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					                                                                      OAK LAWN, IL
                                                                Selected Accomplishments
                                                      Program Year Between 7/1/2009 and 12/31/2009
                                                                  Data as of 04/01/2010

                   This grantee did not report on the selected accomplishments during this program year.

                   DATA LIMITATIONS

                   * These profiles capture accomplishment information for only one year. Many CDBG-
                   funded activities are multi-year efforts that do not achieve accomplishments in each year
                   of their existence. This is especially true for economic development and public facilities
                   activities. While grantees may be working diligently to carry out such activities, this may
                   not be evident in reviewing a grantee’s accomplishments for only a one-year period.
                   Therefore, these data must be considered in the context of the local program.

                   * Errors and omissions in reporting accomplishments in IDIS may occur and will result
                   in inaccurate data appearing in these profiles. Grantees are working hard to correct
                   erroneous data and supply missing data in IDIS. However, the effort to improve the
                   quality of data is not complete, and the omissions and errors result in an undercounting of
                   accomplishments. The CDBG program has requested edits to IDIS that will reduce such
                   errors and omissions in the future.

                   * Grantees do not necessarily count persons served by some public service and public
                   improvement activities in a uniform manner. Some grantees report unduplicated counts
                   of persons served, while others report the number of times a service is provided. For
                   example, one grantee may report the number of elderly persons served meals by its Meals
                   on Wheels program, while another may report the number of meals served to its elderly
                   clients. CPD anticipates issuing guidance that will clarify how grantees should report
                   accomplishments for such activities in the future.

                   * Certain public improvement and public service activities may be made available to all
                   residents in their service areas when at least 51 percent of the residents are low- and
                   moderate-income persons. For these activities, grantees report the number of persons
                   residing in the service area of a particular activity as the number of persons served by that
                   activity. In contrast, if activities are intended to benefit a limited group of persons (rather
                   than all persons in an area) of whom at least 51 percent must be low- and moderate-

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                   income, grantees report only those persons actually served by the activity. For example,
                   a neighborhood library is available to all persons residing within a designated service
                   area, while a day care program would require participants to qualify based on family
                   income. Therefore, the number of persons served for activities may vary greatly
                   depending on whether or not they are available to all persons residing in a service area or
                   are available to a limited clientele.

                   * While these profiles display accomplishments for a majority of the activities carried
                   out by CDBG grantees, it is important to note that accomplishments for the following
                   activities are not included in the profiles:

                      * acquisition/disposition of real property

                      * clearance and demolition

                      * interim assistance

                      * relocation

                      * code enforcement

                      * non-residential historic preservation

                      * planning activities (for States)

                   * Only those economic development activities that created or retained jobs are included
                   in these profiles. Other economic development activities, such as those that provide
                   technical assistance to businesses or provide training and other types of assistance to
                   persons creating microenterprises will be added in the future.

                   * For States, the profiles report the number of persons served for all public improvement
                   activities. For entitlement communities, the profiles report the number of persons served
                   only for the following public improvement activities that benefit low- and moderate-
                   income persons on an area basis:

                      * water and sewer improvements

                      * street improvements

                      * sidewalks

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                   Also for entitlement communities, the number of persons served by the following public
                   improvement activities that benefit low- and moderate-income persons on an area basis is
                   not currently available in these profiles because we ask grantees to report the number of
                   facilities/improvements assisted for these activities, rather than the number of persons

                      * public facilities and improvements (General)

                      * neighborhood facilities

                      * solid waste disposal improvements

                      * tree planting

                      * fire station/equipment

                      * health facilities

                      * asbestos removal

                   In the future, for entitlement communities, CPD anticipates changes in IDIS that
                   will include the number of persons residing in the service areas identified for all
                   activities benefiting low- and moderate-income persons on an area basis.

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