Phase 1 of the PAT or Research project by hcj


									       Phase 1
PAT / Research project
• Investigate problem
• Provide evidence in a report of a full
  investigation with clear Introduction and
• In summary pull everything together
• Follow systematic method of investigation

• Talk to learners about General PPT
Look at these URLs before starting
            this section
The question is
the answer      .html

Questions and
questioning   st.html

Searching for
the Grail       ng.html
           Task 1
     Task definition and
Information finding strategies
       The problem is
How can we effectively use the
   printer in the Computer
  Applications Technology
                   First …
• do background reading/thinking about a ‘printer’
  in a ‘CAT’ classroom
• investigate why use of the printer in the CAT
  classroom is a problem or could become a
• look to see how the printer was used and what
• investigate what is the current situation
• look at the meaning of the word ‘effectively’
This is a large part of the

Background information is
necessary before deciding
   and doing anything
 On the basis of the questions above, now
   develop your own questions on what
  needs to be done to solve the problem

1. Now write down a broad description of problem
   you need to solve
2. What needs to be done to solve the problem
3. Describe it in full clearly. About 15-30 lines.

1. Write down your main question, i.e. what are
   you going to look at to solve the problem
2. One or 2 lines
   You have the BIG question.
 What must you do to solve the BIG
  HEADINGS/IDEAS (my ideas after
  background thinking and investigation)
• Introduce quotas    • Print both sides
• No printing at all    of paper
• Printing in draft   • Print 2 pages per
                        sheet (get paper
                        from recycle bin)
Write down ± 20 questions
   Questions must begin with:
1. What? When? Where? Who? How
   many? Etc.
2. Why? How? Etc.
3. If, What if? Etc.
4. Would it be better if? What
   recommendation? How can I determine?
   What would be the best way? Etc.
• Group under HEADINGS
• Label the questions based on their type
• Indicate where or how you will find the answers
  for each question. Be sure to include Internet,
  Encarta, printed media such as magazines,
  brochures, newspapers, books, opinion
  polls/surveys, interviews, e-mails, SMSs,
  telephone calls, etc.
• For each question/answer indicate how it will
  help solve the BIG problem
• Put questions into a table in landscape
• This document will probably be 3-5 pages
• Make sure it is grammatically correct
                                                                                          Where or how the            How the
                     Type    Question begins with /                                      answer will be found   question/answer
No     Heading                                                     Question
                      No       Type of question                                                                 will help solve the
A    Print both       1     What? When? Where?            What problems do you
     sides of               Who? How many? Etc.           foresee if you print both
     paper                                                sides of the paper?
                      2     Why? How? Etc.                How do you print both
                                                          sides of the page?
                      3     If, What if? Etc.             What happens if you print
                                                          both sides of the page?
                                                          Any problems with the
                      3     If, What if? Etc.             If you print both sides how
                                                          would printing costs
                      4     Would it be better if? What   Would it be better if you
                            recommendation? How           left the paper for a day to
                            can I determine? What         cool before you print on the
                            would be the best way?        back?
B    Print 2 pages
     per sheet
• Look at the rubric
• Give decent questions – questions that
  need to be looked up/answers found
• Have 4/5 questions per HEADING
• Try and solve this awful problem please!
• Do not waste time looking for answers to
  questions that have nothing to do with
  solving the problem
                 Hand in
1. Detailed description of the task or the
   problem in your own words
2. Main question
3. Set of questions posed
       Teaching this section
• Learners must check each others work
• ‘Talk’ it to see if it makes sense
• Throw out poor questions - All questions
  must be
  – Answerable
  – Single questions

                  PAT - Research project - Phase 1

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