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					                           Teaching American History
                                             Lesson Plan Template
Author: Christine Velazquez
Subject: North Carolina History
Grade Level: 8th
Class Time Required: 2 60 minute class periods
Lesson Title: North Carolina leading the way for Independence

Essential Question:
What was North Carolina’s role in helping the colonies declare independence?

Brief Description of Lesson:
Comparing and contrasting the Halifax Resolves and the Declaration of Independence

Lesson Plan Objectives: Competency Goal 2 Obj. 2.05
Assess the Table of Contents for the North Carolina Social Studies Curriculum at:

 At the conclusion of this lesson students will be able to…
 -understand the Halifax Resolves was written before the Declaration of Independence and influenced VA and
 other colonies to declare independence
 -familiarity with date and writing style of Halifax Resolves
 -There was no going back- Declaration of Independence could not be taken back – the colonists put their lives on
 the line
 -Declaration of Independence declared war
 -Become familiar with some of the colonists grievances
 -familiar with the introduction of the Declaration of Independence and the date and writing style

Materials Needed: (Print and Non-Print)
 Primary Sources: Halifax Resolves and Declaration of Independence

 Secondary Sources:

 Technology: None
Suggested Teaching Strategies:
  Anticipatory Set (Jump-Starter Activity)
  Can you imagine if someone you were dating ended the relationship by writing it on their facebook page?

  Teacher led instruction Lecture on the Halifax Resolves and the Declaration of Independence.

  Guided Practice
  Students should have a copy of the Halifax Resolves and the Declaration of Independence.
  Using the double bubble thinking map.

  Independent Practice
  In groups students will find similarities and differences between the two documents. They will put their
  findings in the double bubble thinking map
  Closure Would you have signed the Declaration of Independence? Why or why not?

Evaluation of Student Comprehension:
Provide a plan to assess student progress toward meeting the objective(s) of the lesson.

Formal assessment: Completed double bubble map and notes

Assessment of the Lesson:
This is for teachers using the plan to reflect on what worked and what needs modification.

Supplemental Information for Teachers:
Internet Resources:
For each source provide…

Web address:
Author and Title:
Brief synopsis of the source:

Attachments: Notes on the Declaration of Independence

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