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Professor Magdi Yacoub by mahmoud.ibm5000


Professor Magdi Yacoub

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									Sir Magdi Habib Yacoub Egyptian-British professor and a prominent heart
 surgeon was born in November 16, 1935 Bbulbas Sharkia Governorate,
   Egypt, to the family of Coptic Orthodox descend assets of Assiut. He
studied medicine at the University of Cairo and educated in Chicago and
 then moved to Britain in 1962 to serve London Chest Hospital and then
  became a specialist heart and lung surgery in a hospital Harfield (from
   1969 to 2001) and director of scientific research and education (since
1992). Appointed professor at the Institute National Heart, Lung, in 1986.
  Interested in the development and transfer of heart surgery techniques
 since 1967. In 1980 the process of transferring the patient's heart Drake
Morris, who became the longer the heart of European transport a patient
   alive until his death in July 2005. Among the celebrities who have had
 operations for them, the British comedian Eric Morecambe. And Queen
  Elizabeth II awarded him a knighthood in 1992 and called in the British
                        media title of king of hearts [1].

  When he became 65 years old retired from surgery and continued as a
 consultant and stock transfers to the members. In 2006 cut his retirement,
  Dr. Magdi Yacoub operations to lead the complex process that requires
removal of the heart implanted in a patient after healing of the natural heart.
 Where the heart is still natural for a child patient during the transplant and
                the former carried out by Sir Magdi Yacoub.

Received a fellowship from Royal College of Surgeons in London and got
 the titles and honorary degrees from both Brunel University and Cardiff
 University and the University of Ovbura and the University of Middlesex
  (British universities) and also of the University of Lund, Sweden has a
pamphlet honorary at the University of Lahore, Pakistan and the University
                                of Siena, Italy.

                  Dr. Jacob and the pride of Britain Award

 Been awarded the honor in Britain October 11, 2007 and presented live
  from the channel ITV in the presence of British Prime Minister Gordon
 Brown and the prize is awarded to people who Sahmu different forms of
 courage and generosity, or who contributed to the development of social
    and local. Ertit the jury that Dr. Jacob has completed more than 20
  thousand heart operations in Britain has contributed to the work of the
   charity for patients with heart children in the developing world are still
 working in the field of medical research and his is now about 71 years so
 was chosen for the jury to be a leading figure in He was handed over the
award ceremony at the end of the ceremony with the presence of dozens of
     people who contributed to saving the lives of Dr. Jacob on stage

   Dr. Magdi Habib Yacoub and the Order of the Great Collar of the Nile

 In Presidential Decree No. 1 of 2011 was ratified by the former president
Mohamed Hosni Mubarak on January 6 (January) 2011, corresponding to 2
  Safar 1432 AH for Migration to grant Dr. Magdi Habib Yacoub and Sam
Collar of the Nile Great for his abundant and sincere in the field of cardiac
   surgery has received his own in a special ceremony held in his honor.
                [Edit] done in the field of cell transplantation

    Egyptian medical team successfully led by Dr. Magdi Yacoub, the
 development of the heart valves using stem cells, this discovery will allow
using portions of the artificial heart has grown within three years. Dr Magdi
Yacoub that within ten years will be a full heart transplant using stem cells.
The medical team has succeeded in extracting stem cells from bone grown
      and developed to become a tissue of the heart valves, and the
  development of these cells in an environment of collagen formed to the
                   valves of the heart of a length of 3 cm.

                             His visits to Egypt
The Magdi Yacoub of each period of a visit to Egypt during which many of
     the open-heart surgery free of charge. Now the center has been
   established pediatric cardiac surgery, a semi-stable Jeddah in Saudi
Arabia. The professor, Dr. Magdi Yacoub is currently building a hospital for
            heart surgery in the city of Aswan in Upper Egypt.

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