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                                      The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation            2010

                                                         Dick Bass
     Intermountain                                       Sigi Engl (Granddaughter
                                                         Kristin Orr accepting award)
                                                         Mike Korologos
                                                         Alan Engen

                                                                   • 2009
                                                                     Intermountain Ski
                                                                     Hall of Fame
                                                                   •Skiing Heritage
                                                                     Week March 22-27

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The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation                 
                                                  Hall of
                                                                                              RICHARD D. (DICK) BASS
2009 Inductees                                                                                Passionate dreamer, extroverted opti-
                                                                                              mist, adventurous mountaineer and en-
                                                                                              ergized entrepreneur. Richard D. (Dick)
                                                                                              Bass personifies each trait with nonstop
                                                                                              verbosity and hyper-enthusiasm. A man
                                                                                              of blanket curiosity and persevering de-
                                                 SIEgFRIED (SIgI) ENgL                        termination, Dick’s accomplishments
                                                 (1911—1982)                                  are mountainous,
                                                 A stylish competitor and inspirational ski   literally and figura-
                                                 instructor, Siegfried (Sigi) Engl carved     tively. They range
                                                 an indelible swath of accomplishments        from being the first
                                                 on the slopes of Europe and the Inter-       to reach the sum-
                                                 mountain West.                               mit of the highest
                                                                                              mountain on each
                                                 A native of Kitzbuhel, Austria, Sigi was a   of the world’s con-
                                                 ski instructor by age 15, won the Italian    tinents to nurturing
                                                 downhill and slalom championships in         Utah’s Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort
                                                 1931, the Hahnenkamm combined and            into a world-class, year-round destina-
                                                 the famous Marmolata downhill in 1935.       tion. He was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma,
                                                 He won the Austrian slalom and downhill      but since the age of three has made Dal-
                                                 championships twice and was a member         las, Texas, his home.
                                                 of the Austrian FIS World Championship
                                                 Team for two years. In 1937 Sigi became      As a graduate of Yale in 1950, Dick’s
                                                 an instructor at Badger Pass in Yosemite     multi-faceted credentials include suc-
                                                 National Park, California, and two years     cessful forays into geology, petroleum
                                                 later joined the ski school at Sun Valley,   engineering, ranching and recreation.
                                                 Idaho, where he won the prestigious          In 1962 he was one of the original in-
                                                 Harriman Cup in 1941.                        vestors in Vail Ski Resort and in 1986
                                                                                              co-authored the book, Seven Summits,
                                                 During World War II he was a member          about his climbing adventures. He was
                                                 of the storied 10th Mountain Division        honored by the National Ski Areas As-
                                                 serving in Italy. In 1952 Sigi became        sociation (NSAA) in 2006 with their Life-
                                                 director of the Sun Valley Ski School        time Achievement Award. In June 2007,
                                                 where his innovative instructional meth-     he received the Sheldon Coleman Great
                                                 ods vaulted the school into international    Outdoors Award from American Recre-
            Class of 2009                        prominence. He was inducted into the         ation Coalition (ARC) in Washington D.C.,
                                                 National Ski Hall of Fame in 1971 and in     recognizing his significant contributions
                                                 1974 the president of Austria awarded        to skiing and recreation. His undaunted
        Bass, Engen, Engl,                       him Austria’s Golden Medal of Honor for      faith and innermost strengths are found-
        Korologos Enter                          his distinguished service. “Sigi’s Bowl”     ed in his mantra that, “If it’s meant to
                                                 on Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain is a last-     be, it’s up to me.” Utah’s Snowbird Re-
        Intermountain                            ing tribute to the contributions he made     sort, which he opened in 1971, stands
        Ski Hall of Fame                         to his beloved sport of skiing.              as a living testimonial to his words.
        By Mike Korologos
        UTAH OLYMPIC PARK, UT—Four               Induction ceremonies were held at the        Each honoree received a plaque bearing
        men who made significant contributions   Joe Quinney Winter Sports Center at          his likeness and biographical overview
        to winter sports in the region in very   the Utah Olympic Park and attracted a        of accomplishments and achievements
        far-reaching and diverse ways were in-   capacity 180 well-wishers. The Inter-        that merit Hall of Fame status. A simi-
        ducted into the Intermountain Ski Hall   mountain Ski Hall of Fame was estab-         lar plaque was enshrined in the Will and
        of Fame on Thursday, September 24,       lished in 2002 and the Class of 2009 in-     Jean Pickett Intermountain Ski Hall of
        2009 (see accompanying biographies).     creases the number of inductees to 42.       Fame, located in the main foyer of the

An inherent love of skiing defines Alan
K. Engen. A native of Salt Lake City,
                                                                                             Past Inductees
he started skiing at age two and was
a skiing competitor by age nine. Alan         MIKE C.                                        2002
was a five-time Intermountain junior ski      KOROLOgOS                                      Junior Bounous, Zane A. Doyle,
champion and a five-time senior cham-         (1937—)                                        Alf M. Engen, Sverre Engen, Karre
pion involving both Nordic and Alpine                                                        “Corey” Engen, Gretchen K. Fraser,
events. He was an All American skier for      Mike C. Korologos                              W. Averell Harriman and S. Joseph
the University of Utah, member of the         used the written                               “Joe” Quinney.
                      U.S. military ski       word to leave his
                      team which par-         imprint on the an-
                                              nals of skiing. For
                      ticipated at the
                                                                                             Stein Eriksen, Bill Briggs and Axel
                      highest level of        more than 50 years his writing and
                      international ski-      photographs enlightened readers of
                      ing competition in
                      Europe and was a
                                              periodicals worldwide about winter
                                              sports in the Intermountain West.              2004
                      perennial winner in                                                    Pepi Steigler, “Mayor” George
                                              His way with words was instrumental            Watson, Suzy Harris Rytting, Bill
                      U.S. Masters Series
                                              in Salt Lake City’s successful quest to        Lash, Bill Spencer and Edward L.
ski events. He was named a Utah Ski
                                              host the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.            Scott
Legend (1988), inducted into the Utah
                                              Mike served as communications direc-
Sports Hall of Fame (1991), added to
the honored roles of the U.S. National
                                              tor for the organizing committee of
                                              those games.
Ski Hall of Fame (2004) and inducted                                                         Edgar B. Stern, Jr., Neil Rafferty, M.
into the University of Utah Crimson           A native of Salt Lake City and a gradu-        Earl Miller, Lou Lorenz, Keith Lange
Club Hall of Fame (2006). He meshed           ate of the University of Utah, Mike            and James R. Gaddis.
his quiet, persuasive manner with his         started his writing career at The Salt
passion for preserving the history of
skiing in the West to record his most
                                              Lake Tribune where he was ski editor
                                              for 10 years. He received the State of
notable accomplishment—spearheading                                                          Marv Melville, Cal McPhie, Dick
                                              Utah Tourism Achievement Award in
the building of the Joe Quinney Winter                                                       Movitz, Dev Jennings, Jack Reddish
                                              1984 and was named Ski Journalist of           and Marthenius (Mark, M.A.) Strand.
Sports Center/Alf Engen Ski Museum.           the Year in 1992 by Ski Utah. In 2003
He also authored two books on skiing,
served as chairman and president of the
                                              he was awarded the Lifetime Achieve-
                                              ment Award by the International Ski            2007
Alta Historical Society, and was a char-      History Association.                           Ted Johnson, Paul McCollister, Woody
ter member of the University of Utah J.                                                      Anderson, K Smith, Pete Karns and
Willard Marriott Library Ski Archives Ad-     A willing volunteer for numerous worthy        Margo Walters-McDonald.
visory Board. He has been involved at         causes, Mike was a charter member of
Alta for over 50 years as a ski instructor,
ski school director, and later Director of
                                              the Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation
                                              Board of Directors and a long-serving
Skiing and was a torchbearer for both         member of University of Utah J. Willard        Alvin Cobabe, Albert F. "Sunny"
the 1996 and 2002 Olympic Summer and          Marriott Library Ski Archives Advisory         Korfanta and Pat Miller.
Winter Games. Alan Engen made skiing          Board. If it pertained to skiing, Mike
history by helping to perpetuate it.          had a word for it.

Alf Engen Ski Museum that is housed in        tion is based on outstanding achieve-       volunteer members of the Ski Archives
the Quinney Center. The Hall is named         ments in the areas of skiing competition,   advisory board. Housed in the J. Willard
in recognition of the late ski enthusiasts    skiing innovations, ski sport develop-      Marriott Library at the University of Utah
who lived in Salt Lake City. The Hall of      ment and significant contributions to the   in Salt Lake City, the Ski Archives was
Fame selections are made annually by          overall promotion of winter sports the      founded in 1989 to locate, preserve,
knowledgeable winter sports historians        Intermountain West. Nominees for the        catalog and make available to the public
from Utah, Idaho and Wyoming. Selec-          honor originate with the public and with    the history of skiing in the region.

                                                   The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation                                                 3

                                                                             Katrina Jensen,
                                                                    Pat Miller, Sophia Keller,
              Jason Lynch and Kristin Orr
                                                                        and Barbara Yamada

         , Beat and Nancy Von
            Allmen, Dick Bass
               and Jim Gaddis
                                                           Keith Lange, Peggy
                                                         Dean, and Alice Lange

                                                                       Korologos Clan

    Dick and Susan Rosetta and
               Mike Korologos

S     kiing Heritage Week in Utah marks the 15th Annual Gathering of the
       International Skiing Heritage Association. This unique and cherished event
                                                                                                         S pirit
   was started by ISHA’s founder, Mason Beekley, in 1992. ISHA welcomes you
  as a local resident, a lover of the sport and a Utah skier to join Heritage Week
                           attendees for individual events!

SkiiNg hEriTagE WEEk 2010 • Park ciTy, uTah
                           Monday, March 22                                     to Saturday, March 27
    Join us               for one or more of these exciting events!

Opening Reception—(Mon. March 22) Old
and new friends gather to share stories, enjoy
The Canyons Resort surroundings and kick off the               EVENT SchEdulE
week. $40 per person
                                                            Monday, March 22
The Mason Beekley Memorial Din-                             6:30 p.m. Opening reception at Sundial
ner and Lecture—(Tues. March 23) A unique                             Lodge, The Canyons
experience at Fireside Dining in Empire Canyon Lodge,
                                                            Tuesday, March 23
Deer Valley Resort, followed by the annual Beekley
                                                            8:30 a.m. Ski at The Canyons Resort
Memorial Lecture presented by Larry Warren, local
                                                            6:30 p.m. Fireside Dining at Empire Canyon
Park City historian/speaker. $60 per person
                                                                      Lodge, Deer Valley Resort
Movers & Shakers—(Thurs. March 25)
                                                            Wednesday, March 24
A fun-filled evening at the Cliff Lodge in Snowbird
                                                            8:30 a.m. Ski at Deer Valley Resort
Resort. $50 per person.
                                                            Thursday, March 25
The ISHA Annual Awards Ban-                                                                                 To make Skiing heritage Week
                                                            8:30 a.m. Ski at Alta/Snowbird, Little
quet—(Fri. March 26) This grand dinner and                                                                      reservations contact:
                                                                      Cottonwood Canyon
awards ceremony honors the very best writers and
                                                            5:00 p.m. Movers and Shakers, The Cliff         Connie Nelson, Alf Engen Ski Museum
documentary filmmakers who chronicle skiing
history. This event will be held at the Alf Engen Ski                 Lodge, Snowbird
Museum, at Utah Olympic Park. $60 per person.               Friday, March 26
Skiing with Heritage Week                                   8:30 a.m. Ski at Park City Mountain Resort      Skiing Heritage Week presented jointly
Guests—Heritage Week attendees love to ski                  7:00 p.m. ISHA Annual Awards Dinner, Alf          by the International Skiing History
and are terrific skiers. They are a fun group on and                  Engen Ski Museum, Utah Olympic         Association (ISHA) and the Alf Engen
off the mountain and would love to have you join                                                                   Ski Museum Foundation.
                                                            Saturday, March 27
Ski Resort Passes—$52 each for The                          Departure
Canyons, Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley
                                                                                                                      Partners include:
Resort, and Alta/Snowbasin Resort.

                photo by Eric Schramm/Ski Utah

                                                                The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation                                                  5
    In Memoriam                BILL             34 years. This stands as perhaps the          later went on to partner with the late
                               LEvITT—          longest continuous span of service            Montgomery M. Atwater, legendary U.S.
                               1917-2009        provided by any mayor in Utah’s history.      avalanche control expert, in develop-
                                                Throughout his years as Alta’s mayor,         ment and marketing of the Avalauncher,
                               by Alan K.       Levitt chose to limit his annual mayoral      a gas-powered gun used for avalanche
                               Engen            salary to $1.00.                              control.
                                In the Who’s    Tom Pollard, Alta’s current elected           Jerry was considered a long time friend
                                Who of Alta     mayor and Bill’s replacement gave this        and supporter of both the Utah Ski
                                over the past   comment: “Bill Levitt’s passion for the       Archives and the Alf Engen Ski Museum
                                half century,   job and his dedication to the community       Foundation. She was inducted into the
                                the name Wil-   is something I hope to match…but it           U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame in 2003.
                                liam “Bill”     will be a daunting task to adequately
    Levitt stands among the first rank.         fill his shoes.” To this, all who knew Bill
    Although not a native to Utah, as he        would agree. His passing leaves a hole        ALBERT F.
    once said, “I am one of Utah’s most         in the Alta community that will remain        ‘SUNNY’
    loyal patriots.” Bill sadly passed away     for many years to come.                       KORFANTA—
    at his beloved Alta Lodge on December
    29, 2009 while enjoying the company of
    his many guests.                                                                          By Mike Korologos
    Levitt, born February 18, 1917, started                                                   There was a very
    his skiing interest in the early 1930s.                                                   good reason Albert
    However, he did not take up the sport                                                     F. Korfanta was
    in earnest until the mid 1950s. It was                                                    known as “Sunny”.
    then that he and his wife decided to go                                                   The moniker con-
    west and try skiing over the Thanksgiv-                                                   veyed his personality, his demeanor and
    ing holiday at Aspen, Colorado. How-                                                      irrepressible smile.
    ever, because of marginal early season
                                                                                              Those attributes were his trademark
    snow conditions at Aspen that year
                                                                                              during a remarkable lifetime of being
    and based on a recommendation, they
                                                                                              a Pinedale, WY businessman, a willing
    changed their plans and went to Alta
                                                                                              volunteer, a caring ski coach and a ski
    instead. According to Levitt, that trip
                                                                                              area pionee
    resulted in “a long-lasting love affair
    with that location high in the towering                                                   He and his wife, Fanny, partnered with
    Wasatch Mountains.” Levitt continued,                                                     the U.S. Forest Service to plan Sur-
                                                JERRY NUNN —1922-2009
    “I had to make a choice, buy United                                                       veyor Park Ski Area (later named White
    Airlines so I could afford to continue      By Alan K. Engen                              Pine Ski Area) and when it opened in
    coming to Alta on a frequent basis or                                                     January, 1940 they served as volunteer
                                                America’s first accredited woman forest
    purchase the Alta Lodge. I decided to                                                     managers for decades afterward.
                                                ranger, Jerry Nunn, passed away on
    do the latter and bought the lodge in                                                     Korfanta coached and ferried young
                                                August 20, 2009, in Flagstaff, Arizona.
    1959 from J. Laughlin.”                                                                   skiers from the Pinedale area to ski
                                                Jerry is especially remembered for
    Bill Levitt was first elected as presi-                                                   competitions in Utah, Idaho and Wyo-
                                                participating in the 1957 Intermountain
    dent of the incorporated Town of Alta                                                     ming for several years and served as an
                                                Forest Service Snow Ranger certification
    in 1971, and so remained until 1975                                                       officer of the Intermountain Division of
                                                course held at Alta. When she initially
    when the Utah Legislature changed the                                                     the U.S. Ski Assn. In recognition of his
                                                pre-registered, no one knew, consider-
    designation from President to Mayor.                                                      numerous contributions to the enhance-
                                                ing the way she spelled her first name,
    Levitt was unanimously re-elected, thus                                                   ment of winter sports in the region, he
                                                that she was a female… applying at
    becoming Alta’s first “elected” mayor.                                                    was recognized at the 2007 Ski Affair as
                                                that time for a spot in an entirely male
    The only other person up until that                                                       a Historymaker and was inducted into
                                                dominated program. After lengthy
    time who carried that title was the late                                                  the Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame in
                                                discussion and considerable reservation,
    George Watson who self-appointed him-                                                     2008.
                                                she was reluctantly allowed to par-
    self as Mayor of Alta in the late 1930s.                                                  Sunny Korfanta died December 21,
                                                ticipate and take the extensive exams
    Levitt’s reign as Alta’s Mayor lasted       which she passed with top honors. She         2009, at age 94.

Celebrates Birthday At
                                              “As far as we can tell, Dr. Johnson
                                              is the longest standing life-time
                                              season pass holder at Snowbasin,”
                                              said Jodi Holmgren, Snowbasin
                                              spokesperson. “It was a pleasure
                                                                                       talking to Dr. Johnson today. His
                                                                                       jovial demeanor and active lifestyle
                                                                                       through a commitment to the sport
                                                                                       of skiing, is certainly a testament to
                                                                                       longevity,” said Holmgren.
Snowbasin—On Skis

                                              The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation
                                              Joins eBay Giving Works!

                                               A new online venture for the Alf        to the nonprofit
                                               Engen Museum Foundation began           by eBay.
                                               in November 2009 when we joined
                                                                                       BUY, SELL,
                                               eBay Giving Works. This site gives
                                               nonprofits the tools to reach a new
                                               audience, connect with existing do-     An eBay Giving
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                                               funding. Nonprofits have received       yellow ribbon identifies listings that
                                               more than $150 million through          support nonprofits. The Alf Engen
                                               eBay Giving Works from generous         Ski Museum Foundation has been
                                               eBay buyers and sellers.                selling books and vintage ski pho-

                                                                                       tos directly on eBay through this
                                               The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foun-          program. In addition to purchasing
                                               dation has a dedicated eBay Giv-        one of these items, shoppers can
OgDEN, Utah (Jan. 15, 2010)—It                 ing Works page showing all listings     donate to the Alf Engen Ski Muse-
was a festive day at Snowbasin today           and sellers currently benefiting the    um Foundation at eBay checkout.
with Dew Tour action and local Ogden           Foundation, a link to the Muse-         Any eBay seller can commit to do-
resident, Dr. Vernal Johnson, celebrating      um's website, and more. Through         nating a percentage of their listing's
his 100th birthday. According to Dr.           eBay's searchable database, buyers      final sale price to the Alf Engen Ski
Johnson, he as been skiing at Snowbasin        and sellers can find the Alf Engen      Museum Foundation and any eBay
for 88 years.                                  Ski Museum Foundation by name,          member with a PayPal account can
                                               cause, or location. To find our Giv-    make an online cash donation of
He sat by the fire in Earl’s Lodge, talking    ing Works page, click on the "Giving    as little as $1 to a worthy nonprofit
about his early experiences as Snowbasin.      Works" link in the "Favorite Catego-    through the eBay "Giving Works
“We would drive up an old dirt road to         ries" section.                          Donate Now" program.
get here,” said Dr. Johnson. “We took and
old chassis, tied a rope around an old         MissionFish, an independent non-        We are also on!
tree on School Hill, put it in reverse, and    profit organization, powers the
                                                                                       Once the Alf Engen Ski Museum
made a rope tow to pull us up the hill,”       eBay Giving Works program. It
                                                                                       Foundation was established on
he said. When asked what he thought            screens all nonprofits wishing to
                                                                                       eBay Giving Works, our listings
of the resort today, he smiled and said        become members and processes all
                                                                                       were simply replicated on KSL Clas-
that it had changed a bit, but that it was     donations that result from success-
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wonderful. Mr. Earl Holding, owner of          ful eBay Giving Works listings, as
Snowbasin, extended a congratulatory           well as "Donate Now" and "Give at
                                                                                       The presence of the Alf Engen
handshake to Dr. Johnson. In contrast          Checkout" donations. MissionFish
                                                                                       Ski Museum Foundation on eBay
to the make-shift tow rope, Snowbasin          collects eBay members' donations
                                                                                       Giving Works and KSL Classifieds
now has one of the most advanced lift          and makes sure that every dona-
                                                                                       gives Foundation members new
systems in the west.                           tion gets to the intended nonprofit.
                                                                                       opportunities to support the museum
                                               And because MissionFish is a non-
Today, Dr. Johnson has four-generations                                                and reaches the general audience
                                               profit itself, 100% of the donation/
of family members that also enjoy                                                      of online shoppers as well.
                                               sale amount is tax deductible to
skiing. With family and friends cheering       the extent allowed by law. When         For more information,         contact
him on, Dr. Johnson skied a short              items sell, listing fees are refunded   Connie Nelson.
distance to celebrate his 100th year.

                                              The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation                                               7
      Chairman's Letter

                                                           By David L.
                                                           From the days
    Board of Trustees
                                                           that Alf Engen
                              hiked into Little Cottonwood Canyon and Joe
    David L. Vandehei
                              Quinney raised money for a chairlift in Alta,
                              life has forever changed in Utah’s Wasatch
    Scott C. Ulbrich
     Chairman Emeritus        Mountains. The benefit that snow sports
                              have brought to the Intermountain Area is
    Mike Korologos
     Vice President           immeasurable. What a privilege we have
                              at the Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation to
    Barbara Yamada
     Secretary                preserve this story and its legacy!
    Michael R. Maughan        Because of Foundation contributors, the
                              talented and committed Board of Trustees
    Connie Nelson
     Executive Director
                              and an extraordinary Executive Director,
                              we will persist in our goal to enrich the
    Dr. A. Joseph Arave       experience of our tourists, students of the
    Kristie Terzian Cumming   Educational Field Trip Program and all those
    David Davenport
    Spencer P. Eccles         who visit us "for the love of skiing."
    Alan K. Engen                                                               From Alexa
    James Gaddis
    Donald Hague
                              As the new Chairman, I feel a great obliga-
    Herbert C. Livsey         tion and honor to further the work of the
    Barbara McConvill
    David C. Pickett          past outstanding chairmen, Scott Ulbrich
    David Quinney             and Alan Engen. This year, working within
    Nathan Rafferty
    Dr. Greg C. Thompson      the budget confines of today's economy,
                              we hope to add another exhibit that high-
    Honorary Board            lights our pictorial history and demonstrates
    Members                   our unique relationship with the University
    Ruth Roger Altmann        of Utah J. Willard Marriott Library Ski Ar-
    John Bower
    Spencer F. Eccles
    Bill Lash
    Janet Q. Lawson           While at the Alf Engen Ski Museum, be sure
    Lou Lorenz (deceased)
    Donn G. Mosser, M.D.
                              to relive the exciting Olympic experience by
    Gray F. Reynolds          also visiting the George Eccles 2002 Winter
                              Olympic Games Museum. Both museums
                              are housed in the Quinney Center at Utah
                              Olympic Park.

                              This thought by Larry Kupper says it all:
                              "Early morning sunrays breaking over
                              mountain peaks and filtering onto the valley
                              below, cold air and fresh snow flinging itself     From Lizzy
                              into my face. The thrill of speed and yet
                              floating as if flying with the birds above. You
                              got to love it."

                                                                                                                           By Connie Nelson

                                         Director's Letter
                                                                                                                         Welcome to another edition of the Ski Meister!
                                                                                                                         I would like to begin with a big THANK YOU to
                                                                                                                         Scott Ulbrich for his leadership and support
                                                                                                                         as Chairman/President of our Foundation
                                                                                                                         over the past five years. In that time, we
                                                                                                                         achieved several goals: constructing new
                                                                                                                         exhibits, inducting more honorees into the
                                                                                            Hall of Fame, and attracting new Museum members and donors while
                                                                                            keeping the Foundation financially solvent in a very tumultuous year.
                                                                                            Your leadership, Scott, was a guiding light—thank you!

                                                                                            Now, a big WELCOME to David Vandehei as our new Chairman/
                                                                                            President. David brings a wealth of business knowledge from 32 years
                                      From Oli
                                                          via                               as an executive for JC Penney Company. David and his wife, Susan,
                                                                                            have been involved at Utah Olympic Park since volunteering for the 2002
                                                                                            Winter Olympic Games and are lead docents for our Educational Field
                                                                                            Trip Program. David and Susan have a great love of skiing and especially
                                                                                            enjoy Alta Ski Resort.

                                                                                            Some of the Museum highlights since our last newsletter include:

                                                                                            • Starting the 2009/2010 School Year with a full schedule—36 registered
                                                                                              Educational Field Trip schools. This is the first time we have had a
                                                                                              complete “sell-out” since starting our Field Trip program in 2002. Our
                                                                                              Educational Field Trip program is made possible thanks to the Summit
                                                                                              County RAP Tax Grant, the Marriner S. Eccles Foundation and the Park
                                                                                              City Sunrise Rotary Club.

                                                                                            • Continuing to update our website through Search Engine Optimization—
                                                                                              thanks to CentralPoint Systems. Please take the time to visit www.
                                                                                     and see what is new. Thanks to the Summit County 1%
                                                                                              Restaurant Tax Grant which made this website enhancement possible.
 These are just a few of
the many letters received                                                                   • Installing a new web cam kiosk exhibit that is linked to our website and
                                                                                               enables Museum guests to send a postcard of themselves and/or their
 from the Jeremy Ranch                                                                         group to friends and family via e-mail. This exhibit was made possible
   Elementary School                                                                           thanks to a grant from the Utah Office of Museum Services.
        students!                                                                           • Installing a new Intermountain Ski Hall of Fame structure to accommodate
                                                                                               our yearly induction of Hall of Fame members. This exhibit was made
                                                                                               possible thanks to a generous grant from the George S. and Dolores
                                                                                               Dore Eccles Foundation.
   A publication of the Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation
                                                                                            • Our Exhibit Committee is currently working with the Prance Corporation
   Connie Nelson, Executive Director, Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation                         to install a new exhibit in the Museum Foyer. The proposed exhibit
   3419 Olympic Parkway • P.O. Box 980187                                                     will feature a video wall comprised of 4 by 40 inch LCD TVs displaying
   Park City, Utah 84098 • (435) 658-4240 Tel • (435) 658-4258 Fax                            University of Utah J. Willard Library Ski Archives photos and video                                                                 content. This exhibit is also made possible thanks to the George S. and                                                                        Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation.

   Inquiries, questions, or submissions of press releases and articles of interest          Thank you to the very supportive and gifted Board of Trustees, patient
   for the Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation newsletter are welcome. Send                     docents, generous granting agencies, wonderful museum members and
   correspondence and newsletter submissions to the Foundation office.                      all of the fabulous museum guests who come through our doors each
                                                                                            year. Wow! What a fabulous year we have had already!

                                                                                     The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation                                                  9
                                        Silver Medal Donors
                                        $5,000—$99,999 Donors
                                        Alta Ski Lifts Company       Hyland, Libby               Sackler, Dr. & Mrs.
     Benefactors                        Anderson, Barbara            Knowles, Lawrence &          Richard
     $1,000,000+ Donors                   Stewart                      Marilyn                   Saunders, Hy & Debra
                                        Cumming Foundation           Korologos, Tom C.           Shrontz, Jody
      • George S. & Dolores Doré        Cumming, John & Kristi       Lawson, Peter Q.            Summit County
        Eccles Foundation               Dreyfous, James &            Richard E. & Nancy P.       Sweet, Jared
      • Emma Eccles Jones                 Geralyn                      Marriott Foundation       Ulbrich, Scott & Susanne
        Foundation                      Duncan, Paul & Marilyn       Miller Ski Company          U.S. Forest Service
                                        Eccles, Spencer P. &         Mosser, Dr. Donn G. &       UT Office of Museum Svcs.
      • Lawson, Janet Q.                  Kristine                     Dr. Janet                 Wallace, M. W.
      • S. J. & Jessie E. Quinney       Engen, Alan & Barbara        Prothro, Mark & Diane       Webber, Dick
        Foundation                      Engen, Scott                 Pickett, David & Nancie     Williams, Larry
                                        Engen, Todd & Michelle       Prince, JaLynn & Greg       Witter, Dean (Morgan
                                        Fidelity Foundation          Ray Quinney Nebeker          Stanley)
                                        Gilbert, G. S. Beckwith      Reister-Robb Interactive    Wells Fargo Bank

     Gold Medal Donors                  Bronze Medal Donors
     $100,000—$999,000 Donors           $1,000—$4,999 Donors
                                         Academy Studios             IBM Corporation             Roberts, Linda
      • Dr. Ezekial & Edna Wattis        Altmann, Ruth Rogers        Imboden, Adolph             Rowan, Chuck &
        Dumke Foundation                 Amidon, David               International Skiing          Suzanne
      • Katherine W. & Ezekiel R.        Bamberger Foundation          History Association       Royal Street Corporation
        Dumke Jr. Foundation             Richard D. Bass             Johnson, Ted & Shirley      Rytting, Bill & Suzy
                                           Foundation                Keller Family Foundation    Shaffer, Richard & Kay
      • Marriner S. Eccles Foundation    Beekley, W. Mason           Kessler, Alfred E.            (Nagel)
      • Engen, Evelyn                    Bounous, Junior &           Kogstad, Rolf               Shane, Elfreide
                                           Maxine                    Kunau, Lex & Celia          Snyder, Daniel & Debra
      • Lawson, Frederick Q.             Bower, John & Elizabeth     Langford, Kirk              Spedden, Rush & Betty
      • Quinney, David & Shari           Briggs, William M.          Lawrence Goodman Fund       The Summit Institute
                                         Burt, Chad                  McMullen Family             Sundance Resort
      • Swartz Foundation (Jim &         Byrne Family, The             Foundation                Sweeney, Ed
        Susan)                           George Cartwright           Meldrum, Daniel &           Taylor, Larry
                                           Family                      Patricia                  Thomas, Richard S. &
                                         Cocoran, John M.            Merriman, III, Charles H.     Susan G.
                                         Deer Valley Resort          Michaels, H.C. & B. A.      Thompson, Dr. Gregory
                                         Duncan, David R. L.,        Miller, Earl A.               C. & Karen S.
                                           M.D. & Irma W.            Nebeker, Dick & Ann         Underdog Foundation
                                         Durham, John & Shirley      Newman, Frank               Utah Humanities Council
                                         Durham, Wilby & Betty       Park City Chamber/          Weisel, Thomas
                                         Fletcher, Mel & Peggy         Bureau                    Wild Old Bunch
                                         Fox, Leo W.                 Pineridge Winery            Willard L. Eccles
                                         Fuegi, Hans & Sally         Penske, Roger S.              Foundation
                                         Gaddis, Jim & Barbara       Professional Ski            Wythe, Henry & Susan
                                         Goldminer’s Daughter          Instructors of America    Yamada, Barbara
                                         Goodman, Irvin &            Prosek, Tom                 Yerman, Bob
                                           Dorthy                    Prothro, J. Patrick         Zions Bank

            Alf Engen Ski Museum Members • July 2009 - January 2010
Corporate Members                                                  Contributing Members Cont.
$5,000 +                                                           $100—$250
 Quinney, David & Shari                                             Spedden, H. Rush & Betty         Thurgood, David G.
                                                                    Spencer, William & Judith        Voelker, Tim Brennwald & Heidi
                                                                    Stone, Barry & Carol             Wallace, M. Walker
Sustaining Members                                                  Taylor, Dick & Marilyn           Weichsel, Bernie
                                                                    Theobald, Bob & Else             Wells, Bob & Patti
$1,000—$5,000                                                       Thompson, Dr. Greg & Karen*      Woody, Robert H.
 Byrne, John J. III              Keller, Susan Ann
 Deer Valley Resort              Pickett, David & Nancie
 Dumke, E.R. Jr.                 Shane, Elfriede*                  Family Members
 Durham, John & Shirley          Webber, Dick & Judy
 Gaddis, Jim & Barbara
                                                                    Archer, Frank & Robyn            Howshaw, Robert & Ursula—in
                                                                    Adams, Neal & Marilyn              memory of Dr. William Miller, M.D.
Enriching Members                                                   Altum, Barbara—in memory of      Jensen, Hal & Katrina
                                                                       Janet Quinney Lawson          Kipp, Carolyn
$500—$1,000                                                         Ashley, William H.               Luers, Mike
 Dreyfous, Jim & Geralyn         Karns, Peter & Jeanine—in          Bennion, Kitty                   Malkomsen, Bjøm
 Eccles, Spencer P. & Kristine     memory of David Engen            Bounous, Steve & Sue             Marsh, Bob
 Engen, Alan & Barbara*          Mosser, M.D., Donn G. & Janet      Bower, John & Bonnie             Miller, Alan & Ann
 Ford, Chris & Mary              Park City Chamber/Bureau           Bradshaw, Howard C.—in           Morris, Larry & Sylvia
 Fuegi, Hans & Sally             Williams, Larry                       memory of Alf Engen           Ostbo, John B.
 Irwin, Marsha                                                      Carlson, Rod & Martha Olson      Ream, David J.
                                                                    Dean, Peggy                      Robbins, Bicknell
                                                                                                     Sasaki, Frank & Esther
Supporting Members                                                  Deegan, Lambert & Judith
                                                                    Dunlea, John & John              Siegel, Ed
$250—$500                                                           Emerson, Bruce & Kathy           Simon, Jerry & Barbara
                                                                    Hague, Donald V. & Lorna         Ulbrich, Carl & Betsy
 Cahill, John D.                 Krug & Family, Scott
                                                                    Haran, Roger L.& Shawn           Weatherbee, Nona
 Douglas, Ron & Nylene—in        Prothro, Mark & Dianne
                                                                    Harmer, Russ & Jeanne            Woll, Pam & Allen
   memory of Neil Rafferty*      Vandehei, David & Susan
                                                                    Hedderly-Smith, Dave &
 Hall, Donald & Adele*

Contributing Members                                               Individual Members
$100—$250                                                          $25—$50
 Archibald, Mark & Christine     Loughlin, Bill & Julia
 Brett, Walt & Candy             Lupus, Stormy & Carol              Bennett, Nelson                  Miller, Dale E. & Beth
 Burnett, Katie Eccles & Dave    McConkey, Jim                      Besser, Dr. Gretchen             Nelson, Dr. Gerald
 Burrows, James & Debbie         McDonald, Margo                    Crawford, D. Boyd                O'Connell, John & Joanne
 Burt, Chad S.                   McGhie, Thomas R.                  Dake, Dan & Nadine               Price, Jay
 Burton, Norm & Joanne           McIntosh, Janet Grant &            DuPont, Peter & Eugenia          Raaum, Gustav
 Compton, Hal                      Stephen                          Dutcher, John & Melanie          Reese, Don & Rebecca
 Cook, Lauren Scholnick &        Meldrum, Dan & Patty               Elliott, Charles & Sally         Reichert, Walter M.D. &
    Steve                        Michaels, HC & BA                  Fechter, Ken                       Deborah Goldfarb,
 Danforth III, Murray S. &       Mickelson, Brett & Lori            Jedenoff, George A.              Robinson, Lisa
    Judith                       Miller, Pat*                       Kjeldsberg, Gillean              Scott, Eldon
 Duncan, Paul R. & Marilyn       Miya, Miles                        Korologos, Gregoria              Stiegler, Josef
 Gillmor, Siv*                   National Ski Areas Association     McCarthy, Mike & Carol           Walton, Mike & Terese
 Gramshammer, Pepi               Nelson, Connie
 Holli, David & Patricia         Niederhauser & Davis LLC
 Jaul, Ernest & Mary             Pettegrew, Gina Ferrigno &
 Kleffman, Dick and Martha         Jim                                     Membership Pledge Envelope
 Korologos, Mike                 Pickett-Bean, Nancy
 Lash, William R.                Probrislo, Allison
 Law, Creed                      Raemer, John & Jean
 Ligety, Cyndi Sharp & Bill      Rafferty, Nathan and Karen
 Lorenz, Betty                   Ski Utah                                 *Donated more than once during this time period.
 Lloyd, Herbert & Helga          Smith, Brad

                                                  The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation                                                       11
            Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation
            3419 Olympic Parkway
            P.O. Box 980187
            Park City, Utah 84098

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