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									800 West Central Road         847.618.1000
Arlington Heights, IL 60005   www.nch.org

 Dear Academia Colleague:

 It is my great pleasure to welcome both you and your students to Northwest Community
 Hospital. I will serve as your primary contact for the semester. Enclosed is an overview of
 orientation information for you and your students. Please review the following information, as it
 is important that you and your students are in compliance with our policies and procedures.

 Orientation Manual / Student Guide

 Instructors and students new to NCH must read the orientation materials located in the Student
 Guide (PDF) document. After reading, please sign or initial where indicated on each page of
 the attached and forward signed copies to my attention in the Professional Development
 Department. In addition, please complete the attached quiz accompanying the orientation

 Photo Identification Badges

 Instructors and students are required to obtain and display photo identification. Please contact
 Shirley Abernathy (847) 618-5100 or via e-mail at Sabernath@nch.org with the names of the
 students and arrange a specific time for your clinical group to have their identification photos
 taken. The Human Resources Department is located on the 8th floor of the Center for Specialty
 Medicine (CSM) Building -- Suite #8100. Students should be instructed to keep their
 identification badges until they graduate.

 Computer Passwords

 Security requests for computer passwords will be processed for faculty and students by e-
 mailing the names to Sue Golbeck at Sgolbeck@nch.org. Please allow two weeks in order for
 these requests to be processed.

 EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Documentation System

 In order to review or document in our EMR, instructors and students will need to be oriented to
 our Carelink® on-line documentation system. Please view the PowerPoint tutorial presentation.
 You may add this program as a link on your learning management system, such as Blackboard


 Parking is available in LOT #7 next to St. Simon’s church on Kirchoff Road. Refer to the
 attached campus map addendum. Our security department requests the names and license
800 West Central Road         847.618.1000
Arlington Heights, IL 60005   www.nch.org

 plate numbers for all faculty and students. Please complete the NCH Student License Plate
 Numbers form for each clinical group and return to me. Please be advised that vehicles found
 outside of parking Lot #7 are subject to be towed at the owner’s expense.


 Unfortunately, student lockers are not available. Please limit personal/valuable items. Faculty
 and students may use the coat closets or classrooms on the patient care units to store
 backpacks and coats as needed. Please inquire during your unit orientation with the clinical

 Conference Room Requests

 If you would like a pre or post conference room please complete the attached form and e-mail it
 to Linda Lombardo at LJLombar@nch.org.

 Annual NCH-Academia Meeting

 A welcome and information session for faculty is typically planned at the beginning of each
 semester and is scheduled for Jan.21st, 2010 from 1500-1630 in room LC-8 (located in the
 basement (level B1) in the Learning Center). This is an excellent opportunity to meet the unit-
 based clinical nurse educators and clinical coordinators to learn about unit specific routines and


 Faculty and students are welcome to use the Health Resource Library located on the first floor
 by entrance #4. The Health Resource Library can be reached by calling (847) 618-5180 or via
 e-mail at library@nch.org. Also, faculty and students receive the employee-discounted prices in
 the Oasis Food Court.

 Student Observation Days

 We realize there are occasions in which students need to observe in a special care area. In
 order to plan accordingly for these experiences, it is necessary for faculty to contact the clinical
 coordinator for the identified area in order to arrange a mutually acceptable observation
 schedule. Some of the special care areas at NCH are listed below along with an attachment of
 the contact names and phone numbers.

          Emergency Department (ED)
          Critical Care Unit
800 West Central Road           847.618.1000
Arlington Heights, IL 60005     www.nch.org

          Operating Room (OR)
          Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU)
          Day Surgery Center (DSC)
          Gastroenterology (GI) Lab
          Cardiac Cath Lab
          Interventional Radiology

 Useful NCH Contacts / Resources

          Sue Golbeck, Administrative Assistant for Professional Development Department; 847-
           618-7403; Sgolbeck@nch.org
          Alanna Ackerson, APN / Clinical Educator Professional Development Department; 847-
           618- 7416; Jackerson@nch.org (e-mail is preferred contact)
          Names-Faces-Places (see attached)
          NCH Campus map (see attached)
          Student Orientation Guide
          Student Quiz and Signature Sheet (PDF)

 I’m looking forward to partnering with you this semester. It is my sincere hope that this
 experience is the best ever for both you and your students. Please contact me if you have any
 questions or concerns.

 Alanna Ackerson, RN, APN/CNP, ONC
 Clinical Educator, Professional Development
 847.618.7416 | telephone
 847.479.0861 | pager (inhouse 7416)
 847.618.7419 | fax

 Northwest Community Hospital
 ANCC Magnet Designated Hospital
 Fortune's Top 100 Best Places to Work 2006 & 2007
 Modern Healthcare's 100 Best Places to Work 2008

 AA 01/10 Faculty welcome letter/Professional development dept.
800 West Central Road           847.618.1000
Arlington Heights, IL 60005     www.nch.org

                              CLASSROOM / MEETING ROOM REQUEST

 Date of Request: ____________________________________________________

 School Requesting: __________________________________________________

 Person Requesting: _________________________________________________

 Phone: ___________________________________________________________

 E-mail: ___________________________________________________________

 Date(s) Room Needed: ______________________________________________

 Time Room Required (From): _______________________________________

 Time Room Required (To): _________________________________________

 Number of Attendees: _____________________________________________

                               Please e-mail request to Ljlombar@nch.org
800 West Central Road              847.618.1000
Arlington Heights, IL 60005        www.nch.org

                               NORTHWEST COMMUNITY HOSPITAL

                        Nursing Student Name            License Plate Number

 Nursing Program requesting: ____________________________________________________

 Nursing Course & Section: ______________________________________________________

 Nursing Instructor: ____________________________________________________________

 Completed copy will be sent to NCH security.
800 West Central Road         847.618.1000
Arlington Heights, IL 60005   www.nch.org

                                             Faculty Checklist:
       Clinical rotation request submitted via iCRSP (Student MAX)
       Security access / computer passwords requested
       Orientation forms and quiz completed
       ID badges obtained
       Scheduled department orientation day prior to 1st clinical
       Online Carelink® documentation tutorial completed
       NCH Student License Plate Numbers submitted
       Submit an updated copy of your CV or resume to Professional Development Department

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