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									Tissue Viability Advisor
Job Family description

 The TVN Advisor is responsible for supporting the Wound Care strategy of being the preferred partner to NHS organizations working with Wound Care, mainly in
 the community. The primary objective of the role will be to work closely with our partners/customers to developing high quality Wound Care practices. Furthermore
 the role will also include being engaged in developing educational programs targeted at key customer groups as well as presenting on relevant Wound Care topics
 at customers meetings.

Job Description

 Subsidiary size                       All
 Title                            TVN Advisor
 Level                          Project Manager
 Job code
 Essential duties,             Work together with select organizations (PCTs/Acute Trusts/Service Providers ) to establish high quality Wound Care practices
 accountabilities              Develop education programs for TVNs, DNs, etc. in close collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) within Wound Care, Wound Care
 and responsibilities           Associations, Universities, etc.
 (10-12 bullets)               Organize and conduct symposia with KOLs and key stakeholders both internal (Coloplast) and external
                               Present clinical as well as other WC relevant topics at customer meetings as well as internal meetings
                               Support the development publications of posters and articles for publications in Wound Care journals
                               Conduct some honorary work in select PCTs and Hospitals

 Personal                      Ability to define and implement projects
 Characteristics                Good at working with people and managing them through a change process
                               Strong communication skills – oral and written
                               Self motivated and driven

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Education and         Excellent clinical background in Wound Care (Msc. preferred)
Experience            Proven track record with developing and managing a Wound Care practice within the NHS
(Knowledge and        Strong understanding of NHS and PCTs

Revision date    TBD

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Individual Job Holder information

 Job holders name and initials                  TBD
 Job holders Job Level (A – G)                  ?
 Local Job Title and department                 TVN Advisor
 Reports to (title)                             Christoffer Melchior, Wound Care Business Unit Director
 Dotted reporting line (title)                  0
 Number of Direct Subordinates                  0
 Number of Indirect Subordinates                0
 Authorities (non-exhaustive list)              E.g. processes implementations – budgets – expenses – discounts – rebates – compensations

 Local specifics (to be approved by local HR)   E.g. specific system knowledge or responsibilities outside the job description

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