sundance                                         Telemark 2                           Level 2
                                       Daniel Powwell          Canyons
Brett Whitmore            Snowbird
                                                                           Bill Battersby               NA      Tera Adams                NAC
Daniel Ybarra             Sundance
                                       Nordic Certification                James Gould              Canyons     Tom Liolios               NAC
                                                                           Derek Hutton             Targhee     Steve Merserau Wasatch Adaptive
Level 2                                                                    Scott Van Fossen             Alta
Shawn Craig                Canyons     Telemark 1
                                                                                                                Level 3
Alisa Evans                Brighton    Edwin Clements        Deer Valley   Track 1                              Shawn Jimerson             NAC
Patrick Fahey              Jackson     Christopher Decker      Canyons
                                                                           Kathleen Epstein          Jackson    Tom Liolios                NAC
Cristina Fenner            Jackson     Lacey Dodge             Park City
                                                                           Jennifer Jackson         Park City   Tracy Meier                NAC

Snowboard Freestyle                    James Smith           Deer Valley   Mikey Franco              Jackson    Scott Taylor                 NA
                                       Neil Woodruff           Jackson     Matt Frieda                   Alta   Evan Toal               Jackson
                                                                           Luke Handman           Snowbasin     Kurt Warnecke           Solitude
Fundamental Freestyle                                                      Cecilia Kunstadter        Jackson    Marie White            Park City
                                       Children’s Accreditation
Brendan Burns              Jackson                                         Danielle Lehle           Park City   Shannon White           Jackson
Kurt Carbone               Jackson                                         Jerret Mater              Jackson    Sarah Wild          Deer Valley
Mikey Franco               Jackson     CS 1                                Terry Mc Clellan          Jackson    Kent Williams      Kelly Canyon
Jess King                  Canyons     Teresa Anderson    Kelly Canyon     Genny McGeary             Jackson    Kathryn Witter      Deer Valley
Jerret Mater               Jackson     Billy Baker             Jackson     Hallie Mellon                 Alta
Shawn McLennan                 NA      Lisa Bammert            Brighton    Kimberlee Mendenhall Pebble Creek    CS 2
Daniel Munn                Jackson     Trip Barden             Jackson     Daniel Munn               Jackson
                                                                                                                David Anderson         Targhee
Christopher Parks         Snowbird     Lindsey Bekken      Deer Valley     Amelia Nebenzahl          Jackson
                                                                                                                Kirsten Buenning       Jackson
Rob Wallace               Snowbird     Catherine Blais     Deer Valley     Jay Nenno            Pebble Creek
                                                                                                                Christina Cartier      Jackson
                                       Emma Borrmann          Snowbird     Debbie Olds                   Alta
                                                                                                                Alex Everett           Jackson
Alpine Park and Pipe                   Brendan Burns           Jackson     Glen Oya               Snow King
                                                                                                                June Glick             Jackson
                                       Meaghan Cahill          Jackson     Jaime Pimsler           Snowbird
                                                                                                                Brian Hackmann         Jackson
                                       Brian Cain            Wolf Mtn.     Thomas Potter                 Alta
Grant Bishop               Jackson                                                                              Lauren Johnson        Snowbird
                                       Glen Conklin        Deer Valley     Robert Roberts           Brighton
Paul Bowman             Deer Valley                                                                             Mike Kohler            Jackson
                                       Stephen Connor          Canyons     Amanda Roden              Jackson
Christina Cartier          Jackson                                                                              Joshua LaForest        Canyons
                                       Ornella Dalla-Bona      Solitude    “Sandy” Sandusky Pebble Creek
Alex Fleet                Canyons                                                                               Billy Oppenheim        Jackson
                                       Brigitte Elliot     Deer Valley     Paul Schneider         Deer Valley
Ben Guffey                Park City                                                                             Kimberly Prebish       Jackson
                                       Elizabeth Ewaskio   Deer Valley     Michael Schrieber      Deer Valley
Luke Handman            Snowbasin                                                                               David Rogers           Jackson
                                       Patrick Fahey           Jackson     Wendy Simpkins           Canyons
Julie Johnson           Deer Valley                                                                             Tara Sanders           Targhee
                                       Matthew Floyd           Jackson     Kerry Smithers           Canyons
Colleen O’Connell       Deer Valley                                                                             Adam Werblin Moses    Snowbird
                                       Denise Fox              Canyons     Aaron Spicer                  Alta
Danielle Petriccione       Jackson

                           Thanks to the Spring Clinic Demo Day Sponsors
    AdjustAgrill                   Goode                       Nordica                        Booster Strap               Ajax Specialty
    Atomic                         Head                        Ramp                           Adventure Up                Sports/Viice Skis
    Fischer                        NorthFace                   Skiersedge                     Tenica/Blizzard


       Achievements and Awards: Membership Milestones
Dedication                   James Kastner               Jean Roush                     Paul Dillon                Joe Waggoner
                             Connie Kitchens             James Russell                  Judy Fuller                Nona Weatherbee
                             Frank Kruse                 Jenn Sall-Scott                Steve Johnson
2o Year                      Wayne Lawrence              Chris Searle                   Shirley Kinsey             50 Year
Dottie Beck                  Bill Loizeaux               Marc Smith                     Kent Lundell
                                                                                                                   Woody Anderson
Tom Beggs                    Greg Ludlow                 David Staley                   Jay Marquiss
                                                                                                                   Bill Ashley
Gunars Berzins               Bruce Manning               John Struthers                 Scott Mathers
                                                                                                                   Junior Bounous
Sue Clifford                 Robert Markosian            Tammy Thornley                 Kim Mayhew
                                                                                                                   Maxine Bounous
Ornella Dalla-Bona           Kathy McFarland             Ann Warmbold                   Basil Service
                                                                                                                   Bill Briggs
Grayson Davis                Leslie Moss                 J. Russell Wong                Carlton Siemel
                                                                                                                   Stein Erickson
Marta Deberard               Deborah Myers                                              Sigi Verhalen
                                                                                                                   Lex Kunau
Kerry Duncan                 Kirsten Nordstrom           30 Year                        Bart Zawacki
                                                                                                                   Keith Lange
Tony Fantis                  Sam Palmatier
                                                         Mark Baer                                                 Bill Lash
Stephen Ferwerda             Christine Palmer                                           40 Year
                                                         Nancy Bateman                                             Eddy Morris
Mikey Franco                 Jane Pattee
                                                         Kirk Benson                    Don Banford                Gene Palmer
Colleen George               Franz Penistan
                                                         Carl Boyer                     Norm Burton                Dean Roberts
Sandra Guzman                David Petersen
                                                         Ed Chauner                     Lowell Elmer               Dave Thurgood
Kevin Hackamack              Kim Peterson
                                                         Georgia Clark                  Michael Hammer
Joe Jennings                 David Pischke
                                                         Mike Collaer                   Homer Semons

Instructors of the                 Deer Valley Resort                   National Ability Center             Snowbasin Learning Center
                                   Jennifer McCarthy – Privates/        Tera Adams                          John Leone – Alpine
Year                               Training                                                                 John Linford – Snowboard
                                   Christina Story – Children’s         Park City Mountain Resort
Alf Engen Ski School               Programs                                                                 Snowbird Mountain School
                                                                        Ski and Snowboard School
Dieter Altmann – Full-Time                                                                                  Michelle White – Alpine
                                                                        Brett Chamberlain – Alpine Adult
Shane Baldwin – Part-Time          Grand Targhee Ski and                                                    Adam Werblin Moses – Snowboard
                                                                        Jeremy Brown – Snowboard Adult
                                   Snowboard School                     Marilyn Heinrich – Alpine Kids
Beaver Mtn Snowsports              Tara Sanders – Children’s            Keelan Cuyler – Snowboard Kids      Solitude Snowsports
School                             Specialist                                                               Academy
Garth Ripley                       Michael Cote – Adaptive Specialist   Pebble Creek Winter Sports          Helen Roberds
                                                                        School                              Lowell Elmer
Brighton Ski and                   Jackson Hole Mountain                Casey Winfree – Snowboard           Richard Wetherell
Snowboard School                   Sports School
Madeleine Pavillard                Gage Reichert                        Powder Mtn. Snowsports              Sundance Snowsports
                                                                        School                              Ashleigh Green
The Canyons Ski and                Kelly Canyon Ski School              Larry Johnson
Snowboard School                   Aaron Christensen                                                        Wolf Mtn. Learning Center
                                   Morgan Hill                                                              Mark Standing
Roman Menchikov – Alpine                                                Snow King Sports School
Tiana Peterson – Snowboard                                              Judy Kortum

DIRECTIONS continued from 7                      can’t answer for yourself, and for your          sion, and understanding what makes a
                                                 student, “how is this ‘thing’ going to           ski change its direction of travel is at
the snow applies to the bottoms of your          help me control my skis on the snow”             the core of our ability to answer that
skis rather than just bending and un-            then you might want to consider not              question. —Rodger Renstrom is a PSIA
bending because someone told you                 teaching that thing any more.                    Intermountain DECL.
that’s what you’re supposed to do?                   The bottom line is what do you do
    Just asking yourself why you are             to effectively manage your skis against
teaching something is a good place to            the snow and control the smooth                                   Find your Spring
start simplifying your understanding of          descent of your body down the hill?                               Clinic action photo at:
ski instruction. If you find yourself            That’s pretty much it. The things that
teaching someone something and you               we teach need to lead to that conclu-

                                                                                               INSTRUCTORS EDGE SPRING/SUMMER 2011

                                                                                                       US. POSTAGE
                                                                                                         SLC, UTAH
                                                                                                      PERMIT NO. 2010
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   A publication of:
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  PRESIDENT continued from 2

  Carl Boyer of Snowbird, Anita Oliveri of Powder Mountain, Jason Pellegrini of
  Jackson, Tony Fantis, Joe Waggoner from Powder Mountain, Nancy                      PSIA-AASI and the greater snowsports
  Kronthaler from Snowbird and myself Chris Katzenberger from Deer Valley.            community lost a devoted friend with
      All regions of the Intermountain Division are accounted for and ready to lis-   the passing of former PSIA President
  ten to your comments and suggestions. You can find the listing of your Board        and Chairman of the Board Bill Hetrick,
  members on our Intermountain website. We have set a tentative date of Sep-          who died on May 6 in State College,
  tember 24 for our next meeting. Members are welcome to attend. Nancy                Pennsylvania. He was 74.
  Kronthaler will continue as Communications V.P. along with Joe Waggoner as              A longtime leader within Eastern
  Administrative V.P. I thank you and the Board for your support as I continue as     Division-and PSIA president from 1987
  President for the next 2 years. May we all work together in strengthening the       to 1994-Bill was a great supporter of the
  profession of snow sport instruction and guest participation in the sport we        association, his division, and his fellow
  have found to provide lasting friendships and internal reward.                 ■    instructors for many, many years. He
                                                                                      will truly be missed.                   ■

MAX continued from 6                       sportsman of the Year 1970, the Lowell
                                           Thomas Award “for contribution to
                                                                                      Board Meeting
cation from 1986-1995 and was editor       winter sports” 1986. He received Life-     The next PSAI-I/AASI-I BOD meeting is
and manager of PSIA’s “The Profes-         time Membership in PSIA and PSIA-I         scheduled for Sept. 24, location TBA. ■
sional Skier.” Max was a board member      for his contribution to ski teaching. He
and vice president of the International    was awarded Honorary Lifetime Mem-
Association for Ski Teaching.              ber of INTERSKI International and rec-        Visit www.psia-i.org or
    Max was awarded the Alta Dia-          ognized by PSIA as a “Major                 www.aasi-i.org for up-to-date
mond Powder Pine ”Excellence in            Contributor of Education of Ski
Powder Skiing” in 1968, the Utah           Instructors in the United States.”     ■


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