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                                                   chi m e S                c a lv i n c O l l e g e
                                                                                                                                                                                    February 19, 2010
                                                                                                                                                                                 Volume 104 - Issue 19
                                                                                                                                                                 clubs .calvin .edu/chimes

Verkaik drops 46 in Calvin win Professor honored
Freshman breaks two conference records in 93-77 victory                                                                      Vanden Bosch receives annual teaching award
          by Jon bEhM                                                                                                                                                President. The committee then se-
                                                                                                                                   by griffin Jackson                lects two professors from the pool
          sports Editor
                                                                                                                                      news co-Editor                 and, ultimately, President Byker
   Wednesday’s game against                                                                                                                                          determines the winner.
Adrian was nothing special. The                                                                                                 At an institution of such schol-        The award includes a medal-
Knights had a lock on second                                                                                                 arship and quality teaching as          lion and a stipend which comes
place in the MIAA; there were                                                                                                Calvin, it may often be a difficult     from the George B. and Margaret
no intriguing storylines, and a                                                                                              task for faculty to stand out as        K. Tinholt Endowment Fund.
Calvin victory was expected. It                                                                                              exemplary. However, thanks to           Over time, the award has also
was just a bland game that was                                                                                               the observant eyes of students,         come to include the prestige of
part of the schedule.                                                                                                        faculty and staff, some professors      being counted among the history
   Until, that is, freshman Carissa                                                                                          naturally prove their excellence.       of Calvin’s superstar faculty.
Verkaik decided to make the night                                                                                               Jim Vanden Bosch, professor of          “A native of Zeeland, Vanden
into something special.                                                                                                      English and 27 year veteran of the      Bosch grew up in a blue-collar
   In what is arguably the best                                                                                              Calvin College faculty, has con-        family, where a good work ethic
single-game performance by a                                                                                                 tinually demonstrated his skill,        was practiced,” reported a Calvin
Calvin basketball player, male or                                                                                            talent and passion, and is now be       news release. “He graduated from
female, Verkaik led the Knights                                                                                              recognized for it. Vanden Bosch         Calvin in 1970 and returned to
to a 93-77 victory over the visit-                                                                                           was recently named the 18th re-         teach in Calvin’s English depart-
ing Bulldogs on the shoulders                                                                                                cipient of the Presidential Award       ment in 1983.”
of her record-breaking 46-point                                                                                              for Exemplary Teaching.                    A seasoned professor, Vanden
performance.                                                                                                                    The award is given to a single       Bosch has seen the award be
   Verkaik not only set the single                                                                                           professor each year who displays        passed out to 17 previous profes-
game MIAA scoring record in the                                                                                              an outstanding level of distinc-        sors. Now, receiving the award
matchup, but also established a                                                                                              tion in the classroom and an            himself, he finds the whole matter
new precedent for completed field                                                             photo courtEsy of calvin.Edu   equally high level of merit in in-      a bit embarrassing and said the
goals in the MIAA. Verkaik con-          Verkaik leads all MiAA players in scoring this season.                              teractions with students, faculty       attention is a bit much.
nected on 18 of her 20 attempts,                                                                                             and staff. Unlike the Teacher of           “Any good Calvinist can look
including going 3-3 from beyond          Hope College’s Kari Nysse. The                The long-standing record by           the Year Award, the recipient           around and see others who prob-
the arc.                                 46 also is a new Calvin record,             Calvin’s own Eileen Boonstra            of the Presidential Award for           ably deserve it more than I do,” he
   Verkaik’s 46-point explosion          breaking the 40-point perfor-                                                       Exemplary Teaching is decided           said. However, he joked that “it’s
broke the previous MIAA record           mance by Kristen McDonald in                                                        not by students, but by the recipi-     really nice to get the recognition
of 42 established Feb. 9, 1996 by        2005.                                             See “Record,” page 8              ent’s colleagues in the faculty and     before the memorial service.”
                                                                                                                             the administration.                        Vanden Bosch is honored by
                                                                                                                                First, each department chair         the award, but is confident that

2011 tuition increase approved                                                                                               nominates a professor from his
                                                                                                                             or her depar tment. The rec-
                                                                                                                             ommendation then goes to the
                                                                                                                                                                     it will not affect his teaching. He
                                                                                                                                                                     noted that the award is aimed
                                                                                                                                                                     at what has already been done
Board sets new rate, approves tenure for seven during meeting                                                                dean of the division, who nar-
                                                                                                                             rows the field and presents the
                                                                                                                                                                     and not at some ambition for the

                                                                                                                             nominations to the Professional               See “Award,” page 4
                                         — with an additional required               to increase its financial aid dis-      Status Committee, headed by the
      by stEphEn MuldEr                  fee of $225 — will be $33,395.              tribution by 7 percent. Around
          Editor in chief                That’s an increase of about 3.3             90 percent of Calvin students
                                         percent from the current rates              receive some form of financial
   Last weekend, the Board of            and a 21.4 percent increase from            aid. Bloem also said that cost of
Tr ustees approved new rates             the $27,510 price tag from 2006-            attending Calvin is below the
for tuition, fees, and room and          2007 — the year that the majority           national average for private,
board for the 2010-2011 school           of this year’s graduating class first       four-year institutions.
year.                                    enrolled at Calvin.                            “[T]he difference is even
   Tuition and fees will increase           According to Russell Bloem,              more striking when you look
to $24,645. Room and board will          vice president for enrollment               at colleges and universities
increase to $8,525. The total cost       management, Calvin also expects             that are comparable to Calvin
                                                                                     academically,” said Bloem in a
                                                                                     Calvin news release.
  $35,000                                                                               The full budget won’t be ap-
                                                                                     proved until the Board meets
                                                                                     again in May.
 $30,000                                                                                In addition to approving the
                                                                                     increases in tuition, fees, and
                                                                                     room and board, the Board
  $25,000                                                                            also interviewed and approved
                                                                                     tenure for seven professors:
 $20,000                                                                             Chad Engbers, Linda Naranjo-
                                                                                     Huebl and David Urban in
                                                                                     t he En g l i s h d e p a r t me nt ;
  $15,000                                                                            Pennylyn Dykstra-Prium in
                                                                                     the Germanic languages de-
                                                                                     partment; Todd Kapitula in
  $10,000                                                                            the mathematics and statistics
                                                                                     department; Marcie Pyper in
                                                                                     the Spanish department; and
   $5,000                                                                            John Ross in the HPERDS
                                                                                        A further 28 members of
        $0                                                                           the faculty were approved for
               06-07        07-08     08-09        09-10     10-11                      As expected, the Board did
                                                           chart by stEphEn MuldEr
                                                                                     not make any further decisions
this chart tracks the increase in the cost of tuition, room                          regarding its controversial                                                                   photo courtEsy of calvin.Edu

                                                                                     2009 memo regarding faculty             James Vanden bosch, longtime Calvin professor and noted
and board at Calvin College. blue bars represent the cost of                         advocacy of homosexual mar-             presticogitator, became the 18th recipient of Calvin’s
tuition, while red indicates tuition plus room and board.                            riage or conduct.                       Presidential Award for exemplary teaching.

                                    T h e O f f i c i a l S T u d e n T n e w S pa p e r                      Of    c a lv i n c O l l e g e S i n c e 19 0 7
2     aMpErsand                                                                       C him es                                                                    February 19, 2010

    Chimes                            Weekly Calendar Events
           20 09-2010
         Editor in ChiEf
          Stephen Mulder

       Managing Editor
         Amy Surbatovich
                                       Fridays at Calvin
                                                                           20            SATURDAY

                                                                           7 p.m. - SAO movie:
                                                                                                                21           SUNDAY

                                                                                                                8 p.m. - LOFT, Cha-
                                                                                                                                               22              MONDAY

                                                                                                                                                30th anniversary of
                                                                           “This Is It,” Commons                pel                             the “Miracle on Ice”
          CaMpus &                     3:30 p.m. - Henry In-               Lecture Hall                                                         at the 1980 Winter
       CoMMunity nEws                  stitute Lecture: Lewis                                                   152nd anniversary               Olympic Games in
          Griffin Jackson              Daly, Meeter Center                 -7:33 p.m. - River City              of the original publi-          Lake Placid, N.Y.
         Priscilla Megalaa
                                       Lecture Hall                        Improv, Ladies Literary              cation of “The Com-
          national &                                                       Club                                 munist Manifesto”
          world nEws                   7 p.m. - Purl Jam,                                                       by Karl Marx and
         Andrew Orlebeke               Fish House                          8 p.m. - Film Arts: “The             Friedrich Engels
           Abby Zwart                                                      General,” Bytwerk The-
                                       7:30 p.m. - Black                   ater
            sCiEnCE &                  History Month film
           tEChnology                  festival, Alumni As-                10 p.m. - “This Is It,”
        Melissa Haegert                soc. Board Room                     Commons Lecture Hall
      Mary Ellen Matthews

                                                       23                                  24                                  25                                26
            arts &
        Lindsay Makowski              TUESDAY                              WEDNESDAY                            THURSDAY                        FRIDAY
       Alissa Goudswaard
          Jackson Hall                 3:30 p.m. - Engineers               1:30 p.m. - Engineering              3:30 p.m. - SAO                 Siblings Weekend
            Katie Hall                 Without Borders, SB                 and computer science                 panel on alcoholism,
                                       102                                 career fair, Prince Con-             Meeter Center Lec-              3:30 p.m. - Christian
              sports                                                       ference Center                       ture Hall                       Perspectives on Sci-
             Jon Behm                  7 p.m. - Black His-                                                                                      ence, SB 010
                                       tory Month film:                    4 p.m. - Lecture: And-               7 p.m. - Off-campus             -Philosophy lecture,
              op/Ed                                                                                                                             Meeter Center Lecture
                                       “Percy Julian: Forgot-              ing Shen, SB 010                     programs panel, Hi-             Hall
        Elizabeth Schaefer             ten Genius,” Bytwerk                                                     emenga 316
          photo Essay                  Theater                                                                                                  8 p.m. - Rangeela, GR
          Jordan Guanga                                                                                                                         Christian High
          Jerry Handoko                7:30 p.m. - Cave
                                       Cafe, Fieldhouse
       hEad Copy Editor
         Amy Surbatovich

          Copy Editors                                                                                                                    Want to start your
           Andrea Baas
          Laurel DeVries                                                                                                                  career in journalism
           Mary Healy                                                                                                                     a bit early? Or per-
          Colleen Keehl
        John Kloosterman                                                                                                                  haps you’d like to
        Nathan Korstanje                                                                                                                  voice your indigna-
        Michelle Ratering
         Allison Schepers                                                                                                                 tion at the prepos-
           Naomi Sloan                                                                                                                    terous Hallmark hol-
         Alyssa Smeding
           Libby Steele                                                                                             iday that is Valentine’s Day? Maybe you
     advErtising ManagEr
                                                                                                                    just want to see your name in print. What-
          Emily Thomas                                                                                              ever your motivation for writing is, Chimes
         wEb ManagEr                                                                                                can use you.
          Stephen Mulder

        Helen Sterk, Ph.D

                                                                                                                     Senator of the Week: Senator
                                                         Campus Safety Report                                     Gabe Adhikary, sophomore
                                                                                                                     Majors: Business
                                                           Monday 2/8      Albion College said that his wal-         Current Student Senate
            Chimes                                                                                                Team Projects:
        Calvin College                                    -At 11:30 p.m.   let and clothing were taken from
                                                      two students filed   an unlocked locker. There were            -Organizing a campus-wide
     3201 Burton street se                                                                                        event for 2,000 people
    grand r apids, mi 49546                         a report for an ac-    no suspects at the time the report
                                     cident that occurred on Friday,       was taken.                                -KIVA interactive map to
                                     Feb. 5 in the west parking lot. The                                          show where around students                                                                                           are lending money
     a           accident occurred as one vehicle         Thursday 2/11
                                     was backing out of a parking spot        -At 1:30 p.m. Campus Safety            -Investigation of a T-shirt
                                     and another vehicle was trying to     took a report of a two-car ac-         design competition
     editors: (616) 526-7031                                                                                         Favorite part about Student
    newsroom: (616) 526-6578         pull into the same spot.              cident in the southwest park-
                                                                           ing lot. Both drivers indicated        Senate:
    a dvertising: (616) 526-6729                                                                                     “I love being a leader, at-
        Fax: (616) 526-8670             Tuesday 2/9                        that they did not see the other
                                        -At 10:30 a.m. Campus Safety       driver as they converged at an         tending meetings, and gather-
                                     responded to 2041 Raybrook to         intersection within the parking        ing student input on issues
                                     provide medical assistance. A         lot. Both said they were unable        Calvin faces.”                    Valentine’s dance and gave
         Chimes is the official                                                                                      Interesting Fact about              away f ree pizza f rom
     newspaper of Calvin College.    Calvin employee had tripped and       to stop in time to avoid the col-
                                     fallen, sustaining injuries to the    lision.                                Gabe:                                      Ucello’s after Airband
      The mission of Chimes is to                                                                                    “My dog and my                           on Friday night.
    serve the community of Calvin    head and knee. The victim was            -At 5:46 p.m. Campus Safety
                                     give ice packs and decided to         took a report of a hit-and-run.        brot her have t he                              - To p r o m o t e
     College in a variety of ways:                                                                                same name,                                        the Hunger
       we aim to reform, review,     seek further medical treatment        According to the repor t, the
                                     independently.                        victim’s car had been hit while        so when I call                                    Campaign,
     challenge and foster dialogue                                                                                them, they both                                   Student Senate
        within the community.                                              parked in the west parking lot.
                                       Wednesday 2/10                      The vehicle sustained damaged          magically ap-                                     w i l l be hos t-
                                       -At 8 p.m. Campus Safety was        to the rear bumper. There were         pear.”                                        ing a food drive
                                     called to the Venema Aquatic          no witnesses and the driver of            What are some                             for God’s Kitchen.
       The official Student          Center to take a report regarding     the other vehicle did not leave        of the things that                         L ook for t he blue
       Newspaper of Calvin           property stolen from the men’s        any information with the vehicle       St u d e nt S e n a te h a s            barrels inside the dorm
                                     locker room during an MIAA            or report the incident to Campus       been up to recently?              lobbies to donate food for the
       College Since 1907            conference meet. A swimmer for        Safety.                                   -Student Senate held the       hungry!
                    Ca m pus
                        and                                                                                                                                                             3
        C om m u n i t y ne w s
                                                       ”                                 “      It’s the really good students at Calvin College who make the professors look as
                                                                                                good as they do.
                                                                                                                        -James Vanden Bosch, “Vanden Bosch takes prize”

Airband acts lip-sync way to crowd-pleasing superstardom
      by amanda elliot               been one of the precious few tradi-
                                     tions at our school.”
           Staff Writer
                                        This year, while Spice Girls
                                     and N’Sync were briefly played,
    There were afros, there were     90s music wasn’t the only tunes
abs, there were tights … and let     buzzing out of the speakers. After
me inform you, women were            the group Gotta Catch ‘Em All
not wearing them. “Airband is        brought the cast of the 1990’s tele-
just a spoof,” said junior Emily     vision show, Pokemon, onstage
Van Stee, chair of the Airband       with a typical battle between
Committee.                           Pikachu and Jesse and James,
    At 7:00, an hour before the      N’Shumuck opened with a reen-
show began, students were already    actment of the Lion King singing
lined up ready to experience the     “The Circle of Life.”
detour. Around 14,000 students,         Students put on performances
family and faculty attended this     with a progression of songs. The
year’s Airband Saturday night in     fifth act, Kelly Clark’s Son, used
the Hoogenboom Gym.                  a juke box to transition from the
    Bursting through the doors       Beach Boys, to DMX “Up in
to sit on the bleachers or fold-     Here,” to “Party in the U.S.A.,”
ing chairs, students sang along      adding costumes and creativity
to popular music while Calvin’s      to each segment and ending with
mascot energized the crowd un-       “Bad Romance,” mirroring Lady                                                                                                 Photo by KriStina WinterS
til the purple and midnight blue     Gaga’s possessed dance video and       Kelly Clark’s Son steals both the show and the People’s Choice Award.
lights faded.                        original attire.                       received the most attention is in first. Mary Poppins and The loudest response wins.
    Calvin College’s IMPROV             W hile Lady Gaga is quite           when President Byker filled the Chimney Sweeps, who were the            Van Stee said, “As far as money
entered the stage in hard hats,      risqué, the group that bared all       audience in on the most intimate most theatrical out of all the acts, goes, first place is the best award,
hosting this year’s 26th Annual      was N’Shumuck, who similar to          part of his life — romance, when, had 20 people sweep on stage but as far as reputation, it’s peo-
Airband, “the annual lip syncing     Kelly Clark’s Son, had a line-up of    with the Sem Pond in the back- with soot on their face, but had ple’s choice.” Kelly Clark’s Son,
competition dedicated to honor-      songs to perform from western to       ground, he kissed his wife.       high-powered, synchronized who won this award, seemed to
ing God and uniting Calvin’s         hip hop, which required as many           Van Stee said, “Usually every dance moves, spelling their way relate to everyone in the audience
students and staff.”                 clothes as dance moves.                four years, President Byker does to the top.                          with their array of music. They
    The past two years, Airband         In between acts, the CVN net-       an act on stage, but he was on      Judges award groups based off exposed the age of the audience
was held in the FAC, but it was      work created commercials full of       Sabbatical so he did these vid- of showmanship, creativity, and when they sang “Don’t Stop
originally performed in the field-   puns about Calvin College.The          eos.”                             synchronization. Van Stee said, Believing” as lighters and cell
house. Ken Heffner, Student          crowd was continually enter-              In the end, Starburst, com- “Someone has to be lip-syncing phones swayed in the air.
Activities Director and Airband      tained with “Precious Moments          prised of a dozen members wear- on stage at all times — it’s not        Glitter was flying, starbursts
Advisor said, “It was never meant    with the President” clips that         ing bold, black-rimmed glasses Dance Guild.”However, she not- were thrown, but at the end of the
to be in the FAC. It is more fun,    included President Byker going         and suspenders, showed off their ed, “Dancing has become a larger night, as Erin Mouw exclaimed,
more of a show in the fieldhouse     around campus saying, “I like to       group with slide show imag- part of Airband. The technicality “The Lady Gaga one was pretty
and it was good to be back.”         build things.” And, if you missed      es, winning them best video. is so much more impressive.”             epic.”
    In the 1980s, lip-syncing be-    the president jumping into the         The three groups that placed        The final award of the night        “Unlike last year I feel like all
came a fad, and Heffner said,        Sem Pond on Friday evening,            were N’Shumuck in third, Kelly was people’s choice, which is de- the groups this year gave their
“Calvin jumped on that craze.”       Byker jumped off the diving board      Clark’s Son in second and Mary cided by a meter that reads sound all,” said Kristina Winters, “It
Ever since then, “Airband has        in his swimsuit. But the clip that     Poppins & The Chimney Sweeps decibels and whoever receives the was just better all around.”

                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by KriStina WinterS
                                                                                                                Starburst act dazzles the Airband crowd.

                                                                                                                             News Brief
                                                                                                                     Students and staff come together for competition

                                                                                                                     Beets-Veenstra recently became the winning dorm of this
                                                                                                                  week’s uKnight games. Over a 1,000 students, faculty and staff
                                                                                                                  participated in these games. As an all-campus competition dorms
                                                                                                                  took to competing against each other. The competition was
                                                                                                                  similar to Chaos Day, except with more teams, different games
                                                                                                                  and a wide open schedule. The games which took place in the
                                                                                                                  fieldhouse complex had many different levels, giving everyone
                                                                                                                  a chance to use a wide variety of skill sets. Participants seemed
                                                                                                                  to enjoy the events, playing well past the end of the event and the
                                                                                                                  number of students who showed up this year exceeded last year’s
                                                                                                                  turnout. Some of the popular games included knockout, bags,
                                                                                                                  4-square and canoe tug of war. uKnight Games also provided
                                                                                                                  the unique opportunity for faculty and staff to bring families
                                                                                                                  along and mingle with the students.

                                                                                                                     Calvin’s RIDE program receives $20,000

                                                                                                                     Calvin College’s summer 2010 “Readers in Determined
                                                                                                                  Education” (RIDE) literacy program recently received $20,000
                                                                                                                  from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. With the grant, RIDE
                                                                                                                  will be able to tutor 20 Buchanan Elementary school students and
                                                                                                                  aid students in reading comprehension, fluency and vocabulary
                                                                                                                  skills. According to the RIDE Literacy clinic, students can lose
                                                                                                                  up to 25 percent of what they learned from on school year to the
                                                                                                                  next. The program aims to make sure that this loss does not hap-
                                                                                                                  pen during the summer months and that students come prepared
                                                                                                                  for the next school year with advanced reading skills.

                                                                                                                                                  Compiled by Priscilla Megalaa
4     Campus & Community news                                                                     C him es                                                                         February 19, 2010

Cabinet joins students, braves the cold of Sem Pond
Calvin students, staff, and faculty brace themselves to continue annual Sem Pond jump tradition
                                          too bad compared to the cold                speaker, Mike Mantel, that I
          by Alice keyes                  snow on my feet.”                           needed to support a well for that
            Guest Writer                      This year’s event increased             school.
                                          more than student moral and                     I gave money against interest,
   With yells of anticipation,            Knight spirit, it also helped to            so to speak ... and happy to do so.
participants and spectators sur-          raise money for Living Water                I wanted to be a part of something
rounded the Seminary Pond,                International.                              playful.
enveloping it with a spirit of ca-             The Cold Knight Club linked               However, getting changed at
maraderie as faculty and students         with the ReGathering fundraiser             5p.m. into shorts and our Calvin
alike prepared to plunge into the         to help bring in $12,778.52 to do-          shirts, Claudia and I thought,
icy water on Feb. 12 as part of the       nate to the organization to build a         “What have we done?” But once
uKnight week events.                      well for a Ugandan school.                  we jumped in it was exhilarat-
   “By the time I jumped into the             Cabinet members, includ-                ing! I’m getting the picture of
Sem Pond I was getting into the           ing president Gaylen Byker and              the Cabinet, Mary Hulst, Bill
excitement of the moment,” said           provost Claudia Beversluis,                 Corner and Paul Ryan made into
Bill Corner, director of Campus           and other alumni board and                  an 8x10.”
Safety.                                   faculty members became active                  The tradition retained its usual
    “The crowd cheering, watch-           participants. “The first reason             elements. Each partaker received
ing colleagues go before me, the          I agreed was that President Byker           a white Cold Knight Club towel
pledge before the jump and high           didn’t think twice about jumping            upon completing the feat, and
fives with students as we made            into cold water, and I wasn’t go-           those who participated for four                                                           Photo courtesy of
our way to the pond. It was all a         ing to be a weak link about it,”            sequential years collected the            Students pump themselves up for the freezing plunge.
lot of fun. By the time I jumped,         sa id Sh i rley Hoog st ra, v ice           coveted gold towel.
my feet were so cold that they felt       p r e sid e nt for St u d e nt Li fe.          “I guess as a Canadian I feel
on fire.                                  “Second of all, I was completely            that I have a patriotic obliga-
   So to me the water did not seem        convinced by the ReGathering                tion to participate in any win-
                                                                                      ter activity, and I really needed
                                                                                      that towel,” freshman Michael
                                                                                      VanderMeer said.
                                                                                         “As for everyone else, it seemed
                                                                                      like a good excuse to do some-
                                                                                      thing crazy and memorable that
                                                                                      involved costumes, body paint
                                                                                      and flirting with hypothermia.”
                                                                                         The jump is a relatively new
                                                                                      addition to Calvin College. A
                                                                                      group of 28 students initiated the
                                                                                      event in 1999. Since that time it
                                                                                      has grown to draw hundreds of
                                                                                      participants and even has its own
                                                                                      Facebook page.
                                                                                         Its unique qualities attract stu-
                                                                                      dents to participate.“When else in
                                                                                      your life are you crazy enough to
                                                                                                                                                                                Photo courtesy of
                                                                                      dress up in a costume and jump            President Byker leaps gracefully into the icy pond.
                                                                                      into freezing cold water? It is a
                                                                                      great college memory,” college            lected $3,000 for a project related   dents raised enough money for an
                                                                                      chaplain Dr. Mary Hulst said.             to the water theme that we used       entire well for a school.
                                                                                         Even though the motivation for         for the all campus critical is-          Frankly, I have a new under-
                                                                                      many board members this year              sue forum,” said Beversluis. “I       standing of the strength of peer
                                                                                      was to help raise money, it helped        think she set the bar low because     pressure and the folly of impulsive
                                                      Photo courtesy of
                                                                                      push people’s personal limits.            she had planned to jump all           decision making! But it was a
                                                                                         “Pastor Mar y had already              along!                                good cause. I loved the irony of
Representatives of the Cabinet, the chaplain’s office, and                            made a commitment to jump                    But then she challenged the        jumping into the muck so that
Campus Safety smile in the midst of frigid event.                                     in the Sem Pond if students col-          Cabinet members to jump if stu-       kids could get clean water.”

award: Vanden Bosch takes prize
    Continued from page 1                 do,” he said. “To talk about the            ing Vande Kopple look utterly
                                          award without recognizing the               foolish.
future of his career in the class-        students is to be blind.”                      Vande Kopple holds Vanden
room or outside of it.                        O n e o f Va n d e n B o s c h’s        Bosch in very high regard, de-
    The English department is             most recognizable traits is his             spite the fact that Vanden Bosch’s
no stranger to the award. Of the          c o mp e t it ive ne s s. P r ofe s s o r   competitiveness carries over into
18 given out, three have gone to          William Vande Kopple, co-chair              many facets of life, even allowing
the department. Before Vanden             of the English department em-               him to describe himself as “com-
B os c h wor e t he med a l l ion ,       phasized his colleague’s com-               petitively humble.”
Professor Ken Kuiper was the              petitiveness, citing an example                “Above all,” said Vande Kopple
first recipient of the award and          when the two were co-teaching a             of Vanden Bosch, “his pedagogi-
Prof. Mary Ann Walters was the            class. Vanden Bosch was lectur-             cal skill, his ability craft language
seventh.                                  ing while Vande Kopple sat in the           beautifully, his funniness and his
    The prominence of the award in        back of class. Frequently, when             competitiveness, is his heart of
his department actually prompt-           Vande Kopple would take to eat-             compassion.”
ed Vanden Bosch to believe it was         ing his regular morning snack of               It was the combination of all
unlikely to come to an English            graham crackers and find himself            these factors, along with his
professor again for a while. He           mid-mouthful, Vanden Bosch                  sensitivity, his helpful heart and
hardly considered the possibil-           would have the moxie to engage              his teaching skill that have made
ity prior to the announcement.            him with a very tough question,             Professor Vanden Bosch a worthy
Still, the department remains             thereby making the unsuspect-               recipient of this year’s award.
    “ T he y ’r e ve r y h a p p y fo r
me and very supportive,” Vanden
Bosch said of his colleagues in
t he d e pa r t me nt. “ T h i s i s a
department that values good
teaching and pushes hard to
make teachers the best they can
be. I am just as proud to be in
the department now as when I
    When asked the recipe for his
stand-out teaching and popular-
ity among students and faculty
alike, Vanden Bosch said “I think
it’s the fact that I’m young, beau-
tiful and have cat-like grace.” He
went on to say, “For me, personal
beauty is job one.”
    More seriously, he noted the
privilege to be around such good
scholars in his department and
at Calvin as a whole. He also
thanked his students.
    “It’s the really good students
at Calvin College who make the                                                                   Photo courtesy of
professors look as good as they           Prof.Vanden Bosch is the 18th recipient of Presidential Award.
               N at i o N a l                                                                                                                                                              5
                                                                                                The current operation ... is aimed at restoring security and stability to this vital
          a N d Wo r l d N e W s
                                                                                                area of Afghanistan. It’s regrettable that ... innocent lives were lost.
                                                                                                                               -Gen. Stanley McChrystal, “Civilians Dead,” p. 6

Indiana’s Bayh retires                                                         Alabama shooter has criminal history
                                                                                                                     hitting no one. Then, she argued     cover-up and no missing records.
                                      ing for the needs of Americans.                 by josh delacy                 with her 18 year-old brother, shot   The records were all there when
     by michelle ratering                “There is too much partisan-                    staff Writer                and killed him.                      I left. Where they went in the last
            staff Writer              ship and not enough progress,                                                     She fled the house and was at-    22 years and two police chiefs
                                      too much narrow ideology and                                                   tempting to steal a vehicle when     subsequent, I don’t know.”
   Evan Bayh, a congressman not enough practical problem-                                                            Braintree officers arrested her.         Amy Bishops Anderson’s vio-
from Indiana, announced on solving,” he stated.                                                                      However, shortly after she arrived   lent history extends even fur-
Monday, Feb. 15 that he was not          However, Bayh’s retirement                                                  at the police station, according     ther than this shooting. In 1993,
seeking re-election for a third from Congress doesn’t mean that                                                      to Frazier’s unnamed source,         she was suspected of mailing
term.                                 he plans on disappearing.                                                      John Polio, the then-police chief,   two pipe bombs to a Harvard
   Bayh had been considered as           “After all these years, my pas-                                             ordered her release. Polio evi-      Medical School professor, Dr.
a possible vice president for not sion for service to our fellow                                                     dently mentioned that Anderson’s     Paul Rosenberg. Supposedly,
only Sen. John Kerry’s 2004 pres- citizens is undiminished, but                                                      mother held a position on the        A nderson had feared t hat
idential attempt, but also in the my desire to do so by serving in                                                   Braintree Personnel Board.           Rosenberg was going to evalu-
2008 election, as a potential vice Congress has waned …. At this                                                        Now 87 years old, Polio de-       ate her poorly, and witnesses
president to Barack Obama.            time, I simply believe I can best                                              nied this story when confronted      observed a “dispute” between
   Bayh’s choice is not because contribute to society in another                                                     by CNN. He claimed that de-          the pair shortly before the bomb
he feared that he would not be way: creating jobs by helping                                                         tectives told him the shooting       incident.
re- elec ted in November. In grow a business, helping guide an                                          File Photo   was an accident, and said that           However, federal investigators
fact, Bayh was leading in polls, institution of higher education, or               A history of vio-                 they recommended releasing           never formally accused, nor even
and calls him a helping run a worthy charitable                   lence follows Amy Bishop              Anderson. As for the comment         formally suspected anyone for the
“money- raising powerhouse endeavor.”                                          Anderson, the professor who           about the Personnel Board, Polio     crime. Nevertheless, Anderson
who is credited with reinventing         Bayh is a centrist Democrat,          shot six of her colleagues last       simply said that any link between    was one of twelve subjects that
the Indiana Democratic Party.” and is in his second six year                   Saturday. Of the six shot by          Anderson’s prompt release and        the police investigated, and Sylvia
Rather, Bayh’s resolution was term in Congress. His decision                   the biology professor at the          her mother’s position was “laugh-    Fluckiger, a lab technician who
due to his frustration with the to retire opens that seat for yet              Universit y of A labama in            able.”                               worked with Anderson in 1993,
current political climate.            another Republican to be voted           Hunstvile, three died.                   The 1986 news reports, though,    also expressed suspicion about
   “To put it in words I think most into Congress and tip the balance              This was not Anderson’s           present quite a different account.   her involvement. “Police in-
                                                           of power.           first shooting.                       The Boston Globe stated that         terviewed her, and she told me
                                                                The                In 1986, she shot and killed      the shooting was accidental.         about it,” Fluckiger said. “I really
                                                           Democratic          her brother, Seth, in their home      Anderson shot her brother after      wondered if she may have had,
                                                           party is            in Braintree, Massachusetts,          asking her mother how to unload      you know, some more knowledge,
                                                           scrambling          apparently by accident. News          a 12-gauge shotgun. John Polio       although I’m not accusing her of
                                                           for a candi-        reports of the incident vary,         was cited as a source.               anything.”
                                                           d ate to f i l l    and police confessed that they           A similar story was released          Anderson’s 2010 shooting is be-
                                                           the position.       were never comfortable with           by the state in 1986. The police     lieved to have resulted from frus-
                                                           Currently,          the r uling. Last Sat urday,          report stated that Braintree’s       trations with obtaining tenure.
                                                           there are           Braintree Police Chief Paul           officers had told the state police   After six years at the University of
                                                           no state            Frazier said, “It is a far dif-       that “indications were that Amy      Alabama, teachers either receive
                                                           Democrats           ferent story, I believe, than         Bishop had been attempting to        tenure or are fired. Jim Anderson,
                                                           who are             what was reported back then.”         manipulate the shotgun and had       Amy’s husband, explained that
                                                           qualif ied to       However, he admits, “I cannot         subsequently brought the gun         his wife had been denied tenure.
                                                           f i l l B a y h’s   tell you what the thought pro-        downstairs in an attempt to gain     However, she had appealed and
                                                           position, and       cess was behind our releasing         assistance from her mother in        won, although her fight to obtain
                                                           have submit-        her at the time.”                     disarming the weapon.” Then the      tenure was still progressing. He
                                                           ted t he re-            Frazier relayed to reporters      weapon had discharged, striking      said that she was frustrated with
                                                           quired 4,500        an explanation told to him            Amy’s brother in the chest.          “the process.”
                                                           signatures          by a currently employed of-              Police Chief Frazier revealed         Jim Anderson also said that he
                                                           necessary to        f icial who was involved in           that the original police records     does not know how Amy obtained
                                                           be consid-          Anderson’s case back in 1986.         detailing the incident are miss-     the 9mm handgun she is accused
                                                           ered. The           Anderson, then 19, had fired          ing. Polio insisted that “there      of using. He explained that the
                                                           likelihood of       a shotgun in her bedroom,             was no cover-up. Absolutely no       family did not own a gun.
                                                           a Republican

                                                                               Holland declared second-happiest city
                                                           being elected
                                                           is high, as
                                                           Indiana is a
                                                           Republican                                                Tribute.                            also have enough money for ad-
                                                           leading state.           by colleen keehl                    Factors such as law enforce- equate housing.
                                                                Bayh’s co-               staff Writer                ment, recreation spaces and cer-       With the annual Tulip Time
                                                           worker, Sen                                               tain laws also influence commu- festival, vibrant Dutch heritage
                                                           Dick-Lugar             Feeling sad and blue? Well,        nities’ overall health.             and being located right on Lake
                                                File Photo (R-Ind.),           you might want to move to the            “It really does speak well to Michigan, Holland was named
Indiana Democrat Evan Bayh has served as both spoke highly                     Holland-Grand Haven, Mich.,           the people and the environment one of the best places live by
governor and congressman.                                  of h is col-        area, which ranked second hap-        in Holland that we are competing CNNMoney because of the me-
                                                           league.             piest metropolitan region in the      on a national scale with some of dian family income of $63,431
people can understand: I love            “The last 33 years of political       United States, according to           the most beautiful places in the and an unemployment rate of
working for the people of Indiana, life in our country have often              The Gallup-Healthways Well-           country,” said Holland Mayor 13.3 percent.
I love helping our citizens make been times of excessive partisan-             Being Index on Monday.                Kurt Dykstra, who was pleased          In the education department,
the most of their lives, but I do not ship,” Lugar said. “I am grateful           According to data taken            with the outcome of his city.       the region has eight colleges, uni-
love Congress,” said Bayh during that … Evan Bayh [was] always                 throughout the year of 2009 by           The Holland metro area en- versities and professional schools.
a press conference.                   ready to work with me in making          the Gallup Healthways, many           compasses all of Ottawa County, The divorce rate is at 7.5 percent
   In addition, Bayh is quoted as certain that Hoosier wisdom and              aspects of where you live factor      which contains a population and the median age is 28.8 years
saying he has a “growing convic- commonsense had strong united                 into your daily well-being and        of more than 260,364, accord- old.
tion” that Congress is not work- voices in every debate.”                      overall happiness, something          ing to the U.S. Census Bureau,         While Boulder ranked number
                                                                               of which Holland has a great          Population Division.                one, Ann Arbor ranked 38th and
                                                                               deal.                                    According to research director the Detroit-Warren-Livonia area
                                                                                  Complied with interviews           Dan Witters, wealthier communi- ranked 122nd. Huntington, W.
                                                                               and phone surveys of more             ties typically score higher. “Most Va., is the unhappiest city.
                                                                               than 350,000 Americans, a             of our highest-scoring cities are      “People need to know what
                                                                               nationwide daily survey was           found out west and most of our a wonderful place they live in,”
                                                                               given to measure what pro-            lowest-scoring cities are in the said Marty Dobosz, who lives
                                                                               duces a good and happy life.          South.”                             in Noblesville, Ind., but recently
                                                                                  It is made up of six sub-             The most unhappy metros are bought land in Holland.
                                                                               indexes: emotion well-being,          one that have been hit hard by the     “You can always visit another
                                                                               work settings, physical health,       Great Reset which includes the place but where you live is where
                                                                               life evaluation, healthy con-         Sunbelt cities of sand and Rustbelt your hearts are and our hearts are
                                                                               duct and access to basic neces-       locations.                          from Michigan.”
                                                                               sities such as food and shelter.         In larger
                                                                               Holland received the second           cities, such
                                                                               best “well being” and “healthi-       as those
                                                                               est” — beating cities in Hawaii,      with a pop-
                                                                               California and Utah.                  u lat ion of
                                                                                  When looking at how the            one million
                                                                               different summary and aspects         or more,
                                                                               examined in the health out-           there are
                                                                               comes, the rates of mortality,        higher lev-
                                                                               premature death, morbidity,           els of well-
                                                                               physical and mental health            bei ng a nd
                                                                               days were weighed.                    optimism of
                                                                                  “For ‘health factors,’ they        the future.
                                                                               compiled data such as smok-           In smaller
                                                                               ing, drinking, obesity, health        cities, with
                                                                               care, education, employment,          250,000 or
                                                                               poverty, violent crime rate, air      less, peo-
                                                                               pollution, access to healthy          ple feel                                                      File Photo
                                                                               foods and liquor store den-           s a f e r a t Holland’s annual Tulip Time festival is an example
                                                                               sity,” stated the Grand Haven         night and of the city’s upbeat culture and positive attitude.
6    NatioNal & World NeWs                                                                C him es                                                                        February 19, 2010

Civilians dead in NATO offensive                                                                                    Ukraine in election uproar
                                       shadow government.                        Six Taliban casualties were
                                                                                                                    Candidate declares 1 million votes fraudulent
         Zach Sepanik                     British Maj. Gen. Gordon            claimed by the Taliban spokes-                                               Tymoshenko that the basis of de-
           Staff Writer                Messenger said in a news release       man for the Marjah area, saying              by kelly laRSen                 mocracy is the will of the people,”
                                       Sunday that the Moshtarak op-          militants had killed 192 Afghan                  Staff Writer                Yanukovych said in a public state-
   On Sunday, February 14, two         eration also includes securing         and coalition troops. In the past,                                           ment on Sunday. “Democratic
rockets fired by coalition forces      Kandahar and providing support         the Taliban has often inf lated          Ukrainian Prime Minister            leaders always accept the results
in southern Afghanistan missed         to the government and police           casualty figures.                     Yu l i a Ty m o s h e n k o f i le d
their intended target and killed       there. The Taliban has had in-            “NATO forces have not cap-         charges Tuesday at Ukraine’s
12 Afghan civilians. This was          creasing influence in Kandahar,        tured any areas in Marjah from        Supreme Administrative Court
in great effect due to the stiff       as of late.                            t he Mujahedeen,” said Qa r i         against the Feb. 7 election re-
resistance demonstrated by the            On Sunday, officials comment-       Yousif A hmadi, the Taliban           sults, which showed her losing
Taliban to the NATO assault            ed that they did not know how          spokesman.                            the election by a slim margin to
against the militant group.            many Taliban fighters remained            Soldiers also found on Sunday      former Prime Minister Viktor
   “We deeply regret this tragic       in the Marjah region of Helmand        a weapons cache in the Nad Ali        Yanukovych.
loss of life,” U.S. General Stanley    province, but think they may be        district. The cache included two         Tymoshenko is disputing the
McChrystal, commander of the           in the hundreds. They also believe     155 mm artillery rounds, four         results on charges of fraud.
International Security Assistance      that some of them are holed up in      pressure plates, blasting caps and       In an election hailed by
Force, said in a statement. “The       civilian compounds.                    batteries, according to ISAF.         international observers as an
current operation in Central              U.S. Marines told CNN that             In another incident, a man         “impressive display of democ-
Helmand is aimed at restoring          Taliban forces tried to over-          who refused to stop as he neared      racy,” Yanukovych won 48.95
security and stability to this vital   run, successfully in some cases,       a coalition checkpoint was shot       percent of the 25.5 million
area of Afghanistan. It’s regret-      several positions that coalition       by the coalition forces, despite      votes cast. Tymoshenko re-
table that in the course of our        forces had secured inside the          repeated warnings to stop. The        ceived 45.47 percent.
joint efforts, innocent lives were     city.                                  coalition forces said no weapons         But Tymoshenko claims to
lost.”                                    In one instance, three sus-         were found on the middle-aged         have proof that over a mil-
   The two rockets were equipped       pected suicide bombers breached        man.                                  lion of those votes are invalid,
with the High Mobility Artillery       a secure military area near Koru          Messenger commented that,          which would swing the elec-
R o c ke t Sy s t e m ( H I M A R S)   Chareh Bazaar, Marine officials        overall, Taliban resistance had       tion results in her favor.
and coalition forces fired them        said. They also noted that the         not prevented coalition efforts          “With all this proof, I have
at insurgents who were firing          bombers were able to throw three       to hold meetings, also known as       taken the only possible deci-                                         File photo
                                                                                                                    sion: to challenge the results         Prime Minister and presidential
                                                                                                                    of the election in court,” she         candidate Tymoshenko.
                                                                                                                    explained. “I will defend our
                                                                                                                    state and the choice we made           of the elections. The country does
                                                                                                                    on the basis of legal documents.       not need a new crisis.”
                                                                                                                    Not going to court would mean             Ukraine has stagnated politi-
                                                                                                                    giving up Ukraine to criminals         cally and economically in the last
                                                                                                                    without a fight.”                      few years as political tensions
                                                                                                                       Tymoshenko has protested            between President Yushchenko
                                                                                                                    national elections before. In          and Prime Minister Tymoshenko
                                                                                                                    the Orange Revolution of 2004,         have risen.
                                                                                                                    she came to power as lieuten-             In 2009, the country’s economy
                                                                                                                    ant under Viktor Yuschenko             shrank by 15 percent, the BBC
                                                                                                                    after the initial victor was           reported.
                                                                                                                    discovered to have committed              Many voters cited disenchant-
                                                                                                                    fraud and vote-rigging.                ment with the leaders of the
                                                                                                                       That displaced president            Orange Revolution as the reason
                                                                                                                    wa s Vi k to r Ya nu kov yc h.         for Yanukovych’s Party of the
                                                                                                                    Despite his fraudulent victory         Regions victory.
                                                                                                                    in 2004, the Ukrainian press              Yanukovych campaigned on
                                                                                                                    and parliament have endorsed           a promise of restoring Ukraine’s
                                                                                                                    his 2010 victory.                      relationship with Russia, giving
                                                                                                                       The parliament plans to             more autonomy to individual
                                                                                                                    inaugurate Yanukovych on               regions of the country, and con-
                                                                                                                    Feb 25.                                tinuing work toward involvement
                                                                                                                       T he Organization for               in the European Union.
                                                                                                                    Security and Cooperation in               Membership in t he EU
                                                                                                                    Europe, which oversaw the              would mark a significant step in
                                                                                                                    Feb. 7 elections, has called           Ukraine’s progress to economic
                                                                                                                    them “professional, transpar-          stability.
                                                                                                                    ent and honest.”                          But political commentators
                                                                                                                       Ya nu kov yc h h a s a sked         fear that the uncertainty which
                                                                                                                    Tymoshenko to step down                accompanies Tymoshenko’s elec-
                                                                                                                    from her post as prime minis-          tion protest will create instabil-
                                                                                                         ap photo   ter, but she has refused.              ity for the new Yanukovych-led
NATO troops and Afghan soldiers move into the Helmand province as a part of the offensive.                             “I wa nt to re m i nd M s.          government.
upon Afghan and ISAF forces.
However, the rockets struck about
                                       or four grenades inside the com-
                                       pound. The insurgents were not
                                                                              shuras, with local leaders. To get
                                                                              Afghans on its side, the coalition    Cyclone René batters Pacific
300 meters off their intended tar-     able to detonate their bomb vests      has been participating in these
get, ISAF said.                        as they were killed before they        meetings quite extensively and                                                  As the tropical storm travels
   The incident happened in the        could attempt to.                      with great interest.                       Michelle RateRing                 further southwest, it is being
Helmand province in the Nad               Throughout the day, sporadic            “T here had been, a nd re-                   Staff Writer                weakened by numerous factors.
Ali district. The location is where    firefight continued with an aver-      mained, very little Taliban in-                                              W hen René a r r ived i n New
NATO forces have launched              age of two to three Taliban fight-     terference.                              During the past week, tropi-        Zealand, it had already been
Operation Moshtarak. This is           ers being killed in each battle, the       There had been small arms at-     cal Cyclone René swept full            downgraded to a category one
a huge offensive by an interna-        Marines said.                          tacks from a distance which had       force across the South Pacific         strength cyclone.
tional coalition of 15,000 troops         “It is not u nusua l for t he       tested the patrols, but nothing       Ocean, hitting the Kingdom of             Cyclone René might soon be
including Afghans, Americans,          Taliban to melt away to regroup.       had stopped the mission from          Tonga, Fiji and New Zealand.           gone, but the long term effects
Britons, Canadians, Danes and          The threat is still present in         progressing or shuras from taking        The Tonga, an archipelago           of the storm’s presence will not
Estonians.                             the area that they might come          place,” Messenger said.               of 36 occupied and 133 un-             quickly dissipate. While the
   The statement contained words       back, and our troops are well              Officials hope Afghan forces      inhabited islands, is located          storm might bring rain to dry
from McChrystal, conveying his         aware of that,” Messenger told         and the government will main-         south of Samoa and east of             areas in need of water, René
apologies to Afghan president          CNN. “The troops are fighting          tain control. They also said that     Australia. As René passed              significantly damaged numer-
Hamid Karzai.                          in very open terrain, especially       they hope the forces win alle-        over the islands on Feb. 15,           ous crops on the Tongan islands
   Pending a review of the devas-      now during the winter,” he said.       giance from the citizens and pro-     the cyclone was rated as a             of Vava’u and Haa’apai, an issue
tation caused from Sunday’s in-        “This is a very complex opera-         vide farmers with an alternative      category four cyclone, which           which could bring about issues in
cident, coalition forces have also     tion but it has worked extremely       to the poppy crops that pervade       is the equivalent of a category        later months.
suspended use of the HIMAR.            well.”                                 the region.                           two hurricane.                            Fruit crops were also dam-
The coalition forces were taking          Messenger also emphasized               “Everyone understands that           Inhabitants experienced             aged by the cyclone’s category
direct fire from an insurgent com-     that a key element is the coopera-     what has happened over the            power outages, heavy rainfall          four force.
pound, which was the intended          tion with the Afghan nationals in      last 24 to 48 hours is the easy       and, for the residents of the             “The fruit trees, for exam-
target, ISAF said.                     both preparing and executing this      bit,” Messenger noted in a news       Haa’apai island group, wind            ple, the breadfr uit, the man-
   The effort was launched last        operation.                             release.                              gusts as high as 143 miles an          gos, the banana family, they are
Saturday by NATO, which an-               “The atmosphere among the               “The hard bit, the challenge,     hour.                                  all 95 to 100 percent damaged.
nounced the offensive before it        locals remains positive, largely       is the enduring effort, is deliver-      Trees and power lines fell,         I think it can be forecast that
started so that citizens could get     because elders on the ground           ing the security which allows the     but minimal damage to homes            there be some shortage of food
out of harm’s way. That same           knew about the operation ahead         Afghans to start providing for        was incurred, and no injuries          i n t he f ut u re,” said Ma si na
day, Karzai urged Afghan and           of time,” he said. “The sense is       their people.”                        or deaths directly associated          Tu it up o u , t he s e c r e t a r y of
international troops to exercise       genuinely that the population is           For the troops Obama said he      with the storm have been re-           Vava’u’s Disaster Management
“absolute caution” and ensure          prepared to give this a go.”           would make sure to come home as       ported. New Zealand’s prime            Committee.
civilian safety.                          Dawoud A hmadi, the                 soon as possible, this new offen-     minister promised that his                Accord i ng to R ad io New
   Helmand is a fortress of pro-       Provincial spokesman, said 27          sive just marks a new beginning       country would assist Tonga,            Zealand International’s report,
Taliban sentiment. It is also          Taliban fighters have been killed.     to the war.                           noting that he already had             Tonga’s Disaster Management
awash with the opium used to           Also, a total of 5,500 pounds of           The insurgents won’t let up so    supplies in place nearby to be         Office will decide the correct
fund the insurgency. The region        explosives have been discovered        it rests in the hands of the Afghan   dispatched if needed.                  way to respond to a possible crisis
known as the heroin capital of         by Afghan and international            forces to take control of their          He also assured the country         once a full assessment of the
Afghanistan is Marjah, which           forces during the operation, as        land and learn quickly from the       that “there will be financial          cyclone damage has been com-
is where the Taliban has set up a      of Sunday.                             Americans.                            resources if required as well.”        pleted.
       Sport S           “
                                                                                                       I didn’t know actually until my teammate came in and told me they were

                                                                                                       leaving me in to score 50.
                                                                                                                            -Carissa Verkaik, “Verkaik leaves mark in MIAA,” p. 8

Swimmers successful in Venema Trade deadline woes
Women place first, men fourth in MIAA championships                                                                               By JoN Behm
                                                                                                                                                             out in frustration and anger at the
                                                                                                                                                             Cavalier organization.
                                      with still an impressive B-cut time points scored.                                          Sports editor                 T he C avs t raded ce nte r
        By Derek Neice                of 2:24.96.                               In the men’s competition,                                                    Zydrunas Ilgauskas and a first
           Staff Writer                  “The breaststrokers continued Calvin came up with a number                         It is that time of the NBA       round pick for two sub-par play-
                                      to be a strong point,” Gelderloos of strong performances on the fi-                season again, the time when         ers, one of whom is not worth the
   As Calvin senior and MIAA          said of his trio of breaststrokers. nal night of competition. Calvin’s             the front office needlessly dis-    egotistical baggage that he drags
Most Valuable Swimmer Maggie          “Maggie Vail really continued to top individual finish came from                   mantles its team because it         along with him.
Vail touched the wall at the end      dominate in that event as she has freshman Mark Rushlow who                        believes that doing so will            Mind you, the Cavs made
of the 400 free relay, she gave the   the last three years or so, Emily was fourth in the 100 freestyle                  somehow help gain the cham-         this trade while owning the best
Knights another first place finish    Roberts had a very solid time, and with a time of 46.56.                           pionship.                           record in the NBA. Not only
for the weekend, and with that        we all feel there’s a lot of room         Other top-eight individual                  Year in and year out, there      that, but they also have gone 7-2
touch she characterized the entire    for improvement over the next finishes for the Calvin men in-                      is always at least one strong       against potential title contenders,
conference meet for the Calvin        couple weeks before we head to cluded freshman Mathias Bares                       contender for the title that        including 4-0 against the two
women as they went on to win the      nationals.”                            placing seventh in the 1650 free-           believes it only needs one fi-      teams to make the NBA finals last
2010 Conference Championship             “Maggie [Vail] is probably top style (16:45.28), sophomore Ross                 nal tool to help put it over the    season, the Lakers and Magic.
with a record 939 points.             two or three of my all-time most Battoclette taking eighth in the                  top. Unfortunately for me, a           Based on those statistics, it
   With those 939 points Calvin       improved                                                     200 backstroke        Cavaliers fan, it usually is GM     makes absolutely no sense to
won the women’s competition           swimmers                                                     (2:00.95),            Danny Ferry pulling that trade      adjust the roster and mess with
by 224, with Hope taking sec-         over their                                                   freshman              trigger.                            the obvious team chemistry that
ond place with 715 points, and        fou r yea rs,”                                               Stephen Kraft            Why do teams think it is         exists. I, for one, hope that this
Kalamazoo nabbing third with          Gelderloos                                                   taking seventh        necessary to do this? In my         trade backfires and blows up in
442 points.                           said of his                                                  in the 200            opinion all it does is dismantle    the Cavaliers face.
   “Everyone carried their own        MIAA Most                                                    breaststroke          team chemistry and mess with           The Cavs, though, are not the
weight, everyone swam to their        Valuable                                                     (2:13.20) and         the psyche of players whose         only team to do this. Recently,
potential and everyone supported      Swimmer.                                                     Ca lv i n’s 4 0 0     names have been mentioned           the Mavericks have also given up
each other,” Calvin coach Dan         “She’s an in-                                                freestyle relay       in trade rumors.                    prime talent and brought in a core
Gelderloos said after the fes-        credibly con-                                                team of fresh-           Looking back over the past       of Washington Wizards (Caron
tivities had concluded. “We           fident swim-                                                 m a n Ke nton         five or so years of NBA cham-       Butler, Brendan Haywood, and
were able to swim real well and       mer, silently                                                C o o p e r, s e -    pions, there is one pattern that    DeShawn Stevenson) in an at-
we put a pretty good team onto        very competi-                                                nior Kurt             can and should be noted. None       tempt to beef up their roster for
the national meet in Minneapolis      tive and she’s                                               VanAllsburg,          of them made mid-season,            the playoffs.
Lord willing.                         goi n g to b e                                               freshman Kyle         roster-shaking trades.                 Notice, though, that there are
   The day’s events started out       really missed                                                Garringer                The Lakers won last year         two important teams that I have
with the mile finals, a grueling      next year to                                                 and senior            without a major trade. The          not mentioned in this article.
race of 1650 yards that saw Calvin    be honest.”                                                  Jon Herrema           Celtics the year before. Then       Those teams would be the defend-
swimmers finish fourth through           Calvin                                                    placing fourth        the Spurs, Heat, Spurs again        ing East and West Champions,
seventh.                              couldn’t                                                     (3:13.67).            and finally the Pistons. None       the Magic and Lakers. I have not
   Libby Veld k a mp c a me i n       win all of                                                       A l so scor-      of these teams made any major       mentioned them because they
fourth with a time of 18:02.45,       the events                                                   ing points for        trades.                             have not made any trades and
Laura Price took fifth in 18:11.25,   though. The                                                  the Calvin               So here I am, writing this ar-   have barely even been mentioned
Bridget Scott came in sixth with a    200 fly finals                                               men were              ticle, hearing news of the Cavs     in trade rumors. These two teams
time of 18:21.36 and Shelby Cloyd     were the only                   photo courteSy of calviN.eDu s e n i o r B r a d   yet again making a midseason        are the second and third best
grabbed seventh with a time of        ones that did The women’s swim and dive team Groenewold in                         trade. This trade, however, is      teams in the league and know
18:22.10.                             not feature a claimed their sixth-straight MIAA 15th place in                      entirely out of the ordinary.       that they do not need to shake up
   Next came the 200 back fi-         Calvin swim-                                                 the 1650 free-        Not only did Ferry trade a          their rosters.
nals, and Monica Bressler was         mer in the top crown at the Venema Aquatic                   style (18:37.11),     player who is a big part of the        The NBA trade deadline has
impressive yet again as she took      four finishers. Center last weekend.                         Garringer             Cavalier identity, but he also      been screwing up teams for years,
first place with a time of 2:09.94.   In that event Kelley Barr was the in 10th place (1:59.88), fresh-                  traded one of only two players      and, thanks to the Cavs, it will not
Caitlin Alexander came fourth         sole Knight representative and man Sam Allison in 12th place                       that would cause fans to lash       be taking this season off.
with a time of 2:11.87.               she took eighth with a time of (2:03.11), freshman Zack Reuther
   The 100 free finals came next,     2:23.85.                               in 14th place (2:03.89), junior
and Calvin’s top performers in           The final event was the 400 Tyler Westman in 15th place
that event were Rachel Bos who        free relay finals, and Calvin’s win (2:04.43) in the 200 backstroke,
took third with a time of 53.60
and Rachel Colasurdo who took
                                      in that event sealed a phenomenal VanAllsburg 11th (48.05) and
                                      performance by the women over Cooper 12th (48.34) in the 100
                                                                                                                                 Upcoming events
eighth in a time of 54.78. In         the last three days. The relay f r e e s t yle; s o pho mo r e G r e g
the 100 free consolation finals       consisted of Bressler, Bos, Price Gorham in 11th place (2:16.95),                  Men’s Basketball                    Women’s Basketball
Stephanie Fox and Kendra Kinzer       and Vail, and they won the race sophomore Chris Shepperly in
finished in the top two spots with    in a B-cut time of 3:32.35.            14th place (2:20.44) and sopho-                                                   2/20 @ Alma, 3 PM
times of 54.47 and 54.90.                “The highlight for me was the more Luke Griffioen in 16th place                  2/20 vs. Alma, 3 PM
   The next event was the 200         400 relay; I love winning that (2:26.59) in the 200 breaststroke                                                       2/23 MIAA Quarterfinals
breast finals, and with the fin-      event,” Gelderloos said of the and freshman Ryan Martinie 10th                     2/24 MIAA 1st Round
ishes Saturday it can definitely      final event of the night. “It was (2:02.20) and Groenewold 15th in                                                      2/25 MIAA Semifinals
be argued that Calvin’s breast-       kind of icing on the cake to go out the 200 butterfly (2:28.08).
strokers were the most impactful      on that note.”                            There’s a lot of happiness go-
throughout the entirety of the           Looking back over the last ing around that team right now                                                    Hockey
meet.                                 three days, you have to admire as they look ahead to March, but
   In the finals, Vail and Emily      the performances of these women none bigger than Gelderloos.’ As                                      2/19 vs. Oakland, 4:30 PM
Roberts took the top two spots yet    in the water.                          he jumped off the diving boards
again with B-cut times of 2:21.54        They won event after event, with the rest of the Calvin coaches
and 2:23.80. Libby Counsell got       they had a swimmer named the in celebration after his team was
out-touched at the wall by an         conference’s most valuable, and awarded the trophy, his joy was
Albion swimmer and took fourth        they set the conference record for unmistakable.

                                                                                  2010 Olympic standings
                                                                                                                             as of 2/17/10


                                                                                            United States                               5              3               6              14

                                                                                            Germany                                    3               4               3             10

                                                                                            France                                      2              1               4               7

                                                                                            Canada                                      2              3               1               6
                                                  photo courteSy of calviN.eDu
A young Calvin men’s swimming and diving team claimed                                       South Korea                                 3              2               1               5
fourth in the MIAA championship meet this past weekend.
8 SportS                                                                                  C him es                                                                              February 19, 2010

                                                                                Calvin crosses 20-win plateau
                                                                                Knights defeat Albion, win 20 for the first time since 2007


Knights sting Hornets
Brian Powell’s breakout game sparks Calvin’s offense
                                          Of the bench said Powell,
        By Luke Leisman                “They make this team success-
             staff Writer              ful.”
                                          Other contributing scorers
   With a sizzling 86-59 home were senior John Mantel, who
win over the Kalamazoo Hornets, scored nine points and grabbed
Calvin’s men’s basketball main- seven boards in the game, and
tained their rank at the top of the Brent Schuster notched another
MIAA and moved closer to the nine points before fouling out in
MIAA tournament.                       the second half.
   The win pushes Calvin to a             Paul Campbell also came off
15-8 overall record with a 10-2 the bench with eight points of
conference record, keeping the his own.
Knights tied for first.                   While the Knights played some
   Freshman guard Bryan Powell of their better basketball of the
led the Knights Saturday, hit- season, they still want more.
ting on seven                                               “ T he nu m -
of eight f rom                                           ber one t hing
the field for a               League                     [we c a n t a k e                                                                                                              pHOTO By jOn BeHm
career-high 18                  StandingS                from this game]        the Knights, who are currently ranked number eleven in the country, are 20-3 on the season,
points and five                   League Overall         is that we still
steals.                                                  have room to           with two of the losses coming at the hands of Miaa leader Hope College.
                                   W L       W L
   Powell                                                improve,” said
c a p p e d h i s Calvin           10 2      15 8        Ve l t e m a . “ I t                                            tallied 15 points, five blocks, three   by Patricia Rewa 22 seconds into
stellar perfor-                                          was a good win                   By jOn BeHm                    assists and a steal, while fellow       the game, but VanEck struck back
mance with his Hope                10 2      17 6
                                                         against a tough                   sports editor                 senior Brook VanEck scored 12           with a jumper only six seconds
first collegiate adrian             8 4      13 10       Kalamazoo                                                       points, hitting five of her seven       later.
dunk late in the albion             7 5      13 10       team, but we’ve           The 64-55 victory by the              shots, while also snagging six             The score would remain tied
game.                                                    reached the            women’s basketball team this             boards.                                 until Verkaik got into the score-
   “ H a t s o f f Olivet           6 6      11 12
                                                         point in the sea-      past Saturday was more than                 The Knights claimed the lead         book with a short jumper, giving
to M r. Br yan kalamazoo            4 8       5 18       son where we           just a victory.                          for nearly the entire game. Albion      the Knights a 4-2 lead with 18:40
P o w e l l w i t h Trine           2 10      8 15       can start play-           W i t h t h i s v ic t o r y, t h e   opened the scoring with a layup         remaining in the first half of the
his dunk,” said alma                                     ing our best bas-      K nights not only clinched                                                       game. The Knights would not
                                    1 11      4 19
senior Mat t                                             ketball.”              the No. 2 seed in the regular                           League                   relinquish the lead for the re-
Veltema, whose                                              Defense             season ending MIAA tourna-                               StandingS               mainder of the game, widening
three triples and                                        and rebounds           ment, but also pulled out their                                                  the gap to as many as 15 points in
15 points added                                          are the things         20th victory of the season.                              League     Overall      the first half and 23 in the second
                                                                                                                                          W    L     W    L
to already impressive career num- champions are made of, and with                  It is the 11th time in the                                                    half of play.
bers. “It was a good way to end the MIAA tournament looming                     program’s history and the first            Hope           14   0     22   1
                                                                                                                                                                    The Knights close out confer-
that game.”                            on February 24-27, now is the            time since the 2006-07 season                                                    ence play tomorrow when they
   Powell was also excited by the time to peak.                                 that Calvin has broken the 20-             Calvin         12   2     20   3      travel to A lma. The game is
play.                                     “We’re taking it one game at          win plateau.                               st. mary’s      7   7     12 11       scheduled to tip off at 3 p.m.
   “It was pretty exciting for me,” a time and working hard every                  The Calvin victory came                 adrian          7   7     11 11
                                                                                                                                                                    Fol low i ng t hat ga me, t he
he said. “Instinct just took over day,” said Veltema. “I am pleased             about as a result of a balanced                                                  Knights begin the MIAA tour-
and I threw it down.”                  with how we’ve been working …            offensive attack, with three               albion          6   8     11 12       nament, where they are already
   Powell’s play led an impressive it’s about time we start playing             Knights scoring double digits.             Trine           6   8     11 12       guaranteed the No. 2 seed.
shooting performance from the our best basketball.”                                Freshman Carissa Verkaik                Olivet          6   9      7   17        The tournament begins on
Knights.                                  Powell echoed Veltema.                paced the Knights with 16                                                        Tuesday with the champion-
   The Knights shot 45.2 percent          “Now is the time to do well,”         points while tacking on four               alma            4   10    5    18     ship game scheduled for next
from the floor over the course of he said. “When it comes to the                blocks. Senior Emily Ottenhoff             kalamazoo       2   13    2    19     Saturday.
the game and shot 81.5 percent tournament it doesn’t matter past

                                                                                R ecoRd: Verkaik leaves mark in MIAA
from the free throw line. But wins and losses, just how we are
while the Knight’s offense was playing right now.”
clicking, their key to victory was        Yet with their biggest dances
defense.                               on the horizon, Calvin is not                                                     time with a 20-point, 54-34 ad-         later when, with 5:51 remain-
   “Our defense was better than looking ahead.                                    Continued from page 1                  vantage. Of those 54 points,            ing, Verkaik was fouled and
usual — we are starting to per-           “We’re trying to just play bas-                                                Verkaik had 29, going 12 of 13          calmly sank the first of two
fe c t t he s y s t e m                            ketball,” said Powell.                                                from the floor and 2 for 3 from         free throws, giving her an
D,” said Powell.                                   “Coach [Kevin] Vande         of 17 successful field goals also        the charity stripe.                     MIAA-record 43 points. She
“We’ve been focus- Calvin                  86      Streek has had his fair      fell, with Verkaik establish-               “I just love all the girls on this   would go on to sink the second
ing on defense and K-Zoo                           share of wins and will       ing a new standard nearly 30             team, and I think we all just play      free throw and two more free
rebounds … that’s
                                           59      have us mentally pre-        years after the original record          really well as a team,” Verkaik         throws to bring her game total
what is going to ————————                          pared as we go in to         had been set. Boonstra set her           stated. “I just try to help out as      to 46.
win us champion-                                   the tournament.”             record on February 23, 1980.             much as I can.”                            “I didn’t know actually [that
ships.”                                               The Knights move          The record has been tied once               Verkaik started out the second       she broke the record] until my
   While the Knights finished the forward to a home game against                before, with Laura Knapp of              half much like the first, connect-      teammate came in and told
game out-rebounding Kalamazoo Alma tomorrow.                                    Adrian connecting on 17 shots            ing on her first four shots en route    me they were leaving me in to
50-42, Calvin came out a little flat      Said Veltema, “I think the team       in 1982.                                 to another eight points, bringing       score 50,” Verkaik said. “Then
off the boards in the first half of is moving in the right direction               “It shows a lot of unselfish          her game total to a blistering 37       I looked up at the scoreboard
the game, something they hope coming off that win.”                             play by our guards,” comment-            points with 10:31 remaining in          and it was 46.”
to improve on.                                                                  ed Calvin head coach John                the game.                                  E n t e r i n g We d n e s d ay ’s
   “Rebounding is what we hang                                                  Ross, referring to Verkaik’s                Verkaik’s next basket came           game, Verkaik was the MIAA
our hat on,” said Veltema. “I                                                   performance. “Carissa did a              on a layup off of a great feed by       scoring leader and furthered
thought we did a nice job bounc-                                                great job offensively.”                  senior Emily Ottenhoff, bring-          the gap between herself and
ing back.”                                                                         It was a special night for            ing Verkaik’s point total to 39.        Kelley Murphy of St. Mary’s.
   Kalamazoo opened the game                                                    Verkaik from the start. Less             Verkaik was fouled while making         She now holds a 61-point lead
with a quick score, but it would                                                than a minute into the game,             the shot and nailed the subse-          with only one league game left
prove to be the Hornets’ only              If you can’t get to                  Verkaik connected on her first           quent free throw for a total of 40      to play.
lead of the game, as Calvin then                                                of three 3-pointers, giving the          points with 9:12 remaining.                Should Verkaik be named
scored 11 straight to command            the games in person,                   Knights an early 3-0 advan-                 Nearly three and a half minutes      the 2009-10 MIAA scoring
the lead.                                catch all the action                   tage.                                    passed before Verkaik scored            champion, she would be the
   Calvin took a 43-30 lead into         on Stretch Internet                       Verkaik would connect on              again, connecting on another            fourth Knight to receive the
the half, and came out strong                                                   her next 10 shots, including             layup off of an Ottenhoff feed.         honor and the first since Robyn
                                             Broadcasting at                    two more treys, before miss-             With that basket, Verkaik set a         Fennema did so in 2000. The
again in the second half, led by
their bench, who scored half of                        ing her first shot of the game           new Calvin single-game scoring          ot he r t wo M I A A scor i ng
the Knights’ points in the game                     sports                      with a mere 1:55 remaining in            record, tying the MIAA record           champions from Calvin are
and outscored the Hornet bench                                                  the half.                                at 42.                                  Sharon Boeve (’82) and Kim
43-18.                                                                             The Knights entered half-                History was made a minute            Bartman (’92).
February 19, 2010                                                                         C him es                                                                                    SportS 9

Hockey struggles in home stretch The Calvin-Hope Rivalry
                                           The team recorded 31
                                                                                                                     Aftermath of the Calvin heyday
        By ZacH sepanik                 shots on goal and showed                                                                                               A little over two years later,
            staff Writer                a will to win the entire                                                               By jOn BeHm                  the rivalry would once again get
                                        game. It was a solid team                                                               staff Writer                thrown into the national lime-
   This past weekend the Calvin         effort that came up just a                                                                                          light. The Feb. 15, 1992 game,
hockey team had a home-away             bit short.                                                                      Sports Editor Jon Behm is           which Calvin won 77-75, was
doubleheader against Davenport             The second game                                                           looking back on the history of the     featured by Sports Illustrated.
University.                             finished slightly differ-                                                    Calvin-Hope men’s basketball           Calvin entered the game with a
   On Friday, the Knights played        ently than the first as the                                                  rivalry. This is the fourth install-   record of 22-1 and the number one
at their home arena. However, the       Davenport defense stepped                                                    ment in the series.                    ranking in the nation, while Hope
Panthers proved to be the better        it up and had a stellar per-                                                                                        boasted a 19-3 record and a num-
team, coming out on top with a          formance, earning a shut-                                                       O n Feb. 6, 198 0, Hope             ber eight ranking. Calvin would
5-3 victory. Then on Saturday, the      out. The final was 5-0.                                                      claimed its first victory in 22        go on to win the D-III national
teams played at Davenport, and             Grinde played all 60                                                      games over the Knights, win-           championship that season.
the Knights came away with an-          minutes, allowing only five                                                  ning by a score of 65-57.                 The first game of the 1996-97
other loss, this time with a score      goals on 29 shots faced. He                                                     The 1980 -81 season saw             installment of the rivalry was
of 5-0. It was a tough weekend          finished the game with a                                                     tight competition in the MIAA,         literally one for the record books.
for the Knights as they now look        save percentage of .828.                                                     with a three-way tie between           The game was moved to the Van
toward to the regional tourna-             The story was a bit dif-                                                  Albion, Calvin and Hope for            Andel Arena in downtown Grand
ment and MCHC playoffs, riding          ferent for the offense in                     pHOTO cOurTesy Of   the championship.                      Rapids. The game was sold-out
a four-game skid.                       the second game, however. Calvin is heading into the regional                   A playoff was necessary to          seven weeks beforehand, and the
   In the first game, freshman          They did not provide any tournament on a four-game skid.                     determine the league’s repre-          crowd of 11,442 established an
goalie Jason Grinde had a rough         support for Grinde’s effort,                                                 sentative in the NCAA tour-            NCAA D-III men’s basketball
game between the pipes, allowing        leaving a goose egg on the score- Center.                                    nament, and Calvin emerged             single-game attendance record.
five goals. He finished the game        board. The Knights did out-shoot     Earlier in the year, the Knights        victorious following a 69-67           Additionally, it was the f irst
with a save percentage of .844. He      the Panthers, however, recording split a home-away doubleheader              victory on March 3, 1981 over          time the rivalry had truly “gone
provided some reliable defense,         37 shots on goal. The Panthers’ with the Golden Grizzlies, losing            Hope.                                  national,” as the game was broad-
however, and gave the Knights a         defense came to the ice rink with the first contest 6-5 in overtime             The 1982-83 season marked           cast over the internet for the first
chance to win.                          its A-game and a fierce determi- and winning the second 4-3. It              a historic point in the history        time. Unfortunately, the Dutch
   Junior assistant captain Bart        nation to keep the Knights out should be a hotly contested game              of the rivalry. The teams met          prevailed for their sixth-straight
Tocci paced the Calvin offense          of the net.                        between the two teams and the             for the 100th time, with Hope          victory over the Knights by a
with two points in the game. Also          Senior defenseman and as- Knights realize what is at stake.               picking up a 94-65 victory at          score of 70-56.
contributing to the effort were         sistant captain Ben Brandsen set     Following the regional tourna-          the Civic Center. Hope would              After 70 years of basketball,
sophomore Caleb Bosma and               a physical tone for the Knights, ment, on Thursday, Feb. 25, the             continue its dominance of the          the rivalry entered the new mil-
senior Adam Van Opstall, each           recording six penalty minutes, Knights begin play in the MCHC                series, en route to 14-9 advan-        lennium deadlocked at 71.
with two points. Tocci and Van          leading the way with Bosma. playoffs against Saginaw Valley                  tage in the 1980s, which would            To show just how widespread
Opstall each finished with two          Loney also chipped in with four State University. The Knights                tie the overall series at 58-58        the rivalry was becoming, it is
assists and Bosma finished with         penalty minutes as an offensive lost both games of a home-away               after 60 years of basketball.          interesting to note that when
a goal and an assist.                   attack was stifled by the Panther doubleheader to SVSU two weeks                It was at this point that the       the Ringling Brothers, Barnum
   Many other players contribut-        defense and goaltender.            ago, losing the first 9-3 and the         rivalry began to gain national         and Bailey Circus came to West
ed to the balanced offense. Senior         Wins have been hard to come second 7-2. The road looks to like            attention. On Jan. 31, 1990,           Michigan in 2000, the gymnasts
captain Justin Blaauwendraat,           by lately for the Knights as they a tough one, but if the offense            WOOD -T V ( N BC, G ra nd              donned Calvin and Hope basket-
and sophomore Reed Loney                have lost four straight games (two comes alive and provides support          Rapids) inhibited the broadcast        ball uniforms during their act.
each scored a goal apiece for the       each to SVSU and Davenport). for goaltender Jason Grinde, who                of the State of the Union ad-
Knights. Meanwhile, the team as         The team begins the regional could regain some confidence                    dress by President Bush in or-            Be sure to check out the next issue
a whole played extremely physi-         tournament this afternoon against from earlier in the year, there’s no       der to televise the Hope-Calvin        of Chimes to see how the rivalry con-
cal throughout the game. Calvin         fifth-seeded Oakland University telling what the Knights can pull            basketball game, a thrilling           tinued to gain national attention via
recorded 26 penalty minutes.            at 4:30 p.m. at Southside Ice off as the playoff season begins.              77-76 victory by Calvin.               the mainstream media.

Women’s tennis dominant
Calvin started their season with a home sweep
                                           Calvin also added some youth
        By mark ZyLsTra
                                        to its roster in the form of three
            staff Writer                freshmen who will be called
                                        upon to enhance depth and tal-
   Calvin’s women’s tennis team         ent to Calvin’s roster. The three
began its season in impressive          newcomers are Elise Doezema,
fashion with a 9-0 victory over         Janelle Steenstra and Jordan
Davenport University in Calvin’s        Ipema.
own Huizenga Track and Tennis              In the Davenport match, Ipema
Center.                                 picked up her first collegiate win
   The match saw Calvin’s wom-          at the sixth singles position. It is
en sweep all six singles match-         hopefully the first of many victo-
es as well as the three doubles         ries in her young career.
matches.                                   Highlighting the returnees is
   Junior Melissa Oosterhouse           Oosterhouse, who looks to build
was a winner in first singles with      off of her success and have an-
impressive scores of 6-2, 6-1, and      other very successful season as
she also teamed up with classmate       the Knight’s top player.
Kaitlin Spoelhof in first doubles          She went 16-5 in her singles
to defeat Davenport’s top pair in       matches last year and ended the
a pro set by a tally of 9-7. Spoelhof   season ranked number eight in
was also a winner in second             the regional rankings. Spoelhof
doubles with scores of 1-6, 6-2,        will also hope to have another
and 10-1.                               successful season as the num-
   Also double-dipping in singles       ber two singles player and as
and doubles play for the Knights        Oosterhouse’s partner in first
were seniors Elizabeth Geenan           doubles.
(third singles and third doubles)          Calvin’s depth will certainly
and Rachel Strikwerda (fourth           be a force to be reckoned with as
singles and second doubles).            well. The pairs of Strikwerda with
   With one win already under           senior Jill VanVeen and Geenan
their belt and a brand new facility     with senior Rachel DeGroot had
to practice and compete in, the         records of 13-8 and 12-5, respec-
Knights look forward to a very          tively, and they will certainly ben-
successful season.                      efit from having played together
   Last season, Calvin finished         all of last year.
with an overall record of 13-8             The team has a lengthy break
and placed second in the MIAA           before their next match, which
conference behind only the Dutch        will be on Feb. 26 at North Central
of Hope.                                College. After a few weeks of dual
   With their full squad return-        matches in the Midwest, the team
ing from last season (including         will travel to Orlando, Fla. over
four seniors and three juniors),        spring break to play five matches
experience is on Calvin’s side.         in six days.
Experience also rests in the hands         After they return, the thick of
of skipper Jerry Bergsma who is         the MIAA season begins. Calvin
entering his 10th year as Calvin’s      will be out for revenge against
head coach.                             Hope at home on March 30.
   He and the team hope that the           The MIAA championships will
momentum from the last two              culminate the season on April 30
seasons’ of second place finishes       and May 1 at Hope College. This
second in conference will propel        is where the Knights will hope to
this season’s Knights to their          have their peak performance in
first conference championship           order to take home the conference
since 1982.                             tournament championship.
10    Features                                                                           C him es                                                                                   February 19,2010                                                                               C him es                                                                             Features     11

              Vancouver Olympics 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dangerous games can incur deadly consequences
Medal allotment scoring misrepresentative                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 By AliSSA GoudSWAArd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              covered in padding. International
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Olympic Committee officials
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Snowboarding is a relatively
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    young sport, introduced in the
                                        least get a system that makes          of eight medals and 14 points. In                                                                                                                                                              Features Co-editor              shortened the luge run, and al-       1998 Nagano Games, and fea-
           By Jon Behm                  sense? How can total medal             this case, the current system and                                                                                                                                                                                              tered the contour of the final turn   tures some of the showiest and
           Sports Writer                count determine which country          my system have Germany and the                                                                                                                                                            The tragic death of the 21-year      to prevent sleds from climbing too    most dangerous stunts. Bigger
                                        is best? It cannot. A country that     United States first and second,                                                                                                                                                        old Georgian luge competitor            high onto the curved track walls.     air and better tricks mean bigger
   Every four years, the nations        is able to earn four gold medals,      respectively.                                                                                                                                                                          Nodar Kumaritashvili last Friday        While speeds routinely surpassed      and better scores, and snowboard-
of the world come together for a        three silvers and 10 bronzes is not       However, what would hap-                                                                                                                                                            was the first Olympics death since      95 mph on the track earlier in the    ing is also less regulated than
time of cultural celebration and        better than a country that earns       pen if the United States won a                                                                                                                                                         Nicholas Bochatay, Swiss speed          week, no one reached speeds over      its ski equivalent, the freestyle
sport. Some countries, such as          eight golds, six silvers and two       silver and a bronze medal while                                                                                                                                                        skier, collided with a grooming         90 mph in competition.                aerials event. The U.S. Ski and
Ethiopia, send only one athlete         bronzes.                               Germany did not win a medal?                                                                                                                                                           vehicle in 1992. Out of eight              Luge is among the most danger-     Snowboard Association does
while others, such as the United           However, with the way the           The United States would have ten                                                                                                                                                       deaths resulting from accidents at      ous sports of the winter Olympics     not dictate when a snowboarder
States, send over 200 athletes to       rankings currently work, the first     total medals for 17 points while                                                                                                                                                       Olympic Games, six have been at         — athletes lie essentially unpro-     can proceed with a new skill, so
represent their respective coun-        country would be considered bet-       Germany would still have nine                                                                                                                                                          winter Games. In 1964, the first        tected on a 50-pound sled, and        boarders scramble to keep up with
tries.                                  ter as they earned 17 medals as        medals for 19 points. In the cur-
   W hen t he Olympic games
originated in Greece the main
                                        opposed to the 16 that the second
                                        nation won. This makes no sense
                                                                               rent system, the United States S
                                                                               would be seen as better because
                                                                                                                                     Figure Skating faces altered points system                                                                                       year the luge was admitted as an
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      official Olympic sport, the Polish-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      born British luger Kazimierz
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              reach speeds of around 90 mph on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              an ice chute as hard and unforgiv-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ing as concrete. Doubles luge adds
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    their competitors. The half-pipe
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    at the Vancouver Games ups the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ante, rising in height to 22 feet
function was not one of compe-          to me.                                 they have more medals, while in                                                               Jamie Sale and David Pelletier        his own art, everything else was                   Kay-Skrzypecki was killed during        to the danger, as luge partners       from 18 in Torino, resulting in
tition. Yes, the athletes did try          While in reality I would love       my system Germany would still                                  reBeCCA SChmidt                the gold in 2002.                     required. The new scoring system                   a practice run.                         must be entirely in sync with         greater velocity and more hang
to best each other and win their        for the Olympics to return to a        sit on top because their medals                                    Staff Writer                  Although I understand the          is far more confusing than the old;                   It’s a bit of a wonder that          each other, and greater weight        time.
event, but the games were more          celebration of culture and sport,      totaled more points.                                                                          need for change, the consequences     audiences are left perplexed when                  c a s u a lt y cou nt s a r e a s low   and speed means an even nar-             Olympic skiers are far from im-
about a celebration of the human        I realize this will never happen.         I never was able to see the                            After the pair skating contro-      of the new scoring hasn’t helped      moving performances aren’t given                   as they are. The luge track is          rower margin of error. Skeleton       mune to injury. Downhill skiers
physique and the amazing feats it       So, I would at least like to propose   days when the Olympics were                            versy at the 2002 Salt Lake City       the art or sport of figure skat-      high scores.                                       hardly welcoming. The track at          is similar to luge, with one very     reach speeds upwards of 70 mph,
could accomplish. How the times         an alternate scoring system. That      about sport and not competition.                       Winter Games, the entire scor-         ing. Now, instead of artistically         Beyond this, the skaters them-                 Whistler Mountain (site of the          apparent difference: Skeleton rac-    and loss of control can lead to
have changed.                           way the best nation is always          I would have preferred those days                      ing system of figure skating was       placing moves into a program,         selves seem to have a hard time                    2010 Vancouver Games) was               ers slide headfirst down the track    gruesome crashes, like Austrian
   Now, when watching the cov-          recognized.                            to how it is now. However, it only                     altered.                               skaters pack two or four minutes      with the new system. This year’s                   declared the fastest in the world,      with their faces inches from the      Hermann Meier’s accident at
erage of the Olympics or simply            In my scoring system, each          makes sense that if the Olympics                          Gone are the perfect 6.0s and in    full of move after move without       recent gold medalists in pairs fig-                and prior to the games many             ice. Successfully completing the      the 1998 Nagano Games. Slalom
talking about them with a friend,       medal would be worth a point           are going to be about competition                      their place are a series of numbers    any room for personal interpre-       ure skating, Shen Xue and Zhao                     competitors looked forward to           track depends entirely on prop-       Super G competitors, adding the
it is inevitable that the topic of      value — gold is worth three, sil-      that there be a system that truly                      ranging from the 70s for the short     tation.                               Hongbo, didn’t realize they had                    having a run. Added speed made          erly shifting weight at precisely     turns of giant slalom to the speed
overall medal count comes up.           ver two and bronze one. For the        determines the best country.                           program up to 150 for the long.           Johnny Weir, for example, who      won although the scores were                       the track treacherous, however.         the proper moment when com-           of downhill, have no opportunity
The games are strictly about com-       most part, this system would not          My system may not be the best,                      Gone are the artistic points and       has been called perhaps the most      right in front of them.                            Kumaritashvili’s death followed         ing into a turn, neither luges nor    for a practice run, and run the
petition at this point. Yes, there is   change the rankings much. As           but it makes more sense than                           in are “grades of execution.”          artful skater of all time, doesn’t        Commentators, athletes and                     three other practice-run acci-          skeleton sleds are equipped with      most risk of any ski competitor.
still the concept of bringing glory     of this writing, Germany leads         claiming a country that gained                            Now, each skater or pair has        earn the scores because he doesn’t    fans alike have complained about                   dents. Although the International       brakes.                               Moguls skiers without knee inju-
to your nation, but that becomes        the medal count with three golds,      10 bronzes to be better than the                       a set of requirements to perform       have the high point moves that less   this new system, and, as witnessed                 Lu ge Fede rat ion r u led t h at          Speed skating introduces a         ries are a small minority.
a competition of which country          four silvers and two bronzes for       country that gained nine golds.                        and are scored on how well the         artistic skaters do. When asked       by the events of this Olympics, it                 Kumaritashvili’s accident was           different danger — the 18-inch           Winter Olympians are the very
is dominant.                            a total of nine medals and 19          The current system needs to be                         moves are performed. All of this       how often he gets to perform his      appears that the scoring of figure                 due mainly to operator error, the       blades on competitors’ skates. At     best in their sports, but they are
   If we are truly going to make        points. The United States is in        replaced, and I can only hope                          was an attempt to remove the           own material, Weir replied that       skating needs to be changed once                   luge course was still altered.          Olympic trials last September,        also constantly pushing limits,
the Olympics out to be a game           close pursuit with two golds, two      that it happens before the 2012                        biased judging that nearly cost        10 seconds in each program was        again.                                                A wooden wall was construct-         U.S. skater J.R. Celski slashed       trying to be faster, higher, better.
of domination, then can we at           silvers and four bronzes for a total   summer Olympics.                                                                                                                                                                       ed Friday night to cover the steel      his thigh to the bone, missing his    Risky sports have always been a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      beams that Kumaritashvili hit at        femoral artery by about an inch.      part of the Winter Olympics, but

American rockstars of 2010 Olympics
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      nearly 90 mph when he lost con-         He recovered to win bronze at         each new season brings increased
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      trol of his sled. Other beams were      Vancouver Saturday.                   risks and greater dangers.

        Evan Lysacek                              Shani Davis                     Apolo Anton Ohno                       Lindsey Jacobellis                         Lindsey Vonn                           Bode Miller                      Steve Holcomb,                        Shaun White                          Katie Uhlaender                   Hannah Kearney
   Evan Lysacek, U.S. male figure          Shani Davis became the first           Apolo A nton Ohno won a              Lindsey Jacobellis is called the        Lindsey Vonn is the most suc-         Bode Miller has plans to ski        Steve Mesler, Justin                Shaun W hite comes to                 Katie U hlaender, 20 06 - 07           Hannah Kearney, a mogul
skater, was edged out of medals         black athlete to win a gold medal      gold and silver medal in the 2002    “queen of snowboard cross” at the       cessful American woman skier in       in all five Alpine Skiing events         Olson and Curt                 Vancouver to defend the gold          and 2007- 08 Skeleton World            skier, was a favorite to win gold
in Torino four years ago, com-          in an individual Winter Games          Salt Lake City Games, and won        X Games, but her Olympic record         World Cup history, but is skiing      in Vancouver. Miller had his                Tomasevitz                  he won four years ago in Turin        Cup champion, finished sixth in        four years ago at Torino, but
ing in fourth. Lysacek has won          sport when he won the 1,000-me-        a gold and two bronze medals         is marked by disappointment.            for her first Olympic medal. She      Olympic debut at the 2002 Salt          The United States has a defi-   in Men’s Halfpipe. Red-haired         the skeleton race in the Torino        messed up on a jump and did
two U.S. Championships in the           ter speed skating race in Torino       four years later in Torino. Ohno     In the 2006 Torino Olympics,            suffered a back injury during a       Lake City Games, earning silver      nite chance at bobsled gold this   White has been called “The Flying     Games four years ago. Uhlaender        not make it past the qualifica-
last four years, though, and in         in 2006. He also won silver in         has been the reigning U.S. short     Ja cob el l i s comp e ted i n t he     training run for the 2006 Games,      medals in the Giant Slalom and       year. The Olympic team, helmed     Tomato,” and his dominance in         shattered her kneecap in a snow-       tion round. She made up for this
2009 became the first American          the 1,500 meter. Davis set still-      track speed skating champion         Olympics debut of in Women’s            and left the hospital to ski two      Combined events, but came away       by Steve Holcomb, won gold at      the X Games has turned him into       mobile accident in April 2009, but     in Vancouver, earning a gold
in 13 years to win the World            standing world records for the         since 2001, and won the overall      Snowboard Cross, but fell when          days later, but did not medal.        from the Torino games without        the 2009 World Championships.      the most well-recognized figure       was back on the Olympic team           medal for Women’s Moguls on
Championship. Lysacek stood in          1,000- and 5,000-meter races, and      short track speed skating World      she tried to show off by grabbing       Vonn is no stranger to skiing in-     medals. He won bronze for Men’s      Holcomb and his 2006 team fin-     in snowboarding. Just 23 years        nine months later, and along with      Saturday. Teammate Shannon
second place after the men’s short      he enters the Vancouver Games as       Championship in 2008. He also        her board in mid-air. She recov-        jured — she won three races last      Downhill on Monday, and will         ished sixth in Torino. Joined by   old, White has medaled in the         teammate Noelle Pikus-Pace has         Bahrke won bronze in the
program Tuesday night, and is           the favorite to win them. Davis        competed on and won the ABC          ered from the fall and finished         month while skiing with her arm       compete again on Friday. Miller      Mesler, Olson and Tomasevitz,      X Games every year since 2002.        a vital chance to win American         same event.
ranked second in the world.             has garnered some disapproval          reality show Dancing with the        the race, but was passed by Tanja       in a brace. She will be competing     is a somewhat controversial ath-     Holcomb is ready to go for the     White’s teammate Seth Wescott         Skeleton gold.
                                        from Olympians for pulling out of      Stars in 2007. Ohno won a silver     Frieden of Switzerland, and had         injured in Vancouver as well, with    lete, and has been the subject of    gold in Vancouver.                 has already won a U.S. gold at
                                        the 500-meter race at Vancouver        medal on Saturday in the Men’s       to settle for silver. Jacobellis came   a deep and painful shin bruise.       scrutiny and disdain for several                                        Vancouver in the Snowboard
                                        after realizing he would not medal     1,500-meter race, joined on the      to Vancouver hoping for another         Injury aside, Vonn plans to ski in    comments he has made, talking                                           Cross event.
                                        in the event. Davis will also com-     medal podium by teammate J.R.        chance at a gold medal, but failed      all five Alpine events. She started   about skiing wasted or celebrating
                                        pete in the 5,000-meter race, a        Celski, who won bronze. Ohno         to progress to the medal round          strong on Wednesday with a gold       his Torino experience for the op-
                                        total of three skating events.         will also compete in the men’s       when she landed awkwardly off           medal in Ladies’ Downhill, joined     portunity to “party and socialize
                                                                               500-meter and 1,000-meter races,     the first jump of her semifinal         on the podium by silver-winning       at an Olympic level.”
                                                                               as well as the 5,000-meter relay.    race and broke through a gate, an       teammate Julia Mancuso.
                                                                                                                    automatic disqualification.
12 Etc.                                          C him es                                                         February 19, 2010

In the MargIns by Lauren Kelley ’11

  Submit content for Etc. to

                                                                    “We think we know where our bodies end, but the elec-
                                                                 trons in my finger have a small amplitude in your bodies.
                                                                 Is that harassment?”
                                                                    -Professor Fynewever, chemistry

                                                            “Here we are, deep in her throat again. We need to get out of here.”
                                                            -Professor Timmerman, English

                                                                            “Excuse me while I die here.”
                                                                            -Professor Anker, English
                       Sci ence &                                                                                                                                                                     13
                                                                                                         Busy American physicians can donate time and brain power to the Haiti

                      Te c h n o l o g y
                                                                                                         relief effort without leaving their offices.
                                                                                                                                           -Geneva Langeland, “‘Telehealth’ revolution”

Low-levels of antibiotics may boost resistance
                                        it is possible that some of them           tions that that organism experi-         els of antibiotics stimulated high        sistance rates. Resistance was
   By Mary eLLen MattheWS               may develop resistance to the              ences, thus increasing the chances       enough levels of ROS that the             developed not only to the anti-
        Sci-tech Co-editor              antibiotics.                               that a mutation occurs that makes        bacteria was killed. Non-lethal           biotic that was causing stress on
                                           As ScienceNOW reports, a re-            that organism resistant to anti-         levels, though, only resulted in          the bacteria, but also to a host of
   The last time you were pre-          cently released study may explain          biotics.                                 levels of ROS high enough to              other antibiotics.
scribed antibiotics, chances are        exactly why sub-lethal doses of                The key factor is the release of     increase the mutation rate, and              The new research suggests that
that your doctor warned you that        antibiotics are dangerous.                 what are called reactive oxygen          not to kill the organism.                 antibiotics to not simply select
you should take all the pills that         Sy s t e m s b i olo g i s t Ja m e s   species (ROS), or free radicals,            The team of researchers, head-         certain mutations, but actively
you were given, whether you were        Collins, who is based at Harvard           inside the microorganism when            ed by Collins, treated Escherichia        produce them. This is a shift in
feeling better or not. The logic be-    University, led the study. It re-          it is under stress, like the stress of   coli, or E. coli, with various antibi-    thinking from the idea that cer-
hind this was simple: if you don’t      veals that the stress that anti-           antibiotics. The increase in ROS         otics. Each of the three antibiotics      tain bacterium are resistant to
completely kill the population of       biotics cause a microorganism              levels appears to correspond with        increased the levels of ROS in            antibiotics to begin with toward
bacteria that is making you sick,       may increase the rate of muta-             an increase in mutation rates.           the E.Coli. The team then used            the idea that resistance is de-
                                                                                   That increase in mutation rate           a simple procedure to determine           veloped once the antibiotics are
                                                                                   increases the likelihood that the        mutation rate in a cell culture to        present.
                                                                                   gene will encounter a mutation           show that higher levels of ROS led           Either way, the results are just
                                                                                   that gives is resistance.                to higher mutation rates.                 one more clue in the mystery of
                                                                                       This study was prompted by a            Next, the team moved on to             antibiotic resistance, and each
                                                                                   shift in thought about how drug          showing that low levels of anti-          clue brings scientists closer to a
                                                                                   resistance was developed. Jesús          biotics did indeed increase re-           solution.
                                                                                   Blázquez, a microbiologist with
                                                                                   the Spanish National Research
                                                                                   Council, helped prove that mu-
                                                                                   tation rates in bacteria increase
                                                                                                                               Pluto gears up for winter
                                                                                   under stress, a discovery that led
                                                                                   scientists across the world to set
                                                                                   out to determine why.
                                                                                       Collins’ team discovered the
                                                                                   production of ROS, which are
                                                                                   known to cause mutations at low
                                                                                   levels. At high levels, ROS have
                                                                                   been known to kill bacteria. The
                                                            Wiki CoMMonS Photo     team hypothesized that lethal lev-

‘Telehealth’ revolution
New technology makes medicine more accessible to Haiti                                                                                                                                   Wiki CoMMonS Photo
                                           The University’s Miller School          stability is filled with roadblocks:                                               nounce their results, considering
    By Geneva LanGeLand                 of Medicine is joining forces with         scarce supplies and personnel,                   By MeLiSSa haeGert                the effects to be an instrument
            Staff Writer                the Department of Defense’s                little fresh water, crowded camps,                 Sci-tech Co-editor              mistake.
                                        Southern Command (Southcom)                rampant disease and a looming                                                         “It’s a little bit of a surprise to
    At first, “telehealth” sounds       to become “a hub for connecting            rainy season. While most of the                 Planet wannabe Pluto is            see these changes happening so
less like a legitimate medical          Haitian patients with healthcare           issues are out of telemedicine’s            donning a new look for the             big and fast,” Marc Buie of SwRI,
practice and more like a Star-          providers in several U.S. telemed-         jurisdiction, the new technology            winter.                                co-author of the Pluto report, told
Trekian method of curing dis-           icine programs around the coun-            will play a tremendous role in                  For the past few decades,          the Associated Press. “This is
eases through willpower.                try,” Miller’s Dr. Anne Burdick            streamlining and upgrading emer-            astronomers have been quietly          unprecedented.”
    Futuristic name aside, tele-        told The New York Times.                   gency and long-term medical care            watching the icy “dwarf plan-             After many years of check-
health practices are rapidly work-         The two organizations are               through remote consultations,               et” from ground and space-             ing — and double-checking —
ing their way into doctor-patient       telemedicine veterans. Both have           ongoing education programs and              based telescopes, monitoring           results, NASA finally released
interactions. What’s more, the          also developed a presence in Haiti         simple moral support.                       changes as Pluto heads toward          Hubble images and data last
growing telehealth community            since the earthquake: the U of M               The American Telemedicine               its winter season. And Pluto           Thursday.
is now banding together with aid        staffs a 240-bed tent hospital in          Association is pitching in to ease          has been quietly behaving itself          Most notably, the “bright spots”
workers in Haiti to diagnose and        Port-au-Prince, and Southcom               the strain of a long-term tele-             ... at least, it had been behav-       on Pluto have shifted around,
treat thousands of earthquake           has stationed several hospital             medical presence by coordinating            ing itself.                            moving toward the nor ther n
injuries.                               ships off the island’s coast.              donations of the necessary hard-                For almost 50 years, from          pole. Astronomers hypothesize
    Telehealth — or, more com-             The hospital and ships fea-             ware, software and services.                the start of astronomers’ ob-          that this movement happens as
monly, telemedicine — usually           ture heavily in new telemedicine               With the technology in place,           servations of Pluto in 1954 to         the sunlight on the illuminated
involves multiple healthcare            plans. Very soon, hospital staff           telemedicine will likely remain             recent observations in 2000,           southern pole causes the frozen
providers electronically swapping       should be able to stage video con-         in Haiti when relief agencies               Pluto’s color stayed roughly           nitrogen to sublimate (turn di-
patient data. Instead of shipping       sultations with U.S. physicians            withdraw. Dr. S. Ward Casscells,            the same. During a shor t,             rectly from ice into gas) into the
an invalid across the country           after e-mailing them patient in-           a cardiologist who ser ved as               two-year interval from 2000            atmosphere, then snow down
for a consult, a physician in rural     formation a few hours in advance.          Assistant Secretary of Defense              to 2002, however, the Hubble           on the less-illuminated northern
Virginia e-mails his patient’s          When Internet connections are              for Health Affairs under George             Space Telescope caught Pluto           pole.
health histor y, photographs,           spotty, the physicians can rely on         W. Bush, stressed the importance            in the middle of some rapid               This sublimation process could
and X-ray images to a specialist        a ham radio station set up outside         of training Haitian medical pro-            color changes.                         also be producing a feedback
at the Minnesota Mayo Clinic. The       the hospital.                              fessionals to use the military’s                These changes are not at all       loop, as Buie told the BBC News:
two professionals then set up              Boasting a staff of 82 physi-           telemedical equipment after per-            unexpected. Compared to the            “As you are vigorously sublimat-
a video conference with the pa-         cians and 136 nurses, the offshore         sonnel leave.                               rest of the solar system’s bod-        ing nitrogen off the lit pole, it has
tient, and the three are able to        Southcom medical ship Comfort                  Through telemedicine, other             ies, Pluto’s orbit is extremely        to be changing the texture of the
hash out a diagnosis and treat-         will soon be used for similar              nations can maintain a guiding              eccentric (like a squished circle      ice and frost on the surface ... This
ment plan.                              consultations with a military              medical presence in Haiti as                or oval); this shape allows the        could be gardening the surface
    Telemedical technology has          rehab hospital in San Antonio,             the country rebuilds. Scott C.              dwarf planet to swing far away         and turning it into a ‘fairy castle’
far-reaching benefits. A rural doc-     Tex. The Navy hopes to make                Simmons, University of Miami                from the sun in its 248 Earth-         structure that is more effective at
tor in India can use Skype to con-      the Comfort a long-term offshore           Director of Telehealth, knows               year cycle, creating significant       scattering light back.”
sult with specialists at European       presence.                                  there is no quick fix for catastro-         surface changes from season               Hubble’s images have been
institutions. Professors at U.S.           It’s this long-term presence            phe. As he told The New York                to season.                             striking, but astronomers are
medical universities can post           that will make or break medical            Times, “We are in this for the                  As Pluto moves farther away        waiting with bated breath for the
videos advising Nigerian doctors        relief efforts. The road to medical        long haul.”                                 from the sun, its surface cools        New Horizons Pluto flyby sched-
how to care most effectively for                                                                                               signif icantly. This drop in           uled in 2015. The spacecraft will
AIDS patients.                                                                                                                 temperature freezes the dwarf          fly quickly past Pluto, lingering
    Now, busy American physi-                                                                                                  planet’s atmosphere, until             only long enough to get detailed
cians can donate time and brain                                                                                                the atmosphere eventually              images of one hemisphere, but
power to the Haiti relief effort                                                                                               “snows” down onto the sur-             hoping to unveil many of Pluto’s
without leaving their offices.                                                                                                 face. But this starts a feedback       mysteries in that glimpse. Data
    In the face of the January earth-                                                                                          loop: the frozen ground reflects       from Hubble over the past decade
quake, Haitian aid organizations                                                                                               away even the few, rare rays of        will assist in planning the flyby.
found themselves desperately                                                                                                   light from the distant sun, cool-         Dr. Alan Stern of SwRI, co-
understaffed. The initial wave of                                                                                              ing the surface even further.          author on the recent report, an-
volunteer physicians, surgeons,                                                                                                    W h at d o t he s e s u r f a ce   ticipates that New Horizons
and nurses couldn’t begin to fill                                                                                              changes look like for Pluto?           will bring vast improvements in
the nation’s staggering needs;                                                                                                 According to the Associated            our scientific understanding of
relief workers struggled to per-                                                                                               Press, ast ronomers at t he            Pluto.
suade full-time doctors to drop                                                                                                Southwest Research Institute              “We have always learnt that
practices and families to spend                                                                                                (SwRI) in Boulder, Colo., no-          when we get there, we are blown
an unknown length of time on                                                                                                   ticed a 20 to 30 percent in-           away by how primitive our ideas
the ravaged island.                                                                                                            crease in Pluto’s red color, and       were from blurry images taken
    The University of Miami in                                                                                                 watched nitrogen ice sheets            from Earth,” he told the BBC
Florida is poised to vastly sim-                                                                                               shifting positions on the sur-         News. “It’s entirely likely that
plify the commitment of joining                                                                                                face.                                  Pluto will be something so sur-
a medical relief team. Those who                                                                                                   But the changes happened           prising that everything we’ve
want to volunteer merely have to                                                                                               so quickly, and so dramati-            done so far looks quaint in com-
turn on their computers.                A Haitian earthquake victim waits for medical care.
                                                                                                      Wiki CoMMonS Photo
                                                                                                                               cally, that they hesitated to an-      parison.”
14    Science & Technology                                                                    C him es                                                                    February 19, 2010

Tut born of incestuous parents, died of malaria
                                           a graceful boy-king as portrayed       pears that it was Akhenaten, who
          associated Press                 by the dazzling funerary artifacts     attempted to change millennia of
                                           in his tomb that later introduced      religious tradition by forcing the
    Egypt’s most famous pharaoh,           much of the world to the glory of      country to worship the sun god
King Tutankhamun, was a frail              ancient Egypt.                         Aten, instead of a multiplicity of
boy who suffered from a cleft                 They also highlighted the role      deities.
palate and club foot. He died of           genetics play in some diseases.           DNA tests pinpointed t he
complications from a broken leg            The members of the 18th dynasty        mummy of Tut’s mother — and
exacerbated by malaria and his             were closely inbred and the DNA        confirmed she was a sister of
parents were most likely brother           studies found several genetic          his father — but the mummy
and sister.                                disorders in the mummies tested        has not yet been firmly identi-
    Two years of DNA testing and           such as scoliosis, curvature of the    fied. Brother-sister marriages
CT scans on Tut’s 3,300-year-              spine, and club feet.                  were common among Egypt’s
old mummy and 15 others are                   Dr. Howard Markel, a medi-          pharaohs.
helping end many of the myths              cal historian at the University           “There is a lot fuzziness about
surrounding the boy king. While            of Michigan, said some of King         the succession and that’s why
a comparatively minor ruler, he            Tut’s ailments including his bone      knowing Tutankhamun was the
has captivated the public since the        disease likely were the result of      son or direct blood descendant
1922 discovery of his tomb, which          his parents’ incestuous marriage.      would make a difference,” said
was filled with a stunning array           Children born to parents who are       Salima Ikram, an Egyptologist at
of jewels and artifacts, including         so closely related to each other       the American University in Cairo
a golden funeral mask.                     would be prone to genetic prob-        and an expert on mummies.
    T he st udy, wh ich w i l l be         lems, he said.                            The tests also disproved specu-
published Wednesday in the                    Like his father, Tutankhamun        lation that Tutankhamun and
Journal of the American Medical            had a cleft palate. Like his grand-    members of his family suffered
Association, provides the firmest          father, he had a club foot and suf-    from rare disorders that gave
family tree yet for Tut. The tests         fered from Kohler’s disease which      them feminine attributes and mis-
pointed to Pharaoh Akhenaten,              inhibits the supply of blood to the    shapen bones, including Marfan
who tried to revolutionize ancient         bones of the foot.                     syndrome, a connective tissue
Egyptian religion to worship one              In Tut’s case it was slowly         disorder that can result in elon-
god, as Tut’s father. His mother           destroying the bones in his left       gated limbs.                                                                                 Wiki Commons Photo
was one of Akhenaten’s sisters,            foot — an often painful condi-            The theories arose from the
it said.                                   tion, the study said. It noted that    artistic style and statues of the     and was not published in a peer-     Criminal Justice in New York
    Tut, who became pharaoh at             130 walking sticks and canes           period, which showed the royal        reviewed scientific journal.         helped set up the first Egyptian
age 10 in 1333 B.C., ruled for             were discovered in Tut’s tomb,         men with prominent breasts,              The tests were also not con-      lab and said the work is being con-
just nine years at a pivotal time          some of them appeared to have          elongated heads and flared hips.      firmed by a second, independent      ducted according to international
in Egypt’s history. Speculation            been used.                                “It is un l i kely t hat eit her   DNA lab.                             standards.
has long swirled over his death               Egypt’s top archaeologist, Zahi     Tutank hamun or A k henaten              This time the work by the            Hawass predicted that many
at 19. A hole in his skull fueled          Hawass, who co-authored the            actually displayed a significantly    Supreme Council of Antiquities       more discoveries were in the
speculation he was murdered,               study, noted that more than 80         bizarre or feminine physique,” the    DNA lab was replicated by a          works for King Tutankhamun
until a 2005 CT scan ruled that            years after Tutankhamun’s dis-         article said.                         second DNA lab set up at Cairo       and the mummy project.
out, finding the hole was likely           covery, technology was revealing          Hawass’ first high profile dis-    University and the results were         “It will never be revealed com-
from the mummification process.            secrets about the pharaoh.             covery involving DNA tests, the       then published in the American       pletely, still we need more re-
The scan also uncovered the                   The study is part of a wider        identification of the mummy of        medical journal.                     search,” he said. “We finished the
broken leg.                                program to test the DNA of hun-        Queen Hatshepsut, came under             Angelique Corthals, an as-        first great part of the mystery and
    The newest tests paint a pic-          dreds of mummies to determine          criticism because it didn’t fol-      sistant professor of forensic sci-   the second one is coming soon in
ture of a pharaoh whose immune             their identities and their family      low accepted scientific protocols     ence at the John Jay College of      one year.”
system was likely weakened by              relations. To conduct the tests,
congenital diseases. His death             Egypt built two DNA labs to fol-
came from complications from               low international protocols for
the broken leg — along with a              genetic testing.
new discovery: severe malaria.                Hawass, who had long op-
    The team said it found DNA of          posed DNA testing on Egypt’s
the malaria parasite in several of         mummies because it would have
the mummies, some of the oldest            been performed outside the coun-
ever isolated.                             try, acknowledged his original
    “A sudden leg fracture pos-            skepticism. “I never thought that
sibly introduced by a fall might           we would really reach a great
have resulted in a life threaten-          important discovery,” he said in
ing condition when a malaria               an interview with The Associated
infection occurred,” the JAMA              Press.
article said.                                 T he ne w s t udy a n s we r ed
    “Tutankhamun had multiple              long-standing questions about
disorders... He might be envi-             Tutank hamun’s family, trac-
sioned as a young but frail king           ing his grandfather to Pharaoh
who needed canes to walk,” it              Amenhotep III. While some ar-
said.                                      chaeologists have speculated that
    The revelations are in stark           Tut’s father was a little-known
contrast to the popular image of           figure, Smenkhkare, it now ap-

New phone revealed
                                           for the thumb.
        By Claire PhilliPPi                   These new phones will be avail-
            Guest Writer                   able through T-Mobile, Sprint,
                                           and Verizon. This is so exciting
   Apple has been on top of the            because, since the iPhone came
game when it comes to cool and             out, users have been f locking
exciting things, leaving Microsoft         away from Verizon.
to take large hits in the last few            Now users will have a choice
years because of the iPod and the          very comparable to the iPhone.
latest iThings that Apple has been         This phone has not been linked
coming out with.                           to users’ home PC, but Microsoft
   Well, Microsoft has a new tech          is working on that currently.
toy. I am actually quite excited           Documents will be viewed on the
about this one.                            phone just by linking up to the
   M ic r o s of t i s u nve i l i n g a   home computer with Wi-Fi.
Windows Phone 7 series. This                  I would also think that this will
device will let you get on X-Box           be a great device to take notes on
Live as well as playing on Zune            during class. The screen is set
for music and photos.                      up in such a way that it is just
   Now, this phone is not like             a zoomed in version of already
an iPhone, because it can have             awesome PC programs.
a keyboa rd. Yes, M ic rosof t                This new phone does not have
understands that, while some               applications but rather hubs that
people don’t care, some people             connect Facebook with Windows
actually like the touch of real            Live and other fun social sites.
keys. Microsoft is making a cou-              The hubs have a very inter-
ple versions of this phone for all         esting look. They are still little
users.                                     boxes, but they can be moved
   This phone has a four point             in such a way that is just like
multitouch. For those who aren’t           scrolling through the screen on
as technically inclined, this means        a computer.
that instead of just poking at the            This phone might just surpass
screen with one finger, a user can         the iPhone in sales. Microsoft is
use all of his or her fingers except       back in a brand new way.
                          AndA rt s                                                                                                                                                     15
                                                                                                    Sade again offers the listener an amazing album, filled with great vocals, produc-
              E n t E rtA i n m E n t
                                                                                                    tion and lyrics.
                                                                                                                          -Kimberly Randle, “Sade does not disappoint,” p. 16

Electric Cheetah worth a look                                                  ‘Bioshock 2’ adequete sequel to its predecessor
                                       and we wished we could try all                                                 do anything for the good of The      to its predecessor, with a few
    by andrea & nick baas              of them, but we didn’t have the             by elizabeth schaefer              Family. While Bioshock explored      nice upgrades. Since you’re now
           staff Writers               room! We decided on Dijon                          staff Writer                the philosophy of Ayn Rand and       playing as a Big Daddy, what
                                       vinaigrette (tangy, works well                                                 the ultimate results of extreme      your character lacks in mobility,
   Since we love to eat and want       with the leaves), pumpkin vin-               When Bioshock was released        individualism, Bioshock 2 cri-       he makes up for with power. My
to help out our fellow Calvin stu-     aigrette (slightly tangy, rather        in 2007 it was met with universal      tiques the other side of the coin.   favorite new addition is the Big
dents, we decided to periodically      sweet) and our favorite, the cit-       acclaim. The game was awarded          In response to the failure of this   Daddy drill, allowing you to
write restaurant reviews for your      rus poppy seed, which turned            over 20 game-of-the-year awards,       libertarian utopia, Rapture has      quickly defeat enemies in close
use and future enjoyment. Being        out to be the perfect marriage          and has even been heralded by          now become a collectivist society,   quarters. New plasmids and gene
vegetarians and going out to eat       of dressing and red onions.             many as the best game of the           but whether this paradigm shift      tonics also help switch up the
don’t have to be mutually exclu-          For the soups we tried the           decade. In light of this success,      will actually benefit the city’s     somewhat familiar gameplay.
sive ideas, especially when there      tangy chili with vegetables             it came as no surprise when 2K         inhabitants is doubtful.                Perhaps the game’s greatest im-
are fantastic local restaurants        a nd ga rba n zo bea n s; t h is        games an-                                                                                         provement
that have “all-you-can-eat” spe-       turned out to be very savory,           nounced that                                                                                      is the hack-
cials at majorly affordable prices.    hearty and extremely filling.           a sequel was                                                                                      ing system.
Electric Cheetah (found at 1015        We also tried the creamy to-            i n p r oduc -                                                                                    Gone is the
Wealthy Street Grand Rapids) is        mato soup which afforded a              tion. Gamers                                                                                      frustrat-
one such restaurant with a chic        chance for seconds as it was a          were divid-                                                                                       i ng move-
atmosphere and delicious, unique       light soup; this had a warming,         e d . Wou ld                                                                                      around-
cuisine.                               homemade quality that accom-            a second                                                                                          these-
   When you first step into the        panied the salad and spread             return to                                                                                         nonsensi-
Electric Cheetah, the atmosphere       very nicely. We indulged and            Rapture lose                                                                                      cal-pipes
                                                                               the original-                                                                                     minigame.
                                                                               ity that made                                                                                     Instead, a
                                                                               Bioshock so                                                                                       much sim-
                                                                               refreshing?                                                                                       pler system
                                                                               How could                                                                                         of timed
                                                                               a game that                                                                                       button
                                                                               relied so                                                                                         mashing
                                                                               he av i ly on                                                                                     will allow
                                                                               i t s s h o c k-                                                                                  you to open
                                                                               ing plot and                                                                           file photo
                                                                                                                                                                                 safes, booby
                                                                               foreboding                                                                                        trap health
                                                                               atmosphere produce a compel-              Bioshock 2 also builds on the     stations and convert security bots
                                                                               ling sequel? Would a new game          original game’s theme of father-     with ease.
                                                                               tarnish the legacy of its prede-       hood and family. In Bioshock,           So, maybe the plot is inter-
                                       photo courtesy of   cessor?                                gamers were placed in the role       esting and the gameplay is sol-
and staff make the place feel cozy,    spent a little extra on the tra-             It was clear that such an un-     of an abused son, mentally con-      id, but is Bioshock 2 as good
despite the large window that          ditional French fries – crispy          conventional game required an          ditioned to obey all of his fa-      as the original? Of course not.
makes up an entire outer wall. I       hot wedges with rosemar y               unconventional sequel. And, for        ther’s orders. In Bioshock 2, the    The story isn’t as gripping, the
can imagine it’s a little tight in     and kosher salt. We went for            the most part, Bioshock 2’s devel-     gamer now takes on the father        characters aren’t as memorable
there in the summer, however.          a “traditional” dip approach            opers have succeeded where most        role, responsible for shaping his    and Rapt ure is no longer as
The lighting and style are very        with the house ketchup, but             presumed failure. Rather than at-      daughter’s moral development.        pants-wettingly scary as it once
contemporary and warm, and the         added honey aioli (a fancy              tempt to tack on additional story      Will you repeat the mistakes of      wa s. Howe ve r, t h i s shou ld
servers have their classy individu-    word for a dipping sauce) with          to the original game’s protago-        Andrew Ryan, or break away           not be considered a critique of
al styles. Take a look at the hood     a vinegar tang and the poblano          nist, the developers have created      from the toxic ethics of Rature?     Bioshock 2, but rather an in-
of the stove (yes, you can see the     aioli, which was very creamy            a separate story that is primarily        But don’t worry — not all of      dication of how incomparably
kitchen from your seat), as well       and similar to tartar sauce.            a thematic sequel.                     Bioshock 2 consists of question-     amazing Bioshock is. Taken on
as much of the artwork around          We topped the meal off with                  Set 10 years after the original   ing the nature of morality and       its own merits, Bioshock 2 is a
the restaurant that draw patron        the carrot cake, which was              game, Bioshock 2 finds the city of     debating critical interpretations    compelling game whose failings
attention and bring together the       too delicious to be described           Rapture under the control of Dr.       of “Atlas Shrugged.” The combat      are far outweighed by its suc-
Cheetah’s theme.                       in words.                               Lamb, a psychologist who will          system of Bioshock 2 is similar      cesses.
   T he me nu at t he Elec t r ic         Electric Cheetah is a res-
Cheetah is seasonal, and the
winter and early spring menu
                                       taurant worth looking at for
                                       more than its local and sea-            Film provides glimpse into Spanish life, culture
offers savory soups and hearty         sonal cuisine – the Cheetah
breads and spreads. We took            has great staff that are help-                                                 son, she decisively leaves Madrid she would not have been able to
                                                                                 by sandra chang garcia
advantage of the “bottomless”          ful and explanatory. They                                                      for Barcelona to find Esteban’s cope with all the different situa-
special that occurs Mondays            know their stuff and are very                      guest Writer                father — Lola. Late at night tions if it it would not have been
and Tuesdays starting at 4p.m.         persuasive with their sumptu-                                                  in Barcelona, Manuela f inds for Agrado and Huma Rojo. These
This special offers unique and         ous descriptions of the food.              “All About My Mother,” Pedro        Agrado, who she met several years three characters portray a sort of
flavorful soup, salad, breads and      And in a tight working en-              Almodovar’s 13th and arguably          ago. Agrado was being beaten sisterhood — they become really
spreads for roughly $9 a person.       vironment like the Cheetah              best film, was released in 1999        by a customer                                            close and fa-
You’re in control of the quantity      they do an impressive job               and won the Academy Award for          in a dark al-                                            miliar with
you’re served, and the portions        navigating through the narrow           Best Foreign Language film. This       ley. Manuela        The more you become like each other’s
are neither too big nor too small.     spaces between tables. If you           movie vividly portrays death,          throws a                                                 flaws.
If you love root beer, check out       visit, ask one of the servers           sadness, loneliness and most           stone at the       what you have dreamed for                However,”
                                                                               importantly hope. All the female       customer
the root beer menu that samples
different brews from around the
                                       the fascinating story of “The
                                       Electric Cheetah.” And while            characters, including those who        and is able to
                                                                                                                                         yourself, the more authentic A l l Mother”

Midwest.                               you’re there, we highly encour-         want to be females, embody             help Agrado.                      you are.               is not a sad
   The meal starts off with two dif-   age a trip to the restrooms –           some sort of tragedy. This movie       Agrado, who                                              movie with a
ferent breads and three different      even if you don’t have to go.           is mainly about a woman named          is a transves-                                           sad ending.
“spreads”: olive oil and rosemary,     They’re worth the look.                 Manuela. Early in the movie, she       tite like Lola, invites Manuela “All About My Mother” has a sad
sweet pecan butter and smoked             (Take a look at Electric             loses her seventeen-year old son,      to stay with her. The next day, plot because it is about losses and
chili lime. The salad comes with       Cheetah’s website at www.               Esteban. In an attempt to find a       Agrado looks awful — as a result, grief. However, the viewer can
an abundance of dressing options,                    different way to mourn for her         she decides that she is going to stop choose whether or not to take the
                                                                                                                      working in the streets and find movie seriously. Almodovar uses
                                                                                                                      a job. Both Manuela and Agrado color fantastically throughout the
                                                                                                                      start looking for jobs and meet movie. This means that all the
                                                                                                                      Rosa, a naive nun. Later in the locations are very intentional.
                                                                                                                      movie, Rosa becomes Manuela’s Agrado’s appartment is colorful,
                                                                                                                      protegee since she is pregnant and much like Manuela’s outfit at the
                                                                                                                      is being consumed by a terrible beginning of the movie. Also,
                                                                                                                      disease — AIDS. At almost the the dressing rooms in the theater
                                                                                                                      same time, Manuela finds a job are painted blue, red, and yellow.
                                                                                                                      as Huma Rojo’s assistant, a won- In addition to that, color adds
                                                                                                                      derful lesbian actress who plays some energy to the movie. Color
                                                                                                                      an important role in “A Streetcar adds spark to both the movie
                                                                                                                      Named Desi re,” a play t hat and Agrado. Not only is she a
                                                                                                                      was also performed in Madrid, transvestite, she is dramatic one,
                                                                                                                      where Manuela and Esteban yet still manages to be agreeable,
                                                                                                                      watched it the night that he died. funny, witty and colorful. Toward
                                                                                                                         “All About My Mother” in- the end of the movie, she tells the
                                                                                                                      cludes themes that are important story of how she became a trans-
                                                                                                                      for Spanish society. In a way, vestite, while in the theater and
                                                                                                                      watching “All About My Mother” concludes by saying, “The more
                                                                                                                      offers the viewer some insight you become like what you have
                                                                                                                      into Spanish culture. The fact that dreamed for yourself, the more
                                                                                                                      a great part of the movie takes authentic you are.” This state-
                                                                                                                      place in the Barcelona’s theater ment is part of her philosophy
                                                                                                                      is not a coincidence. Theater is — part of who she is. In general,
                                                                                                                      part of Spanish cultural heritage. Almodovar reminds Manuela and
                                                                                                                      It is also within this space that Huma Rojo through the colorful
                                                                                                                      Manuela, Agrado and Huma location and Agrado’s wittiness
                                                                                                                      Rojo get together at the end. that life is hard, complicated and
                                                                                                                      Though Manuela is the heroine, unfair — yet still worth living.
16 A & E                                                                                 C him es                                                                         February 19, 2010

‘Soldier of Love’ does not disappoint
Sade’s long awaited album ‘beautiful’ and ‘brilliant’
                                                                             ‘This is War’ falls short of fans’ expectations
                                                                                                                   more objectively, and I’ve con-         Seconds to Mars wanted every
                                       and revealing that “There’s                    BY pAuL MENN                 cluded that “This is War” isn’t a       song to be a soul-stirring anthem,
      BY KIMBERLY RANDLE               nowhere I can find peace/And                     Staff Writer               bad album but it is pretty empty.       but at a certain point, it just starts
           Staff Writer                the silence won’t cease.” More                                                 Lyrically, “This is War” is more     falling flat and all the songs just
                                       songs like this follow, giving           30 Seconds to Mars has always      vapid and empty than Barack             start blending together.
   With the variety of medio-          the album a reflective, melan-        been something of an enigma to        Obama’s campaign rhetoric. All             Another thing that bothers me
cre or simply untalented artists       choly and stirring aura.              me. It seems like everybody likes     the lyrics seem to revolve around       about this album is that it doesn’t
cavorting on stage, many have             Contrasting with this emo-         some of their songs, but no one       a vague sentiment of, “Yes, we          know what it wants to be. The
lamented the loss of deep, qual-       tional vibe are other songs that      is really that big a fan of them      did it! We are all together and         songs range from dance anthems
ity mainstream music, making           are up-tempo and in which             overall. It’s a lot like frontman     we have won!” I mean, instead           like “Night of the Hunter” (which
superficial songs plentiful but        Sade sings about love, joy and        Jared Leto’s acting career – he       of singing, “This is war!” they         was even given a dance remix on
long-lasting and strong songs          appreciation. One of these            appears in movies and people          might as well be singing, “Yes we       the bonus edition), to the Kayne-
hard to f ind. However, with           songs is “Babyfather,” in which       are fine with that, but no one        can!” In essence, there is nothing      inspired “Hurricane,” which
Sade’s announcement of a new           Sade sings about the love and         gets excited about “the next Jared    substantive here, but the lyrics are    then segues into “Closer to the
LP late last year, music lovers        sacrifices a father makes for         Leto film.” So when I heard that      sung in such a way that they draw       Edge,” which features a synth
rejoiced, ecstatic to know that        his child. Repeated in this           30 Seconds to Mars                                                                             line that sounds like
not only would a beloved musical       reggae-infused joint are the          was coming out with                                                                            the rip off of a VNV
figure be returning after a 10-year    beautiful words, “Your daddy          an album at the end                                                                            Nation song, which
hiatus, but that she would also be     knows you’re a flame,” which          of last year, I was                                                                            i n t u r n s mo r ph s
bringing back of wave of depth,        adds to the uplifting feel of         not overly excited,                                                                            into the over-the-
talent, wisdom and artistry that       the track. “In Another Time”          especially since their                                                                         top, chorus depen-
music has been lacking recently.       seeks to ease the tears of a          contemporaries Kill                                                                            dent, feel-good “Vox
   The English group’s new al-         girl who has been profoundly          Hannah and A FI                                                                                Populi.” Basically,
bum “Soldier of Love” is spell-        hurt by others, urging her that       were both coming                                                                               this album is all over
binding from the beginning with        “They don’t know what to do           out w it h new a l-                                                                            the map, which in
the song “The Moon and The             with something so good / One          bums. But t hen I                                                                              and of itself is not a
Sky,” a solemn, slow, and mov-         of these days, they’re gonna          heard the first single                                                                         bad thing, but when
ing song about love lost. It sets      fall into their world / And they      off of 30 Seconds                                                                              30 Seconds to Mars
a great precedent for the album,       will know exactly what they           to Mars’s “This Is                                                                             does it, it comes
enthralling the listener while         did to you.” The instrumental         War,” and I changed                                                                            across as calculated
also setting a great foundation        break at the end of the song          my tune entirely.                                                                              and insincere.
for the following song “Soldier        with a lovely saxophone solo             The single                                                                                     One thing I can-
of Love.” This first single from       helps to further soothe and           was “K i ngs and                                                                               not fault, however, is
the album, in which singer Sade        tranquilize the woman in the          Queens,” and when                                                                              Jared Leto’s singing.
smoothly sings about having lost       song. The ending song, and            I first heard it, my                                                                           The man has mad
in the battle of love many times       one of my favorites, is “The          only thought was,                                                                              talent. All it takes
but choosing to stay in the fight      Safest Place,” in which Sade          “My god, this song                                                                             is one listen to the
and believe in eventually finding      assures the receiver of her mes-      is life changing. It                                                                           song “Alibi” (which
and capturing love again. The          sage that her heart is the saf-       is everything that a                                                                           does come across as
song is fierce, boasting an assort-    est, and sacred, hiding place,        rock anthem should                                                                             a bit indulgent and
ment of drums, guitars and other       ending the LP on an calm and          be.”                                                                             fILE photo
instruments and accompanied by         peaceful note.                           I then acquired                                                                             to recognize this,
Sade’s lower register, all of which       Sade again offers the lis-         the entire album and for about        the listener in and make her be-        but throughout the entire album,
gives the song a sense of firm de-     tener a n amazi ng a lbum,            three days straight it was the only   lieve that they are meaningful.         Leto’s vocals are pure gold.
termination and resoluteness.          filled with great vocals, pro-        thing I listened to. I was wholly        Fur thermore, I would like              In the end, “This is War” is a
   “Soldier of Love” has a couple      duction and lyrics. Longtime          convinced that it was the ultimate    to give this album an award for         dramatic and ambitious record,
of slow, lamenting songs that          fans will remain enamored             achievement in music making.          “Most Egregious Over use of             but one that I think falls a bit
have beautiful lyrics, great instru-   while those new to her mu-            For a band that I always felt was     Gang Vocals.” On every single           short of what it wanted to be.
mentation and amazing vocals.          sic will instantly fall in love.      mediocre, 30 Seconds to Mars          song except for the ballad “Alibi,”     It grabs the listener’s attention
“Long Hard Road,” although             “Soldier of Love” is a phenom-        totally captivated me and blew me     there are swelling gang vocals. At      easily, but the more a person
over mournful-sounding produc-         enal album, nothing short of          away. But read on, dear reader,       first, it is pretty awesome, and it     listens to it, the more overwrought
tion, talks about transcending         spectacular, which isn’t sur-         because this story does not have      really works on some tracks like        and empty it sounds. If you want
the many problems in one’s life,       prising because this amazingly        the happiest of endings.              the short intro song “Escape” of        something of the same alterna-
remembering the repeated man-          talented group consistently              The thing was, the more and        the longer “Kings and Queens,”          tive/synth rock genre, go for
tra “It’s gonna be alright.” In        proffers jewels for the ear. Sade     more I listened to the album, the     but eventually it just feels forced     AFI’s “CrashLove” which only
“Morning Bird,” Sade sings with        starts 2010 off on a great note;      more I realized that there was        and contrived. No album needs           gets better with each listen or
a haunting falsetto, asking “How       hopefully, we won’t have to           something off about it. After the     to have 11 out of 12 tracks of          Kill Hannah’s “Wake Up the
could you?,” grieving over the lost    wait another decade for more          initial fanboy shock of wore off,     constant swelling gang vocals.          Sleepers,” which is experimental
of the eponymous morning bird          brilliant music.                      I started listening to the album      It honestly seems as though 30          but not contrived.

Lady Gaga and JLS come out on top at the 30th annual Brit Awards
                                       the stage now that she’s ditched      and then proceeded to throw his       is highly underserved, but as host      ence with a very haunting tribute
       BY joEL MEREDIth                the outfit donned for the support-    mic along with the award out          Peter Kay pointed out, winners of       to the late designer that could’ve
           Staff Writer                ing music video and her X Factor      into the crowd. Host Peter Kay        the award often end up as nobod-        been even more poignant had it
                                       appearance a few months back.         later retaliated by labeling him a    ies. JLS later won single of the        not been for the overwhelming
   This past Tuesday night marked        The most awkward moment of          “--- head.”                           year for their chart-topping “Beat      statue of herself in the back-
30 years of t he Br it Awards                                                                                                                              ground.
— British counterparts to the                                                                                                                                 Lady Gaga, seeming over-
Grammy Awards more or less.                                                                                                                                whelmed at points, walked away
   British songstress Lily Allen                                                                                                                           queen of the night with three
opened the night with her smash                                                                                                                            awards: international album of
single “The Fear,” entering the                                                                                                                            the year, international break-
awards show on a blimp. The                                                                                                                                through act and international
night was high energy from the                                                                                                                             female solo artist. She thanked
start with Dizzee Rascal pick-                                                                                                                             her fans, crediting them as “the
ing up a well-deserved trophy                                                                                                                              first people to believe in me.”
for British male solo artist of the                                                                                                                           Dizzee and Florence Welch
year, dancing his way up to stage                                                                                                                          performed their highly touted
and clapping the backs of those                                                                                                                            mashup “You Got the Dirtee
around him. Dizzee Rascal had a                                                                                                                            Love” (“You Got the Love” and
historic 2009 with massive num-                                                                                                                            “Dirtee Cash” head-to-head).
ber one singles in the U.K. like                                                                                                                           T he per for mance seemed as
“Bonkers” and “Holiday.”                                                                                                                                   much about the backdrop as the
   Unfortunately, X Factor boy-                                                                                                                            vocalists: ten harps lined the
band JLS followed up that fan-                                                                                                                             stage, a giant disco ball and a
tastic win with a performance.                                                                                                                             storm of confetti completed the
I thought about pulling a Van                                                                                                                              performance. While far from a
Gogh and going at my ears with                                                                                                                             disappointing performance, it
a knife but determined it wasn’t                                                                                                                           didn’t quite match the magic of
sharp enough. Thankfully they                                                                                                                              The Ting Tings and Estelle, an
managed to keep most of their                                                                                                                              unforgettable performance in
clothes on for the performance.                                                                                                                            2009.
   Jay-Z followed up their per-                                                                                                                               As the night wrapped up, Lily
formance by walking away with                                                                                                                              Allen got called back to stage
international male solo artist of                                                                                                             fILE photo
                                                                                                                                                           donning an Annie reject wig to
the year. Later on in the show,        the night came with the award of         Kasabian put on a fantastic        Again.”                                 accept British female artists of
Jay-Z and Alicia Keys came out         best album of the last 30 years,      performance of “Fire,” complete         Lady Gaga put on a slightly           the year.
to perform their massive single        which was voted on from past          with onstage fire encircling the      unusual show, starting off with            I n t he f i na l awa rd of t he
“Empire State of Mind,” and once       winners. Oasis won with “(What’s      band, electrifying the crowd. The     her typical piano piece and wear-       evening, British album of the
again I felt insanely jealous of all   the Story) Morning Glory” and         group went on to win best British     ing the habitual mental outfit          ye a r we nt to F lo r e nc e a nd
the record company execs in the        Liam Gallagher came on stage to       band of the year.                     only slightly toned down for            the Machine for her truly epic
audience who were busy getting         accept the award. After suddenly         Breakthrough British artist        the memory of the recently de-          debut “Lungs.” Disappointingly
drunk in the back because they         appearing to accept the award         went to JLS — no surprise here        ceased A lexander McQueen               losing in the other two categories
were tired of the screaming crowd      from backstage, Gallagher told        since the vote was decided by a       — to whom she dedicated the             she was nominated in, this was
down front. Alicia Keys may be         the audience that “the best bands     public vote and JLS has no short-     performance of “Telephone.” She         a well-merited win in the night’s
the best looking performer to hit      in the ------- world live forever,”   age of pre-teen fangirls. The win     performed solo, leaving the audi-       biggest category.
February 19,2010                                                                            C him es                                                                                         A & E 17

Airband delightful but unfair
4PM robbed of proper recognition at Calvin talent show
                                                                               Eric Bibb enchants audience at LLC
                                                                                                                         sification, Professor
                                     placement.                                        BY jEN BENgtSoN                   Linda Naranjo-Huebl
      BY BRANDoN hAAN                   All that said, 4PM was,                           guest Writer                   com me nted, “You
             Staff Writer            without a doubt, the true high-                                                     can hear or sing his
                                     light of the night. The fact                 This past Tuesday, Grand songs in churches,
   I have a confession to make. I that they were completely and                Rapids experienced the privilege bars and rescue mis-
was a little late getting onboard utterly swept aside, deprived                of sharing a night of music at sions — what other
the Dance Guild/Airband trains. of any sort of recognition, is                 the Ladies Literary Club with artist can you say that
Nothing about them really inter- completely ludicrous. Now, the                one of the world’s best acoustic about?” Talk about
ested me all that much during criticism that they might not                    blues singer-songwriters, Eric reformed. Some songs
my first few years at Calvin, so I have done as good of a job with             Bibb. Bibb walked out wearing even garnered a stand-
largely ignored them.                the actual lip-sync portion of            his trademark hat and toting one ing ovation. And Bibb
   That said, I’ve come around their performance is valid, but                 of his acoustic guitars with a big certainly appreciated
over time, and I’ll admit that not one that should overshad-                   grin, ready to enchant his already our enthusiasm: “I’m
both performances are often in- ow the merits of their work as a               enthusiastic audience.                    coming back to Grand
teresting, entertaining and well whole. Not only did they have                    He opened with “Goin’ Down Rapids” he said. We
done. Plus, each boasts some new the strongest aesthetics (includ-             Slow,” a song he learned from a all certainly hope he
controversy every year, which, ing the most artistically devel-                man in St. Louis. Right from the does.
as a member of the journalistic oped transitional elements) of                 start, Bibb’s vocals were smooth,            As a fan longtime
community, I rely on for creating any act navigating numerous                  crisp and clear. His guitar finger- f a n o f h i s m u s i c ,
relevant content.                    selections, but they boasted the          ing was amazing and received Naranjo-Huebl said,
   The latest Airband definitely most technically difficult and                enthusiastic praise and cheer “He’s a musician’s
continued every dimension of that interesting choreography. With               from the audience. Bibb’s set musician. A nd his
tradition, and I can only speculate these considerations in mind,              was a great combination of old live guitar work far
about what my                                             there is             songs and some new from his re- exceeds anything that
own rumina-                                               hardly any           cently released album, “Booker’s comes across in studio
t io n s m i g h t   Gotta Catch ‘Em All and criticism of                      Guita r.” He cont i nued w it h recordings.” As a devoted fan                       was definitely there. It has a lot to
T he fac t of         Starburst were both great t hei r per-
                                                                               “Walkin’ Blues Again,” “Shingle myself who had never before seen
                                                                               by Shingle,” “New Home,” “Tell him live, I was thrilled to witness
                                                                                                                                                                   do with giving up a certain kind
                                                                                                                                                                   of professional vanity because
the matter is deviations from the serious- that justi-                         Riley,” “Connected,” “Don’t Let that Eric Bibb’s music is even bet-                 if you’re too conscious about
that these per-                                           f ie s t he i r      Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down,” ter in person (not something you                     playing it right and not looking
formances are         ness of a few of the other          fai lu re to         “Needed Time” and “With My can say about many artists). At                          too foolish in the process then
personal be-        acts, and their lighthearted ph e cceo mn
                                                             la      i
                                                                               Maker I Am One,” to name a various points during many of his
                                                                               few. His fusion of folk-blues-soul- songs, Bibb closed his eyes and
                                                                                                                                                                   it’s harder to get to that place.
                                                                                                                                                                   I think you have to kind of just
cause they’re           and fun performances              petition.            gospel immediately got audience seemed to enter a deeply spiri-                     surrender. And an audience will
made up of                                                The fact             members tapping their feet and tual zone as he walked along to                      give me permission almost, if you
o u r p e e r s , worked well to break up the t h a t t he y                   clapping along to the beat. You the beat. The song “Connected”                      will. They’ll kind of let me know
which doesn’t                                             didn’t still         could even hear his more devout especially seemed to be a love
make my task         monotony of the hardcore has me in                        fans singing along. Certain lyrics song from his soul to ours: “I
                                                                                                                                                                   by their energy, their enthusiasm
                                                                                                                                                                   and their encouragement ... so,
as a reviewer             award contenders.               disbelief.           inspired some in the audience got my own road to travel, my                         thank you.”
an easy one.                                                  What             to shout: “All right!” “Bring it!” own story to tell … Still, I’m                      T he e nt i re conce r t wa s a
Therefore, I’ll                                           also has             “Amen!” “Glory!” “Hallelujah!” connected, to you, and everyone                      wonderful exchange of energy
try my absolute hardest to be as me in disbelief is the fact that              I turned to a friend, smiling, and and everything.” And certainly                   throughout the concer t hall.
delicate as I can.                   Airband finally managed to                told her that I felt like I was in from songs like “Didn’t My Lord                  Naranjo-Huebl observed, “He’s
   This semester’s Airband re- find some hosts able to hold                    church (well, at least my church). Deliver Daniel” and “I Heard the                 a performer who feeds off of the
alized a number of surprising the audience’s attention. The                    As someone who appreciates Angels Singing,” you could feel                          energy level of the audience, and
delights for me. Finally, I saw a Calvin Improv team did a won-                music that transcends rigid clas- that his performance came from                    you could tell that he really hoped
Pokemon themed song played out derful (if scripted) job, boasting                                                             the depths of his soul. Bibb         it to be a community experi-
in all its glory; I was fortunate flashes of the excellence that                                                              is a very dynamic and emo-           ence. And for everyone to make
enough to witness Joe Sonheim has easily made them the most                                                                   tive performer who seems to          noise and enthusiastically show
prancing around in drag, and interesting form of entertain-                                                                   exude the Holy Spirit whether        appreciation was evidence of a
I also watched as the biggest ment on Calvin’s campus this                                                                    he’s singing or just playing         communal experience — it was
artistic injustice in my time at year. Unlike previous hosts,                                                                 his guitar.                          a really neat dynamic.” I think
Calvin completely cheated a they went about their duties                                                                         Bibb is also a performer          both the genre of Bibb’s music
very deserving group of talented effortlessly and naturally, an                                                               whose stage presence in-             and the people it draws in added
performers.                          element that revived a tired                                                             vites audience participation.        to the slightly older age of most
   I must say that many of this post that has all too seriously                                                               There were some songs dur-           in the audience helped attribute
Airband’s performances were threatened self-elimination                                                                       ing which he asked the audi-         to the success of the shared ex-
absolutely stellar. People’s Choice after the past few years.                                                                 ence to sing along with him,         perience.
Award and 2nd place winners             Finally, the videos were also                                                         deepening the experience                Bibb concluded, “Music is
Kel ly Cla rk’s Son cer t a i n ly some of the most entertaining                                                              for ever yone. During the            what’s supposed to actually re-
brought the house down with I’ve seen, with the “Precious                                                                     discussion with Bibb after           mind us that we’re a community,
their nicely themed and won- Moments with the President”                                                                      his performance, an audience         a family. And when an audience
derfully entertaining set. Tied series at the top of the heap.                                                                member asked him whether             doesn’t feel too reserved about
together with a strong central Between those and his recent                                                                   he was intentional about             expressing their joy at being part
motif, Sonheim and co. left noth- admission to the Cold Knight                                                                engaging audience response           of a community, that’s when
ing to chance and, at times, little Club, President Byker might                                                               and participation. Bibb re-          it really starts to happen, like
to the imagination. Gotta Catch actually become a recogniz-                                                                   sponded, “Tonight, I must            tonight, for me.” I am sure that
‘Em All and Starburst were both able presence in the student                                                                  tell you, I really felt, in a very   all in attendance felt it, too, Mr.
great deviations from the serious- body yet. Additionally, each                                                               kind of obvious, exaggerated,        Bibb. The evening was magical
ness of a few of the other acts, and of the performers’ intro videos                              photoS BY LINDSAY MAKoWSKI positive way, really buoyed by        and deeply spiritual — certainly
their lighthearted and fun per- were cleverly done and well                    Jen was able to sneak in a                   your energy and enthusiasm             a once in a lifetime opportunity
formances worked well to break put-together, and Starburst’s                   picture with Eric Bibb after the             and that is a real help in get-        that my fellow concert-goers and
up the monotony of the hardcore appropriately took home the                                                                 ting to that zone ... Tonight, I       I will cherish forever.
award contenders. Rag2swag and cash.                                           spectacular show.
N’Shumuck, though both contain-         All in all, Airband stepped
ing glimpses of something better, things up this year, even if it
lagged a bit behind the consisten- did end up setting the scene for
cy of other acts. Still, they each the worst under-appreciation
gave solid performances. Mary I’ve ever seen in a Calvin per-
Poppins & The Chimney Sweeps formance. Here’s hoping the
turned in yet another strong big- judges are watching the same
                                                                                           I would love to fill this big ol’ space
number musical production, the thing my replacement will be
best I’ve seen from this group next year. Maybe then the best
of Broadway aficionados. They performers of the night will
                                                                                             with your wonderful reviews, cri-
fired on all cylinders and gave find themselves appropriately
the packed Hoogenboom Health recognized.
and Recreation Center a fantastic       See, delicate, right? Well, at
spectacle, one very deserving of least it’s honest…
                                                                                          tiques and comments on current arts
                                                                                           and entertainment happenings. We
                                                                                           write about restaurants, music, tele-
                                                                                            vision, film and lots more. Maybe
                                                                                          you’re interested? E-mail Lindsay at
                                                   photo BY KRIStINA WINtERS
18                    O pi n iOn
                                                                                                       Black History Month doesn’t own February. But should Kill-a-Watt Month be

                 a n d E di t Or i a l
                                                                                                    so drastically advertised?
                                                                                                                    -Mark E. Campbell, “Kill-a-Watt or Black History Month”

  From the
                                              But even if a student is plan-
                                          ning on getting married, he or
                                                                                  married. But I do understand
                                                                                  the frustration of others, who
                                                                                                                      Letters to the Editor:
                                          she is still unlikely to use the ser-   have felt pressured by friends           Corporations will drown             a huge amount of water would be
                                          vice. I submit myself as the first      or family to find “the one” or
   Editor                                 example — I am getting married,
                                          but I’m not planning on using
                                                                                  pick up their “M.R.S. degrees,”
                                                                                  and who feel that getting mar-
                                                                                                                               other voices

                                                                                                                      Dear Editor,
                                                                                                                                                               saved if more people went with-
                                                                                                                                                               out trays. Surely, there are more
                                                                                                                                                               systematic and structural changes
                                          Broene. Again, this is not because      ried at such a young age is            I am writing in response to           that can be made in the future,
                                          I think Broene’s workshops are          probably a bad idea for most.       Scott Kamp’s piece on the recent         but foregoing your tray today will
     “Not in this decade. Thanks,         inadequate. It’s because my pas-           I also understand that the       campaign finance decision en-            keep your figure slimmer and
  though,” says one card.                 tor already has provided me with        world of the unmarried col-         acted by the Supreme Court. In           conscience clearer. It is immedi-
     “I’m a dedicated spinster,           a handful of potential counseling       lege student is not so evenly       his letter, Kamp made the argu-          ate progress. As dishwashers, we
  thank you very much,” reads             options, including the ones she         separated into those who are        ment that “Democrats are just            would like to say that we are more
  another.                                prefers. Many, if not most pastors      planning on getting married         sore” because now corporations,          than willing to adjust the way we
     T h e c a r d s i n q u e s t io n   are the same way. It’s simply not       and those who have no desire        along with unions, can limitlessly       wash dishes.
  a re f rom Ca lv i n’s Broene           necessary for Broene to advertise       to do so.                           finance an electoral campaign,              It really is not an inconve-
  Counseling Center, advertis-            its service to students.                   What about those who want        while before it was only unions          nience to have more dishes with
  ing Broene’s upcoming pre-                  Even if the ads do bring in a few   to get married, even desper-        who could do this limitless fi-          less wasted food and fewer trays.
  marital workshops. The notes            extra couples to the workshops, is      ately so, but can’t? What about     nancing.                                 By no means are we dishwashers
  scribbled on them are courtesy          it really worth the small fortune in    those suffering through pain-          Kamp’s premise falls apart            suffering any sort of hardship
  of a handful of students, frus-         postage? Especially if those cou-       ful loss or a bad breakup? What     when one realizes that the law that      that would outweigh the great
  trated — for various reasons            ples are already likely to receive      about Calvin’s gay and lesbian      barred corporations from donat-          good of the steps that the dining
  — about receiving these cards           more-than-adequate counseling           students?                           ing limitless funds to a campaign        halls have taken in the last few
  through the mail every time             services provided or recommend             Put yourself in this posi-       also included unions, a legality         years. We deeply appreciate the
  the workshops are offered.              through their pastor? At the very       tion: you’re a gay student.         written into the McCain Feingold         ideas that have been presented,
     Now, I don’t have a problem          least, for the sake of conserv-         You’ve been told by the Board       reform of 2002. Democrats are            and we are grateful to all who are
  with the Broene Center or any           ing resources, Broene could lim-        of Trustees this year that your     not sore or bitter because the bal-      thinking outside the confines of
  of its workshops — I’m sure             it its advertising to e-mail an-        feelings, while natural and not     ance in campaign finance will            the tray and buffet.
  they’re well run and helpful for        nouncements through a service           your fault, can never be acted      be shifted against their favor;
  those who decide to attend —            like Student News.                      upon. You’ve been told that         Democrats are sore because now                             Ben Siekmeier, ’10
  but I do think that mailing out             But the reasons not to pitch out    you can never get married to        campaign finance will be shifted                          Maris DeKorte, ’11
  cards to half the student body          such a high volume of unneces-          the person you love because         against the favor of the average                      Justin Vanderhooft, ’13
  is a bad idea. While many of            sary cards go beyond simple mat-        doing so would be a sin before      American voter.
  the comments were written in            ters of stewardship. One potential      God. And then, the counseling          Sen. Charles Schumer states
  jest, there really are a number         complaint is that the cards further     center at your college mails        it best: “The Supreme Court has
  of reasons why Broene’s semi-           the small-Christian-college ste-        you a card that asks you, in        just predetermined the election
  regular mass mailings are at            reotype of students expecting to        boldface, “Getting Married?”        results for next November, it                 Tuition growing beyond
  best an annoyance and, for at           marry right after (or in) college,         How would that make you          won’t be Democrats, it won’t be                     affordability
  least a few students, potentially       a trend that — on a macro scale         feel about your college? Your       Republicans, it will be corpo-
  hurtful.                                — is seen by many to be both un-        college’s counseling center?        rate America.” The “corporate            Dear Editor,
     The first and most obvious           realistic and potentially harmful.         Listen, I k now t hat t he       America” that Schumer is refer-             With the Board of Trustees’
  point, of course, is that they’re       Several of the student comments         Broene Center has the best          ring to includes the pharmaceu-          latest tuition increase, the com-
  unnecessary and wasteful. The           picked up on this topic — for ex-       interests of the students at        tical giants that are inf lating         bined tuition and boarding cost
  cards are sent, perhaps a few           ample, “I’ve got other things on        heart. And again, I’m sure the      healthcare costs, the oil compa-         for a single year at Calvin will be
  thousand at a time, through             my mind, like turning 21.”              workshops are well run and          nies that prevent the American           over $33,000 — an astonishing 60
  the U.S. postal service to ju-              I admit, as a student planning      informative. I also worry that,     people from realizing the need           percent more expensive than just
  niors and seniors, regardless of        to marry right after college, I’m       by choosing to mail these cards     for a more diverse energy infra-         10 years ago.
  their relationship statuses. For        not in the greatest position to         out to students, the Broene         structure and greener future and            The numbers speak to one
  the majority of students who            criticize this particular trend. (At    center is not only wasting          the banks and financial firms that       simple fact: Calvin College is
  receive them, then, the cards           the very least, I can console my-       resources but also causing frus-    brought our country to the brink         becoming unaffordable.
  are of no use — either because          self with the fact that my future       tration, anger and even pain.       of another depression.                      With each tuition increase,
  they aren’t planning on getting         spouse goes to a large, secular         Which is, really, exactly the          It is through the recent Supreme      we’re told that financial aid con-
  married or, somewhat hilari-            university.) And I’m sure that          opposite of what a counseling       Court decision that these indus-         tinues to increase (for the re-
  ously, they are already wed. As         the Broene Center isn’t intending       center should be doing.             tries were given limitless power to      cord, a good thing), and that
  one student put it, “Are you            any harm or “expecting” that all                                            win political campaigns that will        relative to its peers, Calvin’s costs
  advocating polygamy?”                   students would, or should, get                                      -spm    protect their interests, not ours.       have not increased disproportion-
                                                                                                                      Although Scott Kamp would like           ately. That may all be true, but it

ReGathering emphasis misdirected
                                                                                                                      you to believe this is a partisan is-    doesn’t address the true degree
                                                                                                                      sue, it is not. With the single drop     of Calvin’s race towards unaf-
                                                                                                                      of a gavel, the political clout of the   fordability.
                                                                                                                      average voter (whether Democrat             I’ll be the first one to testify
                                          body, or is it merely taking away       into action, no doubt causing       and Republican) was overlooked           about the quality of a Calvin
      by Jesse bandfield                  from a powerful statement of giv-       many of the members of the
           Guest Writer                                                                                               to benefit the interests of profit-      education and tell you that my
                                          ing by coating it with entertain-       audience to give on account of      mongering corporations.                  four years at Calvin were price-
                                          ment? Uganda is thousands of            what they saw in the video. In                                               less to me. But precisely because
   Local incentives should not            miles away from Grand Rapids,           the same way Calvin should
be used to advocate that Calvin                                                                                                           James Wood, ’12      of that, I want a Calvin education
                                          and has people living in condi-         teach its students about the                                                 to be affordable for and attain-
students give to Living Water             tions many of us cannot imag-           realities of the world, spurring
International. Towards the end                                                                                                                                 able by generations to come.
                                          ine. Their real need for water is       them to better the world out of                                              Nobody who has spent five min-
Mr. Mantel’s presentation at              not understood by some of the           their own good-heartedness
ReGathering on Feb. 3, he asked                                                                                                                                utes looking at the projected rate
                                          potential givers here on campus,        rather than for themselves.                                                  of increase can rationally hope
President Byker and the Cabinet           and so the event is given a differ-     If students are truly aware of
to stand up in front of those who                                                                                            Tray-optional dining              that that will be the case. The per-
                                          ent perspective: in effect we are       the fixable problems of the                   misrepresented                 year percentage increases may be
attended the event. He did this to        giving for ourselves rather than        world, they will no doubt be
encourage Calvin students to do-                                                                                                                               smaller now than a few years ago,
                                          for the people of Uganda. Even if       encouraged to bring about           Dear Editor,                             but the overall cost is nevertheless
nate to Living Water International        the situation is fully understood       change.
because if Calvin raised $12,000                                                                                         We are writing from Commons           rapidly compounding.
                                          by a Calvin student, many do               The video Mantel showed          Dining Hall in response to the              The pace of these tuition in-
for the organization, President           not feel gratification upon giving      had a graphic that described
Byker and his cabinet would jump                                                                                      recent articles on improving the         creases is unsustainable. The
                                          for this cause. “What do I get          the chain of events of the lives    dining halls and specif ically           college needs to cut costs, im-
in the Sem Pond.                          out of giving to these people?” a       of those living in poverty as
   Emphasis was not on giving so                                                                                      in regard to the tray topic. The         mediately.
                                          student may begin to ask. Out of        they received a source of clean     common sentiment here, which                Already some measures have
that our partner school in Uganda         this mentality comes the birth of       water. Because of this water,
could have clean drinking water,                                                                                      includes several students and            been taken, but more drastic mea-
                                          an incentive for those who give,        they were able to lift them-        even some full-timers, is one of         sures — steps that will no doubt
but that our giving would be for          something to give them an instant       selves out of their situation,
the students’ enjoyment of watch-                                                                                     great excitement for the transition      be painful — need to be taken to
                                          reward for doing good.                  get healthcare and jobs and         to tray-optional dining, which           preserve the long-term financial
ing President Byker jump into                By learning to give with the         eventually become eight times
the Sem Pond. I believe that by                                                                                       would significantly reduce wast-         outlook. The college can’t con-
                                          expectation of instant gratifica-       more prosperous and “prof-          ed food, water and the displeasure       tinue to conduct its present-day
placing emphasis on our personal          tion, we will not learn how to          itable” than they could be
enjoyment rather than the true                                                                                        of overeating.                           business at the expense of future
                                          give freely without thinking first      without water. Our small act           Though going without trays            generations of would-be Calvin
good we are doing by donating             of ourselves. In the future, it may     of aiding these people is not a
our money to this international                                                                                       seems insignificant, it really does      students.
                                          be hard for the same students           onetime act, but continues to       help people to gather less food and
organization, we are appeasing            to donate when there is little          give through the prosperity of
our need for instant gratification                                                                                    drink. There is also no doubt that                         Christian Bell, ’03
                                          or nothing in it for them; they         the people we affect. It’s infor-
and lessening the likelihood that         won’t be able to realize when the       mation like this that can spur
we will be willing to give in the         needs of others are far greater         educated minds to realize the
future when there is no added             than the needs of themselves.           power they hold when they do-
incentive.                                As an educational institution,          nate to a cause such as Living
   In Jan. 28th’s edition of stu-
dent news, an announcement
was made from Calvin College’s
                                          Calvin College should not be
                                          teaching these ideas, no mat-
                                          ter how subtly. Instead, Calvin
                                                                                  Water Inter national. This
                                                                                  knowledge not only defeats
                                                                                  the need for instant gratifica-
                                                                                                                            Got opinions?
chaplain, Mary Hulst, inviting
everyone to potentially watch
Shirley Hoogstra jump into the
                                          should use education as a tool for
                                          spurring its students to help the
                                          world wherever possible. Mantel
                                                                                  tion, but encourages giving in
                                                                                  the future for the sake of doing
                                                                                  good rather than for personal
                                                                                                                       Send your Op/Ed article
Sem Pond. “If we all pull together
to raise 12,000 dollars for Living
                                          showed a well put-together video
                                          which displayed the realities of
                                                                                  incentive. By doing away with
                                                                                  Calvin College’s added incen-         to
Water International, then Shirley         life in sub-Saharan Africa and the      tives for giving to Living Water
Hoogstra will jump in the Sem             extreme poverty the inhabitants         International, the school may
Pond!” Is this incentive really           live in. As the video informed          do much more good than they
an added benefit for the student          the audience, it also spurred us        realize for the entire world.
February 19, 2010                                                                              C him Es                                                                OpiniOn and EditOrial 19

Canadians remain spirited despite uneasy olympic kickoff
                                      ers eventually came into place
     by HannaH de JonG                except one, replacing hockey
           staff Writer               supersta r Way ne G ret zk y’s
                                      troubled features with a smile
   It’s finally here. Vancouverites   of relief.
have been anticipating this date         Although these mishaps and
since its announcement ten years      misfortunes prevented a com-
ago in the new millennium, and        pletely smooth f low of events,
Friday’s opening ceremonies           none was as troubling or deeply
made it official – the 2010 Winter    disconcerting as the disastrous
Olympics in Vancouver are really      death of Georgian athlete Nodar
happening. And everything has         Kumaritashvili during a prac-
gone wrong.                           tice luge run. Remembered and
   Just weeks before the games        respected during a moment of
began, the lower mainland of          silence in the opening ceremon-
British Colombia was experien-        ies, the tragedy cast a depressing
cing the warmest winter on rec-       shadow over all the euphoric
ord. Instead of snowfalls, there      excitement before the games even
were downpours. Where ski runs        started.
should have been were gaping             B u t , t r u e t o c h a r a c t e r,
holes of grass and mud. The city      Canadians remained relaxed
was in a frenzy, gathering what       and optimistic throughout dif-
little snow and ice there was and     ficulties and setbacks. In fact,
dumping it on the Olympic peaks       far from China’s at tempt to
by truck and helicopter, covering     vehemently stamp out ever y
it with tarps to protect it from      tiny imperfection to present the
rain. On Whistler Mountain,           image of faultless perfection,
one of t he main event sites          Vancouver proved itself true to
for skiing and snowboarding,          Canadian spirit, flaws and all.
there was a mad f lurry of ac-        And with the win of the first gold
tivity to get the runs, halfpipe      medal on Canadian soil, things
and jumps ready in time for           can only look up from here. The
the athletes to practice despite      image projected by the opening
unforgiving and unpredictable         ce remon ies wa s not one of
Mother Nature.                        perfection, but a ref lection of
   Even after everything was set      the rich diversity, welcoming
                                                                                                                                                                                           file PHoto
and in place for the Olympics         hospitality, acceptance, artistic           The Vancouver Olympic torth was designed by iconic Canadian company Bombardier.
to take off, glitches and hic-        muse and nat ural beaut y of
cups continued in the first of-       Canada.                                     flooded in to depict the mosaic           a few.                               arts, Canada has much to offer
ficial Olympic event, the highly         The ceremony began with                  of Canada’s diversity. Fiddlers              The beauty and warmth not         and much to absorb in forming
awaited opening ceremonies.           the First Nations people, repre-            and river dancers from the eastern        only made the viewer fall in love    its identity. In these Olympics,
At the lighting of the torch by       sent i ng t he st rongest bit of            provinces gave an edgy perform-           with Canada, but wish they could     we can be sure that Canadians
memorable Canadian heroes,            cultural tradition Canada can               ance, followed by ballet, poetry,         be Canadian. Perhaps there’s         will stay true to themselves as
spectators were held in few min-      muster, dancing tirelessly for              v i r t u a l wh a le s pod s, g i a nt   some truth in the poem “We           gracious hosts in an event which
utes of tense awkwardness while       almost three hours straight. After          sparkling polar bears, arrays of          Are More” by Shane Koyczan,          unites countries and cultures for
the structures for lighting the       exhausting totem poles, tribal              crimson maple leaves and per-             saying Canada is “an idea in         the love of the games. Sure, its no
central torch were nowhere to         art and other native influences,            formances by Sarah McLachlan              the process of being realized.”      Beijing, but we wouldn’t have it
be seen. All three of the tow-        other cultural and artistic forms           and Br yan Adams, to name                 Humble, polite and rich in the       any other way.

On Canadian pride                                                                    Kill-a-Watt, Black History Month can share
                                                                                                                            when it gets dark around 6:00 p.m.   children but we all are differ-
                                                                                         by marK e. CamPbell ii
Canadians not meek, just celebrate differently                                                 Guest Writer
                                                                                                                            I am not saying that February can
                                                                                                                            only be Black History Month
                                                                                                                                                                 ent, not only in color, but also in
                                                                                                                                                                 personalities, interests and just
                                                                                                                            forever and forever. I am saying     about anything else you can think
                                      was right in pointing out there is                 Black Histor y Month is            Kill-a-Watt Month and Black          of. God’s kingdom is not catego-
    by JoHn Kloosterman               quintessentially Canadian belief               vital to every American cit-           History Month can equally share      rized; his kingdom has no limits
           staff Writer               in equality. This would explain                izen whether black, white,             the spotlight. Walls and boards      or bounds. He doesn’t put blacks
                                      why Canadians have a love for                  yellow, striped, red, orange           are plastered with colorful post-    here, whites there, environmen-
   With the Olympics begin-           sport competitions, where the                  or polka dotted. It’s not just         ers about Kill-a-Watt Month and      talists here and polluters there.
ning in Vancouver last week, the      variable is skill rather than inher-           black history, it’s American           how can you save and sustain.        He uses all of us. When one group
American media finally gave           ent advantage.                                 history. Black History Month           Where are the Black History          is celebrated, we should celebrate
some attention to my oft-neglect-        However, i n nea rly ever y                 is a colorful fabric intertwined       Month posters? They’re few and       with them. Black History Month
ed homeland Canada. However,          sports competition, including the              with the other ethnicities in          far between.                         doesn’t own February. But should
even the usually-careful New          Olympics, the odds are stacked                 America. Each fabric is differ-           God’s kingdom is made up of       Kill-a-Watt Month be so drasti-
York Times’ report on Feb. 9          against Canada, since it cannot                ent and distinct on its own, but       beautiful shapes, forms, colors      cally advertised? Can these two
was, quite frankly, laughable.        claim superiority in population                when put together, they form           and people. We are all God’s         giants share one month?
According to the article, the Own     base or monetar y resources.                   a multi-chromatic tapestry of
the Podium campaign, trying to        Whenever a Canadian wins a                     splendor. This splendor is what
increase the number of medals         medal, it is because they have                 we as Christians must strive
Canada wins at the Olympics,          overcome these considerable                    for daily.
is “so nakedly ambitious, [it]
makes some Canadians uneasy.”
                                      obstacles with skill – there is no
                                      sense, except maybe in hockey,
                                                                                         Though we are perfectly
                                                                                     imperfect, we must consis-
                                                                                                                                  LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
In fact, they call the name “Own      that Canada is superior to other               tently and confidently strive
the Podium” “un- Canadian-            countries and thus deserves to                 for splendor, because Christ               Letters must include the writer’s name and
sounding”.                            be decorated with gold medals.                 would accept nothing less.
   W hile I would verily wel-         Thus when Alexandre Bilodeau                   As Paul says in I Corinthians            class. Letters received without a name will not
come their accusation of being        won gold in men’s moguls this                  12:26, “If one part suffers every        be printed. The editors reserve the right to edit
meek, I felt the need to rise to      week, there was more celebra-                  part suffers with it; if one part        any letters. The length of the letter should be
the challenge of explaining how       tion in Canada and amongst the                 is honored, every part rejoices
Canadian pride works at events        Canadian diaspora for that one                 with it.” Black History Month            no longer than 250 words; longer letters may
like the Olympics.                    medal than among Americans                     is not about acknowledging               be shortened at the editor’s discretion. The
   The opening ceremony alone         for all of theirs.                             blacks but about acknowledg-
should be enough to refute any           And no discussion of Canadian               ing ourselves because being              deadline for all letters is 5 p.m. on Tuesday
charge that Canadians can have        sports pride would be complete                 black is a part of the Christian         for print on the following Friday. Send letters
no national pride or ambition. It     without a mention of (men’s)                   American Society as a whole.             to with “Letter to the
was impossible not to be proud        hockey’s role. The 2002 gold-                      W he r e d id K i l l- a-Wat t
while seeing the First Nations        medal victory over the United                  Month come from? As some                 Editor” in the subject line, or send your com-
dance with such endurance, hear-      States is perhaps the most sig-                of you may know, February                ments through our website:
ing a moving rendition of “O          nificant event in Canadian na-                 is Black History Month. But,
Canada,” witnessing a fiddling        tional memory, which 10 million                looking around campus, one               chimes
duel between a canoeist and his       Canadians watched live. Despite                would think that Black History
shadow and watching Gretzky           disappointment in 2006, the                    Month was upstaged by the                  Announcements can be submitted by Calvin
light the torch after bearing it      men’s hockey team’s journey                    massive attention Kill-a-Watt
through the pouring rain — how-       will become a major part of the                Month has received. I am not             students, faculty and staff to be printed in
ever, laughing together at the        Canadian national experience.                  discounting the importance of            Chimes at no cost. Announcements can be sent
ridiculous polar bear was also           So perhaps The New York                     Kill-a-Watt Month.
important.                            Times was right in labeling us                     Though wouldn’t it be more           via e-mail to or dropped
   To put the significance of this    meek, by virtue of having no                   f itting to have Kill-a-Watt             off at the Chimes office during the week.
ceremony into perspective, two        desire to boast in inherent na-                Month in April because Earth             Announcements must be received by 5 p.m.
thirds of all Canadians were          tional superiorit y. But when                  Day is on April 22? It would be
watching it on TV.                    a Canadian David-like athlete                  warmer, so we could lower the            Tuesday to run in Friday’s paper. Please stick
   At this year’s January Series,     faces the American giant, for ex-              temperatures in the buildings,           to a limit of 160 characters and send with the
T.R. Reid quipped that Canadians      ample, and overcomes, Canadians                which saves energy. There
don’t mind waiting for health-        feel a national pride that other               would be more sunlight, so we            subject line “announcement.”
care, as long as everyone waits the   countries need to wage wars to                 could turn off the lights. It’s
same amount of time. Perhaps he       emulate.                                       difficult to turn off the lights
20   Photo Essay   C him es   February 19, 2010

                                      Photos and Layout by Jeremia Handoko

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