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'Red' - the trendsetter color of fashion industry

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       'Red' - the trendsetter color of fashion industry

Red color has more connotations across various cultures, a color that has ruled
both sinners and saints. Associated with an aristocratic excess, red is the fashion
code for all seasons. Be it fashion apparel or other Clothing accessory, alluring
shades of red run deep, charming people into the mix. Wearing red makes a bold
statement that the wearer is in charge, and is full of excitement. A showstopper
color, red has had, is having, and will have utmost influence, especially in
fashion                                                                      world.

Various hues of crimson also have utmost influence in the fashion world.
Models dressed in crimson from head to toe fire up the runways. Going head-on
strong, red is making its way into the runways of Tommy Hilfiger, Marc, Gucci,
Balenciaga and many more. A model with a white lehenga with red and golden
border, and matching red accessories can own the ramp. On the way to the
season's boldest trend, hues of vermillion, scarlet, cherry, and crimson can pack
a wallop of modernity to one's style statement.

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