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									1. What is her perspective on finances?
While no one likes to talk about money at the beginning of a
relationship, it is important to determine as best as possible her
general approach to money and personal finance is. If she’s a spender and
you’re a saver, problems could arise in your future.

3. What are her family values?
Again this is important because it will influence how your life will be
later down the road should you two get married. Different people have
different perspectives when it comes to family life so it’s relatively
important you are on the same wavelength.

4. What are her career goals?
If you are a go-getter type and want your girlfriend or wife to be the
same, you’ll likely want her to have some clearly defined goals.
Likewise, if you prefer your future wife to be a stay at home mom, she
needs to be open to the idea herself.

5. Why did her previous relationships fail?
This is likely a question you’ll want to ask after a period of dating –
since talking about the ex is not a good plan right off the bat, but
finding out why her previous relationships have not been successful can
both give you an indication of what could go wrong with you two and also
help you learn how you might avoid problems.

6. What is her sexual past?
Again, a question for down the road (but preferably before you become
intimate), this will help put your mind at ease regarding STD’s and her
overall views of sex. Be aware that people do lie on this issue so you’ll
have to judge for yourself, how comfortable she is discussing it.

10. Where would she like to see herself in 10 years?
This simple question will just give you a basic idea of her direction in
life. This would be most appropriate to ask near the beginning of dating
as it will help you determine whether you two would be a good match for a
longer-term relationship.

11. What are her religious beliefs?
This topic can be a big issue for some, particularly if they are very
different from your own. Asking her what her beliefs are and if she
regularly attends services can help you decide whether this is something
that could become a potential problem for you both in the future.

So next time you’re sitting down to a conversation with your current
girlfriend, keep these topics in mind. Remember communication is one of
the most important things in any relationship so being comfortable to
talk about these issues is critical.

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