Amendment IN and IN by farmservice


									Natural Resources Conservation Service 6013 Lakeside Boulevard Indianapolis, IN 46278 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

June 25, 2007 NATIONAL OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL (NOMM) 180-V AMENDMENT IN1 and IN2 SUBJECT: ENG – Indiana Amendment IN1 and IN2 of the NOMM Purpose: To transmit Indiana Amendment IN1 to the NOMM, Part 500, Subpart C-Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Agreement and Indiana Amendment IN2 to the NOMM, Part 500, Subpart EInspections. Effective Date: These amendments are effective when received. Indiana amendment IN1 outlines the schedule which will be followed for review of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) agreements with sponsors every 5 years. Indiana amendment IN2 outlines the process and schedule which will be followed for inspection and evaluation of hazard classification for low and significant hazard PL-566 dams every 5 years. Filing Instructions: Add Page IN 500-C.1 after page 500-C.2 Pages IN 500-E.1 and IN 500-E.2 after page 500-E.3

/s/ JANE E. HARDISTY State Conservationist DIST: Field Offices All Engineers All Civil Engineering Technicians All Midwest Region State Conservation Engineers

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