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                       ABOUT OUR COVER
                       Grab a tube and float
                       through Richmond’s
                       state park on the James
                        River. Courtesy of
                        Bill Crabtree, Jr., Va.
                        Tourism Corp.                               5
6   JULY/AUGUST 2011
                                   CElEBRATE 75 YEARS Of nATURAl fUn wiTh

                                                 g s To S do
                                      0 ThinA STATE PARk
 Courtesy of Bill Crabtree, Jr.,

 Va. Tourism Corp.


                                                   By Tammie Wersinger. Photos courtesy of Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation.
 Nothing seems more natural for a summer vacation than spending time camping, fishing, hiking and exploring Virginia’s state Parks.
   With the park system celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, there’s no better time to explore its offerings. to commemorate the
benchmark, park officials have released a list of 75 things to see and do in Virginia state Parks. they are also giv-
  ing a prize a day either at one of their parks or on their website as a part of 75 Days of summer contest.
                                                                                                                                 to find the
 On June 15, 1936, Virginia became the first state to open a statewide park system – all on the same day.                   perfect state park for
six new parks were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps to give citizens “modern outdoor recreational
                                                                                                                             your family, go to
 experiences while protecting natural resources,’’ said Jim Meisner, a spokesman for the parks. In the past
  75 years, the number of parks has grown to 35, and these parks host more than 8 million visitors each                                            m
  year. Meisner says, “Virginia state Parks are a safe, economical way for families to enjoy the outdoors.’’                  for a map and
                                                                                                                               activity chart!

                                        1  Follow a Trail
                                              Adventures abound in the state parks for hikers and bikers of all levels of experience. two parks–
                                          grayson Highlands and sky Meadows – offer access to the Appalachian trail, while grayson also
                                          leads hikers to magnificent waterfalls and past a herd of wild ponies that are so accustomed to visitors
                                          that they rarely halt their grazing. Railroad tunnels and a 57-mile rail trail at New River trail state Park
                                          offers an array of experiences for hikers and bikers.
                                              scenic possibilities abound for hikers along the 27-mile trail at High Bridge trail state Park. Its
                                          centerpiece – the majestic High Bridge, which is 2,400 feet long and 160 feet above the Appomattox
                                          River, remains under construction and is expected to open late this year. If hiking is not your thing, you
                                          can experience the nature trails at False Cape state Park by riding on the terra gator – a specially
                                          designed vehicle that takes visitors on site-seeing tours while minimizing the impact to this environment.                                                                                                                                7
                                                               2            Saddle Up
                                                                               twenty state parks feature equestrian trails, with seven that have campsites that allow visitors to
                                                                          sleep under the stars with their own. For equestrians, there’s nothing like a stay at New River Trail
                                                                          State Park, where horses can be rented for a ride along bridle trails. the park also features the
                                                                     Mark E. Hufeisen Horse Complex, which sits on 16.5 acres and has a 170- by 250-foot arena with a
                                                                     calf-roping shoot box and back pins, bleacher seating for 600 spectators and parking.
                                                                         “Horseback riding in state parks is growing more and more popular,” Meisner said. “the variety of
                                                                     trails, the overnight accommodations and easy trail access make our parks very popular.”

                                                                                                                 4           Go With the Flow
                                                                                                                               If it’s a day of boating you’re looking for, there
                                                                                                                           are 24 state parks that can accommodate your
                                                                                                                       needs. Eighteen of those also offer rentals of canoes,
                                                                                                                       paddle boats, kayaks or motorboats.
                                                                                                                           launch your boat or rent one at the marina for a
                                                                                                                       day on the water at Claytor lake state Park, which is
                                                                                                                       located on the 4,500-acre, 21-mile-long Claytor lake
                                                                                                                       in the New River Valley of southwestern Virginia.

                                                                                                                           If you would rather navigate the scenic Potomac
                                                                                                                       River, leesylvania offers launching ramps, sailboat
                                                                                                                       hoists and parking for 186 cars or trailers. At smith
                                               Learn from the Past                                                     Mountain lake state Park, you can tour the state’s sec-
                                                  Visitors to sailor’s Creek Battlefield Historical                    ond largest body of water in your own or rental.
                                          state Park in Rice can relive the last major battle of the                        For those wanting to paddle their days away, york
                                          Civil Work at the site where gen. Robert E. lee’s army                       River state Park offers guided canoe and kayak on
                                          lost 7,700 men, including eight generals, on April 6,                        the river, as well as canoe, johnboat, paddleboat and
                                          1865. this defeat was paramount to lee’s decision to                         kayak rentals on Woodstock Pond. And, a canoe liv-
                                          surrender at Appomattox Court House 72 hours later,                          ery, along with rentals and transportation, at James
                                          thus ending the war in Virginia.                                             River state Park allows guests to float up to eight miles
                                               At staunton River Battlefield state Park in Randolph,                   of the most historic river in America.
                                          the tale is told of a ragtag group of Confederate old
                                          men and young boys, who beat the odds and held off
                                          an assault by 5,000 union cavalry soldiers on a bridge
                                          of strategic importance to general lee’s army.
                                              the story of the 1890s coal boom, as well as the
                                          early exploration and settlement of the region is brought
                                          to life at the southwest Virginia Museum and Histori-
                                          cal state Park at Big stone gap. An hour further west,
                                          Wilderness Road state Park features Martin’s station, a
                                          Daniel Boone-era reproduction fort evoking the frontier
                                          of Virginia.

                                                        5         Cast A Line
                                                                      Whether night fishing on Chesapeake Bay or landing some flounder in the york River, visitors have ample
                                                                  opportunities to drop their lines in about 30 of the state parks. Eleven parks, including James River, have
                                                                  universally-accessible fishing piers, and another three have universally-accessible fishing areas.
    Courtesy of Bill Crabtree, Jr., Va.

                                                                    At Kipotopeke state Park, concrete ships located off the shore on the Chesapeake Bay offer some of Vir-
                                                                ginia’s finest salt water fishing, while its lighted pier gives land-locked fishermen 24-hour access to great fishing.
                                                                Where the fresh and salt water meet at york River state Park, there’s a habitat rich in marine life and a great
                                                                fishing spot for flounder. Douthat state Park features a 50-acre lake stocked with rainbow, brown and brook
    Tourism Corp.

                                                                trout, as well as resident largemouth bass, sunfish, black crappie and channel catfish. At Bear Creek lake state
                                                                Park, less than an hour from Richmond, visitors can cast a line right from their campsites.

8                                                                                                                                                                  JULY/AUGUST 2011
                                                                       Get Festive and Enjoy

                                                                                                                                                        Tourism Corp.
                                                                                                                                                        Courtesy of Bill Crabtree, Jr., Va.
                                                                       the Sounds
                                                                            tap your toes to music, tantalize your
                                                                        taste buds with great regional food and en-
                                                                  joy all kinds of entertainment during a smorgas-
                                                                  bord of events.
                                                                      Pocahontas state Park’s spacious amphithe-
                                                                  ater will host a series of concerts throughout the

                                                                  summer. sky Meadows state Park will host the

                                                                  Fall Farm Festival at Mount Bleak Farm, with a
                                                                  different theme each week such as Native Ameri-
                                                                                                                                            Stay the
                                                                  can and Civil War themes.                                                 Night
                                  Hands-on Learning                   Other noteworthy events include: Pork, Pea-
                                                                                                                               From camping and cab-
                                                                  nut and Pine Festival at Chippokes Plantation,
     the Backyard Classroom programs                                                                                       ins to family lodges that can
                                                                  July 17; simple gifts of the Blue Ridge concert
help young people learn to enjoy and                                                                                       sleep up to 16, Virginia state
                                                                  at Fairy stone state Park, Aug. 26 and Apple
appreciate natural wonders and historic                                                                                    Parks make an excellent over-
                                                                  Day: A celebration of Appalachian Heritage at
treasures. students can participate in the                                                                                 night destination for long-time
                                                                  Douthat state Park, Oct. 8.
youth Conservation Corps, and the False                                                                                    or novice campers, as well as
Cape state Park’s Wash Woods Environ-                                                                                      families looking for a gathering
mental Education Center has overnight                                                                                      place. Five and six-bedroom
facilities for groups to learn about the                                                                                   family lodges are available at
coastal barrier spit ecosystems or the cul-                                                                                11 parks.
tural history of the Outer Banks.                                                                                              At Belle Isle in the rural
     Natural tunnel’s Cove Ridge Center                                                                                    Northern Neck of Virginia,
offers a hands-on course of southwest                                                                                      there are two large houses that
Virginia’s ecology, topography and                                                                                         are perfect for weddings and
cultural history. Children and adults                                                                                      other large gatherings. For
can combine technology and the great                                                                                       something different, there is the
outdoors through geocaching – a gPs-                                                                                       Kiptopeke state Park yurt – a
based game that uses a satellite system                                                                                    modern structure, based on an-
to find tupperware boxes in the woods.                                                                                     cient Russian dwellings that are

                                                                                                                           part cabin and part tent. this
                                                     Get Wet                                                               unique abode has a spectacu-
                                                          Visitors can dive into the cool waters of pools, lakes, rivers   lar view of Chesapeake Bay.
                                                      or the ocean at 18 of Virginia’s state parks. Pocahontas has an          the Poplar Hill Cottage at
                                                      Aquatic Center, which features a toddler pool, two adult pools,      southwest Virginia Museum is
                                                   two tubular slides and enough water sprays and sprouts to keep          a quaint garden-themed home
                                                   swimmers busy for the day.                                              that is the perfect get-a-way in
 Courtesy of Bill Crabtree, Jr., Va.

                                                       the swimming area at Holliday lake in Appomattox features           the beautiful scenic mountains.
                                                   the Critter Hole play area, while more than a mile of beach lo-         Furnished with reproduction
                                                   cated along the Chesapeake Bay makes First landing state Park a         furniture, it has all the comforts
                                                   great place to get your feet wet. And, the Moccasin water slide at      of home and accommodates
 Tourism Corp.

                                                   staunton River state Park is a 70-foot slide that ends in an Olympic    up to six guests. Hungry Moth-
                                                   size pool. there’s also the Pollywog Pond for kids and toddlers.        er has one- and two-bedroom
                                                                                                                           cabins, plus a six-bedroom

                                                                                                                           lodge that offers a magnificent
                                       Be One With Nature                                                                  view of the park.
             there’s bird watching, wildlife encounters, waterfalls, sea-                                                      During peak season, be-
          sons, sunsets and more. Visitors can do everything from gather-                                                  tween Memorial Day and la-
ing fairy stones at Fairy stone state Park and collecting sharks teeth on                                                  bor Day, a week’s reservation
the beach in Westmoreland to taking an eagle tour at the Caledon Natu-                                                     is required at all state park
ral Area. Within Virginia state Parks, there are too many natural trea-                                                    cabins and lodges, but that
sures to count - flowers, foliage, mountains, oceans, creeks, rivers, birds,                                               gives visitors plenty of time to
deer – and there is at least one park within an hour from every Virginian.                                                 explore.                                                                                                                                                                     9
10   JULY/AUGUST 2011
                                   SAT And
                              TIPS ACT PreP
                                For parents whose teens are college
                            bound, the SAT and/or ACT is an inevi-
                            table milestone on the journey. As Charles
                            Tysinger of the Glen Allen Huntington
                            Learning Center says, “One of the most
                            important things a student can do to pre-
                            pare for entrance exams is get acquainted
                            with their format and the topics they cov-
                            er. As a parent, you wouldn’t encourage
                            your child to take a driving test without
                            ever putting them behind the wheel. The
                            same goes for the SAT and ACT.”
                                Tysinger offers these three tips taught
                            in Huntington’s prep courses:
                                     Know the exam you’re tak-
                                     ing. The ACT and the SAT are
                                     very different exams. The SAT has
                            three sections: Critical Reading, Writing
                            and Math. The ACT differs by also includ-
                            ing a science section and covering trigo-
                            nometry. The SAT is more focused on vo-
                            cabulary; the essay on the ACT is optional.
                            “Generally,” says Tysinger, “the SAT re-
                            quires critical thinking and strategy, while
                            the ACT is focused on knowledge students
                            acquired in high school.”
                                       Time management is key.
                                     One of the most difficult aspects
                                     of both exams for students is
                            managing one’s time effectively. On both
                            exams, the questions tend to get progres-
                            sively harder.
                                      Understand scoring. Accord-
                                     ing to Tysinger, “On the SAT, every
                                     question a student gets wrong re-
                            sults in a quarter-point deduction, so we
                            teach students strategies to narrow down
                            five choices to three if possible. The ACT
                            does not deduct points for incorrect an-
                            swers, so we encourage students to guess.”
                                 Summer after sophomore year is an
                            ideal time to begin preparation for en-
                            trance exams. Tysinger adds, “This test is
                            unlike any test a student has taken before.
                            Our goal is to give students the skills to
                            perform their best on it.”                                                  11
12   JULY/AUGUST 2011
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     Arthur Ashe, Jr. monument
     Controversy on the Avenue Written and photographed by Hunter Henkel.

              n June 10, 1996 the bronze statue of the   Confederacy, in the minds of many it took on
              first black man to win Wimbledon was       that role.” The 12-foot statue which stands on
              placed on Monument Avenue just a few       Monument Avenue and Roseneath Road is the
     blocks from statues honoring several Confeder-      work of New Jersey native and Sculptor Paul
     ate leaders. The dedication of the Arthur Ashe,     DiPasquale who also created the well known
     Jr. monument changed the history of Monument        statue of Connecticut, which used to greet
     Avenue significantly. “Although Monument Av-        visitors at the Diamond.
     enue was never designated as a memorial to the            DiPasquale met the international tennis
                                                         star in 1992 and later wrote to Ashe seeking
                                                         his permission to create a sculpture in his like-
                                                         ness - to create an “authorized and approved
                                                         public sculpture.” Ashe gave his authorization
                                                         and requested that the statue be as “straight-
                                                         forward as possible.” The tennis great suggest-
                                                         ed to the sculptor that he would be in favor of
                                                         a laid-back pose perhaps holding books or a
                                                         tennis racket. After Arthur Ashe passed away
                                                         in 1993, his wife Jeanne Moutoussamy Ashe
                                                         collaborated with DiPasquale on the comple-
                                                         tion of the sculpture. She provided DiPasquale
                                                         with photographs and clothing which be-
                                                         longed to her late husband.
                                                               Born in Richmond in 1943, Arthur Ashe
                                                         helped break the color barrier in tennis and
                                                         was a strong human rights activist. In spite
                                                         of much controversy, Monument Avenue was
                                                         deemed an appropriate location because of
                                                         its visibility, safety, fund-raising potential and
                                                         approval by the Ashe family.
                                                               The monument was completed as Ashe
                                                         had requested – an informal pose of him in
                                                         a warm-up suit with his arms raised in vic-
                                                         tory. In his left hand he holds a tennis racket
                                                         (symbolizing athletics) and a few books in his
                                                         right representing education. Four children
                                                         of various ethnic backgrounds surround him
                                                         - looking upward and raising their arms. The
                                                         monument purposefully faces west because
                                                         DiPasquale explained the light from the shad-
                                                         ows and the west was best, as were the high
                                                         trees to the east that would frame the frontal
                                                         view without shading the figure’s faces. West
                                                         is also symbolic of the “future, hope and free-
                                                         dom” of American culture. Engraved on the
                                                         back of the pedestal are some words explain-
                                                         ing the purpose of the monument, “to inspire
                                                         children and people of all nationalities.” To-
                                                         day Monument Avenue can be seen as repre-
                                                         sentative of both the Old and the New South.
                                                             Research	for	this	article	was	based	on	Richmond’s	Monument	Avenue	by	Sarah	
                                                         Shields	Driggs,	Richard	Guy	Wilson,	Robert	P.	Winthrop,	John	O.	Peters. n

14                                                                                                    JULY/AUGUST 2011
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        DININg |   NIgHTLIFE | EVENTS | TRAVEL | SPORTS | THE ARTS                           Flavor                                   17
                                                                                                      JJ’s Grille
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                                                                                             Brunch, lunch & Dinner.
                                                                                                      Dine-In. Casual.

                                                                                                      Joey’s Hot Dogs
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                                                                                                      lunch and Dinner. Dine-in & take out. Casual.

                                                                                                      Julep’s New Southern Cuisine
                                                                                                      1719 E Franklin street. 377-3968.
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     AMERICAN                                      City Limit
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     short Pump town Center. 377.9060.             Dine-In. Casual. Reservations suggested.           Boxed lunches, Platters & Catering.
     Breakfast, lunch & Dinner. Casual.            Cuptertino’s NY Bagels & Deli                      Palani Drive
     Dine-In & take Out.                           3621 Cox Road. 747-4005.                           401 libbie Ave. 285.3200.
     Big Al’s Sports Bar & Grill                   Breakfast & lunch. Dine-In & take out. Casual.     lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take-Out. Casual.
     3641 Cox Road. town Oaks shopping Center.
     270-4454.              Firebirds Wood-Fired Grill                         Padow’s Ham & Deli
     lunch & Dinner. Dine-in. Casual.              11800 W. Broad street, ste. 1068. 364-9744.        1601 Willow lawn Drive. 358-4267.
                                                                5964 W. Broad st. 965.6262.
     Bistro R                                      lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.       lunch & Dinner.
     9681 W. Broad street. 747-9484.               Casual. Reservations suggested.                    Dine-In & take out. Casual. lunch & Dinner.
     Dine-In & Catering. Casual.                   The Glen Restaurant at                             The Pour House
     Reservations suggested.                       Virginia Crossings Resort                          3438 Pump Road. 364-9083.
                                                   1000 Virginia Center Parkway. 727-1480.   lunch & Dinner.
                                                            Dine-In & take out. Casual.
     Buffalo Wild Wings                            Breakfast, Brunch, lunch, & Dinner.
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     4024 Cox Road, ste. A. 780-2537.                                                                 River City Diner                      HogsHead Cafe                                      803 E Parham Road. 515-7925.
     lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.   9503 West Broad street. 308-0281.         Casual.
                                          Catering.                 Breakfast, lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.
                                                   Casual, lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take Out.
                                                                                                      Shackleford’s Restaurant & Raw Bar
                                                                                                      10496 Ridgefield Pkwy. 741-9900.
                                                                                                      lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.

                                                                                                      One West Broad street. 225-0035.
                                                                                                      Brunch, lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.
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                                                                                                      Tropical Smoothie
                                                                                             for locations.
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                                                                                                      Wing Zone
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                                                                                                      lunch, Dinner and late Night. Casual.
                                                                                                      Dine-In, take Out, Delivery & Catering.
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18   Flavor                                                                                                 
11740 W. Broad street. 364-1788. lunch & Dinner.
Dine-In. upscale casual.
Reservations strongly suggested.

Mama Wok
7801 W. Broad street. 672-8989.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, take out, & Delivery.
Casual. Reservations suggested.

11674 W. Broad street. 364-8800.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.
upscale casual. Reservations suggested.

Balkan Restaurant
8905 Patterson Ave. 754-2255.
Casual, lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take Out.

Bill’s Barbecue
5805 W. Broad street. 282-8539. Casual.
Breakfast, lunch, & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.

Famous Dave’s
7009 W Broad st. 755-4450.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.

Grandpa Eddie’s Alabama Ribs & BBQ
11129 three Chopt Road. 270-7427. Casual.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.

TD’s Smokehouse BBQ
8919 Patterson Ave. 741-9804.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.

Dora’s Brazilian Grill
1331 E. Cary st. 269.3697.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.

Texas de Brazil
1420 North Parham Road. 750-2003. Dinner. Dine-In.
upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

Chung Hing Chinese Restaurant
3053 lauderdale Drive. 360-2708.
lunch & Dinner. Pick-up, take out & Delivery.
Casual.                         Flavor   19
              Full Kee
              6400 Horsepen Road. 673-2233. Casual.
              lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take-out & Delivery.

              9125 W. Broad street, ste. l. 270-3888.
              lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, take out & Delivery.

              Rainbow Buffet
              11424 W. Broad street. 360-8288.
              lunch & Dinner. Casual. All-you-can-eat buffet.

              COFFEE & TEA
              6920-C lakeside Ave. 308-0395.
              Dine-in, take-out & Catering. lunch. Casual.

              The Melting Pot
              9704 gayton Road. 741-3120.
     Dinner. Dine-In.
              upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

              Can Can
              3120 W Cary street. 358-7274.
              Breakfast, lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.
              Casual. Reservations suggested.

              The Crazy Greek
              1903 staples Mill Rd. 355.3786.
              Breakfast, lunch & Dinner. Dine-In,
              take out & Delivery. Casual.

              Grapevine Greek & Italian Cuisine
              11055 three Chopt Road. 440-9100.
              lunch & Dinner. Casual.

              Greek Islands
              9503 C West Broad street. 290-0002.
              Casual, lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take Out.

              Nick’s Roman Terrace
              8051 W. Broad street. 270-2988. Casual.
              lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.

              4015 lauderdale Drive. 360.8686.
     lunch & Dinner.
              Dine-In and Catering. Casual.
              Reservations suggested.

              short Pump town Center, suite 910.
              lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. upscale Casual.

20   Flavor         
3456 lauderdale Drive. 364-7077. Casual.
lunch and Dinner. Dine-In & take out.

Angela’s Ristorante
425 N. Ridge Road. 288-7483.
Dinner. Dine-In. Casual. Reservations suggested.

Apollo’s Flame Baked Pizza and Grill
9410 W. Broad street. 965-5554. Casual.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, take out and Delivery.

6221 River Road. 282-1509.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. upscale.

8026 - D West Broad street. 270-7011.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.

1304 gaskins Road. 740-5050.
 lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.

10833 W. Broad street. 346-3333. Casual.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-in, take out & Delivery.

Osteria La Giara
201 towne Center West Blvd. 269-3602. lunch & Dinner.

The Phoenician
4401 W. Broad st. 359.5590.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.

Emilio’s Restaurant
1847 W. Broad street. 359-1224.
Dine-In & take out. Casual.
Reservations suggested.

Casa Grande
7818 W. Broad street. 755-2388.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.

Don Papa Grande
8900 W. Broad street. 270-7767.
lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.                          Flavor   21
     Don Pedro 3
     8982 Quioccasin Rd. 750.1113. 750.1106.
                                                     PIZZERIA                                        STEAK & CHOP HOUSE
     lunch & Dinner. Dine-in & take out. Casual.     Extreme Pizza                                   Buckhead’s
                                                     11653 W. Broad street. 360-3123.                8510 Patterson Avenue. 750-2000.
     El Caporal                             Casual.          Dinner. Dine-In.
     1417 E. Ridge Road. 673-1090.                   lunch & Dinner. Dine-In, take out & Delivery.   upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.
     lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.     Ledo Pizza & Pasta                              Hondos
                                                     short Pump. 4030 gathering Place. 364-9770.     4024-C Cox Road. 968-4323.
     El Paso                                         Willow lawn. 4925 W. Broad st. 864-5336.
     3417 Cox Road. 346-8889.               Casual.                      lunch, Dinner & sunday Brunch. Dine-In.
     lunch & Dinner. Dine-in & take out. Casual.     lunch & Dinner. Dine-in, take out & Catering.   upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.

     Mariachis Authentic Mexican Grill                                                               Ruth’s Chris
     10456 Midlothian turnpike. 272-5692.            SEAFOOD                                         11500 W. Huguenot Road. 378-0600.
     Coming Soon! 13933 Hull street Road.            Byram’s Lobster House                  Dinner. Dine-In.
     Casual, lunch and Dinner. Dine-In & take Out.   3215 W. Broad street. 355-9193. Casual.         upscale. Reservations strongly suggested.
                                            lunch & Dinner. Dine-In.
     Mexico Restaurant                                                                               Shula’s Steak House
     11621 West Broad street. 360.9446.              Coast                                           12042 W. Broad street. 565-7000.
     4040 Cox Road. 290.0400.                        5806 grove Ave. 288.8466.                                                         Breakfast, lunch & Dinner. Dine-In. Casual.
     lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.     lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.     Reservations strongly suggested.

     Plaza Azteca                                    Skilligalee Restaurant
     12020 W. Broad st. 360-7439.                    5416 glenside Dr. 672.6200.                     SUSHI                                                Kona Grill
     Casual, lunch and Dinner. Dine-In & take Out.   lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.             11221 W. Broad street. 364-5660.
                                                     Casual. Reservations suggested.       
                                                                                                     lunch & Dinner. Dine-in. upscale Casual.
     Riad Authentic Moroccan Grill
     COMING SOON! live entertainment nightly.                                                        THAI
     8902 W. Broad street.                                                                           Tara Thai
                                                                                                     11800 W. Broad street., #2516. 360-0001.
                                                                                                     lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.

                                                                                                     Thai Diner
                                                                                                     8059 W. Broad street. 270-2699.
                                                                                            lunch & Dinner. Casual.
                                                                                                     Dine-In & take out. Reservations suggested.

                                                                                                     Thai Flavor Food
                                                                                                     4040 Cox Road. 562-4105.
                                                                                                     Casual, lunch & Dinner, Dine-In & take Out.

                                                                                                     Mekong Restaurant
                                                                                                     6004 W. Broad street. 288-8929.
                                                                                                     lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out. Casual.

                                                                                                     Vietnam Garden
                                                                                                     9031 W. Broad street. 262-6114.
                                                                                                     lunch & Dinner. Dine-In & take out.

                                                                                                     The Wine Loft
                                                                                                     4035 Whittall Way. 368-1768.
                                                                                                     Dinner. Dine-In. upscale Casual. n

22   Flavor                                                                                               
                                         By Kellie Murphy

                                As temperatures climb outside, you
                            can beat the heat by dining in some of the
                            area’s newest restaurants. Enjoy!
                                Recently opened in The Shoppes at
                            Innsbrook is Thai Flavor Food and
                            Noodle. Owners Penphicha Umphol
                            and Krit Meriprasert, a husband and wife
                            team, are former chefs with Tara Thai.
                            They are open Monday through Saturday
                            for lunch and dinner and Sundays for din-
                                The Halligan Bar and Grill will add
                            a second location in West Broad Village at
                            Short Pump. Owner Shawn Gregory re-
                            ports the new restaurant will feature a full
                            fire truck with a bar wrapped around it.
                            VIP dining on top of the truck will be avail-
                            able for 8 to 10 with reservation fees going
                            to Halligan’s Heroes, a nonprofit benefit-
                            ing firefighters and their families. The new
                            grill will also feature garage doors, one
                            opening to a patio and another to a ban-
                            quet room. The opening is planned for
                            September 11th.
                                Another Olive Garden will soon be
                            coming to The Corner at Short Pump. The
                            new location will be at the intersection of
                            West Broad Street and Lauderdale Drive,
                            across from Short Pump Town Center.
                                Portico, which will take over the for-
                            mer Edible Garden on River Road, is the
                            new venture from Sensi’s Paolo Randazzi.
                            Renovations include an outdoor fireplace,
                            granite bar and larger dining room.

                               To submit restaurant news, email
                            new openings, menus, chefs and more
                            to n           Flavor                                  23
24   Flavor
            BAker’s Crust
      A Decade of the Art of Breads
                By Morgan Harris. Photos by Tim Hill.

              aker’s Crust has graced Richmond for over a decade
              and currently has two locations, the original in Cary-
              town and one in the Short Pump Town Center.
         Known for their artisan breads and gourmet sandwiches,
     they have continued to evolve their casual dining niche and dis-
     tinguish themselves from the competition. Their eclectic menu
     now includes a variety of bruschettas, flat breads, savory crepes
     and specialty entrees along with their robust soups and an amaz-
     ing choice of fresh salads.
         The Carytown location has recently introduced wood-fired
     pizzas which are baked to perfection in their new wood burning
     pizza oven. General Manager John Foster believes their pizza is
     the best in town.
         Bread is the “canvas” for Baker’s Crust menu creations, and it
     is baked fresh each day, without preservatives, in their bakery in
     Virginia Beach. They also make their own decadent desserts in
     the same bakery and deliver them to the Richmond restaurants
     every morning. Of course, you can also indulge in one of their
     amazing dessert crepes that are spun on a “crepe iron” in the res-
     taurant to order.
         Don’t forget breakfast! Carytown serves breakfast seven days
     a week starting at 7 a.m. Short Pump offers breakfast/brunch on
     Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.
         You’ll also find them to be very kid friendly with a children’s
     menu featuring such favorites as lil’ burgers, chicken fingers,
     grilled cheese and more.
         And, lastly, because sometimes it looks too good to pick just
     one thing, Baker’s offers a “combo” option where customers are
     encouraged to combine any two: a cup of soup, a half salad or a
     half sandwich. n
             3553 W. Cary street in Carytown. 804-213-0800
                  short Pump town Center. 804-377-9060

26   Flavor                                                      
                                                                                                              We caught up with

                                                                                                              bartender Allison Ross,

                                                                                                              who gets to hone her

                                                                                                              beer-pouring and

                                                                                                              drink-mixing abilities

                                                                                                              in 10,000-square-

                                                                                                              feet of fun, food and

                                                                                                              libations at Capital

                                                                                                              Ale House’s West

                                                                                                              End location in the

                                                                                                              Innsbrook Shoppes.

   Bartender’s Best
   CAPI tAl Al E’ s A l lI s O N R Os s
                                                                                             By Tammie Wersinger. Photo by Tim Hill.
   So, Allison, what kind of thrill is it for a bartender               brewery every week, and guests love to come in, try new beers
to be surrounded by 75 taps, two cask-conditioned ale                   and add to their own personal collections. We also have other
hand pumps and a selection of over 200 bottled beers?                   great daily specials like our Monday $2 burgers and VA Beer Day
   Having such a wide variety definitely keeps me on my toes,           on Wednesday, which features pints of any Virginia’s beer for a
but I’m a beer enthusiast so it makes working much more fun. I          very special price.
enjoy finding new beers for each person to experience, and with             Does the separate gaming area with pool table, dart
our large selection is it easy for everyone to find something that      boards and other games bring back a lot of regulars,
they like.                                                              or is it your great bartending skills?
     What’s the secret to pouring the perfect mug of beer?                  While my great bartending skills are definitely an added bo-
     You want to tilt the glass at a 45 degree angle and pour until     nus (haha, just kidding), the game room is very popular, because
it’s slightly over half way full. Then, hold it upright forming about   it provides a different atmosphere for our guests. Aside from
an inch of head at the top of the glass.                                games and entertainment, the game room also has seating for
                                                                        guests to sit and talk. It’s a popular place to hold a party or even
   What’s your favorite beer?
                                                                        to hang out after dinner. But it’s the restaurant’s atmosphere and
   People ask me that question frequently and I can never nar-
                                                                        staff that keep regulars coming back.
row it down to just one! But if I had to choose, my favorites would
be Bluegrass Jefferson Reserve, Victory Golden Monkey and                   Is this your first gig as a bartender?
Weinstephaner Hefeweizen. Each is completely different in taste             It is! I started off as a host and then started serving soon after.
but equally delicious.                                                  I’ve now been bartending for two months, and I really love it.
                                                                             What is your signature drink?
   Y’all have some great daily specials, and I know one
                                                                             We have a super delicious drink that is called a chocolate kiss.
of them is the free brewery glass on Tuesdays. Is that
                                                                        It is a mixture of Young’s double chocolate stout and Lindeman’s
your most popular?
                                                                        Framboise. I also make a signature blackberry martini, but the
   Steal the glass night, every Tuesday beginning at 4 p.m., is
                                                                        ingredients are a secret. You’ll just have to come in and try one
definitely a popular night at Capital Ale. We feature a different
                                                                        for yourself. n                                                                                 Flavor                                  27
                                                                                          Photos by Tim Hill

                                                               SEE MORE INTERNATIONAL DISHES AT:


 Burrito Chicken Chipotle A	tortilla	wrapped	with	grilled	                                     Parillada del Mar Grilled	chicken,	steak	and	shrimp	served	with	rice,	beans,	pico	de	gallo	and	
 chicken,	filled	with	rice,	green	peppers,	covered	with	a	mango	sauce	and	creamy	              tortillas.
 chipotle	sauce.	Served	with	charro	beans	and	creamy	salad.

                         Plaza Azteca
                         15600 Westchester Commons Way
                         Midlothian • 804-897-1124                                                                            El Caporal
                         12020 W. Broad St. • 360-7439.                                                             
                Mexican                                                                          1417 E. Ridge Road • 674-1090 Mexican

 Balkan Gourmet Schnitzel Twelve	ounces	of	perfectly	seasoned	beef	and	lamb	patty	mixed	                                    Tios Steak Fajita Slow-roasted	chipotle	Mexican	vegetables	
 with	pieces	of	smoked	beef.	Served	on	top	of	a	grilled	lepinja	bread,	filled	with	Kajmak.	Served	with	a	side	of	fries	     with	succulent	filet	mignon	cutlets	served	with	tortillas.
 and	cabbage	salad.

     Balkan Restaurant                                                                                                                              Mariachis Mexican Grill
     8905 Patterson Avenue • 756-2255                                                                                                               10456 Midlothian Turnpike Balkan                                                                                                                      272-5692 Mexican                                                                                                                             Flavor                                     29
     Savory Mango Glazed Prawns, Mango-Five Bean                                                                  Chicken Saffron Tandoori	chicken	breast	in	a	delicately	spiced	saffron	sauce	with	
     Salad, Spiced Beet Chutney This	is	Lehja’s	award	winning	Chef	Mel	                                           sauteed	vegetables.
     Oza’s	signature	dish	showcasing	modern	Indian	cuisine.

        Lehja • 11800 West Broad Street                                                                                                         Anokha • 4015 Lauderdale Drive
        364-1111 •                                                                                                                360-8686 •
        Indian                                                                                                                                  Indian

     Oxtail Yes	it	is	the	tail	of	a	cow,	in	their	case	a	steer	tail.	It	is	also	a	labor	of	love!	This	dish	is	   Tom Yum Chicken	Noodle	Soup.	Noodles,	sliced	chicken,	tomato,	mushrooms,	lime	leaves,	
     rich,	tender	and	deliciously	satisfying!	An	Authentic	Jamaican	dish,	it	is	not	uncommon	to	see	folks	       lemongrass	and	galangal	in	hot	and	sour	soup.
     eat	this	meal	with	their	fingers	just	so	that	they	can	lick	them	afterwards!		

                                    Carena’s Jamaican Grill
                                    7102 Midlothian Turnpike • Richmond
                                    804-422-JERK •
                                    Jamaica House                                                                                                     Thai Flavor Food & Noodle
                                    1215 West Broad St. • 804-358-5793                                                                                Innsbrook Shoppes
                                                                                                                  4040-F Cox Road • 562-4105.
                                    Jamaican                                                                                                          Thai

30   Flavor                                                                                                                                              
 MOROCCAN LAMB & OSSOBUCO Slow	cooked	shank	of	lamb	marinated	in	special	                                             Mezethes Platter Tiropitas,	spanakopitas,	dolmades,	
 Moroccan	spices,	served	over	steamed	couscous	and	topped	with	a	vegetable	medley	and	garnished	with	caramelized	     calamari,	gyros,	sausage,	chicken	souvlaki,	olives,	feta,	cucumbers,	tomatoes,	
 onions	and	raisins.	On	the	right	is	Ossobuco–slow	cooked,	tender	veal	shank	topped	with	caramelized	prunes.          taramasalata,	and	tzatziki.

                                                       Riad Authentic Moroccan Grill
                                                       8902 W. Broad St. OPENINg SOON

 Kristos Sampler All	the	Greek	favorites	come	on	one	platter	featuring	homemade	pastichio,	dolmades,	
 spanikopita,	tiropita,	and	marinated	pork	souvlaki.

                                                                                                                          The Greek Island
                                                                                                                          9503-C W. Broad St. • 290-0002

                                                                                                                      Le Tournedos Rossini Filet	Mignon	topped	with	a	slice	
                                                                                                                      of	foie	gras.
                                                       11055 Three Chopt Road • 440-9100

  Samurai Roll & Spicy Lobster Roll Samurai	Roll	contains	shrimp	tempura,	spicy	tuna	
  and	avocado	inside,	and	is	topped	with	fresh	salmon,	spicy	mayo	and	eel	sauce.	Spicy	Lobster	Roll	features	spicy	
  lobster,	cucumber	and	avocado	inside	the	roll	and	tempura	crunch	and	a	drizzle	of	sweet	eel	sauce	over	the	top.

                                                                                                                                Belle Vie
   Kobe • 19 S. 13th Street                                                                                                     1244 Alverser Plaza • Midlothian
   643.8080 •                                                                                             804-379-3338 •
   Japanese                                                                                                                     european • French • Belgian                                                                                                                       Flavor                                                  31
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32   Flavor          Flavor   33
                                                                                                             Two Gentlemen of Verona. July 9-31
                                                                                                             Agecroft Hall & Gardens.
                                                                                                             Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. June 17-August 7.
     J u l y- s E P t E M B E R 2 0 1 1 By Meagan Moore.                                                     Empire Theatre.
                                                                                                             Families After 5. Tuesday Evenings. Lewis Ginter Botanical
                                                                                                             Garden. WaterPlay and special activities in the Children’s
                                                                                                             Garden til 9pm.
                                                                                                             Flowers After 5. Thursday Evenings. Lewis Ginter Botanical
                                                                                                             Garden. Wine-tasting, live music, dining and more. Pets
                                                                                                             allowed on second Thursday of month.
                                                                                                             Groovin’ in the Garden. July 20 & August 25. Lewis
                                                                                                             Ginter Botanical Garden.
     VA Outdoor Sportsman                                Chesterfield County Fair                            Innsbrook Afterhours. Pavilion.
     Show August 12-14                                   August 26- sEPtEMBER 3                              For all dates,
         Calling all hunting enthusiasts! If you’re          Come out to the Chesterfield County Fair-       August 3: Sublime with Rome. August 4: Melissa Etheridge.
                                                         grounds, and enjoy this delightful and time-
     more at home in a deer stand than under a                                                               August 18: 103.7 the River Birthday Bash Barenaked Ladies
     roof, come meet up with outdoorsmen (and            honored county staple. Celebrating its 98th
                                                                                                             August 20: The Beach Boys
     women!) like yourself at the Richmond Race-         year of family-friendly fun and games, this fair
     way Complex. Check out the latest weapons,          promises to be the best yet – new attractions       Virginia Food and Wine Festival. July 24.
     gear and apparel from over 290 vendors, see a       include Kachunga and the Alligator Show, pig        The Meadow Event Park.
                                                         racing and “Heritage Village,” a gathering of
     fashion show of the hottest women’s camou-                                                              Steve Byrne. July 28-31. Richmond Funny Bone.
     flage from the Haley Vines Outdoor Collection       historical displays and reenactments. Also on
     or watch the Tidewater Dock Dogs demon-             the program are camel rides, clown acts, face
     strate their retrieving prowess. Also available     painting and rides, rides, rides. Daily ticket      Henrico Community Band Summer Concert Series
     are seminars by the hosts of “Driven TV” and        prices are $7 for adults, $3 for children 6-12,     July 28. 7pm. Deep Run Park Nature Pavilion.
                                                         and kids 5 and under are free. See the Chester-
     the “Bone Collector.” Door prize is a six-day                                                           American Idol Live! August 20. Richmond Coliseum.
     bow-hunt in Kansas, courtesy of Midwest Fin-        field County Fair website for hours and a full
     est Whitetail. See details at www.sportsman-        events schedule www.chesterfieldcountyfair.                                           org.                                                Short Pump Mall Summer Concert Series
                                                                                                             For all dates,
                                                                                                             July 28: Ron Moody & the Centaurs
                                                                                                             August 4: Susan Greenbaum. August 25: Casper.
                                                                                                             The Little Red Hen. July 1-31. Willow Lawn Theatre.
                                                                                                             28th Annual Carytown Watermelon Festival.
                                                                                                             August 7. Cary Street.
                                                                                                             Big Dogs 4x4 Show and Shine Outdoor Expo.
     South African Food &                                2011 Richmond Home                                  August 27. Richmond Raceway Complex.
     Wine Festival                                       Show sEPtEMBER 17-18                      
     sEPtEMBER 10-11                                         Spring cleaning is a great way to bring your    Richmond Gun Show. August 27-28.
         Though the Grayhaven Winery in Gum              house out of a gloomy winter slump, but if the      Richmond Raceway Complex.
     Spring – just 30 minutes west of Richmond –         light of summer revealed the need for a proj-
                                                         ect more significant than dusting, this nearly
                                                                                                             Harvest Wine Festival. September 3.
     is breaking with the past five years of tradition
     by moving this festival from July to September,     quarter-century-old show at the Richmond            James River Cellars.
     the only difference guests should expect is         Raceway Complex is a can’t-miss opportunity         Dooley Noted Society’s Wine & Beer Classic.
     the possibility of cooler weather. This vibrant     to get inspired for your next big undertaking. If   September 9. Maymont Children’s Farm.
     and wholly unique festival, which runs from         you need guidance or advice, come chat with
                                                         some of the over 200 expert exhibitors from
                                                                                                             Virginia 529 College Savings 250. September 9.
     11am – 6pm both days, promises to be as rich
     as ever, as Grayhaven and its sponsors help         10am-7pm Saturday and 11am-5pm Sunday,              NASCAR Spring Cup Series Race. September 10.
     Virginians, and anyone else who wants to join       during this home improvement, remodeling            Richmond Raceway Complex.
     the party, get acquainted with the inimitable       and decorating extravaganza. Adult tickets at
     wines, cuisine, music, and culture of South         $7, while kids under 16 – and parking! – are        Bernadette Peters. September 10. Carpenter Theatre at
     Africa. For more details and ticket prices, see     free. See details at www.RichmondHomeShow.
                                                                                                             Richmond CenterStage.       n                       com.

34   Flavor                                                                                                          
 liquid Refreshment
 Cruising the Canal
             By Steve Cook. Photo by Tim Hill.

        t’s 7 pm on a sweltering, early summer Friday eve-
        ning. The streets of Shockoe Bottom are snarled

                                                                   MARIACHIS MExICAN GRILL
        with traffic. It’s going to be a busy night in Rich-
  mond’s dining and entertainment district.
    Just a few feet below street level a couple walks hand-        gourmet Cuisine and Entertainment
  in hand. A gentle breeze along the canal provides some
  refreshing relief. A family of four sits on a bench waiting.     Completes the Authentic Experience
  Others stand along the canal at the turning basin (locat-                By Tammie Wersinger. Photos by Tim Hill.
  ed at 14th and dock streets). All are waiting to board the

  boat.                                                                     he words Mexican restaurant and gourmet food are
    The boat is one of several 35 passenger covered boats                   normally not mentioned in the same sentence, but Da-
  that ply the canal daily, providing locals and visitors alike             vid Gil is out to change that.
  with one of the most informative, enjoyable and relaxing            The Richmond man, who was a manager in the Mexican
  attractions the city has to offer.                              food industry for more than a decade, has come up with a con-
    If one took the 40-minute, reasonably priced cruise just      cept to fuse cuisine from south of the border with a fine dining
  to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, he or       experience.
  she would be well pleased. But, the cruise becomes even             Gil’s restaurant, Mariachis Mexican Grill at 10456 Midlothian
  more attractive to those with an interest in history. Infor-    Turnpike, features quality food, along with a great atmosphere
  mative and entertaining ship captains provide the nar-          and wholesome family entertainment.
  rative. By the time we disembark, I am more convinced               “I’m going to have all the foods people are comfortable with
  than ever that Richmond is truly one of the nation’s most       from a traditional menu, but everything will prepared to the
  fascinating cities.                                             highest quality,’’ he said. “We’ll also have dishes that people may
    Take the cruise and discover your own fascinations. Re-       not expect to order at a Mexican restaurant.”
  actions of those with whom I spoke following our jour-              While the menu will have the regular fajitas, burritos and ta-
  ney included:                                                   cos, it will also feature dishes like Roasted Chicken with Agave
    "This is truly a unique experience.”                          Poblano Sauce and Salmon Prepared with Chili Sauce.
    “I loved it. I’m going to bring my friends here.”                 “Wouldn’t most people who enjoy a good Mexican restaurant
    “This is a hidden treasure that I did not know was avail-     want to be able to order some of the finer foods, prepared like
  able in Richmond.”                                              they’re homemade?” Gil asked. “In my experience, this is what
    It is available, daily, and whether it’s watching a musk-     will make people happy and keep them coming back.”
  rat or turtle navigate the waterway, getting a unique view          He added that the idea of a gourmet Mexican restaurant
  of some of the city’s most historical buildings, or just        might be rare in the United States, but he visited many upscale
  enjoying a quiet respite from the world above, the canal        establishments during his travels in Mexico. He also experi-
  cruise offers something for everyone. n                         enced great entertainment, which he plans to duplicate with
               For more information, visit                        mariachi bands, singers, musicians, comedians and magicians.
                                     “I’ve always felt that people should have the full dining and
                or call 804-788-6466                              entertainment experience,’’ he said. “And, that’s what we’re go-
                                                                  ing to give them at Mariachis.” n                                                                        Flavor                                 35
 Gift Card
                      00                                                                    25% Off
                                                                                            Any Full-Service
 Valid towards:
                                                                                            Wash Package
 • Watch Batteries • Jewelry Repair                                                         Short Pump location only.
 • Watch Repair • Engraving                                                                 11950 W. Broad Street.
 • Eyeglass Frame Repair                                                                    Cannot be combined with any other discount.
 Cannot be combined with any other offers.                                                  Expires 8/31/11.
 Expires 9/15/11.
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 FREE Registration and
 Diagnostic Testing
                                                                                            $100 OFF
                                                                                             Any of Our New
 When You Mention This Ad and Enroll
 Before September 1st.
                                                                                             Menu Items
                                                                                             Expires 8/31/11.
 $140 value.

            11219-A Nuckols Rd. I 804.967.6278 |                                                              CARYTOWN I 804.213.0800
                                                                        See Ad on Page 16                  SHORT PUMP I 804.377.9061 | | See Ad on Page 20

     50% OFF                                                                                1/2 Price Entree
     New Patient Visit                                                                      Buy One Entree, Get 2nd of
     New patients only. Does not apply to PPO insurance plans.
                                                                                            Equal or Lesser Value 1/2 Price.
     Includes x-ray, cleaning and exam. Reg. $134-232.

                                                                                                                University Bar & Grill
                                                                                                                Inside Ramada Plaza Richmond West I 6624 W. Broad Street
                                Go to for locations |    See Ad on Page 3                   804.285.2000 I I See Ad on Page 26

 FREE Family Appetizer                                                                      Only $55990
     With the Purchase of a Take-out                                                        30 Year Anniversary
     Order of $20 or more
     Up to $4.95 in value. Thru August 2011.
                                                                                            Supreme Package
                                                                                            Reg. $79985. Call for details.

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36                                                                                                                                                  JULY/AUGUST 2011
 10 % OFF                                                                                            FREE Entree
  Driveway Paving.                                                                                   Size Salad
  Up to $500 discount.
                                              PRO-SEAL                                               With Purchase of
                                                                                                     Entree Size Salad
                                         Asphalt & Concrete Services                                 Lower priced salad is free.
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16% OFF
Celebrate our 16th                                                                                   $100 OFF
anniversary with 16%                                                                                 One Canal Cruise Ticket
                                                                                                     Reg. $5-6. One coupon per customer.
off your total bill.                                                                                 Coupon MUST be presented when ticket
Not valid with any other offer. Valid for parties of 5 or                                            is purchased. Expires 11/13/11.
more. Sunday-Thursday dinner only.

              11055 Three Chopt Road I 804.440.9100 |
                                                                             See Ad on Page 32              139 Virginia St. I 804.649.2800 I | See Ad on Page 15

                                                                                                      Buy a Dozen Donuts,
Signature Selection Four-
                                                                                                      Get a Half Dozen
Course Fondue Dinner for Two

$6900 per couple                                                                                      FREE
                                                                                                      Buy a Donut, Get a
Call for details. Valid at Richmond location only. One per
table/reservation. Not valid with any other offer or on holi-                                         Medium Coffee Drink

days. Reservations highly recommended. Please present
this certificate when ordering. Valid Sunday-Thursday. Tax,
gratuity and alcohol not included. Offer expires 9/15/11.

               9704 Gayton Road | 804.741.3120 | | See Ad on Page 28                                                10260 W. Broad St. | 804.217.5705 | See Ad on Page 23

$500 OFF                                                                                             Save $7500
Your Purchase of                                                                                     Off Academic Evaluation
$20 or More.

                11561 W. Broad St. l 804.360.3799 I
                                                                             See Ad on Page 16                               10138 W. Broad Street I 804.270.0030 | See Ad on Page 12                                                                                                                                                         37
                                                                                                        born, leaving the mother at higher risk for

     Exactly What is
                                                                                                        developing type 2 diabetes later in life.

                                                                                                        There is no cure -- yet

                                                                                                          For all types of diabetes the common
                                                                                                        facts are that there is no cure, and the num-
                                                                                                        bers keep increasing. Diabetes is serious,
                                                                                                        costly and deadly.
                                                                                                        • In the Greater Richmond area, more than
                                                                                                        131,000 people have diabetes.
     and Why is it in the News So Often?                                                                • There are 25.8 million Americans with
                                                                                                        diabetes, and over one-quarter of them are
     By Ann Weinberg                                                                                    undiagnosed.
                                                                                                        • Every 17 seconds someone is diagnosed

                   hen a major disease like diabe-     food into the energy our bodies need. In         with diabetes.
                   tes is mentioned in the news,       type 1 diabetes, the body fails to produce       • Diabetes kills over 300,000 people each
                   it raises awareness of the chal-    any insulin. People with type 1 diabetes         year- that’s more than AIDS and breast
     lenges and dangers of the disease. Unfortu-       must take insulin each day to survive.           cancer combined.
     nately, some of the media coverage leaves           Type 2 diabetes is the most common form        • 1 out of every 3 children born after the
     the impression that diabetes is most often        of diabetes. It develops when the body can-      year 2000 will be diagnosed with diabetes
     associated with obesity. While that is true       not produce or properly use insulin. Fam-        if trends don’t change. Think about going
     in some cases, there is a lot more to it.         ily history and lifestyle factors such as high   into a child’s classroom, counting off every
       I am a perfect example. I have always           cholesterol, blood pressure and being over-      third child and realizing that they will have
     been slim and athletic. I had no family his-      weight can lead to type 2 diabetes.              diabetes some time in their lives.
     tory of diabetes – usually a factor in being        Prediabetes occurs when a person’s             • It’s the #1 cause of blindness in adults.
     diagnosed with diabetes. Yet, in my forties,      blood glucose levels are higher than nor-        • It doubles the risk of heart attack and
     I discovered at a regularly-scheduled phys-       mal but not high enough for a diagnosis of       stroke.
     ical that my blood sugar was 450 and that I       type 2 diabetes. There are at least 79 million   • The total annual cost of diabetes and its
     had type 1 diabetes. My ignorance was such        Americans who have prediabetes. Gesta-           complications, including undiagnosed dia-
     that I asked what I needed to do to get over      tional diabetes can occur during pregnancy       betes, prediabetes and gestational diabetes
     this disease. The unpleasant answer was           and usually goes away after the baby is          was estimated at $218 billion in 2007.
     that there is no cure, no matter how well I
     eat and exercise.
       Diabetes isn’t as visible as other illnesses,
     such as cancer, unless someone with diabe-
     tes has experienced an amputation (a pos-
     sible result of diabetes). People can’t see the
     on-going battle that some people face every
     minute of every day to keep their blood
     sugars from going too high or too low.
     Some of the effects of the disease aren’t vis-
     ible either – kidney failure, nerve damage,
     heart attack or stroke.

     So exactly what is diabetes?
       There is a lot of confusion about the dif-
     ferent types of diabetes. It can affect chil-
     dren and adults of all ages. In all types of
     diabetes, the body does not produce or
     properly use insulin, which is a hormone
     our bodies need to convert sugar and other

38                                                                                                                                JULY/AUGUST 2011
  There are some warning signs of the on-
set of diabetes, including unusual thirst,        IN OuR NEXt IssuE
blurred vision, extreme hunger, frequent
urination and tingling/numbness in the            In Search of...
hands or feet, to name just a few.        The
American Diabetes Association offers a
free Diabetes Risk Test available on their
website (, or call
1-800-DIABETES. The test will show us-
ers whether they are at low, moderate or
high risk for prediabetes or diabetes. If they
are at high risk, they are encouraged to talk
with their health care providers.

How Can One Person Make a Difference?
  One way people in the Richmond area
can help is to participate in the Step Out:
Walk to Stop Diabetes, scheduled for Sat-
urday, October 1, 2011. Every step taken
at the Walk and every dollar raised helps
the American Diabetes Association (ADA)
provide educational programs in our com-
munity, protect the rights of people with
diabetes and fund critical research for a
cure. Over 1,400 people participated in last
year’s walk. The Richmond area American
Diabetes Association hopes to increase that
number by 10% in 2011.
  The 5K Walk starts on Monument Ave-
nue at Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital and
offers a scenic walk down Monument Ave-
nue and through the Near West End. There
will be a Wellness Village, a Kid Zone and
  There are a number of ways to get in-
volved: make a donation, volunteer, be-
come a corporate sponsor and, of course,
walk! Walkers can sign up as individuals or
teams. Generous sponsors such as McKes-
son Medical-Surgical, Fox Richmond and
Radio One are already supporting this
  For more information about participat-
ing in this event, or to find out about a local
diabetes support group, contact Elisabeth
King at or 804-225-
8038 x3255, or visit the American Diabe-
tes Association Central Virginia website at       Regis-
tration for the Walk is open at www.diabe-      n                                             39
     Expert End-of-Life Care
     By Erin Pittman

             he topics of death and dying are not      out their grieving process.                       shared a positive outlook and also stated,
             generally the most uplifting ones to        In order to qualify for hospice services,       “Hospice care can prepare a patient and
             discuss with your loved ones, but         a person must have a documented life-             their family for death and can help create
     doing a little research and sharing wishes        limiting diagnosis, or terminal illness, from     the most comfortable and memorable ex-
     ahead of time can make the end of a life an       a physician. Hospice is an elective service       perience through celebration of their life.”
     easier experience for all involved. Hospice       and will only be provided if the patient or         Richmond offers many hospice organi-
     care was created to do just that – to sup-        loved ones request it.                            zations to choose from. Calling and get-
     port patients and their families physically,        Payment for hospice is 100% covered             ting questions answered ahead of time can
     emotionally and spiritually during their last     under Medicare and Medicaid benefits and          reduce stress and worry as dying days draw
     days. Also known as comfort care, hospice         many insurance plans. All medications, in-        near.
     patients receive superior pain management         terdisciplinary services, supplies and equip-       If you are interested in getting involved
     and targeted plans of care to address all of      ment are covered at no cost to the patient.       in a hospice organization by volunteering,
     their end-of-life needs. Family members           Residents of a long-term care facility will       visit their websites and read more about the
     are also included in the care and receive         also incur no additional charges.                 needs you may be able to fulfill, or place
     counseling and spiritual support from vol-          “Learn about hospice before you need            a call to their volunteer coordinators or
     unteers and chaplains as desired.                 it,” advises Connie Salinas of Horizons           chaplains. No special talents are required,
       Hospice agencies use an interdisciplinary       Hospice, LLC. “It’s more than just call-          and training is provided before making vis-
     approach to ensure that the whole person          ing three days before death.        It’s a well   its. Volunteering with those nearing the
     is treated.   Typically physicians, nurses,       rounded experience that provides comfort,         end of their days provides reassurance and
     hospice aides, social workers, chaplains,         emotional support and spiritual care, and it      support to patients passing on and life en-
     dietitians and volunteers come together to        starts well before the dying days.” Connie        riching experiences to volunteers. n
     create a plan of care for each individual by
     identifying needs and setting goals. Hos-
     pice professionals are experts in their field
     and know how to manage pain and support
     patients on their journey.
       Hospice can be provided in the home or
     in a long-term care or assisted living facility
     – wherever the patient calls home. Whether
     the primary caregivers are family members
     or facility staff, hospice employees and
     volunteers work in conjunction with them
     for the benefit of the patient. In addition
     to support provided during the end stages
     of life, family members can participate in
     special bereavement programs after their
     loved one has passed to aid them through-

40                                                                                                                                 JULY/AUGUST 2011
Sail the Web at...
      suP P O Rt I Ng lOCA l Bus INE ss...

          LAYERS Offers luxurious                                                       IBIS SALON
         Bedding to suit Every taste                                            Beautiful Healthy Hair…Now
                By Missy Epps Watts. Photos by Tim Hill.
                                                                                   An Affordable luxury

              veryday luxury is the phrase that can easily describe one                   By Erin Pittman. Photos by Tim Hill.
              of Short Pump Town Center’s newest stores, Layers Bed

              Company. Layers is located on the top floor of the town                 tep away from the stress of your everyday life, and step
     center and offers everything you need for a luxurious night’s                    into the luxuriously calming IBIS Salon. Opened by own-
     sleep, from handcrafted mattresses to European made beds.                        er Dennis Body, IBIS Salon has been providing excep-
         The store is the first retail location for the chain. A second       tional customer attention and hair care services to Richmonders
     store, in Charlottesville, opened in May. Future plans call for          since 1992.
     stores in Washington, DC and New York City. Before opening the               The highly trained team of stylists offers clients the most up-
     store, co-founders Gian Fazio and Karolina Kaczmarek traveled            to-date styles and knowledge of hair coloring and treatments. By
     through Europe searching for the finest bedding and accessories          partnering with REDKEN and PUREOLOGY, IBIS Salon ensures
     for the new adventure that would combine their love of old world         the continuous education of their staff. Each stylist is a Certified
     luxury with modern flair.                                                REDKEN Specialist and a Certified PUREOLOGIST, experts in the
         “At Layers, we believe authenticity and craftsmanship lead           use of all REDKEN and PUREOLOGY products. Some of the styl-
     to personal luxury. It’s a lifestyle choice,” said Fazio. A variety of   ists, including Body, are Master REDKEN Specialists and RED-
                                                       mattress styles, in-   KEN Certified Hair Colorists, who have been through rigorous
                                                       cluding memory         training and testing from world class educators. “We specialize
                                                       foam and ergo-         in hair color and are very good at it,” commented Body.
                                                       nomic styles, plus         Featuring shampooing, hair design, hair and scalp treat-
                                                       a large selection      ments and coloring, IBIS is a full service salon designed to pam-
                                                       of     upholstered     per you and leave you with the hair you have always desired. Is
                                                       handmade beds,         your hair a little worse for the wear with the summer sun, salt
                                                       are available in a     air or harsh chlorine? Settle into IBIS’ heavenly shiatsu massage
                                                       wide array of de-      shampooing chairs for a reconstruction or luxury spa hair treat-
                                                       signs at the store.    ment, and walk out with silkier, healthier locks that shimmer in
                                                       Mattresses, hand-      the sun’s rays.
     made in Virginia, start at $799 for a queen, and headboards start            IBIS also offers the complete lines of REDKEN and PUREOL-
     at $599.                                                                 OGY products for purchase. PUREOLOGY is a sulfate free, 100%
         Layers offers a large selection of accessories including com-        vegan, certified organic line, originally created for color treated
     forters, pillows and fine linens. The linen is woven from 100 per-       hair, but perfect for the greenie in all of us. n
     cent Egyptian cotton in a variety of thread counts. Other acces-            to schedule your own personal retreat to IBIs salon, visit them
     sories available include soy based candles. n                                    online at or call 804-673-9314.
             For more information on layers, call 804-360-2704,                            3650 Mayland Court • south River Plaza
            or visit their website at                    tuesday-Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. • saturday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

42                                                                                                                              JULY/AUGUST 2011
   Making Home
     Building and
  stress-Free with
                     By Tammie Wersinger

             hether it’s a new home, an addition or a renovation that you’re in the mar-   scribe it as a ‘Dumont home,’ as the name
             ket for, Dumont Homes has 38 years of experience to help you build your       is well known for quality.”
             dreams. The company, with headquarters at 13305 Midlothian Turnpike,               Bob Boyer joined the Dumont Team in
Suite C, has built a reputation for producing upscale, quality custom homes. The team      2006 and, now as a partner with Mike and
of Mike Dumont, Bob Boyer and Christian Dumont are continuing the excellent repu-          Christian, will be carrying on the same
tation that the “Dumont” name has earned since 1973, when Mike started building            service and quality that they have always
custom, contemporary homes in the Richmond area.                                           offered their clients. Bob brings over 14
    “Many of our homes are still occupied by the original owners, because we knew          years of experience in structural engineer-
what our customers wanted and designed the home for the individual,” said Mike Du-         ing, construction management and home
mont. “If any of our homes go on the market, it’s not unusual to see the newspaper de-     building to the business. “Our clients ap-
                                                                                           preciate the organized system we have de-
                                                                                           veloped, which makes the home building
                                                                                           process as stress-free as possible,” said Bob
                                                                                           Boyer. “We listen to our clients and try to
                                                                                           incorporate all of their wishes and dreams
                                                                                           into their new home.”
                                                                                                The Dumont Team is also joined by
                                                                                           Mike’s son, Christian, who grew up in the
                                                                                           construction business and inherited his
                                                                                           father’s attention to detail and talent for
                                                                                           building. He specializes in kitchen and
                                                                                           bath design and renovation and will help
                                                                                           clients build their dream kitchen.
                                                                                                “I just really like making and creating
                                                                                           things, whether it’s a home, a cabinet or a
                                                                                           piece of furniture,” Christian Dumont said.
                                                                                           “I started in this business when I was 12,
                                                                                           sweeping floors, and stayed with it because
                                                                                           it’s what I love to do.”
                                                                                                 “We have a great reputation, because
                                                                                           we are very flexible, very efficient and
                                                                                           we’re able to customize to people’s needs,”
                                                                                           Christian continued. “With low overhead,
                                                                                           we are able to offer a ‘custom home’ with-
                                                                                           out the custom home price tag.” n
                                                                                             For more information, call 804-378-8825
                                                                                                  or go to                                                                                                                  43
       suP P O Rt I Ng lOCA l Bus INE ss...

              LAVENDER & LACE                                                Elegant Retirement Options Available at
      Every Body Deserves Beautiful lingerie                                     the Hermitage at CEDARFIELD
                                                                                                   By: Missy Epps Watts
                              By Erin Pittman

     S                                                                       T
                                                                                       he Hermitage at Cedarfield, a Lifecare continuing care
             tep into this welcoming boutique and discover a fun and
                                                                                       retirement community located in western Henrico, of-
             open shopping environment. Offering the hottest selec-
                                                                                       fers active older adults a vast array of retirement options
             tion in trendy lingerie from names such as Prima Donna
                                                                             from which to choose. Additionally, Cedarfield provides health
     and Mary Green, Lavender & Lace can spice up your days and
                                                                             care services for its residents throughout their lifetime, which
     nights. You’ll find a wide selection of beautiful, sexy lingerie for
                                                                             means Lifecare residents have access to every area, whether on a
     special occasions, with a style to fit everyone’s taste. Experi-
                                                                             temporary or long-term basis.
     enced bra fitters assist each customer in finding, not only their
                                                                                  Assisted living, special care (memory support) and nursing
     favorite look, but the item with the proper fit, as well.
                                                                             care are available to Lifecare residents as their physical or cogni-
         “We give a lot of personal care and attention,” said Tania Ricks,
                                                                             tive needs change. Best of all, there is no change in their monthly
     Sales Associate. “I often see people come in with low self esteem
                                                                             service fee when these additional services or a move becomes
     and walk out standing a little taller – both from confidence and
                                                                                  Housing options abound from
         In recent months, Lavender and Lace began carrying mater-
                                                                             charming cottage homes to spa-
     nity lingerie lines, maternity swimwear and nursing bras to pam-
                                                                             cious apartments. Full-size kitch-
     per Richmond women through their pregnancies. Items from
                                                                             ens, nine-foot ceilings, washers
     Belabumbum and Glamourmom can be seen in store and online.
                                                                             and dryers, housekeeping and
         For those in their sixties and seventies, do not think you have
                                                                             maintenance services are included
     been left out! This boutique carries flirty, sexy items with button
                                                                             in all residences. Twenty different floor plans in one and two bed-
     fronts and zipper closures for those with less dexterity.
                                                                             room apartment options are available. Balconies or sunrooms
         In addition to lingerie, Lavender and Lace offers sleepwear,
                                                                             are a part of most apartments, and some include fireplaces.
     slippers, shapewear, slips, camisoles, and gifts for the body and
                                                                                  Dining at Cedarfield is an event. An executive chef and his
     home. Unique pieces from Rush jewelry are also featured in the
                                                                             staff provide a five-star dining experience at Cedarfield every day
     store. And always forward thinking, look for them to branch out
                                                                             in a beautifully appointed dining room. More casual cuisine is
     into carrying beautiful pieces of Amoena post-mastectomy lin-
                                                                             offered in the Atrium Café
     gerie this fall.
                                                                                  Staying in shape is also a priority for many residents, whether
         Lavender and Lace stays on top of the most stylish lingerie
                                                                             it’s water aerobics in the heated swimming pool, fitness classes
     trends to ensure that their selection is always the best for their
                                                                             or walking the outdoor trails – just take your pick! Additionally,
     customers. n
                                                                             numerous classes, creative outlets, programs, lectures and trips
          To experience their collection for yourself visit them online at
                                                                             are offered daily. n or in person at 306 Libbie
                                                                             The Hermitage at Cedarfield is located at 2300 Cedarfield Parkway.
        Avenue. Open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
                                                                                    For information call 804-968-5520, or visit the website at
             and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 804-484-6005.

44                                                                                                                              JULY/AUGUST 2011   45
     Mahi Tacos                                4 servings or 8 tacos

     12 oz. Mahi Mahi                        8 shells Whole Grain Tacos
     Juice from Half a Lime                  2 tsp. Garlic Powder
     ½ tsp. Chili Powder                     1 Tbsp. Olive Oil
     1 cup Red Cabbage                       ¼ cup Carrot
     ¼ cup Scallion                          1 cup Lettuce
     1 medium Tomato                         1 whole Avocado
     1 wedge Lime Juice                      1 dash Lemon Pepper
     1 dash Garlic Powder                    2 Tbsp. Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

       Cut fish into eight 3” x 1” pieces. Marinate in lime juice, garlic
     powder, chili powder and olive oil.
       shred red cabbage, carrot, lettuce and tomato. Place in separate
     bowls. Dice scallion and add to tomato. Remove skin and seed from
     avocados. Mash in bowl. Add yogurt, lime juice and seasonings. stir.
     set aside.
       grill, pan fry or broil fish until done. Fill taco shell with lettuce,
     avocado fish, cabbage, carrot, tomato mix. use one piece of fish
     per shell.
     Calories 306. Total Fat 16g. Cholesterol 64mg. Sodium 275mg. Carbohydrates 25g.
     Dietary Fiber 10g. Sugar 2.7g. Protein 20g.
     Courtesy of Zacharias Ganey Health Institute and Bert Arens (ZG’s gourmet chef and
     photographer). ZG, run by a physician, doesn’t give you a diet, but teaches you how to eat
     normal, the way nature intended. ZG is all about doable healthy lifestyle change by giving
     you the proper tools, education, resources and support you need to take care of your own
     fitness and healthy meal planning. Call 358-1000 or Visit .

46                                                                                                JULY/AUGUST 2011   47
                                                  Furniture For Living
                                                  By Vicki O’Neal, ASID, CID, VSLD

                                                          hoosing furniture that suits your space, is a good value and that you and your mate can agree
                                                          on is sometimes a big challenge. The furniture industry is tougher than ever to navigate due
                                                          to changes in manufacturing, raw materials, construction methods and styles. All of these
                                                  factors can produce confusion. Not to worry, there can be a method to the madness.

                                                                                                                                                           Make A Plan
                                                                                                                                                            The selection process should
                                                                                                                                                          actually begin long before you hit
                                                                                                                                                          the shop or showroom floor. The
                                                                                                                                                          best approach is to carefully eval-
                                                                                                                                                          uate your needs and to consider
                                                                                                                                                          how you want to use a particu-
                                                                                                                                                          lar space. The type of furniture
                                                                                                                                                          should support the specific room
                                                                                                                                                          functions and the number of peo-
                                                                                                                                                          ple. This applies to interior as well
                                                                                                                                                          as exterior rooms. It seems simple
                                                                                                                                                          at first glance, but careful consid-
                                                                                                                                                          eration may produce some inter-
                                                                                                                                                          esting observations and prevent
                                                                                                                                                          missteps. For instance, in your
                                                                                                                                                          family room you need to seat six
                                                                                                                                                          people. You could simply have a
                                                                                                                                                          couch, a love seat and a chair; you
                                                                                                                                                          could choose an L-shaped sec-
                                                                                                                                                          tional sofa; or two sofas would be
                                                                                                                                                          an option. Each alternative pro-
                                                                                                                                                          duces seating for six, but which
                                                                                                                                                          is the most appropriate choice for
                                                                                                                                                          your lifestyle and the layout of
                                                                                                                                                          the room? Also think about how
Photo courtesy of hickory chair, North carolina

                                                                                                                                                          the furniture will be used. Have
                                                                                                                                                          you ever noticed that three peo-
                                                                                                                                                          ple rarely sit on a full size couch
                                                                                                                                                          at one time? It seems no one sits
                                                                                                                                                          in the middle unless forced to, be-
                                                                                                                                                          cause it’s awkward and the couch
                                                                                                                                                          is best used to stretch out for a nap
                                                                                                                                                          or TV. These questions become
                                                                                                                                                          part of the design, subjective and
                                                                                                                                                          functional decisions.

       The ideal way to truly assess your furniture needs is
     to create a floor plan drawing and lay out the furniture
     in the space. Working with an interior designer or deco-
     rator may be invaluable for establishing design parame-
     ters and creating a well thought-out plan. Alternatively,
     start by measuring the room and locating door open-
     ings and swings, windows and any architectural features
     such as changes in floor or ceiling level, columns, etc.
     Establish focal points in the space such as a fireplace or
     artwork, and begin assigning placement for the various
     pieces of furniture that will occupy the room. Be sure
     to illustrate all furniture at its correct size, and include
     existing pieces that will be reused. Analyze foot traf-
     fic in the space, as it may have a major impact on the
     overall layout. There are some software programs that
     may be useful for creating the plan, but many have a
     learning curve. Unexpectedly, creating a plan may lead
     to rethinking items on your wish list, as they may not
     fit well in the room.
                                                                    Photo courtesy of hickory chair, North carolina

                                                                          Styles And Trends
                                                                            Color and style are unquestionably the most subjective and high impact
                                                                         decisions to be made when selecting furniture. Although there is always
                                                                         an abundance of offerings, many factors affect the styles that appear in the
                                                                         marketplace. The state of the economy plays a large part in the variety and
                                                                         riskiness of pieces manufacturers will produce. In challenging times, gen-
                                                                         erally the styles available are more mainstream, fabrics less colorful and
                                                                         finishes more generic. Manufacturers may limit inventory, causing fewer
                                                                         products to be available as stock items. All this being factored in, the choic-
                                                                         es are still plentiful, especially if you are patient and willing to order your
                                                                         furniture. Some companies offer surprisingly short lead times.
                                                                            Many perennial styles are time-tested and age beautifully if well cared
                                                                         for. Traditional styles, although always available, have given way to more
                                                                         transitional, eclectic, rustic or contemporary offerings. Classic motifs are
                                                                         being updated through changes in scale and finishes such as oversized de-
                                                                         tails and bleached, unfinished woods. The “safe” use of neutral colors in
                                                                         upholstery has dovetailed with our cultural green movement and current
                                                                         environmental consciousness. This has translated to the use of natural fab-
                                                                         rics such as linen and cotton, which are frequently accented with easily
                                                                         changeable bold and colorful accessories. Natural stone or finishes that re-
                                                                         semble stone are part of the mix. Although the opposite can still be easily
                                                                         found, furniture lines are generally somewhat simpler with less carving and
                                                                         intricacy, as well as physically and visually scaled down. The updated siz-
                                                                         ing is a good thing, because it seemed for a time that furniture was getting
                                                                         larger while rooms were typically getting smaller.

                                                                     Photo courtesy of shades of light, Richmond, Va

50                                                                                                                                   JULY/AUGUST 2011
     Quality And Value
      Off-shore competition, outsourcing and economic challenges have forced man-
    ufacturing changes that have had a major impact on furniture quality and cost. The
    once robust North Carolina furniture industry has lost an estimated 85,000 jobs.
    Consequently, much of the furniture available today comes from overseas. There
    are still strong American companies specializing in producing quality products,
    but many come with a price tag. A major decision has to be made: is quality or
    price the most important consideration? I was recently asked if $X was a good
    price for a certain type of chair. There is no easy answer because it depends on the
    type and source of wood, joinery, construction, warranty, etc. In certain rooms an
    heirloom piece or group may be just the thing and the price secondary. For casual
    furniture a good question to ask yourself is how long you actually want it to last.
    In several years your tastes may change, but you may not feel justified in discard-
    ing expensive furniture.

                                                                                                      Photos courtesy of hickory chair, North carolina
     Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle
      Changing technology has forced major reincarna-                                 Get Out There
    tions in some furniture. Think back a few short years                            Furniture is likely to be a major investment, one not to be considered

    ago to the monster size TVs and entertainment cent-                              lightly. It’s wise to do your homework, create those plans and compare

    ers to accommodate them. Those pieces seem                                         choices. If shopping on a budget and you need your purchases to

    strangely scaled and outdated today. But                                                 have staying power, choose fabrics and finishes carefully for du-

    through a creative rethink and the skills                                                 rability as well as style. Realize in the future, you might not be

    of a good carpenter, they can be modified                                                  living in the same house, so avoid purchasing house-specific

    for updated uses. It’s often just as expen-                                               items. If trendy is the desired look, be aware that short-lived

    sive to reupholster an existing chair or sofa as it is to                           is the nature of trendy, and in a few years you may be looking for

    buy a new one. But if an item is of high quality and structurally                something else. Arm yourself with the facts by assessing your needs and

    sound, it may be restyled and recovered to barely resemble its                   creating a wish list, and then go shopping with confidence! 

    former self while reducing landfill waste in the process. For the                                  Thanks to Richmond, VA resources:
                                                                                                 Pat Stockdon, ASID w/ InDesign, (804) 272-9504
    bargain hunter, antiques and one-of-a kinds can be found to suit
                                                                                           Janet Kay, ASID w/ Virginia Wayside Furniture (804) 740-3124
    a particular need that may have a surprising design chic effect.                            Andrew Crank w/ Henrico Furniture (804) 272-5505
    Don’t give your secrets away: by blazing your own trail, you                                     Shades of Light,
    earned your friends’ asking, “Where did you find that?”                              Laura Holland at Hickory Chair, Hickory, NC

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