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									The Church of the Good Shepherd

                 JANUARY 16, 2011

                   ROOTED IN THE PAST
                 BUILDING FOR THE FUTURE
                                          THE AGENDA
Call to Order
Appointment of Secretary
Certification of Quorum
Approval of Minutes from 2010 Annual Meeting

Report of the Nominating Committee (Page 4)
      Introduction of Nominees
      Nominations from the Floor
      Appointment of Tellers
      Explanation of Voting

Annual Reports
    4     Sr. Warden‟s Report
    5     Jr. Warden‟s Report
    6     Treasurer‟s Report
    6     Organist/Choirmaster‟s Report
    7     Rector‟s Report

Annual Committee Reports
   12     Altar Guild
   12     Christian Formation
   13     Episcopal Church Women
   13     Finance
   13     Hospitality and Concierge/Evangelism
   14     Lake Wylie
   14     Men‟s Club
   14     Missions and Outreach
   14     Parish Life
   15     Stewardship
   15     Worship

Old Business

New Business

Report of Election


                                      Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting
                                       The Church of the Good Shepherd
                                             York, South Carolina
                                                January 17, 2010

The meeting was called to order by the Reverend Robert Kirkland, Rector of the parish, with a prayer for the
meeting and the congregation at 11:40am on Sunday, January 17, 2010.

The first order of business was to appoint a secretary to take the minutes and Fr. Kirkland suggested that Barbara
Wilson be nominated. Teresa Rock so moved, Karen Ellison seconded the motion, and the congregation
unanimously approved.

The Rector then asked Mrs. Wilson if a quorum could be certified. It was certified.

The minutes of the Annual Meeting of January 18, 2009, having been made available prior to the meeting, were
submitted for approval. Approval of the minutes without a formal reading was moved by John Shiflet, seconded,
and approved unanimously.

The Nominating Committee was composed of: Chuck Henry, Sue Nance, Joyce Sanders, Cheney Baltz and
Randy Neff. Sue Nance spoke for the Committee in noting that Connie Salisbury had withdrawn her name as she
is not currently a confirmed member of The Episcopal Church. The nominees were: Cheney Baltz, Charles
Crittenden, Jeanne Ferguson, Rick Norment, Debbie Shiflet, and Meade Wilson. The question was called as to
nominations from the floor, there being no nominations from the floor the nominations were closed.

Those who were asked to tabulate the ballots were: Randy Neff, Beth Hanson and Kerry Davis. Upon tabulation
of the votes, those elected to the Vestry for a three-year term were: Jeanne Ferguson, Debbie Shiflet and Meade
Wilson; Cheney Baltz was elected to a two-year term.

Old Business: There was no Old Business offered for discussion.
The Rector‟s Report was filed by title.
The Senior Warden‟s Report was filed by title.
The Junior Warden‟s Report was filed by title.

The Treasurer‟s Report was filed by title with the following updated added: Income from pledges is down but at
present there is not a complete picture as there are still several pledging units who have not submitted a pledge.
You are asked to please let the Vestry know whether or not you plan to pledge.

The Report of the Organist/Choirmaster was filed by title. Mr. Aycock also gave kudos to those who faithfully
serve by giving of their time and talent. It is a valuable ministry and it is good to know that you are appreciated.

The Acolyte Master‟s Report was filed by title.

The Finance Committee‟s Report was filed by title with the note that the report should state that there is no
external debt.

The Stewardship Report was filed by title and reaffirmed the Treasurer‟s plea for the members to notify the
Vestry of the plans as to their pledge.

The Parish Life Committee Report was filed by title.

The Episcopal Church Women‟s Committee Report was filed by title. Everyone was invited to the Diocesan
ECW Meeting which is being hosted at Good Shepherd.

Angel Food Report was filed by title, with a plea from Cheney Baltz for people to consider donating boxes for
those less fortunate. Angel Food has been in place for two years and we now average 150 boxes per month.
Thank you to all the volunteers.

The Pastoral Care Committee Report was filed by title.
The Missions and Outreach Committee Report was filed by title.
The Christian Education Report was filed by title.
The Altar Guild Report was filed by title.
The Men‟s Club Report was filed by title. It was noted that there were a variety of events during the past year.
The Lake Wylie Report was filed by title.
The Hospitality and Concierge Committee Report was filed by title, with a huge thank you expressed by Jayne
Burton for all those who serve.

John Shiflet noted that this has been a difficult year for York Place as two of the group homes on the grounds
have been closed due to a lack of funding from the State. It is not that the need has diminished; it is more that the
available funds have diminished. There are still 36 beds for psychiatric treatment. Your prayers are asked for the
children who still need to come.

Fr. Kirkland reminded everyone of the celebration of Father Joe Mills‟ 50th Anniversary as a Priest which will be
celebrated soon. Please come and celebrate this joyful event in Fr. Mills‟ life.

New Business
Shay Wilkerson noted the upcoming ski trip and said there were still two places open – scholarships can be made

Fr. Kirkland noted those serving the wider church from our parish: Meade Wilson has just rotated off of the
Diocesan Executive Council and Standing Committee, Sylva Davis served as the ECW Board Treasurer and
Karen Ellison serves as the ECW Board Communications Officer.

Thanks were also expressed to all of those who serve with PATH in York and CAAC in Lake Wylie.

There will be a Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7pm during Lent. The group will study the Gospel of John.

There is conflict within the church and The Rev. Michael Bullock, Canon to the Ordinary for the Diocese, is to
meet with the Vestry on February 2nd to begin discussions on how to proceed.

All new Vestry members will be installed next week and we hope to have a Vestry Retreat in the near future.

The St. Barnabas Fund is very minimal at present with needs for emergency funds lessened lately. The Rector‟s
Discretionary Fund is for those outside our parish; the St. Barnabas Fund is for those within the parish. The
money was used as needed; if you know of someone in need please let the Rector know.

The new Bishop, Andrew Waldo, was elected in December and will be consecrated in May pending the majority
of the Bishops and Standing Committees ratifying the election. The ratification process should be completed by
April with May being the logical time for the consecration.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed with prayer and adjourned at 12:15pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara W. Wilson

Report of the Nominating Committee (Kaye McMaster)
Committee Members: Tom Burton, Ron Carter, Mary Beth Tiblier, John Ness, Kaye McMaster, and Fr. Robert
The Nominating Committee places the following names in nomination for the vestry election to fill the expiring
terms of Kaye McMaster, John Ness, and David Sims; and to fill the remaining term of Charles Crittendon,
resigned: Jayne Burton, John Duda, Ron Farley, Victor McGee, Charles Nance, Phillips Norment, Joyce Sanders,
E B Springs, and Dona Van Leer.

Report of the Senior Warden (John Ness)
Unfortunately the year 2010 has ended as it begun with the Priest and Vestry in conflict and I would have to say
that at least part of the congregation is in conflict also. A lot of people would like to say that this started
approximately a year and a half ago when Fr. Robert submitted his letter to the editor of the Rock Hill Herald. I
would venture to say that it started long before that and the letter was the catalyst that provoked people in Good
Shepherd to vocalize their displeasure with Fr. Robert. Don‟t get me wrong that there was not support for Fr.
Roberts views but we are dealing with something much greater than Liberal or conservatism.

During this past year and a half this vestry has asked for Diocesan intervention to help deal with the conflict and
we went through a series of interviews with a cross section of the parish and a person appointed by the Diocese.
He gave a report back to the vestry that was brief and didn‟t contain anything meaningful to our plight. After
some time and unsuccessful attempts at reconciliation we went back to the diocese requesting mediation. We were
given the name of a person that does this as a full time occupation and was highly recommended by the Diocese.
Her name is Linda Prince and the Vestry and Fr. Robert interviewed her. I think I can safely say that we were all
impressed with her and after negotiating a price for her mediation service voted to hire her company.

Once again we went through a series of interviews with Fr. Robert, the Vestry and volunteers from the Parish.
From these interviews Linda Prince came to some conclusions and initially shared them with first Fr. Robert and
then with me and Meade Wilson and Kaye McMaster. At that time I was encouraged by what she told us but we
were told not to say anything until they came back and had a chance to brief the new Bishop Andrew Waldo. By
the time this happened and the full vestry was briefed I personally thought what they were told was a very
watered down version of what I was told.

After a while the whole vestry was met by Bishop Waldo with Fr. Robert and Canon Bullock present. The Vestry
was allowed to share their concerns with the Bishop. At that time the Bishop said that getting rid of Fr. Robert
would serve no useful purpose and he encouraged all of us to apologize and to do bible study together. I have not
heard any apologies and the one bible study we started was not completed.

After the Bishops visit I believe all of us on the vestry were resigned to try and make this relationship work. Then
when the Wilkersons were leaving the Church again because of conflict with Fr. Robert and then the Meccas
leaving because of basically Fr. Robert. Then when his involvement with the children of the parish and programs
for them was questioned his outburst to say the least was not christian like. This happened at the November vestry
meeting. Although he sent an apology via e-mail the next day it was qualified with a but.

After this I sent an e-mail to the Bishop explaining our plight and that I believed we could not continue this
relationship any longer if Good Shepherd was going to be able to survive. The Bishop called me and we discussed
my concerns and asked me not to do anything until he met with Fr. Robert on the 21st. After his meeting with Fr.
Robert I was in Boston for Christmas but we did once again have a phone conversation and the Bishop asked me
to not do anything until after the annual meeting. Of course after the annual meeting I will no longer be on the

This report is not the way I would like to end my tenure on the vestry but I think it is important that the
congregation knows what has been going on. I do not question Fr. Robert as a man of God or his devotion to the
scriptures. These are his strengths and his liturgies confirm this. What I question is his ability to lead us where we
need to be as a viable place to worship God and provide programs for our youth and programs that will encourage
others to come. His inability to engage and interact with others is a drawback. He is admittedly an introvert which

makes it hard to relate and be a leader. To be a Parish Priest you have to relate to the majority and be able to deal
with adversity in a christian way that everyone wins. Once again I would emphasize the word CHRISTIAN and
my hope is that even though we have some tough choices to make they will be the right choices to move Good
Shepherd in a positive direction. Gods peace to you all.

Report of the Junior Warden (Jeanne Ferguson)
It has been a challenging year for Good Shepherd, trying to juggle maintenance issues with a shrinking budget.

A new heating and a/c unit was installed in the church. Upgrades to our vent system were also done at this time.
This system is larger and more efficient than our previous one and should stabilize our utility bills.

A major repair job was done on the ceiling of the parish hall, replacing damaged tiles and grids, then insulating to
R-19. Ceiling fans were installed with upgraded electrical work as well. The reduction in our utility bills should
pay for this job in less than a year.

On a positive note, these two projects, the heat/ac and the ceiling work all came in under bid to the tune of several
thousand dollars. A big thank you to our local contractors who were careful with our money and honest in their

Gutter guard was installed on our new construction during one of our parish “work days” in early fall.
Thankfully, the gutter guard material was donated by a member of the parish.

Brass plaques were installed at the doorways of our new Sunday school rooms and on the front doors of the
church stating who had given to these projects.

A new sign was placed in front of the parish hall.

We passed our fire dept. inspection with flying colors after cleaning out the attic and closets downstairs.

The large pecan tree in the rear lot has been trimmed and pruned for safety reasons.

Continual maintenance requires changing light bulbs, cleaning carpets, changing filters, plumbing and electrical
needs and maintenance of our ice machine along with many unpredictable needs. We continue to enjoy the good
cleaning efforts of Dolly and Melvin Teigue.

York Place has graciously given to Good Shepherd the kitchen equipment from their old kitchen. Many nice
stainless steel tables, sinks, etc. are included. The ECW has been saving for a kitchen” re-do” for several years
and this gift would go a long way in helping accomplish our goals. We do not have a commercial kitchen and
that is what is required if any food is sold or given to the public (antique show/garden tour). During our most
recent fire inspection we were informed that our two residential stoves in the kitchen were out of compliance and
in the very near future, the eyes must be removed and only the ovens should be operable, according to the
building codes of York County. Investigation continues as to whether or not we would be able to use the hood
and range from York Place as well. Stay Tuned…..

Our courtyard continues to be a spot of beauty thanks to those who volunteer and weed and water on a regular

We had 3 work days during this past year and I am constantly amazed at the skills present in our congregation and
the willingness to share them. Many thanks to all who helped.

David Sims has volunteered to install the insulation left over from the parish hall ceiling job in the upper attic in
the parish hall.

A spending freeze was decided on at the November vestry meeting due to our financial shortfall for the year.
Thankfully we have not had a maintenance crisis since that time.

Investigation of suspected leak over side door of church at ramp
New sign in front of church
Clean out storage room in rear of parish hall
Clean out old library across from kitchen
Bury several downspouts in area behind choir room
Installation of insulation in overhead of church
Sound system per Robert Allison
Finding storage for York Place kitchen equipment FREE

I would like to personally thank all those who so willingly assist in maintaining our property and always help
when asked.

Submitted by Jeanne Ferguson

Report of the Treasurer (Randy Ness)
Financial Results as of December 31, 2010
Operating Fund – results for the twelve months ending 12/31/10 shows a deficit of $30,273. This compares
favorably to the budgeted deficit of $30,522. Total income for the twelve months of $163,706 is under budget by
$887. On the expense side, total twelve month expense of $193,980 is under budget by $1,136. The operating
fund deficit is being funded by the Dalton bequest.

Walking-the-Way Building – as contributions are received they will be transferred to the Dalton bequest. A
portion of the Dalton bequest was used to pay the balance of the note due to the Bank of York in 2008. Deficit
balance in the WTW fund as of 12/31/10 is $31,096.

Endowment Fund – this fund consists of permanently invested base funds plus accrued earnings. The funds are
invested in the Fidelity Balanced Fund. Base fund amount is $135,000 with accrued earnings of $35,453 at

Dalton Bequest – a total of $201,999 has been received with one final installment payment of approximately
$25,000 due to be received in January of 2011. Use of Dalton funds includes coverage of the WTW fund deficit
of $31,096, coverage of the accumulated operating fund deficit of $39,818, purchase of new HVAC equipment
for the sanctuary of $17,661, renovation of parish hall ceiling (including installation of fans) $3,007, and payment
to Lumpkin Associates (mediation) of $6,312.

Stewardship – current tally for 2011 shows 67 pledges for a total of $140,590. This represents a 3% decrease in
pledged amount from prior year (2010) of 79 pledges for a total of $144,884.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning the financial condition of our parish. Thank
you for your continued support.

Respectfully submitted January 7, 2011.
God‟s Peace be with you,

Report of the Organist/Choirmaster (Steven Aycock)
O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness; let the whole earth stand in awe of him
(Psalm 96:6 - Miles Coverdale Psalter)

The choir sings faithfully to support the liturgy at The Church of the Good Shepherd, always seeking to make a
joyful noise. Choir provides a model of dedication and prayer in living the mission and ministry of Christian life.
The choir supports the liturgy by offering a strong voice to lead the prayers, hymns and service music which bind
us in our common experience of worship. The words we sing shape our faith and give us the syntax for
developing a deeper sense of spiritual formation.

We were pleased to be invited to St. John‟s Church, Charlotte to sing Evensong and Benediction and have their
choir join us for those services in York. Singing with another choir offers us an opportunity to share with others
our own love for music and to sing more challenging anthems.

The annual Summerfest concert was presented by Jane Arrant. Heartfelt thanks for those whose support makes
this concert possible: Mr. & Mrs. S. K. Lowry, Jr., The Rev. Mark House (in memory of Mrs. Emily House), Mr.
& Mrs. Tracy Ferguson, Jr, Mr. E.B. Springs

The completion of 20 years work anywhere is remarkable in modern times, where changes in jobs and even
vocations come at an ever increasing pace. Certainly, the highlight of my year was the service and reception
offered by you in honor of my 20th anniversary. There is hardly anything more gratifying than knowing one‟s
work is meaningful, substantial and appreciated. The commission of a new mass for Good Shepherd has been
well received. As of Christmas Eve 2010, we now use our new setting for Rite II services.

The latest report from the organ tuner indicates some tubing must be replaced in the organ, part of normal wear, a
proposal for the work is anticipated in January.

Thank you to the choir whose selfless dedication shows in your faithful work, and thank you to all of you who
sing in this church, making music worthy of its high purpose.

To God alone be the glory
O Lord, that lends me life, lend me a heart replete with thankfulness.
William Shakespeare Henry VI part 2

Report of the Rector (Robert Kirkland+)
Total Attendance                                                         6686
Sunday Attendance                                                        5780
Weekday Attendance                                                        906
Average Sunday Attendance             6,686 ÷ 52                          111
Easter Attendance                                                         229
Christmas Attendance                                                      161

Total Services                                                            185
The Holy Eucharist                                                        176
Saturday Eve./Sunday                                                      133
Weekday                                                                    25
Private                                                                    18

The Daily Office
Sunday                                                                       1
Weekday                                                                      3

Marriages                             Bradford-Boaz                          1
Burials                               Edson, House, Howie                    3
Baptisms                              Jackson, Hammitt, Ramsey               3

Confirmations                      Lillian Wilkerson, Vic McGee            2
Receptions                                                                 0
Transfers in                                                               7
Ron & Pam Farley, Jim, Janet & Stewart Sweeney, Gara Brown and Robert Wilson
Transfers out                                                              6
Dave & Sandy Decker, John Mason Davison, Brenda Warden, Reed & Susan James
Grace and Peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

As I wrote in the January newsletter, the past year will not be remembered as one of our better years. Although
we had many good things going on around the parish, there has been concern about the relationship between the
Vestry and me. Although I wish it could be otherwise, I feel the need to take this opportunity to speak to you on
this matter. I agree with John, our Sr. Warden, that it is important for the congregation to hear from us. I
apologize for the length, but wish to give as accurate a picture as I can. Even though it is lengthy, I have tried to
limit it to Vestry minutes and correspondence that are available to the congregation. I hope you will make every
effort to read it in its entirety.

In August of 2009, I composed a letter that appeared in the Rock Hill Herald. It seems that the letter was a
catalyst that accelerated a problem that has existed in the congregation for some time. It is my belief that the
problem has been present in the parish from before the time in which I became the Rector. Events in the world at
large and within the church (by which I mean the whole church, not just the Episcopal Church) have left people
polarized from one another, and this congregation has not been immune to this. There are issues in the church
that are potentially divisive in nature, and for this reason there are folks who say we should not talk about them
because we will become divided. My contention however is, these issues are present in our parish and we need to
address them so we can move past the division into mission and ministry. We are so afraid to discuss these issues
that they keep us from doing anything else.

That this problem has a history at Good Shepherd can be seen in the Parish Profile generated by the search
committee prior to my being called as your Rector. In the survey, folks were asked to select the three most
important qualities for a new Rector. There were (in order of priority); Spiritual (led and empowered by the gifts
of the Holy Spirit), Inspirational (through leading, teaching and preaching), and Leadership (is able and willing to
lead, even amidst divisive issues). Of the responsibilities traditionally assigned to a rector, the congregation chose
the following as most important (again, in order of priority); preaching, pastoral care and spiritual Guidance
(encourages others to form and develop a deeper spiritual life). Just as important though were the answers to
questions about Good Shepherd. Asked what they thought the weaknesses of Good Shepherd were, the biggest
weakness was felt to be divisiveness in the congregation. Asked what current problems were a concern to
parishioners, the top four answers were (in order of priority); the national church, financial, the building fund, and
divisiveness in the congregation. Asked what they would hope for in a new Rector, the congregation said (in
order of priority); personable to all (not just the elite), deeply spiritual and a leader who is not afraid of bullies.
The divisiveness referred to in the Parish Profile covers a number of issues of which liberal and conservative is
only one. Also included would be; (for lack of a better word) “old-timers” and “newcomers,” those who live in
York and those living outside of York, traditional and contemporary, and the differing views of how we hold
Scripture and the doctrines of the church.

After “the letter” appeared in the Rock Hill paper, I met with the members of the Vestry. At that meeting, it was
agreed that I would apologize to the congregation at services the next Sunday for any hurt the letter had caused
(which I did) , that I would hold a series of conversations in the parlor for any interested parties and that we (the
vestry and I) would try to move forward. At one of the conversations, a group came which included two members
of the (current) Vestry and they said they were supportive of the national church and its actions and because of
that I could no longer be their leader. Early in 2010, a member of the Vestry presented a “case for dissolution”
with the following six points: 1) Almost immediately upon arrival Fr. Kirkland printed a „glossy‟ brochure saying
our parish was orthodox (this is referring to the brochure in our visitor packet-rk), 2) Fr. Kirkland fired our
successful Christian Education Director. His e-mail said because she was not of like mind (which it did not-rk),
3)The letter of August 30, and 4) In an Advertisement in the Lake Wylie pilot I referred to the parish as
Episcopal/Anglican, 5) I put undue pressure on the nominating committee (this was in reference to the committee
nominating someone whose letter of membership was not here-rk) and 6) I required Vestry nominees to answer a
series of questions which had not been approved by the Vestry (see November 2009 Shepherd’s Tales – rk). This
letter was not acted on, but the Bishop‟s office was contacted for assistance in dealing with the issues.

In October of 2009, Bishop Henderson appointed Mr. Blount Shepard (Sr. Warden of St. Simon and St. Jude,
Irmo, who has experience in reconciliation) as a consultant to “work diligently to resolve whatever conflicts exists
between Rector and Vestry. If resolution is not achievable, then a secondary goal would be conflict management
– that is, although we cannot resolve the conflict(s), is it possible for us to manage same so that Rector and Vestry
(and thus the congregation) can live together for faithful, effective mission and ministry…” Meade Wilson and I
developed a list of fifteen names representing a cross-section of the Parish. Mr. Shepherd was present at the
October, 2009 Vestry meeting to introduce himself and to tell us that he would be interviewing on October 31 st
and November 7th. Mr. Shepard met with the Vestry in November (accompanied by Canon Michael Bullock,
Canon to the Ordinary) to share with us his findings (which he had shared with Bp. Henderson on November 11).

While Mr. Shepherd‟s report was brief, the presentation meeting was lengthy, very informative and, I believe,
gave an accurate view of the situation. Mr. Shepard‟s three main points were: 1) The Parish lacked a shared
vision. There is an uncertainty how to grow the congregation in York, whether or not there should be a
congregation in Lake Wylie. 2) The Parish has become divided and issue driven with the current issue being the
direction of the Episcopal Church. For this, and other reasons, the core values of the Parish were being called into
question. Mr. Shepard made the point, to which Canon Bullock agreed, that divisiveness needed to be
acknowledged as a long standing problem of the parish. 3) That there was a lack of communication in the parish
at large. In terms of the Rector that there was a tendency to unilateral decision making and, in terms of the
Vestry, a tendency to discuss issues in private, outside of the Vestry Meeting format. Mr. Shepard‟s
recommendation to Bp. Henderson, and the Vestry was that reconciliation was possible and preferable.

In February of 2010 Canon Bullock met with the Vestry at a special meeting. Each member of the Vestry was
offered an opportunity to express their “concerns, observations, frustrations and opinions.” Canon Bullock then
provided a summary, among them - The relationship between the Vestry and the Rector needed to be clarified and
understood by all – that the role of the Vestry was to make business decisions for the Parish, represent the church
to the congregation and to act as elders of the congregation. Canon Bullock asked if the Vestry was seeking
reconciliation and healing, or conflict resolution. The consensus was reconciliation and with that in mind, Canon
Bullock recommended implementing the Healthy Church Initiative and developing a message to deliver to the
congregation as to that intention. The Vestry was invited to submit ideas via e-mail to the Sr. Warden. It was
only after the meeting that John began receiving e-mails and calls that members of the vestry still wanted to
pursue dissolution of the pastoral relationship (fire the rector). On February 25, the Vestry (with the rector
present) voted to seek professional mediation without invoking Canon III.9.13 – Dissolution of the Pastoral
Relationship. The diocese recommended Lumpkin and Associates located in Davidson, NC and after being
interviewed by the Vestry (with the Rector present), there services were retained by the parish.

After conducting discovery interviews, the mediators (Linda Prince and Joe Hutchins from Lumpkin and
Associates) made a presentation to the Rector. They then met with the Sr. Warden and two members of the
Vestry, and at a later date, made a presentation to Bishop Waldo and Canon Michael Bullock. The Mediators met
with the Vestry on June 22 with all members present (including the Rector) except Jeanne Ferguson (who later
received a briefing from Linda Prince). After speaking with 46 individuals, the mediators thought they had a
strong and reliable sample of the parish, such that they considered the information gathered to be trustworthy.
One of their first points was what Good Shepherd is experiencing is being found throughout the Episcopal

Among the strengths of the parish were the people, and the liturgy. Weaknesses of the parish were a failure to
engage the spiritual gifts of the parishioners, and more germane to the present time, the group wishing the
removal of the rector was small, but, the “conflict was eating a lot of time, energy and joy, even among those not
directly involved or opinionated about the conflict.” Ms. Prince likened this to a marching band in that the band
might be small but there are quite a few who can hear the music.

Linda distributed a model of conflict management called the “pinch model.” In this model, expectations are set
and a commitment to individual roles are assumed and there is a period of stability until a change occurs (which is
the pinch). At that point, there is a disruption and there is either a renegotiation of expectations, or an escalating
conflict which, at some point, will come to a head. At that point, there is again, renegotiating or separation. It
was Linda‟s finding that even though the rector fit the parish profile in its search for a new rector, clear
expectations had never been set. Because of this, we are in a “stage three” (out of three) conflict. Symptoms of
this stage of conflict are: wanting to hurt; getting rid of someone; the sense of being right and needing to punish
those who are wrong; choosing sides; the emergence of spokespersons and the enlistment of outsiders.

A list of the rector‟s strengths were listed. Among them: liturgical skills; worship services; knowledge of the
Scriptures; teaching style; administrative skills, written communication; and, consistent love for every Good
Shepherd parishioner (it seems throughout my interactions with the mediators and the diocese, I had never uttered
an unkind word or criticism of anyone). Pastoral care contained mixed opinions although it was noted that end-
of-life care was strong. Weaknesses of the rector were then reviewed which revolved around leadership skills and
social development skills. It was noted by Linda that the rector had the innate, unlearnable skills needed to be a
spiritual leader, and the skills I did not possess could be learned/enhanced. To that end, she recommended the
formation of a small group (3) as leadership coaches/communication advisors (which I have done, with the
members being Caroline Wheless, Henry McMaster and Tom Burton). An individual development plan was
prepared and delivered to the rector: A number of books (The Perfect Leader: Practicing the Leadership Traits of
God by Ken Boa and People Styles at Work: Making Bad Relationships Good and Good Relationships Better by
Robert & Dorothy Bolton) which I have read, and am in the process of rereading. I also participated in a
Leadership seminar at Bethelwoods on August 22 (thanks to Ms. Prince making the arrangements with The Ajax
Company). Linda then distributed and reviewed a fifteen step program called “Creating Shared Vision” and
recommended that the parish embark on this program with the rector. It was the opinion of the mediators that “it
was no accident that I was here” and that my leaving would not be beneficial and indeed, might be detrimental to
the life of the Parish.

Linda then began discussing the need for the Vestry to make fundamental changes in the way they conduct their
business and understand their responsibilities, most prominent among them was ceasing overly emotional
outbursts, and, not speaking to issues during vestry meetings and then gathering in the parking lot/on the phone to
discuss same. Linda then asked the Vestry to develop a list of what they felt they needed to start doing, and
needed to stop doing. The list: Start-speaking with one voice; discussing matters at the meeting with all members
present; Issue reports ahead of time; when there are issues to vote on make sure everyone has the chance to speak
before voting; leaving emotions at the door; making sure decisions are in accord with the Scriptures; love one
another; and, remember we are challenged to make decisions for this part of the Body of Christ. Stop: side
bar/parking lot discussions; and, focusing on the conflict by focusing on solutions. The list was written on poster

After the meetings with the mediators, I e-mailed the members of the Vestry to solicit their reflections on what the
mediators had presented and what they thought were the main points of the presentation. I also included the list
of do‟s and don‟ts since the original was on poster paper. One person was “very disappointed in the presentation.
It lacked detail as to the development plan for Fr. Robert,” and “The list of Vestry do‟s and don‟ts was not really
germane to the meeting… the issue is getting clouded with finger pointing at the vestry and the parish as a
whole.” Another complained that the list was not formally adopted by the body. Another admitted sadness “after
hearing the results of the mediators, and the clear assessment that we can resolve our differences and move
forward united to do what God wants us of us we are now want to shoot the messengers.”

At our Vestry meeting in July, several members of the vestry complained that we had wasted money on the
mediation process and it did not do what it was supposed to do. I made the observation that was not the case,
rather that they disagreed with what the mediators had to say. I also spoke of the need, as did others, of keeping
the congregation informed as to what had been taking place. I also said the process was complicated since no one
could identify the true issues at hand, and did not want to talk about the presentation because they did not agree
with the findings.

On August 10 the Vestry (including the rector) met with Bishop Waldo and Canon Bullock in York. Bishop
Waldo asked each Vestry member to individually respond to the questions: “Where are we” and “What‟s next”?
After listening, Bishop Waldo summarized what he had heard with two images: 1) A sense of brokenness felt by
all, and 2) a tug-of-war that must be resolved. Continuing the tug of war metaphor, the Bishop encouraged
everyone to let go of their individual rope and work together as a united group to move forward in a healing
process, noting that every Vestry member should take personal responsibility for resolving the tensions of the
collective group. Bishop told the Vestry that having Fr. Robert leave would not fix the problem. He also
commented that the Vestry tended to focus on programs and issues rather than on the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
urging all to de-personalize things and find our purpose. He also said healing would take time and urged us to
devise a liturgical setting where we could ritualize our apologies, and seek forgiveness of one another. To that
end, he said Canon Von Rautenkranz would be contacting us. Unfortunately Canon Von Rautenkranz‟ position at
Diocesan House was eliminated.

Another recommendation from Linda Prince was a Bible study developed by Belton Zeigler (the Chancellor of
the Diocese). The Vestry (including the rector) met on two occasions for the Bible Study; both sessions were
facilitated by Fr. Joe Mills.

The report by the Sr. Warden makes reference to our November 2010 vestry meeting. Each year after the new
Vestry is elected, we meet to elect officers and to assign every member of the Vestry to one of the eleven standing
committees of the Parish. Feeling that it needed to be a priority, Christian Formation was one of the first slots I
wanted to fill, but no one on the Vestry would even consider taking the position and it ended up going to the one
person who was not present at the meeting (and who has since moved from the area and is no longer on the
Vestry). At the November Vestry meeting, the Christian Formation program was questioned and I confess, I did
become angry and said the Vestry should not be addressing Christian Formation issues since they had refused to
become involved with the program and I used a word that was not appropriate (I said bull^%$*). The next day, I
sent the following “I am writing to you to apologize for my outburst and poor choice of words at our meeting last
night. It was unprofessional and unchristian and I am deeply sorry. I think what hurt the most is that no one who
knew about this could find it in themselves to take the courtesy to speak to me about it beforehand. It's not that I
think there is a right and wrong here, rather a lack of charity. Regardless, that is no excuse for poor behavior.”

The Vestry is a body and acts as a whole. To have individual members of the Vestry acting independently of the
Vestry meeting as a whole is not appropriate. In late November, John, our Sr. Warden, took it upon himself to
send an e-mail to Julie Price (Canon for Finance, Diocese of Upper South Carolina), which begins: “I write this e-
mail with a heavy heart but feel I cannot wait any longer to ask for Diocesan intervention as I know there can be
no reconciliation between this vestry and Father Robert Kirkland. It is my belief that Fr. Robert lacks both the
leadership and pastoral skills to rally our congregation and lead us to a prosperous and faithful future. If we spend
one more year under Fr. Robert this Church will perish.” John asked Julie to forward the mail to Bishop Waldo.
A few days before that, I had scheduled an appointment with Bishop Waldo on December 21 to give him an
update of where I thought we were. My discussion with Bishop Waldo covered a number of topics, including
staying at Good Shepherd and leaving Good Shepherd. At the end of our discussion, we agreed that it would be
best to not take any action until after the annual meeting. At our regularly scheduled Vestry meeting that evening,
I relayed to the Vestry that I had spoken with Bp. Waldo and told them what I just told you. After asking if there
were any questions or comments (there were none), we continued with other business. Apparently after the
meeting, a number of vestry members contacted John (who was in Boston) to complain. Unfortunately, I have
received conflicting reports, so I cannot give an accurate report.

That there are a number of areas in which I need improvement, I am in full agreement. I would hope though that
most will agree that I am making an honest effort to follow the suggestions of both mediators, Bishop Waldo,
Canon Bullock and the Vestry. I am presenting all of this not to show who is right and who is wrong, or who
wins and who loses. In a situation like this, everyone loses. The people of Good Shepherd should expect, and
deserve more from their leadership. The problems we are experiencing have a long history, it is time for this
legacy to end.

We are capable of pulling together and working for the common good. I think this can be seen in some of the
events of the past year (which I wish John had included in his report) such as the passing of Cynthia Edson, Emily
House and Sandy Howie, Fr. Mills 50th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood and Steven‟s 20th
anniversary as Organist and Choirmaster.

John is correct in his report, we have tough choices to make. The easiest would seem to be to “get rid of the
rector, get rid of the problem.” I would disagree with this (of course :-). Every outside participant in this process
has said if that happens, Good Shepherd will be in the same place it is now within a few years. It is also a matter
of stewardship. The parish paid over $6,000 for professional mediation. The cost to dissolve the pastoral
relationship could easily cost ten times that amount.

My fervent prayer is that we can reach out to each other in Christian love and work together for the advancement
of the Kingdom of God. That there is conflict and hurt is a reality we have to live with, but we are not alone. We
are not the first, and we won‟t be the last to experience such times. It is times like these, however, that allow us to
live into the fullness of the Christian life and be a powerful witness to the grace of God.

“Above all, maintain constant love for one another, for love covers a multitude of sins. Be hospitable to one
another without complaining. Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever
gift each of you has received. Whoever speaks must do so as one speaking the very words of God; whoever serves
must do so with the strength that God supplies, so that God may be glorified in all things through Jesus Christ. To
him belong the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen.” (1 Peter 4:8-11).

In Christ‟s love and service

Committee Reports
Altar Guild (Jeanne Ferguson & Shay Wilkerson)
The Altar Guild held its annual meeting in February.

The Altar Guild was responsible for the Founder‟s Day service at York Place.

In July three members attended a flower workshop at St. Timothy‟s in Columbia.

There are currently eighteen members of the Altar Guild, five of whom do the services at Lake Wylie. We had
two members retire this year, Sue Nance and Andy Lowry. Many thanks to them for their service. They continue
to be supportive of our efforts and for that we are grateful.

The guild is open to all members of our congregation and all are welcome to participate. We provide and
maintain all those things pertaining to the chancel, sanctuary and sacristy that make for good housekeeping and
adequate service to Our Lord, His Church and the needs of the priest in the administration of the services of the
We meet once a year to update any changes the priest may want to initiate. We are responsible for the flowers
and linens throughout the year and decorating the church for Christmas. We also do the altar work for all special
services and for weddings and funerals when they occur.

I would like to remind the congregation that often the flowers on the altar are given by members of our parish to
commemorate a special occasion or as a memorial. If you would like to do this any time during the year, please
contact Jeanne Ferguson or the church office to make arrangements.

Thank you to all of our faithful altar guild members and others who help us from time to time.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeanne Ferguson & Shay Wilkerson

Christian Formation (Submitted by Robert Kirkland+)
Christian Formation is our name for a group of activities meant for all ages as part of a life-long journey in which
we seek to become, and to make, disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. On Sunday morning, Sandy Taylor (ages 5-
9) and Ken Wheless (ages 10-12) teach from The Episcopal Children’s Curriculum. Page Taylor and Rick

Norment teach the Rite 13 class. Fr. Kirkland and Caroline Wheless facilitated the Sr. High class using the
Nooma video series. Craig Wilkerson facilitated the Adult class with studies on the Book of Judges and Joshua as
well as a CD series The New Testament by Dr. Bart Ehrman of UNC, Chapel Hill. On Wednesday evenings, Fr.
Kirkland teaches a Bible Study which included an Old Testament Survey, a study of the Prologue of the Gospel of
John (John 1:1-18), and A study of God‟s name in the Scriptures. Fr. Mills taught a series on the Book of
Common Prayer (A trip through the 1979 Book of Common Prayer: The Good, The Bad, and the Beautiful). This
year‟s Lenten series was Anglicanism: From the Reformation to the Present (presented by Fr. Mills), and our
Advent series was Reading through the Psalms (presented by Fr. Kirkland).

Episcopal Church Women (Cheney Baltz)
The Episcopal Church Women were busy in 2010. Our second annual Garden Tour was a great success.
Attendance and sales were up at the Summerfest Antiques Show. We once again held a spaghetti dinner
for students from James Madison University who were spending their spring break helping York Place.
Other activities included hosting Father Mills' anniversary reception, organizing packages for the shut-
ins, hosting the annual ECW diocesan meeting at York Place, serving the York Place Founder's Day
breakfast, gathering gifts for the Adult Day Care Center, hosting funerals and helping with Steven's party. We
also continued our yearly donations to the diocese and national missions, as well as contributions to PATH and
other local charities. Officers for 2011 are: Diane Linkous – President, Ceil Collmer – Secretary and, Cheney
Baltz – Treasurer.

Finance (Libby Bradford)
The Finance Committee met three times in 2010 to review the financial condition of the Church of the Good
Shepherd, examine the adequacy and quality of our insurance coverage and to discuss the Stewardship campaign
and the preliminary budget. Financial status of the Church will be described in the Treasurer‟s report.

Insurance Review:
Jim Killen, at the request of the Finance Committee examined our current insurance coverage with Church
Insurance Company with other available packages available on the market. He also considered the adequacy of
our coverage. Jim determined that our coverage with Church Insurance is good and that the pricing cannot be
improved on by other insurance companies. Thank you Jim for the time you spent on our behalf.
 The Church of the Good Shepherd is covered under the coverage maintained by the Diocese as are all churches in
the Diocese. Our building is insured for over $2.8 million and the person property for $391,000. Our insurance
is for replacement cost.

Portfolio Performance:
Chuck Henry monitors our investment portfolio. The bulk of our investment is in Fidelity Balanced Fund. As of
12/31/10, the Fidelity Balanced Fund was up 13.7% for the year. This compares with 12.8% for the S&P 500,
11% for the Dow Jones and 10.8 for the New York Stock Exchange. We appreciate Chuck and his invaluable

2011 Proposed Budget:
The 2011 budget was discussed at the October meeting of the Finance Committee. At that time, the results of the
stewardship efforts were not known. The results are now known, and, if we are to keep our programs in place, we
will again have to pull from our reserves. In 2010, we withdrew approximately $30,000. from our available funds
to pay for ongoing operations. Should we continue to withdraw funds for 2011 and in what amount? The Finance
Committee, as well as the Vestry, will tackle this difficult question early in 2011.

Libby Bradford
Finance Committee

Hospitality and Concierge/Evangelism (Meade Wilson)
The concierge volunteers continue to do a great job of meeting and greeting our newcomers. We always need
more volunteers for this program.

Lake Wylie (John Ness)
As 2010 comes to a close the Lake Wylie chapel of ease has completed its first full year in our new venue at Mt.
Harmony United Methodist Church. Although it was a bit more difficult at first in that we did not have our own
Sanctuary and are sharing theirs so there is more set up and of course putting away. That being said the kinks
have been worked out and it has been a blessing for us and we a blessing for them.

Pick Freeman had taken our old sign when we moved and renovated it and has installed it in front of Mt,
Harmony to let people know that we have an Episcopal service there every Sunday at 8:00am.

Although our numbers have dwindled some the percentage is no more than Good Shepherd York and we are
thankful for our service in Lake Wylie. We enjoyed a delightful and delicious Christmas dinner with Mt.
Harmony this year and couldn‟t have felt more welcome.

We continue to support Good Shepherd through time and talent and giving. Whether it be volunteering for path,
committees, homebound or sick visitations and pledging. Not to mention vestry service.

Men’s Club (Meade Wilson)
The Men of the Church had some good activities this year. In the spring we had a great dinner and Poker night at
the Fergusons lake cabin on their farm. There was no gambling just friendly games of poker with chips and no
money. We swapped some stories enjoyed a wonderful meal and watched the sun set on the porch. It was a great

Easter Sunday the men‟s group sponsored another great breakfast for the all of the Parish. Everyone had a good

The men also helped during the Summerfest Antique Show with stripping and running the parking in addition to
assisting the ECW with the set up and take down of the Parish Hall.

The final event of the year was the Oyster Roast in November. We had over 60 people attend and a good time was
had by all.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Bruce Baltz for being the President of the Men‟s Club in 2010. We
hope to have more gatherings this year. All men of the Parish are invited to attend any of our functions.

Missions and Outreach (Cheney Baltz & David Sims)
Angel Food has had a tough year, mainly due to the economy. Our end-of-year average was 35 boxes per month,
with a total of 3,052 boxes sold since January 2008. The newly redesigned boxes --- most of the food packaged
together in one box --- has made unloading and distribution much, much easier. Joyce Sanders has taken over as
Angel Food director and is looking forward to a marketing and publicity push in the spring. There are so many
needy people out there who could use Angel Food, and we hope to reach them. And, finally, kudos to our ever-
faithful core of volunteers!

Parish Life (Debbie Shiflet)
In January we celebrated Father Joe Mills 50 year celebration. Wonderful food and turnout.

Also in January, Nancy Land street had parishioners to her home for a New Year‟s Day lunch.

In March we held a reception after Cynthia Edson's funeral service.

In May we held receptions for Emily House and Sandy Howie's funeral services.

Also in May we had a supper club.

In June we celebrated the end of school with a picnic at Nancy Landstreet's farm.

In October we celebrated Steven Aycock's twenty years of service to Good Shepherd.

In November we held the annual Parish Thanksgiving lunch with York Place Children as guests.

Sudie Dressler served as Chair of this committee and did a wonderful job.

Stewardship (Kaye McMaster)
The goal for our 2011 pledge campaign was $200,000 with 100% participation. 106 pledge packages were mailed
on October 30th, and our Commitment Sunday service was held on November 21st. To date, we have received 67
pledges totaling $140,590. Parishioners who have not yet responded are urged to please submit their pledge of
time, talent, & treasure as soon as possible.

Worship (Jeanne Ferguson)
The Worship Committee made specific recommendations for the Sunday Bulletin, which had been reduced as a
cost-cutting measure. Thanks to a generous donation from Jeanne and Tracy Ferguson, and Don and Becky
Kidwell, our bulletins have been restored to their present format.


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