; Magazine Article on a Sikh Wedding
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Magazine Article on a Sikh Wedding


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									             Magazine Article on a Sikh Wedding.

Your homework is to produce a magazine article on a Sikh
wedding. You need to make sure that you explain to your
readers what takes place before the actual ceremony, so make
sure that you include the following:
    The night before the wedding, there is a party at the
     Bride’s house, where she is given sweets and money, and
     has henna tattoos painted onto her hands and feet. Only
     women are allowed to this party.
    On the morning of the wedding, the bridegroom and his
     family go to the bride’s house. They are given presents,
     usually cloth for turbans or clothing. They all then make
     their way to the gurdwara, where the ceremony will take
You then need to make sure that you explain what happens at
the ceremony:
    Include what the bride and groom wear-Remember; it
     won’t be a white dress and a tuxedo!
    Make sure that you explain why these items of clothing
     and jewellery are important.
    Use your labelled pictures from the lesson to help you
     explain what they wear.
    Write about the role that the Guru Granth Sahib plays
     within the ceremony, and that it is used for prayers and
    After reading and singing the Lavan, which is a wedding
     hymn written by Guru Ram Das, the bride and groom walk
     around the Guru Granth Sahib four times.
    At the end of the ceremony, everyone stands and share
     karah parshad.
It would also be important to include pictures and lots of
colour. You can do it on the computer.

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