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Summer 2009
                            Students Gain International Perspective
                            in Pharmacy Patient Care
2   From the Dean
    Accreditation Process

4   Schneiderhan Joins           Fifteen students participated in the elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience
    Duluth Faculty          (APPE) “Comparative & International Perspectives in Pharmacy Patient Care” in Germany
    APhA Meeting            this summer.
                                 The APPE was designed for students to learn about pharmacy practice in a different
5   Sadoff Memorial
    Symposium               culture; learn firsthand about the German healthcare system and how it affects patient care;
                            and also to learn about patient care in a different cultural context. Students also met with
6   Homecoming Schedule     German representatives of industry and regulatory affairs, and shared knowledge of
                            pharmacy practice in the U.S. with German health professionals.
7   Pharmacy Day
                                 “I chose to participate in this APPE because of the unique opportunity to travel abroad.
    Save the Date
                            Any opportunity to experience a new culture firsthand provides learning experiences that
8   2009 Graduates          can’t be taught in the classroom,” said Abbie Frank, a fourth-year student who participated
                            in the APPE. “I also really wanted to learn about pharmacy in a different health care system
10 Center for Leading       and the foundation for its philosophy. Understanding the best practices in the German
   Healthcare Change        system as well as the United States system is a great way to generate ideas on the best way to
11 Leadership Development   serve our patients.”
                                 The APPE was offered in a community pharmacy in Velbert, Germany, a small city with
12 Featured Leader          90,000 residents in the western part of the country. The preceptors were adjunct faculty
                            members Jochen Pfeiffer, Pharm.D., and Nic Foerster, Pharm.D., two native Germans who
13 Faculty News
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14 Student News

15 Alumni News
    Henry Mann

16 MIKI Meeting

                            Front row: Jochen (Josh) Pfeiffer, Nic Foerster, Dianna Seng, Alexia Knick. Second row: Christa
                            Nordlum, Amy Kauffman, Abigail Frank. Third row: James LaBerge, Mary Jo Vierkant, Jill Topeff,
                            Alison Wagner, Beth Kauffman.
                           From the Dean

I do believe we have       Dear Alumni and Friends,                             But like any parent launching a child
prepared these                  On May 9, the College of Pharmacy          into the world, our pride and confidence is
                           graduated 156 new pharmacists and sent          mixed with just the tiniest bit of concern
graduates for the future
                           them out into the world to help patients        for their future. The world of health care is
we envision, but in        improve the outcomes of their medications.      changing and in order to succeed for a 40
order for them to truly    Despite the difficult economy, we believe       year career, they will have to change, too.
participate, they will     that they all have jobs or plans to further     Not only that, they will have to help lead
have to stay engaged       their education (over 40 will be taking         change. I truly believe that these
                           residency positions or attending graduate       pharmacists will be part of a medical or
in what is happening
                           school), and their excitement to finally be     healthcare home; that interprofessional
statewide and nationally   done with pharmacy school was evident.          team practices will be the norm before long.
in health care.                 The college is very proud of these new     And, that interprofessional team will be
                           pharmacists. We know that they have             broadly supported with electronic
                           outstanding clinical skills and lots of         communication, including a common
                           knowledge. There is a very long list of         electronic healthcare record system. I also
                           community health projects they have             believe that they will be handing over
                           engaged in during their time in college that    activities that have filled pharmacists’ days
                           convinces us they are truly committed to        to lesser skilled individuals, along with a
                           serving the public and their communities.       demand that they (the pharmacists) now
                           We hear anecdotally of employers who            devote that time to patient care.
                           prefer Minnesota grads. They are versed in           I do believe we have prepared these
                           drug literature review and life-long learning   graduates for the future we envision, but in
                           skills, and know about pharmacogenomics         order for them to truly participate, they will
                           and other cutting-edge science, so we are       have to stay engaged in what is happening
                           confident they will adapt to the constantly     statewide and nationally in health care. I
                           changing knowledge base one needs to            hope they will all join state and national
                           practice well. Thirteen of them completed       professional organizations to help shape the
                           the new leadership track with its 18 credits    changes that are coming. I hope they all
                           of courses, projects, mentoring and             engage in serious continuous professional
                           rotations, so we are confident we have some     development so their knowledge and skills
                           very strong leaders among them.                 stay up-to-date. And I hope they partner
                                                                           with the college in educating the next
                                                                           classes of pharmacists because they will
                                                                           receive as much as they give.

                                               Accreditation Process Involves
                                               Faculty, Students and Alumni

      I think it is up to you, our existing
pharmacists, to help reinforce the                 Every six years, the College of Pharmacy undergoes an extensive
importance of these activities. Mentoring      accreditation process by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
doesn’t end with graduation. Please take a     (ACPE), the national accreditation agency for professional degree and
new pharmacist under your wing,                continuing education programs in pharmacy. Work on the college’s
encourage him or her to stay engaged, to       accreditation began in May 2007 and will culminate with an ACPE site visit
learn the political ropes. If you are not as   to the college this fall.
engaged as you would like to be, perhaps           The college’s accreditation planning is led by Interim Associate Dean
this is an opportunity to increase your        for Assessment and Curricular Development Kristin Janke. “The
involvement in the future of the               accreditation process is a big undertaking for the college,” said Janke.
professional as well. The college has done     “Rather than an event every six years, we now view accreditation as a
its job – now it is up to you!                 continuous process that doesn’t end once the site visit takes place. We will
      Thanks to all of you for your            continue to assess, try new initiatives and work to ensure that students
dedication to our profession and our           receive the best pharmacy education possible.”
future.                                            Earlier this year, more than 80 faculty members met to discuss the
                                               accreditation standards and plan for curriculum revisions. From these
                                               discussions, action plans were developed and several new pilot programs
                                               were launched. In August, the college will submit a self-study report, which
                                               will be submitted to ACPE in advance of the fall site visit to guide their
                                               agenda while visiting the college.
Marilyn K. Speedie,                                As part of the self-assessment, the college surveyed all new graduates,
Dean                                           as well as alumni from the past three years. According to Janke, graduate,
                                               alumni and preceptor surveys will be conducted regularly to ensure input
                                               on the curriculum.
                                                   Through the accreditation process, several new initiatives have been
                                               launched, including an expanded Experiential Education Program for first-
                                               and second-year students to offer earlier exposure to community and
                                               institutional practice. “Third year students are also maintaining an
                                               electronic portfolio that they share with preceptors to introduce their
                                               experience and career aspirations,” explained Janke.
                                                   More information on the accreditation process is available at Janke’s
                                               blog at

Board Certified       It was a mentor at the University of            severe health and economic disparities.
                  Kentucky who inspired Associate Professor Mark      “Psychiatric medications are very costly and
Psychiatric       Schneiderhan to pursue a specialty in psychiatric   they have many side effects, and sometimes
Pharmacist        pharmacotherapy. Today, Schneiderhan is             unpredictable effectiveness,” he explained.
Mark              teaching students the important role that           “There is a big opportunity for pharmacists
                  pharmacists can play in the mental health arena     to be involved in psychiatric care through
                  as a key part of the behavioral health team.        medication therapy management (MTM)
Joins Duluth          With fewer than 10 board certified psychi-      services and by working closely with primary
Faculty           atric pharmacists in Minnesota, Schneiderhan’s      care physicians, psychiatrists and other mental
                  specialty brings a valuable perspective and         health care professionals.”
                  expertise to the college, according to Senior           Through his work with the Human
                  Associate Dean and Professor Randy Seifert.         Development Center headquartered in Duluth,
                  “Mark has extensive pharmacy experience in all      the Range Mental Health Services in Virginia,
                  areas related to psychiatric pharmacotherapy,”      and the Family Life Mental Health Center and
                  explained Seifert. “He is establishing our mental   Genoa Healthcare in Coon Rapids, Schneiderhan
                  health program related to pharmacotherapy           is expanding the practice experience for students
                  and we’re really fortunate to have someone          in MTM for those with mental illnesses. He is
                  on our faculty with his skills and expertise.”      also working to expand the reach for interven-
                      Before joining the faculty in January 2009,     tion through interactive-television technology—
                  Schneiderhan was an assistant clinical professor    or “tele-MTM.”
                  at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He has        For Schneiderhan, the college’s commitment
                  served in a number of professional leadership       to rural health, addressing health disparities
                  positions in the area of psychopharmacology.        and focus on MTM led him to his new position.
                  His primary research interest is in the develop-    “Those who suffer from psychiatric illness are
                  ment and treatment of metabolic syndrome            often stigmatized,” he explained. “My goal is
                  caused by second generation anti-psychotics,        to see pharmacists help patients and other
                  which often have challenging side effects for       practitioners sort out these complex psychiatric
                  patients including weight gain, insulin             medication issues. There is a huge opportunity
                  resistance and cardiac issues.                      for pharmacists to be involved in improving
                      Schneiderhan sees three major challenges        mental health.”
                  impacting patients with mental illness and

College of            Nearly 60 students and numerous                 Topics Magazine sponsored program held
                  faculty attended the American Pharmacists           on April 5.
Pharmacy          Association (APhA) annual meeting April                 Melissa Bumgardner, assistant
Makes An          3-6 in San Antonio, Texas.                          professor, received the National PLS
Impact At         Highlights from the meeting:
                                                                      Outstanding Chapter Advisor Award. The
                                                                      Phi Lambda Sigma Outstanding Chapter
This Year’s           Fourth year pharmacy student Alison             Advisor Award was established in 2006
Annual APhA       Rapacz Knudtson won the position of                 to recognize an advisor of a Phi Lambda
                  Speaker of the House for the APhA-ASP,              Sigma chapter who has promoted student
Meeting           making her one of next year’s five                  leadership, actively contributed to the
                  executive officers.                                 achievements of their local chapter, and
                      Steve Schondelmeyer, professor,                 served as a leader and mentor through
                  received the PPSI’s Distinguished Person            their service to the profession or
                  of the Year award at the PPSI/Drug                  community.

International Perspective Continued from cover
received their pharmacy degrees in the United States.
     “Our students are very interested in learning about pharmacy and healthcare systems
outside the U.S.,” said Henning Schroeder, associate dean for research and graduate studies.
“Moreover, ‘internationalization’ of educational programs is a top priority for the University.
Students need to understand the global implications of healthcare. This exchange is a
great opportunity for our students to learn and broaden their expertise in international
healthcare, as well as build transatlantic connections that may last for a lifetime.”
     According to Dean Marilyn Speedie, supporting international cooperation is important
to the College of Pharmacy and builds on the school’s emphasis in building students’
leadership skills to empower them to go on to be change agents in the profession.
     “In Germany, our students observed and reflected in a new environment and a new
practice of pharmacy,” said Speedie. “By exposing our students to a different culture
around illness and drug taking, we will better prepare them to focus on the core mission
of providing care. This unique experiential education also validates the students’ learning
and training in a real world experience.”

  Hank Greely, J.D., presented the College        is not necessarily a bad thing,” concluded      Hank Greely, J.D.,
of Pharmacy’s 2009 Sadoff Memorial                Greely. “We need to think harder and            Presented This
Symposium on Pharmacy, Law and Ethics             smarter about it. For now, we shouldn’t
on May 4. His presentation, “Neuro-               ban the use of all enhancing drugs, just as
                                                                                                  Year’s Sadoff
Enhancement: What Should, and Shouldn’t,          we shouldn’t accept the use of all              Memorial
We Worry About,” focused on the use of            enhancing drugs.”                               Symposium
prescription drugs approved for medical              Greely is a professor of law and
conditions like hyperactivity and narco-          professor (by courtesy) of genetics at
lepsy being used instead to sharpen
thinking and to remain wakeful and alert.
    According to Greely, the three most                                                           The Max and Rose
common things we should worry about                                                               Sadoff Symposium
cognitive enhancement are:                                                                        on Pharmacy, Law and
  • Safety: We don’t know the safety and                                                          Ethics was established
    efficacy of drugs when they’re used in                                                        in 1992 by Robert and
    ways other than their intended purpose.                                                       Harold Sadoff in memory
                                                                                                  of their parents, both of
  • Coercion: Could employers or schools
                                                                                                  whom graduated from
    someday mandate the use of neuro-
                                                                                                  the College of Pharmacy
    enhancing drugs, and if so, what are                                                          in 1925 and went on to
    the implications?                                                                             own a community
                                                  Stanford University. He is also a leading
  • Fairness: Will neuro-enhancing drugs          expert on the legal, ethical and social         drugstore in south
    be available to all, or only to those who     issues surrounding health law and the           Minneapolis.
    can afford them? Should students and          biosciences. He specializes in the
    athletes be judged based on whether           implications of new biomedical technolo-
    they use enhancing drugs or not?              gies, especially those related to genetics,
  “The bottom line is neuro-enhancement           neuroscience and stem cells.

                         University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy

          2009 Homecoming Schedule
       Sunday, Oct. 4    TCF Bank Stadium Open House with College of Pharmacy exhibit

    Wednesday, Oct. 7    Student Research Open House – TCF Bank Stadium

     Thursday, Oct. 8    UMAA Awards Presentation – McNamara Alumni Center
        Friday, Oct. 9

              8:30 am    Back-to-School Day for 25 and 50 year Reunion Classes – College of Pharmacy
                Noon     Lunch with Dean Speedie – Coffman Memorial Union

              2:00 pm    CMC Management Seminar: “Directions in Health Care Reform”
                         Dr. Steve Schondelmeyer – Mayo Memorial Auditorium

              3:30 pm    Pharmacy Family Reunion on the Patio – Weaver-Densford Hall
              5:00 pm    Golden Era Pharmacists Celebration

              7:00 pm    Homecoming Parade down University Avenue

                         Pep Fest in Stadium following Parade
     Saturday, Oct. 10

              9:00 am    Pharmacy Pre-game Reception – McNamara Alumni Center
             11:00 am    Homecoming Game (on giant screen in McNamara)

                                                  Tiffany Elton, PharmD ’00
                                                  College of Pharmacy

     Students, faculty and staff celebrated
annual Pharmacy Day on May 1. The daylong
                                                  auction is our biggest fundraiser and pays
                                                  for student activities throughout the year,
event included student-organized activities       including community screenings for high            Pharmacy
like dodgeball, golf, volleyball, tennis, kick-   blood sugars, high cholesterol and high
ball, bowling, racquetball and other outdoor      blood pressure; flu vaccines at local              Day
activities. The College Board is responsible      pharmacies; and educating adults on the
for organizing Pharmacy Day. This year,           triggers and treatments of heartburn.”
Bryan Milbert and Meri-En Damjankovic                  MPSA is an alliance that is actively          Outdoor
served as co-chairs for the event.                involved in educational activities and
     In the evening, the Minnesota Pharmacy       legislative matters affecting the profession       Activities,
Student Alliance (MPSA) hosted its annual         at the state and national level.
auction that raised more than $13,000.                                                               Annual
Auction proceeds are used to reimburse
students for expenses incurred from
professional meeting attendance and to fund                                                          Auction
community outreach projects like Operation
Diabetes, Heartburn Awareness, Stroke
Prevention and Operation Immunization.                                                               Students Mike Schroeder,
     “Thanks to all the faculty, students,                                                           Sam Lee and Annie
alumni, mentors, family and friends who                                                              Nguyen at the MPSA
made the event so much fun,” said Amie Jo                                                            auction.
Digatono, incoming MPSA President. “The

Save the Date
For the next Year of the Leader event:

Oct. 23, 2009
An initiative of the Center for Leading
Healthcare Change, the Year of the
Leader is designed to emphasize the
college’s leadership role and to celebrate
the launch of the center.

“Celebrating Pharmacist MTM Leaders”              On March 29, Phi Lambda Sigma inducted a
4-6 p.m. Social                                   group of new members at its annual banquet,
Marriott Southwest Hotel                          and the Center for Leading Healthcare Change
801 Opus Parkway, Minnetonka, Minn.               joined in the celebration to launch the “Year of
(on Hwy 169, just north of Hwy 62)                the Leader.” The event attracted 28 alumni and
$25/person                                        friends, who were impressed to learn about
                                                  the broad array of student leadership and
To register or to learn more about this
                                                  service activities. The college’s students are
or other Year of the Leader events, visit
                                                  truly engaged in the community around them
                                                  and should be congratulated.

                          This year, the College of Pharmacy graduated 156 Doctor of Pharmacy
                       students – 49 from the Duluth campus and 107 from the Twin Cities campus.
                       Class speakers David Stenehjem (Duluth campus) and Jared Anderson
                       (Twin Cities campus) spoke at the May 9 commencement ceremony.
                          Commencement speaker Jennifer Gednalske, Pharm.D., an alum of the
                       College of Pharmacy and an Emergency Department pharmacist at Unity
                       Hospital in Fridley, Minn., gave an inspiring talk about the rewards of
                       emergency pharmacy.

Congratulations to this year’s graduates!

                       Bradley David Carlson      Kerstin Elizabeth Hartzler   Renae Lynn Lien
Class of 2009
                       Ronda Marie Chakolis       Angie Faith Henderson        Sarah M Litchke
Graduates              Bret James Christenson     Greta Jeanne Henry           Lindsey Carol Lundeen
                       Eric John Christianson     Tiffany Marie Herring        Sara Kathleen Madden
Carol Ann Albin        Nicole Marie Church        Ryan K Hinman                Angie Lynn Magnuson
Kimberly Ann Ames      Allison D Close            Stephanie Miettunen          Sarah Lynn Mallak
Audrey M Andersen      Tyler Gregory Dahlgren     Hoffer                       Stephen Richard Mandt
Jared Joel Anderson    Daniel A Degaga            Emily Meghan Holmes          Alyssa Rose Manecke
Jennifer Lynn Archer   Beth Marie DeJongh         Kirsten Leigh Horn           Heather Lynn Maracle
Neel Arora             Kelly A Diesterhaft        Eddie Kit Huie               Andrew Raymond Marjala
Andrea Jo Atteberry    Matthew Louis Earney       Jessica Marie Huxtable       Emily J Mattson
Alyssa Lynn Augst      Amy Jo Edge                Nadyia Devi Jawahir          Kelly Renae Mau
Magdi Haleem Awad      Eze Benedict Elechi        Heather Sue Johnson          Jamie Layne Michog
Kassandra May          Joseph David Erickson      Matthew Roy Johnson          Abdirizak Ali Mire
Bartelme               Sharon Feinstein           Mohamed Karim                Kelsey Lane Moser
Laurie Jean Barten     Colleen Marie Flaherty     Rebecca Ann Katainen         Kwansah Ndemo
Tara Marie Belter      Joshua Glenn Gatzke        Busuulwa Daniel Kawuma       Mark Joseph Newman
Angela Margaret Berg   Craig Matthew Glienke      Jane Witon Keith             Annie Thuy Nguyen L
Shani Lee Bjerke       Ryan William Goedecke      Thomas Bebell Kelly          Anna Hoai Thuong T
Lucas Andrew Boe       Katerina S Goncharuk       Ryan Allen Klingbeil         Nguyen
Patricia L Braun       Rachel Erin Goodwin        Lindsey Ann Kosman           Jason D Oakland
Amanda Rosemary        Jennifer Ann Gravelle      Dominic Lai                  Timothy Oliver Olson
Bringe                                            Mary M LaPlant               Stacy Marie O’Malley
                       Justin Brian Guthman
Jessica M Bruns                                   Hyungwon Lee                 Deanna Lea Pahl
                       Thomas R Haas, III
Jenna Rae Buskohl                                 Samantha Chia-Yin Lee        Melissa Ann Pankonin
                       Tara Nicole Halvorsen
Sofia Annika Byman                                Pamela Rose Lensing          Isaac Neil Patrick
                       Katherine Ann Hansen
Tiffany Ann Capouch                               Yajing Li                    Danielle C Peterson
                       Nicholas Joseph Hanson

Molly L Peterson           Oi Yee Siu                  Hui Zheng                    Where this
SaraLynn Peterson          Amber Lee Smith             Ahmed M Zikri                year’s graduates
Jason Michael Pexsa        Krista M Sodahl             Zachary William              will practice
Jennifer Ann Plath         Chase Lee Sosalla           Zimniewicz
                                                                                    Out of 57 graduates
Marcin W Puto              Anne Michelle Spenningsby
                                                                                    who completed a college
Nancy Antonia Quinones     Trenton William Srstka      Others who were
                                                                                    survey, 63 percent said
Katherine E Rangen         David D Stenehjem           recognized during the
                                                                                    they will practice in the
Adele C Reichel            Rebecca Ann Stewart         ceremony included
                                                                                    Twin Cities metro area,
Leslie Anne Reiner         Sean David Stewart          Teacher of the Class of
                                                                                    2 percent will practice in
Tracy Faith Roegner        Lori Marie Stifter          2009, Duluth Campus
                                                                                    Duluth, and 35 percent
Katie Jo Roff              Phillip L Stokkeland        Angela K. George,
                                                                                    will practice in other
Jeremy Daniel Rogosheske   Emily Lynn Strovink         Pharm.D., assistant
                                                                                    cities and Greater
Rachel James Root          Robert Ndifor Tamukong      professor; Teacher of the
Stephanie Anne Root        Joey Gordon Thorson         Class of 2009, Twin Cities
Samantha Jo Roscoe         Daniel M Tomaszewski        Campus Michael C.            In another survey in
Elana Miriam Rosen         Luke A Twedt                Brown, Pharm.D.,             which 97 students
Matthew Wendel Rowles      Stacey K Tysver             associate professor; and     responded, 49 indicated
Heather Jo Rozenboom       Jamie Crystal Van Kleeck    Preceptors of the Year       they were taking
Paul L Ruder               Ryan Albrook Vansickle      Matthew Kresl, Pharm.D.      positions in retail and
Rachel Ji-Yeon Ryu         Sandra Kay Vucinovich       and Anne Schneider,          community pharmacy;
Kristin Jane Scherber      Lindsay Kathryn Walker      Pharm.D.                     three are moving into
Andrea L Schiks            Elizabeth Welch                                          inpatient hospital

Sarah Kathryne Schweiss    Thomas E Welch                                           staff pharmacy; 47 are
Igor Nikolayevich          Amanda Jean Westerlund                                   pursuing fellowships,
Semenenko                  Lauren F Wright                                          residencies or graduate
Jacquelyn Senogles         Kati Rose Wypyszynski                                    school; and two
Dana Ann Simonson          Victoria R Yin                                           indicated outpatient
                                                                                    clinical practices.

                                    Nearly 100 managed care pharmacy
                                industry leaders attended the Center for
                                Leading Healthcare Change’s first national
                                policy symposium, “Dialogues in Managed Care
                                Leadership,” on May 13-14 in St. Paul, Minn.
                                    Some of the topics covered during the               At the pre-conference dinner on May
                                conference included healthcare reform, public       13, the Center for Leading Healthcare
                                policy and leadership, healthcare policy            Change recognized and honored pioneers
                                changes, and pharmacy and benefit design.           in the pharmacy benefit management
                                    “The presentations were top quality and         (PBM) movement, most of whom were
                                covered a variety of policy topics in health care   from Minnesota. A video shown during
                                and managed care,” said Lowell Anderson,            the dinner recognized the pioneers’ roles
                                CLHC co-director. “Based on the positive            in this movement. A particular focus of
                                feedback on this important symposium, we will       the video was on John Middleton, a
                                plan to do a similar Dialogue in 2010.”             University of Minnesota graduate who is
                                                                                    recognized as the “father” of PBMs.
                                                                                        “John Middleton was the first PBM
                                                                                    pioneer, the first among firsts,” said Norrie
                                                                                    Thomas, who organized the Dialogues
Center for Leading Healthcare Change                                                conference. “He created an industry, other
Joins the National Stage in Managed                                                 leaders followed, and today the pharmacy
                                                                                    benefit industry has a life of its own.”
Care Policy and Management                                                              “John is highly respected and,
                                                                                    indeed, loved by those who have had the
                                                                                                            opportunity to
                                                                                                            work with him,”
                                                                                                            said Lowell
                                                                                                            Anderson, CLHC
                                                                                                            co-director. “John
                                                                                                            is an embodiment
                                                                                                            of the attributes
                                                                                                            described by the
                                                                                                            evening’s keynote
                                                                                                            speaker Steve
                                                                                                            Stefano, senior
                                                                                                            vice president of
       Top: Norrie Thomas,
                                                                                    business development, GlaxoSmithKline,
        Center for Leading
                                                                                    who spoke about the values of passion,
        Healthcare Change
                                                                                    integrity, courage and empathy in
        Center: Symposium                                                           leadership.”
                  attendees                                                             View the PBM pioneers video online
     Right: Judith A. Cahill,
         executive director,
     Academy of Managed
             Care Pharmacy

A Continued Commitment
to Leadership Development

    The University confirmed its commitment to educating
pharmacists as leaders by approving a new Leadership Emphasis
within the college’s Pharm.D. curriculum. This year, 13 students
graduated with the Leadership Emphasis and 12 students—
three in Duluth and nine in the Twin Cities—are expected to
graduate in 2010.
    “Leadership development is something that the Pharm.D. program has always             Front row left to right: Annie
emphasized, but it has never been delivered with as much intention as is now              Nguyen, Sharon Feinstein,
possible through this curriculum,” said Assistant Professor Andy Traynor, who             Sam Lee. Middle row left
co-directs the emphasis with Associate Professor Todd Sorensen. “Pharmacists need         to right: Kassy Bartelme,
to play a key role in patient-centered care, health care reform and other issues facing   Anne Spenningsby, Adele
society. It’s evident that our graduates need to be positioned for change in the          Reichel, Colleen Flaherty,
profession regardless of their position or title.”                                        Dana Simonson. Back row
    The Leadership Emphasis offers students an opportunity to expand leadership           left to right: Jenna Buskohl,
skills and gain new tools to influence change through new curricular opportunities.       Rachel Rosha, Sarah Mallak,
“It’s long been said that leadership is hard to define, but you know it when you see      Jared Anderson
it,” said Sorenson. “This new emphasis helps make leadership less elusive for
students. Leadership is something that can be taught.”
    According to Sorensen, helping students determine how to best influence their
profession and giving them the opportunity to engage with other pharmacist leaders
offers them a broader perspective on the profession and on the health care industry
overall. Although leadership requires a unique set of knowledge, skills and values,       Learn more about the
the Leadership Emphasis is just the start for these students. “These students gain        Leadership Emphasis at
confidence through experiences and have a much better sense of where they will  
find fulfillment and how they can affect change in the profession,” said Traynor.         clhc/emergingleadership/
    Students enrolled in the program start taking elective classes during the spring      curricopps/home.html
semester of their second year that focus on the components and concepts of
leadership, management and leading change. The experience extends throughout
their fourth year experiential learning and encompasses a total of 18 credits. Through
the approval from the Board of Regents, the emphasis has the official recognition from
the University and now appears on students’ transcripts. Interim Associate Dean for
Assessment and Curricular Development Kristin Janke is also a key member of the
team as the group seeks to ensure the academic rigor of the learning experiences and
share work with others across the country.
    Sorensen and Traynor, who were both active in leadership positions as pharmacy
students at the local and national levels, see great potential in these future pharmacy
leaders. “Because they graduate feeling more empowered, they will take more
responsibility for leading the profession that they are so passionate about,” stated
Sorensen. “They will lead change.”

                              Featured Leader
                              Andy Johnson: Finding His Niche

                                   “The best thing that can happen to a thinking person,” said Andy Johnson, “is to lose
                              their security blanket and have to re-think their opportunities.”
                                   Johnson’s career shows a lifetime of leaving the security blanket behind to explore
                              opportunities, develop relationships, navigate inevitable change — and find success in it.
                                   Johnson worked his way through pharmacy school, and after graduating in 1954,
                              worked for two more years before purchasing a community pharmacy in Olivia, Minn.
                              Unfortunately, the pharmacy — unbeknownst to Johnson — was bankrupt.
                                   “After making a dumb business decision and working to get out of it, I thought
                              management technique was really important. It wasn’t innate; you either learned it
                              educationally or you learned it the hard way.”
                                   Once establishing his store “where I could get my nose out of it,” Johnson expanded his
                              interests. He joined the Minnesota State Pharmacists Association (MSPhA) and accepted a
                              position on its Board of Directors.
                                   During his tenure, two computer programmers approached the board with a proposal
                              to develop a proprietary pharmacy system with the association’s blessing. The board turned
                              it down, but Johnson picked up the idea. “I was thinking I should get a computer in the
This feature is part of a     pharmacy. I thought it would be interesting to work with them.”
series highlighting College        Johnson met with the developers for 18 months to write the program. At the end,
of Pharmacy alumni            “I was a programmer. I couldn’t do it well, but I could follow what they were talking about.
and friends who have          I got into the computer age.”
demonstrated leadership            In the late 1980s, after owning and managing community pharmacies for 31 years,
in the profession of          Johnson sold his remaining two pharmacies and prepared to retire.
pharmacy.                          But his next career was just beginning. A week later he was invited to work on
                              development projects for Snyder Drug Stores. While there, he created a system for in-house
                              Prescription Benefit Management (PBM). When they parted ways, Johnson took the PBM
                              idea with him.
                                   Around this time, Johnson’s friend John Middleton, who was working with UnitedHealth
                              Care’s Diversified Pharmaceutical Services to contract individual network services for HMOs,
                              asked Johnson if he would like to help them build a national network. Johnson accepted the
                              challenge and created the first broad-based national network, with a single discounted rate,
                              into which a client’s employees could be added without pharmacy notification.
                                   Johnson eventually moved to Arizona with his wife Mary, to whom he has been married
                              54 years. They have three grown children, Drew, Keith and Leslie. He continues to consult and
                              currently works with Cardinal Health.

                                  Much of Johnson’s success he attributes to finding his niche. “I understand
                              independent and chain pharmacy. Not only operationally, but also the mentality.
                              The people you’re dealing with, they depend on you, you depend on them. This is
                              a personal relationship. If you want this to be a business relationship, you’re
                              doing it the hard way.”

Grants                                            project implementation, and fiscal manage-
                                                  ment for all UCare pharmacy operations,
                       L’Aurelle Johnson,         medication management, and clinical
                       assistant professor,       pharmacy programs. UCare is an independent,
                                                  nonprofit health plan providing health care
                       has been awarded a
                       2009 AFPE Minority         and administrative services to more than
                                                  160,000 members.
                       Pharmacy Faculty New
                       Investigator Grant.        Robert Vince, professor, was selected to
                       The grant, in the          the Academic Health Center’s Academy
                       amount of $10,000,         for Excellence in Health Research. The
                       runs for one year.         academy serves as the highest recognition
                       Jayanth Panyam,            of excellence in AHC faculty research. Vince
                        assistant professor,      was selected to the academy for contributing
                        along with co-PIs         to the quality of the University of Minnesota
                        Chris Macosko             through sustained, nationally and interna-
                        (Chemical Engineer-       tionally recognized, health-related research.
                        ing) and Tom Hoye                                 Larry Weaver,
                        (Chemistry), received a                           professor and dean
                        MN Futures Research                               emeritus, was recently
                        Grant for their study                             inducted into the
“Beyond Taxol   ®: Nanoparticle Delivery of
                                                                          National Organization
a Paclitaxel Silicate Prodrug.” The grant                                 for Rare Diseases
provides $250,000 over two years. Panyam                                  (NORD) “Rare Disease
also received NIH funding through the                                     Hall of Fame.” He
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act                                    was recognized for his
of 2009 for his project, “Sustained Release       work to pass the Orphan Drug Act, which
Curcumin Microspheres for Breast Cancer           helped make therapies available to patients
Chemoprevention.” The grant award is              worldwide who suffer from rare diseases, as
$151,000 over a two-year period.                  well as for his development and commer-
                                                  cialization of therapies for rare disorders.
Brian Isetts and Wendy St. Peter were
                                                  Comings & Goings
promoted to full professor with tenure.
                                                  Liz Andersen, administrative director for
Chengguo (Chris) Xing was promoted to             the Professional Education Division, retired in
associate professor with tenure.                  June after 35 years of service at the University.
                                                  Michael Brown, associate professor,
Other News                                        Department of Pharmaceutical Care &
                                                  Health Systems, has accepted a new position
                       Alan Heaton,               as department chair of Pharmacy Practice at
                       clinical assistant         Concordia University of Wisconsin’s new
                       professor, was named       School of Pharmacy in Milwaukee.
                       Pharmacy Director of
                       UCare. In his new
                       position, Heaton is
                       responsible for the
                       strategic planning,
                                Comings & Goings (cont.)                        Keri Naglosky has joined the Department
                                                                                of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical
                                Melissa Bumgardner, assistant professor,        Sciences as an assistant professor. She is
Faculty                         Department of Pharmacy Practice and             responsible for directing the efforts of the
                                                                                Medication Therapy Management Clinic.
                                Pharmaceutical Sciences, has left the college
News                            to purchase and run an independent              Erin Sheets has joined the Department
                                pharmacy in rural Colorado with her             of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmaceutical
                                husband.                                        Sciences as an associate professor with tenure.
Student                         Peter Dosa has joined the Institute for         She comes from Penn State University with
                                Therapeutics Discovery and Development          a well-established program in biophysical
News                            as assistant program director. He is            aspects of membrane transport.
                                responsible for planning and executing          Linda Strand, professor, Department of
                                scientific projects, providing scientific       Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems,
                                support to existing grants and contracts,       retired from the University in June. A
                                and establishing a collaborative research       University alumna and faculty member since
                                program within the ITDD mission and             1990, Strand is best known for developing
                                goals framework.                                both the concept of pharmaceutical care and
                                Kim Ellison, finance manager in the             the practice of pharmaceutical care. Her work
                                college’s Business Office, retired in June      in this area culminated in Strand receiving
Moved? Started a new job?
                                after 35 years of service at the University.    the 1997 Remington Medal, the highest
Update your info:                                                               award offered in the profession of pharmacy.
We encourage you to             Miki Finnin, assistant professor,
update your contact             Department of Pharmacy Practice and             Shana Sturla, assistant professor,
information so we can           Pharmaceutical Sciences, has accepted an        Department of Medicinal Chemistry, has
continue to keep you            assistant professor in pharmacy practice        accepted an associate professor of food and
informed about the College      position at the University of Oklahoma.         nutrition toxicology position at the Swiss
of Pharmacy. Update your                                                        Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in
information online at                                  Daniel Harki             Zurich, Switzerland.                                    has joined the
                                                       of Medicinal             Student News
Do you have news to share                              Chemistry as an
with other alumni?
                                                       assistant professor.     Four students received the 2009
Send information on new
                                                                                AACP/Wal-Mart Scholarship, which is
jobs, marriages, and birth or
                                                                                designed to strengthen the recipient’s skills
adoption of a child to Amy
                                                                                and commitment to a career in academic
Leslie at
                                                                                pharmacy through participation in
Please include your name        Lori Johnson has joined the College of
                                                                                programming and activities at the annual
(include maiden name) and       Pharmacy, Duluth in a shared accounting/
                                                                                AACP meeting. This year’s recipients are
year of graduation, along       payroll position. She previously worked as
                                                                                Daniel Aistrope (Todd Sorensen, faculty
with your e-mail address or     an accountant in the University’s College of
                                                                                mentor), Allison Knutson (Jeannine
phone number.                   Science and Engineering.
                                                                                Conway, faculty mentor), Samantha Lee
                                Craig Muntifering has joined the college        (Doneka Scott, faculty mentor) and
                                as finance manager. He previously served as     Michael Schroeder (Kristin Janke,
                                finance manager for the University’s College    faculty mentor).
                                of Education and Human Development.

Alumni News                                    Catherine Christgau Carpenter, Ph.C.
                                               (1925), passed away on April 29, 2009.
Bonnie Jean Bruggeman, B.Pharm.                Carpenter was the College of Pharmacy’s
(1974), passed away in Salem, Ore., on Oct.    oldest alum and the University’s second
                                               oldest alum. She was also believed to be
31, 2008. Throughout her career, Bonnie
worked as a pharmacist at a number of          Minnesota’s oldest pharmacist. A lifelong
                                               resident of Owatonna, Minn., she and her
hospitals, including the VA hospitals in
Charleston and Portland, Ore. At the time      late husband, Harold, owned and operated
of her death she was a pharmacist for          Christgau Drugs in that city for many years.
Multnomah County, Ore. A memorial service      Pepper (Hagen) Meyer, Pharm.D.
will be held at 4 p.m. Aug. 7, 2009, at        (2001), and her husband, Mark, welcomed
Faith United Church of Christ, International   their third child on March 25, 2009. Libby
Falls, followed by a celebration in memory     Louise was 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 3/4
of Bonnie’s life.                              inches long, and joins big sister Malia (4)
                                               and big brother Cooper (2).

Henry Mann Accepts Deanship at the
University of Toronto
     Professor and Associate Dean for          plinary Center for Excellence in Critical
Clinical Affairs Henry Mann has accepted       Care, which advances quality of care in
a new position as Dean, Leslie Dan Faculty     ICUs across the United States. He also
of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto,      founded the Partnership for Excellence in
effective July 1, 2009.                        Critical Care, a national network focused
     The University of Toronto is a leading    on the translation of critical care research
research-intensive school of pharmacy in       into practice.
Canada. In his role as dean, Mann will             His research has focused on the
develop clinical and translational research    application of pharmacology and pharma-
capabilities and lead the change to a new      cotherapy principles to critically ill
patient care-focused curriculum.               patients. His contributions have been
     For 29 years, Mann made significant       recognized with the Lawrence C. &
contributions to the College of Pharmacy       Delores M. Weaver Medal for Distinguished
as a teacher, practitioner, researcher and     Contributions to the College, the Faculty
administrator. In addition to developing       Recognition Award from the Pharmacy
clerkships in surgery, pharmacokinetics        Alumni Society, and the Technology
and critical care at the University of         Enhanced Learning Award from the
Minnesota Hospital, he directed the            University. Mann is also a life member of
college’s hospital externship program and      the Century Mortar Club and a long-time
experiential education for the Pharm.D.        member of the Presidents Club.
Program as well as led the development             “During his time at the University,
of the non-traditional Pharm.D. Program.       Henry became a great colleague, mentor
     Mann also served as Associate             and friend to many,” said Marilyn Speedie,
Department Head for Pharmacy Practice          dean. “Although he will be greatly missed,
and Associate Dean for Professional and        I know Henry will continue to advance the
External Relations for the college. He is      profession of pharmacy in his new role as
the founding Director of the interdisci-       Dean at the University of Toronto.”

University of Minnesota                            University of Minnesota
College of Pharmacy                                                                                                             Nonprofit Org.
5-130 Weaver-Densford Hall                         College of Pharmacy
308 Harvard Street S.E.                                                                                                          U.S. Postage
Minneapolis, MN 55455                              5-130 Weaver-Densford Hall
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                                                   Minneapolis, MN 55455                                                        Permit No. 155
Pharmacy Record is published three
times a year for alumni and friends of the
University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy.

Advancement Team:
Marilyn Speedie, dean
S. Bruce Benson, associate director
    for professional relations
Bob Busch, development director
Rod Carter, associate dean for
    professional and external relations
Peter Haeg, student services director
Amy Leslie, communications director
Randy Seifert, senior associate dean
Charles Taylor, senior associate dean

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The University of Minnesota is an equal
opportunity educator and employer.

                                                       Each year, the Departments of Medicinal    Bhagwanth, Sonia Das, Amy Doan, Bryant
                                                   Chemistry and Pharmacognosy of the             Gay, Rahul Lad, Erick Leggans, Michael
                                                   Universities of Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas and    Peterson, Kathryn Pietsch, Ajay Yekkirala and
                                                   Illinois at Chicago gather for the Medicinal   David Hermanson. Professor Rory Remmel
More Than                                          Chemistry Meeting-in-Miniature, informally     served as faculty advisor.
                                                   referred to as the “MIKI” meeting. The MIKI        The meeting provides graduate students
200 People                                         meeting is organized by students at the host   with opportunities to present their research
Attended the                                       university and has been one of the most        at a scientific meeting, and allows students
                                                   successful annual regional meetings in the     and faculty from each of the universities to
47th Annual
                                                   field of medicinal chemistry.                  share and exchange ideas.
MIKI Meeting                                           This year the University of Minnesota          This year’s keynote speaker, Dale Boger,
April 3-5                                          hosted the meeting April 3-5. Students         professor of chemistry from The Scripps
                                                   involved in planning the event included        Research Institute, presented “Discovery and
                                                   co-chairs Aaron Teitelbaum and Jin Zhou,       Evaluation of Inhibitors of Fatty Acid Amide
                                                   Theresa Aliwarga, Adam Benoit, Swapna          Hydrolase.”

                                               MIKI organizers with Dean Marilyn Speedie and keynote speaker Dale Boger.

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