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									Pioneers’ Pathway
              The Wheatbelt Wander

                                             Toodyay                Dowerin Wyalkatchem
                                     Perth                                                Trayning
                                                       Northam                                        Merredin

            Distances in kilometres


                                      Beverley                Hyden
Pioneers’ Pathway
INTRODUCTION                                        HOW TO USE THIS GUIDE
The Pioneers’ Pathway is a self-drive route that    A suggested self drive itinerary is outlined
traverses the Wheatbelt following the well worn     from page 9 or plan your own Pioneering
trail many prospectors once took on their way to    Pathway adventure using the information
the Yilgarn and Kalgoorlie Goldfields.              provided on available accommodation,
  Starting in either Toodyay/Northam or             attractions, festivals and facilities inside the
Merredin, this scenic journey wanders past          back pages.
expansive wheatbelt farmland and through
the small towns of Goomalling, Dowerin,             Let the journey begin...
Wyalkatchem, Trayning, Kununoppin and
Nungarin, providing a classic experience of
Western Australia’s Wheatbelt heartland.            Goomalling .......................P.3
                                                    Dowerin .............................P.4
  Whether you’re travelling from Perth to the
                                                    Wyalkatchem ....................P.5
Goldfields, or from the west to east coast, this
trip is a rewarding alternative to the Great
Eastern Highway direct route, adding only
44 kilometres to the journey. It offers the
                                                    Suggested Itinerary ...........P.9
remarkable view of wildflowers in colourful
                                                    Facilities ............................P.11
profusion during the season, invigorating leg-
                                                    Further Information .........P.13
stretching nature walks, as well as numerous
buildings and museums reflecting the unique
rural historical significance of the region.
  The sealed two-lane road along the Pioneers’
Pathway makes the drive a pleasurable
experience. Why not create an interesting circuit
route by combining the Golden Pipeline trail
between Merredin and Mundaring.
                                                                                                  Oak Park, north east of Goomalling, supports
                                                                                               an abundance of bird life when the lake has
                                                                                               water. Interpretative signage tells the story of

                                                                                               the area and makes a great picnic spot. Enjoy
                                                                                               more nature when taking the Tin Dog Creek
                                                                                               Walk Trail and Bird Hide in Dowerin. Walking
                                       Natural Heritage of the Pioneers’ Pathway               the trail will give an insight into the flora and bird
                                                                                               life of the Wheatbelt. Further east along the Pioneers’
                                          The Pioneer Pathway route travels from the jarrah
                                                                                               Pathway take a break at Namalcatchem Nature Reserve,
                                       forest of the Avon Valley National Park to the salmon
           Enjoying the Everlastings
                                                                                               a typical Wheatbelt woodland on heavier soils. Between Wy-
                                       gum, granite rock woodlands of the Merredin district.
                                                                                               alkatchem and Merredin there are numerous granite outcrop
                                       Along the way explore the jam tree, york gum country
                                                                                               reserves to explore just off the Pathway. Billyacatting Nature Re-
                                       of Pelham Reserve at Toodyay.
                                                                                               serve north of Kununoppin, Eaglestone Rock near Lake Brown and
                                          Half way to Goomalling visit Wongamine Na-                    Talgomine Reserve in the Nungarin Shire are just a few. At
                                       ture Reserve and the delightful rest area                                  Merredin, The Peak and Totadgin Conservation
                                       10kms south of Goomalling.                                                             Park both have interpretive walk
                                                                                         Toodyay                                         trails.

           Walking on Totadgin Rock

to Perth

Page 2
                                                                                                                                                       Amazing Fact
                                                                                                                                                    The Wayside Inn was the commence-
                                                                                                                                                    ment of the pioneering route to the
                                                                                                                                                    Yilgarn and Kalgoorlie Goldfields

                                                                                                                                                    during the gold rush of the 1880’s.


                Goomalling, located 132 Kilometres north of Perth and 48    of the homestead contrasts with the wheat domes, a striking       precinct. Visitors can delight in the picturesque surroundings
             km inland from both Toodyay and Northam, is the ‘Hidden        landmark upon entry to town. The domes, an innovative en-         at the Oak Park Nature Reserve, located 20 km from Goomall-
             Jewel’ of the Avon Region. With a population of approxi-       gineering feat built in 1994 are the only structure of its kind   ing town site, relax with a picnic or barbecue in the shaded
             mately 1100, Goomalling is a progressive and friendly com-                                 in the southern hemisphere.           undercover area or experience the natural flora and fauna
             munity waiting to welcome you.                                                                                                   along the walk trail. Back in town enjoy a leisurely stroll
             Attractions                                                                                The Goomalling Museum pre-            around Goomalling as you follow the Historic Town Walk.
                                                                                                        cinct provides a journey back in      A picnic under the trees at the Heritage Wall is
             Slater Homestead, located 2.5 kilometers east of Goomalling                                time with the refurbished one         also an experience not to be missed.
             and restored by the Shire of Goomalling, symbolizes the pio-                               teacher school, and restored
             neering experience. The iconic homestead has been consid-                                  school bus. The school master’s
             ered and entered into the State Register of Heritage Places,                               residence and a collection of ear-
             and is open weekends from March to November. The heritage      Slaters Homestead
                                                                                                        ly farm machinery complete the

                                                                                                                                                                                                Page 3
                                                     Amazing Fact
                                               The Dowerin Machinery Field Days is the largest
                                               Field Day in WA. The site was previously one of
                                               the biggest motor race tracks in WA.


                    Green in winter, golden in summer, 156                      Visit the museum to view furnishings, household goods and
            kilometres north east of Perth, has an array of                  artefacts from the district complete with a shop in the back yard
    attractions both natural and built providing an entertaining             displaying items related to the businesses of the era.
 and interesting experience for the visitor.                                    Explore the natural environment by taking the Tin Dog Creek
   The first settlement for agriculture was in 1897 with the town            Walk Trail for a great introduction to the plants and birds of the
established in 1906 once the railway line was extended from                  Wheatbelt. Rusty, the tin dog, stands guard at the west entrance to
Goomalling. More than a century later, agriculture remains the               town. Read how this project was initiated by students at Dowerin
                                    dominant business of the district        District High School and the inspiration behind the idea. Ample
                                    with grain growing and sheep             parking and picnic facilities are available at the Information Bay
                                    production for meat and wool.            which further offers a connection to the main shopping precinct,
                                          Attractions                        public toilets and the Tin Dog Walk Trail.
                                             A series of wells dating back      Centenary Park is a lovely area to take a rest and enjoy a picnic
                                          100 years offer an insight into    lunch. A good variety of play equipment will keep the children              Tin Dog sculpture, Dowerin

                                          the importance of the route        amused and for the older ones the Skate Park is next door.
                                          via Dowerin to the Yilgarn            Dowerin’s premier event, the Dowerin Machinery Field Days, are
                                          goldfields.                        conducted over two days at the end of August each year.
                Old wagon, Naaning Well
Page 4
    “Wylie” as it is called by locals, with a population of
630 people is a proud and hospitable wheatbelt town, win-
                                                                bulk grain facilities in 1931. Wyalkatchem is now a stra-
                                                                tegic receival point for Cooperative Bulk Handling and is
ner of the title Australia’s Tidiest Town 2003. For a town of   a far cry from those modest, yet ground breaking facilities
its size Wylie is well endowed                                                        of 1931.
with services.                                                                             Attractions
   Pastoralists were active in                                                                The town boasts a main street that
the district from the late 1860s                                                          is an attraction in itself with its blend
and they may have been pre-                                                               of historic buildings, murals and
ceded by sandalwood cutters.                                                              landscaping. One of the wheat bins
Permanent settlement began                                                                from the 1930s is preserved in the
in 1905 with the throwing                                                                 town and houses a large and varied
open of land for selection.
                                                                 Wyalkatchem Waterloo Boy collection of agricultural, transport
    The Yarragin Road, at first                                                           and railway equipment as part of the        Wyalkatchem C.B.H. and Agricultural Museum
a pastoralist’s track, became the Goldfields Road after the     Wyalkatchem Museum
discovery of the eastern goldfields and carried a heavy            The shire has several reserves of remnant vegetation
   volume of traffic to and from the diggings.                  that contain a wide range of species and are particularly
               The district lays claim to being the cradle      attractive in the wildflower season.
                   of bulk handling because of the pio-
                                    neering construction of

             Amazing Fact
           Wyalkatchem CBH Museum has on display
           the extremely rare “Waterloo Boy” - fore-
           runner of the John Deere tractors of today.
                                                                                                                                                                             Page 5
   Natural granite outcrops, native flora and fauna, woodlands
and panoramas of wildflowers in season are all found in the
                                                                     Yelbeni: Don’t miss the general store, located in the original
                                                                  Hall, 50m off the main road and our small historical museum.
                                                                  Key available at the store .
                                                                                                                                        of Mangowine. These rock outcrops were traditionally used
                                                                                                                                      by the Njaki Njaki people for food and water as well as having
                                                                                                                                      a strong spiritual significance. Enjoy the picnic area and 2.4
district 235kms from Perth and 70kms from Merredin.                  Trayning: The largest of the three towns. Wander around          km walktrail to the top of Billycatting; the two hour walk
   The area was named after ‘Trayning Well’, derived from         town and see the tree library.                                      offers spectacular views and is dotted with interpretive signage.
two aboriginal names ‘Durri-iring’ or ‘Duranning’ . The words        Kununoppin: is the town amongst the tall salmon gum              Yarragin Rock, 24 kms north east of Trayning, has twin
mean ‘to crawl’, and ‘a camping place’ and became known as        trees. Drive around to discover the tin sculptures. Kununoppin      monoliths rising from a flat granite outcrop, visible from a great
’snake crawling in the grass near campsite’.                      has a rural hospital servicing surrounding districts.               distance. North of Trayning are the gnamma holes, rock pools
                                                                                                                                      formed in granite that collect water, attracting birds, wildlife
   The gold rush of the 1880’s saw substantial increases in       Attractions                                                         and wildflowers. Typically ‘sundews’ occur in these areas, a
population as people took up farming leases or serviced those     Attractions have limited or no amenities so be prepared and         bizarre plant that digests insects. Whiteman’s Rock, a massive
travelling through the district to the gold fields. Social life   take everything for your picnic. Billyacatting means “Hill” and     finger-like projection of white quartz is located on Moujakine
flourished and the first country trotting club in the state was   is located 27kms east of Trayning the site was first recorded by    Road, north east of Trayning.
registered in 1923. The original grandstand can still be seen     HS King in 1889. The reserve contains a wealth of early pioneer     Gold was discovered here in 1887.
in Trayning.                                                      history including a well and the nearby National Trust
    The Shire has three townships each 11kms apart.               homestead



                                                                                                                                                                                         Whiteman’s Rock

             Amazing Fact
       The wheat silos which dominate the town
       of Trayning were built in 1955/56. They
       are one of only three silos of this design in
       Western Australia. Watch out for silos along
       the Pathway and you will see the many
       differing designs.

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            Amazing Fact
         The notorious murderer,
         “Shark Arm Jackson”, once
         operated a hamburger shop
         in Nungarin.


    Nungarin, with a population of a little                                                    It ended up
over 300 people, has an interesting history                                                    isolated from the main town
and vibrant local culture. The first European                                                  when a different route was             impressive Nungarin
into Nungarin was Surveyor General J. S.                                                       selected                               Heritage Machinery and
Roe, who on the night of 25 October 1836                                                          In 1909, after the decline of the   Army Museum. The museum collection
made camp at an old native well which years                                                    gold rush, a new wave of farmers       includes a rare Dingo scout car, a Stuart tank, Bren gun
later was to be the focus of the area’s first                                                  began to arrive in Nungarin with       carrier, various army vehicles, memorabilia and an
settlement at Mangowine.                                                                       the establishment of the Civil         outstanding 10th Light Horse collection. Other attractions
                                                                                               Servants Re- Settlement Scheme,        include heritage walks, nature walks, rock climbing at the
                                                                                               and Nungarin became a reality.         awe-inspiring granite rock formations throughout the Shire,
Mangowine Homestead                                                                                                                   and the popular Nungarin Markets held on the first Sunday
    The homestead, which included an Inn,                                                                                             of each month.
has been restored by the National Trust and                                                    Attractions
is furnished in the style of the early days. It is                             Mangowine Bar      During World War II,
well worth a visit. (Closed Wednesday).

                                                               Nungarin was the site of a massive Army Base Ordnance
  McCorry’s Hotel, on the northern boundary of the town,       Depot, built for a total cost of around 10 million pounds. One
was built in anticipation of the coming of the railway line.   of the huge workshops is still in use today, and houses the

                                                                                                                                                                                       Page 7
            Amazing Fact
        Did you know that the granite
        rock that makes up Merredin Peak
        is 2,500 million years old? So take
        a walk into the past up the Peak.

    Merredin, with a population of 3,600 people, is the most            Attractions
substantial settlement in the Central Wheatbelt. In 1836                    The Railway Water Tower, which still advertises
Surveyor General J. S. Roe described the region as arid and                                                                                                       The huge
                                                                        the formerly locally produced Kalgoorlie Bitter,
inhospitable. This did not deter the sandalwood cutters and                                                                                                    Cooperative
                                                                        dates from 1893 and stands sentinel for people
early prospectors. After the water finding expe-                                                                                                               Bulk Handling Grain
                                                                                    arriving in Merredin. Located nearby,
dition by Charles Hunt in the 1860’s, based on                                                                                                                 Transfer Terminal is impressive,
                                                                                    the Merredin Museum must have one
the catchments of granite rocks like Merredin                                                                                                                  with a capacity of 400,000 tonnes and the
                                                                                    of the finest exhibits of railway memo-
Peak, the area began to open up. The gold                                                                                                                      largest horizontal wheat storage facility in the
                                                                                    rabilia in Australia. Occupying an old
rush of the 1890’s and the coming of the rail-                                                                                                                 southern hemisphere. For a great view, walk the
                                                                                    station, it has a working signal box
way and water pipeline to service the growing                                                                                                                  Merredin Peak Trail, which highlights the water
                                                                                    and a beautifully preserved 1897 G117
city of Kalgoorlie led to the development of                                                                                          Merredin Railway Museum  catchment scheme designed in 1893. Nearby is
                                                                                    steam engine. Across Pioneer Park is the
the town, which is sustained today by dry land                                                                                                   the site of the First Australian General Field Hospital, in use
                                                                                    Military Museum, where information on other im-
agriculture. Around 40 percent of the State’s                                                                                                    during World War II. This, and the No. 4 Pump-
                                                                                    pressive World War II military sites in the town can
wheat is grown within a 100 kilometre radius                                                                                                     ing Station, west of the town, are features on the
                                                            The Railway Water Tower be obtained. The Cummins Theatre is a heritage-
of the town. The town’s name is derived from                                                                                                     Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail. Interpretation is
                                                                                    listed building erected in 1928 by the local brewer
the Aboriginal word “merrit-in”, the place of the merrit tree, a                                                                                 provided at both sites.
                                                                        from the remnants of some demolished Coolgardie pubs. The

eucalypt used to make spears.                                           pressed iron interior is from the Tivoli Theatre in that town.

   Page 8                                                                                                                                                                                                  Merredin Peak
Any time is a great time
to explore the Wheatbelt
                               SUGGESTED ITINERARY
along the Pioneers’            To explore the Wheatbelt along the Pioneers’ Pathway

 In Autumn the
magnificent eucalypts are                      DAY 1
shedding their bark and                        Midland – Toodyay - Overnight Goomalling
exposing shining new
                                               Head up the Toodyay road from Midland. Take the road to Goomalling to
trunks. Winter sees the
                                               enjoy the Pioneers’ Pathway. Cross the Avon River’s tributary, the Mortlock
wattles start to bloom
                                               River, about 10km south of Goomalling. Stop over at the rest area here and
and spring time brings
                                               explore the bush reserve. It has colourful wildflowers in spring. Goomalling
out the wildflowers and
                                               132 kms east of Perth is an ideal setting for your first night. Adjacent to the
                                               caravan park is the town’s school house museum – well worth a visit. Take a
                                               stroll down the main street for a coffee and browse in the gift shops. The re-
Enjoy the crisp mornings                       cently restored Slater Homestead is open weekends from March to November,
and views across the                           or by appointment. Light refreshments are available and you may come across
open paddocks. Explore                         a periodic art exhibition.
wonderful nature reserves,
granite outcrops, salt lakes
and heritage sites.                            DAY 2 ( plus )
                                               Goomalling – Dowerin - Overnight Wyalkatchem
The sample itinerary                           By mid morning you could be approaching Dowerin. The Tin Dog sculpture
offered here is just one                       welcomes you to town. Consider a walk along the Tin Dog Walk trail and
way of enjoying the                            gain an insight into the flora and bird life of the Wheatbelt. The short route is
Pioneer Pathway. By all                        an easy 1.8kms long and takes about 45 minutes. The Dowerin Visitor Centre
means linger longer at each                    located in the main street will point you in the right direction for the 1930’s
delightful small town. You                     house museum, Namalcatchem nature reserve and well, and other sights in
will be most welcome.                          the area that you can take in on the way to an overnight stop at Wyalkatchem.

                                                                                                                          Page 9
 DAY 3                                                  DAY 4                                                    DAY 5 plus
 Wyalkatchem – Yelbeni – Trayning                       Nungarin - Overnight Merredin                            Overnight Merredin
 – Kununoppin - Overnight Nungarin                                                                               Consider a walk along the Merredin Peak Trail,
                                                        Take the whole day to explore the Nungarin district.
                                                        Market day is first Sunday of the month (March           tour Cummin’s Theatre (weekdays) and visit the
 After your overnight stay at “Wylie”, The Cradle of
                                                        to December). Check out the Heritage and Military        Railway and Military Museums. The Art and Craft
 Bulk Handling, take time to explore the town and its
 murals. Have a morning tea or lunch and visit the      Museum. The Post Office Information Centre has           Gallery (Thursday – Sunday) has paintings, pottery
 Agricultural Museum housed in a 1936 wheatbin.         heritage trail walk and drive tour guides of the         and glassware all executed locally. Stay another
 Take the old Goldfields Road through the Nature        district and town. Eaglestone Hill not far from          night to take the Military Trail and explore the
 Reserve and turn into Korrelocking Reserve before      Nungarin is an enjoyable picnic spot. A great granite    site of the Field Hospital. The Visitor Centre will be
 carrying on to Yelbeni on the main road.               rock is poised over a sparkling salt lake. Or take an    delighted to suggest bushland reserves to explore or
 Travelling on to Nungarin you pass Yelbeni with        excursion and visit the National Trust homestead         direct you to the rock walk at Totadgin Conserva-
 it’s farm machinery display. At Trayning the “tree     of Mangowine some 14 kms from the town to gain           tion Park. They have self drive route guides that
 library” is a unique concept. You may wish to spend    an insight into the life of the first pioneers (closed   include the Rabbit Proof Fence, Military sites and
 an extra night at the Trayning caravan park and        Wednesdays). Why not stay over and do both!              granite rock reserves.
 explore Billyacatting Nature Reserve north of the      Arrive in Merredin mid afternoon. A snapshot tour of
 town.                                                  that town leaves the Merredin Caravan Park daily in      After taking a few days to wander the Pathway you
 And don’t just drive past Kununoppin before your       the late afternoon and is well worth joining. You will   can return westward or continue east following
 overnight stop in Nungarin. Have a meander around      see inside the longest grain storage facility in the     the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail . Or travel north
 the streets of the town set in a salmon gum wood-      southern hemisphere and hear all about the China         through Mukinbudin or Westonia to explore the NE
 land. You will chance upon delightful tin sculptures   Southern Flying School and the industries and way        Wheatbelt. Or south through Bruce Rock or Narem-
 of pioneer life. Can you find the swaggy and his       of life of this thriving Wheatbelt community.
                                                                                                                 been towards Wave Rock.

                                                                                                                  The following websites offer further information on
                                                                                                                  this delightful area of Western Australia.

Page 10
ACCOMMODATION                                                                                 ATTRACTIONS
B&B, Retreats, Self Contained                                                                 Goomalling Historic Town Walk                        16 Throssell St Goomalling      (08) 96291101
Goonine Springs Luxury Day Spa                  500 Patterson Rd Goomalling   (08) 96291082   Goomalling Museum                                    Throssell St Goomalling         (08) 96291101
Mystique Maison                                 10-14 Forrest St Goomalling   (08) 96291673   Goomalling - Heritage Wall                           Railway Tce Goomalling          (08) 96291183
Dowerin B&B                                     Goomalling Rd Dowerin         (08) 96311008   Goomalling - Oak Park Reserve                        Oak Park Rd Goomalling          (08) 96291101
Wyalkatchem Short Stay (fully self contained)   Wyalkatchem                   (08) 96811115   Goomalling - Oak Park Walk Trail
McCorry’s Hotel                                 McCorry Rd, Nungarin          (08) 90464187   Goomalling - Slater Homestead                        2.5kms east of Goomalling       (08) 96291183
Av-A-Rest Villiage (self contained units)       Great Eastern Hwy Merredin    (08) 90411535   Dowerin Museum                                       Cottrell St Dowerin             (08) 96311202
Merredin B& B                                   30 Bates St Merredin          (08) 90414358   Dowerin Centennary Park                              Goldfields Rd Dowerin
                                                                                              Namelcatchem Reserve                                 Dowerin                         (08) 96311202
                                                                                              Dowerin - Sundial                                    Stewart St Dowerin              (08) 96311202
Caravan Parks                                                                                 Dowerin - Threatened Species Garden                  Stewart St Dowerin
Goomalling Caravan Parku                       Throssell St Goomalling       (08) 96291183   Dowerin - Tin Dog Walk Trail                         Dowerin                         (08) 96311662
Dowerin Roadhouse & Caratel Park u              Goldfields Rd Dowerin         (08) 96311135   Korrelocking Nature Reserve                          Bookman Rd Wyalkatchem
Sullage dump - Minnivale via Dowerin                                          (08) 96311202   Wyalkatchem -School House Museum                     Gamble St Wyalkatchem           (08) 96811036
Wyalkatchem Caravan Park u                     Hands Dve Wyalkatchem         (08) 96811166   Wyalkatchem CBH Agricultural Museum                  Railway Tce Wyalkatchem         (08) 96811129
Trayning Caravan Park                          Sutherland St Trayning        (08) 96831001   Trayning Billycatting picnic area and walktrail
Nungarin Caravan Facility- Mc Corry’s Hotel     Old Hotel Rd Nungarin         (08) 90465187   Trayning – Billyacatting Hill                        Billyacatting Rd Kununoppin     (08) 96831001
Merredin Caravan Park u                         Great Eastern Hwy Merredin    (08) 90411535   Trayning – Yarragin Rock                             Kidd Rd Kununoppin              (08) 96831001
                                                                                              Eaglestone Hill                                      Brown South Rd Nungarin         (08) 90465006
                                                                                              Mangowine Homestead                                  Nungarin Karomin Rd Nungarin    (08) 90465149
Hotel/Motels                                                                                  Nungarin Mc Corry’s Old Hotel                        Old Hotel Rd Nungarin           (08) 90465187
Jennacubbine Tavern                             22 Collins St Jennacubbine    (08) 96232273   Nungarin Heritage Machinery & Army Museum Third Ave Nungarin                         (08) 90465108
Goomalling Tavern                               61 Railway Tce Goomalling     (08) 96291110   Nungarin Heritage Cemetery Walk                      Nungarin Wyalkatchem Rd         (08) 90465006
Dowerin - Commercial Hotel                      Stewart St Dowerin            (08) 96311206   Nungarin Heritage Town Walk                          Memorial Hall - Railway Ave     (08) 90465006
Dowerin Roadhouse & Caratel Park                Goldfields Rd Dowerin         (08) 96311135    Nungarin Heritage Self-Drive Tour                   Shire Office - Railway Ave      (08) 90465006
Wyalkatchem Hotel/Motel                         Railway Tce Wyalkatchem       (08) 96811210   Talgomine Reserve                                    Talgomine Reserve Rd Nungarin   (08) 90465006
Wyalkatchem Railway Barracks                    Grace St Wyalkatchem          (08) 96811166    Merredin - Army Hospital Site                       Benson Rd Merredin              (08) 90411666
Trayning Hotel/Motel                            Railway St Trayning           (08) 96831005       Merredin -Country Nostalgia Art Gallery & Garden Bates St Merredin               (08) 90412717
Nungarin - McCorry’s Old Hotel                  Old Hotel Rd Nungarin         (08) 90465187        Merredin -Cummins Theatre                       Bates St Merredin               (08) 90413295
Nungarin Hotel                                  Railway Ave Nungarin          (08) 90645084         Merredin Military Museum                       Great Eastern Hwy Merredin      (08) 90411666
Merredin Motel & Gumtree Restaurant             10 Gamenya Ave Merredin       (08) 90411886          Merredin Museum                               Great Eastern Hwy Merredin      (08) 90411666
Merredin - Oasis Hotel                          Great Eastern Hwy Merredin    (08) 90411133           Merredin Peak                                Benson Rd Merredin              (08) 90411666
Merredin Olympic Motel                          Great Eastern Hwy Merredin    (08) 90411588          Merredin - No 4 Pumping Station               Great Eastern Hwy Merredin      (08) 90411666
Merredin Plaza All Suites                       149 Gt Eastern Hwy Merredin   (08) 90411755          Merredin - Pioneer Park                       Great Eastern Hwy Merredin      (08) 90411666
                                                                                                    Merredin - Tamma Parkland                      South Ave Merredin              (08) 90411666
 Dogs Permitted conditions apply                                                                   Merredin - Totadgin Conservation Park - Bruce Rock Rd                           (08) 90411666
 Caravan Parks with unit accommodation & sullage dump point
                                                                                                  Merredin - Discover the Wheatbelt Tours: 0427 097 766
                                                                                                  Daily Tour 1 ( Mar- Dec) – late afternoon

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     Jennacubine Tavern                    Collins Street Jennacubine       (08) 96232273   Wyalkatchem Museum                                  Railway Terrace                              0429 471 700
     Goomalling Railway Station Lunches    (Mondays only)                   (08) 96291101   Trayning Shire                                      Railway St Trayning                         (08) 96831001
     Goomalling Tavern                     Railway Tce Goomalling           (08) 96291110   Nungarin Shire Council                              Railway Ave Nungarin                        (08) 90465006
     BP Roadhouse                          Main Street Goomalling           (08) 96291245   Nungarin Visitor Centre                             Railway Ave Nungarin                        (08) 90465148
     Goonine Springs                       Patterson Road Goomalling        (08) 96291082   Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre                    Barrack St Merredin                         (08) 90411666
     Go Café                               Railway Tce Goomalling           (08) 96291600
     Tin Dog Café                          Cnr of Stewart /Goldfields Rds   (08) 96311606   Hospitals & Chemists
     Dowerin Roadhouse & Caratel Park M    12 Goldfields Rd Dowerin         (08) 96311135   Goomalling Hospital                                 Forrest St Goomalling                       (08) 96290100
     Commercial Hotel                      4 Stewart St Dowerin             (08) 96311206   Goomalling Pharmacy                                 Railway Terrace Goomalling                  (08) 96291088
     Ezi-way Foods                         Railway Tce Wyalkatchem          (08) 96811261   Wyalkatchem Hospital                                Wyalkatchem Koorda Rd                       (08) 96921222
     Wyalkatchem Hotel                     Railway Tce Wyalkatchem          (08) 96811210   Kunnunoppin Hospital                                Leake St Kunnunoppin                        (08) 96832044
     Wyalkatchem Roadhouse M               Mitchell St Wyalkatchem          (08) 61021926   Merredin Hospital                                   Kitchener Rd Merredin                       (08) 90813222
     Wylie News & Gifts Cafe               Railway Terrace                  (08) 96811189   Merredin Chemist                                    102 Barrack St Merredin                     (08) 90411311
     Trakshak                              Railway Station Trayning          0418 959 016
     McCorry’s Hotel                       McCorry Rd, Nungarin             (08) 90464187
                                                                                            Public Toilets
     Trayning Hotel/Motel                  Railway St Trayning              (08) 96831005
                                                                                            Goomalling -Train Station s                         Railway Tce Goomalling
     McCorrys Old Hotel                    Old Hotel Rd Nungarin            (08) 90465187
                                                                                            Dowerin - Main St Public Toilets s                  Stewart St Dowerin
     BP Travel Stop M                      Great Eastern Hwy Merredin       (08) 90411620
                                                                                            Dowerin - Town HallM                                Cottrell St Dowerin
     Café 56                               Barrack St Merredin              (08) 90415000
                                                                                            Wyalkatchem Main Street M                           Railway Tce Wyalkatchem
     Chicken Treat M                       Great Eastern Hwy Merredin       (08) 90411530
                                                                                            Trayning - Info Bay M                               Railway St Trayning
     Commercial Hotel                      Barrack St Merredin              (08) 90411052
                                                                                            Trayning – Playground/ Aquatic Centre               Bencubbin Road, Trayning
     Olive Grove Café Restaurant M         Barrack St Merredin              (08) 90411713
                                                                                            Nungarin Public Toilets M                           Railway Ave Nungarin
     Hayloft Coffee Shop                   Mitchell St Merredin             (08) 90413360
                                                                                            Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre                    Barrack St Merredin
     Merredin French Hot Bread M           Barrack St Merredin              (08) 90413709
                                                                                            Merredin - Apex Park M                              Barrack St Merredin
     Merredin Motel & Gumtree Restaurant   10 Gamenya Ave Merredin          (08) 90411886
     Merredin Oasis Hotel                  Great Eastern Hwy Merredin       (08) 90411133
     Merredin Palace Chinese Restaurant    Mitchell St Merredin             (08) 90412855   Service Stations/Roadhouses
     Northside Tavern                      Bates St Merredin                (08) 90411635   Goomalling - Caltex                                 Throssell Street                            (08) 96221413
                                                                                            24 hr card acceptor for Fuel, Diesel and Auto Gas
     Shell Roadhouse M                     Great Eastern Hwy Merredin       (08) 90411982
                                                                                            Goomalling - BP Roadhouse         M
                                                                                                                                                81 Main St Goomalling                       (08) 96291245
     Subway M                              Barrack Street Merredin          (08) 90414607
                                                                                            Dowerin Roadhouse & Caratel Park M                  12 Goldfields Rd Dowerin                    (08) 96311135
          Open 7 Days a week                                                                Wyalkatchem Roadhouse M                             Mitchell St Wyalkatchem                     (08) 61021926
                                                                                            24 hr card acceptor all major cards
                                                                                            Trayning Agricultural Repairs                       Railway St Trayning (08) 96831145 a/h 0429831145
     SERVICES                                                                               Nungarin General Store                              Railway Tce Nungarin              (08) 90465004
     Visitor Centres                                                                        Merredin - BP Travel Stop s                         Great Eastern Hwy Merredin        (08) 90411620
     Goomalling Caravan Park               Throssell St Goomalling          (08) 96291183   Merredin - Shell Roadhouse M                        Great Eastern Hwy Merredin        (08) 90411982
     Goomalling Telecentre                 Railway Tce                      (08) 96291570   Merredin Caltex Service Station                     Barrack St Merredin
     Dowerin Shire                         Cottrell St Dowerin              (08) 96311202   Merredin -Andersons BP Roadhouse                    Barrack St Merredin               (08) 90412292
     Dowerin Visitor Centre                Stewart St Dowerin               (08) 96311662
     Wyalkatchem Shire                     Honour Ave Wyalkatchem           (08) 96811166
                                                                                                                                                       Open 7 Days a week   s
                                                                                                                                                                                Open 24 Hours and 7 Days a week

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Events                                       For further information contact:
                                               PIONEERS’ PATHWAY                                                  Website:
Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets       Nungarin      Ph: 1300 736 283                                         
(1st Sunday of the Month)

April                                        Toodyay Visitor Centre                                       Kalgoorlie
Concert at the Homestead       Goomalling    Ph: 08 9574 2435                                             Ph: 08 9021 1966
                                             Email:                               Email:
Jennacubbine Rodeo             Goomalling
Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets       Nungarin    Goomalling Caravan Park                                      Coolgardie
                                             Ph: 08 9629 1183                                             Ph: 08 9026 6090
Merredin Show                    Merredin                                                                 Email:
                                             Dowerin Visitors Centre
May                                          Ph: 9631 1662                                                Laverton
Art workshop                   Goomalling    Email:                                      Ph: 08 9031 1750
Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets       Nungarin    Wyalkatchem Shire                                            Email:
                                             Ph: 08 9681 1166                                             Southern Cross
June                                         Email:                         Ph: 08 9049 1001
Concert at the Homestead       Goomalling    Trayning Shire                                               Email:
Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets       Nungarin    Ph: 08 9683 1001                                             Wave Rock
July                                         Email:                              Ph: 08 9880 5182
                                             Nungarin Shire                                               Email:
Art Workshop                   Goomalling
Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets       Nungarin    Ph: 08 90465006                                              Northam
                                             Email:                                    Ph: 08 96222100
August                                       Central Wheatbelt Visitor Centre                             Email:
Concert                         Goomalling   Ph: 08 9041 1666                                             York
Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets        Nungarin   Email:                            08 9641 1301
Dowerin GWN Machinery Field Days Dowerin                                                                  Email:
September                                                                                                 Ph: 08 9576 1100
Art Workshop                   Goomalling    NEIGHBOURING AREAS                                           Email:
Oak Park Picnic                Goomalling    Western Australian Visitor Centre                            Mundaring
Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets       Nungarin    Ph: 1300 361 351                                             Ph: 08 9295 0202
                                             Website:                            Email:
                                             Norseman                                                     Swan Valley
Mangowine Concert                Nungarin    Ph: 08 9039 1071                                             Ph: 08 9379 9400
Concert at the Homestead       Goomalling    Email:                                 Email:
Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets       Nungarin
Rose & Heritage Festival      Wyalkatchem    DISCLAIMER:
                                             The information in this publication has been provided as a general guide only. The illustrative road across pages
November                                     2-8 of this publication is not to scale and should not be used to gauge distance or direction. Although every effort
Art Workshop                   Goomalling    has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this publication, the Pioneers’ Pathway
                                             Steering Committe and contracted suppliers expressly disclaim any liability or responsibility for the accuracy of
Nungarin Wheatbelt Markets       Nungarin    the information contained herein.
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