NAVIGATOR TXT by jianghongl


for car and commercial vehicles
      The NAVIGATOR TXT is a new diagnostic interface for multibrand and multi-environments and is
      designed to connect wirelessly with all the TEXA display units: AXONE 3 Mobile, AXONE Palm,
      AXONE Pad and MULTI PEGASO, as well as stand alone PC’s

      Thanks to the wireless Bluetooth technology it is possible to work in freely around to the vehicle.

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The automotive field is in continuous evolution and       ries of fitted systems.                                  programs already used; and if a diagnostic program is
the complexity of the vehicles and the systems fitted     With many years of experience in this constantly         required again, it recovers from the internal memory
to them continues to increase. This also increases the    changing and complex field, TEXA has specialised         the information already stored, allowing a reduction
complexity of maintenance and repair processes of         in providing solutions for multibrand independant        of 70% in time required for the communication with
the same vehicles.                                        workshops. By providing the most modern and inno-        the ECU.
From the early 1990’s the necessity of a diagnostic       vative solutions in the market and by using the latest   Moreover, thanks to developments of the internal
tool to access the electronic systems has become          technology, TEXA has always tried to save techni-        switching capabilities, the NAVIGATOR TXT can
more and more important, and many workshops               cians time by simplifying the repair process.            communicate with the latest models of vehicles
already understand the need to equip themselves                                                                    without any EOBD adapters. It is enought to con-
with the correct tools to complete these jobs.            The NAVIGATOR TXT is the latest diagnostic multi-        nect the cable to the EOBD socket to be able to use
                                                          make interface designed in house by TEXA.                all the diagnostic functions provided be the TEXA
Today the diagnostic tool is an indispensable piece of    This new interface provides increased performance        software.
equipment for every workshop. Whatever the fault,         and high speed communication with the electronic
it is likely that during each repair process the ECU’s    control systems of Cars and Commercial vehicles.
will need to be accessed to clear fault codes or confi-   The development of this interface has been focused
gure the new replacement components.                      on reducing the communication times, and ensuring
Now even scheduled service and maintenance in             the tool is practical to use.
many cases requires the use of diagnostic equipment,      Thanks to a 64 Mb internal memory, the NAVIGATOR
to reset the service lights and check the error memo-     TXT is designed to memorize all the communication
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NAVIGATOR TXT is part of the new range of dia-            mation, that allows every technician to use the new      - self-diagnosis to read and erase the error memory,
gnostic interfaces from TEXA.                             tools and to keep pace with the changing require-        display system parameters and status’s of the ECU;
With the NAVIGATOR TXB (specific for Motor-               ments of the market.                                     - Activation, adjustments and configurations which
cycles) and the NAVIGATOR TXS (specific for                                                                        are invaluable to carry and complete the repair;
service and maintenance, and A/C service), the            Operating on a Windows platform, TEXA has desi-          - Resetting of service and maintenance systems;
NAVIGATOR TXT revolutionizes the world of mul-            gned the IDC3 software, the system which combines        - Configuration of ECU’s, reprogramming of keys
ti-brand diagnostics.                                     the diagnostic instruments and the technical informa-    and remote controls.
                                                          tion in a single programme, ensuring quick and sim-
The letter “T” stands for “Total” and this interface is   ple access to the information.
in fact the most complete tool of the range. It allows    Navigation always starts with the selection of the
access to vehicles from whichever manufacturer, and       vehicle make, model and the system to be diagno-
it can communicate with a range of display units wire-    sed, and the software then automatically displays the
lessly thanks to the integrated Bluetooth module.         information for communication, and any technical
It communicates with the AXONE 3 Mobile, with             bulletins and wiring diagrams relative to the selected
AXONE Palm and AXONE Pad, MULTI PEGASO, as                vehicle and system.
well as stand alone PC’s.
The aim for TEXA is to always provide versatility         In particular the NAVIGATOR TXT allows the fol-
and standardization in the management of the infor-       lowing functions:
                 TEXA INTERFACES

                                   AXONE Pad
                                   AXONE Palm


                                   AXONE 3

                                   MULTI PEGASO

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Thanks to the IDC3 software and the NAVIGATOR            The data and the information available varies accor-     As we continue to explain the characteristics of IDC3
TXT, the technician has to handle during the repair,     ding to the version of IDC3 software installed, these    Light and Plus; the specific information on IDC3
not only the technical data and the wiring diagram       are IDC3 Plus, IDC3 Light or IDC3 Pocket.                Pocket software is available in the brochure for the
of the system (typical of whichever data base is avai-                                                            AXONE Palm and AXONE Pad.
lable on the market) but also a series of additional     For the workshops that already use a PC in their         All the information is also available on the website
information:                                             daily operations, the Navigator TXT is compatible
- Technical bulletins that describe procedures and in-   with the most common operating systems (Windows
formation to carry out checks and repairs;                                     ,
                                                         2000, Windows XP Windows Vista).
- Detailed wiring diagrams of the system and all com-    The IDC3 Software, is available in Light and Plus, and
ponents connected to the ECU;                            is simple to install and even simpler to use.
- Component location;
- Technical cards with reference data and testing pro-   For those people who want to purchase an interfa-
cedures for system components (sensors-actuators);       ce designed and manufactured by TEXA, the IDC3
- The innovative new “SEARCH” function powered           software is used in these combinations:
by Google, which provides access to a central data-      - IDC3 Plus for AXONE 3 Mobile and MULTI
bank of repair solution and information.                 PEGASO
                                                         - IDC3 Pocket for AXONE Palm and AXONE Pad
                        INFORMATION   MECHANICAL
                                                                 ELECTRONIC    SCHEDULED       A/C                      AUXILIARY   SPARE PARTS
 GENERAL    TECHNICAL                     AND       CUSTOMERS
                            ENGINE                              INFORMATION   MAINTENANCE   TECHNICAL   TIMING BELT    ELECTRICAL      ORDER
                        MANAGEMENT                                OTHER ECU      SHEETS       DATA                    INFORMATION   MANAGEMENT
                           AND ABS

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                                                      General mechanical data selec-      Information selection buttons:       Management program selection
                                                      tion buttons for maintenance and    technical bulletins and system da-   buttons: customers database and
                      Navigations buttons             auxiliary functions                 tasheets                             spare parts orders

                                                                                                                               Line displaying and storing the last

 Selection zone for defining system
 type and model to be tested. Auto-
 matic operation

                                                                                                                               Direct selection buttons for additio-
                                                                                                                               nal tools. Manual operation

                    Field for entering number plate   Help line. Describes the function   Icons for directly starting pro-     Utility program and system
                    in customer and database search   being selected                      grams available on the selected      icons
                    mode                                                                  level
Selection vehicle, outlines and information

  The described sequence of operations starts with the selection of   It’s possible therefore to proceed choosing a specific electronic            For example, you can check the engineering parameter list by se-
  the vehicle, and relative system.                                   system, for which the outline electrical diagram and the program             lecting the auto-diagnosis program and connecting to the control
                                                                      are made available self-diagnosis.                                           unit. The data can also be displayed graphically.

   In the event the ECU has detected some errors, these will be       By selecting the electrical diagram, the relative circuit is displayed ac-   From the wiring diagram a list of options is available from which it is
   displayed in a clear and comprehensive way.                        cording to the single TEXA standard.                                         possible to recall an image, to start the oscilloscope or to view the
                                                                                                                                                   one technical card.

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Technical bulletins and system datasheets

  Select a vehicle or system, using the specific icon to access a list   The bulletins describes the repair procedures for specific faults.   The system datasheet can also be recalled from the list. This de-
  of technical bulletins or system description datasheets.               This example shows a technical bulletin issued to deal with a        scribes the operating features of the selected electronic system
                                                                         reported problem of poor acceleration.                               (injection, ABS, airbag, etc.).

  The “Driver’s door node” control unit was selected in this exam-       …location and control unit removal and refitting procedure           Dynamic graphs with operating data of a perfectly functional sy-
  ple. The datasheet provides information on operation, specific         (filmed).                                                            stem are also provided for various electronic systems.
  technical features…
Mechanical and maintenance data

  Functions that can be recalled according to the selected vehicle    For example, a detail of the timing belt technical datasheet can   …or the wheel alignment data technical datasheet can be ope-
  and using the icons available on the upper bar are: general data,   be selected and displayed from the “general data” list...          ned.
  electrical and maintenance data.

  You can also read the general vehicle data. This information can    Select the MAINTENANCE icon from among those shown pre-            Use the ELECTRICAL DATA icon to recall the secondary system
  be made available for both the car and truck environments.          viously to recall the list of service coupon operations.           wiring diagrams. The electric distribution circuit (fuse box) of the
                                                                                                                                         selected vehicle is shown in this example.

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New customer management and test saving function

  To add a new customer, select the vehicle and enter the number   …to open a new job form. The program will open a page where      At this point, you can enter the problems reported by the custo-
  plate in the lower field…                                        you can enter data regarding the customer, company, etc...       mer and start the repair procedure. Press SAVE to go back to
                                                                                                                                    the working environment.

  This example shows a problem of excessive fuel consumption.      After measuring and adjusting as needed, you can save the test   You can save the performed repair information. This information
  You can call up the emission analysis program by selecting the   results by selecting the STORE icon.                             can be recalled again in the future.
  specific GAS icon.
Purchasing spare parts

  Select the SPARE PART PORTAL icon to access a useful working      …creating orders using the general data of the vehicle on which   …and enter the details on each spare part you need for the re-
  tool for…                                                         you are working…                                                  pairs.

  You can attach a snapshot of the spare part to the order (using   Orders can be previewed, printed and…                             …sent directly by e-mail or fax.
  the AXONE 3 Mobile camera) for easier identification.

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TEXA has provided a simple and reliable method to             Another innovative solution in the IDC3 software and
update the software and to send technical bulletins           thanks to a connection to Internet, is the “SEARCH”
to customers; by connecting to the Internet this al-          function powered by Google.
lows the exchange of the data between the diagnostic          This allows the technician, with a particular vehicle
tool and the TEXA server. The workshop can always             problem, to carry out a search directly on TEXA’s
work with the latest information, thanks to continuo-         central server, in which there are thousands of speci-
us updates in real time, which follow the constant            fic solutions documented by TEXA’s network of call
evolution of the electronic systems on vehicles.              centers throughout the world.

Additionally every technician will be able to receive         Thanks to the technology of the search engine
relative technical bulletins to assist with a repair.         Google, in a few seconds the technician will receive
To simplify this rather than searching from a general         on their own instrument, a list of completed and cer-
database, all the technical bulletins, once downloa-          tified approved by TEXA’s technicians.
ded into the tool, are automatically displayed when
the relevant vehicle is selected. In this way every time
the technician selects a specific vehicle, he will find all
the necessary information.
It will of course still be possible to update the software
using a DVD.

With the NAVIGATOR TXT it is possible to carry
out complete diagnosis of the vehicle, without the
restrictions of cables connected to the diagnosis soc-
ket. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection it is possi-
ble to work around the vehicle unhindered, as for
instance to check the activation of the lights or the
indicators, and to communicate with the doors or
the rear body module ECU’s.
It is sufficient to connect the NAVIGATOR TXT to
the EOBD connector and to begin the diagnosis, ob-
serving the operation each of single system without
limits dictated by the length of the cable. All TEXA
instruments use certified Bluetooth technology,
which guarantees the communication and the tran-
sfer of the data up to 30 meters.

The Bluetooth connectivity is integrated in all of
TEXA’s diagnostic tools, and for the PC’s that are
already in the workshop, TEXA can supply an optio-
                                                          Cable USB
nal USB antenna, which is simple to install.

However, in order to ensure the widest compatibi-
lity with all the display interfaces, a USB connection
cable is also available. In this configuration, however
easy diagnosis is still guaranteed thanks to the 3 me-
ter cable.

                                                                      16 - 17 >>

  CPC-2 28-pole auto-diagnosis connector                   Operation status LED’s: green indicates that the tool is powe-    Covers to prevent dirt and water ingress
                                                           red, red indicates that it communicates via USB, blue indicates
                                                           that it communicates via Bluetooth.

  USB port to insert the hardware key (USB communication   Mounting strap, designed to secure the NAVIGATOR TXT in           View of NAVIGATOR TXT coupled to the vehicle
  only)                                                    the vehicle

                                                          European Cable Case   Asian Cable Case

  Plate kit to fix NAVIGATOR TXT to diagnostic trolleys   Truck Cable Case      Bike Cable Case

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• Processor INTEL                                                                  • Updates available over the internet
• Diagnosis with PC and Pocket PC multibrand and multi-environment                 • Compatible with cables of previous diagnostic tools
• Fast communication for system diagnosis                                          • Compact & Light
• Wireless communication via Bluetooth                                             • Connection RS232 and USB

Main Processor: INTEL PXA255 400MHz                                                Operating Temperature: + 0 °C / + 45 °C.
Internal Memory: SDRAM 64 Mb, FLASH 64 Mb                                          Storage Temperature: - 20 °C / + 60 °C.
External Power Supply: 8 ÷ 32 Volt                                                 Humidity: 10% / 80%.
Power Consumption 12V: 0.25 A typical                                              Dimensions: 155x165x55 mm
Power Consumption 24V: 0.18 A typical                                              Weight: 1,0 Kg
External Power: power mini-din 4 poles
USB Ports: 1 USB 2.0 device, 1 USB 2.0 Host,                                       Codes of I flash (blink codes): K, L, (with current protection) ISO9141-2,
(it is also possible to update the internal software usinga USB storage device).   ISO14230; CAN, ISO11898, ISO11519-2; SAE J1850 PWM; SAE J1850 VPW.
Wireless communication with PC: Bluetooth 2.0
Electronic Switching: 13 K, L line
Diagnostic connector: AMP CPC2 28 pole connector.
                62.8                                 158



                       Power Line ECU              Diagnostic socket port
                       Led USB                     USB DEVICE port

                       Led Bluetooth               USB HOST port

                       Antenna Bluetooth           Shockproof feet
                       Power connector

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Customers when purchasing a TEXA product under-         the purpose of the Software Licence Agreement,        Processing of personal data
sign a contract: the “PURCHASE ORDER”, in addi-         “software” means the program contained in the         The personal data provided by the CUSTOMER in
tion to defining the monetary terms and conditions of   PRODUCT and “licence” the right to use or access a    occasion of contractual, commercial and promotion-
the purchase, establishes the rights that our custom-   determined copy of the specific software.             al relations may be processed either electronically or
ers expect and demand.                                                                                        on paper to fulfil the obligations set forth in laws, for
                                                        Products                                              market analysis and statistical purposes and to expe-
Service                                                 Our products constantly evolve due to constant        dite more effective business relationships by TEXA,
The TEXA service network is present in the terri-       development. Changes may concern electronics,         the data controller. Such data will be processed also
tory to ensure excellent coverage, a wide offering      mechanics and appearance (whereby including           by the RETAILERS exclusively for the aforesaid pur-
and exclusive services.                                 colour and decorative elements). The informa-         poses.
                                                        tive data shown in brochures and advertising          Providing consent to use personal data is optional.
Product warranty                                        documentation in general are only indicative.
TEXA guarantees the product against manufacturing       Notwithstanding the tolerance admitted by law and
faults and defects ascertained and recognised by        by common practice, the technical specifications of
the service network for the period of twenty-four       the PRODUCT stated in the approval certificate
months commencing from the date of delivery or          and guaranteed by the MANUFACTURER for each
activation of the software. All repairs covered by      manufactured instrument by means of respective
warranty, unless otherwise specified, must be car-      conformity certificate are binding.
ried out either at an authorised service centre or by
Software Licence
TEXA gives the CUSTOMER the right to use soft-
ware contained in the PRODUCTS they purchase
on the basis of a non-exclusive Software Licence
Agreement and only for the purposes described
in the instruction manual of the PRODUCT. For

For years, TEXA has offered financial services without equals on the market to
ensure that RETAILERS can offer particularly advantageous financial conditions
to TEXA tool and equipment customers.
“SYSTEMA” is a simple formula that offers all the freedom you need to pay for
your new TEXA tool in instalments as you require.

Ask your TEXA retailers for more detailed information. They will be pleased
to show you their made-to-measure financial solutions.

                                                                                 * Check the availability of the service in your country with your own vendor.
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Remote assistance and timely issuing of technical
bulletins sent directly to the tool via SMS text
messages or the Internet are the main services
offered today by TEXA to help you during your
everyday work.
With a simple telephone call to TEXA Call Centre,
you will receive the assistance of technical prepared
professionals capable of answering all your technical
repair questions and suggesting the most appropriate
actions to take.

Thousands of workshop repairers contact TEXA Call
Centre every month. The Call Centre has boosted
and promoted the customer support service for four
years now. It has a solved problem success rate of
over 90 percent.

* Check the availability of the service in your country with your own vendor.

Repairing a vehicle nowadays is a complex and delicate operation. A new
challenge starts whenever a car or truck reaches the workshop. A number
of skills and services very different from those of the past are excepted by
customers for successful response. This is why TEXA has decided to add
unique, exclusive training packages to its range of tools and services to support
and favour the professional development of customers: TEXAEDU school.

Training courses are held in the classroom and focus on developing both
theoretical and practical skills at the same time. The tool is used directly in the
classroom, from the very beginning of the session, for specific operations such
as control unit fault recognition strategies or for reading and understanding an
air mass gauge signal, for instance.
TEXA, thanks to the wide range of diagnostic solutions offered, knows the
real problems of the repair world very well and this is precisely the strong
point of the proposed training packages.

a guarantee for your professional future.

                                                                                      * Check the availability of the service in your country with your own vendor.
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UNI EN ISO 9001:2000

TEXA firmly believes and invests in quality within its   Reciprocal benefit for suppliers
organisation for products and services: quality which    TEXA aims at establishing strategic integration
is genuinely perceived by customers and company          relations with suppliers being convinced that such
staff. TEXA quality project is based on the following    interdependence improves the value creating capacity
principles:                                              of both and realises an advantage for customers.

Focus on the customer                                    Constant improvement
TEXA has always paid attention to the needs              Constant performance improvement is a permanent
of customers and is committed to continuously            objective for TEXA.
satisfying their requirements and exceeding their
own expectations.                                        TEXA is UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 certified.

Involvement of personnel
TEXA is aware that its people on all levels form the
essence of the organisation. Their full involvement
means that they can better put their skills to the
company’s service.

Process approach
TEXA has organised activities in a process system
to pursue company objectives efficiently and

TEXA as manufacturer of electronic devices is aware that incorrect disposal
can pollute land and water and be potentially dangerous for the environment
and for human health. Right from the drawing board, TEXA considers the
need to recycle most components to the greatest possible extent and
uses materials and technologies which facilitate recycling. The use of easily
removal connections and the ban on dangerous substances (such as lead,
mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB and PBDA) are examples of
ecologically compatible solutions.

Separate collection symbols are printed on all TEXA products. In the
instruction manuals you will find information on how to dispose of the tools
at the end of their working life properly.

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                              prior notice.

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