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JAN 2010 News letter by keralaguest


									                                              Next Meeting Feb. 1st.
                                               Board Meeting at 6
                                            Social time 6:30 Dinner 7

                                January               2010

                                2010 CALENDAR
      March 15 – 22, 2010 La Libertad, Peru visits FFOLH...Marti Reckdenwald ED
      March 27-28 Southeast Regional Officers’ Meeting, Big Canoe, GA
      APRIL 7 – 21 Festival in Bali preceded by an exchange in Jakarta and after in Solo,
      April 18th. International Friendship Day Celebration/25th Anniversary Big Canoe, GA
      Sept. 11 -18 visits NAPA Valley. An additional week is being planned .... Gayle Reynolds, ED
      Oct. Cheyenne, Wyoming visits FFOLH
      Oct. 16 – 18 International FF Conference in Washington, DC.....for information on the
       conference go to Registration is now open.
      Nov. 1 FFOLH Annual Meeting
      December 6 FFOLH Christmas Party
      May or June Niagara-on-the-Lake visits FFOLH

The La Libertad, Peru Exchange is March 15th - 22nd. Please keep this time open
to partake in the fun and excitement of the exchange. Pat Christman is the Chairperson
for "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner”, please contact her to host. I am looking for a
Chairperson for Day Hosting.
The Chairpersons for the Welcome Dinner are Susan Schafer & Barb Walter, and Kay
Cleveland & Arminda Thorne are the Chairpersons for the Farewell Dinner, contact them
if you would like to help.
I am looking for suggestions for activities during that week, please call me with
suggestions. Marti Reckdenwald 706-376-1603

The date for the Napa Exchange is September 11 to September 18.
I have heard from Sacramento, California and Central Arizona. Either one of these clubs could
be the second week of our visit. Would those of you who have signed up for this exchange
please let me know which one you would prefer. The plan would be to go to Napa Valley first.
Please let me know. Gayle Reynolds 864-260-9034
                                                                                                 FEBRUARY FOOD
                                                                                            Susan & Bill Schafer (Komatz)
                                                                                           Stephanie & Ron Sparling (Pufall)
                                                                                               Arminda & Chuck Thorne

                                  APRIL                                                                MARCH
                         Barbara & Skip Walter                                                       Barbara Zust
                           Barb & Al Watson                                                    Phyllis & Jack Zygmont
                          Millie & Jerry Weber                                                      Kathryn Allen

    FOOD HOSTING....If you cannot do your assigned food hosting date it is up to you to find a substitute.
 The substitute’s name will not be printed in the newsletter. If you inform the newsletter who your sub is, the name can be entered beside yours.
                                It is up to you to check and make sure the substitute will be there for you.
If there are extreme problems contact Judy             Sanfilippo 706 376-7788

Happy New Year to All!
     After our January Meeting Hosts warmed us up with delicious soups on a
bitterly cold night, we took a short time to look back at our 2009
accomplishments and then ahead to events planned for 2010. In 2009 we hosted two
groups, one from Australia, the other New Zealand; we traveled for hosting to
far-away Brazil and to our neighbors in Knoxville, Tennessee. We have welcomed
new members to the club from our area, we’ve golfed with our group at some of the
area’s finest golf courses, attended baseball games together and the list goes
on… A big THANK YOU to Skip Walter who has been at the helm of FFOLH for the
past two years and to all who have worked diligently to make this such an
enjoyable time for our members.
     We have a very busy Spring ahead as we start by welcoming Peruvians to our
area in March. Marti Reckdenwald is working hard to make this a memorable visit
for our Ambassadors, as well as for us. Please contact Marti if you’d like to
participate in any way. Late in March the Big Canoe, Georgia club will be hosting
the Southeast Regional President’s and Vice President’s meeting.
     In April we have our assigned exchange to Indonesia. We are sharing this
exchange with the FF of Charlotte and as I write, I’m happy to say we are close
to having a full exchange of 20. However, there’s still time to let me know if
you’re interested! This will be a unique experience of being hosted in two
Indonesian cities, Jakarta and Solo, and traveling to the beautiful island of
Bali to join with FF friends from other countries for the 4-night FF Festival
there. Blair McCombs of Charlotte is the Exchange Director and I am serving as
the Assistant.
     Later in April – the 18th - our club has been invited to celebrate
International Friendship Day with the Big Canoe (GA) club. TFF of Atlanta will
also be joining the group and TFF of New Mexico will be there on an exchange. Mr.
Thomas Dortch, President of the Board of Directors for FFI will be the speaker.
Please mark your calendars now. We want to have a good representation and it
will be fun!
     The rest of the year holds much activity and excitement for us, too. We’re
expecting Cheyenne, Wyoming to come for visits and we will be traveling to the
Napa Valley, California club and TFF International Conference in Washington, DC.
      Please offer to assist with any of these programs! In addition, we have a
special need right now. We are looking for COORDINATORS for:
(1) International Friendship Day at Big Canoe, April 18
(2) TFF International Conference in Washington, DC, October 16-18
These COORDINATORS will keep us up-to-date with latest information from the
organizers of these events. Please contact me if you willing to work on either
project. I don’t think a lot of time will be required but it will be a great
service to our members.
     We have a busy year ahead and we want it to be fun for all.
Yours in Friendship,
Bobbie Jones

BEGINNING BALANCE         $4,471.72
INCOME                                            GAIN/LOSS           -$1,103.20
 50/50                 61.00
 2010 Dues            658.00                      BALANCE ON HAND             $3,368.52
 Xmas Dinner        1,251.90                      ENCUMBERED FUNDS                 0.00
Total Income       $ 1,970.90
EXPENSES                                          FREE BALANCE ON HAND         $3,368.52
 FFI 2010 Dues                320.00
 FFI Legacy Fund 2009/201 1,000.00
 Xmas Dinner                1,197.70              CERTIFICATE OF DEPOSIT est. $1,951.32

New FFOLH Badges             556.40
Total Expenses             $ 3,074.10
Jerry Weber


At our first meeting of the New Year we had a 50/50 Raffle which was won for our “Web
Master” Chuck Thorne. He took home $40.00, Congratulations Chuck.

At our next meeting in Feb., we will be having a “Bottle Auction”. Please bring a bottle of
something that your Sweet Heart would love: Wine, Bubble Bath, some thing fun.

                            Each couple should bring a bottle.
                It should be something of value. Please WRAP the bottle.
Pat Christman

A reminder to pay your dues if you have not done so! Please check your
information in the 2009 Directory, make any corrections or additions to
your information and send it to Mary Lou Leverette email:
If you were not a member when the 2009 Directory was published, please
send Name, Address, Telephone # at home and cell, email address to Mary
Lou Leverette. Mary Lou creates our FFOLH Directory. She would
appreciate greatly our input to produce an accurate directory.
Please bring prospective members as guests to our next meeting February 1,

Merilee Brister

                              FEBRUARY GOLF......Weather Permitting
                 Sign up at the Feb. Meeting or email Dave Leverette at
                    Thursday, Feb.18TH. Cobbs Glen Tee Off 11am Cost: $24
                                      Dinner after at Olive Garden
                Golf Hosts: Dave and Mary Lou Leverette 706 376-5787
February - Mary Lou and Dave Leverette
March - Jackie and Shelly Kuppersmith
April - Chris and Darrel Panner
May - Candy & Dave Pursell
June - Marti & Rich Reckdenwald
September - Bill Schafer
October - Arminda & Chuck Thorne
November - Barb & Al Watson

It will be another good year.
Dave Pursell [The golf organizer for 2010 is Dennis Andrews]

Check out our web site! It is the place to go for
If you have interesting pictures from exchanges please send them to me. I
would like to put them on our web site.
Chuck Thorne

If you have any changes in phone, address or email address please notify the Mary Lou Leverette so we can keep people up to date.
Mary Lou Leverette

MINUTES January 4, 2010
The meeting was called to order by Bobbi Jones at 7:40 PM.         Bobby acknowledged our hosts &
hostesses for the evening.     She thanked those responsible for exchanges in the past year and also
our past Board members.
Carol Beasley recapped the Knoxville Exchange.
The November Minutes were accepted as they appeared in the News Letter.
Richard Brister - Exchanges:
      Napa Valley exchange will probably be late September 2010.
      North Bay Canada would like to come in the fall.
      The Peru Exchange is March 15 – 22, 2010.       There will be approximately 20 Ambassadors
       coming and Marti is looking for home hosts and other volunteers.
      Niagara on the Lake will be scheduled for May or June 2011.
Pat Christman was introduced as our new Ways and Means chair person.           Pat informed us that
there will be a bottle auction at the February meeting.     She would like 1wrapped bottle per couple
– something you would like to get from your sweetheart.
Chuck is placing all our newsletters on our website.      He would like us to send him any pictures
we could like to include on our website;
Dave Pursell would like us to help him find a two day golf outing possibility for the spring.
Merilee Brister said we should all try to recruit new members.
Barb Zust had a hip replacement and is doing well.
The $40 raffle was won by Chuck Thorne.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:30PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Jackie Kuppersmith

President……..Bobbie Jones
Vice Pres…..…Richard Brister
Secretary….....Jackie Kuppersmith
Treasurer…....Jerry Weber
Historian…..…Jeanne Andrews
                                                       2010 CHAIR PERSONS
                                                       Hospitality…............ Judy Sanfilippo
                                                       Membership............ Merilee Brister
                                                       Newsletter…............ Mary Lou Leverette
Publicity…….........… Jeanne Howe
Sunshine……........… Sandy Martin       SPECIAL ORGANIZERS
Ways & Means….......Pat Christman      Special Projects........Bill Schafer
Web Site............…...Chuck Thorne   Golf..........................Dennis Andrews

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