Israelites Map 2011-12 by keralaguest


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                                      Chapter 3 Map Activity:            The Israelites

Directions: Follow the numbered steps below to label the map on the back. Use pgs. R.18 (Reference Atlas) and 90 in your
textbook to guide you.

1.    In the upper left corner of your map, draw a compass rose in blue or black pen and identify the directions of: (N, S, E,
      W, NE, NW, SE, SW).

2.    2. Label each of the following bodies of water in blue or black pen. Shade these waters light blue:
                          Red Sea      Persian Gulf         Mediterranean Sea       Gulf of Suez

3.    Trace over the following rivers in BLUE and label them in BLUE OR BLACK PEN.
                          Euphrates River                   Nile River              Tigris River

4. Label the following lands/areas in SMALL ALL CAPITAL LETTERS:
                  Asia Minor                Judah                    Israel (ancient)
                  Mesopotamia               Sinai Peninsula          Egypt
                  Canaan                    Cyprus

5.    5. Label and underline the following places/cities:

            Jerusalem          Tyre         Samaria      Damascus

6.    Label the following lands in PEN and shade them BROWN:
                                       Arabian Desert           Syrian Desert

7.    Shade the Kingdom of Israel in GREEN and the Kingdom of Judah PINK.

8.    Using a PEN, outline the MODERN country of Israel.

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