IB Psychology 1: 2008/2009 by VFwPHha


									IB Psychology DP1: 2011/2012
Instructor: Emma Lindström

A brief course outline: HL + SL

An introduction to research in Psychology
    What is psychology?
    Understanding the research process.
    Research in psychology: experimental methods
    Non-experimental methods: qualitative research.

Biological level of analysis
    Biological level of analysis: physiology and behaviour
    Biological level of analysis: genetics and behaviour
    (An integrative look at criminal behaviour)

Cognitive level of analysis
        Cognitive level of analysis: cognitive processes
        Cognitive level of analysis: cognition and emotion
        (An integrative look at happiness)

Sociocultural level of analysis
    Sociocultural level of analysis: sociocultural cognition
    Sociocultural level of analysis: social and cultural norms
    (An integrative approach to prejudice and discrimination)

   The IB Psychology Curriculum asks that students do the following:
         Levels of analyses             Options                    Research
SL      Biological               One of the two             Internal Assessment: a
        Cognitive                options that we do in simple replication of a
        Sociocultural            depth                      published study

HL       Biological                Two options                Internal assessment:
         Cognitive                                            replication of a
         Sociocultural                                        published study or
                                                              make modifications to
                                                              the original study
                                                               + Paper III which is
                                                              devoted to qualitative
                                                              research methods.

The IB Psychology exams are an essay-based assessment. Therefore, we will be doing
a lot of writing this year (and reading).

I check my email regularly and promise to answer questions or concerns that you may
have. The easiest way to contact me is by email: emma.lindstrom@helsingborg.se.
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