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Best Cure For Back Pain - How To Stop Back Pain Quickly and Naturally


									Best Cure For Back Pain - How To Stop Back Pain Quickly and Naturally

Are you looking for the best cure for back pain? The field of medicine has made rapid strides in the recent
years. However, it has failed to address one of the most common problems faced by more than 80% adults at
some point or the other in their life- back pain. There are hundreds of instant pain relief ointments available
in the market today, but most of them come with their own little side effects and to many people, the best
cure for back pain still remains a myth.Types Of Back PainBack pain is usually categorised into acute and
chronic, where acute back pain results from excessive use or movement of the back, thus injuring the
muscles, bones or ligaments therein. Chronic pain is recurring pain that tends to surface for no particular
reason or through normal movement of the back. The reasons for both can vary, but the most common
among them apart from external pressure, are kidney infections, problems in the prostate glands and pelvic
disorders. Pregnant women, owing to the considerable anatomical changes and the pressure exerted on
internal organs by the child, are a major target for pain in the back.Home Remedies vs. OintmentsThere are
natural home remedies that effectively reduce pain in the back. However, following them require dedication
and time in most cases. Finding an easy and effective home remedy as the best cure for back pain is more
cumbersome than driving to the nearest pharmacy and picking up a tube of instant pain relief ointment. Even
with these ointments, most people experience only temporary relief and may suffer from side effects like
inflammation, disagreeable odors and stickiness.However, what if there is a pain relief ointment that has the
ability to stop pain in the back quickly and forever, and at the same time is free from all these side
effects?Now considering it does exist, then what are the ingredients it should contain?Ingredients That Can
Cure Pain In The BackThe best cure for back pain would be an ointment that provides long-term relief and
is free from side effects. It should have the following ingredients:- Rhus Tox: A herb that has been used for
more than 200 years as an active ingredient in pain relief medicine. This unique herb has been used to treat
sprains, arthritic pain and even the restless leg syndrome since time immemorial. It is used even in post-
operation drugs after an appendectomy.- Lachesis Mutus: An anti-coagulant in itself, Lachesis Mutus helps
enhance blood flow and hasty removal of toxins, thus speeding up the recovery process.- There can be a host
of other ingredients in varying proportions such as Belladonna, menthol, Ignatia, MSM, etc. which
contribute to lessening pain in the back.- In separate studies by the University of Connecticut and the
Journal of Rheumatology, a chemical called Cetyl Myristoleate was given to people suffering from pain in
the back. Surprisingly, it had a 100% effectiveness with zero side effects. It has a unique property of
providing lubrication to the joints, increasing cell elasticity and fluidity that repairs cell membranes.The
Final WordThe obvious question now would be, whether there is a cure for pain in the back that contains all
the above natural ingredients and yet free from side effects? The answer would be a surprising yes. The best
cure for back pain no longer remains a myth.

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