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									                  CITY OF LONDONDERRY
                  GRAND ORANGE LODGE
                              Web Site: -
                                               www c yg and o com
  May 2007           Email Address: -
                                      c yg andsec e a y@c yg and o com
                            List of Events For 2007
Hope of Eglinton No Surrender
          LOL No.764                  Carrickfergus District No.19
                                                                                       Cumber Claudy
Will Be Holding A BBQ & Dance                Annual Pageant
                                                                                        LOL No.649
    In Eglinton Orange Hall              Saturday 9th June 2007
                                                                                      Will Be Holding A
               On                    Transport Will Be Leaving From
                                                                                        BBQ & Dance
     Friday 11th May 2007             Newbuildings (Longs Car Park)
                                                                                  In Beaufort House Hotel
     Music By Steve Farlow                     @ 9.00am
    Bar Facilities Available            Waterside Health Centre                              th
                                                                                   Friday 15 June 2007
         From 8.00pm                            @ 9.25am
                                                                                  Further Details From Any
  Tickets Available From Any         Carrickfergus Hall Will Be
                                                                                    Member Of LOL 649
      Member Of LOL 764              Opened From 11.00am For
     City of Londonderry                                                            Culmore True Blues
                                     Main Pageant Starts @ 1.00pm
 Royal Arch Purple Chapter                                                              LOL No.1866
                                     Landing @ 2.00pm Followed By
    Annual Church Service                                                          Annual Church Service
                                     Parade To Field
    Sunday 13th May 2007                                                          Sunday 17th June 2007
                                     Return Parade Starts @ 4.00pm
               In                                                                             In
         Newbuildings                                                             Ballyarnett Presbyterian
                                            Newbuildings Victoria
       Methodist Church                                                                    Church
                                                 LOL No.1087
     Assemble @ 3.00pm                                                                        @
                                            Annual Church Service
Old IAWS Yard Woodside Road                                                                6.30pm
                                           Sunday 10th June 2007
   Service will commence                                                           This Is A Service Only
           @ 3.30pm                                                              NO Parade To Or From The
                                            The Church of Ireland
         Conducted by                                                                      Church
                                            Centre, Newbuildings
       Rev Noel Fallows                                                             Regalia To Be Worn
                                             Assemble @ 5.35pm
               &                                                                       In The Church
                                                Old IAWS Yard
 Wor Bro Rev Ivan Dinsmore                     Woodside Road
    Tullintrain Purple Star                Service Will Commence                    City of Londonderry
         LOL No.1969                               @ 6.00pm                             No.1 District
        Annual Concert                          Conducted By                       Annual Sponsored Walk
         Featuring the                     The Rev. David McBeth                  Saturday 2nd June 2007
 ULSTER-SCOTS ORCHESTRA                     The Fountain Primary                In Aid Of Parkinson Disease
       & Supporting Acts                     School Choir Will Be                    Northern Ireland –
  In The White Horse Hotel,               Taking Part; Collection Is                    Foyle Branch
            Campsie                                In Aid Of                      Contact Any Brethren Of
  On Friday 25th May 2007                        The Fountain                   No.1 District If You Wish To
   Commencing @ 8.00pm                          Primary School                    Contribute Towards This
    Doors Open at 7.15pm                                                            Worth While Charity
    Admission £10 & Tickets               Note! New City Grand                   Newbuildings To Culmore
Available By Sending A Cheque                   Website
          Payable To;                              &
   Tullintrain LOL No. 1969                  Email Address
       Together With A
   Stamped Self- Addressed            This Newsletter Can Be Photocopied &
Envelope To; William Houston               Sent To All Lodge Brethren &
   40 Teenaght Road Claudy                   Displayed In Lodge Rooms                      PTO
    Londonderry BT47 4AN
    Further Details Phone;
Manorcunningham Temperance             Newbuildings Victoria                Convoy Pipe Band
         LOL No.1117                       LOL No.1087                  Will Be Holding A Concert
     Annual of 4
    Page 2 Church Service           Annual Battle Of The Somme                        Page 3
                                                                             In Jackson Hotel of 4
    Sunday 24th June 2007                 Commemoration                             On
               In                      Monday 2nd July 2007           Friday 28th September 2007
Second Ray Presbyterian Church          Assemble @ 7.30pm                   More Details From
               @                            Newbuildings                      Band Members
            7.00pm                       Community Centre
      Assemble @ 6.30pm              For Parade Around Village
                                                                           Culmore True Blues
Manorcunningham Orange Hall         Accompanied By Local Bands
                                                                               LOL No.1866
 Parade To The Service Will Be              Followed By
                                                                     Will Be Holding A Supper Dance
            Led By                  Short Religious Service After
                                                                          In Eglinton Orange Hall
  Manorcunningham Pipe Band               Parade In Centre
       Tea Will Be Served                  Conducted By
                                                                      Friday 28th September 2007
 In The Orange Hall On Return        Wor Bro Rev Ivan Dinsmore
                                                                          Bar Facilities Available
                                           Supper Will Be
                                                                               From 8.00pm
                                        Provided Afterwards
        St. Johnston                                                   Tickets Available From Any
         LOL No.992                                                        Member Of LOL 1866
                                       City Of Londonderry
    Annual Church Service
                                       Grand Orange Lodge
    Sunday 1st July 2007                                               The Ulster-Scots Cultural &
                                      Annual Church Service
              In                                                             Historical Society
                                        Church & Timings
  St. Johnston Presbyterian                                                Will Present The Elgin
                                         To Be Confirmed
           Church                                                       Strathspey & Reel Society
                                      Sunday 8th July 2007
     Assemble @ 3.00pm                                                         From Scotland
                                    More Details Will Follow Via
  St. Johnston Orange Hall                                              At A Concert To Be Held In
                                         Lodge Secretaries
                                                                          The Waterside Theatre
    City of Londonderry           12th July 2007 Celebrations                        On
        No.5 District              The Main Parade Will Take            Saturday 29th September
   Annual Church Service                Place In Limavady                 Commencing @ 8.00pm
   Sunday 1st July 2007           The Usual Morning & Evening                 Doors Will Open
              In                   Parade’s Will Take Place In                    @ 7.15pm
 Glendermott Parish Church                 Londonderry                Bookings Are Now Being Taken
              @                   More Details Will Follow Via       Tickets Will Be Sent Out In June
           6.00pm                       Lodge Secretaries                  Tickets Are £12.50 Each
    Assemble @ 5.00pm                                                          Available From
     Irish Street Shops           Thiepval Memorial (Convoy)                  William Houston
                                          LOL No.1005                    40 Teenaght Road Claudy
                                     Will Be Holding A BBQ                Londonderry BT47 4AN
Thiepval Memorial (Convoy)           In Convoy Orange Hall                 Further Details Phone;
        LOL No.1005                            On                               0771 4989345
    Sunday 1st July 2007                 12th July Night
   Annual Church Service                        @                        City of Londonderry
              In                             9.00pm                          No.5 District
  St. Ninians Parish Church                                                 80th Anniversary
    Assemble @ 7.00pm                    Hope Of Eglinton                   Dinner & Dance
  The Convoy Orange Hall                   No Surrender                 In Eglinton Orange Hall
                                            LOL No.764                             On
                                 Will Be Holding A Supper Dance       Friday 2 November 2007
                                      In Eglinton Orange Hall        More Details From Any Officer
                                                 On                         Of No.5 District
                                  Friday 21 September 2007
                                   Music By Country Features         Thiepval Memorial (Convoy)
                                      Bar Facilities Available              LOL No.1005
                                           From 8.00pm                      Lodge Bazaar
                                   Tickets Available From Any       Thursday 29th November 2007
                                        Member Of LOL 764              Commencing @ 8.00pm

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