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                                                         General Features

                                           Compatibility of SAJAYA® system                           Readiness of SAJAYA® System to
                                         with Arab business activities ,in terms                    serve all organizational and functional
                                          of: language, government laws, local                    levels through customization of settings,
                                         regulations, Arab special requirements                    screens and reports according to job du-
                                          ( i.e. Hijri calendar, Arabic language,                  ties and tasks. SAJAYA® also contains
                                         English language and other languages                      online help system and user's manual in
                                          support, Zakat, expats, local taxes…                        both Arabic and English languages.

                                           Continuity in SAJAYA® System by
                                                                                                     Comprehensive System:SAJAYA®
   SAJAYA                                providing local and regional support for
                                        its products through new versions releas-
                                                                                                    fulfills all the necessary requirements
                                                                                                   for planning enterprise resources which
                                          es and updates in order to keep up with
   ERP System                            technology development. SAJAYA also
                                           provides continuous support and life
                                                                                                    include Financial, Operation, Produc-
                                                                                                   tion, Human Resource, Assets, devel-
                                                                                                  oping specialized programs, and custom-
                                           time guarantee in all the Middle East
                                                                                                              ize existing programs.
                                               region through local partners.
 Represents new era in software
programs and module developed
for the Middle East region to fulfill                                      Standardization in designing and de-
the Arab user requirements by
                                                                           veloping SAJAYA® system according
incompliance           international
standards. SAJAYA System aims                                               to standard criteria through applying
to organize process, provide data to                                      modern technology to deal with the lat-
help enterprises make right                                               est computer systems, applications, and
decisions, achieve their goals and                                        to integrate with other Arab and foreign
save effort and money.                                                                  technologies.
Multi-Companies Support to create several companies linked to mother company
(group of companies), and issue separated balance sheets for each company, or com-
bined balance sheet for group of companies (unified balance sheet).

                                                                                                                         General Features
Multi-Currencies Support in all transactions and reports. SAJAYA also provides
predefined exchange rates or connected to online website(s) with ability of updating
the current exchange rate during transactions input.
Multi-lingual Support for application interfaces and screens in Arabic Language,
also supports immediate change to other languages such as English, French, and
German for each user.

Systems Integration, connection and ability to exchange data with most common
Arab and foreign applications such as workflow, internet, electronic portal applica-
tions, and other programs.
Devices connection support for enterprise devices and equipment management
such as production equipment, data portable, time attendance devices and many oth-

                                Advanced User's Log for following-up users transactions on the system and regis-
                               tering all data about those transactions, starting with device name, address, execution
                               time, and the modified data (old & new modified ).
                               Control and Protection System for organizing and managing users privileges based
                               on defining permissions to access systems, companies, programs, menus, screens,
                               and buttons. Also defining special permissions on the level of currencies, reports,
                               vouchers … etc.
                               Multi-Calendars such as Gregorian and Hijri Calendar either separate or together at
                               the same time ,thus allows inserting data by using one calendar type and getting
                               those data back in the other calendar.
                               Support Latest technologies & Operating Systems such as Windose7, Windows
                               XP, and latest office applications as MS 2003\2007\2010 office. Also SAJAYA is
                               built up by using latest technologies from international companies i.e. Microsoft &
                               Bilingual Entry for data in both the main language and foreign languages at the
                               same time, with ability of displaying data in both languages synchronously and issu-
                               ing reports in any language.
Financial Management
                                                  SAJAYA® System provides accounting and financial pro-
                                                 grams which concentrate on balancing between keeping up
                                                 enterprise's existences and achieving investment's adequate
                                                 revenues rate through documenting financial transactions,
    Advantages                                    controlling cash flow, following up revenues\expenses and
                                                    specifying financial status to ensure enterprise's goals

                                                                                                               ♦ Organize enterprise vendor’s re-
                                                          ♦ Follow up check's portfolio, clarify                 lation, take advantage of credit facilities
                                                              status , specify due and collection dates.           and payment discounts. Moreover commit
♦   Increase work efficiency and help in                      Also reverse their effects in case of retriev-       to payment's due date through identifying
    making right decision through providing                   ing them, clarify their causes save their            the approving policies, specify payment
    accurate and immediate financial data                     historical ,recent , and future records.             methods, take advantage of allowance peri-
    about enterprise performance; daily &                 ♦ Organize enterprise clients rela-                      ods and early payment discounts.
    periodical activities for comparing them                tion, increase sales, decrease debt risks,         ♦ Enhance the revenues of enter-
    with historical performance and clarify-                  rise collection level through draw approv-         prise cost center and specify each cost
    ing deviation.                                            ing polices, specify payments methods and            center profits, branches, sectors, depart-
                                                              take advantages of early payments.                   ments, and members. Also control their
                                                          ♦ Improve collection and payments                        expenses and liabilities. Provide historical
♦   Adjust track and enhance goal                                                                                  and current detailed data about their trans-
    achievement through providing instant                   in due for clients, link those payments                actions and activities, and prepare future
    data about financial deviations for ex-                   with the paid invoices, clarify the un-paid          expectations for those cost centers.
                                                              ones, create the required settlement trans-
    penses and revenues from recent transac-                  actions for matching accounts, confirming        ♦ Enhance cost center profits, fol-
    tions.                                                    payment’s penalties and discounts.                 low up sales, identify resources, produc-
                                                          ♦ Clarify income and expense re-                         ers, execution time, reduce and follow up
♦   Follow cash liquidity and increase enter-               sources, control transactions of sales, and            expenses. It also provides detailed, histori-
    prise ability to build future expectations                                                                     cal, and recent data about cost centers in
                                                              purchases. It also classify the achieved rev-        addition to creating future expectations
    through controlling the outcome\income                    enue and expenses through identifying                about center cost liabilities, revenues, and
    cash flow from\to the enterprise.                         their types, and link them with GL ac-               expenses specifying whether sales, pur-
                                                              counts.                                              chases, employees, projects...etc.
♦   Provide instant cash and bank actual                  ♦ Provide the necessary data for                     ♦ Ensure achieving the required
    data by establishing bank settlements,                  making right decisions, adjust cur-                  revenue, create their expectations, con-
    matching book balances with actual petty                  rent tracks and enhance goals achievement            trol enterprise's future expenses and liabili-
                                                              through comparing the estimate budgets               ties depending on enterprise historical rec-
    cash, banks and cash balances.                            with the present revenues, expenses, and             ords, future plans and strategies.
                                                              specify their deviations to solve them.
Financial Management


                                                                                                   ∗ Typical Vouchers           include default
                                                   ∗ Multi-Fiscal Periods during        the fis-
                                                                                                      data, and their distributions which are
 ∗ Clients and Vendors Manage-                        cal   year according to enterprise daily,       used frequently in many transactions
   ment: organizing clients and vendors                                                               where the default data are recalled from
                                                      weekly, and monthly activities, or from\to
   within groups according to enterprise clas-
                                                      a certain date.                                 typical vouchers, then new transaction's
   sifications which clarifies; vendors and
   clients approving policies, delivery meth-                                                         data are added instead of re-entering all
   ods and conditions, their financial accounts    ∗ Voucher's          Multi-Types        and        data.
   and banks they are dealing with the ability
   of freezing/blocking any client or vendor.
                                                      Numbering to use them in transactions        ∗ Recurrent Vouchers           of frequently
                                                      with independent numbering for each fis-        repeated transactions that have similar
 ∗ Multi-Fiscal Years in the system                   cal year to maintain the correct numerical      data but differ in their financial and ad-
   with ability of working on more than one                                                           ministrative effect's date which are creat-
                                                      sequence and connect these types with
   open year at the same time, creating future                                                        ed for only one time in the system, speci-
   fiscal years for distributing transaction's        voucher's main categories as (daily vouch-      fying their repeated frequency so the sys-
   financial effects, providing the necessary         ers, deferred vouchers, periodical vouch-       tem creates them automatically in their
   historical information about enterprise's
                                                      ers...etc.).                                    repeating date(s).
   transaction and business during previous
   years, and providing comparison reports for
                                                   ∗ Additional Fields       for each account      ∗ Printing Multi-Layouts            for each
                                                                                                      voucher by using original layouts availa-
                                                      with specific properties (number, date,
 ∗ Multi-Addresses        for each vendor and
                                                      text…) which enable users to enter addi-
                                                                                                      ble in the system or by designing layouts
   client, with specifying all the necessary                                                          for each voucher to fulfill enterprise spe-
   information for each address such as con-          tional data and inquire about their trans-      cial requirements and needs.
   tact point, location, applied taxes, delivery      actions.
   conditions, specify vendor's primary ad-
   dress among other addresses.
    Financial Management

                                                                        General Accounting
                                                                  Accounting Program in SAJAYA® System works on
                                                                receiving and documenting all the accounting opera-
           Features                                           tions which occur in most of the programs. Then trans-
                                                               ferring them to vouchers for documenting them, con-
          √ Deferred Vouchers: Those vouchers                  trolling their financial effects and having updated in-
    work on distributing the financial effects of one
    transaction on several financial periods according to             formation for making the right decisions.
    accrual accounting concept through creating one
    transaction with the total cost and specify the fiscal
    periods where the program automatically creates
    group of transactions for distributing the total over
    those periods.                                                                         Main Functions
√   Reverse Vouchers: Automatic vouchers that
                                                                                           ♦   Create and post daily vouchers for documenting, restricting their financial
    reflect the financial effect of specific transaction
    automatically with ability of modifying those trans-                                       transactions and effects on the enterprise's main accounts, and distributing them on all
    actions after reversing them in which the reversed                                         accounts such as expense, revenues, and subsidiary budget.
    and modified transactions are related to a specific
    transaction.                                                                          ♦    Create the frequent, deferred, and corrected vouchers. In addition to au-
                                                                                               tomatically specifying its repeated information, distribution, used types, and establish-
√   Customized Financial Lists: Tools that allow                                               ment date.
    users to create financial lists and reports in several
    forms for several accounting groups, making com-                                      ♦    Create customized financial reports according to account's types, classes
    parison between those reports within different finan-                                      categories and inserting financial report’s clarifications and results to publicize it in the
    cial periods or comparing them with balance sheets.                                        system for users.
    and allow users of inserting integral financial lists
    inside other lists and reports.                                                       ♦    Issue reports, inquire about historical and current financial lists concern-
                                                                                               ing enterprise's financial conditions, compare them with previous years, and estimated

                                                                    Queries *Fiscal Periods income list      *Frequent trail balances               *Balance sheet
                                                                    &Repots *Daily transactions              *Comparisons for fiscal periods and years
    Financial Management

                                                                          Cash and Bank
                                                                       Cash and Banks Program in SAJAYA® System
                                                                   helps in registering and observing the outcome funds
          Features                                                 to vendors and creditors, the income funds from cli-
                                                               ents and debtors, as well as providing enough subsidi-
                                                               ary functions to control cash flow for estimating enter-
√   Multi-Level: Define the main banks\cash and
                                                                            prise's cash needs in the right way.
    create subsidiary bank\cash with unified or detailed
    financial accounts for each main or subsidiary
    bank\cash, issue reports about overall banks or
    branch details, and define their basic data such as                                      Main Functions
    account's types ,numbers, currencies,...etc.
                                                                                              ♦Control transactions of the income\outcome cash and checks, issue vouchers of
                                                                                               receipt, payment, and related transmission.
√   Check Numbering: Each main or subsidiary
    bank is provided serial numbers for the issued                                            ♦Manage the current deferred check's portfolio and register their stages, starting
                                                                                               from receiving until collecting them or from issuing until paying them.
    checks that are specified by the users with a defined
    beginning and ending serial number. Thus facilitate                                       ♦Create bank's settlements and match the book's accounts with actual bank's ac-
    following up bank issued checks and ensure securi-                                         counts.
    ty.                                                                                      ♦ Register income payment and receipt transactions from other application and
                                                                                               programs. Then post them, register their financial effects on the available cash, clarify
√   Printing Checks: Program enable users of print-                                            their financial, accounting details and issuance resources.
    ing checks directly and specifying check's printing                                       ♦Running cash and petty cash, matching book's accounts with available cash and
    design for each main\subsidiary bank separately in                                         custody expenses.
    order to control the issued checks from each bank.
                                                                                              ♦Inquire and issue reports (current and historical) about cash flow from\to
                                                                                               enterprise and estimate the future expectations.

                                                             ---                *Current & available accounts *Expected cash flow   *Check’s transactions & status
                                                                    &Reports *Credit cards transactions
    Financial Management

                                                                        Accounts Payable
                                                                    Accounts Payable Program in SAJAYA® System is
                                                                responsible of managing enterprise vendor's relations,
            Features                                             controlling enterprise's purchases and expenses. Also
                                                                 clarifying distribution methods, organizing dues and
                                                                liabilities, taking advantages of allowance periods, fa-
                                                                 cilities, and discounts. Moreover documenting finan-
√   Approving Policies for each vendor specifying
                                                                cial and accounting effects of all transactions between
    credit limits, payment methods, allowance periods
    and related discounts. Moreover define payment                                enterprise and vendors.
    terms for each vendor; in cash, in check, or in credit.
√   Classify Expenses for purchases from vendors,
    and connect them with one or several financial ac-                                        Main Functions
    counts to enable enterprise issue several types of
    expenses reports, and maintain their total effects on                                    ♦ Control all purchases transactions through delivering and registering in-
    financial accounts.                                                                        voices depending on transaction's results and the received documents. Also follow up
√   Schedule Payments and vendor's invoices on                                                 vendor's due payments, issue payments vouchers and connect them to the paid notifica-
    several payments within specific due dates so each
    payment is observed in its due date. This feature                                          tions.
    helps in creating enterprise’s outcome cash flow
    expectations according to future accruals.                                             ♦ Settle vendor's accounts. And settle discounts of purchasing goals, document their
√   Pay Invoices,        Discounts and link vendor's                                           financial transactions which includes issuing debt note, receiving receipt vouchers and
    payments vouchers with his specific invoices by
    displaying the paid invoices of each vouchers and                                          crediting notes.
    vice versa. Also applying automatic early payments
    discounts, and showing up the opened (un-paid)                                         ♦ Issue reports and queries of purchase's transactions, expense's types, ven-
    invoices and their due dates.
                                                                                               dors, dues accounts, paid accounts…etc.

                                                               ---              *Aging vendors balances       *Scheduled and due balances *Vendor’s transactions
                                                                      Queries     during a financial period       *Types of purchases and expenses *Purchasing
                                                                     &Reports                                  vouchers and invoices
    Financial Management

                                                                    Accounts Receivable
                                                                  Account’s Receivables program in SAJAYA® Sys-
                                                                  tem manage enterprise client's relations, follow up
          Features                                                sales and revenue, clarify income resources, organ-
                                                                   ize granted facilities and due periods, get benefit
           √ Approving Policies for each client                     from discounts and penalties to encourage early
    specifying credit limits, payment methods, allow-              payments with documenting the financial and ac-
    ance periods and related discounts. Moreover define            counting effects of all transactions between enter-
    payment terms for each client; in cash, in check, or
                                                                                    prise and clients.
    in credit.

√   Classify Revenues for clients sales, and connect
    them with one or several financial accounts to ena-                                      Main Functions
    ble enterprise issue several types of revenue’s re-
    ports, and maintain their total effects on financial                                   ♦     Issue and register invoices for sale's transactions depending on agree-
                                                                                               ments with clients, transaction’s results, and received documents.
√   Schedule Payments and client’s invoices on
    several payments within specific due dates so each                                   ♦ Receive client's payments, issue their receipt vouchers, and connect them to pay-
    payment is observed in its due date. This feature                                          ment's credit notes and invoices.
    helps in creating enterprise’s outcome cash flow
    expectations according to future accruals.
                                                                                         ♦ Settle client's accounts, sale goals, and document their financial transactions such
√   Pay Invoices, Discounts and link client's pay-                                             as issuing vouchers , credit notes, and receiving debt notes.
    ments vouchers with their specific invoices by dis-
    playing the paid invoices of each vouchers and vice
    versa. Also applying automatic early payments dis-                                   ♦ Issue reports and enquire about sale's transactions, revenue's types, clients, debts
    counts, and showing up the opened (un-paid) invoic-                                        aging, due payments...etc.
    es and their due dates.

                                                            ---               *Aging clients accounts    *Scheduled and due accounts *Client’s transactions during
                                                                  Queries &
                                                                   Reports specific period      *Types of revenues and sales       *Return’s vouchers and invoices
    Financial Management

                                                                                 Cost Center
                                                                         Cost Centers Program in SAJAYA® System ana-
                                                                    lyzes the functions of each department or cost center
          Features                                                    or revenue separately and on several levels such as
                                                                     departments, branches, projects, employee or group
                                                                     of employees with ability of issuing reports for each
√   Distribution Policies that work on determining                   one of them to help in taking strategically decisions
    the percentage of financial transactions distribution             to decrease costs and increase enterprise revenues.
    on cost centers which can be modified, changed or
    cancelled while entering.

√   Customize Usage with the ability of activating                                            Main Functions
    or cancelling cost centers in any program with the
    possibility of linking the cost center on the level of                                      ♦ Define the enterprise's cost centers, and classify them within types,
    financial accounts, transactions,…etc.
                                                                                                organize them in levels such as main cost centers and subsidiary cost centers.
√   Income statement and trail balance ac-
    cording to cost centers and related accounts which                                          ♦ Organize the distribution of expenses & revenues on cost centers
    are fully connected with all cost centers or partially
    with an individual cost center.                                                             through creating distribution policies; those policies determine distribution's
                                                                                                percentages on each cost center of each financial transaction on level of sys-
√   Historical and customized report: the sys-
    tem allows the user to modify the applied distribu-                                         tems.
    tion policies in any time, issue reports for the en-
    tered transaction's according to new modifications
                                                                                                ♦ Control each cost center expenses through connecting with enter-
    which provides accurate historical information about
    those old transactions.                                                                     prise’s estimated budget and preventing exceeding the budgeted amounts for
                                                                                                fiscal period/year.

                                                              ---                *Cost Centers trail balances   *Cost Centers income lists *Cost center’s prof-
                                                                      Queries its *Cost center’s transactions * Cost Centers fiscal years and periods com-
                                                                     &Reports                                   parisons
    Financial Management

                                                                       Estimated Budgets
                                                                   Estimated Budgets Program in SAJAYA® Sys-
                                                               tem includes all the necessary activities for main-
          Features                                             taining, preparing and saving enterprise budgets.
                                                               It also plan for the expected revenues and expens-
                                                                   es during the present fiscal period as well as
√   Multiple Releases, the program allows issuing               providing the necessary procedures for evaluat-
    unlimited numbers of estimated budgets for future                  ing enterprise financial performance.
    periods and edit them during work with possibility
    of saving historical versions for these budget's ac-
    cording to release number/date, and providing com-                                      Main Functions
    parisons between them.
                                                                                               ♦ C r e a t e , i s s u e , a n d i n s e r t e s t i m a t e d b u d g e t s f or future
√   Previous Years: the program allows users of                                                  p er iod s on th e en terpr ise system, conn ect th em w ith ma in /s ubsid iar y
    issuing estimated budgets for future periods de-
                                                                                                 f in an c ia l a cc oun ts and c os t c en ters on the lev el o f f isc a l pe r iod s and
    pending on actual balance sheet or on estimated
                                                                                                 f iscal year w ith in one year.
    budgets from previous years with the possibility of
    modification whether by adding or reducing percent-
                                                                                               ♦ U p d a t e t h e c u r r e n t e s t i m a t e d b u d g e t s , enter new data, is-
    ages on those values.
                                                                                                 sue upd ated v ersions with clar if ying mod if ication r e asons, eff ects,
√   Cost Centers: the program provides the ability                                               and d ecision ma k er en tity.
    of issuing estimated budgets for future periods based
    on available cost centers in the system and                                                ♦ I s s u e e s t i m a t e d b u d g e t ' s r e por t s and compare budget's re-
    connecting them with each other with the possibility
                                                                                                 cen t w ith h istor ical accoun ts ,or               w ith actual budg et or with in co me
    of exceeding budget's values.
                                                                                                 s t a t e me n t o r w i th en ter p r i se 's ca sh f l o w .

                                                             ---               *Fiscal period’s budgets      *Current budgets’ updates
                                                                   Queries &
                                                                    Reports *Cost center’s budgets *Percentage of deviation and variation
Production Management

                                                  Production Module in SAJAYA® System works on plan-
                                                  ning and managing production phases through specifying
                                                  standard formulas, raw materials, human resources, esti-
                                                  mates cost and duration required for the production pro-
  Advantages                                      cesses. It also provides necessary information for compar-
                                                 ing estimated and actual quantities of the produced materi-
                                                  als, finished products, costs, and duration, to ensure pro-
                                                   duction of materials and finished products within the re-
                                                                    quested quality and time.

                                                                                                                ♦   Document financial effects of each
                                                           ♦   Increase production             capacity             phase within production process, register
 ♦ Organize       production       process,                    and efficiency through          organizing           them in accounting records, identify those
   maintain tight control over all production                  workflow, providing          data instant-           phase's costs, effects, and transactions on
   phases, identify tracks, stages, required                   ly\automatically for all enterprise depart-          the enterprise warehouses and inventory
   formulas, and consumed resources in each                    ments about the required raw materials for           which include raw materials and finished
   phase with clarification of the required                    each production phase to work on deliver-            products quantities.
   production quantities accordingly.                          ing the available or purchasing the una-         ♦   Maintain product image and
                                                               vailable materials, and receiving the re-            brand value by ensuring the quality of
 ♦ Increase enterprise readiness and
                                                               sulted manufactured\semi-manufactured                offered products in markets through regu-
   capability of delivering products on due                    products from each phase.                            lar monitoring, early warnings about fin-
   times through planning all production
                                                                                                                    ished products quality and matching the
   phases, identifying the needed require-                 ♦ Expand marketing ability and                           resulted data with the enterprise main
   ments to provide them whenever they are                     competiveness through controlling the                standards.
   needed.                                                     cost of the final product by organizing          ♦   Reduce the required effort for
                                                               and following the consumption of raw and
 ♦ Save time and effort, reduce mis-                                                                                following up production process,
                                                               semi-manufactured materials in each pro-
   takes, and facilitate workflow                                                                                   to ensure production outputs quality,
                                                               duction phase until reaching the product
   through planning and applying production                                                                         match them to their criteria and standards
                                                               actual cost, and comparing it with adopted
   cycle, organizing privileges of issuing                                                                          through organizing and linking the pro-
                                                               standard cost, studying deviations, causes
   production requests, approving or-                                                                               duction process continuously with quality
                                                               and solutions to resolve them.
   ders\vouchers, and following-up the trans-                                                                       control measures within the enterprise.
   fer of data\results to the next phase auto-
Production Management


                                                                                                ∗ Recurrent vouchers for frequently
                                                 ∗ Purchase orders          which are issued       repeated transactions. Those transac-
 ∗ Automatic     multi-coding and                  depending on inventory updates and              tions have similar data but differ in
                                                   production plans. It also works on order-       their financial effect's date, therefore
    barcodes polices for generating cards                                                          they are created once in the system
    of materials and numbers based on the          ing the unavailable quantities\materials
                                                                                                   specifying their repeated frequency, so
    product characteristics, categories, clas-     in the warehouses, link purchase orders         the system creates them automatically in
    ses, and nature; also creating barcodes        of production plans together and allocate       their repeating date.
    for the used packing methods in purchas-       material quantities upon orders receiving
    ing and selling of materials.                  for those plans.
                                                                                                ∗ Copy Vouchers         to another new
                                                                                                   voucher for information accuracy and
 ∗ Serial numbers         which are created      ∗ Voucher's Multi-Types          and num-
                                                                                                   rapid input.
    based on several policies linked to mate-      bering to register the same type of trans-
    rial properties to enable the user of fol-     actions with independent numbering for
    lowing-up specific material which has a        each type and link several types with        ∗ Additional fields      for each account
    specific serial number after releasing it                                                      with specific properties (number, date,
                                                   voucher's main categories (production
    from the enterprise for after sale mainte-                                                     text…) to enable users of entering and
                                                   requests, production orders, input and
    nance tracking.                                                                                inquiring about their transaction addi-
                                                   output, quality inspection…etc.).               tional data.
 ∗ Inventory management, for speci-              ∗ Typical Vouchers           include default
    fying stock maximum\minimum limit,                                                          ∗ Printing Multi-Layouts for          each
                                                   data, and their distribution which are
    issuing reports, generating alerts accord-                                                     voucher by using the available main
    ingly to enable the user of controlling        used frequently in many transactions; the       layouts in the system or by designing
    inventories, ensuring production opera-        default data are recalled from typical          new layouts for each voucher for ful-
    tions execution depending on the maxi-         vouchers, then add the new transaction's        filling enterprise special requirements
    mum\minimum limits of the inventory            data instead of re-entering all data.           and needs.
    and finished products quantities for the
    production process.
    Production Management

                                                                          Production Planning
                                                                    Production Planning Program in SAJAYA® System takes
                                                                care of production issues including phases and requirements
                                                                in advance of their start in order to make the enterprise ready
                                                                for production, specifying the required resources according to

√   Product multi-formulas for modifying prod-                      the used formulas and quantities required for production to
    uct components with possibility of saving the previ-                    compare them with the available resources.
    ous formula, and creating more than one formula for
    the same product, approving some of them to deal
    with and postponing others for certain period or re-
    place old product with a new one in the product for-
                                                                                                  Main Functions
    mula tree.
                                                                                                 ♦ Define all necessary production lines to reach for the finished product,
√   Production multi-tracks for modifying its                                                    define all entered data about production resources, cost calculation methods, and the
    track data with the ability of maintaining the previ-                                        applied formulas during production phases of each product until reaching its final form.
    ous data, and creating more than one track for the
    same product with possibility of either to approve                                       ♦   Register production tracks\phases of each product according to execution se-
    some of the tracks to deal with and postpone others                                          quence and the used operation centers in each process, as well as identify each phase
    for specific periods or define and update more than                                          duration, resources, formulas, and main product.
    one track for production process.
                                                                                             ♦   Plane production process, identify final quantities to be produced, clarify each
√   Multi-barcode and coding polices for gen-                                                    phase available and required resources, specify shortages in the needed resources, and
    erating material codes and numbers automatically                                             estimate product cost through all production phases (raw material ,semi-manufactured,
    for creating their cards which depend on product                                             and finished product).
    characteristics, categories, classes, and nature, also
                                                                                             ♦   Issue current, historical, and statistical reports, inquire about enterprise
    creating barcodes for the used packing methods in
    purchasing and selling of materials.                                                         available resources readiness, minimum produced quantities, fully completed and cut-of
                                                                                                 phases in the production process with all details.

                                                                     Queries& *Required raw materials for producing *Main production planning
                                                                      Reports *specific amount of ready product    * Maximum production limits                  *
                                                                                  Production phase
    Production Management

                                                                         Production Process
                                                                   Production Process Program in SAJAYA® System
                                                               provides tools for controlling the produced quantities
                                                               and maintaining stock level according to the strategic
         Features                                              inventory level that should be available and the com-
                                                               pleted sales that should be delivered through control-
          √ Internal Production Orders based                    ling the production process starting with material's
    on the issued production requests from the enterprise
    departments to allocate the available materials in         production request down to the finished product in-
    warehouses and order the unavailable materials by            cluding each production phase inputs and outputs.
    issuing internal supply request for other depart-
    ments, or by creating direct external purchase or-
√   Internal Production Vouchers issued ac-                                                   Main Functions
    cording to production orders specifying the required
    raw material quantities for each production phase
    based on the used formula, and create the necessary                                      ♦   Create production requests for specific quantities of materials\goods,
    transactions related to materials out bond and in                                        specify delivery due date, transfer those requests to production orders, and show the ex-
    bond (raw materials issuance, product addition, pro-                                     pected delivery date.
    duction waist addition, and raw materials returning
    from production).                                                                    ♦   Create production vouchers depending on production order, specify the
√   Organizing Privileges: such as approving,                                                expected starting and ending dates, required quantities from production resources, define
    changing, modifying, transferring, deleting…etc.)                                        the used formulas, raw material and delivery place for each production phase, and trans-
    for each production voucher type which are con-
    trolled by the authorized users privileges or by using                                   fer those data to the next phase.
    passwords.                                                                           ♦   Issue warehouse exit vouchers for raw materials required for each produc-
√   Production Control: By linking productions                                               tion phase, specify raw material quantities that have to be received at the end of each
    voucher types with production lines and users where                                      phase until reaching the finished product.
    the transaction creates only for the allowed voucher
    types and by authorized users which mean rejecting                                   ♦   Issue current, historical, and statistical reports, inquire about enterprise
    any transactions violate those conditions.
                                                                                             production process, produced quantities and differences between the used raw material
                                                                                             quantities and the produced items with all details.

                                                                     Queries *Follow up production orders            *Follow up production requests
                                                                    &Reports *Follow up production vouchers                *Daily production
 Production Management

                                                                        Production Costing
                                                                   Production Costing Program in SAJAYA® System
                                                               provides accurate terms for planning products costing
                                                               policies, and estimating production costs to enable en-
          Features                                              terprises of managing all production tasks\phases ac-
                                                               curately and efficiently. It also provides precise mech-
                                                               anism that enables enterprises of following up and cal-
                                                                culating the actual costs of each phase, providing fi-
√ Costing      Multi-Policies based on several pro-              nancial and administrative reports about the actual
  duced units, raw materials, working durations, and the       cost, estimated costs, and deviations during process, so
  used equipment on the level of the produced items or                    helping in making right decisions.
  on the production phase according to the adopted en-
  terprise policies for each product type.
                                                                                                 Main Functions
√ Multi-Financial        integration levels for
  defining the used accounts in organizing vouchers to
  document the resulted financial effect from produc-
  tion transactions through production phases which                                          ♦    Calculate product’s standard cost according to the approved costing policy
  include material's level ,warehouse, used vouchers,                                        on the level of each production resource in each phase, identifying costing calculation
  client ,company,…etc.
                                                                                             method whether on produced quantities or time required for the production process.

√ Create    Automatic Vouchers for documenting                                           ♦   Calculate the actual cost of production phases concerned with the produc-
  the financial and administrative effects of the resulted
                                                                                             tion order, specify the finished product cost, compare the actual cost with order standard
  transactions from each production phase through cre-
  ating transactions automatically that include issuing                                      cost, study cost deviation, specify their causes and phases, and clarify whether those
  raw materials, receiving finished products, and regis-                                     deviations effects will increase or decrease the cost.
  tering them in the accounting records.
                                                                                         ♦   Issue reports and inquire about daily, current, historical, periodical, and statisti-
                                                                                             cal enterprise production's process, financial deviation, costs of raw materials and prod-
                                                                                             ucts through production process in the enterprise.


                                                                     Queries *Products estimated costs *Cost statements of final product *Connected
                                                                             production’s cost and batches *Comparisons between the actual and
                                                                    &Reports estimated costs
    Production Management

                                                                               Quality Control
                                                                      Quality Control Program in SAJAYA® System works to
                                                                   provide several procedures and policies to ensure quality of
           Features                                                 the final product, follow-up related errors in the products
                                                                     quality in early stages through organizing and managing
           √ Quality Policies: the program allows                 quality inspection process for production's outputs from each
    users to create several policies for quality inspection.         phase within production track until reaching the finished
    Each policy includes standards and criteria which
    are considered for product approval with ability of
    linking one product with multi-policies according to
    exporting and purchasing parties or link one policy
    with several products.                                                                         Main Functions
√   Develop Customized Systems and adding                                                          ♦   Issue vouchers of quality inspection, link them with under-process produc-
    new systems to serve specific quality control tasks in                                             tion vouchers, identify inspection dates and phases through production process, and
    the enterprise, and provide the required integration                                               specify inspection responsible persons and standards that have to be checked.
    with production module and other modules for ful-
    filling all production process general and special
    requirements.                                                                                  ♦   Issue the required quality reports for each production phase, transfer them
                                                                                                       to the next phase until reaching the finished product which are necessary to release
√   Validity Periods identified from the quality con-                                                  products for marketing and selling purposes, as well as specify the rejected quanti-
    trol unit for the finished products from the produc-                                               ties, and reasons of rejection.
    tion process through studying the results of the ap-
    plied quality inspection and analysis on the product
    for each quantity within single production process.
                                                                                                   ♦   Issue certificates of product’s analysis and inspection for clients to
                                                                                                       show the inspection results, checked standards for selling and exporting purposes,
                                                                                                       and link them with the production and quality control vouchers which are issued
                                                                                                       during production's phases.

                                                                      Queries & *Materials Vouchers Grouped and classified *Products Analysis certificates

                                                                       Reports * Quality control report *Statistical & analytical reports
Operation Management

                                                   Operations Management Module in SAJAYA® System pro-
                                                   vides many advanced properties and features for managing
                                                    enterprise's activities and mechanisms related to: control-
     Advantages                                    ling warehouses, ensuring continuous readiness, completing
                                                    purchases processes, providing on time materials for sales
                                                   and production operations to provide accurate information
                                                   in time to ensure applying plans and strategies successfully.

                                                                                                                   ♦   Rise readiness , increase perfor-
                                                             ♦   Save efforts and time, reduce                         mance, enhance effectiveness through
 ♦   Estimate future sales, increase                             mistakes, and facilitate workflow for the             organizing workflow, providing the need-
     sale's abilities, enhance effectiveness                     sales and purchase cycles through plan-               ed data automatically/immediately about
                                                                 ning, applying, controlling, transferring             offered market prices, required raw mate-
     through organizing workflow, providing
     the needed data automatically/immediately                   vouchers data of each phase to the next               rials from vendors, and the received pur-
                                                                 phase automatically and connecting sales              chases in the warehouses, prepare storage
     about required\produced materials and
                                                                 with purchases.                                       locations, issue necessary invoices and
     achieved sales for all enterprise depart-
     ments in order to allocate raw materials,               ♦   Full control over the sales and                       vouchers for receiving process and provide
                                                                                                                       the required cash to pay vendors.
     produce required materials, prepare una-                    purchases through managing, organiz-
     vailable ones issue necessary invoices and                  ing enterprise's privileges and distributing      ♦   Increase sales, maintain clients
     vouchers for delivery operation , and fol-                  those privileges over employees and man-              withdraw levels, market the produced ma-
     low-up collection processes from clients.                   agers which include: issuing price offers,            terials, take advantage of seasons, and
 ♦ Plan stock, observe continuous ma-                            approving sales and produced materials                increase competitiveness through organiz-
    terials, display stock life-time and stor-                   allocation, issuing permissions for the re-           ing seasonal/permanent promotions on
    age periods to make sure it does not ex-                     ceipt/delivery/entry/output of raw materi-            materials and achieved sales on the level
    ceed its maximum\minimum levels, auto-                       als into or out of the warehouses, and pre-           of outcome invoices or specified goals
    matic inventory taking without stopping                      venting any expected violation within the             within defined time periods.
    work, specify differences and create settle-                 placed internal systems.
    ment transactions automatically.                         ♦   Reduce prices error rates, increase               ♦   Increase competiveness, encourage
 ♦ Organize warehouses, facilitate                               profit margin, maintain good client’s rela-           clients to purchase from the enterprise,
     access to inventory of raw mate-                            tions by stabilizing prices and organizing            and maintain the stability of clients with-
                                                                 product’s sales processes for each client or          draw levels through issuing and organizing
     rials, and finished product, provide                        group of clients according to their type and          promotions on specific materials target
     data about inventory's quantities which                     related production\sale expenses without              sales or on certain values within specific
     include the available, allocated, required                  affecting other enterprise clients.                   periods.
     quantities, and      clarify   the    final
     product's cost.
Production Management


                                                                                                    ∗ Batches      program allows dealing with
                                                  ∗ Financial integration levels            to         materials depending on produced materi-
  ∗Support validity periods                for       connect financial effect of transactions          als production vouchers or depending on
                                                                                                       raw materials purchasing invoices and
                                                     and vouchers to distribute them on GL
  products that have fixed expiry date by            accounts which works on several levels            entry vouchers where materials will be
  entering production date at purchasing or          such as (material's, warehouse transac-           classified within specific batches, thus
  by specifying their expiry date at entering        tions, used voucher, client, vendor, com-         organize materials entry, and production
                                                     pany,…etc.)                                       process, as well as facilitate following-up
  time for the products that have unfixed                                                              materials costing according to their
  (variable) expiry date .
                                                  ∗ Measurement units table           that in-         batches.
                                                     cludes main (basic) measurement units
  ∗International approving poli-                     and other sub-units which are multiples        ∗ Customs duty: specifying its percent-
                                                     of the main measurement unit. In case of          age, connection with materials, and using
  cies      to organize transactions for             connecting measurement unite table with           them in calculating cost at producing,
  (approving, editing, modifying, transfer-          any material, the program enables the             importing, and entering them to invento-
                                                     user of making transactions on the mate-          ries.
  ring, deleting, ..etc) for users of all types
                                                     rial using the main unit or any sub-units
  including sales and purchase vouchers.
                                                     available in the table.                        ∗ Serial numbers entered for raw ma-
                                                                                                       terials and products or creating serial
  ∗Organize operations and link-                  ∗ International costing policies            for      numbers according to several policies
                                                     calculating finished products value in            related to material properties which ena-
  ing voucher types of sales, purchases,             warehouses including ( batches costing            bles the user to follow-up any material
  and inventories with groups of users and           according to production, arithmetic aver-         that has specific serial number assigned
  warehouses in which warehouse accepts              age on level of materials or warehouse,           from its entry into the enterprise until
                                                     first in, first out FIFO, last in, first out      maintenance works after-sale.
  transactions of the related voucher types,
  or authorized users, and rejecting any
  transactions that don't fulfill those condi-
Production Management


                                                                                                ∗ Typical Vouchers         include default
                                                  ∗Multi-receiving Addresses           for       values/data, and their distribution which
 ∗ Historical versions for        the outcome     purchasing vouchers of materials and           are used frequently in many transactions;
                                                                                                 the default data are recalled from typical
                                                  goods from one or several enterprise's
    vouchers, thus enabling saving historical     warehouses. Also specifying necessary          vouchers, and enter special transaction’s
    copies from each voucher and confirming       information for each delivery location         data instead of re-entering all data by
                                                  such as: contact person, , applied tax,        hand on the repeated transaction.
    changes on vouchers through giving the        delivery conditions, main address for
    voucher a new issuance number for each        sending documents to, printing packag-        ∗Recurrent Vouchers            of frequently
    modification after printing it.               ing and delivering vouchers for each           repeated transactions in similar data with
                                                  warehouse/location separately or collec-       different financial effect's date which are
                                                  tively.                                        created only once on the system, specify-
    ∗Multi-delivery addresses               for                                                  ing its repeated frequency so the system
    sales vouchers that contain materials and     ∗Additional Fields       for each account      creates them automatically in their re-
                                                  with specific properties (number, date,        peating date.
    goods from one or several enterprise's        text…)to enable users of entering and
    warehouses which are delivered to one or      inquiring about their transaction addition-
                                                  al data.                                      ∗Multi-Printing Layouts            for each
    several client's locations. Also specifying                                                  voucher by using the available layouts in
    necessary information for each ware-          ∗Voucher's Multi-Types and                     the systems or by designing new layouts
                                                                                                 for each voucher to fulfill enterprise spe-
    house and location such as: contact per-      Numbering to use them in registering           cial requirements and needs.
    son, , applied tax, delivery conditions,      the same transactions type with inde-
                                                  pendent numbering for each type and
    main address for sending documents to,        connecting several types with voucher's
                                                                                                Copy vouchers to another new vouch-
                                                                                                er for information accuracy and rapid in-
    printing packaging and delivering vouch-      main categories such as (invoices, entry/
                                                  outcome vouchers, sales orders, ..etc).
    ers for each warehouse/location separate-
    ly or collectively
Production Management

                                                                     Inventory Management Program in SAJAYA® System
                                                                      aims to maintain enterprise permanent readiness to
         Features                                                         supply the production required raw materials and
                                                                           finished products within ideal standards, store
         √ Material's types and status: identify in-
  ventory's materials ,services ,free materials, and bundled         materials, insure safety, facilitate material access, and
  materials that help in calculating quantities and specifying
  methods of costing/selling with ability of specifying several                     reduce related operation cost.
  status for each material according to enterprise decision.
√ Bundles:      consist of group of materials in determined
  quantities for each material in the bundle of which are sold,                                    Main Functions
  purchased and dealt as one single material.
√ Barcode coding policies, to generate materials code                                              ♦ Follow up inventory transactions through issuing: outcome (delivery) vouch-
  numbers automatically based on materials specifications,                                           ers, income (receipt) vouchers, and transferring vouchers between warehouses according
  categories, classes, and types thus creating barcodes for each                                     to transaction's actions and received documents.
  material packing/filling methods used in purchasing and
  selling.                                                                                         ♦ Follow up available, allocated and required quantities on the level of in-
√ Inventory      planning, specifying inventory mini-                                                ventories, balances quantities , and re-order times.
  mum\maximum quantities, and levels of re-ordering to
  maintain the minimum inventory quantities taking into con-                                       ♦ Issue lists of periodical and annual inventory taking on the level of ware-
  sideration opened quantities in purchase and sales orders                                          houses, materials, calculate available quantities, and enter inventory taking balance of
  whether on the level of material or warehouse.                                                     materials and goods. In addition to creating vouchers settlement and variations for mate-
√ Warehouses privileges and their linkage with specific                                              rials and warehouses.
  voucher types, group of items and users in which the trans-
  action will be created only for allowed voucher types and                                        ♦ Inquire and create reports about warehouses & materials historical and current
  items by the authorized users.                                                                     transactions. Also study all aspects such as storage levels, material balances, sales & pur-
                                                                                                     chase quantities, warehouse's aging, average life cycle in warehouses ...etc.

                                                                           Queries *Inventory Aging *Stores Account
                                                                                                                       *Material’s Transactions
                                                                           &Reports *Quantities in their way *Required Materials
Operation Management

                                                            Sales Management program in SAJAYA® system aims to in-
                                                              crease selling ability and to achieve revenues by managing
          Features                                            sales process automatically through integrated cycle from
                                                            price offers and sale orders for producing and allocating mate-
         √ Pricing policies that are concerned                rials until delivering products and issuing invoices, also ar-
         with priorities of the available pricing meth-      ranges clients contracts\agreements, and ensures their fulfill-
 ods which include sale's price offers, product price
 lists, product default price, product last price…etc.      ments with providing comprehensive reports about sales pro-
√ Price   offers status for each sent offer from the
 enterprise (including issuing ,presenting, study-
 ing ,client's verbal approval,…etc.) to follow-up                                        Main Functions
 enterprise issued offers, specify the projected prod-
 ucts for future sales.                                                                   ♦ Issue price offers for clients on items and goods sold and produced by the enter-

√ Internal   sales orders that are issued according                                         prise, as well as transfer price offers to sale orders or invoices in case of having clients
 to the received purchase orders from clients, allocate                                     approval.
 the available materials in warehouses, and issue pro-
 duction order\vouchers for unavailable quantities.                                       ♦ Create sale orders, production requests, and internal supply request depending
                                                                                            on the income clients purchase orders, then allocate products available quantities, and
√ Sales   contracts for registering agreements with
                                                                                            issue production order for the unavailable quantities.
 clients, also following-up products requesting, pro-
 ducing, allocating process and issuing invoices .                                        ♦ Issue sale invoices, contracts, returns, and create their packing and preparing

√ Delivery    stages:     issuing several invoices for                                      vouchers automatically, print them, and follow up their execution phases.
 one sale order or issuing one invoice for several                                        ♦ Inquire and issue reports for the current, historical, and statistical clients about all
 sales orders. Also providing several and optional
 stages to deliver products such as, products out put,                                      of their sales, transactions, correspondences, and working date with the enterprise in full
 load, invoices, and delivery.                                                              details.

                                                                 Queries *Estimated Sale. *Sales under Executions
                                                                                                                         *Clients & Materials Revenues
                                                                 &Reports *Transactions of Sales and Clients *Periods and Years Comparison
Operation Management

                                                                  Purchasing management program in SAJAYA®
                                                               System provides flexible integrated tools for applying
          Features                                             purchasing system starting with orders requirements
                                                                  and ending up with invoices synchronized with
            √ Raw Materials costing at receiving               enterprise internal system through identifying group
    through estimating raw materials related costs, and          of selected constants and providing the required
    matching those estimated expenses with actual ex-
    penses invoices.                                            reports about purchasing department performance.
√   Price offer and purchasing orders issued
    for vendors about the enterprise required raw materi-
    als in production process, specifying its conditions                                      Main Functions
    (issuing, receiving, studying, approving, transfer-
    ring,...etc.), linking them with specific production
    orders, and allocating the needed raw materials as                                       ♦ Issue price offer's requisites from vendors, transfer them to purchase orders
    soon as orders are received                                                               from enterprise vendors and receive purchasing invoices or receipt vouchers according-
√   Receiving materials registering them in ware-                                             ly.
    house, receiving invoices later on, linking them with
    the previously received materials and registering                                       ♦ Register raw material's purchase invoices from vendors, identify differences
    them.                                                                                     between the issued purchase orders to vendors, the received materials in warehouses,
                                                                                              and goods invoices issued for the enterprise.
√   Purchase contracts with vendors, partial deliv-
    ery on several stages , and partial or unified invoic-                                  ♦ Register invoices of raw material purchasing, shipping and delivering from
    es by separating each agreement cost from other
                                                                                              vendors; compare them with the estimated expenses which were calculated for the re-
    enterprise costs.
                                                                                              ceived materials, and apply the required modifications on the cost in case there were
√   Purchase invoices issued for the receiving in-                                            differences between the actual expenses and the estimated ones.
    voices of single purchase order (contract) or receipt
    voucher. The program also allows registering multi-                                     ♦ Inquire and issue current, historical and statistical reports about vendors, pur-
    entry vouchers for single vendor invoice or single                                        chased materials, related expenses, and their working date in the enterprise with all de-
    purchase order.

                                                              ---               *Purchases in their way *Due and Opened Contracts *Material’s Costs and Expenses
                                                                    &Reports *Transactions of Purchases and Vendors      * Fiscal Periods and Years Comparisons
Operation Management

                                                                           Price Lists and Promotions
                                                                        Price Lists and Promotion program in SAJAYA®
                                                                      System is considered the main motivator for increasing
           Features                                                           sales, marketing of products, and rising
                                                                          competitiveness in markets through arranging
           √    Multi-Price Lists, linked with products               competitive sale's operations and promotions taking in
    where each price list is applied on specific group of cli-           consideration the differences of client's demands,
    ents, in case of selling price these products to the clients.
                                                                                         desires, and needs.
√   Prices Calculation Methods with price lists which
    include mark-up percentage of product’s current cost, or
    mark-up percentage of the default cost, or specific profit
    percentage from selling price, or fixed value.                                                   Main Functions
√   Rounding for fractional prices resulted from using
    percentages in selling prices calculation (0.5,1.5,…etc.)                                       ♦ Create product’s prices lists, link them with clients, specify prices of each
    with ability of increasing or decreasing the rounding.                                             product quantity which selected to be sold according to the used measurement units with
√   Promotions Types that varies for the sale of products                                              material, and the used currencies with sale vouchers.
    specific quantities or promotion on the value of the total
    sold products with an option of applying promotions on
    the level of each issued invoice or on the total issued in-                                     ♦ Make and define promotions on the produced materials quantities or on sale's
    voices within specific period.                                                                     total value, specify the applied methods on the level of each invoice or group of invoices
√   Promotion Nature includes applying specific cash                                                   within specific periods, and identify each promotion &offers validity periods.
    discounts for each promotion, or distributing specific gifts
    quantities, or getting bonuses quantities of the sold prod-                                     ♦ Calculate client's promotion results, and create cash discount's transactions or
    ucts from the enterprise.
                                                                                                       issue vouchers for gifts according to what was specified on each client's promotion.
√   Periodical Promotions in which promotions are
    defined for once in the system, specifying their validity
    periods and their recurrent terms which will be created                                         ♦ Inquire and issue historical, statistical and current reports about clients, enter-
    automatically at the scheduled date.                                                               prise's promotions, results of applying those promotions on clients, and their effects on
                                                                                                       sales within offer duration.

                                                                           Queries & *Sales Offers * Material’s Transaction on Offer *Client’s Transactions on Offers
                                                                           Reports   *Sale’s Goals of Offers     *Expired and Current Offers
Human Resources Management

                                                    Human Resources Management module in SAJAYA® is
                                                   an advanced system for providing records about attracting
                                                    and recruiting employees, registering their daily transac-
  Advantages                                       tions from hiring until termination. Also provides periodi-
                                                    cal data about employees appraisal, expected career pro-
                                                     gress, documenting/organizing salaries payments and fi-
                                                    nancial benefits by showing /tracking all their accounting

                                                                                                                 ♦ Register financial effects for all
                                                            ♦ Issue statistical reports about cli-                 employees transactions in the enterprise
                                                                ents, and promotions in the enterprise as
                                                                well as results of applying those promo-           financial records, distribute them on ac-
 ♦ Specifying jobs and estimating
                                                                tions on clients, and their effects on sales       counts according to transaction nature and
   the required human resources
    based on enterprise strategic plans in terms                within offer duration.                             expenses type.
    of numbers, qualification, and job descrip-
    tion for each job.                                       ♦ Participate in specifying human                   ♦ Ensure selected employees are
                                                               resource's weakness and strength                     capable of performing job's tasks, having
                                                               points, making internal decisions regarding
 ♦ Saving comprehensive records of                                                                                  the necessary skills and abilities to per-
                                                               promotion, demotion, suspension, service
   employees (current and former) in                           termination, transferring, or others. Also           form job functions, thus reaching for the
    terms of qualifications, jobs, promotions,
                                                               contribute in making development strate-
    attended training courses, transactions                                                                         required productivity during specific peri-
    made during employment period, and                         gies, improvement plans, and in preparing
    register agreements with employees about                   future training programs.                            ods.
    financial returns along with administrative
    and social benefits to organize their matur-            ♦ Facilitate and organize payments                   ♦ Obtain the best human qualifica-
    ities and payments.                                         of salaries, daily wages, benefits, allow-
                                                                                                                    tions from external "work market "or the
 ♦ Managing enterprise external                                 ances, and annual or periodical bonuses.
   relationship with official and none-                         The program also provides tools to save             available skills from the internal sources
    official parties related to employees, or-                  comprehensive records about financial               within the enterprise, by applying standard
    ganize required legal records, account                      payments to the employees, day-labors
                                                                during employment periods in the enter-             methods of attracting, examining, and ap-
    statements, reports, and deduct required
    amounts to be delivered to the official and                 prise, benefits details, calculation and            pointing employees.
    governmental authorities related to the                     payment methods.
    enterprise and its employees.
Human Resources Management

                                                  Human Resources Management is considered the most im-
                                                   portant management in the enterprise because it focuses
                                                   on the ideal utilization of human resources which are con-
                                                   sidered the most productive and effective elements. It is a
                                                   cornerstone in most enterprises which aims to strengthen
    Features                                       organizational capabilities, enables enterprises of attract-
                                                    ing the needed staff for dealing with present and future
                                                     challenges, thus achieving goals by planning, selecting,
                                                  training, incentives, appraisals with all related issues to this

                                                                                                                     ∗ Multiple Printing Layouts             for the
                                                             ∗ Historical Employee's Records:                         same voucher using available layouts in
 ∗ Temporary Employment:              Register                 ability of saving changes of any employee's            the system or design new layouts for each
                                                                                                                      voucher to fulfill enterprise specific needs.
                                                               record that include modifying, deleting,
  staff/day-labors, determine their work du-                   and adding, then saving the previous data
  ration by hours, days, work's shifts, wages,                 to retrieve them whenever they are needed.            ∗ Voucher's Multi-Types and Num-
  calculate the actual periods, and organize                                                                          bering to use them in registering the
  wages payments.                                            ∗ Calculating Work Hours Auto-                           same transactions with independent num-
 ∗ Custody:     identify employee's custody
                                                               matically through connecting with time                 bering for each fiscal year to maintain the
                                                               attendance machine, or entry/exit systems              correct numerical sequence and connect the
  which was delivered upon hiring or during                    which works on registering employee's                  types with the voucher's main categories as
  employment period, and connect custody                       working time and importing their data to               (evaluation, delegation, registration, alloca-
  with the available assets in the enterprise                  the system, calculating their vacations ,              tion...etc.).
  identified assets system to determine each                   leaves, working days, and creating the nec-
  employee custody and responsibility.
                                                               essary vouchers for documenting those                 ∗ Recurrent Vouchers         for frequently
                                                               transactions financially and administrative-           repeated transactions with similar data but
 ∗ Attachments and Documents: abil-                            ly.                                                    different financial and administrative ef-
                                                                                                                      fect's date which are created once in the
  ity of inserting copies of official docu-
  ments for all employees and candidates by
                                                             ∗ Standard Vouchers           that include de-           system and specify its repeated frequency
                                                               fault data/information and its distribution            where the system creates them automatical-
  using scanners or document’s optical input                   which are used frequently in many trans-               ly in their repeating date.
  devices and saving them in database.                         actions where the default data/information
 ∗ Additional Fields       for each account
                                                               are recalled from standard vouchers/                  ∗ Copy Vouchers       to a new voucher for
                                                               templates and update the new data instead              information transferring accuracy and rapid
  with specific properties (number, date,                      of re-entering all data again.                         input.
  text...)to enable users of entering addition-
  al data about their activities and enquire
  about them.
    Human Resource Management

                                                             Planning and Employment

                                                        Planning and Employment Program in SAJAYA® Sys-
          Features                                       tem provides an integrated unit for planning human
                                                          resource's needs, identifying staff specialization and
                                                        numbers, following up all employment stages starting
                                                        with attracting, interviewing, and examining, specify-
√   Organization          Structure       Multi-         ing job's contenders, choosing candidates, hiring em-
                                                         ployees, and registering them officially in enterprise.
    Levels in which an organization structure
    can be created with unlimited administrative

    levels that are related to each other and    in                                   Main Functions
    groups.                                                                          ♦ Register internal applications to search for candidates to occupy specific
                                                                                      vacancies, comparing applications and C.V. database with the required job's qualifications,
√   Information Database through which the                                            conditions, and displaying each job's candidates.

    system provides tools for entering and regis-                                   ♦ Identify candidates attraction resources, templates used for each resource,
                                                                                      priorities in dealing with those resources, define attraction stages, and hiring steps for each
    tering enterprise’s appointment     templates,                                    job starting with receiving C.V., interviews, exams, candidates queries, administrative
                                                                                      approval, hiring …etc.
    and curriculum vitae by using paper applica-
                                                                                    ♦ Draw enterprise organization structure, specify its structure levels, define job
    tions or online   through enterprise web sits.                                    titles, job's administrative and functional grade sequence to connect them with the organi-
                                                                                      zation structure. The program also define enterprise's jobs, create administration codes,
    Then studying, sorting, and specifying the sta-                                   job's descriptions, and identify each job tasks, qualifications, experiences, and conditions
                                                                                      which should be available in the hired employees.
    tus of each application/c.v.
                                                                                    ♦ Inquire and issue historical, statistical and current reports about vacan-
                                                                                      cies and candidates in the enterprise in addition to results of employees attraction, inter-
                                                                                      views, and exams they had attended.

                                                             Queries & *Vacancies  *Available and Required Employees * Hiring and Polarizing
                                                              Reports Nominees Conditions     * Interviews and Examination Results
    Human Resources Management
                                                                                                                                                                    Employ’s Cards
                                                                                  Personnel                                                                                Financial data
                                                                                                                                                                    Vacations and leaves
                                                                                                                                                                  employ’s qualifications
                                                                                                                                                                       Health and social
                                                                   Personnel management program in SAJAYA® is
          Features                                                advanced system integrated and linked with other
                                                                 programs in the system. Personnel program has wide
                                                                 rang of capabilities that can ensure smooth handling
          √    Internal System for the enterprise in
                                                                  of employee's files ,and administrative issues in the
    terms of specifying each violation type, related pen-
    alties, violations execution sequence on employees,
                                                                                   best possible way.
    maximum allowed repetitions, and their financial/
    administrative effects while keeping their historical
                                                                                           Main Functions
√   Vacations and Leaves ability of creating un-                                          ♦ Registering employees, entering information related to their family,
    limited types of vacations and leaves, specifying                                     personal, scientific qualifications, and practical experiences. Also specifying their com-
    their maturity conditions, date, financial effects, and                               petence, financial returns, administrative benefits, work contracts, contract's starting/
    possibility of exceeding the maximum limit, also                                      ending dates, and issuing reports about them.
    adding them through employee's employment years.                                     ♦ Define enterprise external parties related directly with employees specify each
                                                                                           relation type, employee's deduction percentage, enterprise share, issuance amount, permits
√   Health Insurance that provids an integrated                                            and licenses renewal fees which include social security, health insurance, government bod-
    health insurance system starting from registering                                      ies, liabilities, taxes, accommodations, work permits, health certificate,…etc.
    insurance companies in the system, inserting each                                    ♦ Create and register employee's file transactions such as promotions, transfer-
    company insurance programs, specifying each                                            ring, adding qualifications/courses, promotions, deductions, salaries freezing …etc. ,and
    program conditions, properties and participating                                       specifying those transactions issuing and approving dates along with the authorized parties.
    employees.                                                                           ♦ Inquire and issue reports (current, historical, and statistical) reports about
                                                                                           employees, and their file's transactions in addition to their enterprise joining date with all
                                                                                           the details.

                                                                      Queries *Employee Record & Transactions *Work Duration & Vacations Transac-
                                                                              tion *Worker Data     *Expired Licenses and Contracts    * Due and
                                                                     &Reports Expected Promotions
    Human Resource Management

                                                                        Salaries and Wages

                                                                  Salaries and Wages program in SAJAYA® System
          Features                                              works on calculating salaries automatically\accurately
                                                               through solid integration with financial management by
                                                               having mechanism for affecting salary whenever allow-
          √    Transfer Salary to banks which                    ance, promotions, and penalties are approved. Also,
    employees are dealing with, specify each employee's        specifying their calculation method, and providing sala-
    account, and issue the bank required documents for            ry payments voucher and amounts. automatically.
    transfering salaries from enterprise's account to each
    employee account in that bank automatically.
√   Multi       Allowances         and       Financial
                                                                                          Main Functions
    deductions whether permanent or irregular,
    specifying their calculation methods, distribution                                    ♦ Calculating salaries, wages, allowances of staff and day-labor for their
                                                                                           monthly work , vacations, leaves, overtime, as well as issuing pay slips and financial lists
    percentages between the enterprise and the
                                                                                           which are required to be paid.
    employee, and their effect on calculating bonuses,
    vacations, and service termination allowance.                                       ♦ Calculating and deducting taxes, government fees, social security, health
                                                                                          insurance for each employee, and issue the required statement to deliver the deducted
√   Loan System, approving its related transactions                                       amounts to the relevant authorities.
    and employee’s payment by identifying loans types,
                                                                                        ♦ Calculating overtime, periodical bonuses, annual bonuses, , sale's com-
    purposes, scheduling, deduction methods, and pay-
                                                                                          motions, service termination allowances, and registering their financial effects by adding
    ments through monthly dues in terms of installments                                   them to employee's benefits at due date and issuing their financial reports.
    numbers, and frequency, with possibility of postpon-
    ing payments or paying them before the due dates.                                   ♦ Inquire and issue detailed reports for the current, historical, and sta-
                                                                                          tistical money paid and deducted from the employees, specifying about payment
                                                                                          reasons/deduction, and all the financial transactions during their work period in the enter-

                                                                    Queries &    *Financial Dues and Wages            * Overtime, Rewards, and Promotions
                                                                                 * Issuing Insurance and Tax Balances       * Loans and Due Installment
                                                                                 *Services Termination Dues
  Human Resource Management
                                                                    Training and Appraisal
                                                                 Training and Appraisal program in SAJAYA® sys-                                  le
                                                                 tem provides the necessary tools for appraising em-                        Excel
          Features                                               ployees, evaluating achievements of individuals and
                                                                  work team during specific period to ensure all en-
          √   Evaluation Groups that enables users                 terprise operations are activated and adopted in
  to classify groups of values that enterprise wants to           the highest productivity levels by employees. The
  measure for the employees through defining each                program also specifies necessary courses to develop
  group, standard measurement levels, and linking them                              staff abilities.
  with specific jobs in order to give measurement
  weights in addition to linking more than one group
  with specific job or more than one job with specific                                   Main Functions
√ Multiple    Evaluation Templates for evaluation                                          ♦Create periodical transactions for employees appraisal, determine the
 purposes, and linking them with specific groups and                                       used evaluation templates in each transaction، evaluation elements within each template,
 elements which differ in their importance and value                                       specify each question weight, and display the results of each employee appraisal in each
 within each evaluation template.                                                          position.

√ Track   Education Path for jobs and linking them                                         ♦Create tracks of         educational and training plans for each career
 with enterprise plans for human resources, educational
                                                                                           path, identify the used scientific and practical courses used in developing enterprise
 and training courses which should be taken to qualify
                                                                                           employees skills by clarifying their contents, benefits, pre-requisites, assignment, and
 employees for handling their assigned job tasks in the
                                                                                           registration /allocation applications for the educational and training parties for the se-
 present and in the future, hence achieve expected
 developments according to the enterprise strategic                                        lected courses.
 plans while defining each plan's phase, requirements
                                                                                           ♦Inquire and issue reports (current, historical, and statistical) about
 and paths.
                                                                                           employees, appraisal and courses during their employment period in the enterprise with
                                                                                           all detailes.

                                                                   Queries *Results of Frequent Appraisal     *Comparison between Period’s Perfor-
                                                                           mance      *Employee Training & Appraisal  * Employees Training Record
                                                                  &Reports *Position Training Requirements
Assets Management

                           Assets Management Module in SAJAYA® System aims to have
                             tight administrative and financial control over enterprise's
                            owned\leased fixed assets in term of selling, purchasing, rent-
                           ing, retiring, locating, and specifying asset custody. Moreover
  Advantages                allows following-up assets transactions such as maintenance,
                           insurance, mortgaging…etc, also works automatically on doc-
                           umenting transaction's effects, and documenting asset's trans-
                                    actions such as maintaining, and depreciation.

           ♦   Save time and effort, facilitate                                 ♦     Maintain assets, ensure their
               managing and following-up en-                                          readiness, and work sustainability
               terprise owned \leased assets through                                  through organizing asset's preventive
               registering them, specifying their loca-                               and periodical maintenance, identifying
               tions, keepers, and transactions during                                and following-up maintenance steps and
               their work period in the enterprise,                                   actions.
               specifying dates of inventory taking,
               licensing, and mortgaging expiry with                            ♦     Control maintenance expenses,
               related alerts generation.                                             spare parts and consumables used in
                                                                                      following-up assets through saving pur-
                                                                                      chase, usage and stock records as well
           ♦   Organize and follow up expens-                                         as following-up asset's consumables
               es distribution, document the finan-                                   productivity.
               cial effects of assets acquisition, usage,                       ♦     Re-evaluate assets and calcu-
               and retirement, moreover register their
                                                                                      late their actual value through evaluat-
               financial transactions       by creating
                                                                                      ing the work of asset's maintenance and
               vouchers and financial notes automati-
                                                                                      the used spare parts which are aimed to
               cally for selling, purchasing, deprecia-
                                                                                      develop their its performance and ex-
               tion, maintenance ,insurance, and other
                                                                                      tend their default age.
Assets Management


                                                                                                 ∗   Recurrent Vouchers: of fre-
                                                ∗   Financial Integration Levels:                    quently repeated transactions which
 ∗   Historical Records: the program                the program allows users of organizing           have similar data but differ in their
                                                                                                     financial/administrative effect's date,
                                                    the resulted financial vouchers from
     provides historical records about assets                                                        tin which they are created once in the
                                                    asset's accounting transactions by
     financial     and     non-financial            providing      several     levels  for           system, specifying its repeated fre-
     transactions to clarify those asset’s          integrating the financial effects of             quency, so the system creates them
     transactions during their work periods         those transactions، vouchers and                 automatically in their repeating date.
     in the enterprise which include                distributing them on accounts of the
     transferring or merging or carrying            GL chart; those levels are (company's        ∗   Additional Fields: for each ac-
     maintenance works and the used spare           level, assets groups, asset, used                count     with    specific   properties
     parts…etc. The program also provides           voucher, vendor, client,...ect).                 (number, date, text...) to enable users
     current, historical, and statistical       ∗   Typical Vouchers: include de-                    of entering additional data about their
     reports and queries about all asset's          fault values/data, and their distribution        items, inquire and issue reports about
     transactions during their life time in         which are used frequently in many                using them.
     the enterprise with all their details.         transactions; the default data are re-
 ∗   Maintenance's Inventory: abil-
                                                    called from typical vouchers, then en-       ∗   Voucher's Multi-Types and
                                                    ter specific data concerned with the             Numbering: to use them in regis-
     ity of managing inventory of spare             new transaction instead of re-entering           tering the same type of transactions
     parts, consumables, defining available         all data.                                        with independent numbering for each
     and consumed quantities of any items       ∗   Printing Multi-Layouts: for                      type, assign users privileges, and con-
     while specifying the re-ordered quanti-        each voucher by using the available              necting all types of voucher's with
     ties, maximum stock quantities, their          main layouts in the system or by de-             main categories as (purchasing, retir-
     nature and effect on assets whether it         signing new layouts for each voucher             ing, selling, maintaining...etc.).
     was an expense or an increment over            for fulfilling enterprise special require-
     asset value and linking them with as-          ments and needs.
     set's groups.
    Assets Management

                                                                               Asset’s Records
                                                                Assets Records program in SAJAYA® System works
                                                                on registering the owned and leased assets inside and
                                                                outside the enterprise, organizing their transactions
                                                               and movements, saving their records, and following up
√   Merging Set of Assets              in single one and        these asset's transaction of licensing and mortgaging
    transfere all assets       merged balances and                              with their maturity date.
    transactions to the new asset as well as linking
    asset's set with single asset for following-up and
    inquirying without affecting on the linked fixed                                           Main Functions
    assets and their records.
                                                                                               ♦Register assets and sub-assets, insert their data, identify their types, coding,
√   Up-dating Assets Data easily and quickly by                                               and barcode policies, link assets with their current locations, determine their departments,
    updating asset’s groups of the selected ones, so
                                                                                              branches, sectors ,and register each asset's custody keepers.
    generalize updates to all sub-assets or parts of the
    selected assets.                                                                           ♦Create asset's transfer vouchers from one location to another, or merge
                                                                                              group of assets into a single asset, or licensing, or mortgaging these assets while specify-
√   Barcode and Coding Policies for generating                                                ing the licensing authorities and mortgaging parties, starting and ending dates with the
    asset's codes and numbers automatically depending                                         possibility of generating alerts accordingly.
    on asset features, brands, categories, and classes.
                                                                                               ♦Inquire and issue current, historical, and statistical reports about
    Also creating barcodes to facilitate assets following–
    up and inventory taking.                                                                  assets, their distribution, locations, merging, and transferring transactions. In addition to
                                                                                              linking their procedures which include licensing and mortgaging during asset's life time
                                                                                              with all their details.

                                                                                                       Records                           Assets
                                                                    Queries & *Assets Transactions and*Employees *Departments or Sectors *Frequent In-
                                                                              *Missing Assets                    Custody Assets
                                                                     Reports ventory Taking
    Assets Management

                                                                            Assets Accounting

                                                                   Assets Accounting program in SAJAYA® System
                                                                aims to document assets financial and accounting ef-
          Functions                                             fects, create their transaction vouchers automatically
                                                               assets inside\outside enterprise, calculate depreciation
√   Depreciation's Policies on the level of the                   value, follow up transactions, and save records of
    whole system such as specifying depreciation cycles                  assets purchasing, selling and retiring.
    (monthly ,quarterly ,half-annually ,and annually) or
    on the level of asset such as specifying depreciation
    starting and dealing with asset as an expense or un-                                     Main Functions
    depreciated item.
                                                                                             ♦   Create periodical depreciation transactions for assets , cal-
√   Depreciation Bases           according to asset age                                      culate and approve each transaction depreciation cost in order to register its
    through fixed or decreased depreciation sys-                                             financial effect on the level of asset's card, expenses and asset's financial ac-
    tem ,otherwise depreciation according to asset's                                         counts.
    productivity age through depreciation system based
    on calculating asset's working hours or the produced                                 ♦   Register asset's purchasing and renting transactions , specify
    units from the assets.                                                                   each asset data such as acquisition date, first date of depreciation, free warran-
                                                                                             ty periods and percentage\value of maintenance contracts with documenting
√   Financial Transactions and their Effects                                                 each transaction financial effect.
    through creating vouchers for documenting the
    transactions that have financial effect on assets such                               ♦   Register asset transactions regarding selling , damaging, insurance
    as purchasing, selling, retiring, insuring and leasing                                   and retirement, clarify the resulted profit or loss, create the related transactions
    …etc.                                                                                    to document their financial effects, exclude their values and depreciation bal-
                                                                                             ance from the financial accounts.

                                                                    Queries & *Asset consumption transactions   *Income assets during certain period
                                                                              *Rented Asset’s Cost    *Damaged & Sold Assets     *Contracts and In-
                                                                     Reports surance Expiry
    Assets Management

                                                                     Assets Maintenance
                                                           Asset's Maintenance program in SAJAYA® System
                                                                works on ensuring assets readiness، work
          Features                                        sustainability, controlling asset's acquisition expenses
                                                              and costs, reflecting the actual value based on
          √   Maintenance's Transactions                  maintenance effect, default age and productivity, also
                                                          reflecting those asset's financial effects on accounting
    by specifying their working procedures، steps                           records and ledgers.
    that should be followed for each transaction,
    clarify all related details, link these transac-
    tions with group of assets where these trans-
    actions are used in, and ensure their workflow
                                                                                         Main Functions
    according to the typical stages .                                                     ♦Create periodical schedules for asset's preventive maintenance,
                                                                                          specify the used maintenance transactions, spare parts and consumables that should be
√   Preventive         Maintenance           through
                                                                                          used in each repeated date with the ability of generating alerts for them.
    specifying its    schedules, dates, arranging
    maintenance contracts and agreements with                                             ♦Create emergency maintenance orders from custody official, send
    specialized bodies.                                                                   them to the concerned bodies to be approved according to their authorities, assign
√   Re-Costing by re-calculating asset's value                                            them to enterprise’s internal or external maintenance parties, follow up their execution

    as a result of maintenance transactions or the                                        and closing.

    used spare parts ,which in both cases will in-
                                                                                          ♦Register maintenance contracts and free warranty periods of as-
    crease asset's value and their default age.
                                                                                          sets, identify their conditions, beginning and ending dates, and periodical visits dates
                                                                                          with the ability of generating alerts for them.

                                                              Queries & *Asset’s Maintenance Transactions      *Due Maintenance Transactions
                                                               Reports *Frequent Maintenance Schedules         *Acquisition Costs and Asset’s Trans-
                                                                          actions    *Contracts and Expired Bonds
              SAJAJA ® System Versions
              For Planning Resources of
               Industrial Enterprises
                                                                     Intelligent Version Business Version   Golden Version
               User’s numbers\ maximum numbers                             5 / 20            10 / 50           unlimited

               Number of companies in the system                             1              unlimited          unlimited
               Warranty period for malfunctions                          6 months           12 months          12 months
               Web and Work Flow
               Financial Management
               General Accounting; Cash& Banks; Clients

               Management; Vendor’s Management

               Cost Advanced Financial Management 1
               Centers ;Estimated Budgets; Cash Flow; Financial
               Advanced Financial Management 2
               Letter of credit; Collection; Securities; Financial
               analysis II
               Production Management

               Production planning, production phases, production

               Advanced production Management1
               Quality control
               Operation Management
               Inventory, Purchasing, Selling

               Advanced Operation Management 1
               Sales Points; Client’s/Maintenance Services; Prices
               and Offers Lists
               Advanced Operation Management 2
               Advanced Currencies Formulas; Advanced
               Distribution Management
               Human Resources Management

               Salaries and Wages

               Advanced Human Resources 1
               Advanced Human Resources 2
               Planning and Employment; Training and
               Performance Assessment
               Assets Management

               Assets Accounting

               Advanced Assets Management 1

               Assets Records; Assets Maintenance
                                     Other Modules from SAJAYA
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