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					    The Glen is located in the
    influential North Shore
    trade area servicing the
    communities of Glenview,
    Northbrook, Deerfield,
    Northfield, Winnetka,
    Wilmette and Glencoe.

Located just 20 minutes north of Chicago,

the Glen Town Center is the $250 million center-

piece of a twelve-hundred acre-master planned

community on the site of the former Glenview

Naval Air Station and its historic Hangar One.

                                         The Glen Town Center features pedestrian-oriented parkways
                                         and sidewalks connecting residents to the 1,150,000 square
                                         feet of retail shops, entertainment venues and residential.
                                         Anchored by a 160,000 square-foot Von Maur Department
                                         store, a new state-of-the-art 10-screen Crown Theater, an
                                         80,000 square-foot Dick’s Sporting Goods and more.

The Glen is 6.5 miles from Old Orchard
and 8 miles from Northbrook Court.

                                         Crown Glen 10 Theater

Crown Glen 10 Theater Lobby              Crown Glen 10 Box Office

Gourmet Market at The Glen Town Center

   A collection of fine restaurants and cafés, high quality lifestyle
   retail, fashion apparel, museums and entertainment uses will
   create a unique regional destination for the surrounding areas
   of Chicago’s prestigious North Shore area.

                                                               With a dense population of 360,861
                                                               (honoring a fifteen-minute drive
                                                               radius), Glenview’s average household
                                                               income is in excess of $100,000.

    The Glen Town Center’s focal point — or town square —
    is Navy Park, which plays a vital role in community life
    as the center of energy in this high-end eclectic mix of
    retail, entertainment and residential uses.

                                          Glenview, IL

                                              With more than 5,000 people expected to call the Glen
                                              home, the community offers sixteen-hundred single-family
                                              homes, condominiums, town homes and high-end apart-
                                              ments. The Glen Town Center features over 300 class A
                                              apartments and brick condominium row homes.

Glenview is primarily residential: 54%
of the Village’s land area is dedicated
to single-family housing, with a medi-
an home value of $233,400.

The Glen Town Center’s design concept is the newest creative solution of
OliverMcMillan. The prestigious architectural firms of Gensler, Pappageorge
Haymes, Benson & Bohl and Ehrenkrantz, Eckstut & Kuhn are bringing it to life
by creating a nostalgic downtown main street with tree-lined sidewalks, tradi-
tional regional facades, and quaint store fronts where families can come to stroll,
browse and shop enjoying the feelings of a true village atmosphere.

       For convenient travel to and from
       Glenview and downtown Chicago, a
       new Metra commuter rail services the
       area. For shoppers and visitors driving
       to The Glen Town Center, more than
       twenty-four hundred parking spaces
       are available.

A new commuter rail station (Metra) is on site
with parking for 1500 cars.

OliverMcMillan’s latest project brings economic
revitalization to Chicago’s Glenview suburb
serving as a major employment base by pro-
viding thousands of jobs to the area. As part
of Glenview’s master plan, a one-million square
foot office park is underway where a workforce
of 5,000 is anticipated upon completion.
  Glenview is home to the corporate headquar-
                                                  A 1,000,000 square foot office park, developed by Catellus,
ters of Kraft USA, Anixter International and      is underway at The Glen, expecting a workforce of 5,000
                                                  people upon completion.
Illinois Tool Works with the offices of Avon
and Scott Foresman / Addison Wesley nearby.       Glenview’s employment profile for Executive/Professional
                                                  categories is 45.2% versus 27.6% in Cook County and
                                                  26.5% nationwide.

    The Glen Town Center neighbors the new Fazio-
    designed Kemper Sports golf course now the PGA
    headquarters for Northern Illinois. Adjacent to The
    Center is Great Park. This 150-acre green space
    includes a 54-acre lake, boardwalk, boat house,
    playgrounds, gardens, fountains and athletic fields.
    Residents have easy access to these amenities
    including a new $25 million recreation center with
    a pre-school, senior citizen center, swimming pool
    and other recreational facilities as well as a new
    middle school. The 40,000 square-foot Kohl’s
    Children Museum planned on a nearby site is sched-
    uled to open Fall, 2005.                                                                                  Glenbrook South High
                                                                                                              School is one of the
                                                                                                              most highly rated
                                                                                                              schools in the country
                                                                                                              with 92% of its stu-
                                                                                                              dents continuing on to

                                                           Boat House at Gallery Park

Kohl’s Childrens Museum coming Fall 2005                   Fazio-designed Kemper Sports 18-hole golf course
     Work hard, play hard and live comfortably.

     With its high-end eclectic mix of retail, enter-

     tainment, residential and recreational facilities,

     The Glen Town Center offers something for

     everyone. Be part of the vitality and tradition

     of this unique community rooted in Chicago’s

     naval history.

     OliverMcMillan welcomes you to

     The Glen Town Center!

                                                                   Demographics, Pop Facts, Aerial Photographs and Maps

P   R O J E C T   S   I Z E   :   450,000 Square Feet and 360 residential units

    Area                                   1   MILE RADIUS                    3   MILE RADIUS   5   MILE RADIUS   7   MILE RADIUS

    Population:                                     9,973                           101,601           276,462           549,120

    Average Income                              $107,451                            $95,806          $100,769           $95,232

    Households                                      4,210                            39,466           107,256           211,910

P   O P   F   A C T S                                                          A   R E A   M   A P S

   The Glenview Naval Air Station          Glenbrook South High School is
site is located 18 miles north of       one of the most highly rated
Chicago, approximately two miles        schools in the country with 92% of
east of the Tri-State Tollway           its students continuing on to col-
(Interstate Highway 294) and two        lege.
miles west of the Eden’s
Expressway (Highway 94). The site         With a dense population of
is served by Willow Road (36,000        360,861 (honoring a fifteen-minute
cars daily) and Lake Avenue to the      drive radius), Glenview’s average
south, connected by Patriot Drive       household income is in excess of
(estimating 28,000 cars daily).         $100,000.

  The Glen is located in the              Glenview is primarily residential:
influential North Shore trade area      54% of the Village’s land area is
servicing the communities of            dedicated to single-family housing,
Glenview, Northbrook, Deerfield,        with a median home value of
Northfield, Winnetka, Wilmette          $233,400.
and Glencoe.
                                          A 1,000,000 square foot office
  Formerly the Glenview Naval Air       park, developed by Catellus, is
Station, The Glen is anchored by        underway at The Glen, expecting a
Von Maur Department Store and           workforce of 5,000 people upon
will be home to a multi-screen          completion.
Crown Theatre, bookstore and high
                                          A new commuter rail station
end specialty retailers. The Glen is
                                        (Metra) is on site with parking for
6.5 miles from Old Orchard and 8
                                        1500 cars.
miles from Northbrook Court.
                                          1600 single family homes, condo-
  Glenview is home to the
                                        miniums, town-homes and high
corporate headquarters of Kraft
                                        end apartments will house an
USA, Zenith Electronics, and Illinois
                                        excess of 4,000 people at The Glen.
Tool Works in which the employ-
ment profile for Executive/               140-acre Great Park with 54-acre
Professional categories is 45.2%        lake, boardwalk, boathouse, play-
versus 27.6% in Cook County and         grounds, gardens, fountains and
26.5% nationwide. Other major           athletic fields are all incorporated
employers include Avon and Scott        at The Glen along with a new $20
Foresman / Addison Wesley.              million Park District Recreation
                                        Center with a pre-school area, a
                                        senior citizen center, swimming
                                        facilities and other recreational

M   A S T E R   P   L A N   A N D   A   E R I A L   M   A P

Master Plan

Site Plan and Tenants

Site Plan

                    Find it All at
                The Glen Town Center


                                                                                            8              9   10         12 14
                                                            1                    7                                          13 15
                                               2        3 4
                                                                            38 36 35 34 33                               28 25 24 22
                                                                      42 40 39 37                                    29    26 27 23 21
                                                                46 44   41
                                                            48 47 45 43                                                30                                 20
                                               49                                                                                                      19
                                                                                                      32             31

        1 Crown Theatres                           12 Chocolates by Bernard Callebaut   23 Claire’s                               34 Strasburg Children        45 Noodles & Company

        2 Red Star Tavern                          13 Ssaucy                            24 Vibrato                                35 Starbucks                 46 Gold Coast Dogs & Soup R Bowl

        3 Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar             14 Zales Jewelers                    25 Artisan Shop                           36 Kingaroo                  47 Cheeburger

        4 Theatre Takes Flight                     15 Pascal Aveda Salon & Spa          26 ALOFT Apartments Leasing Center        37 Fitigues                  48 El Jardin

        5 Potbelly Sandwich Works                  16 Washington Mutual                 27 MidAmerica Asset Mgt. Office           38 Amazing Gracies           49 Ted’s Montana Grill
        6 Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream                  17 Koenig and Strey                  28 Hangar One Foundation                  39 Assure Vision

        7 Yardhouse                                 18 Image Sun Tan                    29 Jos. A. Bank                           40 Nextel

        8 Dick’s Sporting Goods                     19 Lee Nails                        30 Chicago Home Fitness                   41 EB World

        9 ULTA Salon, Cosmetics & Frangrance        20 Laurens Cleaners                 31 Mitchell’s Fish Market                 42 Ritz Camera

       10 The Book Market                           21 Designs of the Interior          32 BRAVO! Cucina Italiana                 43 Color Me Mine

       11 Von Maur                                  22 Vitamin World                    33 Ann Taylor Loft                        44 Tea Leaf Café
Project Photographs


     Theater–East Elevation

     Theater–North Elevation

Hangar–East Elevation

Building C–East Elevation

Building D–West Elevation

 Building D–East/North Elevation

 Building D–North Elevation

 Cameron Mitchell, Building D-East Elevation

Cameron Mitchell, Building D-South Elevation

Building D–South Elevation

Bravo, Building E-North Elevation

 Bravo, Building E-East Elevation

Building E–North Elevation

Building E–West Elevation

Building E–South Elevation


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