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									                                                                                             October 2008
                                                                                    Tishrei 5769-Cheshvan 5769

                                     The Voice of Temple Israel
            4901 Providence Road, Charlotte NC 28226             704-362-2796                          www.templeisraelnc.com

                                   Sunday, November 9, 2008 7:00pm
                                                                      On November 9, 2008 at 7:00pm, Temple Israel will
                                                                      be holding a 70th Anniversary commemorative of
                                                                      Kristallnacht “Night of Broken Glass.” On this date
                                                                      in 1938, the Nazis coordinated an attack on the Jewish
                                                                      people and their property in Germany and German-
                                                                      controlled lands as part of Hitler’s anti-Semitic
                                                                      policies. There is no charge for this event.
                                                                      On this “Night of Broken Glass,” more than 2,000
Picture from timewitnesses.org

                                                                      Synagogues were destroyed, tens of thousands of
                                                                      Jewish businesses and homes looted and ransacked,
                                                                      91 Jews were murdered, and 25,000-30,000 were
                                                                      arrested and deported to concentration camps.
                                                                      A meaningful program with many components will be
                                                                      presented on this evening. Survivors and liberators
                                                                      will have their voices heard through a moving video.
                                                                      Theirs is a story that must be told again and again.
                                                                      Upon completion of our interviews, a 15-minute video
                                                                      will be produced and shown at the commemorative.
                                                                      All recorded oral histories and the video will be given
                                                                      to the Levine-Skut Resource Center for use by teachers
                                                                      throughout the Charlotte region.
                                                                      The committee has reached out to the greater Charlotte
                                                                      religious community in an effort to heighten the
                                                                      awareness of the atrocities of the Nazis regime. Dr.
                                                                      Charles Howell, Senior Minister of Myers Park United
                                                                      Methodist Church, will be an evening participant. The
                                                                      Charlotte Youth Symphony and Charlotte Latin School
                                                                      Choir will provide us with music of the Holocaust.
                                                                      The North Carolina Council on the Holocaust and
                                                                      Temple Israel invite you to be our guests for this
                                                                      commemorative program.
As the synagogue in Oberramstadt burns during Kristallnacht (the      We are searching for survivors and liberators to share their
“Night of Broken Glass”), firefighters instead save a nearby house.   histories. If you have knowledge of survivors or liberators,
Local residents watch as the synagogue is destroyed. Oberramstadt,    please call Margi Goldstein at 704-366-1084 or Peggy Gartner
Germany, November 9-10, 1938. USHMM                                   at 704-366-2100.
                                                                              October 2008 ISSUE No. 10
                                                                         Tishrei 5769-Cheshvan 5769
                                                                              Table of Contents
                                                                    Rabbi’s Ezring’s Study••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••3
                                                                    High Holy Day Schedule••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••4
                                                                    Sukkot Concert •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••4
                                                                    Cantor’s Column••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••5
Temple Israel                                                       Membership••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••5
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                                                                    President’s Message ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••7
Charlotte, NC 28226
                                                                    Life Events/Annoucements••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••8
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Contact Information                                                 Torah Renaissance Festival••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 10
                                                                    Donations••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 11-13
                                                                    Hebrew Cemetery•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••15
Rabbi Murray Ezring rabbiezring@templeisraelnc.org
Rabbi Faith Cantor rabbicantor@templeisraelnc.org                   TI Events & Book Club•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••16
Cantor Elias Roochvarg eroochvarg@templeisraelnc.org                Charlotte Jewish Preschool••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 17
                                                                    Birthdays & Anniversaries••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••18-19
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Sandy Middleton, Administrator
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candylove@templeisraelnc.org                                              Deadline for November Edition is
                                                                                  October 2, 2008.
Mary Beall, Administrative Assistant to Clergy
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Roz Cooper, Consolidated High School Director
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rcooper@shalomcharlotte.org                                         nor any of the office staff are able to access information on our
                                                                    congregants who may be in the hospital. The hospitals are NO
                                                                    LONGER able to call us, if you or a family member is a patient.
                                                                    Because of this, it is more important than ever, that you contact
                                                                    the Rabbi’s office directly, when a family member is hospitalized.
Kol Israel is published monthly for members and friends of the
community. Due to preparation time, printing, and mailing           Please also remember that office staff may no longer share
deadlines, articles must be received by the 1st of the month        information regarding the health of congregants with other
preceding the month of issue. We reserve the right to edit for
length and consistent editorial tone. Articles received after the   If you wish updates on congregants, please call their family. We
1st may not be published.                                           are sorry for this inconvenience, but due to security and HIPPA, we
                                                                    must adhere to this policy. Thank you for your help, understand-
                                                                    ing and cooperation.
Email your submissions to candylove@templeisraelnc.org                                              Sandy Middleton, Administrator
                             Rabbi Ezring’s Study
                               Throughout the High    We begin with lunch in the Sukkah at Rebs’ Grill
                             Holy Days we stood       as Rabbi Cantor and I will prepare hotdogs and
                             in the synagogue         hamburgers for our congregational family. Lunch
                             asking God to accept     will be accompanied by a wonderful family concert
                             our prayer for another   by the very talented Susan Shane-Linder who is
                             year of life. We sat     joining us from Florida, and the equally talented
                             in trepidation, as we    Patti Torcellini Hartman who is from Charlotte.
                             knew that we were        That evening will be another Temple Israel first
                             being judged. Now        as we join together with members of Providence
                             Yom Kippur is over.      United Methodist Church for the beginning of a
                             We turn our attention    four session bible study on my favorite prophets.
    Rabbi Murray Ezring      to a different sight.    The speakers joining me in the four session series
                             We look to the future,   will be Dr. Ken Carter, Senior Pastor at Providence
to a year filled with joy and life as we celebrate    United Methodist Church; Dr. Bill Jeffries, Associate
HaHag, the joyful festival of Sukkot. We look at      Pastor; and Rabbi Faith Cantor, Assistant Rabbi
the beautiful Sukkah that we build and decorate in    at Temple Israel. While spaces are limited to the
our homes. We envision ourselves sitting with our     first 25 people who sign up, the program promises
family and friends joyously eating as our ancestors   to be very exciting. It will continue in January with
did in the wilderness, outdoors in a shaky hut.       a longer-term series as we study together with
We join together at the synagogue in our giant        members of Providence United Methodist the
Sukkah for meals throughout the holiday. We           creation stories and the book of Genesis.
enjoy shaking the Lulav and the Etrog as we look
forward to Simchat Torah, that day of tremendous      The New Year 5769 will prove to be a very exciting
joy when we end the reading of the Torah, only to     and special one for those of us at Temple Israel.
begin it again immediately in celebration with our    I look forward to sharing the joy of Sukkot and
children and with our parents. What a wonderful       Simchat Torah with everyone and pray that they
change of perspective.                                will be the beginning of a very special year.
Our tradition teaches us that Sukkot should be
a time of joy and song. Sunday, October 19th          Hag Sameach,
is a great example of what the new year brings.       Rabbi Murray Ezring

                                                                                   May You Be
                                                                               Inscribed for a Good
                                                                                    and Sweet
                                                                                    New Year!
                                                                                 Rabbi Murray, Barbara
                                                                                    Ezring & Family
                                                                                   Rabbi Faith, David
                                                                                     Cantor & Family
                                                                                   Cantor Elias, Linda
                                                                                   Roochvarg & Family
                                                                                 Dan, Toby Ruda & Family
                                                                                 Sandy, Keith Middleton &

        Rabbi Ezring blows the shofar and Cantor Roochvarg gets ready to celebrate Sukkot!
                  TI Family Sukkot Concert:
            “Singin’ Sukkot with Susan and Patti!”
On Sunday, October 19, 2008, Temple
Israel is proud to present Susan Shane-
Linder in a Family Sukkot Concert. The
Rabbis will be BBQ’ing lunch starting at 12
noon, and the outside concert will begin at
12:30. Make sure to bring your chairs, and
blankets – but don’t expect to do too much
sitting, as we will dance the afternoon

 “SINGIN’ WITH SUSAN” songs are fun
and feel- good kind of music. They have an
upbeat, rock and roll rhythm. The songs
have clear, easy to understand lyrics
enable everyone to join in and sing along.
As you listen, you’ll understand why the
enthusiastic style and choice of material
appeals to children and adults of all ages.
These songs “Bring out the kid in all of

 Joining Susan in this performance is our own Miss Patti Torcellini Hartman, who has been enhancing our
Family Shabbat services for several years now with her ru’ach and her musicianship. By coincidence, she is
an old friend of Ms. Shane-Linder’s, and both ladies are thrilled to be able to perform together again.

    High Holy Day Schedule/Simchat Torah Events
Wednesday, October 1, 2008                                Sukkot
Rosh Hashanah Services (Day 2), 8:30am                    Monday, October 13, 2008
Torah Service, 9:30am                                     Erev Sukkot Services, 6:15pm
Musaf, 11:00am
Sermon, 11:30am                                           Tuesday, October 14, 2008
Minyan 7:30pm                                             Sukkot (Day 1), 9:30am
                                                          Sukkot Evening Services, 7:30pm
Sunday, October 5, 2008
Community Memorial Service                                Wednesday, October 15, 2008
at Hebrew Cemetery, 10:30am                               Sukkot Services (Day 2), 9:30am
Yom Kippur Services                                       Shemini Atzeret
Wednesday, October 8, 2008                                Monday, October 20, 2008
Please be seated by 6:30pm                                Hashanah Rabbah Services, 7:30am
Kol Nidre, 6:45pm                                         Erev Shemini Atzeret, 6:15pm
Thursday, October 9, 2008                                 Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Yom Kippur, 10:00am                                       Shemini Atzeret Services (Yizkor), 9:30am
Torah Service followed by Yizkor & Musaf, 11:30am
Yom Kippur Study, 4:15pm                                  Simchat Torah
Mincha, 5:15pm                                            Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Neilah, 6:30pm                                            Veggie Fajita Dinner, 6:00pm
Fast Ends, 7:38pm                                         (By Reservations Only)
                                                          Ma’ariv, 6:45pm
                Sign up for our rah
                                                          Erev Simchat Torah Celebration, 7:00pm
                            t To
             Sukkot/Simchage 6!                           Wednesday, October 22, 2008
               Meals on pa                                Simchat Torah Services, 9:30am
                               Cantor’s Column                                   By Cantor Elias Roochvarg

                                                   Hebrew The Eternal Language
                               (Based on the Introduction to the book of the same name by William Chomsky)

                       Just a century ago, some              conceivable topic are in daily circulation.” On
                       people were saying that               an annual basis, more books are published per
                       Hebrew was a dead                     capita annually in Israel than in almost any other
                       language. And now, in the             country, the great majority of them in Hebrew. And
                       21st Century, the sacred              there is a flourishing Israeli movie industry.
                       language of the Biblical
                       prophets is spoken daily by           You too can expand your Hebrew vocabulary,
                       millions of Israeli children          improve your Hebrew reading skills, and get
Cantor Elias Roochvarg and adults; actors, bus               exposed to a very popular and important aspect
drivers, doctors, the religious, the non-religious,          of Jewish culture. Here’s how: I will be offering a
and even the anti-religious! According to                    course, Improve Your Hebrew Through Jewish
Chomsky: “The thick horizontal strokes and thin              Songs. The course will be taught on six Thursday
verticals of the Hebrew alphabet are blazoned                nights: November 6, 13, 20, December 4, 11 &
all over the country on posters, advertising                 18, after evening minyan (This is a slight change
signs, stamps and coins; on highways, shops,                 over the dates printed in the Program Guide.). No
stores and hotels. Hebrew slang, colloquialisms              musical skills are required! The only prerequisite
and even curses are freely coined….(several)                 is that you know your Hebrew alphabet.
theatrical companies offer regular performances-
all, of course, in Hebrew. Thousands of books,               Please call Mary Beall at 362-2796 to register.
magazines, newspapers and brochures on every                 Space is limited!

           A Message from Your New TI Membership
          Committee Chairperson: We Need Your Help!
To keep Temple Israel a thriving, vibrant congregation,      in waters of potential members? Well, with your help
we are always seeking to maintain and expand our             we will be able to do this.
membership. Certain life cycle events and career
related situations that are beyond our control reduce the    We need the eyes of all 700+ families in our congregation
existing membership. What we do have some control            to expand the “search party” and ensure we haven’t
over is our ability and efforts to gain new members.         overlooked anyone. You may have met, or will meet,
Our location in Charlotte is especially favorable to this.   people in your business or social life who might
The area’s strong population growth relates, not only        benefit from TI membership. We have no guidelines
to working age individuals and families attracted to the     or recommendations on how you do this. Whether you
dynamic economy, but also to retirement age people           approach them directly, or simply assume that they
who move here to be near their children or just to find      would like to hear from us, we would like to know.
a better quality of life.
                                                             We realize that this could be a sensitive issue, but please
We need to reach out to the Jewish families new to           remember that we’re not asking you to raise money or
Charlotte who want to share the joy and benefits of          otherwise put yourself in what may appear to be an
a rich Jewish life and make them aware of how their          embarrassing situation. We simply want the opportunity
membership in Temple Israel will contribute to this          to offer others the myriad benefits you and your family
                                                             now enjoy as members of our congregation.
“We need to reach out to the Jewish families                 If you can suggest anyone right now, please let me know
 new to Charlotte who want to share the joy                  by either email (amesoznik@bellsouth.net) or call me
    and benefits of a rich Jewish life...”                   (704-737-7536) and we can discuss the individual or
                                                             family. Remember, this is an ongoing project, so please
                                                             keep us mind in the weeks and months ahead.
end. As your new membership chairperson, I intend            Thank you for taking the time to read this and I do look
to pursue all possible avenues to connect with potential     forward to hearing from our cadre of newly minted TI
new members. We already have some means to find              recruiters!
them, and some Jewish people new to Charlotte do
come to us. Still, we may be missing some people.            Andrea Mesoznik
Wouldn’t it be great if we could widen the net we cast       Membership Committee Chair                             5
             These are the times and dates for our fun-filled Sukkot/Simchat Torah Meals at Temple Israel:
         Mama Ricotta’s Italian Cuisine
                                                            Rabbis at the Grill & Sukkot Concert

         Mary Reel Catering                                 Featuring “Singin’ with Susan”
                                                            Susan Shane-Linder,
                                                            Guitarist, also featuring our very own
                                                            Patti Torcellini Hartman!
         Shabbat Dinner honoring our
                                                            This is a Concert the Whole Family will Love!
         CJDS Families to follow

         Melanie Rowe Catering
         Roasting our New President Dan Ruda

                   Temple Israel Sukkot/Simchat Torah Meals Reservation Form
              Please send your checks to Attn: Terri Cathcart, 4901 Providence Road, Charlotte NC 28226

    Deadline to Sign up is October 1, 2008

                       A Message from your President
                       Distractions fill our lives
                       today perhaps more so than      For me, that way is coming to services here at
                       any other time in history.      Temple Israel. No matter what is happening in my
                       We live in the information      life, when I am here during Friday night, Saturday
                       age. Simply described, this     morning, or any other service, I forget the rest
                       is an age dominated by the      of my life and allow myself to truly focus on that
                       transfer and dissemination      moment. There are no cell phones or pagers, no
                       of data. This coupled with      Internet, no need for me to hurry off to the next
                       the ever-increasing ability     meeting. I find that by doing this one small thing
                       to do so at faster speeds       each week, I am paid back with so much more
      Dan Ruda         has created the ancillary       than I invest.
effect that we move faster in order to keep pace
with the things around us.                             I not only get the spiritual renewal I seek, and
                                                       the peaceful feeling of existing outside my usual
This age has seen the creation of fantastic new        hustling life, I get the added benefit of camaraderie
technologies. Through these we have opened             and fellowship that comes along with participating
new vistas and broadened our knowledge and             and being part of such an excellent congregation.
understanding of the world we live in. We are          I become more involved in our community and in
rapidly expanding our vision and perception of our     return, feel more nurtured by it.
surrounding universe. We have made incredible
achievements in science and medicine and the
way we care for our fellow human beings. In fact, I    “...I get the added benefit of camaraderie
can think of no area that has not been affected by
the information age.                                      and fellowship that comes along with
Of course like all things, growth comes with a           participating and being part of such an
price. Some things have been lost. To me it seems
the area we have lost the most is time. We do                     excellent congregation.”
things a bit quicker and to my perception, often
with less patience. We grow to expect that the
world around us will move at the increasing pace       This year as we are together for the High Holidays,
of the information we are gathering. How many          I urge each of you to take a moment to reflect on
times do we find ourselves saying, “if there were      this idea, either while you are here or at home,
only a few more hours in the day”, or “if there were   and see if you don’t share a similar experience.
just two of me”? How often do we miss a step in a      If you do, I invite you to come back and have it
process or forget to do something because we are       again. If you don’t, I still invite you to come back
late to our next appointment or errand. Too often      and try again. In both instances, I can assure you
we seem to be rushing in order to keep up.             that it only gets better with time.
In this type of environment it becomes much more       From Toby, Jonathan, Carly, and myself, we wish
important to find ways to be able to disconnect        all of you a healthy, prosperous, and happy 5769.
from that fast pace, to sign off of our day-to-day,    May we all be inscribed in the book of life for a
to unplug from the mainstream of our busy lives,       year that brings to all of us, everything we hope
and recharge, not only our physical batteries, but     for.
our spiritual ones as well. We need to find ways to
allow for some true down time.                         L’shana Tovah!
           Celebrate the Magic of
              Shabbat with CJDS                        Torah Spark
Join us on October 17, (Chol Hamoed Sukkot)            Torah Spark is an ongoing adult education class
as we honor the TI families with students in the       which will resume on Wednesday, October 29,
Charlotte Jewish Day School! Services begin            2008.
at 6:15pm followed by dinner in the Sukkah
(Reservations required) and a special visit from       This year, Torah Spark will be discussing the
Mariashi Groner, who will be sharing Sukkot            history of Rabbinic Judaism and studying primary
Stories with our community. We will be having          sources from the Tanakh, Mishnah, and Talmud.
a rehearsal on Oct. 5 at noon. We look forward         We will also be reading together Milton Steinberg’s
to seeing you! If your child(ren) would like to        novel “As A Driven Leaf.”
participate in this service, please contact Rabbi
Faith Cantor at rabbicantor@templeisraelnc.org                                                            7
      Temple Israel Life Events/Announcements
Our Condolences to:                                         Birth:
Joel Kweskin, on the passing of his mother, Corinne         Melania Yvonne Prior , daughter of Heath & Beatrice
Kweskin, on August 15, 2008.                                Prior, was born on August 15, 2008 in Huntersville,
                                                            NC. Her grandparents are: Lloyd Scher; Hans &
Keith Newman, on the passing of his father, Morris          Elizabeth Tauber of Mauldin, SC and the late Merle
Rosenfeld, on August 23, 2008 in Charleston, SC.            Prior.
Gary Sample on the passing of his wife, Gale Wollman,       Lucy Clare Teitelbaum, daughter of Craig & Candi
who was also the sister of Barbara Lovejoy and Sandy        Teitelbaum of Charlotte, was born on August 18,
Kornstein, on August 25, 2008                               2008.
Russell Greenfield, on the passing of his mother, Sophia    Ellis Mae Meiselman, daughter of Dana & Carter
Greenfield,on August 29, 2008.                              Meiselman of Charlotte, was born on August 21,
Vicki Cathcart, on the passing of her grandfather, Irving
Yale, in Sun Lakes, AZ on September 1, 2008.                Identical twin baby boys, Logan & Sawyer were
                                                            born to Shulamit & Scott Warren of Marietta, GA
David Frankel, on the passing of his mother, Terry          on September 10, 2008. Their grandparents are
Frankel, on September 8, 2008.                              Charlene & Richard Muller of Marietta, GA.
Keith and Sandy Middleton, on the of the passing of
their son, Jon Middleton, on September 8, 2008.             Keith and I wish to thank our Temple Israel family for
                                                            all the love, prayers, support, cards, food and visits
                                                            we received after the death of our son, Jon. We are
                                                            truly blessed to be part of such a generous and caring
Robin Fine, a masters student at UNC Charlotte, has         congregational family.
been awarded a scholarship for a full year’s tuition        Sandy & Keith Middleton
by Zonta International, a women’s human rights
organization. Robin is studying social work with plans      Life Events Announcements
of becoming a licensed psychotherapist following her        If you would like to have your happy event, weddings,
                                                            engagements, or birth announcements published in the
graduation in 2010. Robin, her husband David, and           Kol Yisrael, please submit your written information via
their children Rachel and Mitchell have been members        email to candylove@templeisraelnc.org or fax it to
at Temple Israel for three years, having moved here from    704-362-1098 Attn: Candy Love.
the Washington, D.C. suburbs.
                                                            If you have an illness or a death in the family, please
                                                            contact Mary Beall at 704-362-2796.

                       Mazel Tov to our B’nai Mitzvah
                            Sara Mond, daughter of                                 Joey Vitale, son of Debbie
                            Elizabeth and Jered Mond,                              & Rory Vitale, will become
                            will become a Bat Mitzvah                              a Bar Mitzvah on October
                            on October 25, 2008. Her                               25, 2008. His grandparents
                            grandparents are: Paula                                are Connie & Paul Ostrow
                            & Jules Epstein of Boca                                of New York, NY and Anna
                            Raton, FL; Susan & Marc                                Vitale & the late Joseph Vitale
                            Breines of Charlotte, and                              of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. His
                            Rita Mond of Charlotte                                 great grandparents are: Edna
                            and the late Irving Mond.                              Gans and Sara Ostrow.
                            Sara is an 8th grader at        Joey attends Country Day School and has one sister,
                            Carmel Middle School.           Logan, 14 and one brother, Jake, 16.
    She enjoys art, photography, music, and dance. Sara     Joey is a goalkeeper on his soccer team. He is also
    has attended Camp Barney for the past 5 years.          working on a project called Samaritan’s Feet to
                                                            provide shoes for children in Darfur, in memory of
8                                                           Holocaust survivors and victims.

Here we are in the midst of the Holy Days. This is
a time to look inward, to reflect on the past year, to                               Sunday, October 12, 2008
set goals and make plans for the coming year. As we                                          Noon-3:00pm
look forward, this new year 5769 gives each of us the                                         Guest Speaker:
opportunity to consider what we can do to fulfill the                                        Don Rosenberg
mitzvah of Shomrei Adamah, taking care of the world.                                  of Instant Organic Garden
All of us have gifts and talents, please consider sharing
yours.                                                    Temple Israel Sisterhood will be having their Paid-
                                                          Up Members and Torah Fund Luncheon on Sunday,
This year Sisterhood sponsored “Hands Across The October 12, 2008 between 12:00pm - 3:00pm. We will
Sukkah” during the Torah Renaissance Festival. be honoring our long-time volunteers in the Sisterhood
This was a craft project where congregants of all Judaica Shop and our Torah Fund contributors.
ages participated in making decorations for our large
Sukkah. It will be exciting on Sukkot to go in search of Please be sure to send your annual dues in as soon
the decorated tracing of your hand!                       as possible so that you may reserve your place for the
It was a fun event for all. Thelma Wertzberger, Hilda
Goldman and Rose Luski were in Judaica Shop. Our Our featured guest speaker will be Don Rosenberg, of Instant
volunteers included: Ruth Paul, Lina Newman, Cheri Organic Garden, a garden consultant and designer, affectionately
Titlebaum Tess Berger, Irene Jayson, Lisa Strunin, known as the “Veggie Guy” in local green circles. He installs
Teresa Brenner, Jan Aniel, Katherine Goldstein, Karen raised bed organic vegetable gardens throughout the greater
Brodsky, Arnold Snitz, & Michael Newman. Many Charlotte area. Mr. Rosenberg has a monthly column called “Easy
thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to Growing” in the Charlotte Weekly and is the Co-president of the
make the festival a wonderful success! Together we Jewish Community Business Circle. He will demonstrate the
can make a difference! L’Shana Tova!                      thrill, as well as the economic and health benefits, of growing your
Ginger Snitz, Sisterhood President                        own organic food.

                   Sisterhood Members Volunteer During Torah Renassiance Festival
                                                                                                         Torah Fund,
                                                                                                         sold raffle
                                                                                                         tickets for High
                                                                                                         Holiday parking
                                                                                                         space, and had
                                                                                                         a honey tasting
                                                                                                         thistle, orange
                                                                                                         blossom), and
                                                                                                         also had a honey
    Lina Newman and Ruth Paul working hard!         Thelma Wertzberger checks out the Sisterhood Booth

                                                                         This year Sisterhood sponsored “Hands
                                                                         Across The Sukkah” during the Torah
                                                                         Renaissance Festival.

               Torah Renaissance Festival
                                              A Big Success!

                         “Taking Care of Our World” September 7, 2008
     Thank you to all the arms of the synagogue and to our many volunteers that helped make this event a sucess!

                         Temple Israel Gratefully Acknowledges...
                                  EDUCATION FUND                 RABBI EZRINGS’S
ETZ CHAIM CHUMASH:                                               TZEDAKAH FUND:
IN HONOR OF:                      IN MEMORY OF:
                                  Rose Cohen Slutsky             IN MEMORY OF:
Abraham & Rose Luski                                             Gladys Gross
Anniversary                       Aunt of Lynne Sheffer
                                  By: Jan & Ron Weiner           Mother of Richard Gross
By: Irving & Lillian Bienstock                                   By: Donna & Rick Greene
                                  Charlotte Bilsky
IN MEMORY OF:                     Mother of Marcia Gleiberman    Charlotte Bilsky
Rose Cohen Slutsky                By: Jan & Rob Weiner           Mother of Marcia Gleiberman
Mother of Myron Slutsky           Rose Cohen Slutsky             By: Tess & Jonathan Berger
By: Esther Frank                  Aunt of Stuart Cohen           Renee & Michael Flash
Hugo Rosenberger                  By: Jan & Ron Weiner           Richard Peper
Birthday                          Jacob Massachi                 By: Renee & Michael Flash
                                  Husband of Lari Massachi       Corinne Kweskin
By: Julie, Howard, Evan Sophie,                                  Mother of Joel Kweskin
Mandy, and Brian Levine           By: Teri & Bernie Ackerman
                                  Herbert Cohen                  By: Evie Scholder
                                  Father of Jeffrey Cohen        Ann Langman
SIMCHA LEAF:                      By: Teri & Bernie Ackerman     Esther Steinman
IN HONOR OF:                      Corinne Kweskin                Mother of Pat Somerstein
Rose & Abe Luski                  Mother of Joel Kweskin         By: Lois & Sandy Benjamin
Anniversary                       By: Terrie & Jonathan Karlin   Isabelle Somerstein
By: The Shelton & William         Jan & Ron Weiner               Mother of David Somerstein
    Gorelick Families             Sophia Greenfield              By: Lois & Sandy Benjamin
                                  Mother of Russell Greenfield   Jacob Massachi
ASENDORF/CITRON/BOXER             By: Karen & David Ransenberg   Husband of Lari Massachi
MEDICAL FUND:                     Mother of David Hirsch         By: Lois & Sandy Benjamin
IN HONOR OF:                      By: Marvin & Lorri Barman      Sophia Greenfield
Deane Boxer                                                      Mother of Russell Greenfield
Speedy recovery                   RABBI EZRINGS’S                By: Craig & Jill Balick
By: Helene & Al Levine            TZEDAKAH FUND:                 Marcelle & Allan Oxman
BUILDING FUND:                    IN HONOR OF:                   Andy & Tammy Cohen
IN MEMORY OF:                     Rabbi Murray Ezring            Irving Yale
Alyce Levine                      By: Julie & Jonathan Fisher    Grandfather of Vicki Cathcart
Mother of Kevin Levine            Abe & Rose Luski               By: Marcelle & Allan Oxman
By: Allan & Marcelle Oxman        Anniversary                    GENERAL FUND:
                                  By: Tess & Jonathan Berger     IN HONOR OF:
CANTOR’S MUSIC FUND:                                             Sheila Fisher
IN HONOR OF:                      Barbara & Jerry Levin
                                  Ellen & Dan Dubin              Birthday
Cantor Elias Roochvarg                                           By: Bob & Ann Abel
By: Bill Marx                     Gloria & Arthur Becker
                                  Julius & Ruth Silverman        Robert Jacobson & Leigh Moiser
                                  Margi Goldstein                Marriage
IN MEMORY OF:                                                    By: Bob & Ann Abel
Jacob Massachi                    Marcelle & Dan Peck            Anne & Michael Weiss
Husband of Lari Massachi          Gary & Donna Lerner            Larry & Diann Gordon
By: Becky & Scott Goodman         Bar Mitzvah of son             Rose & Abe Luski
                                  By: Rose & Abe Luski           Anniversary
RABBI CANTOR’S                    Dana & Carter Meiselman
TZEDAKAH FUND                                                    By: Mae & Julius Goldman
IN HONOR OF:                      Birth of daughter              Paula & Richard Klein
Rose & Abe Luski                  By: Marcelle & Dan Peck        Thelma Wertzberger
Anniversary                       Leon Levine                    Audrey Madans
By: Miriam Valenstein             Speedy recovery                Lois & George Schneider
Tammy & Andy Cohen                By: Marcelle & Dan Peck        Judy & Leonard Strause
Birth of nephew                   Milton & Arlene Goldstein      Anniversary
By: Jean & Mark Kirsch                                           By: Floyd & Brenda Patten
                                  Birth of grandson              Our Anniversary
                                  By: Judi & Leonard Strause     By: Elisa & Matt Rudnet
EDUCATION FUND                    David Framm
IN HONOR OF:                                                     Temple Israel
                                  Speedy recovery                By: Alex C. Bacogeorge
Rose & Abe Luski                  By: Ruth & Julius Silverman
Anniversary                                                      Meg Goldstein
                                  Roz & Ivan Cooper              Speedy recovery
By: Shevi & Don Herbstman         Becoming grandparents
Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier                                   By: Marie Parsons
                                  By: Tammy & Andy Cohen         Leon Levine
Marriage                          Judy Miller
By: Teri & Bernie Ackerman                                       Speedy recovery
                                  Speedy recovery                By: Chuck Meltsner
                                  By: Sharon & Steve Hockfield   Barbara & Jerry Levin
                                                                 Alene Epstein
                                                                 By: Helene & Alvin Levine     11
                These Thoughtful Contributions... 8/11/08 -09/07/08
GENERAL FUND:                      SHELTON GORELICK                 HOSPICE FUND:
IN HONOR OF:                       ENDOwMENT FUND                   IN HONOR OF:
Deane Boxer                        IN HONOR OF:                     Temple Israel
Speedy recovery                    David Framm                      By: Bill Marx
By: Janet & Sol Jaffa              Speedy recovery
                                   By: Carol & Shelton Gorelick     KIDDUSH FUND:
IN MEMORY OF:                                                       IN HONOR OF:
Jacob Massachi                     IN MEMORY OF:                    Ellis Levinson
Husband of Lari Massachi           Sophia Greenfield                Birthday
By: Rose & Abe Luski               Mother of Russell Greenfield     By: Eleanor & Morton Turk
Berta Straz                        By: Scott & Dana Gorelick        Janet & Sol Jaffa
Jenny & Herb Stern                 Leon Levine                      Temple Israel
Marcelle & Allan Oxman             Speedy recovery                  By: Bill Marx
Gale Wollman                       By: Carol & Shelton Gorelick
Sister of Sandy Kornstein          Irving Yale                      IN MEMORY OF:
 and Barbara Lovejoy               Grandfather of Vicki Cathcart    Irving Yale
By: Wendy & Frank Rosen            By: Dana & Scott Gorelick        Grandfather of Vicki Cathcart
Helene & Al Levine                                                  By: Terri Cathcart
Grandmother of Mrs. Scott Patten   WILLIAM & PATRICIA
By: Brenda & Floyd Patten          GORELICK MEMBERSHIP              SAM LERNER SUKKAH
Rose Cohen Slutsky                 ENDOWMENT FUND:                  GARDEN FUND:
Sister of Celia Mandel             IN HONOR OF:                     IN HONOR OF:
By: Audry Borgenicht               Rose & Abe Luski                 Gary & Donna Lerner
Rose Cohen Slutsky                 Anniversary                      Bar Mitzvah of son
Aunt of Stuart Cohen               By: Patty & Bill Gorelick        By: Elaine & Marty Schefflin
By: Judy & David Miller            Carter & Dana Meiselman          Lynn & Paul Edelstein
Stanley Goldstein                  Birth of daughter                Bar Mitzvah of grandson
Father of Jay Goldstein            By: Patty & Bill Gorelick        By: Elaine & Marty Schefflin
By: Jenny & Herb Stern             Jenny Meiselman                  Helga & Hugo Rosenberger
Corinne Kweskin                    Birth of granddaughter           Bar Mitzvah of great grandson
Mother of Joel Kweskin             By: Patty & Bill Gorelick        By: Elaine & Marty Schefflin
By: Claire & Alan Krusch
Marcelle & Allan Oxman                                              ALYCE & SHERMAN LEVINE
Esther Steinman                    IN MEMORY OF:                    SOCIAL ACTION FUND:
Mother of Pat Somerstein           Sophia Greenfield                IN HONOR OF:
By: The Cremisi Family             Mother of Russell Greenfield     Rose & Abe Luski
Charlotte Bilsky                   By: Patty & Bill Gorelick        Anniversary
Mother of Marcia Gleiberman                                         By: Lynne & Morey Sheffer
                                   ETTA & LOUIS GREENSPON           Robert & Leigh Jacobson
By: Bob & Ann Abel                 ENDOwMENT FUND:
Saul Wojnowich                                                      Marriage
Husband of Lori Wojnowich          IN HONOR OF:                     By: Danny Bill Smith &
By: Bob & Ann Abel                 Carol & Bob Speizman                Victoria Rommel
Jacob Massachi                     Marriage of son
Husband of Lari Massachi           By: Roz Greenspon &              IN MEMORY OF:
By: Bob & Ann Abel                       Marty Birnbaum             Alyce Levine
Terry Frankel                                                       Mother of Kevin Levine
Mother of David Frankel            IN MEMORY OF:                    By: Bob & Ann Abel
By: David & Ellen Framm            Corinne Kweskin
                                   Mother of Joel Kweskin           PRANSKY FAMILY CAMP
Sophia Greenfield
Mother of Russell Greenfield       By: Becky & Scott Goodman        RAMAH SCHOLARSHIP FUND:
By: David & Ellen Framm            Susan & Mark Peck                IN HONOR OF:
                                                                    Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier
AARON GLEIBERMAN                   HEBREw HIGH                      Marriage
SIMCHAT TORAH FUND:                SCHOLARSHIP FUND:                By: Baila & John Pransky
IN HONOR OF:                       IN HONOR OF:                     Rose & Abe Luski
Rose & Abe Luski                   Robert Jacobson & Leigh Moiser   Anniversary
Anniversary                        Marriage                         By: Helga & Hugo Rosenberger
By: Rhoda Gleiberman               By: Elana & Dan Rappaport
                                                                    STUART OSTROw
IN MEMORY OF:                      IN MEMORY OF:                    YOUTH FUND:
Charlotte Bilsky                   Corinne Kweskin                  IN HONOR OF:
Mother of Marcia Gleiberman        Mother of Joel Kweskin           Joe Teiger
By: Rhoda Gleiberman               By: Pam & Herb Winegard          Birthday
Marcelle & Allan Oxman             Jacob Massachi                   By: Connie & Paul Ostrow
                                   Husband of Lari Massachi         Barbara Kobrick
                                   By: Pam & Herb Winegard          Speedy recovery
12                                                                  By: Connie & Paul Ostrow
                            Contributions Continued...
STUART OSTROw                   ANN SLESINGER                        SUNDAY MORNING MINYAN
YOUTH FUND:                     EDUCATION                            SCHOLARSHIP FUND :
IN HONOR OF:                    ENDOwMENT FUND:                      IN HONOR OF:
Ricky Ostrow                    IN HONOR OF:                         Rose & Abe Luski
Birthday                        Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier       Anniversary
By: Connie & Paul Ostrow        Marriage                             By: Ruth & Alan Goldberg
Joey Vitale                     By: Sharon & Steve Hockfield
Bar Mitzvah                                                          IN MEMORY OF:
By: Connie & Paul Ostrow        IN MEMORY OF:                        Esther Steinman
Elly Ostrow                     Richard Peper                        Mother of Pat Somerstein
Birthday                        By: Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier   By: Elaine & Marty Schefflin
By: Connie & Paul Ostrow        Charlotte Bilsky                     Rick Peper
Jane & Bob Lerner               Mother of Marcia Gleiberman          By: Kate & Alan Kaplan
Birth of grandchild             By: Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier   Ellen & Dan Dubin
By: Connie & Paul Ostrow        Jacob Massachi                       Pfiffier University Grad School
                                Husband of Lari Massachi             Sylvia Wallach
IN MEMORY OF:                   By: Robert Jacobson & Leigh Mosier   Olive & Sam Cornwell
Gale Wollman                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Shem Blackley, Jr.
Sister of Sandy Kornstein       SADIE STARR SILVER FUND:             Lois & George Schneider
By: Connie & Paul Ostrow        IN HONOR OF:                         Sophia Greenfield
                                                                     Mother of Russell Greenfield
                                Sheila Kritzer                       By: Danny Bill Smith &
CELIA SCHER                     Birthday
HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL                                                           Vicki Rommel
                                By: Anita & Marvin Shapiro
FUND:                           Marvin Sugarman
IN HONOR OF:                                                         ROSA & MAURICE A.
                                Birth of great grandson              wEINSTEIN ENDOwMENT
Heath & Beatrice Prior
Birth of daughter
                                By: Jean & Mark Kirsch               FUND:
By: Lloyd Scher                 Kerryn & Jonathan Zulman             IN HONOR OF:
                                Birth of son                         Stuart & Ellen Fligel
IN MEMORY OF:                   By: Jean & Mark Kirsch               Birth of granddaughter
Corinne Kweskin                 Colleen & Richard Zulman             By: Marcia & Paul Simon
Mother of Joel Kweskin          Birth of nephew                      Pebby Polk
By: Lloyd Scher                 By: Jean & Mark Kirsch               Birth of great granddaughter
Ester Steinman                                                       By: Marcia & Paul Simon
                                Rosemary & Arnold Zulman             Carol & Shelton Gorelick
Mother of Pat Somerstein        Birth of grandson
By: Lloyd Scher                                                      By: Marcia & Paul Simon
                                By: Jean & Mark Kirsch               Patty & Bill Gorelick
SICK & VISITATION FUND:                                              By: Marcia & Paul Simon
                                IN MEMORY OF:                        Yael Taubman & Ted Goldberg
IN HONOR OF:                    Annie Siegel                         Birth of son
Temple Israel                                                        By: Marcia & Paul Simon
By: Bill Marx                   By: Jean & Mark Kirsch
                                                                     Debbie Weinstein &
                                                                      Richard Goldberg
IN MEMORY OF:                   ALENE & SAMUEL STRAUSE               Birth of grandson
Sophia Greenfield               EMERGENCY FUND:                      By: Marcia & Paul Simon
Mother of Russell Greenfield    IN HONOR OF:                         Pearl & Dan Retchin
By: Larry & Diann Gordon        Leon Levine                          By: Marcia & Paul Simon
                                Speedy recovery
                                By: Alene & Sam Strause              YAHRZEITS:
DAVID SILVERMAN                                                      IN MEMORY OF:
SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP              IN MEMORY OF:                        Faye Levin
ENDOwMENT FUND:                 Gale Wollman                         By: Lori Sklut
IN HONOR:                       Sister of Barbara Lovejoy            Ethel Stern Cohen
Leon Levine                     By: Janet & Sol Jaffa                By: Stuart & Jodi Cohen
Speedy recovery                 Alene & Sam Strause                  Harry Maltz
By: Marc & Mattye Silverman     Esther Steinman                      By: Shirley Klein
Floyd Patten                    Mother of Pat Somerstein
Birthday                        By: Janet & Sol Jaffa
By: Marc & Mattye Silverman     Rose Cohen Slutsky
Brenda & Floyd Patten           Sister of Celia Mandel
Engagement of son               By: Jack & Alison Levinson
By: Marc & Mattye Silverman     Rose Cohen Slutsky
                                Aunt of Alene Strause
                                By: Judi & Leonard Strause

Week of October 3           Week of October 10     Week of October 17     Week of October 31
Bryan Bernstein             Anna Pransky*          Maurice Wallsh*        Minnie KobrinLevey
Herbert Cherin              Oville Reilly          Anna Weinstein         Joseph R. Molko*
Charlie Crane, Sr.          Essye Rosenkrantz*     Sylvia Wernick         Morris Moritz
Ruth Culiner                Sarah Rosenstein       Jack Woltman*          Gaye Osborne
Elizabeth Denham            Stanly Seidman         Mildred Yanko          James Pezzella
Ronald Friedenberg          Bernard Selzer         Eileen Zalla           Merle Polakov Prior*
Heddy Friedman              Sybil Shure                                   Harry Rafkin
Leslie Boxer Glass*         Sarah Siegen           Week of October 24     Tanchum Richardson
Isadore Goldfarb*           Rose Smith             Ilse Bergen*           Rose Rosenberg
Burton “Bud” Grossman       Alvin Snyder           Esther Bober           Harry Rosman*
Flora Hannes*               Rosalee Starer         Nat Cohen              Helen Rothandler
Solomon Kliger*             Lazaro Sztylerman      Lee Doliner            Rubin Rothandler
Stacy Lam                   Samuel Tepper*         Libbye Dumont          Nathan Silver*
Ann Salsburg*               Pauline F. Wernick     Pat Geller             Otto Slesinger*
Bertha Schuman*             Monnah Zaboodka        Mitchell Gittelson     Sylvia Speizman*
Samuel Sinkoe                                      Manny Goldberg         Isidor Turk
David Sperling              Week of October 17     Rose Lee Golden        Sally Wasserman
Helen Strassberg            Abraham Arshansky      Toby Halperin          Dora Weiner *
Joyce Wamsley               Ernestine Ascher       Miriam Kandall         Irene Lewith Weinstein*
                            Leo Ascher*            Estelle Klemons        Abraham Yanko
                            Robert Bamford         Morris Leibman
Week of October 10          Lilly Bruck            Josephine Levey
Anne Adelman                Colonel Tzvi Doron     Anna Levine *
Haskell Alter               David Eisenberg        David Lowell
Rosalie Citron Ashendorf*   Benjamin Ellis         Rebecca Myer
Hyman B. Badt               Abby Garfein           George Nagel
Dorothy Blumenreich         Isidor Glass           Eleanor Nevid*
Rakhil Borovsky             Meyer Goodman          Nathan Otto Newman*
Sholom Chozhik              Mark Goodman           Ellen Pearlman
Donald H. Cohn              Maury Herman           Judy Perlin
Myer Deletetsky             Minde Herman           Albert Reich
Aaron Gankin                Sydney Hochheiser      Raufie Robinson
Jack I. Goldman             George H. Katz         Anna Segal*
Gussie Goldstein            Florence Katzen*       Sol Shapiro*
Ethel Goodman               Morris Lebeau          Philip Sharp
Sara Milgram Guller*        Janice Levin           Anna Simanowitz
Dorothy Holloman            Mary Ann Levinson*     Erna Stern
Jack Hutcher                Nellie Levy            Reta Volynskaya
Sherrie Kantor*             Adolph Liling          Sylvia Wingrod
Archie Kirschman*           Julius Mann*           Victoria Zacks
Benjamin H. Kline           Gittle Mueller
Herman Kritzer*             Jerome Paul            Week of October 31
Joseph Landau               Milton Peck            Nathan Allenstein
Hyman Levine                Esther Phillips        Lillian Blecher
George Levy                 Sherman Polakov        Charles Buller
Sylvia Marcus               Saul Pollack           Leslie Cohen
Tillie Mastbaum             Mordko Portnoy         Max Darholt*
Solomon Michel              Evan Rosamofsky        Louis Farber*
May Nussan                  Cindy Michelle Roth*   Samuel Glassman
Jean Oudin                  Sam Roth               Kevin Green*
Meyer Paul                  Dudley Salem*          Rose M. Greenberger*
Marion Polakov              Mae Stoll              Marvin Halperin
Herman Poliakoff*           Sonia Sztylerman       Felice Jentis
Lillie (Bobbie) Pollard     Hilda Trapanick        Jerome Kropp*
Yan Portnoy                 Jerry Turk             Esther Lancry                * Denotes a plaque

                             Hebrew Cemetery
            Annual Meeting and                         prayer as one universal Jewish community, God
             Memorial Service                          smiles down on us for the holiness we portray. We
 Sunday, October 5, 10:30am (Rain or Shine)            gather in prayer. We gather in song. We gather in
           1801 Statesville Avenue                     ritual. We gather in love. We gather as one loud
                                                       chaotic crowd and yet periodically we hush quietly
At the closing of the Yom Kippur Neelah service on     to hear God’s small voice. That small voice…
October 9, 2008, the Book of Life will be sealed for   which looms in the chasms of our consciousness
yet another year. How many of us will be inscribed     and sub consciousness; that small voice… which
for another year of life? On what does God base        gives direction and meaningfulness to our lives;
that inscription?                                      it’s that small voice…which creates the faith that
                                                       guides us to do God’s work here on earth.
We Jews believe that our God is a merciful and
forgiving God. We also know-many of us through         So yes, while bad things do happen to good
first hand experience-that being a good person         people, holiness remains the essence of life.
and having a good neshimah (Godly soul) does           And though living a holy life may not guarantee
not necessarily guarantee another year of life.        your being inscribed in the Book of Life from one
In fact, we know that bad things happen to good        year to another, it sure does make you a great
people. If being a good person and following in        and righteous person… and a person who will
the image of God by praying, performing mitzvot,       be memorialized by others for the holiness and
and studying Torah, does not guarantee us life         goodness that made you so special.
year after year, then why the need for such prayer
and supplication and self-deprivation (fasting) on     May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life for yet
Yom Kippur?                                            another sweet year! L’Shanah Tovah.
The most learned rabbis cannot answer the              For more information about membership benefits,
question Why bad things happen to good people?         graves, prepaid funeral costs, donations, and/or
We can ask the rabbis and God, Himself, all            including the cemetery in your estate planning,
the questions we want – and in Judaism we              contact Association President, Kevin Levine at
are required to ask those questions; however,          704-333-5155 or Cemetery Director, Joe Kodsi at
for some questions there are just no sufficient        (H) 704-321-3537 or (M) 704-576-1859. Visit the
answers. Judaism teaches us that prayer, the           website of the Hebrew Cemetery Association of
performance of mitzvot, and the study of Torah         Charlotte at hyperlink http://www.hebrewcemetery.
are the most important things a Jew can do. In         org
performing mitzvot, we become almost God-like.
There is a midrash that tells us that when God         Directions to the cemetery: Providence Rd. North
created the universe He had a huge container to        into and through uptown; RIGHT onto Graham St;
put all of the holiness into. But there was so much    follow Graham for about 2 miles; LEFT at fork in
holiness that the container broke into a thousand      road onto Statesville Ave; Travel about ½ mile,
pieces. It became our task as newly created men        Cemetery will be on your left.
and women of the world to go around and retrieve
God’s holiness.                                        Lorrie Klemons
                                                       Hebrew Cemetery Association, Publicity
During the High Holidays, when we gather in

                              Rosh Chodesh Stained Glass
                            Window Available In Honor of or In
                                Memory of A Loved One
Temple Israel has an unusual opportunity to be able to offer one of our beautiful stained glass windows,
depicting Rosh Chodesh. This stained glass is located in the balcony area, and is being offered, first
come, first serve, to one of our families who would like to memorialize or honor a loved one. The cost
of this stained glass is $3600 and may be paid in 5 equal installments of $720 per year.
If you are interested, please contact Sandy Middleton, Administrator at the Temple Office,
704-362-2796 or by email, sandym@templeisraelnc.org. We are sure it will not last long!

                          Temple Israel Events...
                                                                 Job Seekers Support Group Meets
      Sisterhood of Temple Israel                                   October 30, 2008 at 6:00pm
         Rosh Chodesh Group
 Saturday, October 18, 2008 at 1:30pm                         Sponsored by Temple Israel and Jewish Family Services,
                                                                     this group is open to all members of the
Please join our very spirited Rosh Chodesh Group                               Jewish Community
as we kick-off our 5769 year of study.
                                                             If you are seeking employment, considering
This year we will study Megillat Kohelet, the Book           a job or career change, you are invited to join
of Ecclesiastes. Traditionally, Ecclesiastes is read         this dynamic and supportive group. Pick up tips
on Sukkot.                                                   for resumes, interviews, effective networking,
                                                             and meet new friends. Meetings are the third
Our first, introductory, session will be Shabbat             Thursday of each month from 6:00 – 7:30 pm
Chol HaMoed Sukkot, Saturday, October 18,                    in the Board Room of Temple Israel. Our next
1:30pm in the Temple Israel Sukkah. In case of               meeting will be October 30, 2008.
rain, we’ll meet in the Temple Israel Board Room.
After Shabbat services, have a nosh at the                                            For more information:
Kiddush and join us in the Sukkah.                                                         Call JFS at
We are looking forward to a wonderful year of
women studying together! If you’d like more
information, please, contact Barbara Ezring,

    Temple Israel Book Club & Sisterhood
                                                             purpose of their venture was to write an interfaith
     Joint Meeting of the Temple Israel                      children’s book that would highlight the connections
         Book Club and Sisterhood                            between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. However,
           The Faith Club:                                   after just a few meetings, the women realized that they
    A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew –                           themselves needed an honest and open environment
       Three Women Search for                                where they could discuss their concerns, stereotypes
            Understanding                                    and misunderstandings.
   By Ranya Idliby, Suzanne Oliver and
            Priscilla Warner                                 The Faith Club has been described as an ideal tool
                                                             for Sisterhoods and book clubs to engage in many of
  Wednesday, November 19, 7:30 pm                            the deeply sensitive issues that confound and conflict
           Temple Israel                                     us all as citizens of the world. Such an intense and
                                                             provocative topic merits a book club discussion jointly
The Temple Israel Book Club and the Temple Israel            sponsored by the Temple Israel Sisterhood and Book
Sisterhood are co-sponsoring this November 19                Club.
meeting to discuss an “immensely stimulating narrative
of how women engage with each other on matters of            The book is available at the Levine-Sklut Judaic Library,
religion and politics.”                                      the public library, at local book stores for about $15
                                                             and on-line for less than that.
The Faith Club, written jointly by Ranya Idliby, Suzanne
Oliver and Priscilla Warner, is a ground breaking book       As is the case with all Temple Israel Book Club
about Americans searching for faith and mutual respect,      meetings, this special joint meeting with the Temple
weaving the story of three women, their three religions,     Israel Sisterhood on Wednesday, November 19, is open
and their urgent quest to understand one another.            to the entire community, even those who haven’t read
                                                             the book! For additional information contact Linda
These three women of the Abrahamic fathers (Idilby is        Levy at 704-366-6362/levyollie@aol.com or Sheila
a Muslim of Palestinian descent, Oliver, a Christian and     Coffey at 704-542-8011/scoffey@carolina.rr.com.
Warner, who is Jewish) who on their own initiative met
regularly to see if they could seek a common ground
within their respective religious traditions. The original
                Charlotte Jewish Preschool
The new school year is off to a great start at       of the school year coincided with the Jewish New
The Charlotte Jewish Preschool. Orientation for      Year, the children enjoyed many Rosh Hashanah
students began on September 2 and all students       activities. The One year olds explored paint, the
began their first full week on September 8.          Two’s made homemade applesauce and measured
Excitement soared among the nearly 240 students      themselves in apples, the Three’s enjoyed apple
in anticipation of meeting their new teachers,       stamping and counting, while the Four’s and Pre- K
exploring new classrooms, meeting new friends        classes tasted all the different types of apples and
and learning new routines. When parents and          graphed their classmates preferences. Judaica is
children walked through the doors of CJP they        incorporated everyday into the CJP program. In
were welcomed with the usual loving atmosphere       the months to come, CJP students will learn about
created by the teachers and staff. The children      all of the Jewish holidays, visit the synagogues,
were greeted with hugs, smiles, and fun activities   and celebrate Shabbat every Friday. We all look
to make them feel right at home. Although some       forward to another fantastic year at the Charlotte
tears were shed when parents left, some by the       Jewish Preschool.
children and some by the moms, tears quickly
dried and the classrooms buzzed with excitement                 For information about the
and laughter.                                                  Charlotte Jewish Preschool,
                                                                 or to register your child,
The preschoolers spent the first few weeks of                 please visit: www.cjpkids.org
school learning about each other, their families,
friends, and school routines. Since the beginning

                      October Birthdays
October 1             October 9            October 18            October 26
Harvey Barer          Aaron Shulga         Sydney Schulman       Jacob David Barman
Amy Fine              Harriet Spector                            Scott Gorelick
Scott Goodman                              October 19            Debby Koulpasis
Amanda Luckey         October 10           Elliot Adler          Laura Riss
Andre Plaisance       Barnet Weinstock     Elias Brooks          Edith Rosen
                      Thelma Wertzberger   Jill Fremderman
October 2                                  Robert Kwiatkowski    October 27
Danny Cohen           October 11           Zachary Nagel         Ian Bodenheimer
Jack Cohen            Brandon Abrams       Anita Shapiro         Allison Karp
Harris Green          Jonathan Greenfield  David Share           Jason Kimbrell
Rachel Hochman        Warren Lesack        Rachel Titlebaum      Shirley Klein
Michael Murray        Sarah Louise Orange                        Brandon Lewis
                      Dina Schiff         October 20             Steven Listhaus
October 3                                 Dana Kapustin          Robert Stein
Suly Chenkin          October 12          Ethan Levine
Therese Price         Jeffrey Gorelick    Brenden Slomka         October 28
Adlai Martin          Stanley Greenspon                          Teri Ackerman
Daniel Peck           Caroline White      October 21             Jodi Cohen
Anna Kate Petricoff                       Stephanie Brodsky      Deborah Hoffman
                      October 13          Sandy Kornstein        Carly Kwiatkowski
October 4             Shirley Goodman     Samuel Schulman        Stacy Levinson
Lindsay Comen         Michael Jaffa       Halli Sigal            Richard Lowell
Jessica Goldberg      David Valenstein                           Adele Prosono
Billie Green          Richard Zulman      October 22             Ada Shapiro
Reuven Green                              Harold Weisman         Cindy Spil
Samuel Kagan          October 14                                 Allan Stark
Curtis Martin         Vsevolod Gershanov October 23
Marcy Mehlman         Beverly Tirsun      Judy Laxer             October 29
Stephen Schusterman   Patricia Weisman    Lauren Mond            Roslyn Husney
                                          Juliana Oringel        Lita Katz
October 5             October 15          Carolyn Rose
Lee Fellows           Laura Cherny        Max Sherrill           October 30
Lyndsay Leach         Rachel Dermack      Melissa Starr          Dalya Kutchei
Staci Mond            Lianne Lichstrahl   Alana Stillitano       Zachary Levine
                      Debora Pizer                               Delilah Lovett
October 6             Diane Stilphen      October 24
Jill R. Balick        Simon Wojnowich     David Gamlin           October 31
Dan Biber                                 Alexis Kropp           Monica Cole
                      October 16          Isaac Luski            David Epstein
October 7             Alvaro Kraizel      Adam Rosenberger       Jordan Forsythe
Marvin Barman         Barry Perlmutter    Marc Silverman
Brandon Hochman       Mary Wojnowich
Stephen Kramer                            October 25
Mollie Tepper         October 17          Kathy D. Berlin
                      Jason Ackerman      Elias Eskind
October 8             Mallory Block       Evan Gorelick
Gerald Aronoff        Max Cohen           Addison Greenhagen
Alejandro Becker      Adam M. Eisner      Jerome Levin
Melissa Cole          Marni Ransenberg    Brian Roth
Miriam Diamond        Ronen Rappaport     Ira Slomka
Seth Goodman                              Bryston Spivock               *Reminder:
David Aaron Tepper    October 18          Emory Spivock            Your name will be read
Gary Wirth            Stuart Beame        Perry Tannenbaum          the Shabbat prior to
Jonathan Zulman       Kim Madrazo         Natalya K. Volynskiy         your Simcha.
                      Alan Raznick        Elena Zilber
18                    Jodie Schewitz
                    October Anniversaries
       October 5                                        October 19
       Peter & Cindy Levinson                           Doug & Lisa Richman
       Marc & Cheri Titlebaum
                                                        October 20
       October 6                                        Colin & Elaine Cigler
       Matt & Elisa Rudnet                              Shelton & Carol Gorelick
                                                        Sean & Amy Tyndall
       October 8
       Henry & Susan Rabinovich                         October 21
       William & Yvette Spivock                         Robert & Cheryl Comen
       October 9                                        October 22
       Leon & Jennifer Golynsky                         Michelle Bamford & Bill Kwiatkowski
       Bradley & Liz Winer                              Melvin & Caren Frank
       October 10                                       October 23
       Mark & Jane Rabinovitz                           Bruce & Laurie Sheinhaus
       Gerald & Fay Sinkoe                              Ben & Goldie Weinreb
       October 11                                       October 24
       Stephen & Penni Powell                           Wayne & Wendy Cohen
                                                        Alan & Denise Sussman
       October 12
       Stephen & Judy Kaufmann                          October 25
       Stephen & Heidi Kramer                           Jeffrey & Nicole Brooks
                                                        Mark & Debbie Freedman
       October 13                                       Ronald & Mary-Margaret Kantor
       Cynthia & James Chapman
                                                        October 27
       October 16                                       Abraham & Bette Bober
       David & Ahalelya Bafford                         Andy & Leslie Dinkin
       Bruce & Janet Gorelick                           Steven & Talia Goldman
       Gerald & Charlotte Miller
       Barry & Amy Sobel                                October 28
       Simon & Mary Wojnowich                           Jon & Stephanie Simon
       October 17                                       October 29
       Wade & Lyn Baker                                 David & Debra Van Glish
       Judith & Stephen Kahn
                                                        October 30
       October 18                                       Jeff & Roberta Malickson
       Chris & Marcie Williams
                                                        October 31
       October 19                                       Steven & Janice Zacks
       Mark & Cindy McManus

                          Support TIRS with Your VIC Card
Harris Teeter’s Together In Education program is a fund raising program for schools. When you purchase
select Harris Teeter Brand products using your VIC card, Harris Teeter contributes a percentage of
those purchase dollars to our school! Please link your VIC card today and help TIRS earn needed
Linking your VIC card is easy! Simply ask the cashier at your next visit to link your card to TIRS School:
ID# 4647 will take care of it for you! As always – thank you for your support!                         19
                              Temple Israel Events
B’nai Mitzvah Mavens
Temple Israel is proud to present the very latest in Bar/Bat Mitzvah tutoring: B’NAI MITZVAH MAVENS! This
B’nai Mitzvah tutoring program is tailored to meet individual needs and learning styles of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation has traditionally consisted of 12 months of semi-private and private tutoring sessions
that help students hone the advanced skills of Haftarah and Torah trope as well as preparing the B’nai Mitzvah
candidate with the necessary skills to lead services with poise and confidence.
In order to enhance the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process, Temple Israel now provides four months of small group tutoring,
with master teachers, Barbara Feld and Barbara Ezring. Our students then move on to working with Cantor Elias
Roochvarg to tackle the advanced skills of chanting trope. In addition, our students prepare for their D’var Torah
with Rabbi Ezring or Rabbi Cantor several months before their special day. By working together in small groups,
students have the benefit of peer-learning. Students help other students, and as a group they progress through the
entire Shabbat service. With so many wonderful teachers who have different teaching styles, the year leading up
to Bar or Bat Mitzvah is one of excitement, and learning opportunities at every turn!
B’nai Mitzvah Mavens, which was initiated in the Fall of 2007, has been a very successful program. At Temple
Israel we understand that each child deserves to feel positive, confident and excited about their B’nai Mitzvah.
The success of our new program is that each student feels like a Maven! For more information, please contact the
Cantor’s Office at 704-362-2796.

Lulav & Etrog Orders
If you ordered an Etrog & Lulav, you may pick it
up at Temple Israel in the lobby on Friday, Oct 10                                  Trees for Israel:
until 2:30pm and on Monday Oct 13 by 2:30pm.                                       Ruth Richardson at
Temple Israel Social Club
The Temple Israel Social Club, for active couples
and singles, invites you to join our social group.
Meet new people and enjoy our interesting                          Have You Remembered
programs and trips. Watch for our next trip,                      Temple Israel in your Will?
“something different” in November.
                                                            We would like to recognize and thank those congregants
For more information contact:                               who have made provisions for Temple Israel in their estate
Janine Rosner at 704-366-5631.                              plan. For more information please contact Phil Warshauer
                                                            at the Foundation for the Charlotte Jewish Community at
                                                            704-973-4544 or email pwarshauer@fftc.org.
        Donating an Old Cell Phone
                Can Save a Life
Our Temple, in conjunction with Shalom Bayit
and the Women’s Commission, is now collecting
cell phones for victims – or potential victims - of
domestic violence. Old, used and unwanted cell                           Recognize a friend or family member’s
phones will be reprogrammed to call 911 and used                         birthday, anniversary, or special day...
in the event of an emergency. Simply bring them                        Please include the following:
by the office for collection. (The JCC and JFS are           Name of recipient, Occasion, Date of Occasion,
also collecting at their main reception areas.)                    Name, phone number of sender
                                                                   (In case of questions) and $1.50
For more information contact:                                              for each leagram.
info@shalombayit-nc.org.                                                  Send requests to:
                                                                 Terri Roth, 3200 Twelve Oaks Place,
                                                                 Charlotte, NC 28270 704-845-2957
         17                          21                       19                           16                   20
                     (Reservations            (Reservations                (Reservations                             (Reservations
                         Required)                Required)                    Required)        (Reservations
                                                                                                    Required)            Required)

20                        17                          15
          (Reservations               (Reservations                (Reservations
              Required)                   Required)                    Required)

2008/2009 Shabbat Dinner Schedule

                                            Temple Israel Shabbat Dinner Reservation Form
                  Please send your checks to Attn: Terri Cathcart, 4901 Providence Road, Charlotte NC 28226

                                          Child Dinner (12 & Under) $7.50

                                          Child Nugget Dinner (12&Under) $7.00

                     Community News & Events
                  Shalom Baby                                               TI Members Encourged to
         Invites you to a Family Playdate                                     Attend Interfaith Vigil
            Sunday, October 19, 2008                                            October 19, 2008
     10:00 am, MY GYM, 5110 #2D Park Road
(in the Park Selwyn Terrace shopping center, 2nd level)        Myth: Domestic Abuse doesn’t happen in Jewish
Moms, Dads, Kids (2 & under) and their siblings,
please join us for a fun-filled family playdate. $10/          Fact: Studies estimate that 15 to 20 percent of Jewish
Family, advanced registration required by October              women are abused, a rate comparable to that of
13. To register, log on to www.jewishcharlotte.org             non-Jewish women. It is the same among Orthodox,
or call Susan Stafford at                                      Conservative, and Reform Jews.
                                                               On Sunday, October 19, 2008 beginning at 6:00 PM,
Shalom Baby is an outreach initiative of the Jewish            hundreds of caring people of all faiths will gather at
Federation of Greater Charlotte helping families with babies   Seigle Avenue Presbyterian Church, 600 Seigle Ave.
connect with the Charlotte Jewish community. For more          in Charlotte to memorialize those who died this year
information, call the Federation office at 704.944.6757 or     because of domestic violence and to honor those who
info@jewishcharlotte.org.                                      have survived. The Fourth Annual Candlelight Vigil is
                                                               sponsored by the Interfaith Committee of the Domestic
              Upcoming Events                                  Violence Advocacy Council. Last year two of the four
         at the Levine-Sklut Judaic                            “survivors” who shared their stories were from the
         Library & Resource Center                             Jewish community.
           Sunday, October 19, 2008                            Attending the Vigil is just one way our members can
                   7:00 pm                                     begin to become involved. Here are other ways we
          Topic: Lost In Translation:                          can help:
     When Holy Writ Becomes Wholly Wrong
                                                               •         Take the time to learn about domestic abuse and
Walter Ziffer, ThD, Adjunct Professor in the Department                  the signs of abuse.*
of Philosophy and Religion at Mars Hill College, will          •         Be aware. Someone you know is suffering from
lecture on the differences and errors that occurred in                   abuse.
the translation of the Bible.                                  •         BELIEVE HER (or him).
                                                               •         Learn what to say and what not to say.*
                 Library Hours                                 •         Volunteer in the community to support efforts to
     Sun/Wed/Thurs and Fri. 9:00am – 1:00pm                              eradicate domestic abuse and help those in need.
         Mon. & Tues. 9:00am – 6:00pm
         Wed. Evening 4:00pm - 9:00pm                          *For general information on domestic abuse visit www.shalombayit-nc.org,
                                                               the site for Shalom Bayit of North Carolina, an all-volunteer group of Jews
          For more information please call                     working to end domestic abuse in our community
                Talli at 704-944-6780
                                                                    Jewish Community Business Circle
              The LJCC Presents:                                      Special Wednesday Night Meeting
              The Butterfly Project                                 Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 6:30pm
                                                                            Speaker: Neil Swiacki
Begun at the San Diego Jewish Academy, Zikaron                          Competitive Edge Marketing
V’Tikvah (Remembrance and Hope) is an educational,
community ceramics project serving as a powerful visual        Neil Swiacki, Competitive Edge Marketing, will
representation to remember the 1.5 million children who        conduct a mini-class on “Brand Strategy 101.”
died in the Holocaust, and to honor the survivors. Now         Everyone works hard in their business, from sales, to
it’s Charlotte’s turn to add our butterflies toward the 1.5    product development, to customer service. We will
million goal by making our own piece of collaborative          meet at the Luski Hall Room 207 of the Bernstein
art here on Shalom Park. Interested in getting involved?       Building in Shalom Park
Contact Barbara Zeigler barbz@bellsouth.net or Gwen
Orland theorlands@carolina.rr.com.                             For more information: Don Rosenberg at 704-364-1784.

                Community News & Events
     Bernstein Leadership Group                               Overcoming the Challenge of
         Recruitment Party                                       Hearing Loss: Developing
             October 26                                           Strategies for Success
                                                          Sunday, November 9, 2008 2:00-3:30 pm
Attending an event or two in the Jewish community        Gorelick Hall Levine Jewish Community Center
is one thing, but becoming an inspired leader or
board member is another. How do you jump in             Hearing loss affects people of all ages. Learn from
and take your involvement to the next level? For        hearing professionals the causes of hearing loss,
many young Jewish leaders in the Queen City,            signs of hearing loss onset, how to screen for hearing
the answer is the Bernstein Leadership Group.           loss and options for treatment. Free program, but
                                                        reservations are requested.
Now entering its seventh class, the Donald H. and
Barbara K. Bernstein Leadership Development                       Please call 704-749-3070 or
Group is an 18-month program of the Jewish               email rsvp@beth-el.com to make a reservation
Federation that offers unique opportunities to its                beginning October 1, 2008.
participants, including:
                                                        Sponsored by the LJCC’s Health & Wellness Center, Oasis
•     An inside look at local Jewish agencies           Senior Enrichment, Temple Israel, and Temple Beth El.
      and access to their lay and professional
      leaders                                           Big Bubbies/Big Zaydes
•     Interaction with renowned national                Bridging the Generations
      leaders                                           Many families in Charlotte are from somewhere else,
•     The opportunity to develop tangible               meaning family members are scattered and separated
      leadership skills                                 by long distances. Young families and singles have lost
•     The fellowship of other emerging leaders          that valuable multi-generational support; while seniors
                                                        and “empty nesters” no longer have the strong ties to
Through monthly speakers and discussions over           the Jewish community they enjoyed when they were
the course of a year and a half, Bernstein leaders      raising their families.
become a tight-knit group. By “graduation,” many
participants have developed their interests in          Big Bubbies/Big Zaydes can bridge this gap by bringing
local Jewish agencies and have started down a           these two groups together. Jewish Family Services and
path to becoming engaged committee or board             the Bernstein Leadership Group Class VI are joining
members.                                                forces to launch this exciting new program.
To learn more and obtain an application, please         Get involved today! Call Stephanie Starr at Jewish
join us on Sunday, October 26, at 5:00 p.m. at          Family Services at 704-364-6594 or either Co-Chair of
Cajun Queen (1800 E. 7th Street) Appetizers,            the Bernstein Leadership Group: David Levin at
drinks and Jewish inspiration will be served.           704-708-4655, Karen Spiegler at 704-541-5677.
To RSVP or ask questions, please contact Marnie
Moskowitz at marnie.moskowitz@jewishcharlotte                           Mitzvah Baskets
.org or 704.944.6764.                                            It is everyone’s obligation to help feed the hungry...

                                                                                                                    Festive table arrangements
                                                                                                                    custom ~ designed for your
                                                                                                                    special celebration
                   Hadassah                                                                                              Baby Naming
                                                                                                                         Bar/Bat Mitzvah
Hadassah is gearing up to mail to your home the 2009                                                                     Birthday
                                                                                                                         Special Event
Charlotte Area Jewish Community Directory Blue Form.                                                                     Anniversary Party
                                                                                                                         Engagement Party
Please fill out these blue forms with the appropriate                                                                    Holiday Party
                                                                                                                         Rehearsal Dinner
information to be sure that the 2009 Directory will                                                                      Wedding

have your correct listing. Please mail back the forms
no later than November 1, 2008. You may also down         Call Nancy Bernstein (JFS Board Member) (704) 542-8864

load the forms at www.charlottehadassah.org               Prices begin at $18.00; donations are tax deductible.

                                                          Mitzvah Baskets are custom-tailored for life cycle celebrations and

Questions: Contact Tess Berger at 704-708-4857.           organization programs.

                                                                All proceeds go directly to JFS Food Pantry
                                                                           JFS is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Charlotte   23
     or by emailing him at richcharlottedos@mckibbonhotels.com

      Temple Israel
      Judaica Shop
     Hours             Grocery Store, Fresh Meat Department &
                          Deli/Take Home Food Department
                                 Our Restaurant serves Lunch daily
                                 and full service dinner on Sunday.

                      704-563-8288                          gleibermans.com
                                    5668-D International Drive
                                Providence Square Shopping Center
                                     CATERING AVAILABLE!
                          Let us take care of all your small or large events.

30                                                                              25
                                                                                                      Allan S. Oxman, CLU
                                                                                                         Chartered Life Underwriter
                                                                                                       Chartered Financial Consultant
                                                                                                          Accredited Estate Planner
                                                                                                       Registered Investment Advisor
                                                                                                                 A Member of
                                                                                                          First Financial Resources
                                                                                                    1108 East Blvd., Charlotte, NC 28203

                                                                                                 704/342-2277                 FAX: 704/344-1209
                                                                                                 or 800/951-7873         aoxman@ffrcharlotte.com

 Bring Friends & Family!
 Members, invite a friend or family to join you at the LJCC!
 For the month of August only, member families can bring
 guests to the Membership Office for a one-day pass to
 enjoy our facilities.* Whether you prefer our state-of-the-art
 fitness center or the outstanding aquatic complex, every-
 thing’s more fun with a friend.
 Now is the perfect time to join the LJCC!
 We’re gearing up for the new school year by waiving the
 one time joining fee from August 1 to September 15. If your
 family has been thinking about joining, the time is now!

 *Promotion Code: Q308F2.
  Good for five guest visits per member family. Aug only. See the Membership Office for details.

                                                                               Fit for everyone.
                                                                               Sandra and Leon Levine Jewish Community Center
                                                                               5007 Providence Road / 704.366.5007 / charlottejcc.org

October 2008                                                                           Tishrei - Cheshvan 5769
      Sunday                 Monday               Tuesday               Wednesday              Thursday                Friday                 Saturday

B’nai Mitzvah                     Daily Minyan*
                                                                    1   Office Closed
                                                                        8:30 AM
                                                                        Rosh Hashanah
                                                                                          2                     3                         4
Joseph Vitale 10/25/08            Evening Minyans                       Services                                6:15 PM                   9:30 AM
                                                                                           7:00 PM
Sara Mond 10/25/08                                                  9:30 AM
                                                                    Torah Service          Social Club          Shabbat Services          Shabbat Services
                                                                                           Board                                          10:00 AM
                                  Morning Minyans                   11:00 AM Musaf
                                                                                                                                          Jr. Congregation
                                                                                                                6:46 PM
                                                                    11:30 AM Sermon                                                       Mini Minyan
                                                                                           7:30 PM              Candle Lighting
                                                                                           Adult B’nai                                    Munchkin Minyan
                                  *Unless otherwise noted           7:30 PM
                                                                    Minyan                 Mitzvah Class
                                  on Calendar
                                                                    Rosh Hashanah Day 2

5                        6                 7                        8                     9    Office Closed

                                                                                          10:00 AM
                                                                                                                10                        11
                                                                      3:00 PM             Yom Kippur Services   6:15 PM                   9:30 AM
                                                                      Office Closes                             Shabbat Services
10:30 AM                                                                                  11:30 AM                                        Shabbat Services
Community                                                            6:45 PM              Torah Service
Memorial Service                                                                          followed by           6:36 PM
                                                                     Kol Nidre                                                            10:00 AM
at the                                                                                    Yizkor & Musaf        Candle Lighting
                                                                     Services                                                             Jr. Congregation
Hebrew Cemetery                                                      Must be seated       4:15 PM                                         Mini Minyan
                                                                     by 6:30pm            Yom Kippur Study
                                                                                           5:15 PM Mincha
                                                                                           6:30 PM Neilah
                                                                                           7:38 PM Fast Ends
                                                                         Kol Nidre            Yom Kippur

12                       13                14                       15                    16                    17                        18
 12:00 PM                                     9:30 AM                9:30 AM                                                              9:30 AM
                         3:00 PM                                                             10:00 AM           6:15 PM
 Sisterhood                                   Sukkot Services        Sukkot Services                                                      Shabbat Services
                         Office Closes                                                       Celebrating Life   Shabbat Services
 Paid up                                                                                                                                  10:00 AM
 Luncheon                 6:15 PM             7:30 PM                                         7:00 PM
                                                                                                                 6:27 PM                  Jr. Congregation
                          Erev Sukkot         Sukkot                                          TI Executive
                                                                                              Committee          Candle Lighting          Mini Minyan
                          Services            Evening Services
                                                                                              7:00 PM            7:00 PM                  1:30 AM
                                                                                              Adult B’nai        Family &                 Sisterhood
                                                                                              Mitzvah Class      Day School               Rosh Chodesh
                                                                                                                 Shabbat Dinner
                                               Sukkot Day 1             Sukkot Day 2                             (By Reservations Only)

19                       20                21                       22                    23                    24                        25
 12:00 PM                7:30 AM           6:00 PM
                         Hashanah Rabbah                            9:30 AM                                                               9:30 AM
 Rabbi at the Grill                        Simchat Torah Dinner     Simchat Torah                                                         Shabbat Services
 Sukkot Meal             Services          (By Reservations Only)
                                                                                                                 6:15 PM
                         3:00 PM                                                                                                          10:00 AM
    12:30 PM                               6:45 PM                                                               Shabbat Services
                         Office Closes                                                                                                    Jr. Congregation
  Family Sukkot                            Ma’ariv
                                                                                                                                          Mini Minyan
                         6:30 PM
 Singin’ with Susan                        7:00 PM                                                               6:19 PM
                         Erev Shemini
                                           Erev Simchat Torah                                                    Candle Lighting
7:00 PM
Interfaith Bible Study    Erev Shemini
In the Sukkah                Atzeret                                  Simchat Torah

26                       27                28                       29                    30                    31
                                           9:30 AM                                          6:00 PM              6:11 PM
                                           Tuesday with              12:30 PM               Job Seekers          Candle Lighting
                                           Torah                     Torah Spark
                                                                                            7:00 PM
                                           12:30 PM                                         Adult B’nai         6:15 PM
                                           Points of View           7:00 PM                 Mitzvah Class       Shabbat Services
                                                                    Choir Rehearsal
                                           7:00 PM                                          7:45 PM
                                           Interfaith Bible Study                           Adult Education
                                                                                            Rabbi David
                                                  Thanks for Supporting our
                                                Congregation for Over 50 Years

            Temple Israel                                                   Non-Profit
            4901 Providence Road
            Charlotte, NC 28226                                            Organization
            P: 704-362-2796 F: 704-362-1098                                US Postage
            www.templeisraelnc.com                                           PAID
                                                                          Charlotte, NC
An Affiliate of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism             Permit No. 1353
                                                                         Dated Material
                                                                         Please Deliver

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