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					     ON HADASSAH

                                        GLOSSARY                                                    BEYOND IMA
      Angiography: the                endoscopy and fluoroscopy.     imaging depicting the
      radiographic visualization                                     spatial distribution of
      of the blood vessels.           Endorectal coil MRI: uses      metabolic or biochemical
                                      magnetic resonance imaging     activity in the body.
      Angioplasty: the technique      in conjunction with a coil                                    Just as computers have changed our lives,
      of mechanically widening a      placed into the rectum to      PET-CT: combines positron      so have they changed medicine.
      narrowed or obstructed          obtain high-quality images     emission tomography with       In the beginning there was the x-ray, a one-
      blood vessel.                   of the surrounding area.       x-ray computed tomography      dimensional picture used to diagnose
                                                                     so that images acquired        physical conditions. For 70 years, x-rays
      Biplane neuroangiography:       Fluoroscopy: the use of        from both devices can be
      a fully digital system that     “live” x-rays to obtain        taken sequentially and
                                                                                                    were the only imaging device available.
      enables physicians to           real-time moving images        combined into a single
      capture and view detailed       of the internal structures     image. The PET-CT has          Today, there are dozens of imaging devices
      3-D images of a patient’s       of a patient.                  revolutionized many fields     performing dozens of functions. And today,
      vascular structure, that can                                   of medical diagnosis by        these instruments do more than provide
      also create “CT-like” images.   Magnetic resonance             adding precision of            information. They have evolved into therapeutic
                                      imaging (MRI): a               anatomic localization to       tools, providing new hope for people with a
      CT scanner: a medical           sophisticated scanning         functional imaging, which      variety of conditions – especially those whose
      instrument consisting of        technique that noninvasively   was previously lacking from    condition is inoperable or who cannot tolerate
      integrated x-ray and            produces computerized          pure PET imaging.              an operation. Each of these new machines gives
      computing equipment that        images of internal body                                       rise to an ever-expanding range of treatment
      provides a cross-sectional      tissues, based on nuclear      Ultrasound: exposes part of    techniques, opening up a whole new world of
      x-ray with a detailed image     magnetic resonance of          the body to high-frequency     possibilities for patients.
      of areas including soft         atoms within the body          sound waves to produce
      tissue, organs and major        induced by the application     real-time pictures of the      Today’s computer-guided technology helps
      blood vessels.                  of radio waves.                inside of the body.            surgeons enter tiny veins and vessels to remove
                                                                                                    blockages, conduct biopsies, deliver treatments
      Cyclotron: produces the         Myelography: a type of         X-ray: the oldest and most     to certain cancerous growths and more – giving
      radiopharmaceuticals used       radiographic examination       frequently used form of        people a better chance of life, with less invasive
      for PET imaging.                that uses a contrast medium    medical imaging, it involves   procedures, less pain and quicker recovery.
                                      to detect pathologies of the   exposing a part of the body
      EBUS: endobronchial             spinal cord.                   to a small dose of ionizing    “Computer technology has changed
      ultrasound.                                                    radiation to produce           everything,” said Prof. Eugene Libson, Head of
                                      PET: a medical instrument      pictures of the inside of      the Dept. of Radiology and Medical Imaging.
      ERCP: a combination of          that displays functional       the body.                      “What we did 20 years ago seems obsolete. It’s
                                                                                                    exciting. The future will be even more amazing
                                                                                                    and more exciting.”

                                                     Often Hadassah was the first medical center in          detect a tumor, to see if cancer has extended beyond
   THE FIRST X-RAY                                   Israel to acquire these advanced machines; often        the prostate gland and consider treatment options.
                                                     Hadassah remains the only medical center in             The endorectal-coil MRI is critical in considering
   Over 100 years ago, in 1895, German physicist     Israel that has them and uses them in such a            treatment options.”
   Wilhelm Roentgen discovered the medical use       sophisticated manner.
   for his scientific investigations when he saw a                                                           “Hadassah is the first in Israel to use endo-
   picture of his wife's hand on a photographic      “It really doesn’t matter what the machine is,” said    bronchial ultrasound (EBUS) to biopsy lymph
   plate formed due to x-rays.                       Dr. Tamar Sela of HMO’s Dept. of Diagnostic             nodes and tumors in the chest,” said Dr. Neville
                                                     Radiology, “as long as it provides the information we   Berkman, Head of the Department of Invasive
                                                     need for better diagnosis and better treatment.         Pulmonology in the Institute for Pulmonary Medicine.
                                                     Adding new modalities means we are detecting more
                                                     cancers at earlier stages – the more information, the   “Standard fiber-optic flexible bronchoscopy allows
                                                     more informed the decision.                             direct visualization of the major airways. The EBUS
                                                                                                             is a new type of bronchoscope with an ultrasound
                                                     “Hadassah was the first to use MR-guided                probe at its tip that provides accurate images of
                                                     biopsies for breast tumors,” Dr. Sela said.             structures in the chest that are outside but in close
                                                     “Mammograms are not conclusive for some women           proximity to the airways, such as lymph nodes and
                                                     with dense breasts. Ultrasound provides additional      blood vessels. "Using EBUS, for the first time we are
                                                     information, but for women at high risk – BRCA gene     able to accurately biopsy these structures under
                                                     carriers – an MRI reveals even more. “We used to tell   direct vision. Previously we could only reach these
                                                     women to wait and see what develops. Now, with          sites by performing an invasive surgical procedure.
                                                     MR-guided biopsies, we have the results in a week.
                                                     The ability to diagnose makes a difference in the       “The presence of cancer in the lymph nodes of the
                                                     treatment plan – and in the patient’s emotional         chest is the first sign that the disease has spread and
                                                     wellbeing,” Dr. Sela said.                              assessment of the lymph node involvement is critical
                                                                                                             in deciding whether a patient is eligible for surgery.
                                                     “Hadassah is also the only place in Israel              “Until we had this new technology,” Dr. Berkman
                                                     performing endorectal-coil MRIs for prostate            said, “we used the CT and PET for diagnosis,
                                                     cancer. We are the referral center for the entire       knowing there was about a 20 percent chance of
                                                     country. Prostate cancer is detected by a blood         error. The EBUS is 92-96 percent sensitive to
                                                     test; since we can’t yet use the needle biopsy in       identifying cancer in lymph nodes. The addition
                                                     these cases, we use an endorectal-coil MRI to           of this modality to standard imaging techniques


will greatly improve our ability to better stage      to treat small tumors of the bone that previously     of the bile ducts in newborns.
and treat lung cancer patients.“                      had to be treated surgically. Most of these tumors
                                                      occur in children between the ages of one and         “ERCP enables the physician to see inside the
“Hadassah was the first in Israel to perform          13. In the past seven years, he has performed         stomach where we check babies suspected of
thermal ablation therapy and is the leading           more than 100 of these procedures, with a             having biliary atresia and jaundice,” said Prof.
center for tumor ablation therapies in Israel,”       success rate of 95 percent.                           Eran Goldin, Head of Gastroenterology Services.
said Dr. Liat Appelbaum of the Radiology
Institute. “Patients are referred from all over the   “Modern imaging technology,” he said,                 Biliary atresia is a rare, life-threatening disease
country for state-of-the art ablation treatments      “enabled better views of the tumor’s form and         that damages the liver in newborns, and
of liver, lung and kidney tumors, with good long      structure, better guidance by real-time viewing       jaundice, while common among infants, can be
term results in defeating cancer – very similar       of the anatomy and better control of the high-        cause for concern – and even death – in
to those of the leading centers in the U.S.           tech ‘knives,’ lasers, gamma rays and radio           newborns and of lifelong neurologic
                                                      frequency. Using a CT machine, we are able to         consequences in those who survive.
Left kidney tumor                                     be very, very precise – to the smallest millimeter.
                                                      The CT gives the surgeon a way to see into            “The diagnosis must be made within four to five
                                                      the bone.”                                            weeks of birth,” Prof. Goldin said, “so we can
                                                                                                            operate and correct the condition. Hadassah
                                                      Recently Dr. Peyzer has successfully been using       performs 60 to 80 exams a year using ERCP. If
                                                      this technique on several children with larger        the babies are normal, we have averted an
                                                      tumors with considerable success.                     operation. Before ERCP, we would have had to
Left: Renal cell carcinoma before treatment.                                                                operate to find out if the condition existed.”
Center: Radio frequency electrode inside the          Hadassah is the only place in Israel and one
tumor during treatment. Right: Ablated non-           of about 10 places around the world using             “Hadassah made a major contribution to
viable tumor after treatment.                         ERCP – a combination of endoscopy and                 Israeli medicine when it installed the
                                                      fluoroscopy – to diagnose and treat conditions
“Nearly all the patients – 98 percent of them –                                                             country’s first PET machine and cyclotron,”
go home the day after ablation with minimal                                                                 said Prof. Roland Chisin, Head of the Department
pain or discomfort, making this procedure an                                                                of Medical Biophysics and Nuclear Medicine.
exciting and elegant treatment, competitive                                                                 “PET (positron emission tomography), a
with surgical excision in selected cases,”                                                                  sophisticated nuclear medicine technology,
Dr. Appelbaum said.                                                                                         opened up a new frontier by providing
                                                                                                            functional images, revolutionizing patient
Dr. Amos Peyzer of the Department of                                                                        treatment decision-making and post-treatment
Orthopedic Surgery is using the same procedure                                                              followup, in particular in cancer diseases."

MPACT OF IMAGING                                                                                                    A 52-year-old Israeli journalist was critically
                                                                                                                    injured in the recent armed conflict in the former
                                                                                                                    Soviet republic of Georgia. After he was transferred
                                                                                                                    by air ambulance to Hadassah’s Intensive Care Unit,
                                                                                                                    a whole body CT scan revealed a previously
                                                                                                                    undiagnosed life-threatening injury to the main
                                                                                                                    artery supplying the left leg. Due to his complex
                                                                                                                    and unstable medical condition, Prof. Allan Bloom
                                                          “Hadassah still has the only hospital-based
                                                                                                                    treated him in the interventional radiology unit
                                                          cyclotron in Israel and is about to acquire               using state-of-the-art endovascular techniques.
                                                          another one,” said his colleague Prof. Eyal Mishani,
                                                          Head of the Cyclotron Radiochemistry Facility in          Under local anesthesia, a diagnostic angiogram
                                                          the Department of Medical Biophysics and                  revealed a major tear of the superficial femoral
                                                          Nuclear Medicine.                                         artery (figure 1 - arrow). A covered stent was inserted
                                                                                                                    into the injured artery to reconstruct the vessel
                                                          Prof. Mishani, a research scientist, is constantly        (figure 2 - arrow). This minimally invasive procedure
                                                          searching for ways to create new PET imaging agents       saved the patient's leg and life, while completely
                                                          that are responsive to different types of cancer,         obviating the need for major surgery with all its
                                                          developing different tracers to measure different         inherent risks and potential complications.
                                                          conditions. For example, neuro-endocrine tumors
                                                          cannot be imaged with the FDG-PET agent used to
                                                          diagnose many cancers, so a new tracer is being
                                                          used at Hadassah that can identify that type of cancer.

  Choline and acetate novel compounds labeled by          And for prostate and bladder cancer, determining
  the C-11 isotope. Presented at the American Society     the exact location of the cancerous cells helps
  of Nuclear Medicine, Toronto 2009.                      surgeons determine their procedure. Prof. Chisin
                                                          and Prof. Mishani collaborated with Dr. Ofer Gofrit
  As a leader in PET brain imaging in Israel, Hadassah    of the Department of Urology and developed a
  is now testing a new drug for people suffering from     tracer labeled with the C-11 isotope that can clearly
  Parkinsons disease.                                     visualize prostate and bladder cancer. When there is
                                                          a treatment dilemma –– C11 Choline-PET makes
                                                          the difference.
  “Hadassah is also a pioneer in hybrid imaging,”
  he continued. “The acquisition of the PET-CT hybrid
  had a dramatic impact on cancer treatment and follow-   Hadassah was the first in the world to publish
   up. The CT provides an anatomical image and the        its experience in treating advanced cancers of
  PET, the metabolic biochemical information. When        the bladder.
  the images are superimposed, they produce one
  picture with anatomical and functional information.     Today, computer guidance is commonplace in almost
  Determining the exact location of the cancerous cells   all fields of medicine. Better imaging technology and          FIGURE 1                FIGURE 2

  helps surgeons determine their procedure.”              better devices are responsible for the sweeping


                   change from open surgery to minimally                intervention is very effective, non-traumatic and
                   invasive procedures, often performed using           saves lives.”
                   local rather than general anesthesia. Patients
                   benefit because the surgery takes less time – as     Prof. Bloom handles problems that occur from
                   does their recovery.                                 the neck down, he said with a grin, and Prof.
                                                                        Jose Cohen, those from the neck up. An
                   “What was once peripheral has now become             endovascular neurosurgeon and interventional
                   our key specialty. Only 15 years ago, angiography    neuroradiologist in the Dept. of Neurosurgery,
                   was 50 percent diagnostic and 50 percent             Prof. Cohen credits the state-of-the-art Biplane
                   interventional,” said Prof. Allan Bloom, Chief of    neuroangiography machine with enabling
                   Vascular and Interventional Radiology in the         physicians to accurately diagnose vascular
                   Dept. of Radiology and Medical Imaging. “Today       disorders of the neck and brain such as cerebral
                   95 percent of our work is intervention.”             aneurysm and arterial malfunction.

                   One example, Prof. Bloom noted, is the               “But more than simply providing superb
                   treatment of aortic aneurysms. These                 diagnoses, the machine is a treatment tool,”
                   threatening bulges and weaknesses in the major       he said. “With it, we can treat conditions that
                   blood vessel that feeds blood to the body can        were previously untreatable or required complex
                   sometimes be life-threatening. They used to be       neurosurgery, such as ischemic strokes that
                   repaired by opening the abdomen or chest and         are usually caused by a blockage in an artery
                   surgically correcting the condition.                 to the brain.

                   Now, using computer-guided minimally invasive        “There is no surgical way to reopen arteries, but
                   endovascular techniques, doctors attach a            with this tool, we can reopen arteries and
                   synthetic graft to the end of a thin tube or         remove the clot,” Prof. Cohen said. “In the angio
                   catheter, insert it through an artery in the leg     room where we work on minuscule blood
                   and thread it up into the aorta, where they repair   vessels from a distance of a little more than a
                   the damage using a variety of devices.               yard, I see things I never imagined I could see.
                                                                        That lets us literally save lives that couldn’t be
                   “Cutting-edge imaging devices allow the doctors      saved before.”
                   to target the treatment,” he said, “especially
                   when dealing with severe trauma, such as             “Since the advent of the CT in 1973 and the MRI
                   profuse bleeding from major pelvic fractures         in 1982, a continuous technological evolution
                   or postpartum hemorrhage. Endovascular               of these technologies has created capabilities

                                                        myelography and we have almost stopped                  In the future, Dr. Sosna predicts, 3-D reconstruction
                                                        doing diagnostic angiography – the CT and the MRI       will be even more efficient. Now it takes 30 to 60
                                                        can do the same thing noninvasively. These machines     minutes to produce a reconstruction. In the future,
                                                        and their sophisticated successors gave us new          the computer will do it and there will be computer-
                                                        capabilities and have led to new devices and            aided detection, as well, he said. “The computer
                                                        new techniques.                                         will become a second reader helping us become
                                                                                                                better doctors.”
                                                        “In addition to diagnosing and treating acute strokes
                                                        caused by blockage or hemorrhages, sometimes we         In many ways, the computer has already helped
                                                        can actually prevent strokes from occurring,” Prof.     doctors become better doctors, giving patients
                                                        Gomori says.
                                                                                                                a better chance of life and quality of life. The
                                                        In another technology-inspired innovation, Dr. Jacob    future is fast upon us, bringing new
                                                        Sosna, Director of the Dept. of Radiology’s Research    technologies that generate new techniques,
                                                        and Imaging Laboratories, is using computer-            providing images and insights into the body
                                                        generated 3-D reconstruction to create a complete       that generations of doctors only dreamed of.
                                                        picture, using techniques “similar to what is used in
                                                        the cartoon industry,” he said.                         In the 114 years since Dr. Wilhelm Roentgen
                                                                                                                discovered the x-ray, imaging machines have
                                                        “Before the arrival of the CT, we needed to open the
                                                                                                                made light years of progress, producing results
                                                        body to know what was going on.” The CT focuses
                                                        on the problematic area and produces thin slices of     and providing ever-expanding possibilities for
                                                        the image. When the slices are reassembled by           providing better patient care, treatment and
                                                        computer software, the result is a very detailed        follow-up.
  A 3-D reconstruction obtained from a CT performed     multidimensional view of the body's interior. This
  on a patient with a complex vascular pathology of     can obviate the need for diagnostic angiography         In the 97 years since Hadassah was founded,
  the abdominal aorta.                                  using dye.                                              the Hadassah Medical Organization has
                                                                                                                enthusiastically embraced each new
  that are revolutions in their own right – and it      “In 1974, each slice took 4 minutes, now each slice
                                                                                                                development, often the first to introduce it to
  becomes cumulative,” said Prof. Moshe Gomori, Chief   takes .03 seconds. With this information we can plan
  of Neuroradiology.                                    how to intervene and where to put in stents. With 3-    Israel, at times the first in the world to use it in
                                                        D, we can see pathology that conventional imaging       an innovative way, and sometimes the only
  “We have reached the point where we can eliminate     doesn’t show. We can also generate a movie picture      Israeli medical center that takes imaging far
  some invasive diagnostic procedures such as           of 1,000 to 2,000 images.”                              beyond the imagination.


A FAMILY AFFAIR                                                                                        A SPECIAL GIFT FOR A
In recognition of the unique role of the Russell
                                                                                                       SPECIAL PLACE
and Patricia Fleischman Center for Women’s                                                             Patients from the Dyna and Fala Weinstock
Health, Sheldon and Marion Gumprecht                                                                   Dept. of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
Portman of Las Vegas NV decided to donate a                                                            and their families often gather in the enclosed
patient waiting room.                                                                                  balcony adjoining the department for rest and
                                                                                                       relaxation and quiet conversation. Equipped
During a visit to Israel, their daughter,                                                              with a television, special patient chairs and
Dr. Michelle Portman-Rozin dedicated her                                                               food facilities and a magnificent and soothing
parents’ gift in the presence of her family. Prof.                                                     view of the surrounding Judean Hills, the
Amnon Brzezinski, Head of the Russell and                                                              balcony provides a respite from the hospital
Patricia Fleischman Center for Women’s Health,       Ben and Ruth Nathanson celebrate the              setting. During a visit to Israel, Rabbi Suzanne
gave them a private tour of the facilities and       dedication of their Cornerstone Contribution      and Andy Offit of West Newton MA, Hadassah
described its unique features. Sheldon and           to the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower with          Guardians of the Dream, dedicated the Day
Marion Gumprecht Portman are Hadassah                Prof. Shlomo-Mor-Yosef.                           Care Balcony in the Charlotte R. Bloomberg
Guardians of Life.                                                                                     Mother and Child Center, and enjoyed a special
                                                     CARING CORNERSTONE                                tour of the entire department.
                                                     Surrounded by their children and
                                                     grandchildren, Ruth and Ben Nathanson of
                                                     Bala Cynwyd PA, Hadassah Guardians of
                                                     Tomorrow, received a model of the cornerstone
                                                     that will be incorporated into the foundation
                                                     of the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower.
                                                     At the special ceremony, Prof. Shlomo Mor-
                                                     Yosef described their family’s multi-
                                                     generational devotion to the Hadassah Medical
                                                     Organization and the many important projects
Dr. Michelle Portman-Rozin with Prof. Amnon          that have been funded through their generosity.
Brzezinski at the dedication of the Sheldon          The cornerstone is in honor and in memory of      Rabbi Suzanne and Andy Offit at the dedication
and Marion Gumprecht Portman Patient                 Mrs. Nathanson’s late parents, Bessie and Louis   of the Day Care Balcony in the Dept. of Pediatric
Waiting Room.                                        Stein, Hadassah Guardians of Zion.                Hematology and Oncology.

                                                      A GENEROUS AND CARING BEQUEST
                                                      Annabelle Yuval, Hadassah-Israel's liaison to HMO,
                                                      presided over the dedication ceremony honoring
                                                      the generous bequest of the late Miriam and Moshe
                                                      Sidewater of Kfar Saba, Israel, to the hospice in the
                                                      Dept. of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology.
                                                      Hadassah-Israel National President Norma
                                                      Potashnick, members of the Vered Hasharon
                                                      Chapter, including the President, Deborah Netzer,
                                                      relatives of the Sidewaters and friends, participated
                                                      in the ceremony.

                                                                                                                HONORING EXCELLENCE
                                                                                                                Countless doctors, nurses, senior staff, members
                                                                                                                of the HMO administration and friends filled the
                                                                                                                Abbell Synagogue to honor Bea Birnbaum, former
                                                                                                                Hadassah International Director of Development
                                                                                                                for Europe. Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef and Prof. Jacques
                                                                                                                Michel (right), former Director of Hadassah-Mt.
Prof. Eitan Kerem (left), with Dr. Arlene and Dr.                                                               Scopus, were among the many who publicly praised
Sheldon Bearman at the dedication of The Bearman                                                                her efforts, accomplishments and decades of
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.                                                                                  devotion to the Hadassah Medical Organization.
                                                      HELPING STEM CELL RESEARCH
HELP AND HOPE FOR                                     Prof. Benjamin Reubinoff, Head of Hadassah’s
SICK CHILDREN                                         Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Center,
                                                      gratefully acknowledged Hadassah-Israel's gift to
Prof. Eitan Kerem, Head of the Department of          promote research. From left, Past President Phyllis
Pediatrics at Hadassah-Mt. Scopus and other           Levinson, President Norma Potashnick, Prof.
staff members joined Dr. Arlene and Dr. Sheldon       Reubinoff, Past President Miriam Griver, Past President
Bearman of Baltimore MD, their family and             Ora Sela and Past President Annabelle Yuval.
friends at the moving dedication of the Bearman
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Hadassah-
Mt. Scopus.
                                                                                                                IN LOVING MEMORY
The special unit, funded by the Herbert Bearman
Foundation and donated in memory of their                                                                       Diana Schwartz of Boynton Beach FL, with Dr. Yair
daughter, Jill Kerri Bearman, is specially equipped                                                             Birnbaum, HMO Associate Director General and
and designed to bring help and hope to children                                                                 Director of Hadassah-Ein Kerem, after the ceremony
in times of distress. The Bearmans are members of                                                               honoring her late husband, Dr. Sy Schiowitz, a
Hadassah’s Society of Major Donors.                                                                             physician in the Hadassah Personnel Clinic.



Prof. Shlomo Mor-Yosef with Temple Oheb          Prof. Mor-Yosef greets Harold Grinspoon of       Andrea and Moshe Silagi of Encino CA,
Shalom of Baltimore MD mission participants,     West Springfield, MA, his daughter, son-in-law   Hadassah Guardians of Hope, and their friends,
Amy and Steve Burwen, the daughter and son-      and granddaughter, Alissa, Steven and Jillian    Dr. Robert Adler and Lexi Deutsch Adler of
in-law of Stewart and Marlene Greenebaum of      Korn. Mr. Grinspoon and his wife, Diane          Malibu CA (right), during their recent visit to
Owings Mills MD. Mr. and Mrs. Greenebaum         Troderman, are members of Hadassah’s Society     Hadassah-Ein Kerem. Mrs. Silagi is Coordinator
are Hadassah Guardians of Hope.                  of Major Donors.                                 of National Hadassah’s Development Division.

Arnold Simon, of Colorado Springs CO, a          Sharon and David Shine of Boca Raton FL,         Stephen Seltzer of Lantana FL, a member of
Hadassah Guardian of the Dream, by the           were joined by a pediatric clown in the Dept.    Hadassah’s Society of Major Donors and
plaque recognizing the gift of a veranda he      of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology at          executor of the estate of Dorothy Lasky, by the
and his late wife Wilma gave to the Outpatient   Hadassah-Ein Kerem. Mr. and Mrs. Shine are       wall honoring Hadassah Guardians. The late Mrs.
Floor in the Sharett Institute of Oncology.      Hadassah Guardians of the Dream.                 Lasky was a Hadassah Guardian of the Dream.

                                                                                                                                        NEW CLINIC FOR MEN
                                                                                                                                        For the first time in Israel, men
                                                                                                                                        with viral diseases such as
                                                                                                                                        Hepatitis C and HIV have the
                                                                                                                                        possibility of having healthy
                                                                                                                                        children using an innovative
                                                                                                                                        treatment – washing their
                                                                                                                                        sperm. The new clinic was
                                                                                                                                        made possible through the
                                                                                                                                        through the cooperation
Gail Stoll of Patchogue NY,      Adrienne and Sanford Eckerling      Marla Dan of Toronto, National                                     between Hadassah’s Clinic for
visited the Helipad donated      of Highland Park IL, their          President of Canadian                                              HIV Research, Dr. Philippe
by her in-laws Harry and         children and grandchildren,         Hadassah-WIZO, pointing to                                         Halfon, director of a similar
Helen Stoll of East Patchogue,   recently toured Hadassah-Ein        the contribution she and her                                       center in Marseille, France, Prof.
NY. Helen and the late           Kerem. They are pictured by their   husband, Aubrey, made to the                                       Raymond Schinazi of Emory
Harry Stoll are Hadassah         names on the wall of Hadassah’s     Judy and Sidney Swartz Center                                      University in Atlanta GA and
Guardians of Life.               Society of Major Donors.            for Emergency Medicine.                                            the Puah Institute for Fertility
                                                                                                                                        and Gynecology according to
                                                                                                                                        Jewish Law.

                                                                                                        Melissa Zales Koller and her
                                                                                                        husband, Tim, of Weston, CT,
                                                                                                        (front row) recently toured
                                                                                                        Hadassah-Ein Kerem, with
                                                                                                        their children Katherine,
                                                                                                        Juliana and Emily, and (back
                                                                                                        row)family members Ruth
                                                                                                        Zales and Samuel Zales of
                                                                                                        Tucson AZ. Mr. and Mrs.
Dr. Bruce and Mady Donoff        Orly and Liat Tamir and their       Dr. Jeff Horwitz of Austin TX,     Koller are Hadassah
of Chestnut Hill MA,             mother Debby, of Shorashim          son of Dr. Kenneth and Barbara     Centennial Founders. She is
members of Hadassah’s            Israel, with the stuffed animals    Horwitz of Houston TX,             member of Hadassah’s            Prof. Mor-Yosef, Dr. Philippe
Society of Major Donors, by      donated in honor of Liat’s Bat      members of Hadassah’s Society      National Board. Ruth Zales, a   Halfon of Marseille France, Prof.
their name on the Founders       Mitzvah and in tribute to her       of Major Donors, at Hadassah-      member of Hadassah’s            Raymond Schinazi of Emory
Wall at Hadassah-Ein Kerem.      grandparents, Dr. Abe and Sue       Ein Kerem, where he paid tribute   Society of Major Donors, is     University in Atlanta GA, and
Mrs. Donoff is the immediate     Mizrahi of Mamaroneck, NY,          to his aunt, Annette Sondock,      the daughter-in-law of          their families celebrate the new
past president of the            members of Hadassah’s               National Chair of the Hadassah     Hadassah leader Gladys          clinic for men with viral diseases
Boston Chapter and a             Society of Major Donors. Mrs.       Medical Organization. Barbara      Zales, of blessed memory,       that will raise the possibility of
member of the National           Mizrahi serves on Hadassah’s        Horwitz serves on Hadassah’s       and Melissa and Samuel,         siring healthy children through
Service Committee.               National Board.                     National Board.                    Gladys Zales’ grandchildren.    an innovative new treatment.


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