Facebook Fan Page Secrets for Driving Traffic to Your Website by pennymena


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									Facebook Fan Page Secrets for Driving Traffic to Your
Having a custom Facebook fan page is one of the surest ways to earn more likes
and drive traffic. In Facebook where appearance is everything, good-looking and
well-designed customized pages earn more credibility, interest and yes, likes over
a haphazardly put-together page. But where do you start and end in

Firstly you need to create an account. You really need to separate out your
personal and your business accounts as you don't want the two to cross over. This
can cause embarrassment if you are posting personal things and your potential
customers view them. Some people don't censor what they post on their own
accounts and it can alienate potential customers.

You will also need a different Facebook fan page account for each niche you intend to
work with. If you try and work in multiple niches with the same Facebook account you
will have trouble retaining friends because many of your updates will not be relevant to
them. Your profile needs to grab people's attention and make them want to be your
friend. So, give it a personality and make it personable. If people don't feel they can like
you from seeing your profile, they won't add you as a friend.

You also need a picture on your profile. This will help attract friends. You can either use
one of yourself if you are working in your name or a stock photo or other picture if you
are marketing with a pseudonym. Remember that the photo needs to be something
that will draw people in and make it relevant to your niche. Once this is all set up you
can start adding friends. Search for your keywords and add friends who are active and
well known in that niche. Once you have done this you can start adding their friends to
your list and sooner or later many of their friends will start adding you when they see
you in their suggested friends list.

Facebook fan page wall has always been the most important tool. The previous feature
of activity sharing is still there with an additional filter of which activity you want to
display on top of your wall. With the upgraded design, you can show the top posts by
your fans on the wall or can display the post by page as the first post to appear when
someone lands over the fan page wall. This feature has added the flexibility for a page
admin to display all the activities of page itself as a featured post and page fan posts
under the featured post. In this way you won't have to worry about the first post that'll
be visible to a person visiting your page. The first post displayed can always be your
own post.

You can switch your account to make your fan page a Facebook user itself. You'll receive
notifications when someone would 'Like' and interact with you by posting something
over wall or responding to any of your post. If you would like any other page, it'll appear
as featured page on your profile. You can see the activity of pages that you have liked
in your news feed and you can make comments, posts and can share activity over other
pages as well. As a page admin, you were not able to post something over the page as
a fan. All your posts were being displayed as posts or activity performed by the page.
Now you can switch account and make your posts to appear as fan posts.


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