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									                                    JOHN MURPHY
? Murphy: b      d.?
          1/c William Murphy
          2/c John Murphy—b.1745      d.1787 (inventory & appraisement, Halifax Co.
                           m. Anne
                           1/c Frances Murphy (Fanny) b.
                                m. Thomas Brady
                                1/c. Edmund Brady—m.Mary Vaughan, dau. of
                                            Abner Vaughan and Theodocia Murphy
                                                      m. Mary Hopkins, dau. of
                                                          Isham Hopkins
                                            Chn: Edmund Brady Jr.
                                                 B. Brady
                                                 Thomas V. Brady
                                                 Sarah Ann Brady—
                                                     m. Walton H. “Doc” Vaughan
                                                     m. Lewis Rogers
                                                     m. Lazarus DeBoard
                           2/c Theodocia Murphy –b.
                       c1791/1789      m. Abner Vaughan—b.1/10/1765
                                                     d. before Nov 1836
                                 1/c Murphy Vaughan—b1792 d 1862
                                      m. Sarah A. Tate
                                  2/c Hiram F. Vaughan—
                                       m. Jane Lavert Hopkins
                                         chn: 1.Abner—b 1836 Ala.
                                  3/c Mary Vaughan—b 1803
                                       m. Edmund Brady
                                  4/c Abner Vaughan –bc 1800 Ga d 1847
                                       m. Elizabeth Nations

                             3/c John Murphy Jr. (guardian: Wm Murphy)

                               4/c Sistyry or Styra or Sistry Murphy—b
                                                          m. Timothy Lax-b.
Halifax Deedbook 12—pg 332 Edmund Bentley by deed dated 10/30/1772 conveyed to
John Murphy, 400 acres in Halifax Co. And said John Murphy did by his deed of Jan 20
1778 convey to John Glasco 1 moiety of the land , containing 200 acres—and John
Glasco by his deed dated 1/10,/1783 conveyed to John Hudson…

2/15/ 1778 Halifax Co deed 1775-1778 pg 313 John Murphy of Halifax Co Antrim Parish
to Wm. Murphy of Halifax Co for 300 pds—250 acres on southside of Banister River,
bounded by (trees). Anne relinquishes dower. Wit: Reuben Ragland, Wm Powell, Ann

Halifax Deedbook 12, pg 335—Feb 21, 1783 –John Murphey and Edward Wells and
Wm. Maxey witnessed deed from Benjamin Vaughan , late of Antrim Parish, Halifax Co
to Adam Chisholm of same..
Halifax Co DB r 2/19/1778 pg 396 John Murphy witnessed deed Obehiah Russell of
Halifax Co to Cornelius Crenshaw of Amelia Co.
Halifax Deedbook 12, pg 389, Sept 15, 1783 John Murphy of Antrim Parish, Halifax Co
to Isaac Easly of same for 275 pds, about 250 acres in Antrim Parish on the north side of
Banister River, bounded by James Baley (Bailey) Peter Wood, Smith’s orphans, the Bold
Branch said river nearly opposite to Robt. Wooding’s fishing landing, it being part of the
old land whereon James Wood formerly lived, and party of the 400 acres granted to Peter
Wood (son and heir to said James Wood) by patent dated Feb 9, 1770, and by said Peter
Wood to Minder Wynn by Halifax deeds, and by said Miner Wynn conveyed to said John
Murphy. Wit: Edward Wells, Frances Wells, James McCraw. R 15 Jan 1784. Ann the
wife of said John Murphy , voluntarily relinquished her right of dower to the lands

 John Murphy—Halifax Co Va 1787, Willbook 2, 1783-1792, pg 246-247; Inventory &
Appraisement, 24 July 1787—among items listed : Negro man Joe, do. Jack; do Oliver,
do woman Lucy; do Nan; do boy Peter; do Lue; do Isaac; do. Gabriel; do girl Rachel; do
Tener; do Rody; do Candes; do Sarah—also mares,colts, horses, cows, bulls, 3 feather
beds & furniture, earthen ware, candle-stand, flat iron; 2 looking glasses, chest; trunk, 5
chairs, 1 smooth bore gun; cotton wheel; fplax do, razor strop & hone; plantation tools
parcel pewter; man’s saddle, woman’s do. Total 624 /22/6 Ann Murphey & Edmnd
King, administrators. Wit: John Wimbish, James Rice, Joseph Owen.
Memorandum of articles not present—negro man Tom, do. girl Silvy; 1 yoke work
stears; 2 feather beds, furniture, 25 head hogs. R 20 Sept 1787
                             23 Sept 1787 inventory & appraisement
                              Willbook 3, 1792-1797

Family tradition says Edward Wills’ mother married on board ship to America to a Mr.
Murphy”…Edward Groce Wills, son of Edward, named his son John Murphy Vaughan
Wills. Edward Wills associated with John Murphy in Halifax Co Va.

A “John Murphy” served in the Rev. War in 8th & 10th Va. Rgt—while Edward Wills
served in the 10th & 14th Va. Rgt.

Mecklenburg Co Va Deed book I 1765-1771, pg 54 10/17/1767, s 10/17/1767 John
Murphy of Mecklenburg for the affections I have for my sons William Murphy of
Mecklenburg, have given him 1 negro named Peter, age about 12.

4/9/1770 Halifax Co DB 2, pg 384 John Murphy of Meckleburg Go to Thomas Pettice, a
Negro man named Daniel.
May Court 1771, Halifax Co Va deed Rich. Echols to John Murphy.
Aug. Court 1772 James & Robt Davidson & Co vs. John Murphy.
177501803 British Mercantile Claims –claims of Wm. Cunningham & Co (Meckenburg
store) against estate of John Murphy—his children having moved to Halifax Co Va and
from there to Georgia.

John Murphy deceased by 1787 .
July Court 1805—indenture made the 25th day March, in year of the Christian era, 1805
between Ann Murphey, widow & relict of John Murphey the elder dec’d with John
Murphey the younger, son of said John dec’d—and Thomas Brady & Frances Brady ( the
wife formerly Frances Murphey)—Styra Lax (formerly Styra Murphey)—Abner
Vaughan & Dausey (sic) Vaughan ( his wife former Dausey Murphy) (ie. Docia or
Theodocia). The said Frances, Styra, and Dausey being daughters of the said John
Murphy, decd of the one part, and Philemon Carlton of the county of Halifax of the other
part , witnessth that whereas the aforesaid John Murphey, decd being in his lifetime
together with a certain Drury Burge now also deceased jointly entitled to & legally
invested with the fee simple estate of and in a certain tract or parcel of land lying &
being upon Banister River, containing 400 acres & upward, known by the name of “The
Mill Tract” and bounded as in & by a deed for the same executed by John Watkins &
Susanna Watkins of rcord in the said county of Halifax to the aforesaid Drury Burge and
John Murphey, and bearing the date 19th day of June in the year 1783 will appear
reference being thereto had—did by a certain covenant in writing bearing date the 6th day
of March then next following entered into &executed between the said Drury Burge &
John Murphey for and in consequence of a valuable and bonafide consideration by the
said Drury to the said John, then paid, sell, or covenant to sell and dispose of all his the
said John’s right or half of the said tract of land unto the said Drury Burge and for that
purpose to make & execute to the said Burge a good & lawful right in fee simple
wherever after he should be thereto required and whereas the said John Murphey hath
depated this life without having made & execute a right to the said Burge or those
claiming under him in conformity to the provisions & stipulations in the said covenant in
& to the tract or morely thereof to which he was entitled and the aforesaid Philemon
Carlton having by legal & rightful transfer by deed from William Burge son the
aforesaid Drury decd and Patsey Burge wife of the said William, becomes possessed of
the same tract of land conveyed as above recited by John Watkins and Susannah Watkins
to the said Drury Burge and John Murphey, and to which deed bearing the date 28th day
Jan 1805 from the said William Burge and Patsey Burge to the said Philemon Carlton for
the more certainty ascertaining this quantity meter and bound of the said tract of land &
duly accorded in the county court of Halifax..They the said heirs being the wife &
children of the said John Murphy decd may have or hold therein and with good faith
convey into execution of the covenant of the said John ,dec’d. Now therefore we the said
Ann Murphey, John Murphey, Thomas Brady & Frances Brady, Styra Lax, Abner
Vaughan and Dausey Vaughan to Philemon Carlton for & in consideration of the former
and the further consideration of the delivery to us by the said Philemon Carlton which is
hereby acknowledged of the covenant herein before referred to—have given granted ,
released, confined and delivery these presents give ,grant, bargain,sell, deliver and
confirm unto him the aid Philemon Carlton and to his heirs & assigness forever all right,
interest and title. Test: William Fourgurean, John Younger, Edward Carlton

John Murphy—1790 census, NC—Richmond Co (Fayette Dist) NC 1-2-2---
    along with Edward Wills
Edward Wills married 1786 to Sarah Vaughan in Richmond Co NC with surety Abner
Vaughan). Abner Vaughan b 10 Jan 1765 married Theodocia Murphy, dau of John
Murphy. Halifax Co DB 13, pg 464 and Halifax Co DB 25, pg 229.

Wm. Lax –b.1667 d.
          1692 m. Ann Frankling b.1672 (See Franklings )
                   She relinquished dower on land sold to Thomas Brackett in
                                           Goochland Co Va r 11 Aug 1738.
           He owned land in Henrico Co Va later to become Goochland Co 1727
           Va. land-grant from King Geo. II 1760
           400 acres Halifax Co Va on Difficult Creek, per Frances Fauquier Lt. Gov.
and Commander-in-chielf of colo9ny and dominion at Williamsburg.
Wm. Lax and Joel Chandler were witnesses of will of Hagar Tabor in Henrico Co Va.
                           (Henrico Co Minute Book 1719-24
20 Sept 1730, to Wm. Lax, 200 acres in Prince George County on south side of
Appomattox River.

         Chn:A.. William Lax Jr. b. 1705 Goochland Co Va d. 1755 Lunenberg Co
                         1722 m. Elizabeth--     b 1702 d. 1770 LWT p 18April 1783-
      Land near town of Clover at junction of highway 46 and 92 in eastern part of
county where Difficult Creek crosses SR 30 about halfway between Clover and South
     Wm Lax Jr. with 1 tithe, Goochland Tithe list, 1746 & 1748
      Lunenberg Co 1750—2 tithes. Also 1752; 2 tithes with 175 acres 1769; 1772 –3
      Resides in that part of Lunenberg which became Mecklenburg Co in 1765 Halifax
Co formed from part of Lunenberg Co 1752
     At a vestry held for Cumberland Parish 7 Nov 1754, 1000 pds. Of tobacco awarded
to Wm. Lax to support his child. The awards continued for 30 years
     1782 head of household Halifax Co Va.
    Land, deed/tax records of Goochland, Lunenberg, Halifax Co,Va.

                         Chn: I.. William S. Lax III—b 1723?/1747/1756 Goochland Co
or Lunenberg Co Va. d.15 May 1783 Halifax Co Va.. LWT WB I (1773-1783 pg. 107)
Exec: John Lax; Susannah Lax; Benjamin Lax
15 July1760 patented 400 acres in Halifax Co on Difficult Creek. Patent at the site of the
village of Clover.
1782 Tax List—Halifax Co Va –6 whites
LWT—Halifax Co Va, Wm.S. Lax, WB I 1773-1783 Halifax Co (edited by Marian
Dodson Chiarito) pg 107…being this the abundant mercy and goodness of God though
weak in body yet of a sound and perfect memory and understanding..
                                     m. 1756/9 Susannah Chandler—christened 10 Oct
1727 St. Peter’s Parish.-- dau. of Wm. Chandler (son of Robert Chandler and Elizabeth) .
1810 Halifax Co Tax List—1 horse.
Acquired land Terrible Creek in Halifax Co in 1762, lived there until 1784.
                               Chn: 1/ c John Lax b. 1758 d. 1819
                                            m 1778
                                           1810 Halifax Co Tax List—2 whitetitheables/
0 slaves/ 3 horses.
                                     2/c Benjamin Lax b. 1763? /1776 d. 1808
                                            11/20/1821 m Elizabeth Cobbs
                                                     chn: l. John Terrry Lax b 1822
                                                          2. Perlina Lax—b 1824
                                             1780 m. Mary Royall b 1760
Halifax WB d April 1808 p 25 April 1808mentions friend, Thomas Sparrow and son
Timothy, exec; security—Joel Lax, Shadrack Chandler, Henry Cardwell; wit: Nathaniel
Barksdale, Joel Lax, John Sparrow
                                                1. John Lax—m. Susannah Lax, dau of
                                                                  of Joel Lax
                                    3/c William Lax IV—b 1768 d 1852
                                            m Frances Swinney b 1774 d 1855? Surety:
Benjamin B. Swinney; by Rev Samuel D. Brame. Lived Peaks of Otter, Botetourt Co Va

                                   4/c Timothy Lax b. 1755/ 11 d. 1815 Lunenberg Co
                                            27 Feb1784/ 23 Nov 1786 m.Sistyry Murphy
b 1766? , surety: John Lax. Wit: Thomas Puckett, John Lewis. Sistyr gives own consent.
.Rev. Thomas Dobson ( who says Sistissery) aka Estira
1810 Halifax Co Tax List—1 white tithe, 1 slave, 1 horse.
Halifax DB 13,pg 111, 15 Oct 1784 from Wm. Lax of the State of NC to Timothy Lax of
Halifax Co for 50 pds, 100 acres of land part of 400 acres of land patented in my father’s
name,Wm.Lax, on a branch of Difficult Creek, bearing date 15 July 17690, being a fourth
part of said tract which was devised to me by my father. Wit: Wm. Martin; James
Chisum; Jonathan C. Hamber; Robert Lax. R 16 Dec 1784.
1785 head of household, Halifax Co Va, list of James Bates, Timothy Lax—white souls
3; dwellings 1; other buildings 3.
                                  5/c Elizabeth Lax-b ?1760
                                               1780 m. John Lewis
Halifax Co Wb 15, pg 303, John E. Lewis, 20 Aug 1830, codicil dated 24 Aug 1830

                                  6/c Susannah Lax—b 1750/8 Lunenberg Co
                                        DB 17, pg 361 gift from Susannah to her children
                      18 Dec 1781 or 23 May 1781 m. Abraham Childress b 1745—
marriage by Rev. Nathaniel Hill.. LWT WB 2,pg 470 &513 p24 Oct 1791 inventory 13
Aug 1791
                                        24 Jun 1797 m. Peter Crews b. 1735 d. 1801
Marriage surety: Benjamin Lax, wit: Wm Lax. Susannah signs own consent..
Peter Owens LWT WB6, pg 250-251, inventory and appraisals Jan Court 1801. Peter
Owens wit. Wm Lax’s LWT 21 July 1778, Halifax Co.
1820 Halifax Co census male 10-16=1; 16-26=1; female 16-26=1; 45 +=1

                                 7/c Joel Lax—ab 1765/70 d Nov 1828
                                LWT WB14, pg612; inventory Nov 1828.
           1810 Halifax Co Tax List—2 white titheables, 0 slaves; 4 horses.
           Land trf Halifax Co DB 37, pg 375
1820 Halifax Co census—male 10-16=1;45 +=1; female 16-26=1; 26-45=1; 45+=1
                                           m Mary( Polly Puckett), dau. of Stephen and
Estate inventory/appraisal Oct 1838, WB 19 pg 139, accts: WB 19 pg 142, WB 20 pg 118
Halifax Co 1830 next to Wm; Timothy; Royall Lax
                                                   1. Elizabeth Lax—
                                                                 m. David Owen
                                                   2. Obedience Lax—
                                                               m. Timothy Childress
                                                   3. Susannah—
                                                   4. Tabitha—
                                                   5. Mary—
                                                   6. Robert--
                                     8/c Obedience Lax—b 1766?/80 Halifax Co Va.
                                     9/c Tabitha Lax—b 1762?
                                              5 Sept 17894 m. Job Cooper
                                     10/c Robert Lax—b 1770 /1781 Halifax Co
                                                    war of 1812
                                                    changed name to Lachs.
                                                    Lived Moore Co NC
                      II.John Lax b 1733
                      III. Henry Lax b 1736
                      IV. Jean Lax b. 1738
                                      1758 m John Saxon b 1733
                       V. James Lax b 1744
                                     Pittsylvania Co. Titheable 1767
                                 In Buckingham Co Va. 7 March 1772, 1774
                      VI .Mary Lax—b 1740
                           m. 1760 John Hawkins b. 1735

            B. Susannah Lax—
                            m. John Lax ( son of Benjamin Lax)

            C. Tabitha Lax—
                               m. Timothy Lax ( son of Benjamin Lax)

            D. Mary Lax—
                          m. Gordon Younge
            E. Robert Lax—
                          m. Mary (Polly) Conner, dau. of Benjamin & Eliz. Conner.

This indenture made & ? this 19th day of Nov. in the year of our Lord 1836 between
Wm. Lax Sr and Elizabeth his wife, David Owen and Elizabeth his wife; John Lax Sr
and Susanna his wife; Stephen Gordon and Mary his wife; and Timothy Childress and
Obedience his wife; and Tabitha Lax; ? of Timothy Lax; and all then county of Halifax
of the one part and Robert Lax of the aforesaid county, in consideration of the sume of
?? county of Halifax and state of Va on the course of Difficult Creek in the county of
Halifax, 69 acres

Sources of information:
Nugent, Cavaliers and Pioneers, vol III, pg 367
Elliott, Early Settlers of Mecklenburg Co Va, vol I
Cumberland Parish, Lunenberg Co Va 1746-1816 by Landon C. Bell
John Chandler—1586 England d after 1648 Elizabeth City Va.
                  1611 England, m. Elizabeth –b 1591
            1. John Chandler—b 1621 York Co Va
                                m. ? Theddam, dau. of John Theddam & Ann
            2. Job Chandler b 1624 d 1698
            3. Robert Chandler—b. 1626/30 April, 1659 Chiskiack/Hampton Parish, York
Co Va d.
                  1644 m. Elizabeth Davis, dau of Wm. Davis b 1597 d 10/1658
                   Lived St. Peter’s Parish in western half of New Kent Co Va. Member of
the parish, the baptism of 3 of his sons and a daughter are entered in the parish register.
Paid quit rent for 160 acres in 1704
Land was processioned (walked off) by church warden in 1689

                 1/c William Chandler-- b 26 June 1696 St.Peter’s Parish, New Kent
                                            Co, Va. d c1779 Halifax Co Va.
                       1/ m. Elizabeth (Betty) Palmer
                               1/c Isaac Chandler—b 15 April 1732
                                                m. Mary Hawkins
                                                m.Kerren Happuck
                                2/c Abraham Chandler
                     2/m Delita Cox
                     3/m. Judith—
                      chn: Robert Chandler—b25 Aug 1729 d7/1792 Halifax Co
                                        m. Mary Harblen
                           William Chandler—bAug 1730-34
                                         m. Judith Lette
                            Elizabeth (Betty) or Betsey Chandler—b 1722
                                          m. John LeGrand, son Of Jean Piere LeGrand
& Jane Magdelan Michaux.
                            Timothy Chandler b 1733
                                    m. Judith
                            John Chandler —b 1730
                             Frederick Chandler—b 1745 d 1793
                                     m. Isabel Seamster
                             Shadrack Chandler-
                             Susannah Chandler-- b 10 Oct 1727 New Kent Co
                                        1/m ? Smallman.
              1756/59 Lunenberg Co 2/ m. Wm. Lax b 1722/30 Goochland Co
                              Hannah Chandler—b 1738
                                      m . John Smallman
                              Keziah Chandler—b6 March 1758 d 4/22/1839
                                      m. John Cunningham
                              Mary Ann Chandler —b1765
                                     m Thomas Owen
               2/c Robert Chandler—b 1654 d 1710
                         1680     m. Elizabeth Palmer, b 1664 New Kent Co Vau. , dau
of Martin Palmer and Elizabeth Mallory
Probate record New Kent Co Va.
                              1/c William Chandler—
                                          m. Elizabeth
                                          1/c Susannah
                3/c John Chandler
                4/c Francis Chandler
                5/c Timothy Chandler
                6/c Joel Chandler
                 7/c Joseph Chandler
                 8/c Mary Chandler
                 9/c Elizabeth (Betty)—b 1722 Henrico Co Va d May 1784 Halifax Co
                         m. John LeGrand, son of Jean Pierre (John Peter) LeGrand
b1695 died 1727 and Jane Magdalen Michaux b. 1693
          4. Phyllis Chandler—b 1630
                                 m. ? Theddam

Sources of Information:
Chandler Family Association newsletter, PO Box 8132 Lakeland Fla 33802-8132
New Kent Co records burned during Civil War 1865
Hope Coslett Pees— , Texas
Thomas Frankling—b.      d. LWT 3/31/1727
                 1/c Thomas
                  2/c Ann Frankling—b.     d.
                                    m. Wm. Lax
                  3/c Edmund
                 4/c John
                 5/c Mary

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