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   SUMMER 2010
AS TOLD BY: William J.B. Livingston, Class Secretary
 No notes this issue.
Contact: William J.B. Livingston, 850 Denbigh Blvd., Apt. 528, Newport News, VA
23608-4428; 757-898-4145;

From the Alumni Office:
  Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Jeffery P. Moore ‘37,
who passed away Feb. 16 at his home in Marblehead, Mass., and to the family and
friends of Lachlan Cumming Vass III ‘37, who passed away Jan. 22.
  We also send our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Samuel Alex-
ander Cothran ‘38, who passed away Jan. 3 at his home in Aiken, S.C.

AS TOLD BY: G. Donnell Davidson, Class Secretary
  Henry Cutchin, Sherrill‘s Ford, N.C., died on Oct. 7 in the hospital in which he‘d
once served as chief of staff, Catawba Valley Medical Center. Readers of this letter
will recall our including some of the countless jokes he always shared when we
called, making every phone visit special. Fortunately, we were able to reach Hen-
ry‘s son, John ‘72, a prominent attorney in nearby Newton, N.C., and learned that
terminal illness began with surgery for an inflamed gall bladder. Amidst the treat-
ment options urged by physicians, in characteristic fashion Henry was determined
not to prolong illness to no gain, thereby limiting length of suffering. John was good
enough to send us a CD made of the beautiful memorial service held Oct. 11 at
Rehobeth United Methodist Church. Henry‘s myriad friends came from his widely
diversified concerns, having served effectively as a respected physician, an avid
hunter, and environmentalist. T.P. Porter, St. Marys, Ga., died on Jan. 20. Literally
for decades T.P. engendered widespread admiration for his courage in fighting a
rare type of cancer that required multiple surgeries spanning these years. Most or
all involved cutting above the shoulders and eventually causing painful disfigure-
ment. After retiring as an official of the large paper mill Gilman Paper Co., T.P. in-
creased his longtime relationship to his church, First Presbyterian of St. Marys,
where he served as elder, lay pastor, and presbyter. Also, he wrote a book and was
doing further writing, most related to his deep faith. The big Porter family provided
T.P. strong support throughout his multiple illnesses, and he was thrilled at living to
see a great-great-granddaughter.
   Tom Mullen, Waynesboro, Va., gave us the happy report that latest tests indicate
that catching his bladder cancer early appears to have produced a cure. Soon he‘ll
be 93, still drives, and with Sue also reasonably well, feels grateful. Their son, who
lives in Concord, N.C., has just retired at age 63. This brought memories of the
housing shortage that followed WWII, when the ―baby boomers‖ first were born—
Tom and Sue had to live in one room with bath for a while and were grateful to
have it. ―Bid‖ Ivey, Rock Hill, S.C., was in court when we called. His housekeeper
says that the Ivey children finally stopped their dad from riding his motorcycle, but
he drives his car at will. He continues his longtime relationship with the court sys-
tem and currently acts as bailiff. He‘s had a couple of falls but luckily suffered no
breaks and continues to be one of the town‘s most popular figures, especially
among the GOP. Tom Page, Tarboro, N.C., has difficulty walking, but he‘s able to
drive locally and continues being a member of a Tuesday Bible study group. His
pastor, Chris Edmonston ‘94, is a Davidson grad and has become a good friend.
Tom lives in a retirement home, has two rooms, and finds it bearable. Food, he
says, reminds him of ―Army chow.‖ He‘ll be able to read better after a second cata-
ract removal—the first was highly successful.
   George Jones, Greensboro, N.C., looks forward to the approaching warm weath-
er, when he can resume the golf outings that mean much to him. One worry is
some blood clots having turned up in his legs. However, he figures that he can
manage by using a cart instead of walking. George shoots his age, having won his
club championship multiple times, and we reminded him of his longtime plan to ar-
range a game with Perry Sloan. Sue, somewhat his junior, is fine and both of them
have only praise for their retirement home. It‘s run by Quakers and is named
Friends Home West. To reach Bill Rainey, Knoxville, Tenn., you can be sure you‘re
interrupting some kind of work. As the youngest member of our class, Bill was in his
shop working to make some kind of furniture. He won‘t be 90 until September. Mary
Swan takes prednisone for a painful problem that causes muscle soreness, but she
doesn‘t stop and was shopping for groceries when we called. Bill‘s craftsmanship
reminded us of Johnny Wilson, Black Mountain, N.C., one of whose many good
works is making furniture. An accident in his shop last fall nearly proved to be fatal.
Johnny nearly severed his wrist on a saw, severing probably all the tendons to his
left hand, and the severe bleeding fortunately was somewhat controlled by Nancy—
a passing neighbor was helpful in getting a 911 ambulance with crew. The subse-
quent treatment and partial recovery are difficult, but, during our recent visit, Johnny
was busy typing letters in quest of doing good. He also has resumed giving direc-
tion to volunteers working to raise food for the homeless together with instruction in
greenhouse construction to a crew bound for Mongolia. But Nancy is the real, of-
time heroine.
Contact: G. Donnell Davidson, 5100 Sharon Rd., Cottage 132, Charlotte, NC

AS TOLD BY: Jack Ferguson & Samuel R. Spencer, Class Secretaries
   We are fortunate this time to have no deaths to report. Most all of us have infirmi-
ties to occupy our attention, all of which goes with our ages. We can be thankful
that they are not worse than they are.
   Ralph and Vivian Monger have moved into a retirement/rehab home and find it
very comfortable.
   Frank Simmons does not let eyesight problems handicap him; he can still recite
Shakespeare, word for word, just as he did in Professor Cumming‘s (1921) Elizabe-
than prose and poetry course. He also recalls the senior spring break when he got
his future wife, Shirley, to get dance dates at Ward-Belmont College. Elmer Hulen
allowed how his date had ―a real strong lead.‖ A car mishap on the way back
caused embarrassment in early morning classes.
   Along the same lines, the following copy of a telegram was found among old pa-
pers, read as follows: ―Karl Hudson, Davidson, N.C. Deposit ten dollars immediate-
ly (stop). Repay Monday (stop). Get Spencer to change ROTC class to Wednesday
(stop). Get someone to sit in my chapel seat today for 50 cents (stop). Thanks
(stop), a brother.‖
   Lee Ogburn in Plantation, Fla., shared the following story about his hobby of
building grandfather clocks and music boxes: ―Several years ago I started building
small hinged boxes and installing music movements in them. My earliest one is my
most prized possession. My wife was quite a good artist and orchid grower, and
she painted an orange colored orchid blossom on the lid. I have recently decided to
build two more such hinged boxes, but I am about to hang up my ‗tools.‘ The old
eyesight is not too trusty around my tabletop saw. Besides that, I can‘t get good
movements made by the Swiss anymore—they come from the Far East.‖
   On March 10 at a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, the Congressional
Gold Medal was awarded to the women who served in WWII in the Women Airforce
Service Pilots group known as the WASP. About 200 were on hand to receive their
awards. Those unable to attend or deceased were represented and had their
awards delivered to family members. The original squadron was composed of
about 1,100 pilots, whose mission was to free military pilots from non-combat
flights, flying all types of planes.
   In the Davidson Class of 1940, two members had the unique privilege of having
sisters in the WASP. Major Angus Lytch‘s sister, Ethel G. Lytch Miller, and Jack
Ferguson‘s sister, Dorothy Deanne Ferguson, joined the WASP in 1944. Our Lt.
Col. Gales McClintock, USAAF, was stationed at the same base in Burma as An-
gus, USAAF, when Angus was killed as the result of a midair collision. Angus was
on a photograph mission when his and a larger plane collided due to faulty flight
   The news of the earthquake in Haiti has been one of our deep concerns. Work
there is not new to our good Samaritan Don Hott. Don has been involved with a
mission station there for over 20 years. Don says he is just not able to make trips
like he once did.
Contact: Jack Ferguson, 9743 Malvern Hill Ln., Richmond, VA 23231; 804-795-
Samuel R. Spencer, Jr., P.O. Box 1117, Davidson, NC 28036; 704-896-1403;

AS TOLD BY: Malcolm Parker, Class Secretary
  The death of one of our Class of ‘41 always saddens me, as I see one more origi-
nal person of that class return to Glory. This is not just because we are so few now,
69 years after graduating in June 1941, but because of the loss of another es-
teemed comrade of those wonderful Davidson days of yesteryear. And this time we
say adieu to not just one, but two at the same time!
  John Jennings Covington, of Wadesboro, N.C., died at the age of 88 on Dec. 8.
A Pi Kappa Phi, John earned a B.S. in physics while at Davidson. He was a busi-
ness manager for the Davidsonian, a member of the Red and Black Masquers, a
member of Alpha Psi Omega, the junior class track manager, and a second lieute-
nant in the ROTC. On leaving Davidson, John entered the Army as a second lieu-
tenant; however, his desire to fly prompted him to apply for a transfer to the Army
Air Corps. There, in flight training on B-24s in Charleston, S.C., he qualified for the
second spot in a class of 200! He entered combat service flying B-24s in the Euro-
pean Theater of Operations. During his service, John rose to the rank of lieutenant
colonel, received a Presidential Unit Citation, and was awarded the Distinguished
Flying Cross. He was discharged in July 1969. After his WWII service, he joined
the N.C. National Guard when he began his civilian work with Western Auto in
Wadesboro. At Western, he served as their manager for 25 years. In 1970 he and
his wife, Louise ―Lou‖ Huntley Covington, opened White‘s Auto Store, which they
operated together for over a decade. John spent his entire life (less college and
military service!) in Wadesboro. Earlier, John married Lou, and they had two child-
ren, a son and a daughter, who gave them four grandchildren. John was very ac-
tive in the First Methodist Church in Wadesboro, where he served as head usher,
member of the administrative board (for over 40 years), a lay leader, chairman of
the trustees, and a member of the bicentennial committee. In Wadesboro, John
was also an active member of Rotary International, where he was presented with
the President‘s Award and named a Paul Harris Fellow.
  R. Murphy Williams, Jr., from Greensboro, N.C., a Phi Delta Theta, earned an
A.B. degree in Greek, while very active in many sports (basketball, baseball, cross-
country running, football, and cheerleading). He was also on the Davidsonian, sec-
retary-treasurer of his sophomore class, president of Eta Sigma Phi, and on the
Honorary Fraternity Council. He died Jan. 30 in his residence in Farmer‘s Bend,
Tex. In 1942 Murphy entered Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Va., which
he left in order to serve as a Navy chaplain in the Mariana Islands during WWII.
Following the war, he returned to Davidson as chaplain, subsequently returning to
Union Theological to complete his master‘s degree in divinity and theology in 1946.
He then began his lifelong service as a Presbyterian pastor in churches in Virginia,
North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. His wife of 38 years, Eunice Williams,
survives him, as does his two sons, one daughter, and one stepson. These have
given Eunice and Murphy four grandchildren, one step-grandchild, and a great-
grandson! Murphy‘s first wife of 26 years, Jean Batchelor Williams, preceded him in
death, as did his five brothers and sisters. To his many interests, in later life Murphy
added a great love of motor homes! His reputation as an ardent Rotarian was ac-
companied by his reputation as outstanding in his preaching and in his ability to mi-
nister to all.
  I urge each of you who have not been written up in the Davidson Journal in recent
years to write me with your news. I am having some difficulty getting responses to
my solicitations by telephone and mail. Won‘t you please do this? Many thanks, and
I promise to respond to each letter!
Contact: Malcolm Parker, 1424 Montclair Rd., Apt. 157-E, Birmingham, AL 35210-
2208; 205-957-5459; (c) 205-413-7881

  If you are interested in this volunteer position, please contact Jennifer Mattocks at or 704-894-2110.

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Charles Allcott, Sr., of
Ocala, Fla., who passed away Jan. 28 in Talladega, Ala.

AS TOLD BY: Jack Behrman, Class Secretary

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Jason B. Deyton, Jr.,
of Charlotte, N.C., who passed away March 28.
Contact: Jack Behrman, 750 Weaver Dairy Rd., Apt. 223, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-
1467; 919-918-3602;

AS TOLD BY: H. Newton Spencer, Class Secretary

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of George Marshall Ap-
person, Jr. ‘45, who passed away Dec. 10 in Atlanta, Ga.
 Please see the Class of 1947 column for another story about your class secretary!
Contact: H. Newton Spencer, 250 Golf View Rd., Ardmore, PA 19003; 610-356-
3700 (b); 610-649-5628 (h);

AS TOLD BY: Andy Owens, Class Secretary

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Harry W. Ormand, Jr.,
who passed away Nov. 3 at his home in Thomaston, Ga.
Contact: Andy Owens, 127 Glen Cove Pl., Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082-3638;
904-285-9676; fax, 904-248-3124;

AS TOLD BY: George Gunn, Class Secretary
  Newt Spencer ‘45 recently told us stories of his adventures with his 1932 Chevy
on and around the Davidson campus in the 1940s. Newt related the weekend jour-
ney to Bluefield, W.Va., in the spring of 1943, a trek that included three other Be-
tas—freshmen Charlie Gunn ‘53 and Bill Joyner ‘48, and junior Bill Sengel ‘46—
three bachelors and a ―Sengel‖ man!
  Charlie and Bill Joiner were Watts Hall roommates, both pre-med students. Char-
lie was accepted at Duke under the Navy V-12 program, which placed him on a fast
track through pre-med and then med school. He received his M.D. degree in 1947
and moved on to an internship at Ford Hospital in Detroit and to a residency in in-
ternal medicine. Charlie married his Bluefield high school sweetheart ―Ginny‖ Jack-
son in 1947, and they had sons born in 1950 and 1952. It was in 1950 that the bill
for his free medical education came due. With the Korean War in full sway, the
Navy called him to active service, attached him to a Marine unit, and put him on a
troop transportation ship assigned to deploy Marines and, later, to evacuate U.S.
forces and refugees from the Korean peninsula.
   Back home the next year, Charlie learned that he had earned the right to pursue
his education under the G.I. Bill. The Navy had rushed him through Duke without
his receiving a bachelor degree. He opted to return to Davidson to earn that de-
gree. Davidson asked him to serve as an associate to Dr. Woods at the college in-
firmary. Introduced as a new faculty/staff member at the first chapel, Charlie stood
up out in the senior section, where he had been assigned a seat! Later in the day,
Dean Bailey informed him that he would be excused from attending chapel. Thus,
receiving his degree in 1953, Charlie has been identified as Class of 1953, another
late bloomer in the academic garden. He may be the only member of his class of
1946 or 1953 with a B.S. in English.
Contact: George Gunn, P.O. Box 1996, Banner Elk, NC 28604; 828-898-6732;

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences to Rufus A. Long on the passing of his beloved wife, Peggy
Bradford Long, on Jan. 5.

AS TOLD BY: Bill Vinson & Fritz Vinson, Class Secretaries
  This class secretary [Fritz] and spouse have recently been caught up in a mael-
strom of activity normally reserved for much younger parents. In less than two
weeks from the date of this writing, our youngest daughter, Anna, will be married
barefoot on the beach near Georgetown, S.C. Weddings are not new for us—Anna
is the last of our four daughters to wed, but it‘s been over 20 years since our last
wedding and much has changed. We‘ve had to learn new terminology like ―destina-
tion wedding‖ and select exactly the right location. (Previous weddings were in the
church they all grew up in, but not appropriate this time because we moved.) An
exciting feature will be that the ceremony will be performed by her sister, the Reve-
rend Caroline Vinson Dennis ‘87, associate pastor of Second Presbyterian Church
in Indianapolis. Anna is a graduate of Duke (2003) and Georgetown University Law
(2006). She practices law in Washington, D.C.
Contact: Bill Vinson, P.O. Box 610, Davidson, NC 28036-0610; 704-892-8123;
Fritz Vinson, 1026 Doral Dr., Pawley’s Island, SC 29585; 843-235-2611; fritzvin-

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Ford Dean Little, Jr., of
Greensboro, N.C., who passed away Jan. 15, and to the family and friends of Alex-
ander ―Sandy‖ Edwin Shaw III, of Chadbourn, N.C., who passed away Jan. 27 in
Greenville, S.C.

AS TOLD BY: William H. Keith & Ralph H. Alexander, Class Secretaries
   You have already heard about our 60th reunion and some of the attendees. Let
me tell you about a few of those who weren‘t able to come and why. A couple of
weeks before Homecoming, the committee attempted to call every classmate, en-
couraging each to make the trip to Davidson if at all possible. A few messages were
left on answering machines, but here is some of what we learned. It was apparent
from our conversation that Jack Payne was seriously ill (he passed away on Oct.
13). Hewitt ―Doc‖ Fulton, Bill Browson, Ken Smartt, and Dick Laurens were unable
to leave wives who had health problems. Bill Iverson had a Saturday appointment
that made it impractical for him to make the trip. Ken McArn had a family commit-
ment at home in Arizona, and Ed Robertson felt that a trip to Davidson from
Brownsville, Tex., was not feasible. Herb Meza, I later learned, had been asked to
be the Protestant chaplain to a group taking a 35-day cruise (tough duty). Jack
Etheridge was in Europe. Frank Strait was on a previously planned family vacation.
Tom West was recovering from surgery, and neither he nor Chris Weber was able
to travel, for different reasons. Mac Upchurch was sick, and Henry Neisler was
having a problem ―getting around.‖ A note from Leighton McKeithen‘s son said his
father was looking forward to attending our 60th, but, ―He now suffers from a form
of dementia and is no longer able to travel or to engage in correspondence, neither
by writing nor by telephone.‖ There were no doubt more who gave legitimate rea-
sons why they were unable to join us for what turned out to be an outstanding reu-
nion. At our age, who can remember every ―excuse‖ that was given, or even every-
one with whom we talked? So if your name wasn‘t included in this dissertation,
blame it on our seniority or senility!
   Those who select inductees into the Davidson Athletics Hall of Fame finally bes-
towed a well-deserved honor on one of our classmates. Thanks to the efforts of
Bob Maner and Charles and Henry Neisler and the support of a host of others who
were at Davidson between 1948 and 1951, on the afternoon of Jan. 30, Jack
―Gunder‖ Gray was inducted, posthumously, into our Athletics Hall of Fame. Jack
was undefeated in 35 one- and two-mile races while at Davidson, and this was a
fitting tribute to a dedicated track star. Many members of his family were there for
the ceremony, and, had it not been for the snow and ice on the roads that Saturday,
at least three of his classmates and fraternity brothers would also have been there.
Jack‘s son, John Gray III, who attended the ceremony along with his three sisters
and a number of members of their families, made compelling remarks about his fa-
ther. (I saw the tape.)
Contact: William H. Keith, 1966 Cottage Ct., Gastonia, NC 28054; (h) 704-864-
5588; fax, 704-810-9094;
Ralph H. Alexander, Southminster, 8919 Park Rd. #6000, Charlotte, NC 28210;

From the Alumni Office:
  Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of William Eugene
Phipps, who passed away March 2 at his home in Richmond, Va.; to the family and
friends of William Ward Calhoun, of Raleigh, N.C., who passed away March 5; and
to the family and friends of
J. Herbert Waldrop, Jr., who passed away April 3 at his home in Aiken, S.C.

60th Reunion
November 12–14, 2010

AS TOLD BY: Jake Wade & Bo Riddey, Class Secretaries
  We regret to advise that we have recently lost three members from our class, to-
gether with the beloved wife of a fourth member. These are Dan Garber, a veteran
of the U.S. Army during WWII and a long-time resident of Easley, S.C., who died
Jan. 14; Stanley Archibald, a long-time resident of Greensboro, who died March
11, and who was a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, and whose granddaugh-
ter, Austin A. Taylor, is a graduate of the Class of 2009; and Townes Thomas, a
resident of Orlando, Fla., also a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, who died
March 12.
  Then, on Dec. 31, Carter Lyles, the beloved wife of John Lyles, former minister of
the Davidson College Presbyterian Church, passed away.
  We extend our condolences to the families of each of these exceptional persons
who were members of the Davidson family.
  Save the dates of the weekend of Nov. 12–14, which is the scheduled Homecom-
ing weekend celebration of the 60th reunion of our Class of 1950. You will be re-
ceiving information from time to time as to the schedule of events for this occasion
from Lizz Clegg ‘08 of the Alumni Office. This will be an opportunity to meet with not
only our classmates and families, but also to visit and be with the family members
of our deceased members and the present and past faculty and staff. The 60th
reunion of a designated class is generally the last formal reunion of a particular
class, and after that, all of that age group align themselves solely with members of
the Avant Garde. So let‘s all attend this celebration, so we will go out with a ―bang‖
and not a ―whimper.‖
Contact: Jake Wade, 2917 Hanson Dr., Charlotte, NC 28207; 704-334-8164
Bo Roddey, 2124 Sherwood Ave., Charlotte, NC 28207-2120; 704-372-0917;

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Robert F. Coble, Jr.,
who passed away April 13; to the family and friends of William Danford ―Dan‖ Wil-
son, who passed away April 10; and to the family and friends of Paul D. Young,
who passed away Nov. 25.

AS TOLD BY: John D. Hobart, Class Secretary
  Wilbur ―Bill‖ King, who lives in Niceville, Fla., retired 25 years ago from his law
practice. He graduated from Emory Law School in 1956 and practiced in Atlanta
prior to moving to Florida. Bill and Mary now enjoy the view south across Choctaw-
hatchee Bay from their home on Yacht Club Drive in Niceville. Prior to moving there
in 1994, they lived south of the bay in Destin. Six times a year they get away to their
place at Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, Ga.
  Roy Horn celebrated his 80th birthday with family in February. Last year he and
Sue joined St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in San Antonio, the church Roy
started back in the 1960s. It‘s been a real blessing for them. Roy suffers from back
problems that limit his activities, and he has an early Alzheimer‘s diagnosis, for
which he takes medication. He wants to know if any of us are experiencing the
same condition. If so, contact your scribe; he will relay the message.
  Correction: Les Robinson called in October to point out that he had both hip joints
replaced at the same time in 1983, but not again in 2008, as I reported last sum-
mer. A year after his operation, Les was back on the court, and at last report, still
hitting the ball.
  Years ago, ―Fighting Men In Korea Pay High Tribute‖ to Dan McKeithen. News
story dateline: On the Central Front, Korea, 1953. Three men huddled beneath a
pouring rainstorm on the front lines, rifles at their sides. They spoke of the mud, wa-
ter-splashed trenches, and of 1st Lt. Dan McKeithen, who lived and died for peace
March 15, 1953. At the mention of his name there was silence, respectful and
heartbreaking. One said of him, ―He risked his life on that first patrol to save another
man. No one doubted him after that, and the guys began calling him ‗Dynamite
Dan.‘‖ They spoke of the Silver Star he was awarded after his first real patrol into
enemy territory. Another said, ―The finest officer and man I ever knew in my life.‖ A
master sergeant said, ―Dan was definitely a leader. I‘ve been in the Army 12 years,
and he was the coolest man under fire I‘ve ever seen.‖ Dan went to church faithfully
and witnessed a baptism the day before he died. Remember not to forget Dan.
 Our sincere condolences are extended to the family of William A. VanStory III,
who died Aug. 5.
Contact: John D. Hobart, 1009 Chestnut Dr., Smithfield, NC 27577-1009; 919-934-

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences are also extended to Ralph Robinson and his family on the
death of his son, Jeffrey M. Robinson, on Nov. 25 after a five-year battle with can-

AS TOLD BY: Jack Stevenson, Class Secretary
  June Anderson Woodall, wife of Rev. H. Earl Woodall of Anderson, S.C., died
March 10. June was mother to Hunter Earl ―Woody‖ Woodall ‘79, M.D., and mother-
in-law of Sylvia Gordon Woodall ‘80. Earl quoted to me (author unknown), ―She
walked cheerfully through the world answering that of God in everyone she met.‖
We all will miss June in many ways, especially at our reunions.
  We will all miss two special men, Nat Daniel ‘57, Ph.D., a professor and college
dean who died Feb. 26. He is survived by his wife of 52 years, Susan Smith Daniel,
of Wilmington, N.C.; two daughters, Elizabeth Anne Lukhard and husband, Lee, of
Raleigh, and Susan Cothran Daniel, of Richmond, Va.; and two grandchildren, Wil-
liam Daniel Lukhard and Emily Marina Lukhard. James D. Pendleton III, of Midlo-
thian, Va., died Dec. 29. He is survived by his wife, Lynda Myles, and three daugh-
ters: Lelia Pendleton of Richmond and her husband, Stuart Holloran; Eve Hubbard,
of Greensboro, N.C., and her husband, Jim; and Caroline Pendleton-Hilmar, of
Richmond, and her husband, Gregg. He is also survived by his two granddaugh-
ters, Rachel and Margaret Hillmar, and by his first wife, Catherine Kirby. Dudley
was known for his humor, grace, incredible spirit, and his lifelong pursuit of excel-
lence in literature, education, and music. He taught at VCU for 34 years, and was
dean of students, chairman of freshman English, and professor of English. He loved
to pilot light planes, to play his trumpet, and especially to write—ten plays for stage
and many television, radio, and film scripts. His final novel was Last Night in Mana-
  Jack Leaycraft writes by e-mail that he and Suzie enjoyed a Christmas cruise ―on
our pond‖—read: the Caribbean Sea. They both are active in their Presbyterian
church: Jack being a ―Mr. Fix-It,‖ and Suzie is an elder. Jack wears hearing aids,
courtesy of the V.A., as he was an instructor on the recoilless rifle at Ft. Benning
School for Boys, and not allowed to use cotton in his ears. At 80, Jack is very active
in their homeowners association, and plays some mean golf. Jack has two children
and six grands, while Suzie has six children and 19 grands, plus two great-grands.
You know their phone rings a lot at Gulf Breeze, just out of Pensacola.
  Henry Howe writes that he and Blanche are enjoying pretty good health. (I visited
with them at the Davidson social on the Furman campus when our college again
defeated Furman. For some eight years, we red and black alumni around Green-
ville have been able to chant, ―This Is Our House!‖) Blanche has recovered from
rotator cuff surgery recently; Henry has recovered from a fusion of his left ankle and
can walk quite well again. She is playing tennis, and he is taking courses in Ger-
man history, the Holocaust, and great Jewish philosophers at Furman University‘s
Life Long Learning Program. They have a granddaughter who is a sophomore at
Clemson University. Their oldest son lives in Honolulu and is regional director for
his company‘s activities in Hawaii, Japan, Singapore, and Diego Garcia. His son,
Henry and Blanche‘s oldest grandson, married recently and lives in nearby Spar-
Contact: Jack Stevenson, 216 McGregor Ln., Easley, SC 29642; 864-442-9070;

  If you are interested in this volunteer position, please contact Jennifer Mattocks at or 704-894-2110.

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences are extended to the family and friends of Harry W. Hickey, who
passed away April 25, 2009, and to the family and friends of Joshua Tayloe MacK-
enzie, who passed away Feb. 3.
Please see the Class of 1947 column for a story about your classmate Charlie

AS TOLD BY: Gene Witherspoon & Mike York, Class Secretaries
  Decades ago, the esteemed professors Frontis Johnston ‘30 and Chalmers Da-
vidson ‘28, in a jocular mood, ―recalled‖ at a reunion conversation hour that the
1950 freshmen class showed little promise. Ignoring their first impressions, the
―whole person‖ code that was instilled in us is reflected in thousands of achieve-
ments and committed acts of community and public service.
  Don Reid, flying military helicopters after graduation, launched an advertising firm.
Along the way, eight elected years were spent in the fray of Charlotte City Council.
  In Pinehurst, a parishioner established a lectureship to honor the lifetime minis-
tries of Martha and Homer Phifer. Former Davidson president John Kuykendall ‘59
delivered the first lecture last fall.
  The fellows who survived Georgia dormitory have followed the long public service
career of Kenneth MacKay. He was elected a state legislator, U.S. representative,
lieutenant governor, and made the Florida ―big house‖ at age 65. He is a fervent
advocate of education and health care issues. A recent chat prompted his reminis-
cence of Davidson. After two years, he transferred to the ―Gator‖ campus and
stayed through a law degree. He and Anne now live on a lake near Ocala, their
original hometown.
  Prophetically, Will Terry wrote in the 1953 Quips and Cranks about our first three
years of fun, saying, ―and the long awaited shift to the North Section… but we can‘t
write finis yet... the best is still to come.‖
  Cop Linker surmised and learned, often after midnight, the real potential of the
young men who entered in 1950. Being down to an active roster of about 162 and
counting, we are predictably moving toward the front of the Journal‘s Class Notes
section. Of necessity, do your exercise, eat more fiber, and savor some wine.
  Condolences to wife, Christine, 1639 Old Topanga Cyn Rd., Topanga, CA 90290;
son, Robert; and daughter, Sally, on the death of Richard F. Roper, a talented writ-
er, on Jan. 11 following a stroke at his home. Condolences to Kent Mitchell in New
Orleans, and his two sons, on the loss of Kent‘s wife, Jean, on Jan. 22. And, sym-
pathy is expressed to the families of John C. Mason, who died in Gastonia. Joseph
Neisler, Jr. died peacefully overlooking his favorite lake on Feb. 10; condolences to
wife, Marlene, 2004 Lake Shore Dr., Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450, and the families
in Kings Mountain.
Contact: Gene Witherspoon, 200 Tabernacle Rd. G-205, Black Mountain, NC
28711; 828-669-0197;
Mike York, 2488 Dellwood Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30305; 404-355-1856; cmi-

From the Alumni Office:
  Jack Efird wrote in, ―No European trip for 2009—bad year for stockbrokers. I did
take my stockbroker group on a seven-night cruise to Honduras, Belize, Grand
Cayman, and Key West. I am now up to 81 countries visited. In March, my stock-
broker group… renewed our annual European trip with seven nights in Lisbon, Por-
tugal. Nine out of 10 years to Europe is still pretty good. I did take another cruise
with the U.S. Navy on the USS Ashland (LSD-48) two nights from Mayport (Jack-
sonville) to Fort Lauderdale. The ship is an amphibious warfare ship designed to
transport Marines and their equipment. One hundred twenty of us Navy League ci-
vilians replaced the 400 marines who took the ship from Norfolk to Mayport. We
took a Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) out to the ship at sea—very interesting
cruise. A couple of years ago I took a Navy cruise on a missile cruiser between Fort
Lauderdale and Mayport—one night—a faster ship.‖

55th Reunion
November 12–14, 2010

AS TOLD BY: Chick McClure, Class Secretary
  Please join the Alumni Office in welcoming the new Class of 1955 class secretary,
Chick McClure! Chick has graciously volunteered to fill this previously vacant posi-
tion. Please start sending all your news and notes to Chick.
Contact: Chick McClure, 1548 Laureldale Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609-3571; 919-790-

From the Alumni Office:
  Our condolences go out to James G. VanStory, whose brother, William A. VanS-
tory III ‘51, passed away on Aug. 5. We also extend our condolences to the friends
and family of Joseph Cameron Campbell and Grover C. Meetze, Jr., who passed
away April 24 and Feb. 11, respectively.

AS TOLD BY: Hobby Cobb & E. Thomas Miller, Class Secretaries
  Talked with Sills Bunn, who is retired from the U.S. Department of Education as a
computer program analyst, having worked before in the Department of Defense. He
and his bride, Amoret, live in Alexandria, Va. They attend the N.Y. Avenue Presby-
terian Church in Washington.
  Last August my two roommates and I with our wives spent a long weekend to-
gether at Pat and Mary Ann Miller‘s summer home in Montreat along with Tom and
Mary Helen Murphy to solve the problems of the world and the church. We didn‘t
get very far on this agenda but had listening ears to our favorite passions. Tom,
who finished undergraduate at the College of the Pacific, joined us again at the
Seminary in Richmond, and now lives in retirement on the Outer Banks. Pat lives in
retirement in Louisville and continues to write and edit. Tom serves on the board of
the N.C. Presbyterian Higher Education Ministries, Inc.
  Mary Jordan, Gen. France Jordan‘s (Ret.) wife, reports that France is ill with con-
gestive heart failure and dementia. Mary is caring for him at home as of this writing
  Pertti ―Peter‖ A.O. Karkkainen writes from Helsinki to show signs of life ―before I
get too senile.‖ He sends pictures to prove it—a distinguished portrait of the retired
ambassador, a shot of his ―dream boats‖ the Bugis schooners at the Old Port, Ja-
karta, Indonesia (October), and a bundled-up shot in about a foot of snow in Janu-
ary in Helsinki. We will send them to any who e-mail us. Further details can be ob-
tained from roommate Jim Patterson of Charlotte, with whom he still corresponds.
  And this note to all: if you haven‘t registered yet, contact the Alumni Office (alum- and get on Alenda Links to get and give updates on
Contact: Hobby Cobb, P.O. Box 2166, Davidson, NC 28036-2166; 704-894-0104;
E. Thomas Miller, 143 Picwyck Dr., Mooresville, NC 28115; 704-799-1412; etmil-

From the Alumni Office:
 Our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Ralph W. Maynard, Jr., who
passed away Dec. 13.

AS TOLD BY: Jack Kerr, Class Secretary
  Received a note from Lawton Posey with some big news: he underwent a suc-
cessful cochlear implant in July 2009 in Huntington, W.Va. He said he was almost
totally deaf the last part of 2008. Fortunately for him, all of the procedure was cov-
ered by Medicare, except for the last $500. He says he is still writing, and he and
his wife, Bridget, are both enjoying church and friends.
  John Jackson writes that he is now involved in three projects: his wife says he
needs to give these three up and work on the big three—house, yard, and diet. His
current big three are (1) E-mail/blog with the Rock Hill S.C. High School Class of
1953—they are doing bios of his classmates, teachers, coaches, and administra-
tors plus a history of the school, etc., (2) E-mail/blog with his genealogical/historic
groups from his home state of South Carolina and beyond, and (3) Sending e-
mails/blogs to the churches/pastors regarding education of his Presbytery/district
that he sends to 1,000 people every week. He says it includes humor, financial,
earth-care, poetry, politics, Biblical quotations, etc. According to John, everything is
connected. He may have a blog or e-mail ministry! He calls it, ―Everything is con-
  Bob Shaw writes that he and his wife, Elizabeth, continue in good health, still en-
joying their move to this small mountain community, Montreat, N.C., with its ties to
Davidson. Bob said they took their two teenage granddaughters on a 15-day excur-
sion to London and the surrounding area. He said he has been educated when they
took the two teenagers shopping. Later he said they took one grandson on an El-
derhostel trip down the Delaware River kayaking, canoeing, and rafting for seven
   There was an excellent article in the Charlotte Observer, written by Tim Funk,
that someone sent me. It was titled, ―Martin lifts voice for science and religion.‖
Former N.C. Governor Jim Martin tells the church, ―The two need not be in con-
flict.‖ He says, ―they are compatible, not contradictory, and that faith must evolve
along with our understanding of nature.‖ Jim did say, ―The first creation account in
Genesis does track well with findings by geologists and paleontologists—if the Bi-
ble‘s definition of a day can be stretched to mean billions of years…. The progres-
sion—with things beginning in the seas, with plants, then unicell organisms, then
complex animals—is on target, scientifically…. The Bible is a spiritual guide, not a
science book….‖ He then quoted Galileo, another scientist-believer: ―The Bible
teaches us how to go to heaven, not how the heavens go.‖
   Our condolences go out to the family of Harry Antrim, of Fort Worth, Tex., who
died on Dec. 23. Our condolences go out to the family of Andrew ―Andy‖ Watson,
of Florence, S.C., who died Jan. 21. Our condolences go out to the family of Nat
Daniel, of Wilmington, N.C., who died Feb. 26, as well as Edward ―Ed‖ Bell, Sr., of
Raleigh, N.C., who also died Feb. 26. Lastly, our condolences go out to the family
of Jimmie ―Jim‖ Lee Smith, of Vestavia, Ala., who died March 14.
   I sure would welcome any news that my classmates are willing to share with his
fellow classmates!
Contact: Jack Kerr, 36W718 Oak Ridge Ln., St. Charles, IL 60174; 630-584-3671;

From the Alumni Office:
  Congratulations to Charles Wright for winning the Carole Weinstein Poetry Prize
at the 12th Annual Library of Virginia Literary Awards held on Oct. 17. Charles
teaches poetry and writing at U.Va., and is a two-time winner of the Library of Vir-
ginia‘s Poetry Award.

AS TOLD BY: Hayden Hollingsworth, Class Secretary
  Gerald Wilson and Ginger both continue active academic lives at Duke. They
serve as deans in two different schools, he in Trinity College of Arts and Science,
she in humanities. Recently, Gerald was cited as being among the top five percent
of all undergraduate instructors in the university. They have a daughter and two
grandchildren, and plan to continue working until ―they carry me out in a black bag.‖
  Gil Grossman and Jane quickly sold their home in Atlanta and have relocated to
the Givens Estates in Asheville. All is going well, and they are loving life in ―the
home,‖ as Gil calls it. Grier Davis and his brother, James ‘62, spent two weeks tour-
ing Turkey in April. Their wives remained in ―The Land of Round Door Knobs,‖ as
the Turks refer to the U.S.A. He promises a full report in the next issue of the Jour-
nal. Jerry Norvell skied with his grandkids in Utah in March. He returned (we hope)
with all long bones intact. The snow and recession have combined to make his
business slow. We can all identify with that!
  Waller Harris and Judy returned from a pleasant week at North Palm Beach and
Singer Island, Fla. They were the guests of Alex Gardner and Arlene at their time-
share. It was sunny and nice most of the time. They enjoyed being away from the
cold winter in Michigan.
  Our scholarship fund has taken the expected hit and stood at $198,498 on Dec.
31. Walter Kucera ‘10 will attend medical school after graduation and has sent his
thanks for our support. Brad Smalls ‘12 is the other recipient. In 2010, $10,339 was
the expendable amount.
  As you note, the Journal has a new look and a shorter word limit for the Codger
classes. Do not take that as an excuse for not writing. Death has touched five of our
families as published in the last issue: Carpe diem!
Contact: Hayden Hollingsworth, 6107 Sulgrave Rd., Roanoke, VA 24018; 540-725-

  AS TOLD BY: Richard Rieger, Class Secretary
  Carter Daniel sent me the following e-mail: ―On March 7, Arthur Lawrence pre-
sented a recital of 17th and early 18th century organ music at New York‘s re-
nowned St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the same church where he performed 44
years ago. Arthur continues teaching and performing in the New York area and is
also serving as interim organist and choir director at the Scarsdale Presbyterian
Church. In the audience at the St Thomas recital were Carter Daniel and his wife,
Anita.‖ Carter adds, ―I am now in my 32nd year of teaching at Rutgers University.‖
  Back in February I visited with Sandy Grey and his wife, Ann, and he is recover-
ing from a rather serious condition. He asked that I pass along the following: ―Dear
friends, supporters, and prayer warriors, I have encouraging health news! Early De-
cember I tried a medication my neurologist prescribed. After the first capsule, I
knew this is finally something that helps. I have more energy throughout the day
and less severe symptoms of poor coordination, slurred speech, and fatigue. I even
walked on the beach last week without Ann holding onto me! I don‘t know that I will
ever get back to running, tennis, or golf, but this newfound energy and coordination
are sufficient to make me very thankful. Thank you for your interest and support.‖
  Evans Whiting transferred to West Point after having spent a year and a half at
Davidson. He subsequently received an Air Force commission and flew 89 B-29
missions to Vietnam from Guam, Okinawa, and Thailand. As a civilian he became a
pilot for Northwest Airlines and retired on his 60th birthday and lives in Honolulu.
  Walt Edwards retired from the practice of nephrology in Columbia 10 years ago
and now spends most of his time at Edisto Beach, S.C.
  I talked by telephone with Art Holler who works for Homeland Security consulting
with power companies nationwide on compliance with anti-terrorist laws. He said,
―The phone is ringing off the hook,‖ and he was leaving for the Napa Valley as we
  A couple of quick notes: Bucky Dennis and his wife, Nancy, live is Winston-
Salem; they have four grands, and he is retired from the snack food business,
which was begun by his father.... John Renfro retired at the end of 2002 from Inman
Mills and is living on a farm near Landrum, S.C.... Bob Shoffner is chairman of the
board of directors of the Avery Partnership for People at the End of Life (APPEL) in
Raleigh, N.C.
  Since my last report, we have lost some classmates: Ned Austell died on Dec. 24
in Winston-Salem after a very brief and courageous battle with cancer. Ned had an
M.B.A. from UNC and was an Army first lieutenant. He spent his professional ca-
reer in banking and retired from Wachovia as senior VP of wealth management.
One of Ned‘s surviving siblings is Robert ―Bobby‖ Austell ‘63.
  George Egerton passed away last July in Greensboro. He owned Young World
Child Care Centers and operated several restaurants in St. Croix. And finally, as a
class we offer our deepest sympathies to our classmate Morrison Brown and his
family on the loss of their son in March.
Contact: Richard Rieger, 254 Sea Marsh Dr., Kiawah Island, SC 29455-5528; 843-

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences to Jim Williams on the death of his wife, Linda J. Williams, on
March 19.

AS TOLD BY: Gordon Spaugh, Class Secretary
  Eb LeMaster retired from the commercial real estate business three years ago.
He has kept an office with a few retired buddies. He said they do enough real es-
tate deals to stay a little active. Eb‘s wife, Camille, is still active in residential real
estate, but is turning more and more business over to her associates.
  We send our sympathy to the family of John Howard Redding, who died on Dec.
27 in Asheboro, N.C., at the age of 73. Following graduation from Davidson, he re-
ceived his J.D. degree from UNC Chapel Hill in 1964. He served in the U.S. Marine
Corps from 1956–58. He was an active attorney, artist, and founding board mem-
ber of the Randolph Bank and Trust Co. He was also active in Episcopal Church of
the Good Shepherd. He is survived by his wife, Carolyn, and their three children.
  We also extend our sympathy to the family of Thomas E. ―Tom‖ Smith, Jr., who
died April 1 in Pamplico, S.C., at 71. Born in Oxford, N.C., he was a 1956 gradu-
ate of Laurinburg, N.C. High School, where he was student body president. While
at Davidson, Tom was co-captain of the swimming team and set a record in
backstroke, which stood for many years. He graduated from the University of
South Carolina School of Law and was admitted to the S.C. Bar in 1963. Tom
was a member of Pamplico United Methodist Church, where he was a member of
the choir. He was active in community affairs, serving as president of Pamplico
Jaycees, a Mason, and a member of the Omar Temple. He practiced law with the
late James P. ―Spot‖ Mozingo from 1963–65, and opened his law practice in
Pamplico in 1965. He was also general counsel for Pee Dee Electric Cooperative
for 30 years. Tom served in the S.C. House of Representatives and in the S.C.
Senate. He represented District 2 on Florence County Council, 1998–2004, and
was the first councilman to be elected as council chairman for three consecutive
terms. He was awarded the Order of the Palmetto by Gov. Carroll Campbell in
1991 for his selfless service to his community and state. Tom‘s daughter, Dres-
den Smith Floyd, wrote that Tom and wife Betsy were so looking forward to at-
tending his 50th Reunion. She said he loved his years at Davidson and was a
proud ‘Cat.
Contact: Gordon Spaugh, 365 Roslyn Rd., Winston-Salem, NC 27104; 336-722-

From the Alumni Office:
  Craig Ray writes, ―Last January, my wife and I decided to go south for the winter.
So, we went to Antarctica. We set sail in a small ship from Ushuaia, Argentina,
which is the southernmost settlement in the world. We crossed the Drake Passage,
where the Atlantic meets the Pacific and which lived up to its reputation as the
roughest water in the world. At night we were required to strap ourselves into bed.
Thank goodness for Scopolamine patches. We made about 12 trips ashore riding in
rubber Zodiac boats. They were like Disney rides, with waves splashing all over us
and dodging ice floes. The scenery and sky were beautiful and looked almost
otherworldly. I highly recommend this adventure….
  ―I continue competing in Senior Games/Olympics. In the last state champion-
ships, I won gold in the shot put and discus and silver in the 100-meter dash and
the triple jump. I got five golds in swimming. I used the industrial size of Bengay
from Costco. I qualified in track and field and swimming for the national champion-
ships last summer at Stanford in Palo Alto, Calif. I went expecting to win no med-
als—and I lived up to my expectations. In our third nationals together, classmate
Otis Warr and I competed against each other in swimming. I beat him, and he beat
me. In May, I‘ll have swum in the Masters Swimming national championship held
in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics pool at Georgia Tech. I blame all my extra wrinkling
on being in the water so much. By the time this note goes to press, I will have en-
joyed seeing all of you and yours at the 50th reunion! Now, on to the 60th!‖
  Our sincere condolences are extended to Harry Broome and his family on the
death of his daughter, Mary Elizabeth Broome, in a car accident on Dec. 7.
  Congratulations to Bill Davis for being included in the 2010 Best Lawyers in Amer-
ica listing. He was honored with Bet-the Company Litigator of the Year for 2010. He
is an attorney and the director of the legal firm of Bell, Davis, & Pitt, P.A. Congratu-
lations are also due to Dave McCullough for receiving the Distinguished Alumni
Award at his other alma mater, Wake Forest Medical School. Thanks to Ernie
Spangler ‘48 for letting us know of Dave‘s great accomplishment!

AS TOLD BY: W. Marshall LaFar, Class Secretary

Contact: W. Marshall LaFar, 2562 Pinewood Rd., Gastonia, NC 28054; 704-861-
8585 (w); fax, 704-865-3415;

From the Alumni Office:
  Our sincere condolences are extended to the family and friends of Herbert And-
rew ―Andy‖ Blake, Sr., who passed away March 10. We also extend our condo-
lences to the family and friends of J. Steven Maxwell, who passed away April 22.

AS TOLD BY: John Goodman, Class Secretary
  Harvard‘s Graham Allison is to be the distinguished lecturer July 20 at the Chau-
tauqua Institution in Western New York. Graham‘s article, ―Nuclear Disorder: Sur-
veying Atomic Threats,‖ was published in Foreign Affairs in January.
  Bob Auman, widowed since 2004, wed Agnes Fitts Marshall Feb. 6 in Raleigh.
His daughter and her two sons and daughter are Davidson graduates, and three of
them married fellow alumni. Agnes is a Winston-Salem native and Randolph-
Macon Woman‘s College graduate. She and Bob met at an alumni event while
cheering the ‘Cats to victory over Wisconsin on March 28, 2008.
  Read in the next Davidson Journal and on the ‘62 Web site about our April 28–30
class reunion near Charleston, S.C.
  Lew Zirkle and his orthopedics charity, Surgical Implant Generation Network,
quickly responded to the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January. Classmates
contributed to SIGN and urged friends to do likewise. Paul Leonard e-mailed the
‘62 network about Habitat for Humanity‘s earthquake relief efforts, and Charlie
Freeland informed the class about Church World Service‘s work.
  V.O. Roberson and another physician were among 10 participants in Wilkesboro
Baptist Church‘s medical mission to rural Honduras in February. In one week, they
saw more than 1,000 indigent patients.
  Durant Vick, participant in many mission trips, received training in Colorado
Springs in April to serve as teaching director of a new men‘s community Bible study
in his hometown of Roanoke.
  Jerry Sheffield retired Dec. 31 from banking, the last 23 years as president of the
Hernando County Bank in Brooksville, Fla. He remains active in retirement with the
Salvation Army, which he has chaired for 20 years. Jerry and Betty have one son in
nearby Tampa, another in Denver, and five grandchildren.
  On the March 13 death of Dave Lovette of Red Springs, we extend sympathy to
his widow, Linda, and their five children. Also, at the April 3 death of Mac Brownlee,
we extend sympathy to his widow, Becky, and their two sons.
  Bet and Bill Workman‘s son, Gatey, married Stefanie Buettner last August.
  Wyche Fowler‘s daughter, Katherine, wed William Harig Ernest last fall in Colora-
do Springs.
  Maria Elena and Bert Kamm, of Argentina, celebrated their 43rd wedding anni-
versary Jan. 15. Bert is enrolled in seminary and is a translator and teacher.
  Cathie and Bob Hartness‘s first grandchild, Robert August Fochtman, was born
Dec. 21. Is Bob correct in maintaining that he is ―probably the oldest in the class, at
70, to have a first grandbaby‖?
  Bob Hartness, Carolyn and Ed Hines, Gaile and Phil Patrick, Cummins and Andy
Sherrill, and Sarah and Worth Williamson had dinner at North Harbor Club near
Davidson Jan. 28 before the College of Charleston game.
  Barb and Joe Jackson‘s dinner guests Feb. 27 at their Fernandina Beach, Fla.,
home included Cindy and Louis Burton, Gail and Al Edgar, Pat and Jim Jamison,
Don Saunders, and Ann and Russ Showalter.
  Robert Henry Moore‘s Washington-based commentaries now appear in the
Beaufort Tribune, the online newspaper that George Trask edits and publishes.
  Joe Robinson reports that Mary Kay had breast cancer surgery Dec. 18, followed
by radiation treatment expected to give her an excellent chance of an extended life
without recurrence. Joe was the featured oboist in the UNC School of the Arts‘ an-
nual Mozart Birthday Concert Jan. 23, a few days after he was the focus of a Wins-
ton-Salem Journal story, ―He‘s No Ordinary Joe.‖
  Sandy Newland continues in the ―rural practice of pathology‖ in the Douglas, Ga.,
area. He and Eleanor have three children and nine grandchildren.
  Frank Mansell acted as stated clerk and briefly as head of staff for the Presbytery
of West Virginia during late 2009 into 2010.
Contact: John Goodman, 108 N. Robeson St., Elizabethtown, NC 28337; 910-862-
3730;; ;          david-

AS TOLD BY: W. Hal Todd, Class Secretary

Contact: W. Hal Todd, P.O. Box 159, Montreat, NC 28757;

From the Alumni Office:
  Ed Willer has been named a top 25 Realtor in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill,
N.C., area by Triangle Business Journal. According to the press release, ―Ed‘s
sales production ranks him in the top one percent of the 5,700 realtors in the Trian-
gle MLS system. Ed is a broker with Prudential York Simpson Underwood Realty…
in Raleigh.‖
  Our condolences go out to Robert Austell and his family on the loss of his brother,
Edward ―Ned‖ C. Austell ‘59, on Dec. 24. Our condolences also go out to the family
and friends of Edward ―Ed‖ Coltrane Bivens, who passed away Feb. 13.
  There was a great article in the Washington Post on Nov. 28 (―Weekend warriors
run the long route‖) about Richard Lowery and his Sunday afternoon football
games that he started in 1967 and are still played in a park in Bethesda, Md.—
though without Richard for quite a while now! It‘s a great read, if you can find a copy

AS TOLD BY: Carlton Cole, Class Secretary
   Our sincere condolences are extended to class secretary Carlton Cole and his
family on the passing of his mother in April.
   Bill Ferris has a new book out, Give My Poor Heart Ease, documenting the Afri-
can-Americans who created ―the blues‖ in Mississippi. Bill is the Joel Williamson
Eminent Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
   Fred McGuirt, M.D., received a Distinguished Alumni Award from Wake Forest
Medical School at the Dean‘s Leadership Dinner last October.
   Terry Holland was recognized for his contributions to Davidson basketball in a
long article, ―When Davidson dreamed, played big,‖ by Ron Green, Jr., and pub-
lished in the Charlotte Observer on March 4.
   John Spratt, a congressman from South Carolina, was named to the 18-member
bipartisan commission on reduction of the national debt.
   I regret to tell you that Hank English, who lived in Kennewick, Wash., died Aug. 1.
After attending Davidson, Hank graduated from the University of Georgia and re-
ceived his M.B.A. in 1986 from City University. He is survived by his wife, Cindy,
children, and grandchildren.
 Please consider registering at Alenda Links on the Davidson Web site at, a place where you can search for friends and leave
news of your own. Keep those letters, phone calls, and e-mail coming.
Contact: Carlton Cole, 1009 Hardee Rd., Coral Gables, FL 33146-3329; fax, 305-
667-9757; 305-667-7710 (b);

AS TOLD BY: John S. Curry, Class Secretary
  Last December my daughter and I participated in the Davidson alumni Israel tour.
Another tour member was Howard Cornelsen, who has spent his career in public
radio broadcasting in the Houston area. He also proved to be highly skilled with his
Leica. Alex Bernhardt is devoting considerable volunteer time to his responsibilities
as chair of the board of the North Carolina Nature Conservancy. I ran into Chester
Whittle in downtown Boone, N.C., which is not too surprising since he continues his
busy law practice there, at least when he is not engaging in an activity with his
grandchildren, who live within a few minutes‘ drive. Speaking of law practice, Jim
Fuller reports he is still focused on that same endeavor. He resides in Davidson,
which allows him to teach a course at the college on the subject of civil rights law.
He invites members of the Classes of ‘65 and ‘66 (he was in both) to call him when
they are on campus. Hard to imagine, but the latest report from Lenoir, N.C., has
Lewis Norman dropping back to ―part-time‖ at Bernhardt Furniture.
  Congratulations to twice honored Dan Hanks: first by a resolution of the senate of
the State of Georgia for his ―leadership in public service and general cooperative
spirit,‖ and second by Governor Sonny Perdue, who appointed Dan as an honorary
lieutenant colonel in the Georgia Militia. For 11 years ending in 2009, the good doc-
tor was a very active volunteer member of the Georgia Board for Physician Work-
force, the mission of which is to development programs to insure that all of Geor-
gia‘s citizens have access to medical care.
  After a career as a hospital administrator, 20 years of which was spent at the ma-
jor hospital which serves Huntsville, Ala., and the surrounding 10-county area, Ed
Boston and his wife, Frankie, reside in Naples, Fla. Besides beachcombing, they
spend their time fly fishing and traveling and visiting children and grandchildren in
Connecticut and Texas. Ed has also found the time to author a book on hospital
  Gene Ferris lived his middle-years in Hawaii, where he practiced general and
vascular surgery. In 1996, Mississippi called him home. He and his wife now reside
on the family farm near Vicksburg, and he contributes his professional skills to pa-
tients in that area. Like so many physicians in the Class of ‘65, Gene has partici-
pated in medical mission trips to third world countries, including Guatemala.
  Sympathy is extended to Dan Campbell, whose mother, Virginia Campbell, of
Murrells Inlet, S.C., died last March at age 90.
Contact: John S. Curry, Box 2091, Asheville, NC 28802; 828-215-4512;

 No notes this issue.
Contact: James J. Terry, 1103 Hardage Cir., Colleyville, TX 76034-6055; 817-421-

AS TOLD BY: Bryant Hinnant, Class Secretary
  My comments about George Miller and his publishing career unleashed a torrent
of responses. Replying to my congratulations on tripling his book sales (two of us
bought copies), George said he never lets the truth get in the way of a good story—
or when fact becomes legend, print the legend.
  Tom Thel also generated responses, mostly between us. Apparently I forced his
total reentry into the DC fold instead of the stealth approach he was attempting. He
mentioned he has long dreamed of a second career as a social studies teacher in
Texas, but worries that not being able to mention Thomas Jefferson might cause
him and the ghost of P. Minter to desticate (check your obsolete word dictionary).
But then he quickly remembered his 12 hours of religion gave him an additional
field of study in the new Texas curriculum, further proving the value of a liberal edu-
cation. On his past lives, Tom remarked that he spent most of his Army time in Eri-
trea, involved in language training and at one time could spell Pentateuch.
  Many years after my losing touch with Hal Dial, he read the story on Tom Thel
and asked to be reconnected to Tom and George Miller. Hal roomed with Tom one
year and spent time in Germany during Junior Year Abroad with George. Trading
news allowed me to learn that about six years ago, Hal attended a JYA reunion in
Würzburg, Germany, and he credits that decision with changing his life. He has re-
vived his German, to the point where he reads lots of German literature (in German,
which I admire and envy), and goes to Berlin regularly to attend the theater. Some-
how that led to his becoming a finance director of James Brearley & Sons, a re-
gional stockbroker in Blackpool, England. His guilty pleasures are golf, basketball,
and playing the piano, but here he admits to playing badly. Hal gives all his money
to his wife, Carol, and two daughters, Hannah and Sadie, but only if they really
need it, and he has it.
  My old roomie, Jim Gaul, sent me some unprintable jokes, and added that he‘s
retiring in June from his employment with the great state of Iowa. Jim still lives on
the family farm, where he grew up. He has daughters in New York and North Caro-
lina, a son in Iowa, and an Old English Sheepdog, who keeps things interesting.
Everyone is invited to stop by so long as you call first.
  What started as a Christmas card from Cotten Alston turned into a catch-up ses-
sion, mostly involving the differences in mores between today‘s college students
and our era. Otherwise, he says the real estate market has him running and suck-
ing wind but sees improvement on the horizon. His youngest daughter graduates
from U.Va. in May with a degree in nursing; the older one also graduated from
  Both Kemmer Anderson and Stanley Hackett sent Christmas greetings; Kemmer
with his usual lovely poem and Stanley with comments about quail hunting early
this year with Cal Calhoun and Dan Boone ‘66. Let‘s hope they don‘t get too ex-
cited and forget the rules of engagement.
Contact: Bryant Hinnant, 8 Bittersweet Trail, Norwalk, CT 06853; 203-299-3231
(b); 203-855-9871 (h); 203-912-4861 (c); fax, 203-299-1355;

AS TOLD BY: Bruce Weihe, Class Secretary
   Got some news from John Feuchtenberger, reporting from his hometown-forever
of Bluefield, W.Va., advising that after 40 years as city solicitor and ―hill-country
lawyer,‖ he has retired from his night job with the city, so you are now at risk when
traveling through Bluefield. Remarking that Bluefield is ―so small that we have to
take turns being the town drunk,‖ over the years John has served as a Presbyterian
church elder, has fooled with antique cars, community theatre, and dropout preven-
tion programs, and has helped raise ―herds‖ of other people‘s children, concentrat-
ing on his niece and (for the past 10 years) foreign exchange students.
   Unbelievably, John was not the only Bluefield native to get in touch: I received a
wonderful and uplifting message from Clay Ford—that is, Dr. Clay Ford, national
chair of the Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries (HSRM), headquartered in Chula Vista,
Calif. Clay attached a copy of the HSRM newsletter, Refreshing Times, and also
advised of an upcoming (June 26–July 2) Green Lake Holy Spirit Conference. Truly
excited, as always, by his ministry of the Spirit, Clay has written a ―brand new,
soon-to-be-released book, Called to High Adventure: A Fresh Look at the Holy Spi-
rit and the Spirit-Filled Life.‖ You can get more details directly from Clay; check
Alenda Links for his contact information. I know he would love to hear from you.
   As you recall, the co-freshman advisors our senior year were the aforementioned
Clay Ford and Tom Clayton. T.C. and Susan retired and moved to Port Orange (a
couple of miles from Daytona) a few years ago, and my wife, Lisa, and I spent a
great Bikers‘ Weekend with the Claytons and with Elizabeth and Mike Milton ‘69
and Lynn and Randy Evans. Well, we didn‘t spend much time with the bikers, but
we shared great food, drink, and stories, went to the local art museum, and, as
guests, the rest of us allowed the Claytons to win the Second Annual Cornhole
Competition (don‘t get all agitated—it‘s just a beanbag toss game).
  Someone who would have loved Bikers‘ Weekend is Dave Westfall, who, among
other things, wrote and told me that he has ―two older BMW motorcycles, but ha-
ven‘t had much time to ride them recently.‖ Dave and Faye celebrated their 40th
wedding anniversary in March, and Dave recently completed a master‘s of public
health degree from Rollins School of Public Health at Emory in Atlanta—he now
teaches an introductory course in health care management at Emory, in addition to
continuing to manage public health matters across 13 Georgia counties as the dis-
trict health director. [Dave: you can ride your cycles throughout northeast Georgia.]
  Finally, I got an e-mail from Dan Gresham, who ―more or less‖ is retired and living
with his wife, Judy, in Santa Fe, N.Mex. The Greshams have one son, who is an F-
18 pilot for the Navy, providing ―plenty of anxiety and pride‖ for the folks. And what
else does Dan do? Why, he rides motorcycles, of course, mostly off-road or dual
sport. Recently returned from a five-week motorcycle trip in South America, depart-
ing Chile three days before the earthquake, Dan kept an online blog called Dan‘s
  Keep in touch!
Contact: Bruce Weihe, 1100 SE 6th St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301; 954-568-7000
(w); fax, 954-568-2152;

AS TOLD BY: R. Anthony Orsbon, Class Secretary
  The sun never sets on the British Empire or the Class of ‘69....
  Yates Wellington Faison, Jr. ‘38, father to our own Yates Faison III, died in Char-
lotte in December at the young age of 92. The Faison family is a Davidson collage,
with son, David ‘72, and brothers, William ‘42 and Cameron ‘50, all part of our
household. Mr. Faison‘s legacy includes excellence at Davidson, lieutenant com-
mander rank in WWII in the Pacific, and banking leadership in Charlotte. We send
our best wishes to Yates III and family.
  Bill Ross, former secretary of the N.C. Department of Environmental and Natural
Resources, has joined Duke University as a visiting scholar to focus his study and
leadership on how and what environmental factors may lead to cancer. Duke has
nationally prominent programs in cancer research, treatment, and study, as well as
environmental studies. It is inspiring to me to regard that any of our classmates is a
true ―scholar‖ in any field.
  Pat Oglesby and I have had a brief exchange of e-mails. Pat and Mary Norris
were surprise hosts of an interesting congress of ‘69ers at home in Chapel Hill,
where Pat practices law. Gathered were Al Varner, Keaton Fonvielle, Clyde Tim-
mons, Paul Gallis, Joe Murphy, Bill Hearn, and others whose names I do not have.
It was obviously mostly the French JYA guys and some Germans for political and
military reasons. It is my impression that Pat and Mary Norris were as surprised as
anyone when people started showing up at their home in randomly considered and
desultory fashion. No news has been forthcoming from the fortuitous event, except
that Joe Murphy is doing well after prostate surgery, and Varner still looks age 28.
  Marshall Guill, who can assist medically if you have a dermatological emergency
while passing through Augusta, Ga., has received the Community Service Award at
the 2009 Medical Association of Georgia board meeting in January. Marshall‘s de-
voted service in the mission field and to community charities is a model for us all.
Marshall‘s specialty is warts, and since we will have a lot of those critters, the class
has some assurance of redemption. Mine are mostly moral and ethical, though my
prideful insouciance in this Journal could be a major wart of a kind.
  Respectfully submitted, Your Humble Servant
Contact: R. Anthony Orsbon, 2819 Rothwood Dr., Charlotte, NC 28211; 704-556-
9600 (b); fax, 704-556-9601;

AS TOLD BY: Jamie May, Class Secretary
  John Ferguson is completing his 17th year as juvenile and domestic relations
judge in Roanoke, Va. Lou Anne is now in her 37th year as a school librarian.
Youngest son Andrew is an undergraduate in the school of the arts at Virginia
Commonwealth. Son Brent, who completed his doctorate at the University of South
Carolina, serves as director of the Undergraduate Writing Center at Hollins, where
wife Jill is assistant director of the Batten Leadership Institute.
  Ellen and Gary Henschen live in Atlanta, where she works as a counselor at Lo-
vett School. Gary travels widely as chief medical officer for behavioral health at Ma-
gellan Health Services. Sons Josef and Sam live in Atlanta and Asheville respec-
tively, and daughter Elizabeth graduated this spring from Rhodes.
  It‘s been a long road back for John Rowe, who eight years after an initial diagno-
sis and ongoing treatment of stomach cancer, is now back to three 12-hour shifts
each week as a physician assistant in the ER at the New England Medical Center
in Boston. He and Lauren‘s two sons, David (senior) and Stuart (sophomore),
played doubles last year on their state champion, high school tennis team.
  The River Tower, a historic seven-story 56,000 square-foot building in Huntington,
W.Va., overlooks the Ohio River and includes among its tenants the FBI. Resident
manager, leasing agent, general contractor, and co-owner Tom Way has nursed
this project through good times and bad, his resolve earning high praise in a recent
issue of Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine. Tom is a regular speaker
on adaptive reuse, historic rehabilitation, and generating tax credits on older build-
  Pattie and Marvin Bethune, to use his words, are still in Charlotte, where he is still
at Ruff Bond Cobb Wade & Bethune, still serving as Mecklenburg County attorney
(in his 31st year), and still volunteering for the Boy Scouts.
  In July 2009, Bill Traxler became chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the
Fourth Circuit. Fellow South Carolinian Ken Hamilton is winding down his Sumter
law practice in anticipation of early retirement in 2010. Daughter Sara graduated
from Converse in May.
  The 12th Annual New River Trail/Ed Dannelly 10K Run and 5K Walk was held
May 1 in Galax, Va. The run and walk began on the Ed Dannelly Fitness Trail,
which honors our friend and one of Southside Virginia‘s most-beloved physicians.
Ed died of cancer in 2002.
  Alison and Wright Caughman, married for 36 years and residents of Atlanta the
past 20, have three children: Shirah, married and living in Brooklyn; Stewart, mar-
ried and living in Atlanta; and Chris, recently graduated from Duke with a degree in
biomedical engineering. Wright serves as VP of Emory‘s Woodruff Health Sciences
Center, as director of the Emory Clinic, and as a dermatologist tending to patients,
students, and residents.
  Martha and Mike Culbreth have moved from New Jersey to Clyde, in the western
North Carolina mountains.
  Kaethe and Laurent Bessou live in Tahiti, where he manages 12 resort properties
through his company SPM. Son Xavier is part of the management team, and
daughter Nathalie lives in Ithaca, N.Y. A graduate of Ithaca College, she currently
runs the Ithaca Youth Bureau.
Contact: Jamie May, 812 Old Mill Rd., Chapel Hill, NC 27514; 919-929-3925 (h);
919-962-6183 (w);

AS TOLD BY: Hugh M. Dennis, Class Secretary
  Mike Taylor will be the first to hold the position of deputy commissioner for foods
at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. He is a nationally recognized food safety
expert holding previous positions with the FDA, the USDA, and the National Acad-
emy of Sciences. Mike will ensure that our genetically altered grains and livestock
remain safe for consumption. Mike was partner in a private law firm, VP at Monsan-
to Company, and held professorships at the University of Maryland and George
Washington University before returning to government service.
  Mark Affeldt works part-time in two other jobs in his ―retirement.‖ He does occa-
sional substitute teaching at his old school, but his new love is for the masonry
business. Mark is able to mix ―mud,‖ cut stones, and help prepare joints for tuck-
pointing. (He laments that Davidson prepared him poorly for this career change.)
Mark and Linda recently visited daughter Jessamy in Boston, where she is in the
final year of her master‘s program.
   Bill Pierce was the focus of an article in a Greenville magazine. Bill founded Fur-
man Institute of Running and Scientific Training (FIRST) which led to a book, Run
Less, Run Faster. His ideas have revolutionized marathon training, and he has
been interviewed by The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, and he is the
subject of numerous articles in Runner‘s World magazine. Bill is three pounds ligh-
ter than he was at Davidson (anyone else make that claim?).
   I saw a nice Christmas card with the Ricky Snipes family at their Texas ranch.
Ricky‘s conservation work on his 6,000-acre ranch was the feature article in a Tex-
as magazine. Much of the work was done by tractor and aerial reseeding. Now I
know Ricky drives the tractor himself, but I didn‘t know that he had his biplane li-
   Joel Rountree also drives a tractor in retirement in Grover, S.C. Joel initially re-
tired from the N.C. Public School System in 2002 but was lured back into teaching
by a former student. This lasted until last December. In 2008, Col. Rountree also
left the N.C. National Guard after 30 years of service. Not content to loaf around, in
February Joel made his movie debut. He played a member of a church congrega-
tion in Blood Done Sign My Name. Joel still stays in touch with Dr. Rupert Barber‘s
wife, Carol, and believes Rupert would have been proud of his acting. ―Regretfully,
the movie was not released in time for this year‘s Oscars, but we will look forward to
next year with anticipation.‖
   Jack Ballenger and Floyd Strand kept excitement high during the Davidson bas-
ketball season. Jack hosted the pregame party for home games on the weekend,
and Floyd hosted for games during the week. Large numbers of alumni were in at-
tendance. The pregame get-togethers were so successful, I believe visiting team
alumni showed up as well. One gathering included Dave Buck, who took a few mi-
nutes away from his Davidson church. Herb Clegg was also there. Herb took a trip
to Florida in February to ―warm up‖ and was greeted with a week of temperatures in
the 40s.
   Jim Buchanan is not building as many homes in western North Carolina these
days because of the economy. This leaves more time to travel to the beach, see his
sons, and recently visit the Davidson campus for the last football game of the sea-
Contact: Hugh M. Dennis, 106 Chamberlain Ct., Greenville, SC 29605; 864-235-
AS TOLD BY: Tom Holcomb, Class Secretary
  Jack Thomas is alive and well and working in Columbus, Ga. I can report he still
has a lot of ideas on how to improve the country and the world.
  After getting an M.B.A. at Duke, David Jones has spent most of his working ca-
reer as a consultant in the executive compensation field. He has recently rejoined
Matthew Young, a management consulting firm that advises boards and senior
management mostly in the banking industry. David and his wife, Mimi Kessler, live
in northeast Atlanta and have a son who plays the trombone and guitar and is ma-
joring in music at Ohio State.
  Retirement advice from Jack Hartman: ―The beauty of retirement—you can do
whatever you want to do. The secret of retirement—always have something you
want to do.‖ Except for some mediation and arbitration, Jack stopped health law
and trial practice five years ago in order to pursue some creative ventures including
fiction writing about a medical malpractice attorney. He has also renewed his acting
efforts on stage, in commercials and film, including an independent film that is be-
ing submitted to film festivals. During the last year, he completed a certification
course in massage therapy, and has found that to be a peaceful and rewarding
avocation. Jack also manages to travel quite a bit including recently to Montreal,
Banff, and London, where his daughter lives.
  Gene Guill and Susan have beautifully renovated a historic house on Main Street
in Barnstable on Cape Cod. Several of us convened there last fall, including Sumn-
er Bell and Susan, Carey Howlett and Iris, Greg Anderson and Helen, Brant Buck
and Kate, Jan Bol ‘70 and Danielle, and Davidson patron Walt Harris. We also met
Joe Bell, Sumner‘s son, an impressive young man who is studying nearby at Har-
vard in a M.D.-Ph.D. program. Carey and Iris‘s son, Owen, is studying architecture
in Holland on a Fulbright Scholarship. Gene and Susan‘s daughter, Annie, com-
pleted a master‘s degree this past year from Christie‘s of New York in modern art,
connoisseurship, and the history of the art market. Gene‘s brother, Marshall ‘69,
who was a freshman hall counselor for those of us on Fourth Floor East, has
moved from Augusta, Ga., to take a position at Dartmouth Medical Center in New
  Many of us remember George Draughon in his last role at Davidson as Groucho
Marx at our graduation ceremony. George went on to the Ringling Bros. and Bar-
num & Bailey Clown College, where he graduated in 1973. After a brief career as a
professional circus clown, he spent most of his professional life with the Walt Dis-
ney Company in IT providing support to ABC TV and the consumer products busi-
ness units. Now retired, he has returned to the stage, performing in 2009 as the
cheerleader in a production of the baseball comedy Bleacher Bums and It‘s A
Wonderful Life—A Live Radio Play at the Osceola Center for the Fine Arts in the
Orlando area.
  We were all shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Bryan Adrian in Char-
lotte on Feb. 28. Bryan was one of the most recognized members of our class
when we were in school and who was also not well-known by many of us. Please
contact me if you have any information about Bryan that you would like to share
with our class.
  Our condolences to John Cutchin on the death of his father, Dr. Joseph Henry
Cutchin ‘38, who passed away in October. Dr. Cutchin was a medical practitioner
for 45 years in the Sherrills Ford community of North Carolina.
Contact: Tom Holcomb, 4614 Meadow Valley Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30342-2515;

AS TOLD BY: Richard V. Wilson, Class Secretary
  Bill Guerrant writes that he is in his 28th year of teaching at Western Albemarle
High School in Crozet, Va. This year he teaches four classes of advanced place-
ment English literature, as well as film studies. He reports that two former students
are studying at Davidson now. He and his wife, Sue, have lived in Batesville, a
small village at the foot of the Blue Ridge and in the middle of orchard country, for
the last 20 years with their several dogs. ―I continue to run regularly, but no longer
competitively, and I wonder how I ever found the time and energy to log 70-mile
weeks for decades. During the summer I play golf at Old Trail, also at the foot of the
mountains, and continue to enjoy my quest for the perfect round. Life is good.‖
  We express our condolences to Jim Stanfield on the death of his father, Dr. Elwin
Stanfield, Nov. 20.
  Rusty Winchester was recently named director of discernment for Maryville Col-
lege‘s Center for Calling and Career in Maryville, Tenn., near Knoxville. He is re-
sponsible for initiating and conducting student programming that encourages and
supports discernment of vocation. He also will teach college courses that connect
issues of vocation to the college curriculum. Rusty holds a doctorate degree in child
and family studies and a master‘s degree in psychology and guidance, both from
the University of Tennessee. An active member of New Providence Presbyterian
Church in Maryville, Rusty is the drummer for the church‘s praise band and has
been involved in the church‘s latest capital campaign.
  Clayt Daley has joined the board of directors of Foster Wheeler, a leading interna-
tional engineering, construction, and project management contractor and power
equipment supplier. He also serves on the board of directors of Nucor Corporation
and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Contact: Richard V. Wilson, 1236 East Rookwood Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45208; 513-
From the Alumni Office:
  Your class secretary, Rich Wilson, has been appointed interim head of school for
Summit Country Day School for the 2010–11 school year. Rich just completed a
six-year term on the board, where he served on the development committee and
was chair of the enrollment and marketing committee. Rich retired from P&G in

AS TOLD BY: Patrick J. Curley, Class Secretary
   Our condolences to Nancy Ross Atkinson on the death of her spouse, Edward
Baird Atkinson, on Aug. 23.
   Mitch Purvis and wife, Dixie, celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in April
2009 with a fantastic trip to South Africa. Courtesy of food poisoning on the return
trip, however, they had to bag the 35th reunion at Davidson. They are looking for-
ward to the next reunion. Jake Purvis, son of Mitch and Dixie, and Chase Davidson,
son of Donna and Chip Davidson, are fraternity brothers in their fourth year at the
University of Virginia. With any luck, they‘ll have graduated together in May.
   Veteran newspaper editor and reporter Joe Earle has been named managing edi-
tor of Reporter Newspapers in the Atlanta area. Joe will oversee news coverage in
the Brookhaven Reporter, the Buckhead Reporter, and the Sandy Springs Reporter
   News from Tony Oakley in Raleigh: ―I run into Bob Cunningham some; we went
to see the Allman Brothers in NYC last year. J. Daniel Thorne shows up for the an-
nual fall stew festival down in Brunswick. Miles Ward and I committed a home inva-
sion on Alan Blakley a few months ago, that was big fun. Ran into Jim Dorsett up
there; see him in Raleigh sometimes also. I see some ball games with Cathy and
Bill Bencini. I spend some time most weekends working around the farm; several
nights each week are spent with arts events with my wife. Both are welcome diver-
sions from my life with statistics.‖
   Walt Walker‘s wife, Liz, wrote in, ―We are doing well. Walt survived the huge Nis-
san reorganization of 2009 ending up with a different job/title but getting to stay
here in Atlanta. We are down to one child at home, Austin, who is 15. Our last
chance to get a Davidson grad in the family. He plays second base and pitcher and
proudly wears Walt‘s number 27. Cassie (20) is a sophomore at Clemson. Ashley
(26) is a pharmacist for CVS in Novi, Mich. Kristen (29) and husband, Jonathan,
live on Lake Oconee, Ga., where she is an industrial engineer for a health care
consulting company and he is a builder. We have a precious granddaughter, Emer-
son (2), and another baby girl due in July. I teach preschool music at First Presbyte-
rian Church in Marietta, which is full of Davidson grads. Walt‘s dream is to buy an
RV when Austin graduates and hopefully travel around watching him play college
  Frank Farmer and wife, Ann, are celebrating their 30th anniversary this coming
June and are the grandparents of a one-year-old. They both work with N.C. De-
partment of Health and Human Services.
  Woody Connette of Charlotte has been selected by the North Carolina Bar Asso-
ciation as the 2010 recipient of the H. Brent McKnight Renaissance Lawyer Award.
The award recognizes attorneys who demonstrate the ―renaissance lawyer‖ quali-
ties (trustworthiness, respectful and courteous treatment of all people, enthusiasm
for intellectual achievement, commitment to excellence in work and service to the
profession and community, and inspires others) embodied by Judge McKnight who
died in 2004 while serving on the U.S. District Court for the Western District of N.C.
  Our sympathies go out to our classmates:
  Zeb Bradford ―Brad‖ Long, Lucy M. Long ‘79, and Roderick ―Eric‖ R. Long ‘83,
who recently lost their mother, Margaret Bradford Long, wife of Rufus A. Long ‘47,
on Jan. 5.
  Jeanne Ann Williams‘ father, Robert Murphy Williams, Jr. ‘41, passed away on
Jan. 30 in Farmers Branch, Tex. Also, William Ward Calhoun ‘49, father of Jean
Calhoun, passed away on March 5.
Contact: Patrick J. Curley, 25 Tanyard Ct., Chapel Hill, NC 27517; 919-932-3512;
fax, 919-932-3518;

Contact: Stephen W. Still, Maynard Cooper & Gale, P.C., 1901 Sixth Ave. N., 2400
AmSouth/Harbert Plaza, Birmingham, AL 35203-2618; 205-254-1097 (b); fax, 205-

From the Alumni Office:
  Bill Green writes, ―I am concluding my term as board president of Habitat for Hu-
manity of Forsyth County and want to encourage my classmates to give to DC and
also to remember the great work of your local charities like Habitat and how much
they need our support at times like these.‖

AS TOLD BY: Michael S. Pappas, Class Secretary
  There is absolutely nothing that can top Don Munford‘s news that he became a
father for the fourth time and a grandfather on the same day last Dec. 2! Both were
girls. If there were ever a reason for dual scholarships, this is it! We can see it now,
aunt and niece as roommates in the Class of ‘32. Congratulations, Don—you‘re
proof to the rest of us that literally anything is possible!
   Fred Borch can be seen in an extensive piece on the Robert Redford movie he
consulted on, The Conspirator. Go to The American Film Company‘s Web site and
select the link for the movie The Conspirator. He‘s not sure if he knows as much as
he is given credit for, but he‘s not telling Redford that!
   John Cook keeps busy teaching at LaGrange College in Atlanta and publishing
articles on ancient Christianity and the New Testament—living testimony that there
was a point to the Philosophy Department.
   Kudos to Alan Duncan, chosen a 2010 Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers—this
is not his first accolade, and probably will not be his last.
   Quality in the NFL is surviving coaching changes. Bob Sanders has survived his
second, this time in Buffalo. Never a dull moment, Bob!
   Where in the world is Jeff Castelli ‘77? Jeff, bring us up to date!
   Congratulations to Jim Spears, who was named chief of staff to West Virginia
governor Joe Manchin. Is a jump to the national scene next, Jim?
   Martin Eakes has followed his Forbes magazine article on credit card accountabil-
ity with an extensive interview last Nov. 24 on the TV program Frontline.
   Bill Winkenwerder has added to his resume a directorship to Athenahealth, Inc. of
Massachusetts. Bill‘s in the position to do a lot of good and make it count in a tough
   Kirk Combe is professor of English at Denison in Ohio, where he has written
2084, a sociological and literary sci-fi of the world 74 years from today. Kirk was a
basketball walk-on in our days, and he played professionally in Europe. We hope
he gets world recognition from his book.
   Could it be that Pete West will make it back for our 35th after all? He blames his
lack of attendance on an unforgiving professional life in the Washington, D.C., area
since 1978 as a legislative assistant for then-Georgia Congressman Wyche Fowler
‘62, followed by almost 30 years as a government affairs official for key elements of
the aviation community, including Delta Air Lines and the National Business Avia-
tion Association. He is blessed with a great marriage to Carolyn Gleason and with
his two children, Preston, a high school junior, and Katie, a fourth grader. No
excuses this time, Pete—you‘ve earned a weekend off with the boys!
   Our thoughts go out to John Stanfield, who lost his father last November.
   Change the date, but remember the event: June 2–5, 2011, for our 35th—plan on
Contact: Michael S. Pappas, St. Louis, MO; 314-973-7799 (c); mspap-

AS TOLD BY: Sue McAvoy, Class Secretary
  At a time when many of us are becoming grandparents, I‘m delighted to announce
that George Yancey and his wife, Jayshree, are now parents; Bijoya arrived on
Jan. 6. Bijoya is the Bengali version of Vijaya, the goddess of victory. Phonetically,
the first two syllables sounds like ―be joyful,‖ which connects with the saying from
the Upanishads, ―from joy springs all creation.‖ George is professoring again at
Emporia State University (Emporia, Kans.) after having been self-employed for four
years in Seattle.
  I‘m also delighted to announce the ―return‖ of Bob Grizzard, who has been absent
from the column for way too long. Grizz and his wife, Joen, live in Rome, Ga.,
where he manages the family business, Southeastern Mills, and has been support-
ing any number of soccer ventures in the area. Bobby (25) lives in Austin and is
pursuing a Ph.D. in mathematics; Jefferson (20) is an aspiring musician; and Emily
will be a senior at the Darlington School in the fall. For all who knew the pleasures
of the ―Booty Palace,‖ Grizz wishes us peace!
  Dana English, her husband, Tom Whalen, and their two sons, Sam (13) and Mi-
chael (11), moved to Rome (Italy, that is) last August for an indefinite stay. After
Tom lost his job at Lehman-Barclay‘s in January 2009, the family decided to
change everything and have ―un anno sabbatico.‖ The year has been full of walks
around ruins, visits to churches, ―compiti‖ (that‘s homework) in Italian, and reading
all those very heavy art and architecture books that typically adorn bookshelves.
They live in a medieval tower overlooking the Roman Forum, from which they look
out and try to figure out the mysteries of the Italian political scene, namely, the Ber-
lusconi phenomenon.
  Carol Yeomans Horowitz shared a small world story: when her daughter, Betsy,
had surgery in Roanoke to correct a herniated disc recently, she was comforted to
find that Joe Clark was the anesthesiologist! He took special care of the anxious
mother, including driving Carol back to Blacksburg to pick up her car. A Davidson
man certainly needs no introduction… even after 33 years!
  We have more of our relatives at Davidson: rising sophomores are Molly Cren-
shaw ‘13 (daughter of Laurie Dunn and Crawford Crenshaw ‘76), Will Hamilton ‘13
(son of Frank and Berta Summerell ‘78 Hamilton), Thomas McMillan ‘13 (son of
Melissa and Vic McMillan), and Caroline Merwarth ‘13 (daughter of Priscilla and
Mike Merwarth).
  We celebrated our fifth women‘s weekend at Ocean Isle Beach last November
and welcomed four first-timers. Kathy McLendon and Bill Chappell ‘76 live in
Montclair, N.J., and have two children, Sarah (a recent NYU grad who works with
Lucky Magazine) and Margaret (13). Kathy is a bankruptcy attorney with Simpson
Thacher & Bartlett in New York.
  Emily Pate Powell is still a judge in Lawrenceville, Ga. (Atlanta suburb); she and
Tony have two children, Nathan (a rising second-year law student at Georgia State)
and Jessie (who will start college at the University of Georgia this fall).
   Mark and Kat Morton Achtemeier are still in Dubuque, Iowa, where Kat pastors
First Presbyterian Church and Mark teaches at Dubuque Theological Seminary.
Their oldest child, Rachel, graduated from Princeton Seminary in May (and married
Matt Rhodes ‘07 in June); Sarah (23) is pursuing her artistic career in Austin; and
Josh is a rising high school senior.
   Marty Smith Sharpe learned to tailgate last fall as Old Dominion University had its
first football season in 69 years. Marty is a vice provost working in accountability
and accreditation, and she enjoys jewelry making and spending time with her hus-
band, Leo, at their family‘s mountain house in Crossnore, N.C.
   If you haven‘t yet joined us at the beach, mark your calendar for Nov. 5–7 and
prepare yourself for a grand time. We‘ve had 43 of the 69 women in our class at-
tend at least once.
   Please join with us in extending sympathy to David Strong, whose father died last
October, Bob ―The Pine‖ Enright, whose father died in January, Sabra Faires
whose father died in February, and Ann ―Wicked‖ Wicker, whose mother died in
   So that‘s the news from far and wide. All the best to you… and I love you, broth-
ers and sisters.
Contact: Sue McAvoy, 436 Leonardo Ave., N.E., Atlanta, GA 30307; 404-373-
1272; fax, 404-727-2531;

AS TOLD BY: Bruce Holliday, Class Secretary
   Phil Gladden merits a special mention in this issue by virtue of sending me an un-
solicited submission for our class notes—a serious breach of class note protocol as
it turns out—but greatly appreciated by your secretary. After graduation, Phil at-
tended Union Seminary in Richmond twice. He graduated from Union initially in
1983 and later returned to earn his Ph.D. in New Testament in 1992. His wife, Nan-
cy Jackson Gladden, also graduated from Union, and together they served as co-
pastors in Rocky Mount, N.C., and Roanoke Rapids, N.C., before moving to Wal-
lace, N.C., in 1998. Phil is currently minister of the Wallace Presbyterian Church.
Their son, Jackson (20), is a sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and De-
sign, and daughter, Natalie, is a sophomore in high school.
   Our class expert on raising triplets, Peter Clifford, sent a wonderful update on life
as a 54-year-old father of three preschoolers. ―I find it funny that at age 54, I am
going to parent-teacher conferences at the preschool and sitting on chairs made for
toddlers while listening to discussions about the development of fine motor skills. I
am not so much worried about my kids‘ ability to string a bead necklace as I am
about my ability to get up out of that chair after 30 minutes.‖ Perhaps to help keep
life in perspective, Peter‘s older daughter is a senior at Hamilton College and, by all
reports, has the bead stringing thing completely mastered. Peter still works in pub-
lishing for a company that specializes in literacy materials for struggling K–8 read-
ers and English-language learners. His wife, Sarah, has started an online newspa-
per for the village of Bronxville, N.Y., which helps occupy her time when not mediat-
ing toy-sharing disputes.
   The quintessential Southern gentleman of our class, the honorable Michel Dais-
ley, reports that his mediation skills are in constant use, both at home and at the
office. ―Our many classmates who have ‗been there, done that‘ with the turbulent
teen years can relate to the topsy-turvy turmoil created in our home by our 15-year-
old son. With both a high school teacher for a lovely and long-suffering spouse, and
a high school freshman for a wonderful and wickedly wondrous son, my skills as a
certified mediator can get a pretty good workout sometimes.‖ After honing his med-
iation skills at home, Mike actually gets paid for them at the office. His law practice
in civil litigation keeps him busy, as does the occasional stint as the voice of Demo-
crat activists featured on Charlotte talk radio.
   Mike also brought to our attention that Jonathan Washburn has decided to try his
hand at politics and is running for district court judge in the Fifth District of N.C., and
is ―accepting advice on the qualities of humility—wisdom, patience, and tolerance.‖
Mike‘s advice? Just ask yourself, ―What would Cora Louise (a.k.a., Dr. Nelson) do?‖
I have to agree with that recommendation.
   Kathleen Golding Boyce reports that she loves her job as council director for Girls
on the Run of Gaston County. Husband, Richard ‘77, began his second term as
mayor of Belmont, N.C., in November. Their twin daughters, Laura and Sarah (24),
recently completed their two-year stints with Teach for America. Laura is now in her
third year of teaching in Philadelphia, and Sarah is a first-year student at Duke Law.
Daughter Virginia (21) will graduate from Georgetown in May and has also ac-
cepted a Teach for America assignment in San Antonio this summer. Caroline (17)
is a junior in high school.
   After many years of trying, I finally caught up with Gilliam Skinner, who is a family
practice physician in Florence, S.C. He wrote, ―Mercy how it makes me feel old to
be trying to sum up where my life is in just a few lines. Like most of my patients, I
am concerned about where health care is going, and all the misinformation floating
through the political world only makes it worse. My practice has aged, and I am
spending most of my time with octogenarians and entirely too much time in the in-
tensive care unit. My wife continues to work in my office with me. Our daughter,
Ashley, graduated from Clemson, and Rebecca is a junior there. We are all looking
forward to another week this summer fixing houses on Lady‘s Island with the Sal-
kehatchie Summer Service project.‖
   Finally, after living in the same town with her for the past decade, I finally ran
across Alison Peeler. For 10 years, Alison lived in New York City and worked with
U.S. Trust. After the birth of her son, Greg, Alison chose to move back to bucolic
Winston-Salem for its decidedly more family-friendly environment. She worked in
wealth management with Wachovia for a while and has now settled into her own
investment management company. As she reports, ―I love working on my own. I
discovered over the years that I‘m just not a company gal.‖ When not investing
wisely, Alison is learning the intricacies and nuances of raising a teenager. Perhaps
she and Mike Daisley should compare notes.
  Hope this finds you happy and healthy. Check out our class blog listed in the
header above for pictures of the Clifford trio and the unabridged versions of all
notes I have received from our classmates. Take care.
Contact: Bruce Holliday, 211 Harmon Ct., Winston-Salem, NC 27106; 336-721-

30th Cluster
November 12–14, 2010

AS TOLD BY: Hans Watford, Class Secretary
  Liz Holmes wrote from Kerr Lake, N.C., ―where six women from Third Little
(freshman year) and Grey House (senior year) gathered for a mini-reunion Hallo-
ween weekend. After swimming across the lake, running a marathon, and sharing
good news of our various Nobel Prizes, perfect children, and nominations for saint-
hood, we looked around and found that not one had gained a single pound or gray
hair. On the scene were Bonnie Wright (married to Martin Eakes ‘76), who is a lea-
dership coach and consultant for charter schools and makes gorgeous jewelry;
Hope Farrior, nurse-midwife who recently completed her M.P.H. at Walter Reed
Army Medical Center (married to Dave Wiley ‘76); Cathy Howard, associate pro-
fessor of psychology and vice provost for community engagement at VCU; Lee
Carol ‗L.C.‘ Brewster Giduz, executive director of the Caldwell Arts Council in Le-
noir, N.C.; and Nancy MacConnachie, licensed clinical psychologist in Richmond.
We grieved with Nancy over the loss of her husband, Bruce Carnan, to leukemia in
June (2009) and of her father in August, and shared innumerable stories, pictures,
bits of wisdom, free advice, as well as lots of laughs. Among the high points was a
classic photo of Bonnie as Sarah Palin and Margaret Herman as Hillary Clinton, as
they stepped off a plane in costume, waving American flags, to greet Bonnie‘s sis-
ter, Angie Wright ‘78.‖ Liz added that she is a staff writer for the president of Cornell
University and author of several books of poetry and young adult fiction.
  Peggy Noel reported ―from the edge of propriety, but under the guidance of our
hall counselor, Sweet Sue McAvoy ‘77, 16 fiercely intelligent women from Second
Watts gathered again, this time at Carnegie Guest House. Dr. Brenda Boyle rode in
on a Harley clad in leather with her latest book between her teeth. Beth Murtiashaw
McKinsey, Bev Bortell Hope, Beth DuBose Pinckney, newlywed Lee Raney, Adair
Green Doran, Jamie Watt Jones, Laurie Bingaman Lackey, Pat Soriano, and Ka-
thy Wolf Roche debated religion and politics, but were undivided in their opinion of
two percent spandex. Braving the Lake Campus and caring nothing for clothing or
decorum, Maria Patterson was a vision next to the bikini-clad freshmen babes on
the floating dock. We then enjoyed a fine soiree at Debbie Jo Bumgarner Taylor‘s
with a meal blessed by Rev. Joanne Hull, and a dramatic reading from A Duke of
Her Own.‖ Trust me; you should Google that book cover. I must confess that Kathy
threatened to reveal something in our past about dancing over a shark tank in At-
lanta if I didn‘t publish the intact account of their weekend. She wasn‘t the only Da-
vidson girl involved, but you will have to show up at our class reunion (see below)
to get any more out of me.
   Baxter Pharr sent an e-mail, noting that he was a fourth generation Davidson
man, preceded by his uncle, Dr. William Nelson Mebane III ‘50, grandfather W.N.
Mebane, Jr. ‘18, and W.N. Mebane 1883. The latter two were both Davidson pro-
fessors. Baxter has been working for FedEx for about 10 years and is a courier in
the Colorado Rockies near Breckenridge, where he also invests in real estate. He
likes to snow ski, whitewater kayak, and camp. Baxter hopes for an early retire-
ment, with a house and garden overlooking the Continental Divide. Let‘s hope he
has a guest room—I‘ve got first dibs.
   Marty Hunt Berry sent me a note wanting everyone to know that her dad, Joe
Hunt, passed away in December. He was an assistant basketball coach under Tom
Scott, then Lefty Driesell at Davidson. Marty said that basketball was always a part
of her family‘s life. ―Our house was filled with recruits, including Terry Holland ‘64,
Dick Snyder ‘66, Fred Hetzel ‘65, and more. I always believed I would go to David-
son, even though it was all-male until my junior year in high school. Because my
dad coached there, I kept the faith, loved the school, and finally was able to claim it
as my alma mater.‖
   Ted Eastwick announced the formation of T. Eastwick and Associates, an ex-
ecutive search firm based in Manhattan, specializing in the capital markets, from
global investment banks to specialty boutique firms.
   We extend further condolences to the following classmates: Steedman Lyles, Jr.
(wife, Cissi Fulenwider Lyles) over the passing of his mother, Carter Patterson
Lyles, in December; to Lucy M. Long, over the passing of her mother, Margaret
Bradford Long, in January; and to Woody Woodall (wife, Sylvia Gordon Woodall
‘80) over the passing of his mother, June Anderson Woodall, in March.
   Make your hotel reservations now for our ―30 years+1‖ cluster reunion at Home-
coming, Nov. 12–14. We will have a blast, and it would be wonderful to have you
Contact: Hans Watford, 8 W. Montcrest Dr., Birmingham, AL 35213; 205-871-8496

30th Cluster
November 12–14, 2010

AS TOLD BY: Burkley Mann Allen & Marshall A Waddell, Class Secretaries
  Mark your calendars for Nov. 12–14 for our 30th reunion, so you catch up with
everyone, not just the good communicators who send me their news of service,
family transitions, and new job opportunities.
  Bill Mebane is working as superintendent of the aquaculture engineering division
at the Marine Resources Center, Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole,
Mass. As if his day job isn‘t interesting enough, he volunteers in Haiti working to
teach people how to raise fish in a sustainable way that will enable them to feed
their families and generate income. Carolyn Watt Cantwell has started an organiza-
tion to teach English to Somali Bantu refugees and to provide support as they try to
integrate into American society. I hear that Amy Edmunds works at Coastal Caroli-
na University and runs a nonprofit. The Young Stroke Project seeks to document
the experience of young stroke survivors and to identify their unmet needs. Carol
Robinson is now teaching math to seventh graders at Bailey Middle School and
taking advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that come with living in David-
son. She‘s played host to lots of visitors to Davidson, including Bunny Horine Re-
naud, Anna Hutchinson McGinnis, Sarah Womack Parham, and me.
  The Class of 1980 continues to supply Davidson with fresh faced students. Lisa
Johnson Bondurant and her husband, Stuart ‘79, have had a delightful time visiting
Davidson as their daughter, Beth ‘13, is a freshman. When she is not visiting Da-
vidson, Lisa is working for a North Carolina law firm from her base in Atlanta. Mark
Hess has one son who is a junior at Davidson, and the other is a freshman at Se-
wanee. Mark is working for Comcast Corp and living outside of Philadelphia. Mark
stays in close touch with Peter Sluiter, who lives in Andes, N.Y., and is carrying on
his father‘s insurance business.
  Will Grimsley was promoted from brigadier general (one star) to major general
(two star) at Fort Hood, Tex., in January. Will currently lives in Fort Hood with his
wife, Jan. He has been deployed to Iraq twice and to Korea once. Dan Hock and
Randy Dulin attended the promotion ceremony. Dan lives in Florida with his wife,
Lisa. Randy lives with his wife, Denise, in Baltimore. They, too, are empty nesters
with their oldest daughter, Allison ‘10, graduating from Davidson this year. Susan
Curtis built on her Davidson liberal arts base with an undergraduate degree in med-
ical technology, a master‘s in health administration, and an M.B.A. She now works
in the Department of Veterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration. Tim Stoll
reports that he has started his own business coaching small business owners in
Baton Rouge as a franchisee of The Alternative Board. He enjoyed hosting Ted
Jones on part of ―Ted‘s Excellent Adventure‖ last fall, as did many of our class
members. David Taylor continues to work at Nashville-based law firm Boult Cum-
mings Conners & Berry, which recently merged with the Bradley Arant White &
Rose law firm, now boasting six other Davidson graduates. Ann Clark was recently
selected as one of 14 school administrators throughout the country to attend the
Broad Academy. She will spend the next six months at the Broad Academy (while
still working as chief academic officer in Charlotte) and then will begin looking for
leadership opportunities in large urban districts.
  Condolences to Sylvia Gordon Woodall and Woody Woodall ‘79 in the death of
Woody‘s mother.
Contact: Burkley Mann Allen, 3521 Byron Ave., Nashville, TN 37205; 615-383-
Marshall A. Waddell, 1735 Theodan Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15216; 412-327-4863;

30th Cluster
November 12–14, 2010

As Told By: Don Caldwell, Class Secretary
  Julia Eichelberger is a professor of English literature at the College of Charleston.
She has written widely on the works of various American novelists, particularly on
the writings of Eudora Welty.
  Marie Ellis Murdaugh and her husband, George ‘80, live in Greenville, S.C., with
their 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son. They often see the Wildcats play at
nearby Furman University along with Susan Eglin Sykes and her family. Susan and
her husband, Dave, a professor at Wofford, have three sons, ages 12, 11, and 9.
They live in Spartanburg, S.C. Susan recently completed a clerkship with a U.S.
bankruptcy judge and is keeping her eyes out for another judicial clerkship. In the
meantime, she‘s ―decluttering my house and chaperoning field trips,‖ Marie writes.
―Labor Day weekend, several close friends and George and I hosted a party to cel-
ebrate our 50th birthdays at the welcoming home of Elizabeth and Ed Lindsey in
Atlanta. Among the guests (and midlife-ish casualties) at the party were Stuart
Baskin, Dennard Lindsey Teague ‘82, Leisa Lifer Marshall, and James Baskin.‖
Thanks for your notes, Marie! I should also add our congratulations to Ed, who has
been elected as the whip of the Republican Party in the Georgia House of Repre-
  Last I heard, Elizabeth Hamilton, husband Clay, and their three kids were living in
Tokyo. They have been living in Arlington, Va., since 2006 but are all studying Tur-
kish in preparation for their upcoming move to Ankara later this year, where Clay
will be posted with ―the Foreign Ag. Office,‖ she writes. ―I would have never pre-
dicted that at 50, I would be starting the study of my sixth language—student of
many, master of none since I do not use any regularly after each move.‖ Their tee-
nage kids are ―excited and apprehensive‖ about the upcoming transfer, Elizabeth
writes. Merle Miller and her husband, Alex Maslanka, live in Boulder, Colo. Alex
recently hung up his spurs as an emergency room physician, which happens to be
Merle‘s trade as well. ―We‘re both trying to figure out how to reinvent ourselves,‖
she writes. As evidenced by their card, professional tango dancer is an option un-
der consideration!
  John Davis has been appointed by the U.S. Justice Department to the nine-
member Attorney General‘s advisory committee. John‘s eldest daughter is a stu-
dent at Williams College in Massachusetts, where she is a classmate of Jeff Ray‘s
daughter. Mary Booth writes that she appreciates all the encouraging e-mails she
has received from her Davidson contemporaries as her cancer treatment
progresses, even though she hasn‘t been able to respond to them all. She now has
a Caring Bridge Web site at which you can keep up with her and show your sup-
port: The class extends its condolences to
Anna Phipps Engh upon the death of her father.
Contact: Don Caldwell, 3139 Wickersham Rd., Charlotte, NC 28211; 704-719-
4492 (h); fax, 704-338-3137 (w);

As Told By: Ann Parker, Class Secretary
  Lots of updates from my old Third Cannon hall mates! Gia Partain writes, ―I am
happy to report that I am two years cancer free after a bout with breast cancer. It
was a tough time for everyone not having mom be up to par for about 18 months,
but now we are all back to normal and doing great. Paul and I are sending off our
oldest daughter, Cara, to college after this year, and the youngest is in eighth
grade. Time flies!‖
  Cindy Faulkenberry Campbell, another Third Cannon-er, writes from Bermuda:
―In June 2008 I became the chief operating officer of AFL Investments, a joint ven-
ture company of the firm I have been with for 10 years. Three months later the bot-
tom fell out of the markets, truly it was not my fault! So after quite an introduction,
life is becoming more normalized, and I am actually enjoying the job. My husband,
Ron, works for Marsh in reinsurance captive management. This fall my son, Collin,
became a fresher at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Our daughter is in year
10 (U.S. ninth grade) and is starting her GCSE studies. Life continues to be good in
Bermuda. If anyone is traveling here, give us a call.‖ Sounds like a plan!
   Sandra Davis Glaze (who lived on Third Cannon) and Rich Glaze (who didn‘t) live
in Lawrenceville, Ga., and all three of their kids are now out of the nest and in col-
lege. Rich is senior regional counsel for the Environmental Protection Agency in
Atlanta. Sandra recently received her law degree from the University of Georgia
and is an attorney for the Georgia Public Interest Research Group (PIRG).
   Lynn McClintock found me on Facebook and wrote, ―Still living in the D.C. area [in
Fairfax Station]. Was in southern India for two months as adjunct professor with
McDaniel College working with Indian students enrolled at McDaniel who will be
arriving in the States in a few weeks. While in India, I visited my daughter, Sarah
[Connette] ‘11, who was studying with the School for International Training in Jaipur
and spent Christmas week with her on an ashram. A mud bath on Christmas day
was a once in a lifetime experience—unless I go back next year!‖
   Warren Overbey sent this update: ―Our youngest daughter graduated high school
and is now in NYC studying fashion merchandising and journalism, which makes us
empty nesters. So far Caryn [Hoskins Overbey] ‘83 and I are enjoying it! We took a
beautiful cruise of the Greek Isles this summer to celebrate graduation, and look
forward to visiting our daughters in New York and Vermont. Sadly, my mother
passed away this summer [2009], but we were able to spend a lot of time with her
beforehand. I‘m still doing ob-gyn, and enjoying it. Hello to all our Davidson friends!‖
Back at ya, Warren!
   Robert ―Bobby‖ Ervin is running for reelection as an N.C. Superior Court judge
even though U.S. Senator Kay Hagan proposed him for appointment as a U.S. Dis-
trict Court judge for North Carolina‘s Western District. Turns out, President Obama
must nominate him first, and Ervin doesn‘t want to wait for the recommendation to
be acted on. Ervin has been a judge since 2002. He and his wife, Dana Miller Ervin,
have two daughters, Cameron Virginia Ervin ‘13 and Caroline Elizabeth Ervin.
   Charles Douglas, who previously served as the president of Douglas Battery in
Winston-Salem, has become the Douglas brand‘s vice president of sales for Ener-
Sys after the family-owned company was sold to EnerSys, the world‘s largest mak-
er and distributor of industrial batteries.
   Tom Clark is a bariatric surgeon at the Center for Metabolic Health in Newport
News, Va. Recently, he and his staff created the Weight Management University to
help patients committed to losing weight gain a ―degree‖ in weight loss manage-
   Lanier Brown May was appointed to a four-year term as an at-large representa-
tive to the board of trustees at Saint Mary‘s School in Raleigh. Lanier is an alumna
of Saint Mary‘s School and Davidson. She is a regional development officer for the
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  More updates about Tom Marshburn, our acclaimed classmate! Recently he was
honored by Wake Forest (one of his alma maters) at the Wake Forest/NCSU foot-
ball game in October. He was also honored by Statesville city leaders, who un-
veiled a sign declaring Statesville as Tom‘s hometown; later this year, up to 15
signs will be posted along area roads, including one on I-77. Now every time a Da-
vidson student makes a Krispy Kreme road trip to Charlotte, they‘ll see Tom‘s name
on the highway! Finally, on Jan. 27, Tom returned to Davidson to give a talk about
his experience in space.
Contact: Ann Parker, 3388 N. Glen Creek Dr., Tucson, AZ 85712; 520-321-4802;

AS TOLD BY: Anne Hurt Krieg, Class Secretary
  Bette and Eric Long live in Boulder, Colo., where Eric works as a commercial
banker for BBVA Compass. He‘s also chair of the board for the 1600-member
Boulder Chamber of Commerce. Their daughter, Dana, graduates from the Univer-
sity of Puget Sound in May. At home they are busy with 14-year-old triplets Samuel,
Brian, and Justin, and their forays into dating, sports, and a rock ‘n‘ roll band. Eric‘s
also in a rock band, The Mellow Johnnies. Eric is an avid cyclist and is on a 45+
masters road racing team. He adopted this pastime after climbing on three conti-
nents and all 54 of the 14,000-foot peaks in Colorado.
  ―Jumpin‘‖ Joe Roberts is the president of the medical staff at Southeastern Re-
gional Medical Center in Lumberton, N.C. He has practiced with the Lumber River
Family Practice for the past 16 years. Jamie and Joe‘s blended family includes Sa-
mantha (20), Alison (19), Cary (16), Jessica (15), and Caycee (10). Joe is also the
proud grandfather of Jayla (2). If you‘re headed to the beach through the I-74 and I-
95 intersection, give Joe a call!
  Robert and Ruth Wolf LeMoyne live outside Cape Charles, Va., in a log home
they completed in 2007. Hannah is a student at Old Dominion, and Mary is a high
school freshman. Ruth received a master of arts from Presbyterian School of Chris-
tian Education. For the past 20 years she has been the director of Christian educa-
tion for Market Street United Methodist Church in Onancock, Va. Last fall she filled
an opening at the local high school as their French I and II teacher.
  Ben Dishman lives in New York City with his wife, O‘Malley, and their daughter,
Jacquelyn (2). His daughter, Brice, is a freshman at UNC Charlotte. Ben multitasks
from home as chief diaper changer and consultant. He‘s working with a bank in
Texas and assisting with troubled real estate loans in Arizona and Nevada.
  Kathy Bell received her doctor of ministry degree from Christian Life School of
Theology in 2008. She‘s taking online courses in editing and plans to resume freel-
ance writing. Kathy is launching a home-based ministry from Raleigh, N.C., called
Christ‘s Home Outreach, a prayer ministry that will likely evolve into an organic
church fellowship. She‘s also building a lending library of books on the deeper
Christian life.
  In February Rocky Stone celebrated his 13th year as pastor of Farmville Presby-
terian Church in North Carolina. The men of the church sent him to the Final Four in
Detroit in April 2009, which he declares as a highlight for the year. His sons, Ben-
jamin (18) and Samuel (16), attend North Carolina School of Science and Math in
Durham. Sonia (13) is a level nine competitive gymnast and attends Roseleaf
  Brown Patterson is the Norman and May Pipes Johnson Professor of Forestry
and Horticulture in the School of Forestry at Louisiana Technical University. Brown
focuses on forest soils and watershed management. He has taught there for the
past 12 years. He received the award ―Outstanding Instructor of Upper Level
Courses‖ from the College of Applied and Natural Sciences in 2006 and 2008.
  David Taylor was named a fiction award finalist in the annual Library of Virginia
Literary Awards for his work Success: Stories. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s ―Best
Books of 2009‖ included his nonfiction book The Soul of a People; it‘s the story of
the 1930s Writer‘s Project. David has enjoyed sharing time with Sharon and Dave
Bruns and their children, Joshua and Chinwe, while they‘re in D.C. awaiting Dave‘s
posting in West Africa.
  Melissa McKeithen Thomson is the director of development for Norwalk‘s (Conn.)
Creative Connections. This international cultural exchange organization links U.S.
students with their counterparts around the world in art-based relationships.
  Rosie and Dave Donahower added to their family with the birth of Luke Allen on
Jan. 23. The proud siblings are Audrey, Liam, and John.
  Our heartfelt sympathies are extended to Eric Long on the death of his mother,
Peggy Bradford Long, on Jan. 5, and to Kathy Bell on the death of her father, Ed-
ward Bell ‘57, on Feb. 26.
  I urge each of you to register with Alenda Links on the alumni Web page so that
you can reconnect with classmates!
Contact: Anne Hurt Krieg, 7111 Xavier Ct., McLean, VA 22101-5077; 703-288-
AS TOLD BY: Matthew Merrell, Class Secretary
   Tom and Stephanie Bensinger Franz have moved to Raleigh, where Tom is as-
sistant head of the Ravenscroft School, and Stephanie is teaching ninth-grade Eng-
lish. Their sons, Andrew and Braden, and their daughter, Katharine, are all at Ra-
venscroft as well. Their oldest son, Tyler, attends the University of Miami.
   Steve and Betsy Brice Lewis sent their firstborn daughter, Paisley ‘13, to David-
son this past fall, and she loves every minute of it. Steve is a literacy special-
ist/technology guru at a middle school, and Betsy works for a law firm. Their other
daughters are 16 and 13, and Betsy reports, ―We stay busy following them around
to cross country and track meets.‖
   Leslie Bryan appears in the class notes at long last! She wrote, ―I‘m back in N.C.
with husband of five years. Finished my palliative medicine fellowship last year at
Duke, and now use all I learned in med school, geriatric fellowship, and palliative
fellowship working for a group of docs that only goes to nursing homes and as-
sisted living facilities. I love it! I went to medical school after moving to NYC to try
my luck as a performance artist after completing a B.F.A. These days the art part of
life keeps getting pushed to the side, but am hoping for some time to open up soon.
Hope everyone is enjoying our beautiful spring with the redbuds in bloom!‖
   From Louisville I heard from Elizabeth Flanders Clay. ―Dick and I are looking for-
ward to being at Davidson this May for our daughter Mary‘s graduation. I think her
four years at DC went by faster than mine! It is amazing how much Davidson has
changed, and yet how much it is the same! She is the first to leave the nest, but her
three brothers—19, 17, and 15—are keeping us busy. I spend about 10 hours a
week at our church helping with adult education opportunities.‖
   Susan Kann Radulovacki is an author. She recently published Pregnant with
Hope: Good News for Infertile Couples. She writes about ―the infertility ministry God
called me to—and it‘s starting to receive some news coverage.‖ Visit her Web site,
Pregnant With Hope, and her blog of the same name at WordPress‘ Web site.
   Greg Bounds had an interesting meeting with Vice President Joe Biden recently.
He writes, ―Life is crazy busy. I do enjoy getting the Davidson Journal and reading
about the developments at the college and among our former classmates. I con-
tinue to be amazed at all the wonderful contributions Davidsonians are making
around the world. They say that every dog has his day. Perhaps I‘ve now had
mine.‖ Greg sent along photos of an event held at Goshen Medical Center, Inc.,
where he‘s the CEO. Visiting were V.P. Joe Biden, Secretary of Agriculture Tom
Vilsack, and the administrator of H.H.S. Health Resources and Services Adminis-
tration. Greg‘s center was identified as the country‘s best example of how to leve-
rage federal funds in a rural environment. Biden cited Greg‘s group as a ―model‖
for health care, and a ―textbook example‖ of how the stimulus funds will serve fami-
lies and create more jobs. ―Biden met my four sons and even invited us to tour the
White House. We took him up on that offer. That‘s the big excitement for me lately.
Otherwise, I still live in the sleepy little town of Faison, N.C., in Duplin County,
where I grew up.‖
  After reporting in the last class notes about Lynne Rogich Ford surviving the tur-
moil at Wachovia/Wells Fargo, an update: ING announced in December that it has
hired Lynne as the CEO of ING Financial Solutions, the company‘s transformed
annuity and rollover business that will offer simpler, lower-cost annuity and non-
annuity products to retiring baby boomers and the rollover market.
Contact: Matthew Merrell, 248 Wendover Heights Cir., Charlotte, NC 28211; mat-

AS TOLD BY: Helen Mulhern Halasz & Kelly Sundberg Seaman, Class Secreta-
   A quick survey of the Class of 1985 Facebook page is like being in a time warp.
There is quite a bit of big hair, madras plaid, more hair, and genuine smiles on
the familiar faces. If you haven‘t been yet, take the plunge, and join the conversa-
tion. We‘ll be covering reunion in our future columns for as long as it takes. If you
were at reunion, hope you enjoyed reminiscing about tales of your Davidson ex-
periences and sharing stories about your lives 25 years later. If you couldn‘t get
back to campus for the April weekend, please know you were missed—and send
news to your class secretaries.
   Scott Brandon, of Myrtle Beach, S.C., was honored with the 2010 Lifetime
Achievement Silver Medal Award from the local chapter of the American Advertis-
ing Federation. The award honors outstanding contributions by advertising profes-
sionals to the field who have been active in furthering industry standards, demon-
strate creative excellence, and are involved in promoting social responsibility. Scott
has led The Brandon Agency, a full-service advertising agency with a national clien-
tele, since 1993. He and wife, Lisa, have three children, Hunter (15), Haywood (13),
and Haley (10).
   Congratulations to author Rod Holman, whose most recent publication is The
Universal Solvent, a book of poetry described as ―a narrative of the process of be-
coming fully human, chronicling the evolution of a soul.‖ Rod was a member of the
Obama National Arts Policy committee during the 2008 presidential campaign. His
first novel is in progress and is based on the true story of a 16th-century sub-
Saharan African man, who overcame enslavement in Spain to become a renowned
professor of Latin, author, and humanist.
   Craig Detweiler‘s most recent literary accomplishment is as editor of Halos and
Avatars: Playing Video Games with God. The book of essays explores the spiritual
and theological implications of video gaming and received a strong review from
Publisher‘s Weekly. Craig is associate professor of communication and director of
the Center for Entertainment, Media, and Culture at Pepperdine University. He and
wife, Caroline Cicero ‘91, live with their children, Zoe (10) and Theo (8), in Malibu,
  Bill Sullivan wrote, ―After 10 years in the Boston area, I was informed it was about
time to give an update. Gina and I have four children—Meghan (16), Kelly (14), Will
(11), and Katie (8). They keep us running around the clock with all their sports and
school activities, including baseball, basketball, cheerleading, football, and soccer.‖
Bill bought a company four years ago and has six physical therapy clinics in the
Boston area. The company is expanding its own clinics and started a management
services company to do the same for hospitals and physicians. Bill and Gina have a
home near Duck, N.C., and look forward to connecting with Davidson friends who
are in the Outer Banks during the summer or want to visit them!
Contact: Helen Mulhern Halasz, 37 Oak Hollow Ct., Columbia, SC 29209; 803-
Kelly Sundberg Seaman, 25 Rip Rd., Hanover, NH 03755; 603-643-5026;

AS TOLD BY: Mary Beth Harding Hernandez, Class Secretary
  Margaret Allen Bergstrom lives in Rutledge, Pa., a suburb of Philadelphia, with
her husband, Bill, and daughter, Elizabeth Ann (12). She writes: ―I don‘t enjoy Phil-
adelphia; I miss Virginia and the South in general. I visit Montreat, N.C., annually. I
work part-time for Kelly Educational Staffing as a teacher‘s aide for special needs
classes. It‘s a good schedule for parenting duties. I sing in the choir of Swarthmore
Presbyterian Church, and am studying medical terminology at a local community
  A call for news to the Class of 1986 group on Facebook brought these nuggets:
  Elizabeth Simpson Alrutz went back to her law firm part-time in 2004 after 11
years at home with her kids. Her primary focus is defending doctors sued in medi-
cal malpractice cases. ―In order to find experts to review cases, I have called on
some Davidson alums. It has been great to reconnect with some and talk to others
for the first time. So, let folks know that if they are physicians in a state contiguous
to Tennessee, I just might come calling—and I hope they will answer the call.‖
  Dana Lemon traveled to Charlotte with a group of 40 leaders from Henry County,
Ga., (government, business, and civic) to learn about collaboration and cooperation
to move a community forward. She was honored to introduce Charlotte Mayor An-
thony Foxx ‘93, who spoke to the group for about 20 minutes. Later that night, she
visited Davidson with LaVetta Dawkins McDonald ‘89 to watch a basketball game.
She‘s still serving on the transportation board for the Georgia Department of Trans-
  Congratulations to Trish Lennon Nicolas, who has taken her longtime love of pho-
tography to another level. Six of her photographs were selected for an Atlanta Cel-
ebrates Photography exhibit last October through November, titled Face a Face:
Atlanta through the eyes and camera lens of a French Photographer. The exhibit
will be featured again at Atlanta‘s Buckhead Library. Some of her works will be in a
new exhibit titled Dans La Rue this fall at Opal Gallery for 2010 Atlanta Celebrates
Photography, and she has also just launched Trish Nicolas Photography for travel,
fine art, and natural light portrait photography.
  Our 25th class reunion is next year. Celebrate by sending your updates to me or
the Alumni Office.
Contact: Mary Beth Harding Hernandez, 2107 Thoroughbred Ln., Hillsborough, NC
27278; 919-643-1861;

AS TOLD BY: Nelle McCorkle Bordeaux, Class Secretary
  Our summer theme is the beach, in honor of Wendy Warner Schmitt, who sent a
record-breaking news report on 14 class members. Life‘s a beach for Wendy, who
gave news on more people than any other classmate has ever sent. A big thanks to
Wendy. Although landlocked, she and her husband, Jay Schmitt ‘90, enjoy Atlanta,
where Wendy works for Four Seasons Hotels in human resources. They have two
children, Emily (9) and Jack (5). Wendy also is a volunteer fundraiser for her child-
ren‘s schools.
  Sprinting down the beach is Florence Hay Luranc, who has run her first half ma-
rathon. Florence and her husband, Joe Luranc, own a printing company, where
they both work. They live in Norcross, Ga., and have three children, Louisa (14),
John (12), and Hudson (10). Florence helps raise funds for the Norcross schools.
  Collecting not seashells, but lovely daughters is Catherine Loftin Odum, who, with
her husband, Rob Odum ‘86, has two girls, Alice (5) and Cassie (2). Catherine is
the college guidance counselor at Charlotte Country Day School.
  Not just floating along, but living vigorously is Jill Boyette Mountcastle, who lives
in Richmond, Va., with her husband, Frank Mountcastle, and their three children,
Grace (14), Fisher (12), and Henry (10).
  In the limelight rather than the moonbeam is Stephanie Townsend Farabow, be-
cause her oldest son, Webb (14), performed Off Broadway last year in New York
City as a budding young actor. Stephanie practices law part-time in Greensboro,
N.C., where she and her husband, Clint Farabow ‘85, are raising their three sons.
In addition to Webb, they have Gibson (12) and Brooks (10).
  Catching a wave as a successful fundraiser is Robbie Howell, who lives in Char-
lotte and helps lead political campaigns. She is the communications director for Cri-
sis Ministries, as well as an avid mountain biker. Robbie also devotes herself to giv-
ing back to her community.
  With sand between her toes, Woodie Cornelson Robinson and her husband,
Shep Robinson ‘85, live in Charlotte with their two children, Liza (14) and John (12).
Not surprisingly, the whole family plays a lot of tennis.
  Down on the Gulf of Mexico, Bonnie Bolton Lopez lives in New Orleans, La.,
where she homeschools her four children, Lydia (17), Phillip (15), Sam (7), and
Neal (6). Bonnie is married to Felix Lopez.
  Looking stylish at the beach, Sloan McAlister Dudley is married to Jimmy Dudley,
and they live in Charlotte with their three children, Will (16), Woodson (13), and Hal-
lie (9).
  The only nearby body of water is a lake on a golf course for Edwin and Ann Me-
gan Young Douglass, who live in Edwin‘s hometown of Augusta, Ga. They have
four children, Ann Maxwell (17) who attends Episcopal High School in Alexandria,
Va., Lucy (15), Edo (11), and Margaret (9).
  Surf‘s up for Chris and Lucinda Kellam Jones, who live in Winston-Salem with
their three children, Bennett (17) at Episcopal High School, Isabelle (14), and Em-
ma (9). Lucinda has rotated off the Alumni Association Board and the college‘s
Board of Trustees. Keeping up with the Joneses might be hard, as they have a
second home in Roaring Gap, N.C., so you might not know where to find them.
  Not lost at sea but simply writing for the first time since graduation is Tracy Seck-
inger Plott, who finished the University of Georgia School of Law in 1991. She mar-
ried Edward Plott, who holds two undergraduate degrees from Oberlin College in
Ohio, and they have lived in Atlanta for 15 years. Tracy practices law as a partner in
the real estate group with Schiff Hard in Atlanta, and they have two children, Caro-
line (12) and Robert (9). She is active with Little League baseball, chorus, and pi-
ano with their children.
  On a very faraway beach right now is Polly Northen Nagell, in the midst of six
months in New Zealand with her husband, Scott Nagell, a family practice physician
working at a clinic there. The Nagell family had a first family mission trip to Missis-
sippi following Hurricane Katrina, when Scott‘s group operated a clinic out of a train
depot. Then the family went to El Salvador with their church in summer 2008. Now,
they are in the middle of their New Zealand mission trip. The Nagells live in the
country just outside Waterford, Va., where Scott practices at a clinic, and Polly is a
teacher in Loudon County. They will be back in Waterford this fall for Polly and the
children, John and Blair (boy and girl twins, 13) and Matt (12), to return to school.
  Back on her familiar turf—not a beach—is Cheryl Ng O‘Malley, who just moved
back to her hometown of Raleigh, N.C. Cheryl is thrilled to be close to her family
after years away in Pittsburgh, Pa. She and her husband, Don O‘Malley ‘86, have
two children, Cara (13) and Ryan (11). Don joined Duke University‘s department of
surgery faculty and also practices with Duke Orthopaedics in Raleigh.
  Definitely not sunning herself, but busily caring for an infant is Ann Cartledge Hoff,
who has a baby son, Cole Maddox Hoff, born May 5, 2009. Cole joins big sisters
Haley (15), Riley (8), and Sophie (6), and big brother Will (5). Ann wrote of her busy
household with five children and her husband, Joe Hoff, ―I guess that is why I spent
all those years getting my Ph.D. in psychology.‖
  A rising tide of fame has not swept away the down-to-earth Laeta Kalogridis, who
is much in demand as a writer for Hollywood movies. Laeta was the subject of a
Charlotte Observer feature article about her excellent work as the screenwriter for
high-profile films, including Avatar. Laeta lives in California. Thanks to Leslie Hamil-
ton Thomas for sending the newspaper article about Laeta. (See p. 6 for story.)
  Sailing into town as a chaperone for a Girl Scout trip was Christine McGuire
Goode, who lives in Atlanta with her husband, Andy Goode, and their three child-
ren, Sarah (11), Emmy (10), and Michael (6). It was a huge treat to see her in Sa-
vannah while she helped with her daughter Sarah‘s Girl Scout troop.
  Spend your summer with your toes in the sand by sending news to your class
secretary. Whether your life is placid or more of a tsunami, you matter to your
classmates, who want to know how you are. See you at the beach.
Contact: Nelle McCorkle Bordeaux, 333 East 44th St., Savannah, GA 31405; 912-
234-9245 (h);

AS TOLD BY: Frank Folger & Linda Tatsapaugh, Class Secretaries
  As you read this, summer will be here. The snow and collegiate basketball tour-
naments will be a distant memory. You will probably be looking for some shade and
a cool breeze. Relax. Turn on a little reggae and take a sip… and let‘s see what our
friends are up to these days.
  Rod Cate wrote us about his life in Mobile, Ala. There he is an attorney with the
law firm of Hand Arendall specializing in medical malpractice defense. He and his
wife of 17 years, Tamberly, have three kids—Cullen (16), Connor (14), and Corbit
(12). Among their many activities, the Cates enjoy watching their youngest daugh-
ter compete in gymnastics. Most recently, Corbit placed first in her age group and
level at the Alabama gymnastics state meet. Rod also reported that he and Ian Fi-
liss, co-owners of land in the N.C. mountains, met in Marshall, N.C., in February to
visit the jointly owned property, but ―the snow was too deep to get to it.‖ He noted
that Ian is in St. Croix, building tennis courts throughout the Caribbean. Not a bad
place to go if the snow is too deep.
  We are pleased to report about another lawyer from our class, Stephanie Jenkins.
Stephanie, a partner in the Raleigh, N.C., firm of Gailor Wallis & Hunt, has been
recognized by her peers as a premier attorney in the area of family and divorce law
and been selected to be included in the 2010 edition of The Best Lawyers in Ameri-
ca in the specialty of family law. After graduating from Davidson, Stephanie earned
her J.D. from UNC Chapel Hill and was admitted to practice in North Carolina in
1992. In addition to her recent honor, Stephanie is also a recipient of the U.S. De-
partment of Justice Certificate of Appreciation for her past work in criminal prosecu-
tion. Congratulations, Stephanie!
  Patients in the North Carolina Piedmont area are blessed to have another of our
classmates hard at work. John Redding is a busy family physician in his hometown
of Asheboro, N.C., where his wife, Becca, also works in the medical business in
hospital administration. They are the proud parents of two girls. John reports that
he has enjoyed getting back to Davidson almost every year but regrets not seeing
more basketball games. He also shared his gratitude to the college family for so
quickly and kindly acknowledging the passing of his father, Howard Redding ‘60,
this past December.
  We were delighted to hear from Gailor Garner this time. Gailor resides in Lyn-
chburg, Va., but is back on active duty with the National Guard serving as the rear
detachment OIC for the local infantry battalion that deployed to Iraq this year. He
noted that his current unit is on the list for deployment next year, but that whether
they will actually be deployed remains uncertain at this time. He spends as much
time as possible with his children and with his Labrador ―Rex.‖ As Gailor put it, ―He
flunked out of bomb dog school in Baghdad, and I was able to get him back to Vir-
ginia to live the good life.‖ Thanks for sharing, Gailor.
  To conclude, we hope that you will continue to build and strengthen the bonds
that make our class so special by sharing your world through these notes. Until next
Contact: Frank Folger, P.O. Box 55, Bullock, NC 27507-0055;
Linda Tatsapaugh, 48 Beech Glen Rd., Black Mountain, NC 28711; 828-779-2635

AS TOLD BY: Harry Broome, Class Secretary
  First of all, some baby birth congratulations are in order. In Chicago, Hap Bryant,
his wife Sarah, and big sister Claire announce their joy in welcoming Susannah
Hart Bryant, born Nov. 5. Susannah and her mom came through like champs.
Dad‘s real test comes in 12–13 years. Photos available upon request.
  Susie Grant Traxler and her husband, Mac, are also thrilled to announce the birth
of their second child, William ―Grant‖ Traxler, born Nov. 3. Their daughter, Lauren
(now 3), is thrilled to be a big sister. Susie is a pediatrician for Alpharetta Pediatrics,
and Mac is an internist in Roswell, just north of Atlanta.
  Will Beckwith happily announces that Sandra Charlotte Beckwith arrived on Nov.
8. Mom, dad, and her big brother, Preston, couldn‘t be happier and live in Vienna,
   Steve and Laura Ross Loehr announce the birth of Carson Alexander Loehr on
Jan. 28 in Durham, N.C. His seven-year-old big sister, Millicent, has been a great
little helper.
   Phillip Griffeth had some fun updates. After welcoming the birth of their new
daughter, Carolyn Suzanne, last summer, ―We joined Sarah and Alan Thornburg
and Susannah and John Cook ‘92 and their families on New Year‘s for what was
our 11th gathering—we started getting together before kids and before John and I
had even proposed, and now we have quite a houseful when we get together.‖ Af-
ter three years in Atlanta working at the same firm as Marian Singer Rose and Ma-
rion Handley Martin, Phillip moved back to Athens, Ga., in 1997 and was a prose-
cutor for almost eight years before opening his own practice. He writes, ―Life is
   Bob Cornish writes that he is moving to Washington, D.C., having accepted a po-
sition with the Dilworth Paxson law firm. Cornish conducts a global practice focused
on fund formation, regulatory compliance, and other investment related matters for
investment managers, brokerage firms, pension funds, and family offices.
   The Governing Board of Minden Medical Center in Louisiana has elected Sherb
Sentell as chairman for 2010. Sherb has served on the hospital board since Janu-
ary 2009.
   Thomas Vinton reports that he has launched an after-school music program in At-
lanta for children ages 3 to 12, including a kids‘ band class in a state-of-the-art re-
cording studio. Google Muse Circle for details.
   Tyler Jo Smith received tenure at the University of Virginia and her book, Komast
Dancers in Archaic Greek Art, is about to be published by Oxford University Press
and is available on
   Jeff Batten writes that he started a small television production company, Batten
Communications, Inc., 17 years ago not knowing that the cable television business
would be one of the very few recession-proof industries. He also has had success
opening one radio/TV broadcasting school, buying another one in Atlanta (where
he lives), and building a business out of them. He also owns an AM radio station
north of Atlanta and purchased an FM signal to go with it. Jeff has been married for
16 years and has two young sons. ―I had lunch with John Coleman a year ago, and
he has a successful medical practice in Atlanta. It was great to see him.‖
   Donna Peters and Jonathan Darsey ‘90 still do drugs for a living as partners at a
consulting firm focused in pharmaceuticals on product launch, global expansion,
and the like. Writes Donna, ―I am also still an actor—still acting like I know what I‘m
doing every day. We recently had anniversary number 14, and a really interesting
visit through Berlin, Warsaw, and Krakow. Still no pets, no kids, just sky miles. The
Kindle has changed my life. You can go back and reread those things you know
you already read at Davidson but have no real memory of the content. I‘m on Gul-
liver‘s Travels right now.‖
   Jim Patterson is pleased to announce that his company, Mobile Symmetry, is ac-
cepting Beta customers for its latest product, the Identity Vault—it‘s a mobile direc-
tory that protects your privacy. It allows you to be contacted without being pub-
lished. ―I also have one of the top telecom/Internet blogs on WordPress‖ called The
Sunday Brief.
   And finally, on a somber and sad note, our community‘s condolences go to the
family of Christine Curtin Cummings and that of her brother, Kevin, who unexpec-
tedly passed away from complications following a heart attack in March. Her family
asks for your prayers and support, and wishes everyone to please hug their child-
   Also, please send your prayers to my family and me, who are still deeply grieving
the tragic loss of my sister, Mary Elizabeth, in December. She will always be the
sweetest, most beautiful girl to ever leave North Carolina to grace the mountains of
Contact: Harry Broome, 4738 N. 32nd Pl., Phoenix, AZ 85018; 602-840-9015; az-

AS TOLD BY: Matt Terrell, Class Secretary
  By the time you read this column, the Class of ‘90 will have celebrated its 20th
Reunion. Deadlines are what they are, so this column was written prior to Reunion.
Our updates are few, but I promise a comprehensive post-Reunion wrap-up in the
next edition. The news we do have is fun to share.
  John Gary Maynard‘s wife, Cindy, shared some inspirational news about their
family: ―In 2004, [our] oldest son [then age 5] developed a rare and dangerous can-
cer called leiomyosarcoma. After the terrifying diagnosis, [we] felt compelled to take
action against childhood cancer.‖ The Maynards began an event called Jake‘s
Reindeer Race in Richmond, Va., which raised more than $72,000 in its first year,
with over 1,700 people participating, and inspired the formation of the Maynard
Childhood Cancer Foundation. The annual race continues, and nearly $325,000
has been raised to date. An inspiring story. Thanks for sharing!
  Pete Harding and Ingrid Love Harding ‘91 were part of a Rett Syndrome fundrais-
er in January in Atlanta, Ga. The ―Rockin‘ for Rett‖ event (put together by Thomas
Helland ‘91) supported research on Rett Syndrome—a disease their daughter, Sa-
rah, endures. Among those in attendance were Amelia Fox, Scott Irvin, Mike
Roach, and Flake Sherrill. The Hardings have moved to Amelia Island, Fla.
  In Atlanta, you‘ll find Brigitte Roufail Peck in her relatively new job as director of de-
velopment at the Westminster Schools. ―One of the perks is eating for free in the ca-
feteria… and on the days they serve fried chicken, Lisa Branch (Westminster ‘86)
joins me for lunch!‖
  New baby news from Tracey Phillips Peake: ―We had an addition to the family
last October. Holland Elizabeth Peake was born Oct. 15, and our son, Hayden, is
very excited about being a big brother. I totally forgot to e-mail earlier—baby brain
is not a myth.‖
  Dick Seidel also welcomed a new arrival, Caroline, in January. ―We weren‘t going
for a sappy usage of the Davidson pep band/men‘s basketball/Neil Diamond inspi-
rational tune title, but this girl is unquestionably ‗Sweet.‘‖ Congratulations!
  A recent Charlotte Observer piece highlighted the great work by our own Kirsten
Sikkelee. Kirsten began with the Charlotte YWCA 15 years ago, and is now its top
executive. From the piece by Ely Portillo: ―She‘s a mailroom-to-boardroom success
story, the YWCA‘s longest-serving employee, and has worked in or overseen every
one of the group‘s programs. Now, she‘s poised to bolster the YWCA‘s mission of
battling racism and poverty.‖ Best of luck in your efforts, Kirsten! (See photo page
  Look for reunion updates in the next issue!
Contact: Matt Terrell, 613 Rye Ridge Rd., Cary, NC 27519; 919-475-3271 (c); 919-
843-6412 (w);

From the Alumni Office:
 Our condolences to John ―Giggy‖ Maxwell, on the passing of his father, J. Steven
Maxwell ‘61, on April 22.

AS TOLD BY: Robert N. Marshall III, Class Secretary
  I hope this edition of the Davidson Journal finds you well—so nice to have the re-
turn of spring (but not the pollen, which seems especially bad this year)! Not a lot to
report this time, so please send me your news. We are busy chasing after our one-
year-old, Emma Rose, who has started walking!
  Ellen Ott Marshall is making news for her expertise in faith and ethics. The Uni-
versity of Evansville‘s Department of Philosophy and Religion is launching a lecture
series focused on ethical issues. Ellen is associate professor of ethics and conflict
transformation at Emory University‘s Candler School of Theology. ―Over the years,
Dr. Marshall has built a strong reputation as an expert in the relationship between
faith, history, and ethics,‖ said Dianne Oliver, chairwoman of UE‘s Department of
Philosophy and Religion. ―We‘re looking forward to her sharing that expertise with
our students and the greater Evansville community.‖ Ellen holds an M.A. in interna-
tional peace studies from the University of Notre Dame, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in
religion, ethics, and society from Vanderbilt University.
  Dan Bruton and Kearns Davis have been selected for inclusion in the 2010 edi-
tion of Best Lawyers in America. The listing is a product of a peer-review survey of
attorneys throughout the country.
  Rob Lim has done some interesting work in the area of bariatric surgery, and was
recognized in the publication Current Problems in Surgery in the chapter titled
―Benchmarking Best Practices in Weight Loss Surgery.‖
Contact: Robert N. Marshall III, 2804 Rothgeb Dr., Raleigh, NC 27609; 919-260-
4363 (c);

AS TOLD BY: Monica Lide Swoffor, Class Secretary
   Thanks to everyone for sending in your updates! Here‘s the latest from the Class
of 1992:
   Ben Towle has completed illustrating the comic book biography Amelia Earhart:
This Broad Ocean, released by The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, in con-
junction with Hyperion Books. He is now working on a possible graphic novel adap-
tation of Alexandre Dumas‘ The Count of Monte Cristo.
   Congratulations to Gene Jones, who has been appointed to the board of directors
of the Association for Corporate Growth‘s Raleigh-Durham chapter. Gene is a cor-
porate and securities attorney with Womble Carlyle in Raleigh, N.C.
   Congratulations to William Devens, who has been promoted to director at High-
Quest Partners, LLC, a strategic advisory and management-consulting firm in
Topsfield, Mass.
   Congratulations to Hillary Davis Whitaker, who has attained partnership in the law
firm of Wishart Norris Henninger & Pittman in Burlington, N.C. Hillary practices family
law, with an emphasis on equitable distribution, alimony, child custody, child support,
and adoptions. She has been with Wishart Norris in Burlington since 1995.
   Janet Sanford Buehler writes: ―In April 2009 I gave birth to a third son, James
Gordon. James joins brothers, Aidan (9) and Malcolm (6), in creating general may-
hem around the house. Before returning to baby land, I did marketing and PR for
my children‘s school, Emerson Waldorf School. Last summer, I hosted a fun David-
son ‗family reunion‘ of sorts with classmates Anna Chase, Katherine McColl Wil-
son, and Catherine Harrington Newman. For a break from all the mom work, I con-
tinue to sing with and do PR for a local group, Women‘s Voices Chorus, which con-
sists of about 60 women of varying ages and backgrounds. It‘s a great group, and
we‘ve been fortunate to sing in Duke Chapel and on WUNC public radio.‖
   Tonja Lecklitner Bridges writes from Atlanta: ―My husband, Jim, and I have three
children: Maggie (7), Ben (5), and James (1). I work full-time as the director of
Foundation Administration, working with the foundation president and the board to
raise money for Children‘s Healthcare of Atlanta, which runs Atlanta‘s three pedia-
tric hospitals.‖
  Mary Beth Lovin is teaching at UNC Greensboro. She received her Ph.D. in plant
biology from Wake Forest University in August 2009. Congratulations!
  Cristy Kock Langan has accepted a job as stage manager at the Metropolitan
Opera in New York City, N.Y. She will be moving to New Jersey with her family—
husband Jim, Jamie (2) and Sophie (2), Divot (Golden Retriever), and Figaro (cat).
  Will Noel lives on Miami Beach and works for Jackson Memorial Hospital using
his psychology degree. He has five daughters, with another child on the way, in ad-
dition to two granddaughters. He plans to visit South Africa this summer.
Contact: Monica Lide Swofford, 11807 Hogan’s Alley, Chester, VA 23836; 804-

AS TOLD BY: Mandy Aycock Rencher, Class Secretary
  Many a classmate I contact for personal news quickly lets me know that they are
not saving the world. While you may not be earning additional degrees, winning
elections, or birthing any more babies, I promise that your life is relevant and inter-
esting! Now, on to the news of our classmates who dared to share.
  Tom Koonce and his wife, Jeannette, welcomed their third child, Caroline Elise,
on Nov. 19. She joins her two older brothers, Colin (5) and Nolan (3). After more
than 10 years living in D.C., the Koonce family has moved a few miles across the
border into Glen Echo, Md. Tom joined the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA),
as VP of legislative affairs in November, and will lead MBA‘s day-to-day lobbying
efforts on Capitol Hill, working with members of Congress and their staff. Tom might
run into classmate Walter Price, who recently started as the new head of federal
government relations for U.S. Bank. Walter is the head of the Washington office,
managing the company‘s lobbying efforts in D.C.
  Another of our classmates to be congratulated for his new position is Robb Webb,
who became the director of the Rural Church program area of The Duke Endow-
ment. Rural Church is one of four grant-making areas of focus established by
James B. Duke. Robb works with United Methodist churches all over rural North
Carolina. He is also a board member of Faith and Form magazine and a member of
the steering committee for the Impact Fund for Emerging Leaders at Foundation for
the Carolinas.
  The New York City courts honored Machelle Sweeting as arbitrator of the year.
Since graduating from law school, she has worked in the New York City law de-
partment and the Brooklyn district attorney‘s office, and she now serves as the law
clerk to a Supreme Court justice in Kings County, criminal term.
  Lenny McAllister is a political commentator and social orator featured regularly on
Fox Television in Charlotte, N.C., on XM Radio and Sirius Radio, and online as a
syndicated writer nationally.
  Bonita Paysour lives in La Jolla, Calif., where she works as the director of market-
ing for Expense Reduction Analysts, an international consulting company. Bonita is
planning a girl‘s weekend reunion in Las Vegas with roommates Mary Elizabeth
Coley, Meredith Boone Tutterow, and Ann Todd Terry. Behave, girls!
  Phelps Sprinkle and his wife, Kate Evans Sprinkle ‘96, traveled to Ethiopia over
Thanksgiving to adopt their son, Markos David Sprinkle. Markos joins big sisters,
Roxie (7) and McRae (5). Phelps and Kate have cochaired the ―Easter Seals Unit-
ed Cerebral Palsy Walk With Me: StRoll in the Park!‖ fundraising event in Charlotte
for the past five years.
  Congratulations to Francie Vaughn Powers and her husband, Mike, on the birth
of Jane McDonald Powers on March 9.
  Bowling Green State University women‘s basketball associate head coach Jenni-
fer Roos has received a two-year contract extension, which will run through June
2015. Janna Blais wrote, ―Jennifer is simply an outstanding coach. Her loyalty to
BGSU and her desire to continue to improve our women‘s basketball program
made this an easy decision. We are thrilled that Jennifer chooses to share her ex-
perience, talent, and impeccable character with our student-athletes, our staff, and
our community.‖
  I was happy to hear from funny Tommy Owings that he is older and balder! Early
in his career, Tommy went into computer programming for GE and RaceTrac Petro-
leum, Inc. in Atlanta. He moved to Greenville, S.C., and did independent consulting
for several years and ―got bored with talking to computers all the time.‖ His career
change took him into sports, and he is now a golf club professional in Fountain Inn,
S.C. Tommy is married to Jill and has an 8-year-old stepson, Syxx, and a 1-year-
old daughter, Ella.
Contact: Mandy Aycock Rencher, 1024 Heatherloch Dr., Gastonia, NC 28054;

AS TOLD BY: Lisa J. Sitek-Shaver, Class Secretary
  Josh Thomas is the executive committee chairman of the Sierra Club‘s N.C. Cen-
tral Piedmont Group. He has applauded Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx ‘93 for sign-
ing the U.S. Mayor‘s Climate Protection Act, thus pledging to reduce climate-
changing pollution in the Queen City. Charlotte is now a member of the Sierra Club
Cool Cities Program.
  On Jan. 30, Brett Boretti was inducted into the 2009–10 Athletics Hall of Fame.
While a member of the Davidson baseball team, Brett earned two All-Southern Con-
ference first-team honors and is the only Davidson player ever named to the All-
SoCon Tournament team. He is considered the ―most prolific hitting catcher in Wild-
cat history.‖ Currently the head coach at Columbia, Brett led his team to their first
championship in 32 years in 2008.
  Bryce Smith and his wife, Shaharzad, excitedly announce the birth of Zinedine
Smith on Nov. 5.
  Brad Johnson earned his Ph.D. from UNC Greensboro in December. His disser-
tation topic was ―Workplace Climate, Degree of Outness, and Job Satisfaction of
Gay and Lesbian Professional Staff in Higher Education.‖ He serves as the senior
assistant director for administrative services with the Office of Housing and Resi-
dence Life at UNCG and is the president of the North Carolina College Personnel
  In February, Rima Chakrabarti Roy had an impromptu Davidson reunion in New
York City with Arindam Bhattacharjee ‘91, Devjani Dev ‘95, Harin de Silva ‘93, and
Debolina Mukherjee Sanyal ‘93. Rima lives in New York with her husband, Ritendra
Roy, and their children, son Rayat (6), and daughter Nishtha, who will turn three
later this year.
  Chris Frampton‘s grandfather, Harry H. Frampton, Jr. ‘38, passed away on Nov.
18. Our condolences go out to Chris and his family.
  Edward Callaway Austell ‘59, West Allen‘s father-in-law, passed away on Dec. 24.
We extend our sympathies to West and his family.
  Suma Desai Jain and her husband, Neeraj, announce the birth of Leena Desai
Jain on June 28, 2009. She joins big brother Manish (3). Suma is in practice in New
Orleans at Ochsner Clinic Foundation Hospital in pulmonary and critical care medi-
cine, where Ben Hopkins is also a surgical resident. While attending a wedding,
Suma visited with Jennifer Humphrey Keaton and her husband, Skip, who reside in
  Brian ‘95 and Karen Marshall Vandersea announce the birth of Sarah Kuipers
Vandersea on Oct. 16. Sarah joins sisters Rachel (5) and Caroline (2).
  Rob J. King teaches theology, religion, and philosophy for Barry University,
Hillsborough Community College MacDill A.F.B., and University of Phoenix, and is
working on his Ph.D. (2012). He is involved in Florida Republican Senate politics,
working as a grassroots supporter for Governor Charlie Crist. He has met the gov-
ernor three times at Republican functions in St. Petersburg, Fla.
  Holt Morrison ‘95 and Anne Wampler Morrison welcomed their son, Hugh Holt
Morrison III (―Hugh‖), on Oct. 18. Hugh joins big sisters, Anna Ruth (9) and Molly
  Stephen Hill and Corrine Henke announce the birth of their first son, Andrew
Ryan Hill, on July 26, 2009. Andy loves swimming lessons and tormenting the cat.
Stephen works as a psychologist in private practice, and his wife works in study
  Thank you to everyone who submitted notes this time. I look forward to hearing
from long lost friends soon. Have a great summer everyone!
Contact: Lisa J. Sitek-Shaver, 21 Birch Ct., Burlington, VT 05408; 802-658-8480;

15th Reunion
November 12–14, 2010

AS TOLD BY: Yvette Pita Frampton, Class Secretary
  First up, news from 2009:
  B.J. Rudell was married. His wife, Carey, is a Foreign Service officer, and they
are moving to Mumbai this summer. He writes, ―Among ‘95ers, Wade Chumney
was my best man, and Chris Hood and Dan Johnson were groomsmen…. and
Josh Gaffga ‘97 played the ceremony music.‖
  Alexis Parramore Comer wrote in with baby news: ―I feel like I just reported Ada
as news, but here we are with baby number two.‖ Georgia Avery was born Sept. 4,
one day before her mom‘s birthday.
  Ceci Combs Johnson and her husband, Holland, welcomed their second daugh-
ter, Mary Holland ―Holly‖ Johnson, on Sept. 21. She writes, ―Holly is a sweet baby,
and Lucy (4) is enjoying her new role as a big sister.‖
  Laura Jordan Baker joyfully announces the birth of her daughter, Georgia Eliz-
abeth, who was born Dec. 1 in Dallas, Tex. Georgia was welcomed with love by
Jon (Emory ‘97), Laura, and big brothers, Hudson (4) and Truitt (2). And, might I
add, was wearing a ton of pink in the picture Laura shared with me! Laura is the
dean of the middle school at the Episcopal School of Dallas.
  Michael Kessler and Rosie Molinary ‘96 adopted a little boy, Abram Enderies
  On Jan. 27, Shaye Benton Reavis and her husband, Steve, welcomed their third
child, Katherine Noelle. Katherine joins big sisters, Susannah (4) and Rebecca (3).
Steve works at BP in the North American gas division. Shaye will soon be licensed
in the state of Texas as a clinical child psychologist and is specializing in child neu-
ropsychology. Now, however, she loves being at home full-time. Steve and Shaye
reside in Houston, where they have remodeled an older home and love spending
time with their three girls.
  On the job front, G.P. Diminich was elected as partner of Clawson & Staubes,
where he practices with the firm‘s business, taxation, and estate planning group in
Charleston, S.C. He is a certified specialist in both taxation law and estate planning
and probate law, and is a certified circuit court mediator. After obtaining his mas-
ter‘s in international business and juris doctorate from the University of South Caro-
lina, he received his master of laws in taxation from the New York University School
of Law.
 Finally, on a sad note, our condolences go out to Jalyn Parsley Wells and her
husband, James Christopher Wells, for the death of Jalyn‘s grandfather, Joseph
Henry Cutchin, Jr. ‘39, who passed away on Oct. 7.
Contact: Yvette Pita Frampton, 280 Elm St., Denver, CO 80220-5739; 303-333-

AS TOLD BY: Jill Dyer, Class Secretary
  Hi everyone! You may have noticed some changes in the Davidson Journal—that
is part of the reason why you may have sent notes in last year and are just now
seeing them in print! Please keep them coming. Here‘s what our classmates were
up to the past several months.
  Congratulations to Mike Kessler ‘95 and Rosie Molinary, who became the proud
parents of a little boy, Abram Enderies Kessler, whom they adopted last year. The
family lives in Davidson, where Rosie continues to write, including the upcoming
October release Beautiful You: A Daily Guide to Radical Self-Acceptance.
  Cara Crosswhite and her family have relocated to Boston after two years living in
Hong Kong and traveling around Asia. She is a stay-at-home mom (or ―mum‖ as
she puts it!) to Ava (5) and Eve (4) and is looking forward to catching up with long
lost friends!
  Russell and Anna Mary Kemp Norris are proud to announce the birth of a baby
boy, Joseph Kemp ―Jack‖ Norris. He was born on Dec. 8 in Raleigh, N.C. Big sister,
Maggie (4), is adjusting well to sharing the spotlight.
  Brian Wickenden and his family—wife, Moon, and daughter, Isabella (2)—have
built a new home in Appleton, Maine, where Brian has joined the real estate group,
Jaret & Cohn.
  Churchill Hooff and his wife have welcomed their third baby girl, Loraine Taylor,
on Nov. 2. She joins big sisters, Olivia and Mary Shelton.
  Phelps ‘93 and Kate Evans Sprinkle have welcomed Markos David Sprinkle (3)
from Ethiopia, who joins big sisters Roxie (7) and McRae (5). Markos, with his big
smile and endless energy, has quickly acclimated to life in the Sprinkle household!
  Geordie Schimmel ‘97 caught up with Corey Bean. Bean, a Navy JAG defense
attorney, was named Junior Officer of the Quarter for the last quarter of 2009. The
Navy Legal Service Office (NLSO) Central also appointed Bean as officer-in-charge
of the Corpus Christi, Tex., branch office where he will supervise military and civi-
lian personnel stationed in Corpus Christi and Fort Worth, Tex. He also assistant
coaches the Bays Edge Aquatic Team, an age-group swim team in Corpus Christi,
and is making a diligent effort to learn to two-step.
  Mark Wittschen and his family—wife Lori (Furman ‘95) and three children—two
girls (8 and 5) and a son (1))—are still living in Orlando after seven years, where
Mark works for Regions Bank overseeing branch banking. They recently met up
with Bob Bailey, wife Dixie, and their two sons, along with Bob and Mark‘s fresh-
men hall counselor, David White ‘94, wife Patricia, and their three sons, for (what I
can only imagine) a raucous dinner at the Rainforest Café. Mark remarked, ―It was
great to get all of us together again and meet all the kids. Crazy to think of people
you knew as 18-year-old kids having their own kids!‖
  I ran into Dr. Chad Newman (literally) and his son, Grant, at an Orlando Magic
game, where we were both cheering on Steph Curry ‘10. Chad and his wife, Zee,
have three children and love living near family in Orlando, where Chad has his own
plastic surgery practice with his wife, a PA.
  Speaking of Steph Curry ‘10, Mary Laura Moretz Philpott writes, ―My little boy,
Cameron, turns seven the next day [after the Golden State Warriors and Atlanta
Hawks game in Atlanta]. He was given a choice between a big birthday party or a
trip to see Stephen Curry ‘10 play. He picked the game.‖ Let‘s go, Davidson!
Contact: Jill Dyer, 912 Charles Ave., Charlotte, NC 28205; 646-387-7183; fax,

AS TOLD BY: Charlotte Seigler, Class Secretary
  Welcome to your second edition of the newly revamped Davidson Journal. I hope
you‘ll be newly inspired to submit class notes this summer!
  No surprise, the beginning of 2010 has brought many new additions to our alumni
families… watch out Class of 2032.
  Molly McGehee and her husband, Daniel, are thrilled to announce the birth of
their baby boy, Benjamin Hathhorn Parson, on Jan. 18. The family is living in
Greenville, S.C. ―We are all doing well and looking forward to showing off Benjamin
at the next reunion!‖
  Nina Blount Curley and her husband, Tom, have welcomed their second son,
James Finnian Curley, born on March 1. Nina, Tom, Finn, and big brother Jack are
enjoying life in Deerfield, Mass., where Nina and Tom work for Eaglebrook School.
  Tyler and Hannah Wood Wick announce the birth of their second child, Phoebe
Drayton Wick, born on March 3. Phoebe joins big brother Charlie at their home in
Boston, Mass.
  Steve and Erin Ryan Pedersen have welcomed their second son, Steven Joseph
Pedersen, on March 15. Two-year-old brother John is taking well to little brother
Steve, as well as their recent move to the main drag of downtown Chicago.
  Meredith Strong Hiemstra and Jan Hiemstra are very happy to announce the birth
of their second daughter, Adrienne May Hiemstra, born Dec. 24 in Singapore. Me-
redith and Jan have relocated to Dili, East Timor, after finishing a three-year as-
signment in Brussels that was filled with wonderful memories. Before making the
move to Southeast Asia, the State Department mandated they reacquaint them-
selves with American culture, which included visits to Virginia, Maine, Chicago, San
Francisco, and Hawaii.
  Jennifer Gayle Hurst and Brian Arthur Sanders were married Dec. 12 in Charles-
ton, S.C. Jennifer graduated from Clemson University with a master‘s degree in ar-
chitecture and works for Liollio Architecture. Brian earned a master‘s degree in ar-
chitecture from Tulane University and also works for Liollio Architecture in Charles-
ton. The couple honeymooned in Costa Rica.
  Martin Young and his wife, Kristin, and one-year-old daughter, Eloise Rose, have
moved from Durham, N.C., to Chicago, Ill. Martin‘s dad wrote in the Class of ‘61
spring notes that Eloise is ―growing like the federal deficit and hilarious.‖
  Michael Wang lives in Keller, Tex., a suburb of Fort Worth, and recently became a
member of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram‘s 2010 Community Columnist Panel. Al-
most 200 people put ―fingers to keyboards‖ to craft sample columns for considera-
tion by the members of the Star-Telegram‘s editorial board. Michael wrote that fol-
lowing Davidson, his career path has taken him ―back to Minnesota, then to Dallas,
New York City, and now to Fort Worth. Hopefully, along the way, I‘ve learned some
perspective. I am employed in the financial services industry and have held swim
coaching jobs. I reside in Keller with my lovely wife, a son, and two scrappy dogs.‖
  Attorney Patrick Montoya is a partner at the Coral Gables-based law firm of Col-
son Hicks Eidson and was selected by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as one of ―40
Under 40‖ outstanding lawyers of Miami-Dade County committed to improving the
community and dedicated to providing outstanding legal service at a benefit dinner
held recently. Patrick also was named to the review board for the Institute of Para-
legal Education (IPE), a division of the National Business Institute that provides
continuing legal education to paralegals, legal assistants, and paralegal students.
  Josh Norris has joined the law firm of Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent,
Carrère & Denègre L.L.P. in their Houston, Tex., office. Josh received his juris doc-
tor degree, magna cum laude, from Tulane University Law School. His practice
ranges from commercial litigation and class actions to environmental and toxic
torts, and he has tried more than 40 cases in both federal and district courts.
  Matthew Hill became a shareholder of the law firm Ellis, Lawhorne, & Sims, P.A.,
where he is a member of the business, real estate, and finance practice group. Matt
earned his juris doctorate from the University of South Carolina School of Law in
2001 and has been with the firm in Columbia, S.C., for the past 10 years.
  James McCallum, M.D., has received the Distinguished Young Alumni Award
from the University of South Carolina School of Medicine. In addition, he served as
faculty marshal at the 2009 USC Medical School commencement, where he was
further honored with the O‘Neill Barrett Teaching Excellence Award. His teaching
efforts have been much appreciated by students, as is indicated by these multiple
honors. James lives in Blythewood, S.C., with his wife, Andrea, and daughters,
Jane and Elizabeth.
Contact: Charlotte Seigler, 1816 New Hampshire Ave. NW, Apt. 408, Washington,
DC 20009; 202-387-3896; 202-812-5985 (c);

AS TOLD BY: Mary Margaret Porter, Class Secretary
  Marcus Williams recently accepted a position at EPIK, English Program in Korea,
located in Busan, South Korea, as a language teacher. Marcus was previously em-
ployed at Sustainable Communities as CFO. ―After leaving the financial industry in
2008 and helping found a nonprofit during the first part of 2009, my life is complete-
ly different. In September I moved to Busan, South Korea, to teach English at a
public elementary school.‖
  Asher Wood writes, ―I‘m in Nashville with my wife, Missy, and our kids, Gaia (3)
and Presley (1). I continue to be busy with painting [and] residential real estate, and
I‘ve been working at Dell, as well. Our whole family is planning to go to Ethiopia this
summer for two months, where Missy and I will do some work with orphans and
street kids, with a ministry called Mocha Club. From late June until late July, we
plan to build relationships with orphans and groups that work with orphans, primari-
ly in the capital city of Addis Ababa. We will serve with these groups, and ultimately,
we hope to find ways to integrate art into the daily activities of these kids. From July
28 [through] Aug. 23, we will be leading about a dozen Americans on a mission trip.
We‘ll visit and serve various Mocha Club projects in the area.‖ Good luck guys and
great work!
  Melissa Richter married Alessandro Bartolini (Babson ‘93) on Dec. 5, in Naples,
Fla. Melissa writes ―I was so lucky to celebrate my wedding with many of my ‗Da-
vidson Girls‘ (many of whom had Davidson husbands there, too)…. We danced like
we were back on Fourth Cannon getting ready for a night on the court! Alex and I
are having a great time living in Miami. He‘s in banking, and I‘m working for a digital
marketing company, Razorfish. More important than work though—we live really
close to the beach and are able to get our feet in the sand on a regular basis!‖
  Sean Keesee and his wife, Amy Smith Keesee ‘00, are happy to announce the
birth of their second son, Jason Hamilton Keesee, on July 21, 2009.
  Kate Stevens Hearne and Sanders Hearne welcomed Laura ―Lucy‖ Catherine
Hearne and Sanders Fowler Hearne on Feb. 18—four weeks early, but they and
their mom were ready for their escape! Congratulations, Kate and Sanders!
  Kim Shuey Hackman has been busy! She writes, ―Trevor and I moved to Chapel
Hill in July 2009. He started his new job as an attending in the ENT department at
UNC. Brooke Eleanor was born Oct. 30, which gave us three kids under four years
old! I‘m loving life at home with them. We are planning a trip down to Charlotte...
first time back in 10 years! Can‘t wait to see Davidson and some old professors.‖
   I had dinner with Allison Coble Herbert, Turner Herbert, Katie Finch Mileham,
Dunn Mileham ‘97, and, of course, Fritz Porter ‘99 the other night. Katie and Allison
are both physicians in Charlotte, Katie in hematology/oncology and Allison in prima-
ry care. Turner works as an attorney for some clandestine government conspiracy.
Allison and Turner are delightfully busy with their two children, Nell and Webb, and
Katie and Dunn are having a blast with their son, Wells. We all had a great time
catching up!
   Also, I wanted to let all of you Facebookers know that we have started a Face-
book page for our class. It is called (surprisingly) Davidson College Class of 1998. I
hope this will be a good way to catch up between Journals and post some of those
embarrassing old pics from college. As always, e-mail me notes as they happen!
Contact: Mary Margaret Porter, 1222 Myrtle Ave., Charlotte, NC 28203; 704-331-

AS TOLD BY: Hunter McEaddy Dawson, Class Secretary
  Congratulations to all of our classmates with new babies. I have four new baby
boys and four new baby girls to introduce you to, so I‘ll dive right in:
  Nate (Wisconsin ‘01) and Kate Feldmeier Franz welcomed a darling baby boy in-
to the world on Nov. 9. When deciding upon a name, they couldn‘t bring them-
selves to continue the ―-ate‖ name trend and, instead, went with Anderson Parks
Franz. Andy is delighting his parents, and Kate and Nate are very happy, albeit
very tired.
  John ‘98 and PollyBeth Proctor Hawk along with big sister, Claire, welcomed Dai-
sy Proctor Hawk on Nov. 18.
Erin Sabrinsky Strickler and her husband, Nathan, are thrilled to announce the
birth of their son, Wade Joseph Strickler, on Nov. 23.
  Katie Williams Hoster and her husband, Matt, welcomed their first baby, a girl, on
Dec. 17. Her name is Hayden Tenney Hoster.
  Jennifer Kazmarek Sande e-mails, ―Bill and I have a new addition to our family:
Rachel Marie Sande was born on Dec. 31 in Atlanta, Ga. I left from her big sister
Michelle‘s birthday party to go to the hospital. They are three years and one day
apart. We still live in Atlanta, and I‘m at home with both girls.‖
  Liz Reid Pargament and her husband, Rob, welcomed Claire Alexandra on Feb.
7. Liz e-mails, ―She arrived right in between two snowstorms, and it made me wish
that I was back in North Carolina instead of buried under three feet of Pennsylvania
snow! Big brother Reid is still trying to figure out if she‘s staying or not... but still
seems pretty sure he‘s an only child!‖
  Rives Moore Hotra and her husband, Mike, are thrilled to announce the arrival of
their identical twin boys, born Feb. 16. James Edward ―Teddy‖ was quickly followed
by his brother, Henry William, less than a minute apart. Rives writes, ―As far as we
can tell, Teddy and Henry look exactly alike, so we look forward to determining how
to tell them apart.‖ Teddy and Henry join proud big brother, three-year-old Charlie.
  Congratulations to our own Dana Casner Sterling, who was inducted into the Da-
vidson Athletics Hall of Fame on Jan. 30 for her impressive winning record, awards,
and accomplishments on the women‘s tennis team during her four years at David-
son. Emily Eagan has taken a job with the New Orleans law firm of Gieger, La-
borde & Laperouse, L.L.C.
  Jason Prince was elected chairman of the Idaho District Export Council. He be-
gan serving his two-year term in September. Jason is an international business
lawyer with Stoel Rives LLP, in Boise, Idaho.
Contact: Hunter McEaddy Dawson, 10 Council St., Charleston, SC 29401;

From the Alumni Office:
  Congratulations to Judson Sutherland on the birth of his daughter, Deborah Anne
―Annie‖ Sutherland, over the winter.

AS TOLD BY: Mary Perrin Stark & Brendan Willmann, Class Secretaries
  Liz Holt was married to Michael Bogdan (Colgate ‘02) on Aug. 15 in Spartanburg,
S.C. They met while working together in the Republic of Macedonia a few years
ago. The wedding was well attended by classmates. Liz is currently attending NYU
Stern along with Davidson alums Kaitlyn Jain ‘03 and Carlos-Andres Lacayo ‘02.
Liz will graduate in May and is looking forward to working for McKinsey in London.
  Two other classmates recently returned from London. Anne Nickel is now in
Brooklyn after many years in the U.K., where she actually became an official British
citizen after swearing allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II. Ashley Brown Cartmel
moved to London three months after graduating from Davidson to complete her
master‘s. She writes that ―somehow it ended up becoming nearly nine years, during
which time I worked as editor of a London travel guide, organized events for a na-
tional charity, and married an Australian in the Lake District.‖ In early 2009 she and
Oliver traveled in Vietnam and Australia before arriving in Portland, Ore., in April of
last year. Ashley now works as the marketing manager for White Bird, a dance pre-
senter that brings contemporary dance companies from around the world to Port-
land, and Oliver is a pilot.
  Several classmates are excited to announce potential members of the Class of
2028. Ana Rosa Garcia Covaria had a baby girl, Frida Isabel Covaria, in May 2009.
Ana Rosa and husband Jose Antonio are living in Charlotte, where she is complet-
ing a master‘s in intercultural relations. Henry ―Hank‖ Tucker Lambert was born
Sept. 11 to Joe and Leah Waits Lambert. Joe and Leah continue to work at the
Asheville School. Jennifer Oxenfeld Aceves had a second daughter, Bailey Quinn
Aceves, on April 3. She joins three-year-old sister Isabella. Jennifer hopes the sis-
ters will hit it big on the beach volleyball circuit someday, while her husband Nick is
hoping for basketball players. They live in Greensboro, where Jennifer works as
director of communications at Guilford Day School.
  Chesley Garrett was married in September to John Matthews ‘98. Davidson was
well represented at the wedding, including bridesmaid Kelly Rennick O‘Berry.
Chesley will have completed business school at Emory in May and starting a new
job in July with Capgemini.
  Andy Vanica moved back to Colorado in December. (In case you are counting,
this is the fourth time.) He started a new position with Micros, looking after Western
Colorado as his sales territory and traveling to rough places like Aspen, Steamboat,
Telluride, Vail, and Beaver Creek. Moving to Colorado also means Andy will join the
Denver Bulldogs, the eight-time U.S. Footy National Champions. He continues to
play with the U.S. national team and is looking forward to the next trip to Australia in
  Suzi Bozzone completed residency in Denver last summer and then became a
certified yoga teacher last fall. In December she traipsed around European Christ-
mas festivals drinking gluvine mit shus (hot wine rum) with her husband George.
They returned to the States in early January, where Suzi started a new job as a
family physician in Sonoma, Calif. Their new backyard (complete with a flying tra-
peze and tightrope) is frequented by deer, wild turkeys, and frogs, but the neigh-
bors may be even more entertaining. Author Sam Keen is close by; there‘s also a
sword swallower, Tobias the musical saw musician, and Nick the chicken guy. To
balance some of the activity, their next door neighbor on the other side is a silent
hermitage. The rumor is that George tries to convince Suzi to join from time to time.
Contact: Mary Perrin Stark, 142 Vernon Dr., Davidson, NC 28036-8057; maryper-
Brendan Willmann, 7967 Jolain Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45242; 513-898-9934; brwill-

From the Alumni Office:
 We extend our condolences to Richard H. Wright on the passing of his father, Ri-
chard Harvey Wright III, on Jan. 17.
AS TOLD BY: Elizabeth Brantley, Class Secretary
  Rev. Robert Leacock has been named upper school chaplain at St. Andrew‘s Ep-
iscopal School in Austin, Tex., beginning July 1. His wife, Stefanie, is a graduate of
Florida State University and earned a Ph.D. in genetics from Yale University. She is
currently a postdoctoral research scientist at UT Southwestern. The Leacocks have
a son, Weston, who is almost two years old.
  Matt Clifford sent in this update in late December: ―It‘s been a busy past few
months for JoAnne and me. I have been working on my doctor of education degree
at the University of North Florida for the past few years. I finished my dissertation in
October and graduated in December. In the midst of defending my dissertation, I
was hired as the director of residence life at Wake Forest University and will start in
January. JoAnne, the kids, and I are moving to Winston-Salem in a few days. We‘re
very excited to be moving back to North Carolina and are waiting to take the kids to
their first Davidson basketball game.‖
  Congratulations to Brandt McMillan on his marriage to Elizabeth Lane Guenther
on May 2, 2009, in New Iberia, La. Among the wedding party were classmates Matt
Hazlett, Robert McKeehan, and Mike Schaefer.
  And from Alenda Links, the Davidson online community, Rosalie Esteves Preston
writes, ―After many years of school at the University of Florida and Brown Universi-
ty, my husband, Andrew Preston ‘99, is finally done! For the first time in our lives,
we could choose where we wanted to live and raise our family. We always knew we
wanted to end up back in North Carolina and were thrilled when everything worked
out for us. We moved to Durham this summer and plan to grow our roots here in
the area. Andrew is working as a child neuropsychologist at a private practice in
Chapel Hill, and I have taken a hiatus from my engraving business to stay with the
two kids, Anna and Thomas. I plan on picking it back up again soon as we settle in
and get established in the area. We are so glad to be back in North Carolina!‖
Contact: Elizabeth Brantley, 300 Elmwood Dr., Greensboro, NC 27408; eliza-

From the Alumni Office:
 Mary Kathryn Ross Elkins gave birth to a baby boy, Nolan Ross Elkins, on Nov.
11, and Robert Barrett Gilmer, Jr. was born on Nov. 10 to Barrett and Harriet Gil-
mer. Freeman and Maryanne Warner ‘03 Belser welcomed their son, Hill Freeman
Belser, Jr., to the world on April 8, 2009, in Columbia, S.C. Also, Michael ‘02 and
Beth Hudson Clifton announce the birth of Cecilia Scott Clifton in April.
AS TOLD BY: Stephen Aldrich, Class Secretary
  Hello, classmates! I hope you are doing well. The news inflow is slowing to a deli-
berate crawl, so please remember to keep sending updates.
  Julia Philpott Martin has been accepted into Yale University‘s nurse-midwifery
program. She is excited to take the next step toward her vocational calling. Julia
notes, ―The skills that I gained while working at Davidson definitely strengthened
my application and have provided a strong foundation for research in what I hope to
be a long and fruitful career as a midwife.‖
  In July 2009, Susan Vear started her fellowship in pediatric hematology/oncology
at Vanderbilt Children‘s Hospital. She reports that she has been spending a lot of
time at the hospital but loves her job and sometimes even gets to check out all that
Nashville has to offer.
  Congratulations to Derek Brown, who graduated from Harvard University with a
master of business administration in 2009. Derek currently works in New York for
Fox Point Capital Management.
  Amber Laura Hartman is one of 10 science and technology fellows recently
placed for a one-year term as an adviser to the California Legislature. Amber ar-
rives in Sacramento with a Ph.D. in biology from Johns Hopkins University. She
was most recently a graduate researcher at the UC Davis Genome Center. Amber
will be working with the environmental quality committee during her fellowship.
  Alex Calhoun married Ashley Freeman in Somerville, Mass. Alex and his wife re-
side in Boston, where he is an applications systems engineer and she is an attor-
  In case you haven‘t heard, Tom Murphy and Ryan Hutto ‘01 continue to expand
the scope and influence of their original concept, ―MANuary.‖ MANuary is designed
to raise awareness for prostate cancer and has raised more than $50,000 in three
short years. Tom and Ryan have done a fabulous job with this fundraiser, and if I
had any prayer of growing a halfway decent mustache, I‘d be right with them step-
for-step each winter. Congratulations are also in order for Julie Failey, who part-
nered with MANuary by creating mustache cufflinks that contributed 100 percent of
the profits to the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Julie and her cufflinks were recently
featured on the Today Show. Thank you to all involved for their inspiring work.
  Our condolences to Andy Wright and his brother, Richard Wright ‘00, on the pass-
ing of their father in January.
Contact: Stephen Aldrich, 17327 Grand Central Way, Cornelius, NC 28031; 704-
From the Alumni Office:
  Michael and Beth Hudson ‘01 Clifton announce the birth of Cecilia Scott Clifton in
AS TOLD BY: Rebekah Rush McKay, Class Secretary
  Congratulations to Michel and Jessica Barton Lusakueno, who welcomed their
son, Bentley Scott Lusakueno, on Aug. 9. Michel and Jess report that they are en-
joying their new life with Bentley and their time in Chapel Hill, N.C. They will both
graduate from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School in May.
  Erskine Wells recently wrote: ―Despite three feet of snow, Loren Seaton Wells
and I are doing well in the nation‘s capital. 2009 was a great year for both of us,
thanks in part to the mini-reunion at the Lauren Daniel–Greg Schernecke wedding
in April. More than 20 Davidson alums descended upon the town of Annapolis for
the festivities. From the ceremony in a small Presbyterian church in town to an out-
door reception on the Chesapeake Bay, the wedding could not have gone better.
Even the weather complied as guests reenacted old Patterson Court memories into
the evening. Hilarity ensued. Alums in the wedding party included Meredith Shuba
Watson, Meghan Estes Dexter, Meg Hart, Paul Watson ‘02, Grady Patterson, Ben
Kettle, Tanner Worth, and John Franklin.‖
  Jessica Slice Sadler ‘05 finished a great first year with Urban Durham Realty, a
real estate firm she cofounded in January 2009, and is enjoying life with Joel Sadler
in downtown Durham, N.C.
  Emile and Amy Harley are proud to announce the birth of a baby girl, Lydia Mar-
garet. She was born on Dec. 3 in Wilmington, N.C.
  Will and Sarah Beckett Fisher welcomed their first child, Robert Beckett Fisher,
on Dec. 13. Will and Sarah live in Charlotte, where Sarah, when not practicing law,
is the coauthor of the blog, Matters of Style, a guide to gracious and glamorous liv-
ing, which has gained a national following after being featured in the Washington
P                      o                       s                     t                  .
  Kate Fiedler and Marc Boswell were married Aug. 8 in Richmond, Va. Kelley
Cantrell ‘02 and Jessi Stitt were members of the lively wedding party, and many
W ild ca t s we re in a t t e n d a n ce . T h e B o s we l ls n o w li ve in Ch ica go .
  Max DuBuisson and Jennifer Miller were married on Oct. 10 in a small ceremony
in Santa Barbara, Calif. Max and Jennifer met in graduate school at UCSB and cur-
rently live in Redondo Beach, Calif. Max works in business development for the
Climate Action Reserve, a nonprofit that develops standards for carbon offset
projects. Max reports that his job luckily brings him back to the Southeast pretty
regularly for conferences.
  Congratulations to Elizabeth Super and Adam Elmore, who were married on May
24, 2009, in Mount Pleasant, S.C. The couple resides in Charlotte.
  On Oct. 11, the News & Observer featured an article on Katie Vogel and her work
with Healing and Hope Through Science, a program that provides hands-on
science classes to sick children in UNC and Duke hospitals.
Contact: Rebekah Rush McKay, 4009 Hanover Ave., Richmond, VA 23221; rebe-

From the Alumni Office:
 Maryanne Warner Belser and her husband, Freeman ‘01, welcomed their son,
Hill Freeman Belser, Jr., to the world on April 8, 2009, in Columbia, S.C.

AS TOLD BY: Mary Carpenter, Class Secretary
  As always, thanks for your news and updates! We had some exciting baby news
over the last few months! Kathryn Butterworth Morrison and her husband, Andy,
welcomed their first son, Steven, on July 5, 2009. Kathryn finished her master‘s in
counseling at University of Colorado just before Steven arrived, and she reports
that she is happily staying at home with the newest addition to their family. David
Shelburne is beginning his third and final year of family medicine residency at
Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, N.C., in July. He
proudly wrote, ―My wife, Jamie Shelburne, and I would like to announce the birth of
our first child, Hunter Mathisen Shelburne. He is a healthy baby boy who was born
on Jan. 5. I‘m loving every second of being a father!‖ Maggie McDougall Iverson
and her husband, Jonathan, welcomed their second baby, Lillian Emeth Iverson, to
their family last June. Their first child, Annie, is loving being a big sister. Congratula-
tions, Kathryn, David, and Maggie!
  Morgan Check, Nona Poulton Bucher, Anna Mallett Stewart, Kate Wilson, Kristi-
na Koul, and Sarah Baxley all spent New Year‘s together this year, enjoying a fun
First Rich reunion! Morgan is currently a primary care pediatrics nurse practitioner
at the Children‘s Hospital of Philadelphia, with care network offices in Broomall,
Media, and Drexel Hill.
  Matt Whited recently accepted a position as assistant professor of chemistry at
Carleton College in Northfield, Minn. He has deferred for one year and will leave
beautiful southern California to start the position in July 2011. P.J. Martin is spend-
ing his summer internship at Barclays Capital in N.Y.C. prior to his second year at
Kenan-Flagler Business School.
  Megan Kota Morris graduated from SAIS (Johns Hopkins) with an M.A. in interna-
tional relations in May. Megan and her husband, Wade, moved to Beirut, Lebanon,
in August, and they will be living there for three years. They both work at the Ameri-
can Community School; Megan is the dean of students for the high school, and
Wade teaches high school history. If anybody is passing through the region, please
let Megan know—they would love to have guests!
  Erin Raffety attended Christina Cupani‘s wedding on the Eastern shore early this
spring. Christina married Erin‘s childhood friend, Jason Jarvi, whom she met at
Erin‘s wedding in 2008! Laura Flowerree was a bridesmaid in Christina‘s wedding.
Erin reports, ―Beth Daniel Lindsay and I had fun turning heads [at the wedding]
when we told people that we are moving, respectively, to Abu Dhabi and China!
Beth just finished her master‘s in library science from Queens College and her mas-
ter‘s in French studies from NYU and got an excellent job as a librarian with the
new NYU campus in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. She and Vic will be moving in early April. I
am finishing my coursework for my Ph.D. in anthropology at Princeton University
and taking my qualifying exams in early May. My husband and I will move to Nan-
ning, Guangxi, South China, in late August, where I will begin two years of research
with foster families, and he will teach English at a local university. Beth and I are
already planning the next Davidson roommate reunion with Erin Berry and Christi-
na, but this one will require them to take a trip around the world!‖
  In other wedding news, Liz Smith and Michael Brigham were married Aug. 22 in
St. Louis. Kelly Carraway and Beth Corrigan were in the wedding party, Elizabeth
Redpath was the maid of honor, and Laura Rizzo did the first reading. Michael and
Liz are living in Los Angeles, where Liz is a product manager for Disney, and Mi-
chael is going back to business school in the fall. Mark Murray reports that Chris
Rouisse married Sakshi Gupta (now Sakshi Rouisse) in December. The wedding
was in Charlotte, and Tom Anstrom and Mark were both in the wedding party.
Amanda Young Anderson writes, ―Yeatts Anderson ‘06 and I got married on Sept.
12 in Blowing Rock, N.C…. it was a true Davidson wedding! Katherine Johnson-
Reid, Alia Antonucci-Alter, and Nicole Tonelli were three of my bridesmaids, and
Rachel May was our scripture reader. Yeatts‘ groomsmen included John Green
‘06, Will Petraglia ‘06, Brian Purcell ‘06, and Jake Rice ‘06. It was an incredible
  Rachel Patton McCord and Louis Becker were married on Sept. 19 in Knoxville,
Tenn. They were thankful to have Susan Stroebel Megison as a bridesmaid and
violinist and Ben Barnes as best man. Rachel successfully defended her doctoral
dissertation in March and graduated with a Ph.D. in biophysics from Harvard in
May. Louis earned a master of library science degree at Simmons College in 2007
and is now a comprehensive subject index editor for EBSCO publishing in Ipswich,
  Erin Rosintoski writes, ―We had a small Wildcat swimmers reunion a few weeks
ago down in Fernandina Beach, Fla., visiting Sara Laws Moerman and her new
baby girl, Adelyn! Many of the ‘04 Davidson swimmers and divers were there in-
cluding me, Joanie Gidas Blackwell, Jenny Bruggers, Vanessa Witt Petrusic, and
Becki Lyons. In a few weeks, Carrie Rafer, Kelsey Holmberg, and Ashley Cain will
also be going down there to see Adelyn and Sara.‖
  Darryl Childers and his wife, Trenita ‘05, are currently living in the Dominican Re-
public, volunteering with the Peace Corps. Some of the projects Trenita and Darryl
have worked on so far include forming an after-school program for the kids in their
community, teaching English classes, and teaching a sex-ed class for teens,
among other things. Darryl has also worked on a project called ―Healthy Homes Vil-
la Hermosa,‖ which includes the construction of as many as 30 latrines in the com-
munity of Villa Hermosa, as well as hygiene classes for the beneficiaries and other
members of the community.
  Please join me in expressing our condolences to Darryl Childers regarding the
loss of his brother, Ricky ‘06, and Rachel May regarding the loss of her brother,
Contact: Mary Carpenter, 234 Ramona St., Palo Alto, CA 94301; 615-483-6468;

5th Reunion
November 12–14, 2010

AS TOLD BY: Justin R. Hartanov, Class Secretary
  First, let me thank you all who have sent in recent class notes. We have some
great updates from our class. I look forward to hopefully seeing everyone at our 5th
Reunion over the weekend of Nov. 12–14.
  Congratulation to Frankie T. Jones, Jr., who was recently named to Greensboro‘s
―40 Under Forty‖—a designation from the Triad Business Journal. Frankie is cur-
rently a lawyer in Greensboro at Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP.
  Another note of congratulations to Douglas ―Scales‖ Rose and his wife, Kait, who
welcomed a new baby girl in their family on Feb. 18. Noa Ashley Rose is bound to
be racing around the softball field soon.
  Jessica Slice Sadler finished a great first year with Urban Durham Realty, a real
estate firm she cofounded in January 2009, and is enjoying life with Joel Sadler ‘03
in downtown Durham, N.C.
  Lauren Stutts recently received some good news as she just accepted an offer
from Brooks Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, Fla., for a postdoctoral position in the
spinal cord rehabilitation area. Lauren graduated from medical school at the Uni-
versity of Florida in May.
  On a couple of marriage notes, Jennifer Lynn Mickle and Joshua Matthew Coop-
er were married Aug. 22 at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Charlotte. The new-
lyweds honeymooned in Mexico. They reside in Winston-Salem, where they both
attend Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Also, Megan Perez Luck and
Justin Luck are happy to announce their marriage on Oct. 24 at Davidson College
Presbyterian Church. They currently reside in Columbia, S.C. Bridesmaids included
Melissa Marquez, Lesley Attkisson ‘06, Beka Steorts, and Erica Petrosky.
  Matt Talbert wrote, ―I am concluding my graduate work at Wake Forest University
Medical Center in the search for obesity genes in ethnic minorities. My defense is in
December 2009 for a Ph.D. in molecular medicine and translational science. I have
been the author of several manuscripts published in scientific journals such as Hu-
man Genetics, Obesity, and Diabetes. My work in human genetic analysis of the
insulin-induced gene 2 was featured by the Society for Heart Attack Prevention and
Eradication. While at Wake Forest, I have been supported by a research fellowship
and was a beneficiary of a training grant supplied by the National Institutes of
  Since graduation and getting married, Matt Monson and Katherine (a.k.a.
―Koops,‖ a.k.a. ―Kath‖) Younger have turned into quite the foodies (despite each
losing 30 pounds!). Kath‘s blog, Kath Eats Real Food, has a following of nearly
10,000 daily readers. The blog won Foodbuzz‘s ―Best Food Blog‖ of 2009, and Kath
was sent to Kenya by Lipton Tea last year to write about their tea estates. Kath also
has been working on a master‘s degree in human nutrition to become a registered
dietitian. She is now in the midst of her dietetic internship and will take the R.D. ex-
am this summer. Matt, after two years of office work, turned his hobby into a career
when he started a job baking bread at Great Harvest Bread Co. He loved getting up
at 3 a.m. to mix doughs so much that he and Kath are now opening their own Great
Harvest bakery in Charlottesville, Va., this fall.
  Theodore Patrick Milas married Piper Ross Ferriter ‘07 on June 13 at St. Mi-
chael‘s Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C. J. Rutledge Johnson was Patrick‘s
best man. Piper‘s bridesmaids included Sarah Dotts-Barley ‘07 and Kat Schulmann
‘07. Patrick and Piper honeymooned for three weeks in the Greek Islands before
returning to Tallahassee, Fla., where they now enjoy living in the historic district
downtown. Patrick is the director of information services and assistant professor of
information science at Thomas University. He is finishing his dissertation for a Ph.D.
in information science and technology at the College of Communication and Infor-
mation at Florida State University.
  Finally, Alison Anderson and Grant Lovellette ‘03 were married in their hometown
of Cookeville, Tenn., on Sept. 5 and had a nice range of Davidson folks join them
for the occasion. Marieta Sole was the maid of honor. Chase Lovellette ‘06 was the
best man, and Ian Willoughby ‘03 was a groomsman accompanied by his wife, Dr.
Casey Sams ‘03. Ryan Hastings ushered and decorated the cake, and several
other alumni were in attendance.
Contact: Justin R. Hartanov, 550 W. Fulton, Unit 301, Chicago, IL 60661, 312-237-
AS TOLD BY: Molly McGowan & Steven Gentile, Class Secretaries
  The time has come; the time is now. I‘ve been waiting a long time to write this
class notes section. The exceptional Davidson Class of 2006 has now been out of
Davidson as long as we were at Davidson. It is hard to believe four years ago we
were saying our tearful goodbyes, hugging our beloved professors and our che-
rished friends, and clinging to the most wonderful memories of a fabulous four
years together. Since May 14, 2006, a day that brought both sunshine and hail—
which was not only representative of unpredictable spring weather in the south, but
more reflective of our bittersweet feelings—our classmates have gone on to contin-
ue their tradition of excellence in numerous ways.
  Kate Turner reports that she graduated from nursing school last summer and is
now working as an R.N. at Greenville, S.C., hospital.
  Carrie Lewis e-mailed from Portland, Ore., where she is working on an M.B.A.
from Portland State University. She is enjoying being on the West Coast where El-
liot Palmer ‘05 is also in his first year of residency in anesthesiology at OHSU.
  Lauren Hungarland writes, ―After four years in Washington, D.C., I will be moving
back to North Carolina in the fall to attend the Sanford School of Public Policy at
Duke, where I will be getting my master‘s in public policy. I hope to continue to work
in the nonprofit sector following my time at Duke. It will be tough to leave the great
Davidson crew in D.C., but I will be back to visit, especially to see Ashley Burgin,
who will be attending grad school for international development in D.C. next year
and to attend Jack Hubbard‘s wedding in September. Thank goodness there is no
lack of great Davidson friends in North Carolina!‖
  John Fry is also happily continuing his studies at Texas State University‘s master
of fine arts program for poetry. Aubrey Groves graduated with a master‘s in East
Asian studies from Duke University and reports that she is now teaching Chinese at
Tabor Academy, a boarding school in Marion, Mass.
  Our own Ellen Daniel Stevens and husband Alan Stevens ‘04 appeared on a Dr.
Oz show highlighting new technology in the form of an invisible hearing aid for El-
len. In case you missed the show, you can find it by searching for ―invisible hearing
aid‖ on Dr. Oz‘s Web site.
  Adil Bahalim reports all the way from Geneva, Switzerland, where he has an in-
ternship at the World Health Organization. Let him know if your travels take you
across the pond!
  And last, but certainly not least, I want to congratulate my co-class secretary, Ste-
ven, and his new wife, Solvig Pittenger Gentile, on their recent nuptials in Western
North Carolina! There were several ‘06ers in the wedding party including: Sandy
Salazar (maid of honor), Walker Saik (groomsman), Brandon Carroll (usher), and
Justin Neill (pianist). Congrats and best wishes, Steven and Solvig!
  As always, it is wonderful to hear from each and every one of you. Please keep
Steven and me updated on life post-Davidson. I look forward to seeing what the
next four years brings!
Contact: Molly McGowan, 2012 N. University Ave., Little Rock, AR 72207; 501-
Steven Gentile, 16039 Farmall Dr., Huntersville, NC 28078; 828-226-2384 (c);

AS TOLD BY: Carson Sanders & Jaimie Matthews, Class Secretaries
  Congratulations are in order for many of our classmates, including Ryan Clark
and his wife, Jean-Marie Bibb Clark ‘08, as they welcomed their first child, a daugh-
ter, Marjorie ―Margie‖ Bibb Clark, on Feb. 9. While Margie surprised her parents by
arriving two and a half weeks before her scheduled due date, she was born healthy
and is doing well. Margie has also provided a convenient excuse for Davidsonians,
including Lydie White ‘08, Andrea Wood, and Summerlee Walter ‘08, to come for
long overdue visits to St. Louis. Jean-Marie returned to work as a first grade teach-
er at St. Alban Roe Catholic School in Wildwood, Mo., leaving Ryan at home with
Margie. Ryan graduated from Washington University School of Law in May. Now
that Ryan has graduated, the family is moving to Nashville, Tenn., where he will
begin work as an associate at Lewis, King, Krieg, and Waldrop, and Jean-Marie will
take a few months off to settle in before finding another teaching position.
  We wish the very best to our classmates who have recently walked down the
aisle. Kevin Kirksey married Jennifer Wagoner in Dallas, Tex., on Sept. 12, and
Gregory Zage, Rob Shenk, and Brian Shelton ‘06 served as ushers in the wedding.
Fellow baseball teammate Matthew Knight married Emily Adams on Jan. 16 in Su-
perstition Mountain, Ariz. Gregory Zage, Rob Shenk, Rob Wilson, and Blake Os-
born served as groomsmen; several other Davidson friends attended to wish the
happy couple well. If any of you need any groomsmen for your upcoming weddings,
apparently Greg and Rob have some experience!
  Elizabeth Ireland received the Omicron Delta Kappa Foundation Scholarship.
Elizabeth will be attending Duke University or UNC Chapel Hill; well done, Eliza-
beth! Jennifer Fernandez also has exciting news: she graduated in December from
UNC Chapel Hill School of Nursing with highest honors and is now working in the
ER at UNC Hospitals. Congratulations as well to Heather Lohneiss, who also grad-
uated in December from Wake Forest University earning a master of science in ac-
countancy. Heather is currently working for Ernst & Young LLP in Charlotte.
  Jessica McCoy reports from Lamani, Honduras, that her experiences as a Peace
Corps worker have proven to be quite adventurous. In addition to hosting several
children for coloring, soccer, and games, Jessica reports: ―I‘m also currently work-
ing with a group in a nearby village to obtain a loan to buy a parcel of land and start
planting a crop that will give them more money in the end. Sadly, this year there
was essentially no rainy season, a 180 degree flip after last year‘s deluge, and
money is even more scarce than usual. Hopefully they will dedicate themselves to
getting this loan and working with the technician who will help with their new crop
next year.‖ Way to make Davidson proud with your selfless efforts, Jessica!
  All her friends in the U.S. have sorely missed Shannon Bradshaw, who has spent
her last year in London at Hult International Business School receiving her M.B.A.
and reports she will be returning to the States in early fall.
  This past spring, Caitlin Ranson, Duncan Berry, and Carson Sanders joined
30,000 other runners for the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, S.C. Caitlin
blazed to a fifth-place finish in her division... the boys admitted to lagging far be-
hind. Duncan was among the best dressed at the race, however, sporting a han-
dlebar mustache, retro headband, and a Davidson ―Witness‖ T-shirt. Caitlin is cur-
rently working towards her master‘s in architecture at Clemson, while Duncan lives
in Charleston and attends the Medical University of South Carolina.
  Carson and I would love to hear from all of you, so please keep us updated on
your lives!
Contact: Carson Sanders, 1016 Russell St., Augusta, GA 30904; car-
Jaimie Matthews, 1317 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Apt. 302, Washington, DC 20005-
3729; 850-294-3694;

AS TOLD BY: Robby Hoak & Anna Hamilton, Class Secretaries
  My apologies that the notes are short this spring—I (Robby) moved from Houston
to New York this February and am finally getting settled, but fell behind in the inte-
rim. Speaking of moving, Brenna Burns Maddox just moved from Boston to Black-
sburg as she begins her psychology doctorate program. Meanwhile, Jennie Tuttle
has been accepted to the mental health masters program at University of Colorado
in Denver, and David Dennis received a master‘s of science in journalism from
Northwestern University. Ryan Robertson is also a student for life, entering his
second year of medical school at Virginia Commonwealth University School of
  Ilana Yael Valinsky blogs that the achievement she is most proud of is ―graduat-
ing from Davidson College [with a] B.A. in English,‖ and she has now ―set up shop
in Charlotte.‖ Check out her blog on‘s Web site.
  Samuel Alberts writes, ―I started a private walking tour company in Rome in Oc-
tober, and we have recently launched our Web site,‖ If you head
to this part of the world, look him up. Eleanor Cowley Mitchell is in Savannah doing
environmental work for the Army and recently tied the knot. Meanwhile, Emily Pal-
mer is currently working toward getting a degree in medical dietetics at Ohio State
University. Brit Price is releasing a new CD entitled The Awesomeness. Congrats
to you all!
  Julia Cushman, Thomas Sander, and Liz Morgan are living in New York City. Ju-
lia is working for a fashion PR company, Thomas is working at Wells Fargo, and Liz
is finishing up at Parsons School of Design for interior design. Cecie Blair and Tom
Lavan are both in D.C. working—Cecie in a lab for the NIH under Francis Collins,
and Tom is a financial analyst at Hogan and Hartson LLP. Will Gwaltney lives with
Mill Graves ‘07 and sells commercial real estate in Lexington, Ky., by day and vo-
lunteers with a six-year-old soccer team in his free time.
  Please make sure that you update Anna or me on any moves, job information,
Davidson gatherings, or personal milestones—we want to know!
Contact: Robby Hoak, 45 Bradford Rd., Valley Stream, NY 11580; ro-
Anna Hamilton, 505 W. 7th St., Apt. 1506, Charlotte, NC 28202; annahamil-

AS TOLD BY: Chieko T. Phillips & Cary V. Wright, Class Secretaries
  Despite the convenience of the brick pathways that connect Davidson‘s campus,
some distances always seemed too far to travel. As first-years, we planned our
days around walking from Belk Hall to the Alvarez College Union to check mail or
get a late-night quesadilla (because that distance, as we all know, was simply too
great to walk more than once in a day!). And, by our senior year, classmates resid-
ing in Martin Court F and Tomlinson Hall lived what seemed like continents away
from each other. But, oh how things change in just one year! From the Deep South
to Down Under, and from Continental Europe to the coast of Madagascar, David-
son‘s brick paths have led our classmates to exciting places from the steps of
Chambers to the far reaches of the globe.
  Close to home, Suzie Eckl, the Davidson Annual Fund fellow, recently took a
much-needed vacation to the United Kingdom with Lisa Zook. Suzie said her trip
with Lisa was ―simply smashing,‖ especially since the two were able to watch Mar-
shall Worsham, the 2009 W. Thomas Smith Scholarship recipient, compete in a
regatta at Oxford University, where he is completing a graduate degree in economic
  Just over the channel in Seville, Spain, Allison Bollert teaches English at a sec-
ondary school. ―Though I studied abroad in the same location, through the same
program, during my junior year,‖ Allison writes, ―I have really enjoyed returning to
Seville to live and work as a Spaniard.‖ Also returning to her country of study
abroad, Audrey Pomeroy lives in Vannes, France, where she, too, works as an
English teacher. Audrey recently used her French on a trip to Morocco, which, she
said, ―was such an interesting place!‖
  Just off the coast of Madagascar, on the French island, Réunion, Andrew White-
man joins the rank of English teachers from our class in a position sponsored by
the French government. Andrew Gorang, a neighbor in nearby South Africa, is
completing an international relations degree at the University of Cape Town through
a Rotary Ambassadorial scholarship. Other than supporting his Springboks, And-
rew is enjoying his time abroad before returning to Atlanta, Ga., this fall to work as a
consultant alongside Brian Aoyama, Erin Jaeger, and Alison Nycum.
  Elaine Hargrove moved to Vienna, Austria, to take a position as a program man-
ager with Women Without Borders. Her main focus is facilitating Sisters Against
Violent Extremism (SAVE), where she helps ―give women around the world the
tools they need to challenge extremist ideologies.‖ For one of her upcoming as-
signments, Elaine will co-lead ―swim training and relief workshops for the victims of
the November blasts in Mumbai, India.‖ Elaine also informs us that Kate Wiseman
joined her in Vienna in January as a staff member at Women Without Borders.
  Prof. Anne Blue Wills ‘88 heard great news from Brett Shore and Chris FitzPa-
trick. The two were teammates on a baseball team in Australia that recently
claimed the Queensland Major League Championship. Their team, the Bulldogs,
took the best of three in two games against the regular season champions. Way to
go, guys!
  In between terms at the Hotchkiss School, Deborah Clarke has adapted to the finer
parts of being a teacher (chaperoning away track meets with rowdy high school stu-
dents excluded) with an overseas spring break trip to China. She was amazed by
―the contrast between ancient architecture and the unbelievable modern growth in
China.‖ Deborah also took a weekend trip to New York City in the spring to catch up
with former roommates Liz Cooper, Emily Murray, and Ashley Strader. Too bad the
girls did not get to see Ian Qua, a paralegal for the law firm Cleary Gottlieb Steen &
Hamilton, or roommate Scott Clifford, while in New York, because Ian has one single
complaint of New York so far: ―Davidson graduates in New York from our class are
few and far between!‖
  When Emily Murray is not exploring the Big Apple with her roommates, she volun-
teers at local hospitals in Chicago, Ill., and plans to attend nursing school in the fall.
She recently bumped into Alissa Irei while on a run in Chicago‘s Millennium Park.
Alissa lives nearby, where she attends the Medill School of Journalism at North-
western University. Alissa often shares a classroom at Medill with another 2009
classmate, Julia Edwards. And, Lexie Rittenberg, Julia‘s roommate in Chicago, is
also attending Northwestern University as a graduate student in psychology.
  Ben Van Dyke sends an update from Providence, R.I., where he is a research
assistant in the Brown University Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior.
Ben is working for the Harvard-Brown Anxiety Research Project (HARP), studying
―the natural course of a variety of anxiety disorders in adults.‖ His favorite part of
the job: his coworkers, and, he writes, ―Seeing how well my time at Davidson, both
in and out of the classroom, prepared me for my job!‖
  Rivka Ihejirika and Chris Young are both completing post-baccalaureate medical
programs. Rivka enjoys exploring the city of Cambridge, Mass., when she has free
time from her studies at Harvard University, and Chris has found time to serve as a
swim coach for more than 240 swimmers in between studying at Virginia Com-
monwealth University.
  In Jacksonville, Fla., Cameron Griffin works for Fidelity Financial as a customer
relations manager. He is ―learning incredible amounts about the mortgage securi-
ties investment business,‖ but cannot wait to get back to Davidson to visit his fellow
Kappa Sigmas like Wil Carter and Fred Davis, who will both complete their first
year of law school this summer at the University of Georgia and the University of
  Cory Kaufman works in advertising at Arnold in Boston, Mass. ―Arnold,‖ she
writes, ―does advertising for clients such as Volvo, Jack Daniels, and Carnival
Cruises.‖ Perhaps most importantly, Cory says, ―I am living just a few blocks from
Fenway Park!‖
  Finally, Anna Marie Smith wrote in to tell us about her new position in Houston,
Tex. She has been named the associate director of Art Bridge, which, she writes,
―provides weekly art classes for children at homeless shelters around the Houston
area.‖ ―All I need now,‖ she told us, ―is a cowboy hat and some spiffy boots to fit in
down in Texas!‖
Contact: Chieko T. Phillips; 4337 15th Ave. NE, Apt. 304, Seattle, WA 98105; 770-
Cary V. Wright; 220 East Madison St., Yazoo City, MS 39194; 806-206-4443; ca-

  Congratulations to the Class of 2010 on their recent graduation. We welcome the
Class of 2010 class secretaries, Claire Asbury and Haley Cook. Please send all
your news and notes to Claire and Haley for this column. They look forward to hear-
ing from you!
Contact: Claire Asbury; 770-826-0079;
Haley Cook; 203-219-0031;

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