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									Armand:   Again, I’d like to welcome everyone to the call this evening. My name is
          Armand Morin, and I’m going to be your host for the next 60 minutes.
          Tonight’s call we’re going to talk with the faculty members of The Big
          Seminar in San Francisco on August 22, 23, and 24. We’re going to hear a
          lot of information from each one of the speakers. So those of you that may
          not have heard of The Big Seminar before, we had the seminar back in
          January of this year. We had a tremendous time, 163 people were there.
          We had some fantastic information that we shared. Lifelong friendships
          were made, and we’re doing it all over again. This time on the west coast
          in San Francisco, right on the bay. We’re going to have some of the top
          Internet marketers in the world with us right now. Some of them you just
          heard and we’re going to introduce each one of them as we go through this
          next 60 minutes.
          We’re going to get right in to it right now, and the first person I want to
          call on is actually Alex Mandossian. Alex is someone that many people
          should be familiar with. He’s gotten a lot of popularity, especially in the
          last few years, online, for very good reasons. His website is
          www.MarketingWithPostcards.com, and Alex’s specialty is website
          So, what I want to do is actually introduce you to Alex. But before I do, I
          think it’s important for you to know some of the people that he’s worked
          with before. He’s worked with people like the Ronco food dehydrators,
          Suzanne Sommers. He’s come from the informercial background, so with
          that infomercial background, he’s taking what he learned from the
          informercial scenario and actually bringing it online and he’s doing
          extremely well.
          What he can show you in just a short period of time can actually make a
          dramatic improvement in your business. So with that, Alex, I’m going to
          turn the call over to you.
Alex:     Okay. Well first of all, my nasal passages are clogged because I just had
          surgery, but my mind is clear. One of the things I want to talk about at the
          conference is strategies to increase pulling power of E-mail.
          Now, one of the best ways to increase pulling power of E-mail is to get E-
          mail through, and I don’t think there’s one person on this call who doesn’t
          do E-mail broadcasting and if they haven’t, they should.
          But one of the strategies of increasing pulling power is actually getting E-
          mail through the spam filters. There are many, many spam filters out
          there. The one I like to refer to most is Spam Assassins, and I think it’s the
          defacto standard of all spam filters. You can check out what words are
          being checked.
          And I did something for The Big Seminar. If anyone on the call is going to
          be making it. I know many are. I’ve done what’s called A Tale of Two E-
          mails. And I have two similar E-mails – and by the way, free is not a huge
word. The word free by Spam Assassin is .1 as a score. Anything over 2.0
is considered not so good. I always see the little arrow that breaks up the
word free, and I think to myself What about all the other words? And side
by side I’ll be showing you two E-mails, and you wouldn’t even think that
one has a score of 25.8, which means it’s not going to make it through;
and the other one says essential the same thing, has .1.
Now let me read some of the words so anyone listening on this call can
avoid those words the moment you get off this call, or maybe you’re
sending a broadcast during this call, you can remove them.
In the subject line, your family. If you have the words your family, in that
order, that’s 2.9 spam points. If you use A Webber, that’s considered,
you’ll see it pop up and it will come up in red because that may not go
In the body. In the body if you have no investment, that’s 2.9 points. For
only pennies a day, that phrase, 2.9 points. While you sleep. Right? Make
money while you sleep. That’s 4.2 points. Not make money, but while you
sleep. Can you imagine?
Additional income. 2.9 points. Money making, in that order, 2.7 points. Be
your own boss. How many times have you seen that? 2.9 points. And
listen to this: financial freedom, 4.3 points.
Basically, if you use any of these words, and you’re going to get filtered
out. And this is just from Spam Assassin.
There’s a strategy that you can use just to check all of your content that
you can go to www.Lyris.com/contentchecker. Just cut and paste it in to
the filter. It’s a company out of Berkeley over here, and you’ll find out
how safe your E-mail is.
Now, this is very basic stuff, but some of the biggest words that get picked
up by the spam filters are not free or free offer, but they’re words like
hello in the subject line. Or your family in the subject line. Or double your
in the subject line. Or Dear something in the body copy. Online business
in the body copy. No investment in the body copy. Financial freedom, I
mentioned that before. And 100% guarantee, that’s 1.1 spam points.
One of the biggest ways to increase pulling power is just getting the E-
mail through. Check your words. Make sure that you don’t have those
keywords that are getting pulled off by spam.
Rudyard Kipling once said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug
used by mankind.” They’re only powerful if they’re read. So I’m going to
be talking about this and many other things regarding conversion.
Again, forgive my nasal congestion situation. It will be gone by The Big
Seminar. But please, think clearly when you send your E-mail because
pulling power is all about getting your E-mail read, and getting your E-
          mail read is getting it through, first. So be vary, vary wary of what is
          getting through by checking what the spam filters are picking up.
          Anyone who’s gotten an E-mail from me, if you end up going to The Big
          Seminar, please be advised that I will pay for your first two night’s stay at
          the Marriott – that’s Friday night and Saturday night.
          So if you got an E-mail from me, if you decided to go, you first two
          night’s stay are free on me. I hope to see you there.
          Back to you, Armand.
Armand:   Sounds great. Again, I appreciate it, Alex. Again, as Alex said, he just had
          surgery the other day, so I really appreciate the fact that he has taken time
          out to make it with us tonight, and I certainly hope he feels better.
          Now, the next speaker I’d like to introduce you to is a person by the name
          of Carl Gilletti. Carl is one of the top copy writing experts in the world. In
          fact, he’s written ad copy for legendary marketers such as Gary Halbert
          and Jay Abraham. He’s spoken at seminars with price tags of $6,000 plus.
          And Carl really knows how to get your message across in a precise way
          that will get your people to respond to your offer.
          Because regardless of what anyone says, and I’m willing to put this up
          against anything, is that pictures and graphics don’t sell, but your words
          sell your products and services on the Internet or in any other kind of
          marketing. And Carl’s going to teach you how to do that.
          With that, I’m going to turn it over to Carl Gilletti.
Carl:     Thanks, Armand, and hello everyone. It’s going to be an exciting seminar.
          A lot of good stuff going on and just listening to the first speaker, it’s
          really exciting.
          What I’m going to do is I’m going to cover offers – how to construct an
          offer that is irresistible because you can get everybody to the line, but if
          you don’t get them to cross the line and cross your (7:24) then you’re not
          going to be successful because you want to get that order.
          The most powerful part of an ad and getting that order is the offer – what
          you’re offering them.
          The other thing I’m going to do is I’m going to present some exercises that
          are new exercises that I’ve never released before, and these are going to be
          exercises that are going to help you craft different parts of your promotion,
          either your offer or your headline, etcetera.
          The other thing is between now and The Big Seminar, I’m doing a lot of
          testing of ad copy, and I’m going to present some really significant results.
          The latest in terms of what people are responding to. I’m currently
          working on a Jay Abraham promotion, an entry level promotion for Jay’s
          materials, and we’re going to have lots of test material on that, to show
          what’ working currently in the area of selling that kind of stuff.
            And some other innovative things, particularly oriented toward the
            Internet. Really ground-breaking stuff which will probably just be coming
            in to use about the time of The Big Seminar. It will probably be the first
            time that this type of thing is going to be announced there.
            Lots of exciting stuff happening, and I’ll turn it back to you, Armand.
Armand:     Sounds great, Carl. In fact, I want to know what’s happening with Jay
            Abraham and what he’s utilizing for marketing. I’m really looking
            forward to that and finding out that information.
            Again, Carl’s certainly one of our faculty members that’s going to be
            teaching you at The Big Seminar, and the information with copy writing,
            it’s one of the underlooked things that people do – or I should say don’t do
            – online. And you need to really pay attention to what Carl is going to say
            at the seminar.
            The next person, he’s actually calling in from a place I’m actually really
            envious of, and that is Jonathan Mizel. In fact, Jonathan lives in Hawaii.
            That’s why I’m envious of Jonathan and what he’s doing. He lives in a
            beautiful place and more than that, Jonathan is one of the top marketers in
            the world. In fact, he’s worked with companies like Microsoft. He helped
            Microsoft generate 75,000 downloads in four days for Internet Explorer
            4.0, so as you can tell, Jonathan’s been around for a while on the Internet.
            He’s not new to this. He’s really, and literally, one of the pioneers of
            Internet marketing.
            He’s worked with companies like American Express as well. And
            Jonathan, I’m proud to say, is going to be one of our faculty members of
            The Big Seminar in San Francisco.
            So with that, Jonathan Mizel, I’m going to turn the call over to you.
Jonathan:   Well, thanks Armand. How are you doing over there?
Armand:     Fantastic.
Jonathan:   Not quite like Hawaii.
Armand:     Not like Hawaii, though.
Jonathan:   Well, you live in a very beautiful place as well. I am just looking out my
            window right now at the two or three islands that we can see. I just hope
            that everybody who’s listening to this has the opportunity to get over here
            to Hawaii because it is really, truly a beautiful place.
            The only place that even comes close is my own home town, San
            Francisco, California, which I’m really looking forward to getting back to
            for The Big Seminar.
            Some of the stuff that I’m going to talk about, I’m going to talk about
            three of four different things during my presentation, but I really want to
            drill drown and talk about what I think is the most important aspect of
            Internet marketing.
We consult and we work with just tons of business owners. People who do
everything from dog training to selling marketing consulting to selling E-
books to selling supplements to selling high-end consulting services.
There’s one concept that I have said consistently, over and over and over
again, since I started out in this business. A lot of people say it, but what I
find is very few people do it, and what I’m going to tell you is get their E-
mail address.
When people visit your site, you must get their E-mail address. I am still
shocked and amazed to find that there are people out there who you can go
to their website and you cannot find an opt-in box, or a pop-up or some
other mechanism to actually separate the suspects from the prospects, and
the people who are truly interested.
Just about everybody who visits your website, if they come in through an
affiliate link or a search engine link, or a banner, or affiliate opt-in E-mail,
they’ve got some interest. They’re already interested in what you’re doing
and what you’re selling.
The idea that – I think Alex talks about it a lot – even in the very best case
scenario, 95 out of 100 of those people are going to turn around and leave
the website without buying. It’s really incumbent upon you, as a site
owner, to figure out how to capture their address.
I think I have finally cracked the code and discovered a way to get an
unbelievable opt-in rate.
For those of you listening to this who have an opt-in box, you’re saying,
“Well I’m doing pretty good. I’ve got a 5% or 10% opt-in rate.” For those
of you using a pop-up, you might say, “Gosh Jonathan, I use the pop-up
and the amazing pop-up course, and I’m getting a 15% or 20% opt-in
I’m actually going to reveal a brand new technique, which we’ve only
talked about to our coaching club members and a few other people, where
we have seen an opt-in rate of as much as 75%. In other words, ¾ of the
people who hit the website opt-in and give you their E-mail address.
This technique is truly a go for the jugular, Jay Abraham style technique.
And let me tell you, it works like crazy.
Just to give you an example, we sell a product that’s not an Internet
marketing product, it’s not a marketing product at all. In fact, I don’t even
want to tell you what it is because it doesn’t matter. I have seen this
technique work with many different industries, many different products,
many different markets.
What we did is we just did the same advertising that we normally do, and
we used this technique on this particular site and we generate – in this case
– about 50% to 60% of the people give us their E-mail address.
            Over the last three months – and this is people that opted in. This isn’t co-
            registration or I’m buying these names or I’m paying money for leads or
            something like that. All of which are great techniques. I just used the
            technique on a site I’m currently promoting, and in the last three months I
            am up to 22,000 opt-in names.
            This is a technique that anybody can do, anybody can use, and I’d be
            surprised after the seminar if a whole lot more people aren’t using it and
            making a whole lot more money.
Armand:     I can tell you this, I want to know.
Jonathan:   You have a hint, Armand. But you’ll just have to wait until the
Armand:     I mean, folks, if you listen to what Jonathan just said – a 50% to 60% to as
            much as 75% opt-in rate to getting a person’s E-mail address. If you know
            the power behind that, meaning that you can actually contact and follow
            up with those people again and again and again. That’s a powerful
            That one technique will at least double or triple your business within the
            next 12 months. One Jonathan reveals it, I think everyone’s going to really
            start utilizing it. I totally agree with Jonathan that more and more people,
            after they hear him present this, are going to utilize this all over the world.
            Again, we’re really happy to have Jonathan with us, and again, coming all
            the way from Hawaii. We really appreciate that.
            The next person – actually I want to find out that he’s actually on the call
            with us, because I didn’t ask if he was actually here. Is Mr. Joe Vitali with
            us tonight? Okay. I know Joe had a prior commitment, but I know this
            next speaker is on the phone with us.
            He’s actually someone that came to me – it seemed like, at least – came
            out of the blue in to the Internet marketing arena, which he did. But he
            was marketing far before that. In fact, what he’s done in the short period
            of time in this particular industry is really amazing.
            He has the best-selling book, Under Oath. In fact, his website is
            www.The-Whole-Truth.com. And the person I’m talking about is Steven
            Pierce, and he’s one of the most fascinating marketers and fascinating
            success stories that I’ve ever had, and Steven’s marketing techniques
            really, really just impress me with how brilliant the things that he’s putting
            together and what he’s doing right now in the marketplace. I think you’re
            going to really enjoy him at The Big Seminar in San Francisco.
            So with that, I’m going to turn the call over to Steven Pierce.
Steven:     Hey, hey, hey.
Armand:     Welcome to the call, Steven.
Steven:   Hey, thanks man. Man, you know what? This is going to be an incredible
          event. What we’re going to do on Friday the 22nd at 9:00, we’re going to
          talk about dynamic relationship building for creating a long-term Internet
          One thing we like to focus on is the relationships. We want to know what
          problem do you have that we can assist you with, and we take that
          approach because we’ve come to understand that people don’t buy
          products, they don’t buy seminars, they don’t buy books and videos. They
          buy solutions to problems that they have. And the person that’s able to
          provide that solution to that particular problem is the one that’s going to
          win their heart, and that’s what it’s about. It’s about winning their heart
          before you can win their wallet.
          So we like to focus on building the relationships and doing that by
          providing solid content. I’m not just talking about just sending stuff out
          for the sake of sending it out, or reproducing other people’s articles.
          I’m talking about original content that’s three things. Three things, and
          these three things will fatten you wallet, if your content are these three
          One is it has to be unique enough to attract them to you.
          The second this is it has to be powerful enough to keep them with you.
          And it has to be compelling enough to make them buy from you.
          And all together that content has to make an impact on them. It has to
          make a difference, and it has to be able to help them move, make some
          kind of progress towards a goal that they have, so that they can turn and
          they can look at you in a spirit of celebration because you were able to
          give them something that was able to help them.
          That’s what it’s about. It’s about giving them that content. Kind of like
          taking care of your lawn, for those who have houses and have lawns. You
          go out and you fertilize your lawn and you put water on your lawn. You’re
          doing that to nurture it so that it will grow and it will be beautiful. It will
          be green, and you will be the envy of the neighborhood as the neighbors
          come out they’ll be like, “Gosh, what did you do to your lawn?”
          That’s how you need to treat your list. Each E-mail that goes out has to
          have an assignment attached to it. You have to ask yourself: Why am I
          sending this E-mail out? What’s the purpose? What are they supposed to
          get from it when they read this E-mail? What are they supposed to feel?
          What are they supposed to think?
          If you don’t have a specific assignment for that E-mail that’s going to
          make a difference in their life, none of this Well, I’m going to make some
          money. I want to sell this product. Or something like that, but a very
          specific assignment that impacts their life, that will move them closer to
          something that they want to achieve, then don’t send the E-mail.
Don’t send the E-mail. And when you do send E-mails, I encourage you to
test one thing that we found to be so dynamic and so impactful on our
profits that we will never change it, and that’s deliver your content in a
PDF. We’ll probably go over some of that in the seminar, but one main
benefit is that you get instant value association because a lot of the books
that people will buy online are downloadable in a PDF format.
So when you send your content in a PDF format – I’m not talking about
sending a sales letter in a PDF – I’m talking about giving them something
that when they grab it, they’re like, “Gosh, I would have paid for this.”
We get E-mails after we send out our PDFs, “What, are they totally crazy?
I would have paid for this. Man, oh my gosh!” And we could do it in three
pages, four pages, five pages, seven pages. And when we sit down and we
put it together, we have very specific things in mind, and we track every
single PDF that we send out, and watch how it multiplies, watch how it
multiplies, the viral effect, and the sales that it produces from different
links that we have in there.
It’s an incredible concept. You should start putting together your content
with a very specific purpose, and send it to them in PDF.
This is the thing. We talk to people and it’s like they want to be stingy
with their content. They feel that if it’s anything that’s of value, that’s
going to have an impact on them, that could create change, they want to
put a price tag on it. You can’t do that.
My feeling is this: If you put what you know and put it in a PDF and give
it away for free, that’s all you’ve got, you’ve got to switch out what it is
you’re doing. You should be filled with so much content in the market that
you’re pursuing or that you’re delivering services and products to that it
doesn’t matter how much you give away for free. You create an
atmosphere that’s like, If they can give this to me for free, my gosh, what is
it that I can get from them when I pay for it?
You want to become a magnet. You want to become a magnet. You want
to become a traffic magnet and a money magnet? Solve problems for
people. That’s it. That’s all they care about.
They don’t care about you wanting to be the number one J.B.-and-some
product. They don’t care about what you want. The only things they care
about are the very specific goals that they have, the problems they want
solutions to, and if the person that delivers those solutions to them, that
helps them to solve those problems and move closer to the areas that they
want to move closer to, they’re the ones that are going to win the hearts.
They’re the ones that are going to be celebrated. They’re the ones that
they’re not going to have a single problem with cracking open that wallet,
pulling out that credit card, and saying, “Give me one of them. Give me
one of those. Give me one of those. And give me one of those.”
          If you want to win their wallets, you’ve got to win their hearts. You’ve got
          to satisfy in their minds and eliminate the doubt, eliminate the fear, that
          you have the ability to assist them and direct them to very specific
          products and services that can assist them in areas that you may not have
          that personal expertise in.
          So what we’re going to talk about is building dynamic relationships to
          create a long-term Internet business.
Armand:   Sounds good to me. In fact, I think many people can already understand
          that, and see that Steven’s a very dynamic speaker. And he gets really
          excited about what he’s passionate about. And he’s going to just walk you
          through the steps.
          Every time I see him talk, it just amazes me with the information that
          comes out. What you just learned in the last few minutes would have been
          worth paying for this call. Obviously, you’re not here for free. But that
          information is really, really worth it.
          That one technique that he just shared with you, as far as putting your
          information in a PDf and making it valuable for people, that can literally
          change your business overnight, if you just start applying that today.
          So I personally urge you to go out and start doing that today and try
          Steven’s technique, and you’ll see exactly what he means by that.
          Thank you, Steven, for sharing that information. Again, Steven’s going to
          talk a lot more at The Big Seminar, and you definitely don’t want to miss
          him there.
          I know that Ted Ciuba is with us this evening, and Ted comes from a
          different background. In fact, Ted is known as Mr. Mail Order in the
          Internet Age, and the reason is because Ted has a direct marketing
          background that actually ties in to the Internet. He’s one of the few people
          that have successfully made the transformation from offline marketing –
          as far as mail order goes – and bringing it to the Internet, and doing it
          So what he learned from those two industries is just tremendous
          information that he’s going to be able to share with you at The Big
          Seminar in San Francisco.
          So with that I’m going to turn the call over to Ted Ciuba.
Ted:      Thank you very much, Armand. I’ll tell you what, this is going to be a
          great one.
          First of all, I have to admit to everybody on the call that I used to live in
          the bay area, and all I can say is there is no sweeter place on Earth. If
          you’ve got time, you need to come a day early or a couple days earlier
          with your sweetie. Visit the wharf, walk over the Golden Gate Bridge.
          That kind of stuff because it’s great.
To the subject at hand, yes, I am going to be talking about several things
that relate to mail order in the Internet age, and that’s what I’ve coined it
Taking the same concepts that work so well offline, bringing them online
with the advantages that we have online.
For instance, we used to, we don’t do it anymore – well, I shouldn’t say
we won’t do it – but we don’t at this moment, rent any offline names. You
know what the pressure is and the sweat on your brow is, is that you’ve
got one change to make an offer for names that you bought, for names that
cost you a lot of money, and it’s either yes or no. That’s the end of it.
On the other hand, on the Internet, I could tell you some things to build
your list. Like Jonathan was talking about. I agree that building your list
online is the most important thing.
Now the difference. You rent a list, you get to mail one time. That’s not
very effective because 81% of all your sales come on the 5th or thereafter
contact. So you build your list. You’ve got people that are in your funnel,
that are on your database, that you can go to time and time again. You
build the relationship, you let them know who you are, and you offer
various products.
To give you a little example of what I’m going to show you about building
your list, I checked in today at 4:00 p.m. Central time, and as of this
month, this date, we have added 77,634 names to our list this month.
That’s phenomenal for us. That does happen to be a record. But, we
started off in the days when if we got two or three sign ups we were okay.
And if we got 25, we were happy. And if we had a spike up to 60, then we
were ecstatic.
I can show you how to stop all that stuff. In other words, I will show you
what I’m doing today, how you can step in, and within a very short period
of time, do the same thing.
What does that give you the ability to do? Everything that it takes to be a
supreme Internet marketer.
Number one, you’ve got to do consistent mailings for your leads. These
are people who haven’t converted. That’s why E-mail is so powerful,
because you’ve got more chances. If they come on your website, if they
don’t convert, if you don’t snag their name, they’re gone forever.
It gives you the ability to send back-end offers. It gives you the ability, of
course, when you create a new product, to have someone to roll it out to.
Why do you think someone can say, “We launched a product this week
and we’ve already made $30,000 worth of sales,” which I’ve heard
Armand say two or three times? It’s because there’s a list that’s already
          That’s what I’m going to be focusing on predominantly. Some of the stuff
          that I see as mail order in the Internet age, we’ve got to use the same
          principles on the Internet that we used off-line, and of course there’s a
          whole off-line component, which I’ll go in to when we have more time.
          But there’s formulas, and the most important thing you can do is build
          your list so you can continuously communicate. That’s where your, what I
          call residual income, even though under technical terms it’s not because
          it’s not a recurring billing, but you’ve got an asset there that you can go
          back to again and again.
          That’s what I’ve got, Armand, and back at you.
Armand:   Sounds fantastic – 77,000 names, that’s impressive.
Ted:      We were so happy.
Armand:   So congratulations on that. What Ted’s talked about, and you’ve heard it
          several times in the last 30 minutes, is the value of building a list and what
          you can do with it, and how it’s, obviously, played a part in many people’s
          Different people are going to talk about it, and you’re probably going to
          hear about it three or four different times, presented in three or four
          different ways because not every single person on this call markets the
          exact same way. I can guarantee it. Because of the fact they found out
          what’s worked for them, and they continue to do what’s worked for them,
          and they continue to test time and time again.
          That’s the value of learning from someone that’s already done it, so you
          don’t have to go through the trial and error as far as learning something
          new or testing something new that you may or may not know if it works or
          not. If you just follow the road that someone has already paved for you, it
          makes it a lot easier.
          That’s the value of an actual seminar, as far as getting to know and talk
          with these people and seeing them eye to eye, for them to tell you what to
          do next.
          The next person I want to introduce to you really has an amazing story as
          far as the Internet goes because he didn’t come from a technical
          background. He actually was a person who really had what I would refer
          to as a non-technical job, and I think you’d probably agree with me. In
          fact, he was an ex-truck driver who went from making $14.25 an hour to
          making over $100,000 plus, and I know he’s way over that now, per year
          on the Internet.
          His name is Frank Garren, and Frank is one of the most interesting people
          that you’ll ever meet. The fact is that Frank can tell you a different way, as
          far as communicating with people, and his philosophies.
          One of the many things I think people underestimate in Frank is that his
          techniques are very simple, but the underlying technique as far as what
          he’s doing, the strategy behind what he’s doing, is just brilliant.
          Once you understand this, it’s just simply amazing, as far as what it will
          do and what it can do for your business.
          With that, I’m going to turn the call over to Frank Garren.
Frank:    Hey, Armand. It’s great to be here, and I’m as excited as everyone else to
          be going to San Francisco.
          What I like to refer to my marketing as is sort of psychological warfare on
          the Internet. I’m going to talk to you guys about that here real quick. I’m
          actually driving down an interstate highway here, Armand. So I hope I’m
          coming through loud and clear.
Armand:   We can hear you.
Frank:    Perfect, perfect, perfect.
          Basically, the thing I want to tell everybody is look, just like Steven said
          about getting your list delivered. Just like Alex said about getting your
          certain code words that you’re going to get filtered out and so forth.
          Great. Let’s say that you get through the Spam Assassin. Let’s say you
          deliver a PDF file that’s stunning and amazing.
          If you don’t develop a relationship with the person on the other end of that
          E-mail, you’re dead in the water. There’s this big wall – I don’t care who
          you are and what you’re selling – there is a wall.
          There’s a wall of reluctance. There’s a wall of hesitancy. There’s a wall of
          caution that sits between you and the person that has the money that you
          want in your pocket.
          Let’s all admit it. Let’s all acknowledge it. Let’s all figure out a way to
          break down that wall. How do we break down the buyer seller barrier and
          build a relationship so that the person with the problem comes to see us as
          a trusted friend and confidant instead of just one more person trying to sell
          him stuff online?
          And Armand, you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, is that correct?
Armand:   Absolutely.
Frank:    Okay. Would you agree that I do things differently than just about anyone
          else out there?
Armand:   You do things a lot differently than everybody else out there.
Frank:    We’re going to demonstrate some of that out in San Francisco, and I’m not
          saying my way is perfect, but I understand my market. I understand who
          I’m marketing to. Just like Steven said, if you don’t know why you’re
          sending a mailer, then don’t send it. You’d better have a darn good reason
          for sending anything out. This is opt-in marketing, you’d better respect the
fact that these people gave you permission, that these people are allowing
you to contact them. You’d better not insult their intelligence just hitting
them over the head with, Hey, I need to make money. Here’s what I’m
selling you today.
I have built my list of tens of thousands of people around the world to the
point where I could literally go to Europe, South America, Africa,
Australia, anywhere in North America, just naming continents off the top
of my head, literally have my readers put me up to sleep, to eat, to drink,
and show me the sights as an honored guest in their house.
I don’t say that to brag, people. But I say that to tell you that you need to
build a relationship with your readers, to the point where they come to you
and you alone for advice.
Armand, you know this to be true. I have people on my list that will not
buy other people’s products unless they buy through my link. They come
to me first. They say, “Frank, I want to buy Mr. X’s material. What is your
link? You’re my friend. I trust you. If you say this is good, I want to buy it
from you.”
I’m going to show people simple, very effective techniques that they can
put in to place while they’re at the conference, that are going to allow their
readership to come to know them, like them, and trust them in a very
professional manner, so that we don’t lose any credibility. But also in a
very friendly manner, and in a way that people say, You know what? That
Steve and that Frank and that Armand, that Alex, that Carl, he’s a good
guy, man. He’s not just out to sell. He’s actually a human being with kids
and fears and dreams and I know he likes this and I know he likes that,
and darn it, I know that this person – he or she – I know that I can trust
them. They’re not going to zap me. They’re not going to sell me something
I don’t need. They’re a human being and they understand my needs,
wants, and fears.
Again Armand, we’re going to need a little bit of time to go through that. I
just want to give a brief summary here.
That’s what I’m going to teach people, how they can, while they’re at that
conference, the next E-mail that they mail to their list is going to be one
that gets read and that elicits an emotional response. That actually lets the
person really know that it’s a human being and not a machine-sent
message. I’ll show you how to convert that in to a massive amount of
We did almost $200,000 last year. We’ll do way more than that this year.
And Armand, as you said, I’m a guy that drove a tractor trailer for a living.
This month marks six years working full-time on the Internet. I’m going to
show people how to do the same exact thing at The Big Seminar in San
Francisco come August.
Armand:   Sounds great. Again, folks, what Frank’s talking about and what he’s
          doing, he said that one thing that’s extremely important to me, and I think
          I really need to highlight this for you, is that he said to elicit an emotional
          response. And that’s a hard thing for many people to do.
          Think about it. How many times have you ever read an E-mail and you
          actually had an emotional feeling behind it after you read it? Very few
          people can actually do that. But is that a powerful thing that you want to
          do? Absolutely 100%.
          See, there’s all kinds of tips, tricks, and tactics that you can get to get a
          person to click a link, but to elicit an emotional response from that person
          is a much tougher objective, but it’s a longer lasting objective, effect I
          should say, that you have with that individual. So it’s an important aspect.
          Frank’s going to tell you how to do that. He’s going to go in to great
          Folks, at the seminar, each one of these speakers is going to talk for an
          hour and a half. So they’re going to be able to go in to great detail as far as
          what they’re talking about. Obviously we can only give them 5 or 10
          minutes here, telling you what they’re going to be talking about and to
          give you a little bit of information as we go along. But the fact is that they
          are going to have a lot more time at the seminar to go in to great detail as
          far as teaching you what you need to know.
          My whole point about most online marketers is they just need to know
          how to do it. If they can see someone doing it successfully, and that person
          can explain to them what they’re doing, then they can do it, too. Because
          none of us are really huge techno geeks. Okay? Well, I am a little bit. But
          most people, you don’t have to be like that in order to succeed online. It’s
          very simple techniques applied in a specific way to get desired results.
          That’s what everyone’s going to be teaching you at the seminar.
          Now, of the speakers that we have left, let me ask you this. How many of
          the other speakers do we have on the call at this point still? That haven’t
          spoke? Okay. I think we’ve got the majority of the people on the call.
          What I want to do is I want to introduce you to the last speaker of the
          conference, which is myself. What I’m going to talk about and what I’m
          going to teach you is something different than I’ve shared with other
          people before, and here’s the reason why.
          At the seminar, and most times when I speak in front of an audience, I
          tend to talk about product creation, product development, and software,
          and it usually ends up going towards there.
          First of all, you have to understand is that I’m not a technical person as far
          as developing software. I don’t program, but yet I develop software. Most
          people know my products and services from a software standpoint. But I
          can show you out to outsource that.
One of the things that I want to share with you that I really don’t get a
chance to share too often is different marketing strategies. For example,
how to get more people to order your products and services. Bottom line
I developed 11 different strategies that should be on an order form that
you need to have on every single order form. And if you have these 11
strategies, you will increase the conversion rate of your order form.
You see, many people come to your main website, and that’s fine. But
how many people come to your order form? You’re going to find a far
fewer people come to your order form, and far fewer people even order
from your order form. So the order form is going to be a main topic that
we’re going to talk about.
We’re also going to talk about some of the different strategies that you can
utilize on your website to actually increase conversion as far as graphics,
techniques, simple things that you can do that I call five minute marketing
because I think most things can be accomplished, as far as on a website,
can be done in five minutes, and doesn’t take any technical knowledge.
I’m going to be sharing with you some of the tested techniques and
strategies I’ve utilized in the past to actually increase my conversion rate,
to actually take my business and really make extra thousands of dollars
from one five minute session. We’re going to talk about that.
I am going to go in to some of the newer techniques as far as product
creation and teaching you what to do and what the simplest forms of
product creation are, because there’s a big change happening right now in
the marketplace.
I don’t know if any of you really see this. Many people are not marketing
100% purely digital products anymore. You’re going to see more and
more people marketing their products on the Internet and then delivering
them offline.
A friend of mine, John O’Reefe actually talks about hybrid marketing, and
John’s actually going to be at the seminar. But the fact is that you’re going
to see more and more people doing that for very specific reasons. So we’re
going to go in to details about that, as well, too.
We’re going to cover a lot of different marketing strategies because the
fact is, and I’m sure there’s a lot of people on this call right now, you’re
on the Internet – or maybe you’re just getting started to get on the Internet.
Maybe the first thing you’re wondering is How do I get started? What’s
my first step? What do I need to do in order to effectively get a successful
business online? That’s what you need to know, the basic techniques.
You see, the basics are what everything is going to be reverting back to
because basic techniques, basic strategies will take your business from
literally nothing in to a multi six figure plus income, as far as an online
business goes, with very little time and effort. It doesn’t take a lot to do it.
But you need to concentrate on the basics first, in order to get started.
Again, the biggest thing I think most people are lacking is the literal how
to information.
So I want to sit down with you and I want to take your website, I want to
take a website, period, and I want to show you what the things are that you
need to do and what the process is in order to take it to make it a money
building website. A business-building website, if you want to call it that.
And the reason is because you have to do these simple things before you
can get to the advanced things. And you’re going to hear a lot of advanced
techniques from a lot of the marketers, but you’re also going to hear a lot
of the basic information as well, too.
In fact, that’s why I tell people when they ask me, “Is this for beginners?
Is this seminar for beginners?” Yes. “Is it for an advanced person?” Yes, it
is. Because we’re going to cover everything from beginning marketing to
advanced marketing and literally everything in between with the content
and the speakers that we have there.
For example, some of the speakers that we’re not able to market on the
call, I want to introduce them and tell you about them myself.
The first person, again, is the person that I think has affected my online
copy writing more than anybody else. His name is Joe Vitali. In fact, Dr.
Joe Vitali. In fact, he’s the world’s first hypnotic marketer. You may have
heard of some of his best-selling books, Spiritual Marketing, Hypnotic
Marketing, The Power of Outrageous Marketing, and in fact, his latest
book, The Greatest Money Making Secret in History.
Joe is going to be talking about hypnotic writing. You may think that
sounds like a strange name for a book or a topic, but hypnotic writing –
things that you can do to make a person do what you want them to do on
your website, and to create a reaction from them.
You need to give them something, and then you need to basically persuade
them to take an action. What I mean by that, if you want them to click a
certain link, you don’t just say click here now. There’s only so many times
you can utilize that phrase.
But what you need to do is you need to tell them you want to click here
now and here’s the reason why.
He’s going to go in to many techniques. That’s just a simple technique that
I picked up from him. But his techniques have really revolutionized my
personal business as well as thousands of other people all across the
world. He’s going to be teaching you all about hypnotic writing.
Again, I said it earlier, that copy writing is one of the keys to building a
successful business online, and Joe Vitali is definitely a person that you
can learn a lot from, and coupled with the information that Carl’s going to
be talking about as well too, you’re going to get a lot of information about
great ad copy and how to do it.
Another person that we’re going to have at the seminar that I’m proud to
say is one of our faculty members is Declan Dunn. Now many people have
probably heard of Declan Dunn. He writes columns for Click Z all the
time, and in fact, Declan has worked with some of the most successful
companies out there on the Internet today.
For example, companies like Netscape, ABC, TBS, Bonus Mail, U.S.
Web, First Security Capital, and there’s a ton of other businesses that he’s
worked with. He’s written some best-seller books and training systems.
The Insider’s Guide to Associate and Affiliate Programs, The E-Business
Maximum Cash Flow Business System. He is actually the president and
CEO of Adnet International.
Declan is going to talk about conversion. We were talking the other day
and he has a strategy for explaining how, as far as tracking your statistics
on your website, in order to understand it. So we’re going to talk about
statistics and what you need to know.
Many people have always said, “How come no one talks about statistics in
great detail?” Well, I’m going to tell you why. The first reason is that
there’s not that many qualified people that can explain it in a way that you
can understand.
You see, people hide the fact about conversions by calling it words like
metrics. Well, what’s a metric? Well, it’s your statistics. That’s basically
what it is.
You see, if you understand your metrics or your statistics of your site, and
what people are doing on your website, you can then make enhancements,
make changes, and then bring them to the end result, which is ultimately:
A - to subscribe to your mailing list, or B – which is my favorite - to get
the sale. There’s only really two things that you really want from people
when they come to your website.
You’re not looking for compliments. You’re not looking for friends.
You’re looking for: A – either to get their E-mail address, or get the sale.
If you understand your statistics and you understand how to track it
properly, then you’re going to be able to succeed. You see, if you know
where your starting point is, if you know that your website may be
converting 1%, well, if you can bring it up to 1.5% or 2%, just 2% - that
means that 98% of all the people that come to your site are still saying no.
But if you can bring it from 1% to 2%, you’ve doubled your income on the
Internet. You see? It doesn’t take a huge percent of increase to make a
Now, based upon the number of people coming to your website, that can
mean, literally, thousands upon thousands of dollars on a monthly basis,
and certainly that on a yearly basis as far as knowing what your business is
going to do.
You see, once you understand conversion, as far as statistics, then you can
understand what your next step is to make more sales online, to get more
customers, and to get more people to subscribe to your list.
And Declan’s going to tell you everything about it. He’s going to go in to
great detail about it. He’s going to make it simple so you can understand,
which is the most important part. He’s not going to try to confuse you with
some huge words that really probably mean nothing to you, but he’s going
to put it in an everyday format.
Frank Kern. Many people have heard of Frank Kern. He’s one of the most
successful online marketers there is, and Frank himself has a tremendous
story. He’s going to tell you more about that himself. But Frank Kern has
been marketing in a completely different fashion than the majority of
people I know.
He doesn’t market like I do. What I mean by that, he doesn’t just have a
site, have an affiliate program, and then drive traffic to the site and make
sales. Frank does it on a mass basis. He’s going to be talking about that.
He’s going to be talking about what he does to get conversions from those
mass numbers. He drives a lot of traffic. When I say a lot of traffic to the
site, I’m talking about hundreds of thousands of hits to find out if a
website is converting. He’s going to tell you how to do that.
He’s going to give you all of his different techniques that he’s utilized to
really create market products online. Frank markets products from the
Internet marketing arena to the animal arena. Meaning that he actually
even has an E-book out there on teaching your parrot how to talk.
So these techniques that he has actually work for any type of business, in
any type of industry, and they work consistently over and over and over
again. That’s what you need to understand is that once you learn the
techniques from many of the people that are going to be at The Big
Seminar, the next step is to apply them to your business.
Once you take that applied, let’s call it science, as far as marketing.
Because marketing to me is a science. It’s not guesswork. Then you can
actually take your business to the next level. Frank’s going to show you
the techniques that he’s utilized in order to do that.
Another one that’s a good friend of mine is Randy Charach. Many people
have heard of Randy. Again, a tremendous success story being again, that
Randy doesn’t have a technical background. He’s actually a magician by
trade. In fact, he started online the way that I think many people should.
Here’s what I mean. Randy took an industry that he already knew, which
is the magic industry. And took what he knew in that industry as far as
marketing his own business, which he’s done very, very successfully, and
wrote an E-book about it.
Now, that sounds fine, and I’m sure that probably doesn’t impress a lot of
you. But what did impress me about Randy is the fact that within the first
five months of taking that E-book online, just utilizing Click Bank as his
payment processor, and with no mailing list to start off with, sold over
$100,000 of that book within five months. To me, that’s impressive on
how he did it.
He doesn’t even know how to type very well, and he’s going to tell you
the story about how he goes in to and actually creates the book, as far as
creating the information product itself.
He’s going to talk about niche marketing, and why you need to have a
niche, because that’s exactly what he did. He had a very, very, very, very
tight niche market.
When I say a tight niche market, I mean a marketing which consisted of
maybe only 3,000 to 4,000 people online, and really just went in to that
market and dominated, and became the premier authority in that market as
far as magicians and marketing online for magicians, almost overnight.
So, it made it a very, very easy transition for him to market other products
and services. Once he knew the simple steps in order to do it. And that’s
what he’s going to be talking about at The Big Seminar.
Now, Curt Christianson is another person who has made a success on the
Internet. Except Curt has done it in a way that many people really don’t
Let me give you an analogy. How many of you right now have sat at home
late at night and watched the infomercial showing you how to sell and buy
real estate? I think probably many of us have seen commercials like that.
Well, why not take that same concept, that same idea, and do it online?
You can actually buy and sell web businesses very much the same way
that you would buy and sell real estate. The principles are the same.
You, again, buy it at a low price. You put some work in to it, you make it
look better, and then you turn around and sell it for a profit.
Well Curt’s been able to successfully do it time and time again, over and
over again, as far as buying and selling web businesses. In fact, one of the
businesses he bought for very little money – he’ll tell you this whole story
– but that business ended up selling – it was a diamond business, which he
knew nothing about – ended up selling the world’s largest diamond, which
was over 13 karats. He sold it over the Internet. That’s an impressive
He can tell you what to do, how to find these businesses, how to find these
so-called diamonds in the rough as far as businesses go. A business that’s
maybe a low or under-valued business, take it, make some minor changes
that you can do yourself or actually hire someone else to do if you don’t
know how, and then turn around and sell it for profit.
He can teach you how to do it over and over and over again. Again, that’s
just one of the things he’s going to be talking about.
He’s also going to be talking about membership sites as well because Curt
is now qualified to do that. He has a tremendous membership site course
that he’s created with several other people, and so I think you’re going to
learn a lot of information from there, as well.
Curt’s, again, one of our faculty members at The Big Seminar.
Fred Gleeks is a product creation expert. Fred, again, is one of our faculty
members. In fact, Fred is from the professional speaking industry. But in
the last, I believe it’s nine years, he’s actually created over 250 products
for himself and his clients. He’s going to show you how to go from really
no product to having a product that you can market yourself.
Because let’s face it, if you have your own product, you can control that
product, you can sell that product, and you keep the lion’s share.
You see, affiliate marketing is great. I think every one of the people on
this call, every one of the speakers that are going to be at The Big Seminar
in San Francisco, are all affiliates of somebody’s.
But one of the things that you may not know is that – I’m sure you know,
but you just haven’t had anybody point it out to you – is that affiliate
marketing is good, and it has it’s place online. But if you own the product,
then you can be the affiliate owner or manager, and have other people
marketing your products and services, and you keep the lion’s share of the
Well, Fred’s going to show you how to do that and create books. He’s
going to show you how to create audio tapes. He’s going to show you how
to create a lot of different items that you can actually take and start making
And his whole technique, his whole profit funnel, and he’ll go in to more
detail about that, is a simple technique that you can take, and once you
bring people in to your profit funnel you can increasingly earn more
income off of individuals time and time and time again.
Now, the other speaker that we’re going to have at the seminar is Bob
Silver. Now those of you who don’t know Bob Silver, you should know
Bob Silver. And here’s the reason why.
Bob is an attorney in the state of Florida, and Bob has specialized in the
Internet marketing arena; marketing and selling in the E-commerce arena.
What Bob has to say about marketing online, especially now – because a
lot of things are changing right now as we speak – as far as the law and
marketing products and services online you need to listen to.
You need to have some basic things on your website that you probably
don’t have right now, like a warranty and disclaimers, and a legal rights
statement on your website. Like an earnings statement if you make any
kind of claims on your website. A terms and services privacy policy.
Those are things that have to be on a website in order for you to succeed
online because those are the things that the law requires.
It’s not a very exciting subject. But folks, it’s a subject that you’d better
listen to because if you don’t listen to that, you could be in hot water for
what could be thought of as an innocent thing. And that’s the last place
you want to be as far as building your business. You don’t want to be in to
a place where you have to back track and do it after the fact because after
the fact doesn’t matter.
It’s kind of like insurance. You need to be prepared ahead of time, and
Bob’s going to go over that information with you, as far as some simple
things that you can do to protect yourself online.
There’s a lot of things changing and there’s a lot of ways that you can
actually make your business work for you and protect yourself, as well as
protect your assets online as well, too.
And again, it’s a subject that you need to pay very close attention to, and
that’s the reason why I have Bob as one of our speakers at The Big
Now, one of the questions that many people have asked me over and over
again is, “What makes The Big Seminar different than some of the other
Well, I can tell you this. A lot of the seminars are fantastic seminars, and
those of you that have been at it, you’ve probably seen me at many of the
other seminars that are put out in the industry.
I want to do things a little bit different, and the way that I’m doing this is
this: First of all, I’m paying your lunches, I’m paying your dinners
throughout the whole course of this seminar. That means lunch and dinner
on Friday and Saturday are all covered, as far as lunch on Sunday as well,
Now, at the same time, we’re also having a huge dinner buffet and
banquet on Saturday night, which is just a huge event. We did it
previously at our last event and we’re going to do it again. It’s a fantastic
event, as well as an affiliate award ceremony that we actually conduct on
that evening as well, too.
And then we also have plenty of time for networking. You see, one of the
most beneficial aspects of the seminar is that you can actually network
with other people. How often do you get a chance to actually interact with
people of the same likes and dislikes as you?
You see, most people, when you tell your friends or family or relatives
what you do, which is marketing products and services online, they
probably don’t understand what you’re talking about.
Well, if you can get around 300 or 400 people that understand what you’re
talking about, they can relate to your trials and tribulations, it’s a
refreshing feeling. That’s what I felt like at my first seminar because of the
fact that you can talk to someone and they look at you like they know
what you’re talking about. That, “Yeah, hey, I did that, too.” Or “I’ve
experienced that, too.”
Another aspect, another advantage to the networking is the fact that you
can create joint ventures with people. That’s what amazes me at every
seminar I’ve ever gone to, is the number of joint ventures that are created
during the course of the event.
We encourage that because that’s one thing, I think, that many people
overlook and they don’t see the benefits of that, unless you’ve actually
been there. Unless you’ve actually experienced it. Once you’ve
experienced it, you’ll know the value 100% from start to finish.
Another thing that we’re doing at the seminar is we’re obviously going to
be taping the event, we’re going to be recording the event, but also we’re
recording these conference calls right now.
Now, these conference calls right now are an important aspect. You see,
we get a chance to hear from a few of the speakers this evening, but each
one of these calls I’m going to be doing in the future, are going to be with
one speaker for 60 minutes, so I can actually extract a lot of information
from that person in the course of 60 minutes.
I’m going to tell you about that in about two minutes. But the fact is that
that’s just one small aspect that you need to think about. Think about that
for a minute because I’m going to come back to that.
Now, the seminar itself is going to be in San Francisco, California, and we
have some unique advantages in being in San Francisco. It’s a beautiful
place. We’re right on the bay, it’s at the Marriot Hotel. So we’re going to
really enjoy the atmosphere while we’re there.
But one of the things I want to tell people about with this seminar is this:
At the seminar itself we’re definitely going to sell out the seminar. We
have almost 100 people right now registered for the seminar, and one of
the things that we’re trying to do is, obviously, show people how to build a
business online. So how are we going to do that with you?
Well, let me tell you this. The first thing that we’re going to do when you
register for the seminar is to actually give you access to each one of these
calls. We’re recording each one of these calls, and this is the special offer
I’m actually making for everyone that’s on the call right now.
            I know we have about 100 people on this call, and a lot of people probably
            couldn’t make it on the call because the lines were jammed, but the people
            that are on this call are going to listen to this call in the next day or so
            because I did record the call. But the people that actually listen to this call,
            and actually respond in the next 48 hours, every one of these calls that
            we’re doing, we’re actually going to put them on to CDs and actually give
            them to you at the seminar.
            So the people that have already registered, if you’ve already registered and
            you’re on this call, don’t worry. You’re going to get the CDs as well, too.
            The people that register in the next 48 hours, you’re going to receive every
            single one of these calls, as they’re recorded.
            At the seminar I’m going to give you a big package full of CDs of all these
            recordings and then you can actually take them home, listen to them, and
            you can actually marketing those CDs as well, too. So you’ll have the
            rights to market those CDs. We’re going to give them to you at The Big
            Seminar, as well too. That’s the offer.
            Basically, it’s this. The seminar itself is $1,297. I think many people
            probably know that at this point. As of January 14, the price will be
            $1,497. What’s going to happen is this, again, the people who signed up
            for the seminar in the next 48 hours are also going to receive the CDs from
            all these calls, have the rights to actually market those as well, and we’re
            going to give them to you at the seminar.
            We’re going to be conducting these calls over the course of the next 8 to
            10 weeks. The next 8 to 10 weeks we’re going to be doing call after call
            after call.
            Now, one of the things is I promised everyone I was going to give away a
            $247 value today on the call.
            Are there any speakers left on the call with me right now?
Alex:       I’m on.
Steven:     I’m here.
Armand:     Oh, okay, Steven’s here.
Ted:        And I’m on too, Armand.
Jonathan:   And I’m here, Armand.
Armand:     Oh Jonathan, I thought I was alone on here.
Jonathan:   No!
Armand:     Hey, Jonathan, since you’re the one calling from the longest distance, we
            had just over 847 people registered for the call, and could you pick a
            number between 1 and 847?
Jonathan:   Well, why don’t we go 321?
Armand:     321… Jenette Gruhn. I would open up the call, but I know there’s a lot of
            people and we’re going to get nothing but background, but Jenette Gruhn,
            Jenette, you’ve actually won the $247 bonus.
            Now, the bonus that I’m talking about and referring to is the actual
            seminar tape set from the last big seminar. It’s actually 14 tapes that we
            sell for $297 online right now, that we’re actually giving away as the free
            bonus, for Jenette being on the call tonight and registering for the call. So
            that’s the bonus that we’re doing.
            Jonathan, let me ask you this, since you’re still on the call with us. Do you
            have any closing comments before we wrap up the call for tonight?
Jonathan:   No, just excellent call. I’m really looking forward to getting back to San
            Francisco, and I want to echo one thing that Ted said, which is guys, do
            yourselves a favor and either get in a couple of days early or stay a couple
            of days later. Get up to the Napa Valley, take a drive around the city, go
            down to North Beach and have a slice of pizza. San Francisco is one of the
            greatest towns. Both Jules and I are going to be there. We’re really, really
            looking forward to it, and just looking forward to spending time with you
            all, and learning all the great stuff from the seminar.
            A lot of people think that the speaker’s come and we just teach, but the
            fact is I think we learn more than anybody else. What do you think,
Armand:     Oh, I definitely think that. So again, Jonathan again, I appreciate you
            being on the call this evening and sharing your time with us.
            Again, folks, Jonathan is going to be, obviously, one of our featured
            speakers at The Big Seminar in San Francisco.
            Another one of our featured speakers that we still have on the call is
            Steven Pierce. Steven, do you have any closing words before we wrap up
            the call tonight?
Steven:     Yeah, man. Aren’t we going to play some golf and I’m going to get a
            chance to be a caddy for somebody? What’s going on with that?
Armand:     Do you know that? You know I forgot about that. But that’s a very
            important aspect.
            One of the things that we’re doing – and we haven’t even had time to put
            it on the website yet, we’re going to be adding it later on this evening – is
            actually a golfing event. On Thursday morning we’ve actually gone ahead
            and planned, thanks to Steven and Alicia Pierce, we’ve actually planned a
            whole golfing event where it’s going to be, I believe it’s called The Golf
            Scramble. Quite honestly, I don’t know what that means.
            But what we’re going to do is we’re going to go out and play golf and
            we’re going to hack up some nice golf course there because I can tell you
            this, Steven doesn’t play. I don’t play very well at all. We’re going to have
          just a great time, we’re going to have some prizes and gifts throughout the
          whole course of that day. So we’re going to take off early Thursday.
          If you’re interested in that, just send us an E-mail before The Big Seminar.
          We’ll get you out all the details immediately regarding the golfing event,
          and we’ll have it up on the website later on tonight, as far all the details on
          that. It’s going to be a fantastic event.
          I know Steven’s going to be a caddy for somebody.
Steven:   Somebody.
Armand:   Somebody while we’re there. So it’s going to be a fun time, and that’s
          going to be Thursday before the seminar, and we’re going to be doing the
          whole golfing event. It’s located just a few miles away.
          Again, thank you Steven, for being on the call and reminding me of the
          golfing event.
Steven:   No problem.
Armand:   And Ted Ciuba, I know you’re still with us.
Ted:      Indeed.
Armand:   An closing comments before we wrap up the call tonight?
Ted:      Yeah, I do. And Armand, I’m going to speak directly to everybody who’s
          on the call for a moment, and that is that I know that everybody is human.
          Everybody’s got the same doubts, fears, ambitions, desires.
          What I have found is that you can come to this event, you can find the
          formulas, and you can rely on them. There is nothing I’ve ever found that
          has the same impact as a boot camp.
          Armand has truly put together one of the best, and I don’t have any
          problem saying that. He’s going places. If you didn’t get anybody but
          Armand, that would be worth your money to come.
          But if you’re really interested in getting past the barriers, that is lack of
          knowledge and lack of – I don’t know what it is because I’m not a
          psychologist – but I’ll just say lack of self-esteem or belief that you can do
          it, you come here, you see so many ordinary people doing it, sharing
          ordinary formulas, you know in your heart are right.
          And then it gives you the ability, unlike reading an E-book – of course we
          all market E-books – but unlike that, the live event, the real event gives
          you more power that you can go out and actually put the things in to
          motion in your life relating to Internet marketing that you want to do. And
          yes, you can be as successful as anyone that you might see as a speaker
Armand:   Sounds like good advice to me. And my final words for everybody is this.
          We’re going to have a fantastic event in San Francisco. I certainly hope
          you can make it there.
Literally, seminars have literally changed my life, and I’m not talking
about speaking at seminars. I’m talking about being an attendee at
When I first started marketing online, I didn’t bother going to seminars.
The second I started going to seminars and started meeting people, what
happened is my business turned around.
All the sudden I started doing joint ventures with people because why?
They knew me. They knew me face to face. We had lunch. We had dinner.
We had a drink together.
The thing is that once you see those things happen, they can happen over
and over again for you.
Another thing, again, it was kind of exciting for me, was to meet some of
the people that I’d bought their products and services from. I got a chance
to literally pick their brains for whatever time I could grab them for, and
that was exciting for me.
But one of the things I think that many of the people need to understand is
that everything just comes down to one decision. Your success right now
online comes down to one thing. And that’s making a decision.
Whether it’s a decision to buy more advertising, whether it’s a decision to
change your website and try some testing, whether it’s a decision to really
step outside of the box, it comes down to one decision.
And to come to the event in San Francisco, again, it comes down to one
decision. That is do you want to increase your business and do you want to
take it to the next level? If the answer is yes, then I’d advise you to come
to the seminar.
Again, as I said earlier, if you sign up in the next 48 hours you’re going to
get the rights to these tapes of this call, I should say the CDs of this call,
and all the future calls we’re going to be doing between now and the
seminar, and you’re going to receive that at the seminar itself.
Again, I’d like to thank all the speakers for being on the call tonight and
taking time out of their busy schedules to be with us. Some of them, as
you know, some went to some extreme measures to be here with us. Some
of them had surgery, some of them were calling in from cell phones, in
order to make it to this call to share with you some of the information and
to introduce themselves to you.
We’re going to be interviewing each one of them on an individual basis in
the course of the next 8 to 10 weeks, and getting you information as far as
what they do, how they market, and what you can expect to hear more of
at The Big Seminar.
Again, I’d like to thank everybody for being with us tonight and taking
time out of your schedule to be with us, and we’re going to be having
other conference calls. If you signed up for our preview calls at
www.BigSeminar.com, make sure that you do if you haven’t already yet,
so you can be notified of future conference calls.
This conference call, for those of you that want to know, we’ve recorded it
and within the next hour it will be on our 24-hour replay line, and let me
give you that number. I’ll be sending it to you in an E-mail within the next
two hours. The number is 415-273-6177. If you call that number you’ll be
able to hear this conference call over and over again.
As you sign up for the seminar, what’s going to happen is you’re also
going to be able to marketing the seminar and actually with just a few
short sales you can actually earn the cost of the seminar back. To see more
about that you can just click on the affiliate link on our
www.BigSeminar.com website, as well as you can click on pictures and
see the previous big seminar and some of the fun that we had as well.
So again, thank you everybody for being with us tonight, and we look
forward to seeing you in San Francisco at The Big Seminar.
Everyone have a great evening and have a great night.

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