Heat of Combustion Lab C-2 by niusheng11


									           Heat of Combustion Lab C-2

Background Information: (copy)
The heat of combustion of alcohol tells how many joules
of heat are given off when a certain amount of grams are
burned, and equals joules divided by grams.
Problem: (copy)
Procedure: (see Spg. 66)
Results: (copy chart on Spg. 66, number the steps 1-9,
leave off step 10. Change calories to joules.)
Calculations: (show the calculations for steps 8 and 9)
Class Results:
Team Heat of Combustion Team Hear of Combustion
        Alcohol J/g                   Alcohol J/g
   1                             9
   2                            10
   3                            11
   4                            12
   5                            13
   6                            14
   7                            15
   8                            16
Stem and Leaf: (leave ½ page and find the median, mode)
Drawing: (draw and label firestand, alcohol burner,
thermometer and flask)
Team Conclusion:
Class Conclusion:
Questions: (Spg. 67 1-6)

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