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									Bnai Zion                       1908        2008

VOICE       Spring 2008
            Volume 93 · No. 3

Celebrating                     Ahava Builds New
                                Emergency Shelter
One Hundred Years                            Page 15

of Accomplishments                     Texas Hosts
                                       Annual Gala
                                             Page 16

                                    Olmert Visits
                                       Bnai Zion
                                   Medical Center
                                             Page 21

                                  Inaugural Dinner
                                    Held in Florida
                                             Page 18
                             Spring 2008
                                                                             Bnai Zion Events
                                                                             Sunday, April 6                                         New York Region
                                                                             The Art of Wine Tasting; for information and reservations
                                                                             call 212 725 1211, ext. 222

                                                                             Monday, April 7                                            Texas Region
                                                                             Open Board Meeting; for information call 972 918 9200
Bnai Zion VOICE
                                                                             Thursday, April 10                                   Southeast Region
                                                                             100th Anniversary Mission recruitment gathering; 4:30pm
                             Contents                                        in Miami Beach; for information call 305 949 0076

                             3       Message from                            Tuesday, April 15                                   Southeast Region
                                     George W. Schaeffer, President          Luncheon of Beach Chapter; for information call 305 949 0076

  www.bnaizion.com           4       Endeavor Group Party Benefits            Sunday, May 4                                            Texas Region
   www.bnaizion.org                  BZ Medical Center                       Brunch featuring guest speaker Alon Carmel, founder of Jdate.com;
                                                                             10am; for information and reservations call 972 918 9200
                             5       Planned Giving
                                     By Jack Grunspan,                       Thursday, May 8                                Southeast Region
                                                                             Yom Ha’atzmaut community event at Aventura Turnberry Jewish
                                     Executive Vice President
                                                                             Center; 7pm; for information call 305 949 0076
                             7       Land for Peace: A Flawed Policy         Monday, May 12                                       Pittsburgh Region
          Bnai Zion Voice            By Irwin Blank                          Board Meeting; for information call 412 421 6789
      (ISSN 0884-5565)
          postage paid at    9       Challenges and Opportunities            Thursday, May 15                                   Pittsburgh Region
                New York,            By Mel Parness,                         Humanitarian Award Dinner at the Duquesne Club in honor
        NY and additional            Executive Vice President Emeritus       of University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg; for
           mailing office.                                                    reservations and information call 412 421 6789
           POSTMASTER:       10-11   Greater New York Region
            Send address                                                     Sunday, May 18
               change to:
                                     Dinner for Ma’aleh Adumim                                                                       Russian Division
                                                                             Russian Division Celebration in honor of BZ’s 100th & Israel’s 60th;
         Bnai Zion Voice     12-13   Western Region                          2pm in the BZ Ballroom; for information call 212 725 1211, ext. 260
   136 East 39th Street              Centennial Celebration:
   New York, NY 10016                Strength in Numbers                     Sunday, May 18                                              National
  Phone: 212 725 1211                                                        National Annual Award Dinner recognizing BZ’s 100th anniversary;
    Fax: 212 684 6327        14      Pittsburgh Region                       the Roosevelt Hotel; cocktails 5pm, dinner 6pm; for reservations
                                                                             and information call 212 725 1211, ext. 221
                             15      Ahava Village to Build
                                     Emergency Center                        May 13-29                                                   Texas Region
           Editor in Chief                                                   Israel Film Festival Celebrating Israel’s 60th Birthday at the Zale
               Lisa Paule                                                    Auditorium of the Aaron Family DCC; held in conjunction with JCC
                             16-17   Texas Region
                                                                             of Dallas & Israeli Consulate; for information call 972 918 9200
       Business Manager              Gala Held in Dallas
            Mel Parness                                                      Friday, June 6                                      Southeast Region
                             18-19   Southeast Region                        Luncheon of North Dade Professional Women with BZ presentation;
             Art Director            Inaugural Dinner Held in Aventura       12:30pm at Kefi Restaurant; for reservations and information call
               Yael Adar
                                                                             305 949 0076
                             21      BZ Medical Center & Visit of
    Contributing Writers
            Irwin Blank
                                     Prime Minister                          Thursday, June 12                                  Southeast Region
            Mark Cohen                                                       Luncheon of Beach Chapter; for information call 305 949 0076
        Jennifer Gibson      22      BZ Vegetarians Participate in
         Jack Grunspan               Tu B’shvat Seder                        June 23-July 3                                               National
              Lisa Paule                                                     100th Anniversary Mission to Israel; for reservations and information
            Mel Parness      23      Remembering Milton Jacoby               call 212 725 1211, ext. 234
                Ray Patt
    George W. Schaeffer
                             For Additional Info Contact:
      Circulation Manager
Contributing Photographer
       Rosemary Fletcher
                             National Office                212 725 1211   Lisa Paule                   lisapaule@bnaizion.org
                             New York Region               212 725 1211   Margie Price                 margie.price@bnaizion.org
  Published quarterly by     Pittsburgh Region             412 421 6789   Ellen Primis                 ellen.primis@bnaizion.org
   Bnai Zion Foundation
 Periodical Subscription     Southeast Region              305 949 0076   Eileen Glastein              eileen.glastein@bnaizion.org
                             Texas Region                  972 918 9200   Avrille Harris-Cohen         avrille.harris-cohen@bnaizion.org
     $2 per year - members
 $5 per year - non-members   Western Region                818 716 2722   Zev Litenatsky               zevliten@bnaizion.org
           USPS#546980       info@bnaizion.org
President George W. Schaeffer                                             Spring 2008                   3

 Soon we will gather with our                           Zion funds deliver Israeli citizens
                                                        from hardship to hope on a daily
 families at the Passover Seder,                        basis. The Quittman Center at
 enjoying our loved ones, recounting                    Israel Elwyn helps hundreds
 the miraculous story, and asking the                   of developmentally disabled
 question ‘How is this night different                  children and adults progress
                                                        to the height of their abilities,
 from ALL other nights?’ This
                                                        enabling them in many cases to
 question and this holiday always                       become self-sufficient, integrate
 make me think: How am                                  into mainstream society, and
 I different as a Jew?                                  maximize their self-esteem.
                                                        Students from every cultural

 When I travel during this time of year, the
                                                        and religious background study
                                                        together at David Yellin College
 dietary restrictions set me apart. I have a tough      of Education, learning how to          Message
 time joining my business associates after a            best teach and support children
 day’s work to unwind in a restaurant. Whether          with learning disabilities and the     Passover
 I am in Kentucky or Cannes, I am different and         mentally handicapped. The Bnai
 separate - I always eat matzah and try very            Zion Library of Peace at Ma’aleh       5768
 hard to adhere to kosher-for-Passover dietary          Adumim fulfills a much needed
 laws. I have one foot in the secular world,            educational role - it serves the
 doing business as usual, and one foot in my            needs of young and old alike in
 cultural and religious identity. Of course, this       this important multi-national
 isn’t a position unique to the time of Passover.       community and in the entire
 But during this time of the year, I always find         surrounding region. And the
 myself more conscious of the balancing act.            new neonatology clinic at the
                                                        Bnai Zion Medical Center saves
 Travel to Israel during the Passover festival          new lives of all ethnic, cultural
 however, and you will have a wholly different          and religious backgrounds in
 experience. Here, you are not set apart as an          Haifa and its surrounding areas.
 individual - you are ‘different’ together with         Aside from having the latest,
 everyone around you. Israel is the only place          most state-of-the-art equipment
 in the world where you are surrounded by your          and some of the finest-trained
 family, where you are not different as a Jew.          doctors in the world, it is the only
                                                        protected neo-natal facility in
 Bnai Zion helped to build this unique society,         Israel.
 and your support helps ensure its continued
 existence. This Passover will not only be different    As we celebrate the beautiful
 from other nights, it will mark Bnai Zion’s 100        holiday of Passover, our reflections
 year anniversary. I strongly encourage you to join     and religious observance make
 us on our mission this summer. See firsthand            us all different; as a supporter of
 the impact your support has on changing lives in       Bnai Zion, you can congratulate
 Israel for the better every day, celebrate 100 years   yourself on 100 years of making a
 of making a difference, and help us launch the         difference. Warmest regards for a
 next 100 years.                                        wonderful Passover.
 At Passover, we celebrate our delivery from
 slavery to freedom. And the projects Bnai
4                                        Spring 2008                    Bnai Zion National
 Dance                                        Having Fun at the Party
                                                                         On Saturday night, January
 Party                                                                   19, the Bnai Zion Endeavor
                                                                         Group held its first social
Benefits                                                                  event in New York, a Tu
Medical                                                                  B’shvat dance party to
 Center                                                                  celebrate the coming of
                                                                         spring in Israel.

                                                                         Funds raised from the party went
                                                                         to the Emergency Preparedness
                                                                         Campaign of the Bnai Zion
                                                                         Medical Center. This $3 million
    The Endeavor Group’s First Social Event

                                                                         campaign was championed at
                                                                         the inaugural Endeavor board
                                                                         meeting in November at which Dr.
                                                                         Amnon Rofe, Director-General of
                                                                         the Medical Center, presented the
                                                                         urgency of the preparedness project
                                                                         and the new Endeavor members
                                                                         were immediately inspired. Many
                                                                         people in this group were involved
                                                                         in other Israel causes that BZ
                                                                         Campaign Director Jeffrey Goldfarb
                                                                         was involved in before coming to
                                                                         BZ, so they understand giving and
                                                                         the fulfillment that comes from
                                                                         it; and their hearts, actions, and
                                                                         philanthropy are in the right place to
                                                                         make an appreciable difference.

                                                                         Over 100 guests attended this
                                                                         party and 74 of those attending
                                                                         had never before been affiliated
                                                                         with Bnai Zion. Everyone had a
                                                                         great time.

                                                                         The delicious Tu B’shvat samplings
                                                                         added a distinctive Israeli flavor
                                                                         and at evening’s end, everyone
                                                                         was enthusiastically anticipating
                                                                         the next Endeavor event.
Jack Grunspan Executive Vice-President                                         Spring 2008                                      5

This issue’s column is dedicated to the memory              him a regular monthly check at the
of my friend Milton Jacoby, who during the past             annual interest rate of 8.5%. This
                                                            type of interest not only allowed him
decade established a number of Planned Gifts                to handle the monthly rental of the
with Bnai Zion, totaling in excess of $1 million.           facility but helped pay for private care
His financial planning using these vehicles                  as well.
gave him a very comfortable lifestyle, a sense              So, to my friend Milton I say thank you
of financial security, and has helped ensure the             for your friendship, consideration and
continuing work of Bnai Zion.                               love of Israel. The world is a better
                                                            place for having had you in it.
Let’s take a look at some of the gifts Milton established
and why he did it.                                          For information for your unique
                                                            financial situation please call Jack
Charitable Remainder Trust Beats IRA                        Grunspan for a confidential proposal
Mandatory Distributions
Milton, like most people, hated to pay income tax and
                                                            at (800) 564-6399.                         Planned
was always looking for a way to reduce this burden.
One year, his minimum IRA withdrawal was $50,000,
leaving him with a tax bill on this amount
of $17,500.

The problem was solved by establishing a Charitable
                                                                The Bnai Zion Vegetarians

                                                                                                                      Hold the Date
Remainder Trust in the amount of $100,000. The
trust gave him a lifetime income at 6% tax-free (the
assets of the trust were tax-free bonds) and a Charitable       and the Endeavor Group
Deduction in the amount of $50,000, totally eliminating         invite you to their
the tax liability on the IRA withdrawal.

Charitable Trust for the Benefit of Milton’s Sister
Milton wanted to help his sister who, unfortunately, had
                                                                Sephardic Vegetarian
financial problems. However, she also had a sense of pride
and would not accept a “handout” from her brother.
                                                                Passover Seder
Milton established a Charitable Remainder Trust on              on
the life of his sister, with a guaranteed minimum
payout of 10 years, naming himself as the successor             Sunday, April 20, 2008
annuitant. The trust gave his sister a monthly
income of $1,000. His sister accepted this form
                                                                at 5:30 pm in the Bnai Zion Ballroom
of help knowing that at the end, the remainder
would be used to benefit Bnai Zion’s projects and in             the second seder night
establishing the trust, Milton received a tax benefit.

Unfortunately, Milton’s sister passed away approximately
one year after the trust was established. For the
remainder of the trust term the monthly payments went
to Milton.

The Stock Market Roller Coaster Blues
Like many of us, the stock market can give you more                                                       $95 per person
aggravation than it’s worth, and Milton was no exception.                                         Dietary laws observed
                                                                                  For reservations and information call
When Milton moved into an assisted living facility                                                   212 725 1211, ext. 221
he wanted to know that there would be a steady                                     or email jeff.goldfarb@bnaizion.org
income stream so he established a Gift Annuity giving
6               Spring 2008                                              National

 Date Celebrate Our 100th

                 at the


                 June Walker
                 Chairperson of the Conference
                 of Presidents of Major Jewish

                 Jack Grunspan
                 Executive Vice President of the         Sunday, April 6, 2008
                 Bnai Zion Foundation                    1:00 – 5:00pm
                                                         Bnai Zion Ballroom

                 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York
Cocktails 5pm    Dietary laws observed                   Gotham Wines
 Dinner 6pm      For reservations and information call
                 212 725 1211, ext. 221                  Atalanta
                 or email jeff.goldfarb@bnaizion.org
                                                         Information & Reservations
                                                         212 725 1211, ext. 222
Irwin Blank                                                                             Spring 2008                           7

  I   f history has taught us anything, it is that surrender
never brings security and treaties without trust yield both
                                                                   accompli to our rights to eastern Eretz
conflict and carnage. The most evident means for avoiding
belligerence - even in this modern era of ballistic missiles,      In the ensuing fourteen years from
long range aircraft, and smart bombs - is the maintenance          1922-1936, thousands of halutzim
of strategic territories and absolute control of borders and       (pioneers) created kibbutzim, moshavim,
traffic. Paramount to a nation’s survival, especially in the        towns and cities and brought industry
volatile history of Middle East conflict, these principles been     and enrichment to a land that had lain
most aptly demonstrated. The century-long struggle for Israel’s    fallow and desolate for centuries. The
survival against her Arab foes has irrevocably proven the need     Arab population, swelled by thousands
for absolute preparedness and resolute strength.                   of illegal Arab immigrants streaming in
                                                                   from the neighboring territories seeking
Our right to be a “free people in our land” must be secured        employment and healthcare created by
by defensible borders and the control of all our territory.        Zionist enterprise, launched terrorist
From the Balfour Declaration of November 1917 that                 attacks on Jews traveling on the roads,
brought international recognition of the right of the Jewish
people to historical ‘Palestine,’ the movement to surrender
                                                                   on their communities, boycotted Jewish
                                                                   commerce and murdered hundreds of
                                                                                                               Land for
our natural rights has never ceased. Throughout its modern
history, the State of Israel and the Jewish people have been
                                                                   men, women and children. In 1929, the
                                                                   ancient Jewish community of Hebron
the object of an unending struggle to either abandon our
Zionist traditions or abandon the land itself.
                                                                   was slaughtered, culminating in the
                                                                   butchering of 67 people when they fled
                                                                                                               A Flawed
When the British government created the Office of Enemy
                                                                   for their lives. By 1936, the assaults by
                                                                   Arab brigands became so prevalent that
Territory Administration (OETA) to govern the former               the British administration had to take
Ottoman Territories in the Middle East after World War I, the      an active role against these gangs of
Balfour Declaration on which the mandate for ‘Palestine’ was       marauders.
based and granted by the League of Nations said all that                                                       By
land was to be held in trust for Jewish settlement, including      In 1936 at St. James Palace in London,
all of present-day Israel, the Gaza Strip, Yehudah, Shomron        a conference was called to seek an
                                                                                                               Irwin Blank
(today called the West Bank), the Golan Heights, and               amelioration of the conflict between
what became the Arab state in ‘Palestine’, the Hashemite           the Jewish and Arab communities. The
Kingdom of Jordan. Instead of being approximately the              Arab delegates refused to sit in the same
size of New Jersey, Israel should be about the size of             room with the Jewish representatives,
Pennsylvania; the Jordan River is not the eastern border of        yet the British decided to further divide
Israel, but rather runs through its center.                        the Jewish patrimony and partition the
                                                                   Mandate to the point that Jerusalem,
In 1922, the Colonial Secretary of the British Empire, in          the Negev, the western Galilee and all
direct violation of the Balfour Declaration, the articles of the   of Yehudah and Shomron would forever
Mandate, the vote of the League of Nations and a resolution        be excluded from Jewish settlement:
of the U.S. Congress, illegally truncated the territory by 77%     land for peace. At exactly the time Jews
and gave all the land east of the Jordan River to Abdullah,        were fleeing for their lives from Germany
the Hashemite, who had been thrown out of Saudi Arabia.            - when in 1935 alone over 60,000
Since the British had set up his kinsman, Faisal, of the           central European Jews had successfully
newly created state of Iraq (the former Mesopotamian               arrived on the shore of the homeland
province of the Ottoman Empire), Abdullah demanded                 - the leadership of the Yishuv (Jewish      The opinions
recompense from the British for his tribe blowing up a             community in the Mandate) accepted this     expressed in
few Turkish trains and looting Ottoman settlements. The            proposal. The Arabs answered with what
interloper, Abdullah, had no ties or political rights to this      has become known as the Arab Revolt
                                                                                                               this article
territory that made up three quarters of the land promised         of 1936-39, the bloodiest period in the     are the author’s
for Jewish settlement.                                             history of the Mandate until the War of
                                                                   Liberation in 1948.
                                                                                                               and not
However, the Zionist movement didn’t have the political                                                        necessarily the
strength to override this thievery of Jewish hegemony by                                                       organization’s.
perfidious Albion and there had not been time enough to             To be continued.
establish Jewish settlement in significant numbers on that                                                      Comments can
land, so it was forced to acquiesce to this betrayal and           The author and his wife are preparing       be sent to the
surrender. But to add insult to injury, the occupying Mandate      to make aliyah in 2008 and plan to
authority forbade Jewish settlement in this area and made          live in Ma’aleh Adumim, the eastern
                                                                                                               Letters to the
land purchases by Jews impossible, thereby creating a fait         suburb of Jerusalem.                        Editor column.
8                                                                                                            Spring 2008                                                            Bnai Zion National
Jacklyn & Arnold N. Wagner
                             Pittsburgh, PA

                                              Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld
                                                                      Bernstein Global Wealth Management

                                                                                                              Celebrate with us on our
                                                                                                              to Israel
                                                                                                              June 23 to July 3, 2008
                                                                                                              Celebrate Israel’s
                                                                                                              60th Anniversary
                                                                                                                    Updates by government officials
                                                                                                                    Meetings with mayors of major Israeli cities
                                                                                                                •   Military briefings                                  Round-trip flights from NY and LAX
                                                                                                                •   Special dedications
                                                                                                                                                                   Eight nights in Israel at the Dan Carmel Hotel
                                                                                                              See Bnai Zion’s work at                              in Haifa, the Inbal Hotel in Jerusalem and the
                                                                                                                •   Kfar Bnai Zion                                        Tel Aviv Sheraton Moriah Hotel
                                                                                                                •   The Bnai Zion Medical Center
                                                                                                                •   Ahava Village for Children and Youth
                                                                                                                •   The Quittman Center at Israel Elwyn                 Lavish Israeli buffet breakfast daily,
                                                                                                                •   The David Yellin College of Education          Shabbat buffet lunch, seven dinners, and more!
                                                                                                                •   Ma’aleh Adumim

                                                                                                              $3,249 round-trip from
                                                                                                              New York based on double occupancy                            Action-packed touring with visits to
                                                                                                              and economy airfare
                                                                                                              $3,568 round-trip from Los Angeles                                                The Maritime Museum
                                                                                                              based on double occupancy and
                                                                                                              economy airfare                                                              Tefen, Israel’s Silicon Valley
                                                                                                                                                                               The magnificent Bahai Gardens in Haifa
                                                                                                              Excluding $210 in taxes subject to change.                                 The artists’ colony at Ein Hod
                                                                                                              Ask about our special discounts.                                                        The Druze Village
                                                                                                              For registration and more information                                 The Jewish Quarter in the Old City
                                                                                                              call Bnai Zion at 212 725 1211 or                                                  Yad Vashem’s new site
                                                                                                              800 564 6399, ext. 234                                            The Armored Corps Museum at Latrun
                                                                                                              Email: lisapaule@bnaizion.org
                                                                                                              www.bnaizion.org                                             Bet Hatfusot (The Museum of the Diaspora)
                                                                                                                                                                                   The Center for Spies and Intelligence
                                                                                                              We look forward to                                                                The Palmach Museum
                                                                                                              having you with us on                                                and many other exciting locations!
                                                                                                              this exciting trip!
Mel Parness Executive Vice President Emeritus                          Spring 2008                  9

The 34th Annual Leadership Mission of                I have trouble understanding
                                                     the people who keep saying
  the Conference of Presidents of Major              we should give more land
  American Jewish Organizations took place in        and stop developing cities
  February with over 100 people in attendance,       like Ma’aleh Adumim and
                                                     then we will be able to have
  which represented more than 50 member              peace. We must learn from
  organizations of the conference.                   our previous mistakes! No
                                                     matter how much we give, we
  These important meetings bring together            will not have peace until the
  the leaders of the government of Israel with       Palestinians take the following
  the participants in meaningful dialogue with       steps: 1- Stop terrorist attacks
  an opportunity to question and debate the          on Israel, including homicide
  positions and policies espoused by officials and
  by the opposition.
                                                     bombings, rocket attacks and
                                                     kidnapping; 2- Change the
  The guest speaker at the opening dinner was
                                                     education system in schools in      and
                                                     the Palestinian Authority to stop
  the Prime Minister, H.E. Ehud Olmert, and          teaching hatred of non-Muslims,     Opportunities
  during the next few days he was followed by        particularly Jews; 3- Stop
  Hon. Benyamin Netanyahu, leader of the Likud       calling for the total destruction
  party; Hon. Eli Yishai, Deputy Prime Minister      of Israel and the creation of
  and Minister of Industry; Hon. Isaac Herzog,       a Palestinian State from the
  Minister for Diaspora Affairs; Hon. Avi Dichter,   Jordan to the Mediterranean;
  Minister of Internal Security; Hon. Tzipi Livni,   4- Start using the billions of
  Minister of Foreign Affairs and many other         dollars they have received over
  notables, members of the Knesset, military         the years to improve the lives
  experts, media people and social service           of Palestinians living in Gaza,
  experts, as well as business leaders.              Judea and Samaria.
                                                     These measures would bring
  The program ran the gamut of topics in             a whole new outlook to the
  a short period of time over long days and          concept of a two-state solution
  nights. Delegates often return home saying         and could result in peace in
  the conference was “over-programmed,” but          the Middle East in our lifetime.
  I personally think that great credit should        Without these steps, I am
  be given to the staff of the conference and        afraid we are whistling in the
  the committee for putting together some            dark. After 60 years, Israel
  educational and meaningful, all-encompassing       still can’t relax and begin to
  few days.                                          help her neighbors to a better
                                                     and richer life. Look at the
  The group visited Sderot, a city under constant    great successes Israel has
  bombardment from Palestinian terrorists in         had in spite of the situation!
  Gaza, and we spoke to the people who continue      Israelis have a high standard
  to live under these terrible conditions. When      of living, have provided the
  Israel does take military action to defend         world with many inventions and
  its citizens, it is criticized by the U.N. and     discoveries to make life better,
  countries around the world. Where are these        and are continuing to grow their
  countries and these so-called human rights         economy at a record pace for a
  organizations when Jews are being attacked?        relatively new country.
  Why do we constantly have to give to the
  Palestinian Authority to show our interest         The Presidents Conference
  in peace in the Middle East and get nothing        mission opens one’s eyes to
  in return except more kassam and katyusha          what is really happening and
  rockets fired into Israel by these criminals who   what could happen – if only
  literally get away with murder?                    there would be peace.
10                Spring 2008                                                                                 New York Region
    inner                                                                                              The Mayor spoke passionately about
                                                                                                       Jerusalem and commented that the Oslo

  Held to                                                                                              Agreements have not been kept by the
                                                                                                       Palestinians. He said “they teach [children]
                                                                                                       how to hate” in their educational system and
   Benefit                                                                                             voiced concern about the current situation
                                                                                                       and emphasized the need for support.
  Ma’aleh                L-R: Morad Roshanzamir, Israeli Consul General Consul General Asif Shariv
                                                                                                       Gabriella Diamond, BZ National Treasurer,

 Adumim                  Asaf Shariv, Ma’aleh Adumim Mayor Benni
                         Kashriel, Mel Parness and Gabi Diamond.
                                                                        congratulating honoree
                                                                        William C.Thompson, Sr.
                                                                                                       presented a check for $75,000 from
                                                                                                       the organization to Mayor Kashriel. Bill
                                                                                                       Thompson, Jr., New York City Comptroller,
       Mayor                                                                                           complimented both honorees for their
                                                                                                       devotion to the community and examples
        Benni                                                                                          they have set.

     Kashriel is                                                                                       His father accepted the BZ Tikkun Olam
      Keynote                                                                                          Award for a Tradition of Excellence in
                                                                                                       Community Building and said Ma’aleh
      Speaker            Donald Vogelman with     L-R: Irwin Blank, Jack Grunspan, Judi
                                                                                                       Adumim is a “fantastic city and support for
                                                                                                       Israel is our key.”
                         Judge Jerry Hornblass.   Grunspan, and Mayor Kashriel.
                                                                                                       Leon Eastmond received the BZ Humanitarian
                   On                                                                                  Award for Diversity in the Workplace.
  November 15, 2007                                                                                    He spoke about his desire to help those less
   a dinner was held                                                                                   fortunate and how he has always aspired
       in New York to                                                                                  to make a positive difference within the
    benefit the city of                                                                                 community and in the lives of others via
  Ma’aleh Adumim.                                                                                      employment, educational opportunities and
    Two outstanding                                                                                    other support.
   New Yorkers were
             honored:    L-R: Gail Thompson (daughter), Hon.          L-R: Councilman Larry B.         The dinner was a fitting tribute to two
                         William C. Thompson, Sr. receiving the       Seabrook presenting the          exemplary individuals and to the strategically
   the Hon. William      Tikkun Olam Award from his son, New York     Humanitarian Award to
                         City Comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr.    Leon Eastmond.                   important city Ma’aleh Adumim.
 C. Thompson, Sr., a
    former Appellate
  Division judge, and
  Mr. Leon Eastmond,
  President & CEO of
    A. L. Eastmond &
             Sons, the
       foremost boiler
        and plumbing
 manufacturer on the                                                                             L-R: Hon. Wm. Thompson, Sr.,
                         Mayor Benni Kashriel      Thompson Family.                                                                 Consul General Shariv, Hon. Joseph
           East Coast.   with Irwin Blank.                                                       Mayor Kashriel, and Leon Eastmond. Matza, B. Kashriel and Rachel Matza

                         L-R: Ambassador Uri Bar Ner, Rabbi Joseph    Mayor Kashriel with        Mayor Kashriel (second from left)   Margie Price, Director of the
                         Potasnik, Bill Behrer, COO of the America-   Joel Yohay, Chairman       enjoying a moment with dinner       Greater New York Region, flanked
                         Israel Friendship League, and guest.         of the Ma’aleh Adumim      guests.                             by honorees Leon Eastmond and
                                                                      Foundation.                                                    William Thompson, Sr.
New York Region                                                                                           Spring 2008                                                           11

                                                                                                                                         Panel Discussion on Hatred & Racisim
                                                                                                                                         Greater New York Region Hosts
   The BZ Greater New York Region
   hosted a stimulating panel discussion
   on January 22 at the Bnai Zion
   headquarters attended by over a
   hundred people interested in probing
   the subject Expressions of Hate: New
                                                                  L-R: Mark Weitzman, Curtis Sliwa, Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, Det.
   Hatred or Resurgence of Old.                                   Sgt. Gary Shapiro and Nil Buchler.

   Origins of American and French anti-semitic
   attitudes were explored, and efforts to combat
   them in the U.S. were examined by a thoughtful
   and diverse panel of four guest speakers that
   included Nir Buchler, a student at Baruch
   College, Mark Weitzman, Director of the
   Task Force Against Hate and Terrorism at the
   Simon Wiesenthal Tolerance Center, Det. Sgt.
   Gary Shapiro, Head of the Bias-Crime unit of
   Nassau County, and Curtis Sliwa, founder of
   the Guardian Angels and Co-Host of WABC
   News/Radio. The moderator was Rabbi Joseph
   Potasnik, Executive Vice President of the NY                    Students from Lehman High School with Dr. Charlotte Frank and
                                                                   presenter Curtis Sliwa.
   Board of Rabbis.

   Nir described how progressive it was for Jews in
   France until 2000, when anti-semitism began
   to be increasingly widespread and pronounced.
   Mark Weitzman spoke about anti-semitism that
   is manifest through expressions of anti-Zionism
   by elements from the far left and far right.
   Det. Sgt. Shapiro mentioned that hate crimes
   have not diminished and examined some of the                   Curtis Sliwa answering audience
                                                                  questions one-on-one.
   challenges in their prosecution. Curtis Sliwa, the
                                                                  Rabbi Potasnik then opened the               Dr. Charlotte K. Frank,
   last panelist, spoke knowingly about the origins                                                            Chair Exec. Committee
   and misperceptions behind anti-semitism and                    floor to questions. It was the                America-Israel
   the history of the Guardian Angels protecting                  ideal setting for this engaging and          Friendship League
                                                                                                               asking question.
   Jews going to and coming from synagogue                        in-depth examination of such an
   services in New York.                                          important topic.

Parlor Meeting with Two Mayors Held Mayor Kashriel Speaks at High
                       in November            School in Brooklyn
                                                                                                                    At the request of Endeavor Board
                                                     Arlyne & Mel Parness hosted a                           member David Silberstein, Mayor Benni
                                                     parlor meeting at their home for                           Kashriel spoke to high school students
                                                     the visiting mayor of Ma’aleh                                and staff at Zvi Dov Roth Academy
                                                     Adumim, Benni Kashriel, on                                 in Brooklyn about his city. At the end
                                                     November 12, 2007.                                        of the discussion, Principal Rabbi Thor
                                                     The mayor of Englewood,                                   and Mayor Kashriel agreed to start an
                                                     New Jersey, Michael Wildes,                                email pen-pal program between high
                                                     attended the meeting.                                  school students of the two cities and ZDR
L-R: Mayor Michael Wildes, Mel Parness, Executive                                       Principal Rabbi
Vice President Emeritus of Bnai Zion Foundation, and Keys and awards to each city       Brian Thor with
                                                                                                                 students agreed to take on a Chesed
Benni Kashriel, Mayor of Ma’aleh Adumim.             were exchanged.                    Mayor Kashriel.             project with Bnai Zion for the city.
12   Centennial Celebration:   Spring 2008                                                            Western Region
       Strength in Numbers                                                         A Beautiful Dinner
                               O n March 6 the100 years
                               region celebrated
                                                                            Guests enjoying the festivities

                               of Bnai Zion’s impressive and
                               far-reaching accomplishments
                               with an elegant evening at the
                               Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly
                               Hills. Cecile Gromis, president
                               of the Western region, had the
                               vision to sway from tradition
                               for this annual dinner and not
                               exclusively honor particular
                               individuals for their service or
                               Instead, the Western region chose to
                               honor one hundred people, whose
                               contributions help make Bnai Zion a
                               force for good. BZ national president
                               George Schaeffer inspired everyone
                               with his powerful call to action.

                               Successful businessman, BZ board
                               member and dinner chairperson, Alon
                               Carmel, who benefited from BZ’s help
                               as a child at Ahava Village for Children
                               & Youth, generously sponsored an
                               unforgettable trip to Israel - but with
                               an important catch.

                               Realizing that becoming a life-long
                               supporter of Bnai Zion is linked to
                               seeing BZ’s work on-site, Alon will
                               personally tour Ahava with the lucky
                               raffle winners. This special experience
                               is the prize for two, and includes
                               round-trip air, a six-night stay at Alon’s
                               private villa in Israel, touring and
                               many amenities.

                               In true celebratory fashion, the night
                               was uplifting and inspirational, thanks
                               in part to the master of ceremonies,
                               nationally known comedian Mark
                               Schiff and friends at Nefesh Music.
                               The Western region is aiming for BZ’s
                               achivements to increase and that
                               dreams of a stronger, more vibrant
                               Israel will be fulfilled.
Western Region                                         Spring 2008         13

Guests enjoying the festivities, continued

                                             A past project of Bnai Zion
                                             When in Israel,
                                             don’t miss an inspiring
                                             experience in the
                                             picturesque artists’
                                             village EIN HOD.
                                             Take a guided tour
                                             and participate in
                                             additional selected
                                             activities and        2
                                             workshops suitable for
                                             families, groups and
                                             Tour and activities
                                             are in English and
                                             reservations are
                                                     Lea Ben-Arye
                                                    or by email at
14                      Spring 2008                                                                  Pittsburgh Region
     Pittsburgh Poses   The investment club meets bi-monthly.
                        Financial Planner Ellen Marcus was our guest
                        speaker at our January 10th meeting.
                                                                                     Save the Date

                        L-R: Ellen Marcus, Naomi Herman, Judy Kayam
                        and Neila Bendas.

                        Bnai Zion Pittsburgh Region Board Meeting
                        Held on January 15 with Pittsburgh shlichah
                        Leehee Kanne as guest speaker.
                                                                                     May 15, 2008

                                                                                     University of Pittsburgh
                        L-R: Carol Steinbach, Pittsburgh Region Board Member,
                        Todd Rascoe, President of BZ Pittsburgh and Leehee
                        Kanne, Youth Shlichah in Pittsburgh.

                                                                                     Chancellor Nordenberg has been chosen to
                        Israel at 60 Speaker Series Held on January 7.
                                                                                     receive the Bnai Zion Humanitarian Award
                                                                                     for his exemplary leadership in the Pittsburgh
                                                                                     area. He has devoted his time and talent to help
                                                                                     build a stronger and more unified community
                                                                                     by setting an example of continued excellence in
                                                                                     education and community.

                        Ellen Primis, Pittsburgh Regional Director, Guest Speaker
                        Prof. Gil Troy from McGill University and Sue Linzer, UJF.
                                                                                     6pm at The Duquesne Club
                        Harvey is the Chairman of our                                Pittsburgh, PA
                        Humanitarian Dinner.                                         $200 per person

                                                                                      For information and reservations
                                                                                      call 412 421 6789
                        Harvey Weissman.                                              or email ellen.primis@bnaizion.org
Ahava Village                                                   Spring 2008                                                   15

                                                                                         to Build New Emergency Center
                                                                                         Ahava Village for Children & Youth
                                              Ahava is equipped with a warm-
                                              hearted professional team that is
                                              extremely proficient in dealing with
                                              situations of this nature. This new
                                              center will greatly enhance and
                                              expedite the team’s work.

                                              Although the design and
 Ahava Village for Children &                 construction of this facility is
 Youth has just received government           under way, funds are needed to
 funds to build its new Emergency             furnish and supply this center to
 Center & Shelter for Children this           maximize the help and treatment it
 year, which will be the only one of          can provide. Bnai Zion is seeking
                                              contributions to equip an activity
 its kind in all of northern Israel. This     room, a bedroom, bathrooms,
 noteworthy project was envisioned            a library, a treatment archive, a
 for a long time, but until funds were        meeting room, a treatment room
 made available for it, planning and          and all the elements that go into
 construction could not begin.                each of these rooms, including
                                              computers, games for the children,
 The new center will provide essential        beds, televisions and carpets. Your
 emergency care for children coming from      contribution can help alleviate a
 acute ‘at risk’ situations from which they   most painful moment in a child’s
 need to be immediately removed, and          life and will go a long way toward
 will enable Ahava to expand its care         providing calm and serenity for
 and support in response to such urgent       a young person coming from a
 scenarios.                                   troubling environment.

 The Feinstein Foundation                     What You’ll Find
 (www.feinsteinfoundation.org ) is
 running a special campaign during            on Our Website
 March and April 2008 whereby entities
 who are recipients of contributions
                                                Please access our website to get the latest updates and
 during this period can get additional               information about our projects and activities and
 funds from the Feinstein organization,        · Read about our coming events
 which has $1 million to distribute to
 various agencies. Ahava Village for           · Reserve and pay for BZ events online
 Children & Youth has been contacted           · Make donations online
 by the foundation to be a recipient of
                                               · Sign up for our daily Israel updates
 their funds, so please support Ahava
 generously – especially during this time.     · Access previous editions of the Voice online
16        Texas Gala held   Spring 2008                                                                                        Texas Region
     December 1 in Dallas                                                                               The Bnai Zion Texas Region held its
                                                                                                        seventh annual Gala on Saturday
                                                                                                        night, December 1 at The Westin Park
                                                                                                        Central Hotel.
                                                                                                        Dave Tanner and his Show Band entertained
                                                                                                        with their usual aplomb, and Dave also ran the
                                                                                                        Live Auction.
                        Anita & Dr. Jeff Bayer, Executive Board Honorees Diane Benjamin and
                        member & Gala Co-Chair, enjoying a      Dr. Stephen L. Swisher.                 Dr. Amnon Rofe, Director-General of the Bnai
                        moment on the dance floor.                                                       Zion Medical Center was the special guest
                                                                                                        speaker. Avrille Harris-Cohen, the Texas Regional
                                                                                                        Director, made sure that Dr. Rofe had the
                                                                                                        opportunity to meet as many people as possible.

                                                                                                        The two honorees, Diane Benjamin and Dr.
                                                                                                        Stephen L. Swisher, brought in close to 230
                                                                                                        guests. Diane Benjamin was presented with
                        Dancing ladies, L-R: Suellen Rothschild, Hedy Meltzer and Carole Wolanow.
                                                                                                        the Bnai Zion Foundation Community Service
                                                                                                        Award for her support of and commitment to
                                                                                                        many Jewish organizations, both in Texas and in
                                                                                                        Israel. Diane, a top-producing realtor, is also past
                                                                                                        Chairperson of the State of Israel Bonds, Vice
                                                                                                        President of Hadassah, recipient of the Hadassah
                                                                                                        National Leadership Award, and Israel Bonds’
                                                                                                        Woman of Valor Award.
                        Genny & Yuri Lemeshev greeting the honoree.
                                                                                                        Dr. Stephen L. Swisher was personally recruited
                                                                                                        by Dr. John Hagee to be the Dallas Chairperson
                                                                                                        of Christians United For Israel. The first annual
                                                                                                        Night To Honor Israel was held in Dallas in
                                                                                                        November 2006, attended by 1,500 Jews and
                                                                                                        Christians, and raised over $30,000 for the State
                                                                                                        of Israel. Bnai Zion was privileged to present
                                                                                                        him with the America-Israel Friendship Award in
                                                                                                        recognition of his work for Israel.

                                                                                                        Many thanks go to Larry Strauss, President of the
                        Cantor Leo Keiles reciting Hamotzi.    Honoree Diane Benjamin with her award.
                                                                                                        Texas region, Shirley Strauss, the Gala Chair, and
                                                                                                        Anita Bayer, Gala Co-chair. Thanks also go to all
                                                                                                        those who volunteered their valuable time making
                                                                                                        this Gala such a success. Special thanks to Daisy
                                                                                                        Ortega, Executive Assistant to Avrille, Jen Gibson,
                                                                                                        Casey Bennett, Rosa Morales, Carole Wolanow,
                                                                                                        Harvey Wine, Andy Farkas, Jeff Bayer for the loan
                                                                                                        of his computer, Alan Marx, Larry Tave, Tamar
                                                                                                        Neubauer, Dan Spigel, and Zahavah.
                        The Jewish War Veterans at the Gala.
Texas Region                                                                                          Spring 2008                                       17

                                                                                                                                                   Save The Date
 More Photos from the December Gala
                                                                                     The Texas Region Invites You to
                                                                                     Celebrate Our 100th Anniversary
                                                                                     at a


                                                                                     Patti and Howard Fields
Diane Benjamin, Dr. Amnon Rofe and Dr. Stephen L. Swisher.
                                                                                     Eli Davidsohn
                                                                                     and Recognizing
                                                                                     Judah Epstein
                                                                                     Special Guest Speaker
                                                                                     Alon Carmel, Founder of JDate.com

                                                                                     Sunday, May 4, 2008
                                                                                     at 10am                                                $50 per person

                                                                                     at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Addison                   $40 per person
                                                                                                                                                  30 years
                                                                                     Information & Reservations
Ferne & Andy Farkas, Past President, BZ Texas Region. Rabbi Shawn Zell from          972 918 9200 avrille.harris-cohen@bnaizion.org             and under
                                                      Tiferet Israel Congregation.

                                                                                                     Israel Film Festival
                                                                                                     Celebrating Israel’s 60th
                                                                                                  May 13, 15, 18, 20, 22 and 29, 2008
Mr. James Hampton.                     Larry Strauss, BZ Texas Regional President,                                                          at the
                                       with his wife, Shirley.
                                                                                                   Zale Auditorium · Aaron Family JCC
                                                                                                                                Co-sponsored by the
                                                                                                                Jewish Community Center of Dallas
                                                                                                    The Consulate General of Israel to the Southwest
                                                                                                                         The Bnai Zion Foundation

                                                                                                                                   All films are
                                                                                                                                   open to the
                                                                                                                                 community and
Carole Wolanow, BZ Texas Board       Avrille Harris-Cohen, BZ Texas                                                                  are free.
Member, Gala Committee Live Auction. Regional Director, accepting flowers.                   For more information
                                                                                            call 214 239 7115
                                       Photos by Jan Naxon
18   Inaugural Dinner   Spring 2008                                                   Southeast Region
     Held in Aventura                                                           he Southeast Region kicked
                                                                          off its inaugural Man of the Year
                                                                      dinner celebrating Bnai Zion’s 100th
                                                                                anniversary on February 18.

                        L-R: Dr. Michael Kafka, Barry Mankes,
                                                                Guests Having a Wonderful Time at the Dinner
                        David Baker and Jack Grunspan

                    Barry Mankes, president
                    of the Shomrim Society of
                    South Florida and a sergeant
                    in the Miami-Dade police
                    department in charge of their
                    robbery division was selected
                    as the “man of the hour.”
                    Barry represents many of the ideals
                    of Bnai Zion and has dedicated a
                    lifetime to helping the community.

                    Held at the prestigious Aventura-
                    Turnberry Jewish Center, the
                    evening included a silent auction,
                    live entertainment and dancing
                    and accolades to our honoree by
                    Rabbi Jonathan Berkun, the newly
                    appointed rabbi of the Aventura-
                    Turnberry Jewish Center and by
                    Rabbi Weberman, chaplain of the
                    Shomrim Society.

                    Special guest speakers from Israel
                    included Dr. Michael Kafka, the head
                    of the Emergency Department of the
                    Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa
                    and David Baker, Senior Foreign Press
                    Coordinator of the office of the Prime
                    Minister of Israel.

                    The Master of Ceremonies for the
                    evening was Bnai Zion’s Executive
                    Vice-President, Jack Grunspan.
                    Regrettably, the director of the region,
                    Eileen Glastein, was not able to attend
                    because of the passing of her father
                    the day before the event. However,
                    she was responsible for setting up the
                    entire event, with the help of many
                    volunteers, and we are most grateful.
Southeast Region                                                                                    Spring 2008                                                         19

                                                                                                                                            A Wonderfully Busy Season
                                                                                              e have a core group from
Guests at the Dinner, continued                                                           the “Beach” area. These
                                                                                          dedicated women have been
                                                                                          meeting for years with the
                                                                                          purpose of sharing their love for
                                                                                          Israel and doing something good
                                                                                          in this world. Although this is a
                                                                                          currently a group of women, men
                                                                                          are certainly welcome. Meetings
                                                                                          are held every other month and
                                                                                          interested people can call
                                                                                          305 949 0076 for more

                                                                                         Barry Snyder from Terri & Harry Holzberg
                                                                                         Snyder & Gonzalez; – Commissioners, City of
                                                                                         Committee member. Aventura (Harry previous,
                                                                                                            Terri present).

                                                                                                                                           During the season
                                                                                                                                           in South Florida
                                                                                                                                           the social calendar
                                                                                         Honoree Barry Mankes, President of the
                                                                                         South Florida Shomrim Society and Sonny
                                                                                                                                           is jumping.
                                                                                         Levitt, Riverside Gordon Funeral Chapel.          Bnai Zion has
                                                                                                                                           been present as
                                                                                                                                           a community
                                                                                                                                           participant at
                                                                                                                                           various functions
                                                                                                                                           and our name
                                                                                                                                           and list of
                                                                                         Ann Rosenheck, Community Activist,
                                                                                         Dr. Rachel Lapidot, Sr. VP at Republic Federal,   is gaining
                                                                                         our host for the evening, and
                                               David Baker was the guest speaker         Sonny Levitt, Riverside Gordon.                   recognition.
                                               and gave a very interesting analysis of
                                               Israel’s current situation, and                                                             Also in Aventura
                                               Dr. Michael Kafka spoke about the                                                           on Presidents’
L-R: Dr. Kafka, D. Baker, Rabbi Edward Farber, urgent need of the hospital to be                                                           weekend, friends of
Marvin Krutchik, J. Grunspan                   able to convert an underground                                                              Bnai Zion-the New
                                               parking lot into a fully-equipped                                                           Cracow Friendship
    he Men’s Club and Sisterhood of Beth emergency room in case of an                                                                      Society held an
  Torah at the Benny Rok Campus in             attack. Participants were fortunate        L-R: Larry Zellner, Bernice Slutzman,            annual winter
  Aventura hosted a breakfast on Sunday to have such knowledgeable visitors               Roman Weingarten
  morning, February 17 to introduce Bnai from Israel and it was an enthusiastic                                                            dinner at the
  Zion and its projects to the community. kick-off for Bnai Zion at Beth Torah.                                                            Aventura-Turnberry
                                                                                                                                           Jewish Center.
20   Spring 2008
                                         Hold The Date
       Look for our float
                                       Russian Division President Prof. Oleg Liner,
                                       Vice President Liza Levin, and
                                       Vice President Dr. Michael Patin

                                       Invite You to the
                        at the
      Salute to Israel Parade
     on Sunday, June 1, 2008
                       in New York.
      Come out for a great time and
             celebrate Israel’s 60th
                and our centennial.

                                       Sunday, May 18, 2008
                                       at the
                                       Bnai Zion Headquarters
                                       136 East 39th Street, New York

                                       Meet friends of Bnai Zion
                                       Enjoy live music, a dance troupe
                                       and food and wine
                                       Guest speaker from Israel
                                       Special raffle to benefit the
                                       Emergency Preparedness Campaign
                                       of the Bnai Zion Medical Center

                                       $50 per person
                                       RSVP to Ida Libkhen 212 725 1211, ext. 246
                                                                                                Spring 2008                                                          21

                                                                                                                        for Sexual Assault and Incest Victims
                                                                                                                        Olmert Visits the Multidisciplinary Center
                                                                                During the visit the guests met
                                                                                with four victims in a closed forum
                                                                                without the press, and a special
                                                                                and exciting dynamic developed
                                                                                there. Part of the meeting’s
                                                                                purpose was to create interpersonal
                                                                                relationships between the victims.
                                                                                One of the participants was a
                                                                                mother, who was an incest victim
                                                                                as a girl, and she said: “I learned
                                                                                how to build my family from
                                                                                beginning.” Another woman who
L-R: Marit Danon, consultant to the Prime Minister for women’s affairs, Prime
Minister Ehud Olmert, Dr. Amnon Rofe, Ronit Sadger and Mr. Yaacov Ben-Izri,     suffered from sexual abuse by a
Minister of Health.
                                                                                family member was able, thanks
                                                                                to intensive therapy, to eventually
                                                                                confront her brother about what
      t the end of December                                                     happened to her.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert                                                      At the end of the visit the Prime
                                                                                Minister told the women who
visited the Medical Center’s                                                    bared their souls that he was very
Multidisciplinary Center for                                                    heartwarmed from their stories,
                                                                                because of their ability to build
Sexual Assault and Incest                                                       a new horizon of hope in the
Victims, along with Minister of                                                 aftermath of tragedy. He wished
                                                                                that they will be able to build their
Health Yaacob Ben-Izri and the                                                  lives in the way they want.
mayor of Haifa, Yona Yahav.
                                                                                The Multidisciplinary Center was
During the visit Dr. Amnon Rofe, Director-                                      established in 2002 in cooperation
General of the hospital, gave an overview of                                    with the Ministry of Welfare, the
the Center’s activities and emphasized that                                     Municipality of Haifa and the Bnai
the center is the only one of its kind in Israel,                               Zion Medical Center. The Center
and he expressed his wish that similar centers                                  provides a unique public service
could be established around the country.                                        for sexual assault victims and
                                                                                operates with specialists from
Ronit Sadger, a clinical psychologist and the                                   Haifa and northern Israel. Recently
director of the Center, was very pleased with                                   it was decided to establish this
the visit and the opportunity for the guests                                    new and unique program in Israel,
to meet with victims and said that their visit                                  providing an alternative - and most
validated their work. The Prime Minister was                                    needed, unfortunately - kind of
impressed with the scope of the Center and                                      hospitalization for sexual abuse
the treatment it provides women and said he                                     victims who express post trauma
hopes that more centers of this sort would                                      and until now were only admitted
open soon.                                                                      to psychiatric hospitals.
22                                Spring 2008
           in Tu B’shvat Seder
     BZ Vegetarians Participate

                                    he Bnai Zion Vegetarians
                                  held a meaningful Tu B’shvat
                                  seder on January 21
                                  in the Bnai Zion Ballroom.
                                  Very well attended, this
                                  event was an opportunity for
                                  newcomers to learn more about
                                  this group and Bnai Zion.

                                  Rabbi Noach Valley led the
                                  uplifting, Kabbalistic Tu
                                  B’shvat seder that included
                                  tastes of all the seven
                                  traditional varieties of fruits
                                  and nuts of Israel: dates,
                                  figs, pomegranates, olives,        they mean Jews;
                                  wheat, barley and grapes.         you are talking about
                                  The concept featured Jewish       anti-semitism.”
                                  dietary liberation through
                                  vegetarianism, and also       The seder was
                                  included a selection of       appreciated by all
                                  outstanding Israeli wines.    the participants
                                                                and everyone had a
                                  Also featured on the program wonderful, spiritual         L-R: Alan Schwartz, Michael Kafka and
                                                                                            Rubin and Marian Ferziger.
                                  was a tribute to Dr. Martin   time.
                                  Luther King, Jr. as the seder                                    Board Members of the
                                  fell on his birthday. An      The group’s next                Greater New York Region
                                  ardent Zionist, during an     holiday event will           meeting on February 27 with
                                  appearance at Harvard         be a Middle-Eastern           Dr. Michael Kafka, Director
                                  University shortly before     Sephardic, vegetarian         of the Emergency Medicine
                                  his death in 1968 Dr. King    Passover seder on            Department of the Bnai Zion
                                  stated to a student: “When Sunday night, April 20                      Medical Center.
                                  people criticize Zionists     at Bnai Zion.
            Spring 2008                            23

    Milton Jacoby
Milton Jacoby, a benefactor of Bnai Zion,
was an ardent supporter of Israel. He was an
accomplished journalist, author, international
travel consultant and foreign correspondent,
whose specialty was the exploration of Jewish
heritage worldwide. His articles appeared in
Anglo-Jewish publications in the U.S.
and abroad.

A dedicated travel enthusiast, Mr. Jacoby
organized and led Jewish press missions to
India, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Germany,
France, Portugal, Turkey, Sweden, Finland,
Russia, [then] Yugoslavia, Romania and
Israel. With the aid of the State Department
he also organized judicial missions attended
by Justices of the Supreme Court of New
York and its Appellate Division to England,
Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, [then]
Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, China, Israel
and other countries.

A native New Yorker, Mr. Jacoby was associated
with the Bradford Group as its Director for
International Tourism. He served for over
twenty years as National Public Relations
Director and later as Director of Public Affairs
and Tourism for the Jewish National Fund of
America. He also wrote for and was the editor
of JNF’s Land & Life, a monthly magazine, and
the JNF almanac, with a combined readership
of over 600,000. He visited Israel more than
sixty times during his career.

Mr. Jacoby was a true opera connoisseur, and
made opera a priority in his life.

One of the primary funders for the auditorium
at the Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa, Mr.
Jacoby will be dearly missed by all those who
were close to him. Bnai Zion is grateful to him
for his generosity.
      Zion    VOICE
       136 East 39th Street
       New York, NY 10016
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