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                                                         Visit these attractions on the Cheyenne Riv-
        Cheyenne River:              Located in the      er, Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservations to
        north central portion of South Dakota, the       see locally made, authentic Native American
        Cheyenne River Reservation is made up of         artwork and learn more about the rich history of
        scenic prairies and abundant wildlife. Visi-     the Lakota Nation.
        tors can meet artists or purchase locally        Cheyenne River Reservation
made authentic Lakota artwork at annual powwows
                                                                                                                  OF THE

and rodeos, or area gift shops. Visit the HVJ Lakota     HVJ Lakota Cultural Center
Cultural Center, in Eagle Butte, and the Timber Lake     Hwy 212
and Area Museum, in Timber Lake, where you’ll            Eagle Butte, SD
learn more about the history and the people who call     (605) 964-2542
the Cheyenne River Reservation home.                     Timber Lake and Area Museum
                                                         802 Main St.
         Pine Ridge: Home of the Oglala                  Timber Lake, SD
                                                         (605) 865-3553
         Lakota Tribe, the Pine Ridge Reservation is
         located in southwestern South Dakota. The       Pine Ridge Reservation
         Reservation is bordered on the north by
Badlands National Park. The Pine Ridge Reservation       The Heritage Center
is home to many great Native American leaders, such      At Red Cloud Indian School
                                                         100 Mission Dr.
as Chief Red Cloud. Many nationally known artists        Pine Ridge, SD
hail from this area and continue to produce magnifi-      (605) 867-5491
cent works of art here. Artwork is on display at many
locations on the Pine Ridge Reservation, including       Oglala Lakota College Historical Center
                                                         at Oglala Lakota College Campus
the Oglala Lakota College, near Kyle, and The            Piya Wiconi Rd.
Heritage Center at the Red Cloud Indian School, near     Kyle, SD
the town of Pine Ridge.                                  (605) 455-6139

         Rosebud: The Rosebud Reservation is             Rosebud Reservation
           found in south central South Dakota. The      Buechel Memorial Lakota Museum
           Reservation is made up of picturesque land-   At St. Francis Mission
           scapes of rolling prairies and grasslands,    St. Francis, SD
 along with sharp hills and ravines. Breathtaking        (605) 747-2361
 works of art can be viewed throughout the Reser-        Sicangu Heritage Center
 vation, including the Buechel Memorial Lakota           Sinte Gleska University Antelope Lake Campus
 Museum at St. Francis Mission, in St. Francis, at       Hwy 18
 Sicangu Heritage Center at Sinte Gleska Univer-         Mission, SD
 sity in the community of Antelope, and at Soldier       (605) 856-8211
 Woman Gallery, in Mission.                              Soldier Woman Gallery
                                                         100 Hwy 83 South
WOPILA (Thank You!): The preservation and                Mission, SD
promotion of traditional Lakota arts are made possible
                                                         (605) 856-4774                                           Native Discovery
through support from the National Endowment for          Visit to learn about              (605) 985-5249
the Arts.                                                more area attractions, to view suggested itineries
                                                         and to download driving routes.
                                                                    Quillwork                                   Beadwork

            Native Art
                                                                         The delicate art form of                     Beadwork is an art form most often
                                                                        quillwork consists of dyed                    associated with Lakota and other
                                                                        porcupine quills wrapped                      Native American groups. Beads were
                                                                        or tacked to create or decorate               introduced to Native Americans after
                                                                        items such as clothing, jewelry               contact with Europeans in the early
                         Beauty and art have played     and ceremonial objects. Quills were originally                1900s.
                         a large role in the day-to-    obtained from porcupines then dyed with
                         day lives of Lakota people     natural dyes. Once the quills were dried, they      Because beads were used for trading purposes,
                         for generations. Designs       were used to create beautiful works of art.         were easy to work with and were available in
                         that focused on originality,   Today, some artists still use the traditional way   many colors and sizes, beadwork eventually
                         harmony, emotional and         of collecting and dying the quills. Others          replaced much of the quillwork that was done in
                         aesthetic impact, symbol-      purchase quills from art suppliers.                 the past.
                         ism, and skill have been
                         found in and around the                                                            Today, beadwork continues to be created by
                         homes of Lakota people                                                             Native Americans using traditional methods.
                         before Western contact to
  Richard Red Owl        the present times.
 Oglala Lakota Artist

          Parfleche The earliest forms of
traditional arts were painted designs on parfleche,               Star Quilts
folded containers made from the hides of large                           A modern form of Lakota art

Traditionally, parfleche containers were used for
                                                                         is the star quilt, which
                                                                         incorporates traditional ideas
                                                                         of color and design along
                                                                                                            Native Discovery welcomes you to the
                                                                                                            Cheyenne River, Pine Ridge and Rosebud
storage and transportation of various articles,                          with the functionality of a        Reservations of South Dakota.
and were made in all sizes. The outer design and                         usable blanket.
shape of the parfleche pouches often indicated its                                                           While you’re here, learn how traditional Lakota
contents. Today parfleche are still being created        Learning from the Amish while attending             art has been important to our history, our people,
and used by Native Americans.                           boarding schools in the 19th and early 20th         our traditions and our culture. Attend annual
                                                        centuries, Lakota women brought the star            community powwows, which take place
                                                        quilt back to the reservations and it became        throughout the summer months, and watch
                                                        an outlet for traditional artistic values. Today,   performers dance in colorful, handmade regalia.
                                                        star quilts are given as gifts for the birth of a   Visit area museums, galleries and cultural centers
                                                        child or during special ceremonies at               to view or purchase beautiful works created by
                                                        graduations, weddings and memorials.                Lakota artists.

                                                        Receiving a star quilt is very special, and         Visit to learn more about
                                                        symbolizes respect and appreciation.                local artists and to find travel information.