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									                   Museum Lesseps
s due to the Suez Canal (1859) and was the venue for the
French engineer (Commerce, Delaseibes) who got the
privilege of digging the Suez Canal from the Khedive
Ismail. The museum includes tools and belongings and
engineering drawings and maps, as well as a piece of
original (Alcanvah) busy by two characters SC Stands for
the Suez Canal. And a model of the original invitation
sent to the kings and world leaders to attend the opening
ceremony of the Suez Canal, the legendary 17 November,
1869. As well as the original vehicle which was pulled by
horses and used by Delaseibes work sites in traffic in the
Suez Canal. The living room was packed wall paper used
for the first time in Egypt was brought from France at this
time, along with air temperature scale (of water), which
still works well so far.

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