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                                                                                                   September / October 2008

                                                    Tennis LongeviTy
                                                           by Judie Jacoby

Whoever said that ‘tennis is for the young’ never visited           of this group. He leads in age followed by Norm Piner (81),
The Racquet Club. I recently did a quick assessment of the          George Lott (early 70’s), Bob Putland (74), Jim Buchan (75),
average age of our most frequent players and I was absolutely       Dwayne Vick (75 in November), David McKean (72), Bob
blown away.                                                         Jacoby (72), Richard Keith (70’s), Ed Stone (70) and the newest,
                                                                    and by far the youngest, Bob Damron, just 64.
On any given Wednesday morning, in the cold of winter or the
heat of summer – even in the most intense north wind – you          The humor on the court in never ending (though corny, most
will find 2 tennis courts comprised of 8 “hearty” gals playing      of the time). I fill in with these charming fellows occasionally,
their hearts out in doubles each week.                              and trust me, it’s quality tennis! I have to stay on my toes to
                                                                    keep up with them. What some may lack in mobility, they more
This fact, in itself, is not so exceptional but for the fact that
                                                                    than make up for in accuracy – which is not my strongest suit.
their “average” age is 73 years – the youngest being 68 and the
                                                                    Many of them were college players and just never stopped
eldest 83 (84 in December). Most of these women have been
                                                                    playing. Isn’t that great?
playing since they were kids and just never stopped. Among
them are Pat Wright, Pat Vick, Sharon Miller, Miriam Hatamiya,      I have always believed that tennis makes my life much more
Arline Fitzgerald, Barbara Emery, Jeanenne Gingrich and Judy        fun and active, but these folks are far more devoted than I
Putland who play weekly. When they absolutely cannot play           am and they give me inspiration to continue playing way into
they are mainly replaced by Pat Cetko, Dottie Banta, Norlene        my 80’s (or 90’s?). Having attended my 50th Class Reunion
Barney, Karna Boyer, Stella Stone, Becky Henderson and Doris        recently (that tells you how old I am), I am excited to know
Buell.                                                              that ‘’tennis for seniors’ survives at our club and more than
                                                                    that – it THRIVES!
Now, over on Court 1 (which they seem to lay claim to) many
mornings (baring wind, cold or extreme heat – unlike the gals)      So, if you want to live longer, PLAY TENNIS!
are four “Senior” men playing like they are on the High School
                                                                    PS Most of these folks work out regularly in order to stay
Tennis Team…average age? 75! Dick Fitzgerald, 76, retired
                                                                    fit for their tennis.
for 21 years from the Highway Patrol, has overcome a partial
lung removal along with open heart surgery. Then there is
Don Charles, age 83 and Ed Haegele, early 70’s, a firefighter
when he’s not playing tennis, and Sam Varghese, 69 (just a
kid!) and you have the regulars. Sam also fills in often with
the advanced women’s group as a fourth.
Oh yes, at 7 am on Mondays you will see Toni Ann Roach, 70
from Colusa and Pat Wright 74, playing SINGLES every week.
“It gets the week started with real energy”, says Pat.
And when you venture over to Rancho Cortez on Monday,
Wednesday or Friday mornings around 8:30 you will see an
even more eclectic group of Men playing doubles. Tony Chong,
age 87 (in October), is the eldest of the group. Tony has only
minimal vision in one eye, needs a candy bar occasionally to
raise his blood sugar level, but is one of the better players
           Directory                             experience Fitness Your own waY
                                                              By Jessica Loeblein, Personal Trainer
          General Manager
           Pete Bakis, ext. 119                                    For many of us, fitness is a way of life. For others, who have
             pete@ycrc.com                                         entertained the idea of making it a part of their own lives,
                                                                   the first step can be a mountain. The decision comes with
             Departments                                           so many different degrees of ambition, strategy, and obstacles.
                                                                   Fitness is a journey. There are endless ways to go and there
         Accounting / Billing
                                                                   is no telling what you will find when you get there. When
     Charlotte Hammons, ext. 120                                   you start at the beginning, what do you hope to see along the
             char@ycrc.com                                         way? What is your destination? How will you deal with the
                                                                   obstacles? These are forethoughts that will keep you going and
         Kidz Programming                                          you should consider them wisely. However you do choose to
                                                                   embark, make sure the journey is enjoyable, rewarding, and
          Brenda Page, ext. 105
                                           the way you want it to be.
                                           Step 1: What do you want? Find out what it is you really want out of fitness. It could
                                           be many different things. Write them down.
   Fitness / Personal Training
          Beth Tortosa, ext. 207           Step 2: What is your plan? Ask yourself what might be the best way or ways to obtain
             beth@ycrc.com                 those things. Remember, outcomes vary with time, commitment, and personality, along
                                           with several other changing variables.
    Group Exercise / Pilates               Step 3: Alone or together? Is there anyone you would want to be there for support?
   Cyndi Shatswell-Martin, ext. 123        Do you need some help getting started? Or are you going to make it on your own?
             cyndi@ycrc.com                Step 4: Have a back-up plan. Now, think of who you are and your situation.What sort
                                           of obstacles might you meet? This is not to discourage or warn you, but, rather to ask
   Membership / Promotions                 you to come up with some ideas of how to deal with the obstacles when they come.
           Becky Ray, ext. 124             So, ARE YOU READY? If so, then begin by setting a goal and let no obstacle prevent
             becky@ycrc.com                you from achieving it. Once your first goal is accomplished, set another one. Keep
                                           on setting goals for yourself, even ones that may seem very challenging. But, try to set
          Member Services                  them one at a time so that you can focus and keep moving forward in your journey.
                                           Don’t settle down too soon or you may not achieve all you had hopes of achieving.
         Vickie Kuiken, ext. 113
                                           Bear in mind that the best way to succeed is to try. Ask for directions when needed.
                                           Be spontaneous and have fun!
                                           If you need help with getting started, setting goals, making a plan, and execution,
          Tennis / Activities
                                           please contact me, Jessica Loeblein, at (530) 673-6900 ext. 286. Or contact the fitness
            Jim King, ext. 121
                                           department, ext. 207, to meet with a Personal Trainer who will work with you on
            jimking@ycrc.com               achieving your goals.

         Integrated Physical
          Therapy Services
    Torben Ulrich, P.T., C.O.M.P.T.
                673-0567                     complimentarY one DaY Guest pass
              ipts@ycrc.com                    Give this coupon to a friend or family member and let them enjoy
                                                a day of fun and fitness at the Yuba City Racquet & Health Club!
   yuba city racquet club
                                                                           825 Jones Road
825 Jones Road • Yuba City, CA 95991
          Phone: 673-6900                                                Yuba City, CA 95991
                                                                           (530) 673-6900
          rancho cortez
                                                    One coupon per month only please. Some restrictions apply. Expires 10/31/08.
1471 Richland Road • Yuba City, CA 95993

Page 2
    are You reaDY to Get into shape?
       let laDies oF steel help You
                       By Sarah Martinez, LOS Coordinator
                             Have you ever wondered what Ladies of Steel was? Ladies of
                             Steel is a two month program that meets three days a week
                             (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.) The program consists of one
                             hour and ten minutes of intense training broken down into
                             three sections: Abdominals, cardio fitness, and strength training.
                             The cardio is changed daily and each client has their own
                             personal weight training program that is tailored to their needs.
                             Along with learning a variety of weight training skills, you will
                             also be assisted with your nutritional needs. I know how your
                             schedules can be with the kids back in school and playing sports;
                             it sometimes is hard to fit a healthy breakfast into your schedule,
                             so let us help guide you into the right direction.                    Of Steel
Ladies of Steel has been a very successful program for many women. We have had many
successful stories ranging from 15 inches of total body loss, to 10 percent body fat reduction,
to dropping 4 pant sizes, and to losing up to 20 pounds. Many of the same women have been          Lose Body
with the program since it first started in 2007.
                                                                                                   Fat, Weight
Have you ever wanted to hire a personal trainer and thought you couldn’t afford it? Well
Ladies of Steel is a good way to work with a trainer and get the best value for your money.         & Inches
Who would have thought that you could hire a trainer for only $17 a session? So think about
it and give Ladies of Steel a try! I truly believe that every woman should give this program             CLASS TIMES
a shot!                                                                                                MON / WED / FRI
                                                                                                    5:30am, 9:00am, 7:00pm
If you have any questions feel free to call me @ 673-6900, ext 279.
                                                                                                      8 WEEK PROGRAM
                                                                                                        October 3rd -
                                team Fitness
          12 Week Team Weight Loss Program - $199 Program Fee
                                                                                                       November 28th

                                                                                                   • Nutrition Guidance
                                     Bring your friends and compete to lose! Teams will            • FUN Cardio Profiles
                                     participate in a medically supervised, nutrition &            • Customized Resistance
                                     fitness based weight loss program. Take advantage of            Training
                                     Cornerstone Wellness supplements to personalize your          • Refer a Friend Receive
                                     exercise program & food intake to maximize results!             10% Off
                                     The team with the highest decrease in overall body-
                                     fat composition will receive a $300 gift certificate from
                                     YCRC.The second place team receives massages and the
                                                                                                     SIGN UP AT THE
                                     third place team receives a $150 gift card from YCRC.           FITNESS OFFICE

	           Must pre-screen with Program Physician to meet Health eligibility                        Personal Training
	           Each Team must have a Minimum of Three Contestants                                       For $17 an Hour
	           Program begins October 6, 2008.                                                       Prices Based on 3 Days
	           Teams Council and Weigh in with Coach every Two Weeks                                   Per Week Program
	           Sign up Sheets are located at the Fitness Office Counter
	           For Additional Information…Contact Beth Tortosa (530) 673-6900                        Contact Sarah Martinez
                                                                                                    @ 673-6900 Ext. 279
                            MAY THE BEST TEAM LOSE!!!!
                                                                                                       for more info.

                                                                                                                        Page 3
                              2008 Jr. tennis proGram

                                   Junior After School Program
         The Junior After School Program will begin in September. Join USTA Tennis Professional,
         Anton Talle and the tennis department staff for YCRC’s Junior After School Program. These
         sessions include small group (8-10) instruction, drills and game play for students of all ages
         and levels. This program focuses on proper stroke techniques and physical conditioning.
         YCRC Members and guests please contact Anton Talle at 530-415-1073 or Jim King at
         530-673-6900 Ext 121.
         SESSION:     5 - September 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 22, 24, 29
         SESSION:     6 - October 6, 8, 13, 15, 20, 22, 27, 29
         SESSION:     7 - November 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26
         DAYS:        Mondays & Wednesdays
         TIMES:       Age 4-6   3:40-4:40pm (Rainy days in racquetball courts)
                      Age 7-10 3:40-4:40pm (Rainy days in racquetball courts)
                      Age 11-16 4:45-6:00pm
         COST:        Members      Age 4-10       Full Session $79 / Half Session $59
                                   Age 11-16      Full Session $99 / Half Session $69
                                                  Day Rate $20
                      Guest        Age 4-10       Full Session $109 / Half Session $89
                                   Age 11-16      Full Session $119 / Half Session $99
                                                  Day Rate $30
         EQUIPMENT NEEDED: Tennis racquets, proper non-marking shoes, water jugs, sunscreen,
         hat and a fun positive attitude!

                    Junior FriDaY niGht tennis & pizza
         Time: 6:00-7:30
         Cost: $7 per night
               $12 for juniors not enrolled in current program
               Non-Members $15
         Fall Schedule:   Friday, August 29         Friday, October 24
                          Friday, September 12      Friday, November 7
                          Friday, September 26      Friday, November 21
                          Friday, October 10

                                Free tennis                anD      pizza
         New Members! Best combo in town! Come one, come all! Grab a slice, take a swing and
         have some fun! Only 12 spots open, bring a friend or the whole family. Call Jim King at
         673-6900 ext. 121 today to reserve your spot right now!

         Dates: September 16th, Tuesday Night 6:00-7:15 p.m.
                October 14th, Tuesday Night 6:00-7:15 p.m.

Page 4
                    aDult BeGinner clinics                                                          thirstY thursDaYs
Five adult group lessons designed to provide basic tennis skills. Forehand, ground strokes,
serve and volley, backhand ground strokes, serve and return and the doubles game.
                                                                                                         Tailgate & Tennis
Contact Jim King at 530-673-6900 Ext 121 or jimking@ycrc.com.
                                                                                                     Join the crew, Jim, Dan and Pete,
Dates: Session 3      September 8, 11, 15, 18, 22                                                   for tennis & BBQ every thursday
                                                       * Special Pink October Fundraiser Session
       Session 4      Pink October 6, 9, 13, 16, 19    Cost $125 with Special Racquet included!
       Session 5      November 3, 6, 10, 13, 17                                                             7:00PM - 8:30PM

Full Session $99.00 with Racquet                                                                           $7.00 Drop in Fee
Full Session $79.00 without Racquet
$59 for Half Session without Racquet                                                                     No Partners Needed
                                                                                                           First 28 Players

       tuesDaY niGht men’s clinic                               with          anton                              Format:
                                                                                                   Match Play, Doubles, Mixed Doubles
                             7-8:15pm starts September 2

                           $62.50 for month of September
                       $50 for Month of October or November
                                 $15 Drop Inn Rate

    weDnesDaY niGht women’s clinic                                          with Jim
                        3.0 Level 5:30-6:45 starts September 3
                        3.5 Level 7:00-8:15 starts September 3

                           $62.50 for month of September
                       $50 for Month of October or November                                        Can’t find a class or clinic
                                 $15 Drop Inn Rate                                                 that fits your schedule?
                                                                                                   Then make your own
        tennis, music, strokes, Drills & Fun                                                       schedule. Private, semi-
                                                                                                   private and group rates
                         Cardio Tennis Starts September 3
                    Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 9-10am
                                                                                                   are available. Contact
                                Cost $10 per class                                                 the Tennis office to set
                    Month Pass $50 good for 2 classes per week
                                                                                                   your own schedule now.
                                                                                                   530-673-6900 ext. 122.

                                FamilY niGht                                                       Do you want to know
                              Tuesday Nights 6-7:15pm
                                                                                                   what Tennis events are
                   Cost $40 for the entire family for 4 week session                               coming up? Check the
                              $15 Day Rate drop inn fee                                            YCRC website to see all
                            Session II starts on August 26
                            Pizza party on September 16.                                           of the upcoming events
                         Session III starts on September 23,                                       taking place at the club.
                             Pizza party on October 14.
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                                        kiDz korner

Kidz Korner
                           By Brenda Page, Kidz Programming Director
                                Were You At The Kidz Kamp Out?
         It was a Hawaiian Luau at Rancho Cortez! Best Dressed winners were Emily Bushnell &
         Christopher Parhizgar. Tents were set up in all sizes and colors. We had a fire pit to roast
         marshmallows. We swam, played water games, and ate BBQ hotdogs and hamburgers. There
         was a magician who entertained us all. We swam again, watched a BIG screen movie and then
         swam some more. A handful of children stayed up all night!! In the morning, we had a great
         pancake breakfast!

                                                             Kidz / Parents
                                        Look for our 2nd Annual Book Fair at the Kidz Klub and
                                        Nursery the first week of October. There are many books to
                                        choose from and for all ages.

                                     KiDz TiME PRESChOOL
                                   “A Growing Preschool Experience”
             Our Preschool program was built on the desire to nurture, train and prepare children for
         Kindergarten. Our Center offers a reading/ listening center, computer center, and dramatic
         play area. We have two outdoor playgrounds; one includes a rock climbing wall.
             We want to make sure that your child learns the necessary skills to excel once they enter
         the Kindergarten classroom. These skills include social and emotional development, as well as
         cognitive thinking and reasoning. Our Preschool experience not only prepares your child for
         success on their first day of Kindergarten, but enables them to reach their full potential.
             Stop by or call 671-2255 (BALL) - Miss Candace

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                                 inTegraTed PhysicaL

                                                                                                         I P T S
                                  TheraPy services
                                       Torben Ulrich
                                       Tricia Malone
The evolution of the medical field has made it necessary for patients to play an active role in the
selection of their medical practitioners. This article is meant to give information about some of

your rights as a patient, the role of a Physical Therapist in your medical treatment, and how to
choose a Physical Therapist.

One of the fundamental rights you have as a patient is the right to choose your own Physical
Therapist. Your Practitioner may refer you to a specific facility, but you can take your prescription
for physical therapy to any licensed Physical Therapist. Your Practitioner may refer you to a
specific facility because he has established a professional relationship with the Physical Therapist/s
there and he trusts their work. Occasionally, a Practitioner may have a financial interest in the
facility to which s/he refers you. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it elucidates the need for
patients to take an active role in gathering information on the facility and, more specifically, the
Physical Therapist that will be administering treatment.

The role of a Physical Therapist is to evaluate and treat musculoskeletal and neuromuscular
dysfunction and disorder. Some examples include back pain, post-surgical rehabilitation,
osteoporosis, and rehabilitation after stroke or other brain injury. Physical therapy is considered
to be a “conservative” treatment, which means that it is a non-invasive alternative to more drastic
treatment options, such as surgery. Physical therapy is often used before, or in combination with,

other treatments. Part of the responsibility of a Physical Therapist is to ensure the patient’s
treatment is progressive and effective, and to know when “conservative” treatment may no longer
be the best option for the patient. Physical Therapists cooperate with the patient’s Medical
Doctor to promote the best interests of the patient.

Choosing a Physical Therapist does not need to be hard work. If you follow three key pieces of
advice you can choose a Therapist who will work well to meet your treatment needs.
1. Choosing a licensed Physical Therapist. You can find out if a Therapist is licensed by logging
   on to the following website: http://www.ptb.ca.gov/. Next, choose to “verify a license” and
   enter the Physical Therapist’s name. In about 10 seconds you will know if the Therapist you
   are considering is licensed to practice in California. Also, make sure the clinic/therapist you
   choose participates with your insurance company, or that they will submit claims to your
   insurance on your behalf.
2. Make sure the therapist you choose is the person who administers your treatment.
   Unfortunately, some clinics have succumbed to the temptation of over utilizing Physical
   Therapy Aides to profit financially. Physical Therapy Aides are not required to have any specific
   education before starting work in a clinic. Your Physical Therapist should administer most of
   your treatment.
3. Ask questions. If your Therapist says something you do not understand, ask for clarification.
   In addition, your Therapist should give you a prognosis and plan of care. This simply means
   that your Therapist will explain his/her diagnosis and set treatment goals that will address your
   particular therapy needs.

The Therapists here at IPTS are licensed and specialize in one-on-one, integrated physical therapy
treatments. Also, they participate in continuing education courses at least once per year to
increase and enhance their knowledge of the many treatment options and modalities available
for use.

Patient education is an important aspect of the work we do here at IPTS. For more information
on the topics covered in this article you may contact IPTS at (530) 673-0567. You can also visit
the American Physical Therapy Association’s website at www.apta.org.

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             Group exercise & pilates
                             by Cyndi Shatswell-Martin
                                                                                                      cLub hours
                     I am a firm believer that you should never stop learning. I know that
                     I sometimes come off as someone that “knows it all,” but I know that
                                                                                                 the racquet club
                     in the big scheme of life, I know nothing. Therefore, I attended the              Monday - Friday
                     World Fitness Conference in Las Vegas in July to see what new fitness           5:00am - 10:00pm
                     information I could learn. I took classes in Pilates for Men, Pilates for
                     Breast Cancer Rehabilitation, and Pilates for the Obese client. I also            Saturday - Sunday
                     took Cycle Karaoke class and learned Sports Conditioning Circuits. I             7:00am - 8:00pm
                     even went to a two-hour course on how to use our TRX Suspension                *The tennis courts are open
                     system for core conditioning at 7am and was sore for three days. Boy,        until 10:00pm seven days a week.
I never knew that learning could be so painful! I hope that all of you are trying different
types of workouts all the time so that your body is learning new things as well. Now that
the kids are back in school, come in and try a new class or ask a trainer to help revamp          rancho cortez
your workout.
                                                                                                         Summer Hours
We have completed the pilot program of BodyJam Base. If you have not turned in a survey,                Monday - Sunday
please get them to me as soon as possible so that I can return them to Les Mills. I will keep           7:00am - 9:00pm
you posted on this program and whether or not Les Mills and YCRC will be offering it in
                                                                                                       Effective May 24th
the future. Thank you for your input.

We are going to start a new Intro to Pilates class. This class is for anyone of any fitness
level who wants to start a Pilates program. The class time is 4:30 pm and we are still taking      Power blenDz
new students. If you are interested, please call me, as we would like to start the week of
September 8th. There are three spots left. The cost is $110/month for members. The new
                                                                                                   smoothie bar
Pilates instructor trainees are in their Intermediate level now and are happy to do a Pilates           Monday - Friday
demo for you at no charge. Let them show you what Pilates can do for you.                              5:00am - 10:00pm
                                                                                                       Saturday & Sunday
                                                                                                        7:00am - 8:00pm

                                                                                                     iPts hours
                                                                                                        Monday - Friday
                                                                                                        7:00am - 6:00pm
                                                                                                   Saturday by Appointment

                  Yuba City Racquet & Health Club                                                                        PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                        U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                         Mailed from
                            825 Jones roaD                                                                             Zip Code 95901
                                                                                                                       By BFS Printing,
                      yuba city, california 95991                                                                       Bulk Mail, Etc.
                                                                                                                        Permit No. 46
                             ALL OF OUR CLASSES ARE FOR MEMBERS 11 YEARS OF AGE
                             AND UP (CHILDREN 11-13 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THEIR
                             PARENT) UNLESS THE CLASSES ARE MARKED A/O WHICH
                             ARE FOR ADULTS ONLY,14 YEARS OF AGE AND UP.

                             AQUA CLASSES
                             •	 Aquatic	Rehab	Therapy - A pool therapy program for IPTS (Inte-
                                grated Physical Therapy Services) patients. One lane only from
                                8am to 5pm.
                             • H20	Combo - Combo of wave & kickboxing with stretching also.
                             • Jr.	 Stroke	Class - Stroke lessons with Dottie Banta. See flyer for
                                more details.
                             • Wave	Aerobics - Water specific aerobic exercise to motivating
                                tunes. Walk, jog, kick, jump, rock and scissor your way through a
                                great workout. Great for beginners.
                             • Deep	Water	Aerobics - Held in outdoor pool using a flotation belt
                                (belt is provided). NO IMPACT! Water specific aerobic exercise
                                to motivating tunes. Walk, jog, kick, jump, rock and scissor your
                                way through a great workout. Great for beginners.These classes
                                are held outdoors during the summer months.
                             • Swim	Instruction - Lessons for preschool, youth and adults. Offering
                                private, semi-private and group instruction. For more information
                                contact Alison Turgeon,Aquatic Director, phone # 673-6900 x125
                                or alison@ycrc.com.
                             GROUP EXERCISE CLASSES
                             •	 BODYJAM	- Get your groove on in this high energy fat burning
                                hip-hop dance class.
                             • BODYPUMP - Weight training to music… “The Fastest Way in
                                Universe to Get In Shape!”
                             • BODYVIVE - Is a low-impact, 55 minute class, integrating aerobic
                                exercise for heart fitness, resistance training for strength and
                                stability, as well as stretching and mobility work. Using Vive balls,
                                Vive tubes and optional hand weights.
                             • Intermediate	Step - A step bench class at intermediate level
                             • Low	Impact	Aerobics - Great for beginners to advanced, low impact
                                floor aerobics.
                             • Silver	Circuit - Senior members work on balance, strength and car-
                                dio in the group exercise room. Ask Kim Barrow for details.
                             • Total	Body	Training	(TBT) - Uses weights, bands, bars and balls.
                             MIND BODY
                             •	 BODYFLOW - Combination of Tai Chi, Yoga & Pilates mat exer-
                             •	 Butts,	 Guts	 &	Yoga - Lower body conditioning followed by 45
                                minutes of yoga.
                             •	 YOGA - Builds muscle strength and flexibility with continuous
                                yoga movements.
                             • TAI	CHI - October-May the classes are held in the group exercise
                                room, however June-September the classes are held in the indoor
                             CYCLING CLASSES
                             • Crazy	Cycle	- Cycling class with Cyndi Shatswell-Martin.
                             • Friday	Fun	Ride - Cycling class with Cyndie Bock.
                             • Heart	 Rate	Training - Discover your training zones! Class will
                               include drills and relays. Heart Rate Monitor recommended but
                               not required.
                             • Pedal	to	the	Metal - Cycling class.
                             • Power	Cycle - Group cycling class, instructor varies.
                             • Interval	Ride - Interval training that will include hill climbing, sprints
                               & jumps.
                             • For children 11-13 who participate in a cycling class,
                               riders must fit on the bike appropriately according to
                               the instructor, to be in the class.
                             JUNIOR CLASSES
                             ALL OF OUR CLASSES ARE FOR MEMBERS 11 YEARS OF
                             AGE AND UP (CHILDREN 11-13 MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY
                             THERE PARENT) UNLESS THE CLASSES ARE MARKED A/O
                             WHICH ARE FOR ADULTS 14 YEARS OF AGE AND UP.
                             • Preschool	 Fitness - PRESCHOOL FITNESS WILL BE OFF THE
                               SCHEDULE JUNE THROUGH AUGUST. For ages 3-6 years.This
                               class is designed to teach children endurance, strength & flexibility
                               while having fun! Circuit training, jumping, skipping, dancing, fames
                               and more!

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