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(Grace Unlimited, Indianapolis)

  Common Worship
  Join us on Sundays at 6pm for a meal followed by our
  6:30pm worship service. All are welcome, no exceptions.
  You are also invited to bring a non-perishable food item for
  the offering, which we will donate to a local food pantry.
  When: Sundays, 6:00-8pm (during fall and spring
  Where: Center for Faith & Vocation, 4615 Sunset Ave.
  (“The Blue House” across from Clowes Hall)

  Ecumenical & Interfaith Worship
  We are grateful for the presence of different student groups devoted to a traditional faith or an
  emerging spirituality. We are constantly exploring ways to worship together without compromising
  what makes each of us distinctive. We have participated in worship with the Butler Catholic
  Community, Butler Hillel, and with all the religious/spiritual organizations through services organized
  through the Center for Faith & Vocation. Watch for further announcements.

  Feeding the Hungry
  At Common Worship we donate nonperishable food items to be given to local food pantries.
  Occasionally we send volunteers to assist these pantries on days when they are open. If you are
  interested in volunteering, contact Fr. Charles Allen (charlesallen5@yahoo.com; 317-319-7736).

  AIDS Walk
  Grace Unlimited has been a consistent
  supporter of the Butler Alliance and of the
  full inclusion of LGBT persons in the
  common life of our supporting Churches.
  Each year we and the Alliance co-sponsor a
  team for the annual AIDS Walk. For more
  about the AIDS Walk, see:
  If you are interested in volunteering, contact
  Fr. Charles Allen
  (charlesallen5@yahoo.com; 317-319-7736).

  Emerging Faith
  We gather on a weeknight several times a semester to engage the growing phenomenon of the
  Emerging Church. We might watch a Rob Bell video or a YouTube clip from Peter Rollins, then
  explore together what that opens up for us. As always, there will be food. Announcements will be
  posted on bulletin boards and on Facebook, or you can contact Fr. Charles Allen
  (charlesallen5@yahoo.com; 317-319-7736).
Every year Grace Unlimited sponsors several forums on topics of interest or concern to people of faith:
science & religion, relating to people of other faiths, archeological discoveries, faith and politics, etc.
Look for more announcements in the near future.

The Listening Post
Fr. Charles makes himself available to Butler students during the week
at Starbucks. Feel free to drop by to chat, vent, or talk about your
spiritual and overall wellbeing (or make an appointment to talk

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